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3 New Video – Time for another duo dom games. This time, MasterUltimateGod and his alpha buddy put clothes pins all over this fag. Each of these doms gets a point for each pin they knock off the fag with balls and darts they throw at him. Watch these two alpha men humiliate this fag as they pelt him. The pathetic bitch just has to stand there and take the pain they inflict on him. He truly is owned and enjoys every second of it. Before that round, both doms test the fag’s devotion. Fag Butler is ordered to get to his master’s shoes and put his face inside. But there is a catch. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy tie up the fag, push against him, pull him back, and do whatever they can to stop him. It’s like watching American Gladiators. See the fag struggle to overcome two straight, alpha men just so he can get his face in his master’s shoes.

After all of the abuse Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod decides he has earned a bit of a reward. And what better way to reward a foot fag than with some alpha jock feet. A more casual worship session, Fag Butler loves his master’s alpha straight feet. Watch him lick his dom’s shoes clean, then worship some alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod and his alpha mate count their cash and show off their huge jock feet. After some flexing and verbal abuse, they put their socks directly in your face. This is complete heave for a foot fag. Later these two alpha doms make you drink their spit out of a cup. Both muscle doms flip you off, verbally abuse you, and stick their huge feet in your face. Be an obedient faggot and do everything they order you to do. This is your ideal life, serving 2 doms at once.

3 New Videos – These two bros show no mercy with headscissors as they wrestle on the mat. The dominant bro ignores all the tap outs and cries of his poor victim. See him lock his brother in some intense chokeholds until he passes out. In another new clip, the gym is closed, so Johan and Freed practice their wrestling at home. Both studs get down on the ground and practice various chokeholds, headscissors, headlocks, and more. See if this guy’s younger bro can handle all of the intense chokeholds or if he blacks out. Another hot pair of guys team up for some muscle domination. Hot muscle dude Jake and his twink get together so that Jake can assert his dominance. Jake takes his time tormenting this twink, with standing headscissors and then a prolonged sleeperhold until he is out. Watch this twink endure hard abuse.

1 New Video – YoungNCharges makes you breathe in his farts in his newest clip. Farting and degrading is what this dom has in store for you pathetic ass sniffers. See a close up of this dom’s ass hole and worship him as he lets out fart after fart for you.

4 New Videos – Wearing full leather head to toe, Master Michael makes you worship his Godly body. Wearing a leather jacket, boots, and a hood this dom will put you in your place. He later jerks his perfect cock and cums in a condom for you as a treat. In part 2, your leather cash master is showing off his massive cock. This leather dom is ready to abuse you and make you his property. At the end he busts a massive load.

Continuing the leather theme, Master Michael has his leather mask on while clad in all leather with a leather harness. Get on your faggot knees and obey this leather God. Crave his abuse and follow his orders as he shows you how he would use you. Part 2, MasterMichael is fully leathered and blows smoke in your face. Your new leather king demands obedience from you and wants you to worship every inch of him. At the end, you’ll have to clean up his big cum shot.

Featured Model- MasterBraz

MasterBraz fries your brain with some verbal popper intox. You will sniff whenever MasterBraz smokes from his cigarette. To this alpha male, you are just an extension of him and will follow his orders exactly. Endure this heavy verbal abuse as commanded by MasterBraz. Before the end of the video, this supreme cash dom will turn you into his personal popper machine – mindless with no thought, just ready to serve.

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1 New Video – AlphaDerek uses his slave’s tongue like a fag deodorant stick as he makes the slave lick his sweaty armpits. The loyal cash fag does whatever his master orders him to do in this real time session. Imagine being as lucky as this slave and being allowed to lick AlphaDerek’s godly armpits.

4 New Videos – After all the abuse and trampling, MasterUltimateGod rewards this faggot with the chance to worship his powerful feet. The faggot went to fag heaven when he smelled his master’s feet. He even brought massage oils to pamper his master’s feet. For a more intense session, check out MasterUltimateGod uses Fag Butler’s mouth as a spit pit. MasterUltimateGod and his alpha friend turn this faggot into their very own spittoon. They spit all over the fag, including in his mouth and making him gag on the smell from their snot rockets.

In another real time session, MasterUltimateGod puts his Fag Butler on the floor as his fag carpet to get trampled on for more abuse under his master’s alpha jock feet. This powerful dom crushes this bitch under his Jordans. When the slave gets on the couch, you can hear him begging for air as he get crushed under his alpha’s ass as he is sat on. The humiliation goes further as MasterUltimateGod then makes his fag eat piss soaked Ramen noodles. Fag Butler is forced to eat all of the ramer and drink up any remaining piss left in the bowl. This faggot has no choice but to gobble it all down.

2 New Videos – AlphaPrimal makes you worship his alpha feet as he verbally abuses you. All throughout this 14 minute clip, AlphaPrimal delivers verbal abuse and domination. He then shows how he would crush your balls under this sneakers with some fruit stomping. AlphaPrimal will then make you regret being born as he describes how he’d torture your cock and balls. You’ll wish you never had a cock and balls after this dom is done wrecking and permanently damaging your tiny dick and balls. Eventually you’ll be so worn down that you’ll beg AlphaPrimal to castrate you.

2 New Videos – MasterFlexgod is going to give you a lesson you’ll never forget and make you addicted to his muscles. After you are done drooling over this dom’s huge muscles, you’ll be permanently addicted to serving him and doing anything he commands. Showing off his ripped physique, you’ll beg to be a total wallet for this muscle dom. In another new update, Flexgod brings along his alpha buddy and make you enjoy their alpha piss. All throughout this 8 minute long video, these two alphas will make you crave their piss, spit, feet, socks, and armpits. It is your duty as a fag to serve all alpha males.

3 New Videos – King Luca turns this faggot into his own chair as he sits on the faggot’s face during this real time session. The weak faggot gets a good sniff of his master’s ass and crotch as King Luca facesits on the faggot and makes him accept his place. In another real time session, King Luca makes a faggot worship his socks and serve as an obedient foot fag. Throughout this 8 minute clip, the foot fag can’t get enough of King Luca’s socks as he sniffs and worships them. After watching these two faggots serve their master, you will want to serve as a dog for King Luca. Bow before him and worship his feet as this alpha findom blows smoke in your face, flexes, and counts his cash. It is your duty to serve and be obedient for your rightful master.

Featured Model- MasterBrad

Worship Master Brad’s alpha feet in this foot worship video clip. Throughout the video, Master Brad calls on his foot slaves and verbally degrades them more, reminding these gay slaves that their place is at his superior jock feet. It won’t take long until a gay foot slave like yourself submits to Master Brad. The video splices in visual word graphics to make the worship session even more intense.

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5 New Videos – Slaves can’t get enough of seeing MasterUltimateGod stomp his Fag Butler into the ground. In this clip, MasterUltimateGod stands on the queer’s head full weight. He’s in the shoes he wears every day, rubbing the dirt and grime from them on the slave’s face. This faggot can barely stand the full force of his alpha’s weight pressing down on it’s head. The faggot later gets crushed and experiences face sitting in another clip. This time, MasterUltimateGod is in jeans, dominating his fag like the bitch he is. Watch as he walks all over this faggot and turns its face into his seat. This powerful dom lifts weights and flexes all while sitting on Fag Butler’s face. Finally he gets on the ground and become a fag carpet under his master’s alpha straight feet. Shifting gears, MasterUltimateGod tramples another faggot in a real time session. This new faggot gets to live the dream and gets trampled under this master’s alpha feet in Jordans. The queer bag squirms under his master’s perfect size 12’s. The fag then gets the ultimate pleasure of serving as his master’s fag chair as he gets sat on. The fag slave squirms and tries to act like he doesn’t love it but the pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand.

Back to using Fag Butler, MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot dunk his head in the toilet. This faggot gets his head forced into the toilet and then gets lifted up by his underwear to have his head dunked deeper in the toilet. This pathetic bitch can’t seem to get enough and begs for his master’s piss. Maybe his alpha piss will help heal all those whip marks on the faggot’s back from punishment. After all the Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod rewards him with some sneaker worship. There is no better way to reward a foot fag then with some alpha jock feet. The foot fag licks his master’s shoes clean, then worships his alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes him breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – AlphaDerek has a special treat for this masked faggot, a warm stream of his alpha piss. The fag is on his hands and knees in front of the toilet and takes all of his master’s piss. Witness 6 minutes of intense human toilet, popper, feet, abuse, and muscles as this fag worships his superior alpha God. In another clip, AlphaDerek goes on an ATM run with a fag slave. The masked faggot withdraws cash from the drive-thru ATM and hands it over to his superior master. This is what faggots live for doing, serving their masters.

2 New Videos – Denis flexes his superior muscles and shows off for the camera. Muscle worshipers will drool watching this big muscled stud flex and show off for the camera. With his sneakers planted in front of the camera and wearing black briefs, you’ll get to see every inch of his muscled body. Afterwards, Denis wrestles and dominates a young weak boy in his backyard. Both wearing red boxer briefs, Denis quickly shows who is the alpha and who is more superior. Denis picks up and slams the weak boy to the ground and assers his dominance throughout with various bearhugs and wrestling moves.

3 New Videos – MasterFlexgod talks about his sweaty, stinky feet as he shows them off and makes you want to worship them. Foot fags will crave having this muscle dom’s feet in their mouth. Admire and serve his feet throughout this 5 minute clip. Afterwards, grab that bottle of poppers for some hardcore poppers abuse. You’re getting used by Master Flexgod the way he wants to use you in this video clip. He’ll make your head spin from sniffing poppers as he counts down on how long to keep inhaling and huffing. This muscle dom will make you into a mindless cash drone by the end of the clip. Then it’s time to go back to foot worship. Master Flexgod shows off his feet again while wearing jeans and demanding that you serve his feet as an obedient foot faggot. This muscle master will make you want to crawl to his feet and lick the soles like an obedient slave.

1 New Audio Clip – You’re going to eat your own cum. It’s so good. It’s addictive and you’re ready to fall into that addiction. So get ready for this short powerful instruction file as you listen to Master Lucian’s hypnotic voice. Then get ready to eat your cum.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

Featured Model- SlaveSeeker

SlavesSeeker‘s loyal foot faggot is ready for another intense real time session. This lucky slave will get to worship his master’s barefeet while getting mind controlled. This slave gets completely in the sub space, just like how you should while watching this 15 minute video. SlavesSeeker gets the sub on his back while he smothers the slave’s face with his alpha feet. The slave licks, sucks, and worships SlavesSeeker’s soles and toes like an obedient foot fag should do for his superior.

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3 New Videos – You’ll barely get a break from huffing your popper as Master Gary forces you to sniff deep. This is an extreme intox session not for the feint hearted. Wearing his white ankle socks and then showing his barefeet to the camera, MasterGary will take full command over you. But don’t stop huffing those poppers for this leather god. Wearing leather gloves, Nike tracksuit bottoms, and white socks, Master Gary gives you some intense popper instructional intox. Get wasted for your new king. Later, MasterGary lets you continue to worship his alpha male body. This superior findom dons his boxing gloves shows how he would punch the shit out of you. This dom has allowed you the privilege of worshipping him once again throughout this video.

3 New Videos – A contiunation of the previous part to this scene, MasterUltimateGod delivers intense pain, abuse, and humiliation to this weak faggot slave. This muscle god gets even more brutal with his little bitch boy this time around. The fag cries for his master to stop, but there is and never will be any mercy for this faggot. In another scene, MasterUltimateGod teaches the faggot a lesson in grappling domination. Fag Butler can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms as he is put in a number of different Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

Continuing with the beat downs, do you remember dodgeball as a kid? Remember your faggot ass running away from all the straight jocks trying to beat your face with a rubber ball? Imagine that with a heavy medicine ball. This is what Fag Butler experienced in the first every duo dom dodgeball games. MasterUltimateGod and his alpha friend force this queer to hang from a pull-up bar as they pelt him with medicine balls. The pathetic bitch can barely take one ball, as he collapses from pain on the ground. His master reminds him that he is an owned bitch. Lots of pain, abuse, and humiliation.

3 New Videos – Get on the floor and look up at his muscle giant as he towers over you. Flexing his huge bulging muscles, Denis shows off his pumped muscle ass and legs and you drool for more. This muscle dom isn’t done showing off his body as he then flexes his biceps. Pumping up his large biceps, the veins start popping all over the place on his huge physique. For slaves craving verbal abuse then submit to Denis’ verbal dominance as he reminds you of how he is the alpha male and you are the fag. Prepare to be humiliated and owned by this muscle jock.

1 New Video – 10 minutes of pure verbal abuse and ball crushing. AlfaPrimal lights a cigarette and blows smoke in your face as he dishes out some hardcore verbal abuse. Putting some kiwis on the ground, he pretends they are your faggot balls ready to be crushed. Imagine the force of his boot coming down to stomp on your pathetic balls to inflict maximum damage.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some spit, burp and verbal humiliation. King Luca flips you off and completely humiliates you as he shows you how he would burp and spit in your face if you were there in front of him. Pushing his feet into the camera, he orders that you lick his dirty white socks and obey him like an obedient faggot. Later, King Luca does the real thing with a slave for a facesitting real time session. This verbal and cocky alpha makes a masked slave lick his sneakers and then proceeds to sit on the slave’s face. The slave is smothered with his ass and enjoys every second of it. For even more ass worship, King Luca gets down to his underwear and sits on the slave’s face again. Having fun with his masked ninja looking faggot, this alpha drains the fag of his cash and sits on his face in return.

Featured Model- Master Alex

It’s just another day for Master Alex, using tiny dicked slaves at his convenience. While he enjoys a day relaxing on the couch and watching porn, his slave is kneeling, locked in chastity and suffering as usual. Master Alex mocks the bitch for having a tiny dick and ties the slave’s collar to his boots. Then Master Alex takes off the chastity to compare their dicks. The baby carrot dick was hard throughout the whole thing, enjoying being tormented by a superior male. The alpha’s big cock is still bigger even while it is soft compared to the slave’s hard cock.

Featured Model- Knight00wl

The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own warm, cozy bed. However, you now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented to the sound of a persistent loud booming thunder. Then, your eardrums are nearly blown out by what can only be described as the voice of a man except something’s different. You are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of and mostly above you is the one and only Texas Fetish King, a hot straight alpha dominant male master, 27 years young, 6 foot 4 inches in height, and size 14US in shoe size. Fetish King thinks you are an insect of some kind at first and traps you under a glass to take you outside “where bugs belong”. After he releases you outside, he finally begins to realize that you are actually a shrunken human and asks why you are so tiny. A long string of verbal degradation ensues, with the intention of making sure you understand that you are in fact nothing but the “fungus between his toes”. He traps you between his toes and then starts to think about how hungry he is.