Featured Model- Master Alex

Master Alex uses three different long and brutal whips to turn this slave inside out during this brutal whipping session. No mercy is shown and the only thing his victim can do is jump and dance, trying to avoid the sting of the single tail snake whip. Lash after lash they come as leather Master Alex enjoys the suffering that he inflicts upon his not so willing tied up slave in this nearly 10 minute video clip.


Featured Model- Duude23

Most people take their dogs to the park for a walk. However, Duude23 takes his cash faggot to the park instead. In this nearly 8 minute video clip, Duude23 has no problem humiliating and abusing his fag slave in a public park in the middle of the day. This cash slave comes crawling on his belly to Master Mark’s large feet so that he can worship this alpha’s feet for the whole world to see. Download this clip to watch a slave get used in real time outside.

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2 New Videos – LionMaster makes you worship his alpha sneakers and feet in his latest video clip. Submit yourself to this muscle jock’s big feet as you crave to worship them. This if a video for foot faggots who love being humiliated under alpha feet. LionMaster doesn’t hold back with the verbal abuse either while you stare mindlessly at his superior alpha feet. For the foot fags who still need more of this alpha’s feet, he has another foot video where you can submit to his dirty barefeet. Stick out your tongue and lick this muscle stud’s dirty feet clean. Sitting with his car door open LionMaster sticks his dirty feet outside of the car and right up to the camera. Covered in dirt from the street, LionMaster demands that a weak faggot come along and clean his feet.

1 New Video – The 22 year old frat boy stud Master Rush Corleone is back for more popper intox, which has become his specialty in the Findom world. Allow the young college master to hypnotize you through 5 minutes and 3 hard rounds of popper intox as he uses his verbal dominance and absolutely perfect size 12 feet to guide you through each round. You will be completely fucked by the end of the third round and before you know it you will be coming back for more.

3 New Videos – MasterGary meets this pathetic fag slave for a real time meet to make him endure some extreme sissy dildo gagging. Master Gary dresses this slave up as a sissy fag and puts lipstick on it. This dom then makes it use its dildo to choke its own mouth until it gagged so much it puked. During this facefucking session, Master Gary slaps the fag slave and verbally abuses him. The abuse doesn’t stop there. After this sick faggot throws up on the ground, Master Gary definitely isn’t going to clean it up himself. So he uses the faggot’s mouth to mop up the mess it had made. Master Gary gags and slaps this faggot fuck around some more and then put his head down in his trainers and uses it as a foot stool. The abuse then goes outside for some foot domination. Placing the sissy faggot on his back, Master Gary makes it lick and suck his toes and feet while he relaxes. Master Gary sits back in some parts and smokes a cigarette while he then takes breaks to spit on his faggot slave.

1 New Video – This BDSM couple engages in some rough play for the camera in this new clip from ChokeMasters. Dominating his girlfriend, this dominant guy gets off on choking his girlfriend. With hardcore intensity, he chokes out this girl and makes her submit completely to him and ultimately tap out from the chokeholds.

3 New Audio Clips – Drift into a combination of Master Lucian‘s powerful voice and a mesmerizing music track “Leviathan’s Dream Sequence” by Spheria for a dreamscape hypnotic trance in this audio clip. The music and Master Lucian’s voice together will lull you into a submissive state like no other. Prepare to have your mind opened like never before. After hearing that, you’ll want to be a slut for your master. It’s time to admit it. You want to be a total slut. This file will only reinforce your natural slut tendencies. As a slut, you’ll tap into your girl like tendencies and will need to have them reinforced with the next audio clip. Master Lucian knows that deep, down inside that you want to be a girl. A good girl that obeys her master. Let Master Lucian remind you what you want, what you are, and what you need to do.

Featured Model- Master Andy

Along side his dominant master brother, Master Andy makes you serve his dirty alpha feet. Master Andy and his alpha brother hang out near the beach while they verbally abuse and degrade you as their foot fag. Sticking their sneakers in your face, this brother duo will make you lick their dirty shoes clean. After removing their shoes, you can sniff, lick, and worship their sweaty socks and barefeet. Sniff your poppers all throughout as if you’re sniffing the alpha essence off these dominant brothers’ feet.

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3 New Videos – This rubber clad faggot must inhale Master Gary’s smoke while being used as an ashtray. This dominant alpha master smokes his cigarette and his weak faggot slave inhales the smoke as he blows it directly into its mouth. Later Master Gary uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spits on the cunt’s face all while choking him repeatedly throughout. Using that same cunt later, Master Gary cuffs and gags his weak, rubber clad faggot slave. Once handcuffed and gagged, the faggot cannot speak. Instead he just sits there like a dog. Master Gary chokes this faggot some more and spits directly in its mouth. He then forces the faggot to do more and more poppers for a full extreme intox session.

The cigarette smoking intox and popper abuse session then gets even more extreme when Master Gary uses this masked cunt sub. This cunt never smoked before, so what better what for Master Gary to use him than to put a cigarette in the slave’s mouth and make him inhale big drags of smoke. The cunt couldn’t handle it at all. Master Gary then forces the masked slave to do poppers and fry its brain until it couldn’t take that anymore either.

1 New Video – For 10 minutes straight, the young college alpha, Master Rush Corleonetramples your pathetic clit that you call a dick. He grinds his perfect size 12 feet into your tiny little cock while verbally abusing and harassing you for being the useless little faggot that you are to him. Feel his power as he shows off his perfect, young body while simultaneously crushing your sissy clit and self esteem with his stinky, sweaty feet.

2 New Videos – FlexGod demands that you clean his sneakers. This dominant muscle master makes you worship and serve his feet, socks, and sneakers like the obedient foot fag you are to him. Make sure to lick every part clean and satisfy your muscle master all throughout this 7 minute long video clip. If you need more of Flexgod’s feet then make sure to download his other latest clip and sniff his socks. Even after that first session at his feet, you should still be sitting down at Flexgod’s feet and look up at him to show that you’re completely devoted to serving him. Get weak from his tight leather jacket and his violent bat that he may beat you with. Serve this alpha without limits.

For all of those leather lovers out there, it’s time to play. This scene involves a leather body suit, Master Lucian’s leather gloves, a ball gag, a full face mask, and, the cherry on top, a milking machine attached to your cock. Feel Master Lucian suck your will out through the machine. Feel Master Lucian drain every doubt, every iota of resistance until there is nothing left but Master Lucian’s control. Once you come back for more, Master Lucian will turn you into a pathetic cuckold. Has your woman been begging for Master Lucian? Begging for his power? For his control and for his cock? It’s time for Master Lucian to take her completely. To make her his and to make you into his worthless, inferior cuckold. You’re going to watch and stroke your inferior little dick as she gives Master Lucian the blowjob she’d never even think of giving you. Get ready to lose yourself to Master Lucian, now and forevermore.

1 New Video – Back with another webcam session, ChokeMasters shows off a Colombian dude who gets off on punishing his girlfriend. Headlocks, chokes, and rough deepthroating all while trapped in his leglock. This weak girl taps out over and over again but this Colombian dude just ignores her tapouts during this almost 13 minute long video clip.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course and makes you worship his superior feet. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. While in a golf cart, Henderdong puts his feet and custom Henderdong socks up to the camera making a weak foot fag like you feel the urges to sniff those big alpha male feet. Showing off his socks, sneakers, and barefeet on the green, Henderdong will have you begging to be his personal caddy and foot fag. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video.

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1 New Video – New to In-Charge is muscular and dominant alpha, LionMaster. This superior alpha male gives you over 7 minutes of intense popper training while he makes you submit to his huge muscles. Flexing, verbal abuse, and showing off, you’ll quickly see why you must submit to this dominant master. Bow before him and give him everything he demands.

1 New Video – Over 40 minutes long is Master Alex‘s latest update! This newest compilation includes more than 5 big cum shots. The bodysuit, black catsuit cum explosion, the chaps cum load, filling up a cup with a never-ending stream of cum, shooting on a mirror and more. For cum-a-holics this is a must watch.

2 New Videos – It’s been a while since King Ginger posted a video but he’s back and more dominant than ever in his latest video posts. In his newest post, KingGinger brutally verbally abuses you as he shows off his barefeet and gives out intox orders. Submit to the Godly perfection that is King Ginger as he make you worship his big size 12 feet that has been sockless in his Jordan’s all day.

The verbal abuse continues as King Ginger reminds you that you are a weak faggot. Keep those poppers out as you obey this dominant alpha and give into his verbal abuse. King Ginger will verbally berate you nonstop as you fry your brain on those fresh poppers and do anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Submit to the dominant FlexGod as he destroys you with his boots. Flexing and clad in heavy duty work boots, FlexGod will show you what a weak and pathetic little faggot you are to him as you submit to his power. Sniff his socks, sniff your poppers and submit to his boots in this 5 min long video clip. Inhale the fumes of those poppers deep like you would be inhaling the scent from his socks.

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1 New Video – Prepare to submit to SlavesSeeker’s feet as he counts cash in front of you. Some lucky faggot slaves got the chance to tribute SlavesSeeker tons of cash tributes and he’s counting last month’s haul while you gaze directly at the soles of his feet. This alpha will remind you that it’s your purpose and duty to be a submissive cash slave like the others for him.

1 New Video – It’s time to sniff these sneakers and worship this alpha’s socks and feet. Flexgod puts on a leather jacket in this 5 minute video clip and plants his sneakers right in your face. After this muscle dom verbally abuses you, he takes off his leather jacket to flip you off and make you worship his muscles and feet.

1 New Video – Sit there and gawk at this dom’s perfect cock. You know as well as he does, that your pin dick doesn’t even compare to the alpha cock of Master Aiden. Master Aiden shows off his superior cock as it gets milked by a cum machine. You should be jealous of the fact that this machine gets all of Aiden’s cock and load. Imagine having the chance to clean out this machine with your mouth. Edge your little dick to this video until Master Aiden locks it up.

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1 New Video – Master Alex‘s roommate is one dirty, horny guy to the point that he’s constantly trying to fuck someone and get a nut off. Recently, this curious fucker stole one of Master Alex’s metal sounding rods and tried to figure out what it’s for. When Master Alex catches him, he decides to pin him down, take control and show him how to really play with these sounding rods. Master Alex then proceeds to fuck his piss hole and shove the super long sound all the way down until it’s lodged inside. This metal sounding rod goes balls deep as Master Alex fucks this guy’s cock all the way, every damn inch. The stealing roommate is left shaking from the experience and learned a lesson to never take his roommates things.

2 New Videos – After 6 months, these two lean, athletic brothers return for another brutal chokehold session. The bigger brother continues to dominate his younger, little brother in some of the tightest chokeholds yet as he makes him submit to his dominance. Could you withstand these types of choke outs? The choking and domination continues in another series of no mercy headscissors from the older dominant brother. He takes charge over his younger brother and makes him submit to his wants. The chokeholds and headscissors don’t let up as this older brother asserts his true dominance over his little brother.

Featured Model- Master Allen

Prepare to serve this alpha’s armpits and be dominated. MasterAllen catches you taking a deep whiff of his ripe and funky smelling jock man pits as he passes by you. At this point, he realizes that you’re truly nothing more than a pit sniffing obedient fag. It’s now time for this alpha to teach a pit sniffing faggot like you a lesson. MasterAllen is going to grab your head and suffocate you in his pit funk like how an armpit sniffing slave should be treated.