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2 New Videos – One of UncutJockCub‘s most loyal slaves is ready for an intense real time session. To start this session of servitude, this masked fag slave chugs his master’s piss in the shower. UncutJockCub puts his masked fag on a leash attached to a large leather collar. While pulling on the leash and choking his fag slave, UncutJockCub makes his slave tilt his head back as the slave greedily chugs his master’s piss from his full bladder. From a different angle, UncutJockCub has another clip of the fag drinking his piss. This slave worships every drop of his master’s golden stream of warm piss and does his best to not miss a drop. UncutJockCub’s bladded has been full for a while and it’s only appropriate to empty his alpha bladder full of piss into his human urinal. This fag slave will remember this moment for the rest of his life and be forever thankful to his master for giving him such a reward.

1 New Video – Taylor comes home and realizes his parents and little brother aren’t home and sees this as the best time to finally check out those dirty bookmarks on his computer and jack off a big load before everyone gets home. Out of nowhere, Taylor notices what looks like a hidden camera. After further inspection, it is a hidden camera! This all seems weird but Taylors knows who must be behind this…his little brother, Kyle. Taylor has taken notice that Kyle has been looking at him and other guys differently. Instead of just turning off the camera, Taylor decides to let it keep recording and to let his brother watch him jack off. Since Kyle is recording and watching, Taylor recalls a time when him and Dad tag teamed his girlfriend together. Taylor jacks off as he relives the experience, letting Kyle know just what he is missing out on because he is secretly gay and thus will never share that kind of experience with his Dad like Taylor has. After constant dirty and degrading talk, Taylor eventually sprays a huge load all over his abs. Will Kyle wish he was the girl getting tag teamed by Taylor and his Dad after seeing this? He just might…

1 New Video – Follow alpha male Transylvanian Wolf outside and prepare to worship his ass outdoords. While wearing a yellow, black, and red jockstrap, this hairy master will make your mouth water as you crave to worship his ass. As a submissive, it is your duty to worship every part of your master’s body whether it’s his feet, his armpits, or his ass. Transylvanian Wolf is no different and you’ll quickly begin craving his jock ass the longer you stare and worship him in his jockstrap. Submit to him like the animal you are to him.

3 New Videos – MasterBraz is ready to verbally humiliate you as he orders you to worship his sweaty feet. As he smokes a cigarette, MasterBraz will order you to get on your knees and lick the bottoms of his shoes like the filthy fag slave you are then if you’re lucky, he’ll let you take off his shoes and finally worship his sweaty alpha feet. Once those shoes come off, you’ll see his white socks. Get your mouth open because MasterBraz wants to stick his entire socked foot in your mouth. But don’t stop there with worshiping Master Braz’s feet. In this nearly 13 minute video clip, MasterBraz wants you to sniff and worship his feet. Wearing red sneakers and white socks, Master Braz will make you feel like a totally submissive foot fag as you look up at him and crave to serve his alpha male feet. To make you even more mindless, this alpha cash master throws in some popper training and even spits on you during this video. This is everything a submissive foot fag deserves while resting under your master’s feet. Master Braz’s last video update this week is a custom video he made for a fag with a focus on popper sniffing and his white socks. As he continues to degrade you for being a faggot slave, Master Braz will have you kneeling with your tongue hanging out, hoping to lick the bottoms of his socks. This is why faggots submit to this alpha male.

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3 New Videos – One of Master Taylor‘s loyal slaves wants to be mind fucked by his master, so Taylor does just that. Master Taylor flexes and hypnotizes his slave with his hairy chest, smooth talking, and piercing blue eyes. Taylor tells his slave how he is going to make his life better and easier by serving him. You may feel like you are being mind fucked as well as you watch and listen. Be careful because once Master Taylor has you, you will keep coming back for more! In his next newest video this week, Master Taylor stands up for the little guy as he tells off a bully that is always picking on the weak. He turns the tables on Pasquale, who is a short muscle man that thinks he is the almighty alpha. Puny Pasquale has a surprise today! Taylow shows this “alpha” what it is like to be a real alpha, not just some poser. Of course this pipsqueak is angered by Taylor putting him in his place, but Taylor quickly knocks him back down with a couple of punches. Pasqueale begins to accept that he is not the almighty alpha that he thought he was. For those needing a hero to put their bully in his place, let Taylor be your savior and have him belittle your enemy until they never tease you again.

Prepare for some extreme verbal abuse in this hardcore verbal abuse video. Slave Alessandro is now Master Taylor’s full time slave. He has no control anymore even though he never had any to begin with. Taylor shows off the flip flops his slave bought for him with the money he had to work hard for. How does Taylor thank him? By insulting his slave in the most offensive ways, saying cruel and heartless things about his slave, his family, and his Italian heritage. Master Taylor verbally abuses his slave so bad and says things that someone would never wish upon another living being. You are inferior to your master now and forever.

4 New Videos – Learn what it’s like to be a human ashtray for UncutJockCub. This dominant alpha gets his stupid fat fag over for a real time session. This submissive slut opens his mouth and holds UncutJockCub‘s ashtray in his mouth while UncutJockCub drops his delicious ashes into his mouth. The pathetic fag swallows them like the greedy little fag ashtray that he is to his master. Can you imagine the pleasure this fag slave feels from receiving this reward from his master? You can experience a similar experience with UncutJockCub’s POV verbal humiliation and spit video. UncutJockCub delivers verbal abuse and humiliation to you as he drenches you in his spit. Talking down to you, putting you in your place, and filling your mouth with his alpha spit. Enjoy and savor your master’s spit as you inhale his cigarette smoke and accept that you are merely and object, existing to be used.

UncutJockCub isn’t done with you yet. Keeping with the POV theme, UncutJockCub takes you hostage and chokes you out for his amusement. As he has you abducted and chokes you out, you’ll quickly wake up from his intense cigarette smoke blowing in your face. If that doesn’t wake you up, then hopefully once he pulls out his big uncut dick and pisses all over you, the warm stream of piss will wake you up. Now for the faggots who crave some racial domination, UncutJockCub has something for you. UncutJockCub wants you to sit there obediently like a good little nigger and take this superior white dick. Taken from your perspective, you get the honor of seeing this white alpha stud straddle that inferior frame of yours like you’re an animal and fill you up with his white alpha cum. Accept this white alpha stud as your master and superior as he degrades you for being a dumb black fag.

1 New Video – Of course Master Dnero believes in God. To him, God must be a total genius and love Master Dnero so much for making him so perfect. He created Master Dnero with an attractive face, a dominant attitude, and a cruel sense of humor. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the weak foot fags who worship Master Dnero as a God, and in some ways he actually is to these fags. Those same fags then confess their sins for licking his alpha feet out of guilt and failure to accept their life as a foot fag. It’s fags like this that Master Dnero loves to indoctrine so that they learn to enjoy their inferiority. Master Dnero’s foot slave is happy to be insulted, kicked, and spit on because he accepts himself as his God’s foot fag. This foot fag even admits that Master Dnero is his new religion.

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2 New Videos – Master Brad loves having clean basketball shoes and uses his own personal foot fag to clean his shoes. This fag slave crawls to Master Brad’s sneakers and sticks out his tongue to please his master. Once instructed, he begins licking his master’s freshly, used basketball sneakers clean. Master Brad verbally abuses his fag slave and yells out orders to make sure the fag is doing a good job. Later, Master Brad makes his fag slave lay on his back and he smothers it’s face with his dirty sneakers and puts his fag slave in it’s place. Don’t stop there worshipping Master Brad’s sneakers. Submit to this alpha master and continue to worship his sneakers as he verbally abuses you. In this video clip, Master Brad sits back and relaxes as he commands how you are to worship his collection of sneakers to please him. He’ll flip you off and get deep in your head as he tells you what he demands of you.

unnamed (1)3 New Videos – Prepare to become Master Taylor’s slave for over an hour of hardcore worship and dirty talking. In this 1 hour video clip, slave boy Chris thoroughly worships Taylor’s feet. Taylor lets Chris know that he wants his feet clean by the time he leaves and this slave boy happily obliges. The fag slave forces his Master’s entire foot in his mouth, toe-by-toe. Taylor dominates his little bitch by covering his face with his massive feet and then slaps his slave in the face with his feet. Finally, Master Taylor allows his slave to rub down his sore arm, hand, calve, and back muscles. Once Taylor is finished, he has his slave boy put his socks and shoes back on him, grabs the cash, and heads out the door.

For fag slaves who prefer to be directly under DocTayTay’s boots, he has new videos for you too. In this 10 minute clip, Taylor is an army stud with black boots, jeans, hairy chest, and army cap on. He degrades and mocks you as you lay at his feet showing him how pathetic you truly are to him as you lick and worship Master’s boots. Taylor continues the insults and forces you to smell his sweaty socks. Lick your Master’s barefeet clean and let him stomp on your fag balls when you download this video clip. In his next clip, Taylor becomes a giant and nearly steps on his tiny, puny slave when he comes home. Giant Taylor grabs, pokes, tastes, teases, and torments the tiny slave intruder by forcing the tiny slave to sniff his giant sweaty, stinky armpits, cock, and balls. The odor is amplified by how big Giant Taylor is. His tiny slave is barely conscious from the smell but thing are about to get worse for the tiny slave. Giant Taylor is hungry following his workout and needs a snack.

unnamed (2)9 New Video – YoungNCharge is back with some never before seen videos added to his portfolio page. Get on your fucking knees and server YoungNCharge like the bitch slave you are compared to him. Look up at his big alpha feet and muscles as you bow to him and crave to hand over your wallet. In the next set of videos, YoungNCharge has a 2-part series of him in a red speedo showing off his massive bulge for you to submit to it. Then in part 2, YoungNCharge pulls out his big cock from his red speedo for you to worship. This clip contains even more flexing and verbal abuse to remind you of how pathetic you are while looking at his big, fat, straight alpha cock wishing you could serve it.

For the fag slaves who want to see YoungNCharge in something tighter than a speedo, he puts on a tight Superman UnderArmour compression shirt in another video clip when he gets back from the time. The more YoungNCharge flexes in this video clip, the weaker his cash fags get. Also, he reveals that he’s wearing tight blue Nike compression leggings as he shows off his bulging muscles. In an even longer, nearly 20 minute video clip, YoungNCharge improvises and shows off various outfits as he changes clothes after doing some bicep curls with weights. He strips down to his briefs and a pair of suspenders. Later, he pours water over the front of his underwear and continues to show off different pairs of underwear and clothes which focusing on his muscles and ass.

For slaves who just want to worship YoungNCharge can check out the various other videos he has just uploaded as he makes you serve him like a king that he embodies. YoungNCharge shows off his big feet and bulging muscles throughout this clip and continues to flex in the next clip where he makes you sniff his armpits. YoungNCharge commands that you smell his dirty armpits just as he gets back from the gym and takes over your mind and wallet, making you do whatever he fucking says. Later, he’ll make you look into his eyes and get weaker as he mind fucks your brain. You’ll realize who your true master is after he gets deep in your mind. All that matters is YoungNCharge and nothing else, something you’ll realize after downloading this video clip.

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1 New Video – This video is a longer uncut version of the real time meet up between Master Gary and FagDog. The first 5 minutes are unseen, then 5 minutes into the video, the “Boot Worship” clip (also available on In-Charge) is filmed and you’ll see it from an entirely different angle. After a short interval, Master Gary’s “Play Fetch and Obey” video clip is filmed which you’ll also see from a different angle. This video is not to be missed and is the longest clip you’ll find of Master Gary anywhere because it clocks in at nearly 20 minutes.

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6 New Videos – DocTayTay just uploaded tons of roleplay and sex videos with his hot girl, Nikki. In the first clip, Taylor sets up a hidden camera for his frat bros to watch while he nails a hot chick. Taylor flips off the camera as he’s fucking and as she rides his big dick. Continuing to show off for his frat bros, Taylor flexes while fucking and makes faces at the camera when she isn’t looking. After he cums, Taylor knows it was just a hook up so he tells her to get her things and get lost since he has more partying to do with his bros. In another video clip, Taylor shows how he starts off his day by getting his dick serviced by Nikki. Nikki loves Taylor’s big dick and in this video she shows off her new boobs for the first time. She hops up on Taylor’s dick and twerks her ass on his thick rod. Finally she does some reverse cowgirl to finish Taylor off by stroking his cock perfectly from the tip to the balls until he unloads his cum all over his abs. Continuing their sex fun, Nikki comes up with an idea for this video clip where she ties up Taylor and begins to kiss and tease his entire body. She moves further down to his cock and teases it until he blows a fat, thick load all over his abs. Going even further with their fetish themes, Nikki and Taylor decide to go out for a walk and decide to have sex in public. Nikki shows off her tits and ass while they go walking which makes Taylor rock hard. Nikki decides to start sucking him there in public until he cums, which they have to start running because someone might be coming.

Taylor loves to be serviced and served. In this 13 minute clip, Nikki walks into the room wearing nothing but a lace thong. Taylor rips off her panties and tosses her on the bed to eat her ass and pussy in every direction. Nikki returns the favor and serves Taylor by sucking his hard cock, rubbing / fingering / licking his asshole. This continues until Taylor receives an earth shattering orgasm, shooting his load into Nikki’s mouth. The worship doesn’t end there because in the next clip, Nikki eats Taylor’s ass. She starts off by licking Taylor’s body from his armpits, down to his cock, and then to his ass. Nikki has been craving the taste of Taylor’s sweet ass. She eats his ass from behind and jerks his hard cock. Taylor then gets up on the bed in doggy where Nikki continues to worship his muscle ass. Finally, Taylor flips over on his back and jerks his cock while Nikki eats his ass until the dual pleasure sends him over the top making him shoot a hot load on his abs.


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2 New Video – SlavesSeeker is ready to illustrate how your life should be as he humiliates you barefoot. This alpha dom shows off his amazing soles and makes you want to worship his big alpha feet as he flips off the camera. All of his cash fag can’t get enough of his feet that they crave to lick them. But don’t stop at his barefeet, SlavesSeeker wants you to worship his dirty sneakers too. SlavesSeeker’s used and dirty Lacoste sneakers are ready to be cleaned by a genuine shoe cleaning fag slave. Get your tongue out and proceed to lick these dirty shoes clean. Show this alpha dom how much you crave his feet and sneakers by downloading both of these video clips.


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1 New Video – In this Spanish language video with English subtitles, Master Dnero introduces Master Russh-0, a dom which Master Dnero met in the callisthenics practice. In his first video with Master Dnero’s Str8CrushFeet series, Master Russh-0 makes a foot fag worship his soles. Throughout this 12 minute video clip, Master Russh-0 goes a lot harder with his real time foot fag than Master Dnero ever expected, but that’s the great thing about using a foot fag – they’ll let you do anything you want because you’re the alpha.