Featured Model- MasterBigg

Be prepared to suffer through this intense popper training session. In this video clip, MasterBigg makes you worship his huge alpha feet and sniff your fresh bottle of poppers at the same time. All throughout, MasterBigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more from that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet to him. Submit to a true straight alpha and lose some brain cells along the way as he trains you to be a mindless popper fag.

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2 New Videos – MasterGary is ready to put you through an extreme humiliation session in his latest video. You’ll need a rubber outfit and ideally a tail to plug your faggot hole with, if not something else. In this latest video, MasterGary towers over you, showing off his lean, fit body while wearing jeans. From there, this dominant findom will order you to sniff poppers and intoxicate yourself hard. Afterward, MasterGary will order you to piss all over yourself like a pathetic little faggot. Following this humiliation session, MasterGary is ready to put you through a forced workout. During this video, MasterGary will give you non stop commands to exercise for him as you are verbally degraded and assaulted the entire time. You’ll never be as fit or as lean as MasterGary but that doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself through an intense workout session for his amusement. Be prepared to go through an exercise boot camp for this alpha while he degrades you verbally.

1 New Video  – Are you a slave for Taylor’s perfect feet? Willing to do anything for them? Are you hypnotized by them? Feel helpless and weak just by the sight of his might soles? Then search no further because this is exactly the video for any loyal foot / cash slave. Take in nearly an hour replay of a live cam show, shot in HD, which Taylor had with one of his foot / cash slaves. Experience what it’s like to simply hand over your cash as Taylor kicks back and reaps the rewards. His smooth, relentless, manipulating dirty talk will have you eating out of the palm of his hand in no time.

1 New Video – A black nigger slave decides to visit MasterDnero from the United States all the way to Chile to serve these foot masters. MasterDnero and Master Kayser team up on this nigger fag to teach him where blacks truly belong – on the floor eating the feet of superior races. The doms at Str8CrushFeet have fulfilled the fantasies of many foreigners who have traveled for the honor of meeting them. Now is your chance to get a first hand look at how Master Dnero and his dominant friend treat foreign slaves who beg for the chance to serve them like gods.

1 New Video – Slaves and bottom boys always think that a foot caning is a walk in the park. They say things like “it’s just on your foot, it can’t be that bad”. Well, MasterAlex and his rattan cane beg to differ, especially in this short bastinado and foot whipping torment session. MasterAlex unleashes a volley of hits so hard that not only the slave’s limits are pushed but so is the very fabric of the cane. From the intensity of the hits, the cane shatters, flying off after a powerful hit. Unluckily for the pain slut, MasterAlex has his riding crop and cable whip nearby to continue where he left off.

2 New Videos and 1 New Photoset – New to In-Charge is MasterGhal, a dominant muscular alpha who enjoys making his slaves obey and serve him. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterGhal tempts you into some sneakers and socks worship. After relaxing from a gym session, MasterGhal places his big alpha feet up to the camera for you to worship his grey gym sneakers all while verbally dominating you. Once this muscular alpha feels you earned a reward, he takes off his shoes to show his white ankle socks. Sniff, worship, and serve this alpha’s feet. Continuing with the foot worship theme, MasterGhal then lets you worship his barefeet. Learn your place and your role, which is to serve the feet of alpha men like MasterGhal. This dom continues with the verbal abuse, putting foot faggots like you in their place. That place is on your knees serving as a foot rest or licking alpha feet. If you still can’t get enough of MasterGhal’s alpha feet, then check out his photo set of barefeet photos for you to drool over.

Featured Model- Dillon Anderson

In this 6 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson just landed in an airport in Texas and met up with this hung, uncut cutie that was working there. Taking Dillon to a nearby stairwell, this airport employee fucks Dillon Anderson in the airport. His cock was massive and he shoots a massive load deep inside Dillon Anderson. You can see the cum drip out when Dillon turns around to blow him until Dillon shoots a load.

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1 New Video – This is a fun, quick video for the Taylor foot fan enthusiast. Taylor starts with socks and slippers on his feet which of course he slowly takes off as he teases you along the way. Throughout this entire video, Taylor share his past foot tickling experiences and what he liked and disliked about them. He also goes into detail about what tickles the most, what his most ticklish places on his feet are and more. Check this one out if you want to know all of the juicy details about what drives Taylor’s feet wild

2 New Videos  – Master Alex always keeps at least one slave for use locked in one of his cagesand this slave is no different. Today, Master Alex needs someone to shine his leather boots as he is going to a fetish party. This alpha dom unchains the slave and pulls him out of the cage to be of service to him. Master Alex then instructs the pathetic fag slave to worship his boots while he spits in his mouth and enjoys dominating this useful boot slave. To use another slave for his amusement, Master Alex wants to try out his new metal whip and has over his regular slave for some hard nipple torment. The metal whip is not only heavy, feeling like a punch to the chest when it lands; it’s also quite sharp like tiny needles. The slave can barely take a few hits before he almost pisses himself. Wanting to prolong the nipple torment without totally breaking his slave, Master Alex switches to the leather implement to make sure the suffering is long and plentiful.

1 New Video – Dnero came home barefoot very early in the morning after attending a nearby party. Lucky, his brother, wasn’t allowed to attend this party. Once he returns home, Dnero is a little drunk and can’t remember where he put his sneakers, having danced barefoot all night. Having danced and walked barefoot most of the night, Dnero’s soles are extra dirty and he needs a foot fag to clean his feet. Since Dnero always takes good care of his hygiene, he really needs his feet cleaned but the shower is farther away than his faggot brother Lucky so he decides to make Lucky clean his dirty feet. Dnero orders Lucky to eat all of the dirt off his feet until they are clean without a trace. Lucky obeys and begins taking Dnero’s toes in his mouth and licking his soles. After a long foot cleaning session, Dnero can finally rest pleased to see his clean feet.

2 New Videos – Master Andy and his brother Master Chris are ready to crush a worthless slave. Unfortunately no slaves are anywhere nearby so they take out their frustrations on the next best thing, some fruits. Wearing Nike sneakers, these two dominant alpha brothers stomp and brutally crush these fruits into the ground leaving a wet mess. Seeing these doms smashing these small ripe tomatoes, imagine if they were stomping directly on you and crushing you into pieces. This brother duo then head to another location to practice their brutal whipping skills. Master Andy and his brother show you what it’s like if they would give you a no mercy whipping as they laugh at your screams. When you’re enduring the hard abuse, both of these doms would spit on you as they spit on the ground throughout the video. Submit to these dominant alpha brothers and download these videos.

1 New Video – Dominant muscle master LordKingsley has a slave over to whip and trample for his amusement. This weak and pathetic slave endures LordKingsley’s harsh abuse as he lights up this slave’s back with sick and hardcore smacks from a whip. The pathetic slave cries from the abuse he suffers but LordKingsley doesn’t let up and brings out all of his testosterone fueled aggression on this slave because he can.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

YoungNCharge is a straight alpha filled with testosterone and is ready to unleash his aggressionsout on the nearest object around. Too bad there aren’t any slaves around for YoungNCharge to pulverize so he’ll settle for what he can find in his room. Using his sheer alpha strength, YoungNCharge rips the seat off of a metal chair and then proceeds to break the metal legs on the chair. This musuclar dom isn’t done yet as he grabs a wicker basket and shreds it to pieces with his barehands. Just imagin what YoungNCharge coul

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2 New Videos – Master Alex uses three different long and brutal whips to turn this slave inside out during this brutal whipping session. No mercy is shown and the only thing his victim can do is jump and dance, trying to avoid the sting of the single tail snake whip. Lash after lash they come as leather Master Alex enjoys the suffering that he inflicts upon his not so willing tied up slave in this nearly 10 minute video clip.

In a custom video clip done for a slave, Master Alex takes you on Round 2 of an intoxicating popper and very dirty ass worship session. Master Alex knows he can push you deeper, make you drink more piss and clean his even dirtier and smellier ass. You are going inot this session horny and coming out like the popper addicted, ass licking dirty faggot that you are to Master Alex. You’ll love every second of it as Master Alex makes you sniff poppers and serve as his toilet paper roll.

5 New Videos  – Along side his dominant master brother, Master Andy makes you serve his dirty alpha feet. Master Andy and his alpha brother hang out near the beach while they verbally abuse and degrade you as their foot fag. Sticking their sneakers in your face, this brother duo will make you lick their dirty shoes clean. After removing their shoes, you can sniff, lick, and worship their sweaty socks and barefeet. Sniff your poppers all throughout as if you’re sniffing the alpha essence off these dominant brothers’ feet.

Master Andy then goes solo for a barefoot walk through the woods. He even takes time to flip you off while showing off his muscular chest while going for a run through the deep woods. Master Andy then takes you to a deserted location for some boxing abuse and verbal degradation. Master Andy puts on some fighting gloves and shows you how easily he could pummel you and kick your ass. Why is it so easy for him to beat you and kick your ass? Because you’re a sissy slave who gets off on abuse from real men.

1 New Video –tickle fetish come true. Taylor holds your feet up high while you lay on your back, looking up at him. Taylor then tickles those feet like crazy as he first teases you with his cock out by swinging it in your face. Then, after ample tickle torturing is done to you, Taylor slips his alpha cock right in and fuck your brains out. He even licks and tongues your feet while he is fucking you. What does it feel like to get tickled to the point of tears while receiving such pleasure at the same time? What will Taylor do next to you?

1 New Video and 2 New Photosets – In a short but hot video, TeenCashGod makes you worship his muscles as he flexes in tight, white briefs. Showing off his rock hard abs, thick chest, and prominent bulge, this teen bodybuilder will have you craving more. You can see more with his double set of muscle worship photos for you to drool over. Each of these sets has 33 high quality muscle pics for you to save of this perfect teen muscle god.


Featured Model- Master Mark

Master Mark‘s fag slave decided to have a realtime meet on his birthday. The poor slave should’ve known that Master Mark would have a special treat for him since it was the slave’s birthday. Master Mark decides to wish his slave a happy birthday the same way all fag slaves should celebrate their birthdays: by having to lick their birthday cake icing off of their master’s feet. Master Mark smashes his slave’s cake between his toes then calls his cash slave to crawl over and lick his now dirty feet clean. Continuing to treat his slave like a bad dog, Master Mark rubs his feet all over his cash slave’s head and face covering him in icing.

Featured Model- Master Allen

MasterAllen does away with the luggage support rack and uses it as a rim chair to make this faggot worship his ripe jock hole. Plopping his muscle ass on this faggot’s face, MasterAllen suffocates and smothers the worthless fag with his funky asshole, dragging it across his disgusting face and rocking back and forth. The fag’s face is now covered in his master’s scent. This worthless cash fag fulfills his destiny by becoming a seat for his alpha master. To show his obedience, the masked slave tongues his master’s hole until he is instructed to stop. Imagine yourself being this pathetic fag when you download this clip.

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3 New Videos – In MasterBraz’s latest popper intox session with you, he forces you to sniff poppers and his dirty white socks all at the same time. You only should focus on MasterBraz’s socks and on his verbal commands that he gives you. This dominant and verbal alpha is going to train you to become a human popper machine. Make sure to get that fresh bottle of poppers ready because this is about to get intense. While you’re recovering from that hardcore popper session, sit back and worship MasterBraz’s socks in an ignore session. Throughout the video, MasterBraz just does his thing while you drool at his dirty white socks even more. While this alpha surfs on the internet, makes phone calls, and smokes cigs, a pathetic cunt like you is stuck at his alpha male feet just worshiping and being thankful for the privilege of serving him.

For an even more intense ignore session check out this 5-star rated, nearly 22 minute fag slave ignore video. MasterBraz is wearing his beat-up and worn out white sneakers that he plants up to the camera for you to admire and worship. While sitting comfortably in his room, watching his favorite shows, smoking, and talking on the phone, MasterBraz acts as if you aren’t even there. Maybe you don’t mean enough for him to even acknowledge you and maybe you should be glad that MasterBraz is giving you this chance to sit there quietly to observe and worship him freely. Kneel before this powerful dom and admire his superiority.

2 New Videos and 1 New Photoset – Master Alex got this slave some time ago but its service wasn’t quite up to his standards so he decides to sell his slave online. He shows off the slave to the potential online customers and gives a hands-on demonstration of all of its skills. The slave is partially trained, locked in chastity, skinny but attractive, low pain tolerance, but a good mouth for deep-throating and oral service. This masked slave is also an anal virgin but with regular butt plug training, he will be ready for a big dick in no time. Master Alex guides the customers through every detail to make sure they get the best possible deal for their money. After all, the customer is always right! Maybe one day a slave like you can be part of the online slave trade. However, in order to do so, you need to be the best slave posssible. Master Alex has compiled a list of 20 humiliating tasks. Master Alex wants you to do these humiliating tasks one-by-one so that you can be the best slave possible.

In his other newest video, Master Alex makes his fag slave clean his pits and take his piss. The slave is taken inside Master Alex’s sweaty pits and made to smell and lick them. That is the only thing the slave can breathe while locked in a headlock is the scent of his master’s pits. After that, the slave is put on the ground and uses his mouth to take off Master Alex’s sneakers, smelling his long white soccer socks. Once the sneakers come off, the open mouth ring gag is adjusted into place and Master Alex pisses straight into the slave’s mouth as the slave has to take it, barely able to close his mouth from the gag. There is so much warm piss, the slave’s mouth literally becomes a fountain. This is Part 2 of Sweaty Armpit Worship, available in Master Alex’s portfolio.

1 New Video – Ever wonder what it’s like to have Taylor’s pristine feet sliding up and down on your hard, juicy cock? If not, check out the preview for this clip and you might change your mind. And if you have thought about it, then grab your paper towels and lube because this one is a hot voyeur alpha foot job. Get the opportunity to peak in on one of Taylor’s private shows where he has some casual conversation, strips his socks off one-by-one and teases you until you are left begging for more. Taylor suction cups a huge dildo to a bench, positions the camera POV (viewers’ perspective), and simulates what it looks like to get the best footjob of your life. Enjoy the mood as Taylor gets more and more cocky / alpha as he owns your dick.

1 New Video – Superior alpha dom, MasterChris is going to make your head spin with some intense popper training. Throughout this video clip, MasterChris flexes and shows off his muscular build while he instructs you to sniff more and more poppers until you are mindless and following his every word. In between hits of poppers, MasterChris will let you sniff and worship his dirty, white socks like the obedient foot fag that you are to him. Sniff his dirty socks, hold it, then breathe, then get that bottle of poppers up to your nose to inhale some more fumes. Obey and serve MasterChris like the obedient popper fag you are destined to be for him.

2 New Videos – MasterSpit demands that you worship his feet. Sitting back and relaxing with his feet up, MasterSpit plants his big alpha feet, covered in black athletic socks, right in your face. These feet are very sweaty and smell like heaven to a foot fag. After a long and hard work day, MasterSpit wants a foot slave like you to worship, massage, and clean his superior feet. As a reward for being a loyal foot slave, MasterSpit is going to treat you to a reward you definitely want from him. Lay back and take this alpha’s spit all over your face. This findom knows that you love his spit and will do anything for more of it. MasterSpit enjoys humiliating and using you by spitting in your face because not only is he superior to you but because you are nothing and he enjoys degrading inferior, worthless slaves. Open wide and take this young alpha’s spit.