Featured Model- Master Gary

Master Gary cuffs and gags his weak, rubber clad faggot slave. Once handcuffed and gagged, the faggot cannot speak. Instead he just sits there like an obedient dog. Master Gary chokes this faggot some more and spits directly in its mouth. He then forces the masked latex faggot to do more and more poppers for a full extreme intox session.

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3 New Videos – Fag Butler has been bugging his master to train him in the gym. So MasterUltimateGod puts the fag through some painful personal training. The faggot struggles to press the bar above his head while strapped down with ropes. MasterUltimateGod beats the soles of the fag’s feet for motivation whenever his weak ass fails. The faggot keeps failing so MasterUltimateGod hits him in the face to the point he bleeds. Funny how a bit of pain causes fags to collapse to the will of alpha men like MasterUltimateGod. In another encounter with Fag Butler, MasterUltimateGod brutally whips him. The faggot was in need of some serious correction and training. This sadistic alpha doesn’t hold anything back as he beats his slave black and blue with some jump rope. The faggot was bruised for days, unable to sit or sleep properly. He will never forget who owns him.

A lucky fag gets to feel his master’s power in this next video. MasterUltimateGod abuses and grapples the fag slave, making him kiss his muscles and alpha feet. The faggot loves the abuse though. He can’t get enough of his dom throwing him around and man-handling him. The pathetic queer takes all of his dom’s abuse and keeps coming back for more.

3 New Videos – Be prepared to taste the spit of a real man. Lick MasterGary’s spit off of his black leather boxing gloves and do as you’re told. Afterward, MasterGary will let you worship his body and tell you how he’s going to beat you with those boxing gloves. If you can’t get enough of his alpha body and superior power, check out the next video as MasterGary puts you through some harsh intox. Fags don’t deserve mercy. Straight men rule your life and MasterGary plans to make sure you fully accept that as he keeps you high as fuck on poppers. Get even more intoxed and put on your cock cage. MasterGary instructs you to fuck yourself with a dildo and then put it in your mouth. Ass-to-mouth, back-and-forth. Whilst you’re being intoxed with poppers throughout, you’ll obey every command MasterGary gives you and will even spank yourself for his own amusement.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge is ready to train a sissy like you on how to sniff poppers. While flexing his tattooed muscles and showing off, YoungNCharge will order you to get that bottle of poppers and completely fry your brain. By doing so, you’ll become a weak and mindless faggot for superior alpha males.

3 New Videos – Get financially dominated by Master Flexgod in this 10 minute video clip. Putting the camera on the floor to look up at him, Master Flexgod will have you in your rightful position as he sticks his feet in your face, flips you off, and verbally abuses you. While you’re down there, hand over your wallet to this muscular god. After he drained you of your money it is now time to worship this stinky socks and feet. Starting off with some white socks on, Master Flexgod will have you craving to lick and sniff these dirty, smelly socks. After he is pleased with your service, he’ll then let you worship his barefeet at the end.

Since you can’t get enough of Master Flexgod at this point, he now wants you to worship his ass and muscles. In this 10 minute video clip, Master Flexgod shows off his huge alpha feet, bulge muscles, and big muscle ass to make faggots like you drool for more. Give into all of his demands and start serving.

1 New Video – Worship this perfect leather master as he shows off his huge alpha cock. Get on your knees like a little bitch and clean his boots as he strokes his massive king dick. If you’re lucky, he’ll let you lick the cum off his boots.

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3 New Videos – You’ll barely get a break from huffing your popper as Master Gary forces you to sniff deep. This is an extreme intox session not for the feint hearted. Wearing his white ankle socks and then showing his barefeet to the camera, MasterGary will take full command over you. But don’t stop huffing those poppers for this leather god. Wearing leather gloves, Nike tracksuit bottoms, and white socks, Master Gary gives you some intense popper instructional intox. Get wasted for your new king. Later, MasterGary lets you continue to worship his alpha male body. This superior findom dons his boxing gloves shows how he would punch the shit out of you. This dom has allowed you the privilege of worshipping him once again throughout this video.

3 New Videos – A contiunation of the previous part to this scene, MasterUltimateGod delivers intense pain, abuse, and humiliation to this weak faggot slave. This muscle god gets even more brutal with his little bitch boy this time around. The fag cries for his master to stop, but there is and never will be any mercy for this faggot. In another scene, MasterUltimateGod teaches the faggot a lesson in grappling domination. Fag Butler can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms as he is put in a number of different Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

Continuing with the beat downs, do you remember dodgeball as a kid? Remember your faggot ass running away from all the straight jocks trying to beat your face with a rubber ball? Imagine that with a heavy medicine ball. This is what Fag Butler experienced in the first every duo dom dodgeball games. MasterUltimateGod and his alpha friend force this queer to hang from a pull-up bar as they pelt him with medicine balls. The pathetic bitch can barely take one ball, as he collapses from pain on the ground. His master reminds him that he is an owned bitch. Lots of pain, abuse, and humiliation.

3 New Videos – Get on the floor and look up at his muscle giant as he towers over you. Flexing his huge bulging muscles, Denis shows off his pumped muscle ass and legs and you drool for more. This muscle dom isn’t done showing off his body as he then flexes his biceps. Pumping up his large biceps, the veins start popping all over the place on his huge physique. For slaves craving verbal abuse then submit to Denis’ verbal dominance as he reminds you of how he is the alpha male and you are the fag. Prepare to be humiliated and owned by this muscle jock.

1 New Video – 10 minutes of pure verbal abuse and ball crushing. AlfaPrimal lights a cigarette and blows smoke in your face as he dishes out some hardcore verbal abuse. Putting some kiwis on the ground, he pretends they are your faggot balls ready to be crushed. Imagine the force of his boot coming down to stomp on your pathetic balls to inflict maximum damage.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some spit, burp and verbal humiliation. King Luca flips you off and completely humiliates you as he shows you how he would burp and spit in your face if you were there in front of him. Pushing his feet into the camera, he orders that you lick his dirty white socks and obey him like an obedient faggot. Later, King Luca does the real thing with a slave for a facesitting real time session. This verbal and cocky alpha makes a masked slave lick his sneakers and then proceeds to sit on the slave’s face. The slave is smothered with his ass and enjoys every second of it. For even more ass worship, King Luca gets down to his underwear and sits on the slave’s face again. Having fun with his masked ninja looking faggot, this alpha drains the fag of his cash and sits on his face in return.

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4 New Videos – Master Gary slips off his sneakers and forces you to stroke your tiny dick as you worship his body. Flexing and verbally abusing you, Master Gary also commands that you sniff some poppers and keep edging your tiny dick until you erupt with cum and hand over your wallet to him. For fags who want to get even dirtier, grab your dildo for this next video. Ram your ass with your dildo until you’re a dirty little piggy for Master. Get high and wated on poppers the entire time you do it to loosen up that pig hole while being verbally attacked by Master Gary. The popper intox continues when Master Gary dishes out some small penis humiliation. Wearing white socks and flexing, this alpha god continues to countdown how long you should be sniffing those poppers. Eventually he’ll have you cumming on command as he ridicules your tiny cock the entire time throughout this video. Then for some repeated hypnotic reinforcement, Master Gary has a hypnotic popper instructional video for you. Follow his on-screen instructions and get wasted as you stroke away your dick for Master.

5 New Videos – Back for more abuse and torture, Fag Butler is strapped to a chair in the basement for this abuse session. One of the most brutal pain, abuse, and humiliation videos to date, MasterUltimateGod gets a kick out of finding new and more fun ways to torture this fag. Continuing from that session, Fag Butler gets handcuffed in his cage and abuse with the shock collar. Unlike other times, this faggot is abused without even being able to see his master. MasterUltimateGod leaves the fag locked alone in the basement as he tortures and humiliates him. Shifting gears and going back to the gym, MasterUltimateGod allows Fag Butler the honor and privilege of cleaning his alpha feet at the gym. The slave gets on his stomach as his dom torments and teases him with his straight jock feet. The weak foot fag licks them clean and begs to be used as a foot rest.

Fag Butler is in for a treat in the next two videos as he is used by two doms at once. MasterUltimateGod’s alpha buddy and him decide to both crush the faggot under their boots. These alphas make the queer lie on the ground as they both trample all over him. Then when the slave is on the couch, MasterUltimateGod bench presses his buddy on the faggot. Pure alpha muscle and domination in this video. The two alphas then relax outside and smoke cigars. They begin to use the faggot as their personal ashtray and footstool. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot take off his shirt and stuff it in his faggot mouth to quiet him down while they burn him with cigars.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge is ready to verbally abuse you as you worship his feet, muscles, and ass. This cash dom puts his feet up to the camera as he commands you to worship and sniff his superior straight soles. The flexing and verbal abuse continues before this alpha makes you worship his hairy ass. Worship his hairy man ass in the next clip when YoungNCharge farts in your face. This straight muscular alpha flips you off and tells you how superior he is compared to you before pulling down his underwear and farting right in your faggot face. Ever wonder how an alpha ass can control you? Find out when you download this clip. To experience a webcam session with YoungNCharge check out this next clips as YoungNCharge humiliates a fag on cam. Verbally abusing this cam fag os his, YoungNCharge makes the fag open up some packages he sent him. Included in the package is his alpha cum, spit, briefs, socks, ass wipes, and piss all of which the fag slave purchased. YoungNCharge shows off another cash drain cam session as he owns two sluts at once with his alpha feet.

1 New Video – Enjoy the view as you gaze at MasterDrC2’s superior alpha male feet. Wearing socks and then showing his barefeet, this alpha will make you turn into a total mindless foot fag when he’s done. Serve, worship, and obey everything about this superior alpha.

1 New Video – Dominant master Dope159 wants you to worship his body as he washes his car. Feel the power and energy from his alpha body as you drool from watching him.

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5 New Videos – Fag butler is forced to get on his knees as MasterUltimateGod and an alpha friend spit all over this loser. Watch as these two alphas force him to endure getting spit on and accept his fate as a lowly faggot. The culmination is the fag drinking his master’s mouthwash as MasterUltimateGod spits directly into his mouth like the loser he is to him. In another video clip, the fag butler is crushed under his master’s ass. The fag learns to experience what it is like to be a carpet underneath his master as well as the cushion he sits on. This supreme alpha walks all over this faggot and dominates him the way a fag should be dominated. The crushing continues as MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot under his feet. Standing on top of and jumping on the faggot, this weak slave squirms and cries out as his master stomps all over him. This is a macro lovers wet dream.

Fag butler is in for a treat with the next video. He is ordered to clip his master’s toenails and eat them. The fag can’t get enough of his master’s alpha feet. As a reward he is given this delicious treat from his king. The fun rewards stop there as in the next clip Fag Butler endures some shock therapy. This bitch can’t seem to get his most basic tasks accomplished and must be punished the hard way. More brutal humiliation, degradation, and shock collar abuse for this lowly faggot.

3 New Videos – Get your bottle of poppers out as you worship Flexgod’s ass and feet. Wearing black ankle socks and dark colored briefs, Flexgod makes you worship his superior muscles as you huff and huff that bottle of poppers. After you’ve done that and your brain is fried, then you can worship this stud’s muscles. Worship at this muscular master’s holy feet and drool over his muscles. After you’ve obsessed over his muscles then you can clean his alpha feet. In this 10 minute video clip, Flexgod flips you off and sticks his feet in your face while you continue to waste brain cells on that bottle of poppers for your slave training.

3 New Videos & 1 New Audio Clip – Get your gas mask, a bottle of poppers and get on your knees to worship Master Gary’s feet and socks. Sitting in front of you with the camera on the floor, Master Gary places his feet in your face. First you are to worship his socks before being allowed to serve his barefeet. Stay in a trance and sniff those poppers while you edge to this hypnotic video. MasterGary shows clips of himself with written commands on the screen as to how he wants you to sniff and when to sniff those poppers. Edge your cock throughout like a horny little faggot. Keep stroking that tiny prick like a stupid fag when you worship master’s white socks in the next clicp. Worship everything about this verbally abusive dom. By this point your head should be swimming from all that popper sniffing. If you need to have some hypnotic audio from MasterGary then check out this 420 edging trance audio to play on repeat. For the smokers, light your joint and get mesmerized into getting higher and higher for the alpha of your dreams.

2 New Videos – Miles Striker wants you to get ready for some hypnotic popper instructions. This verbal dom will guide you through this session but requires total obedience of you. This will implace in exactly what you have known deep down inside your whole life. Who you really are and what you’re looking for. What you crave. This will be an intense session for session number one. They say everyone is happier once they realize their purpose. Relax in your chair as Miles Striker take you to pure faggot bliss. Intensify the experience by watching this video with noise cancelling headphones in a dark room.

What are you doing during this time of public unrest? Maybe Miles Striker has been too soft on you faggots lately. Should he remind you of who and what you are? It’s time for this dom to once again remove the gloves and put you in your place. There are normal people then there are things like you. We all have our places during this coronavirus pandemic. Miles Striker is done coddling you and going easy on you. It’s time for the cold hard truth, faggot.

1 New Video – Get on your fag knees and worship a huge alpha cock. Wearing tight jeans, a leather jacket, leather boots, and leather gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive dick for you to worship. Get down and look up at his hung cock and pray for his cum.

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2 New Videos – Endure nearly 8 minutes of Master Gary threatening you for being a little faggot. Clad in jeans and leather boots, this dominant alpha talks down to you and makes you feel completely inferior. You deserve the punishment and verbal attacks Master Gary is about to give you. If you can handle all of that then you earned the right to worship Master Gary for being a dominant alpha. Wearing tight leather gloves and boxing shorts, Master Gary flexes and shows off for the camera. Maybe one day you might be lucky enough to serve and worship him in person.

5 New Video – Fag butler is obsessed with the way MasterUltimateGod’s armpits smell. He can’t get enough of the superior alpha scent. This fag begged to be taught some wrestling moves but it turns out that the fag just wanted to sniff his master’s armpits instead. Fag learned quickly to be careful what he wished for. The fun stops there as the next series of videos, MasterUltimateGod and Fag Butler go to a gym to grapple and fight. This faggot begged to be taught some MMA moves. This quickly turns into a brutal physical abuse session. MasterUltimateGod humiliates, degrades, and destroys this faggot in the MMA gym. The beatings continue as MasterUltimateGod violently chokes out the faggot slave. This is hardcore abuse and not for the weak.

In the third part of the brutal physical abuse series, MasterUltimateGod locks the faggot in chokeholds until he can barely breathe. The fag slave struggles to endure this intense abuse and does his best to not pass out. MasterUltimateGod effortlessly abuses and whips this faggot’s ass on the mat. Slamming the faggot on the mat, MasterUltimateGod quickly shows him who is in control. This faggot might be regretting agreeing to this MMA fight at this point because the chokeholds and beatings just keep getting more and more intense as time goes on.

3 New Videos – Break out your poppers for an intense popper countdown video. Dominant superior AlphaDerek plants his feet right up to the camera as he verbally instructs you on how to sniff your poppers. Flipping you off and counting you down, AlphaDerek will make you go totally mindless and fry your faggot brain the way it should be fried. Don’t just put those poppers away yet though. AlphaDerek is ready to flex his muscles as he verbally degrades you as you sniff those poppers some more. Lose all control and thought as this dominant man demonstrates what a real man looks like and how a real man acts. The question now is can you handle a 3rd popper abuse video? Wearing sunglasses and a tank top, AlphaDerek poppers you up beyond the point of return. You’ll be a mindless mess of a cash pig once this dominant king gets you wasted. As you’re huffing your poppers, AlphaDerek then begins to open some Amazon wishlist gifts in this video too. Watch and see all of the tributes he has received recently from weak faggots just like you.

4 New Videos – This fag worships his master’s feet while King Luca just sits back and smokes. Faggots like the masked fag in this video would do anything to serve and lick an alpha’s feet in a real time meet. The fag slave does his duty as a foot servant to worship King Luca’s feet throughout this 11 minute video. For some solo action, King Luca shows off his feet in another video with his feet on a stack of cash which continues into part 2. The foot worshipping continues as King Luca has another faggot to worship his leather boots. Tongue out and laying on the floor, the masked faggot serves as a human shoe shiner for his king.

4 New Videos – MasterHugo bangs out his chick’s pussy in this short fuck clip. Later she stretches out her holes for this dom. His sexy little LolaDomme submits to him as she puts toys in her ass and pussy. She continues to play with her pussy in another close up sex video. See what a real man gets to fuck in his free time. Later she DP’s her pussy and ass for the camera. LolaDomme is a domme but enjoys submitting to her dominant man. Check out this alpha couple having fun.

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5 New Videos – Fag Butler is in for it this time. MasterUltimateGod delivers an extended abuse, pain, and humiliation session with the faggot slave. This slave needs this abuse to remember his place and MasterUltimateGod is more than happy to oblige. Later the Fag Butler experience an even more intense beatdown at the hands of MasterUltimateGod. This bitch slave is starting to slowly understand that working for his master is no walk in the park. Watch as this powerful muscle dom trains his faggot with no limits abuse and humiliation. The vicious beating doesn’t stop there as MasterUltimateGod gives his faggot his first popper experience. Fag Butler sniffs poppers for the very first time in this intox video. Watch as MasterUltimateGod makes this bitch inhale deeply and learn what it means to be a real popper fiend. How many of you would wish to trade places with this faggot?

As a reward for enduring all of those brutal beatdowns, MasterUltimateGod lets the faggot drink his piss. The fag cannot get enough of his master’s straight alpha piss. Filling up a red solo cup, MasterUltimateGod gives the fag as much piss as possible to gulp down. For the piss fanatics out there, MasterUltimateGod has another piss drinking faggot video for you. This fag begs for his master’s piss every time he does chores. The fucking faggot is pathetic and begs for more and more humiliating abuse. Watch as he struggles to drink his master’s warm piss. Afterward, the fag slave gets pissed on for not appreciating his master’s piss as much as he should have.

2 New Video – Miles Striker decided to turn on the camera while his other brother, Toby, and him abuse their little brother Elis. Their poor little brother cannot win from all the wedgie torment and horrible verbal abuse they give him. Toby and Miles can’t help but continue to torment their little brother. They give him loads of verbal abuse calling him gay while he just throws a tantrum and nearly cries. This leads to even more relentless wedgies, spankings, and noogies. Poor Elis never catches a break with his older, abusive brothers.

Miles Striker asserts him dominance again when he makes the bitch boy faggot become his sissy maid. Striker makes the faggot clean his bus for an upcoming party but punishes him when the bitch boy doesn’t clean with enough conviction. Striker towers over him, blowing his cigarette smoke in the face of this sissy as it wears women’s clothing. As instructed the sissy maid boy then tends to Striker’s size 13 feet, giving him a foot massage. The slave begs Striker to stop calling him a faggot although Striker never quits. Humiliating the fag boy further, Striker compares the size of his big toe to the slave’s tiny cock. Testing the fag’s true devotion, Striker pulls out a can of wet pet food and stomps it into the wooden floor of the bus and makes this slave eat it up right off the floor.

1 New Video & 2 New Audio Clips – Worship Master Gary’s alpha feet while sniffing poppers. Be prepared to be totally wasted on poppers as Master Gary instructs you to sniff more as yo worship his feet in 3 stages. This powerful dom makes you worship his sneakers first. After you’ve fully cleaned his sneakers, you can then proceed to sniffing and worshiping his white socks. Finally, if you’ve earned it, MasterGary will let you worship his barefeet. Make sure to sniff and lick clean every inch of his superior feet. For faggots who need verbal abuse to listen to all day long, Master Gary has a hypnotizing audio clip for you to download. This audio will remind you what a pathetic faggot cashcunt you are for him. Listen to this file on repeat as much as possible for the best effect. For even more reason to pay, MasterGary has nother findom audio clip for you to download. This will make you want to PAY. Listen to your new master’s voice as he guides you into findom submission repeatedly.

3 New Videos – Master007 is back with his muscle boys for a quick video clip of their threeway session. These two hot muscular studs are alpha but are ready to be punished by Master007. Clad in jockstraps, they get on the bed and present their asses to a real dom to be spanked. If you crave even more muscle ass, Master007 has another ass video for you to drool over. These two workers are doing their job in jockstraps as they show off their hot muscle bodies to the camera. If that wasn’t enough, Master007 has a clip of a ripped muscle stud for you to admire. These blond hunk shows off his bulge and muscle butt in a pair of boxer briefs for the camera.

2 New Videos – Prepare to clean IKAGURA’s feet. Imagine that you were this foot fag. This obedient foot fag lays on his back on the ground and sucks on his master’s feet as instructed. This is heaven for a foot fag to get a chance to worship every inch of his master’s feet. The foot worship continues as the foot fag cannot get enough of his master’s feet. Enjoying his master’s soles, toes, and every part of the foot, the foot fag does anything to be a foot cleaner for Master IKAGURA.

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3 New Video – MasterGary invites over his masked fag slave to worship his alpha feet. The pathetic little cunt crawls out from under Master Gary’s bed, sniffs some poppers, then licks and serves his master’s feet. But the popper abuse doesn’t stop here. In another clip, Master Gary gets the fag cunt poppered up and forces it to hand over £300 bit by bit. The cash fag’s head is spinning from sniffing so many poppers that he just complies with anything Master Gary demands. There is even more popper intox and bullying as Master Gary puts on some leather gloves to make this next fag sniff poppers. Watch this fat faggot get intoxed and bullied hard while Master Gary shows off and verbally abuses him.

3 New Video – Do what you do best, worship and serve. MasterBig orders you to sniff your poppers while admiring his leather gear. In this 5-star rated clip, MasterBig will easily get you on your knees begging to serve him. Still clad in full leather, MasterBig puts you in your place. You’ll quickly learn how to worship an alpha God as Master Big flips you off and orders you to keep paying up to his greatness. Afterward, get out your poppers and sniff them while worshipping his white socks. Master Big wore these white socks for days so that you can take in all of his scent. Get your face in there and sniff hard.

2 New Videos – Wearing leather boots CaptHowdy0666 makes this marine faggot lick his leather boots in this real time meet. The obedient fag does everything he is instructed to do and is forever grateful for the chance to worship his master’s leather boots. CaptHowdy0666 ensures the faggot licks, sucks, and even gags on his superior, alpha boots. In the end, the masked faggot even cums from this worship session. In another clip, CaptHowdy0666 shows off a dual angle video of the fag worshipping his boots. The faggot loser licks and sucks on his master’s boots as you get to watch this real time from all sides.

1 New Video – Watch two German alphas verbally abuse you in this 10 minute video clip. FlexGod and his friend make you sniff their feet and farts while they degrade and verbally attack you. Submit to double the alpha power.

 New Videos – AlphaBradenBBC makes you worship and serve his big black cock in his newest video. Watch as your new favorite Nubian Master strokes his fat and long negro seed shooter. Fall on your knees and beg for more as you accept the power of this black king. In the second clip, AlphaBradenBBC gives you another close up of him stroking his black dick for you to beg for his alpha negro seed all over your face.

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3 New Video – MasterBig wants you to stare at his massive bulge while he makes you fry your brain on poppers. As this hung and masculine dom counts down from 10, you are to sniff those poppers long and deep until you can’t control yourself anymore. Go deeper and deeper into his instructions and those sniffs. The popper abuse continues when you worship Master Big’s feet as he flips you off. Look at this alpha stud’s big soles while he verbally degrades you in this short video clip. But the intense popper training continues as MasterBig places his bulge right in your face while you’re getting high on poppers. Get on your knees and breathe deep while you get hypnotized by his massive cock and balls poking through his boxer briefs. Soon you’ll be so mindless that you’ll do anything for MasterBig.

3 New Video – Become a tiny shrunken slave for giant Master Gary in this macro giant fetish video. In this video clip, Master Gary becomes a towering giant that can stomp on you at any moment. Standing above you, flipping you off, and hovering his huge foot over your head, you’ll run in fear of being crushed by this alpha dom. After that, shift gears and go for some relaxing intox as Master Gary sits back and tells you how to sniff poppers for your master. Stare at this alpha’s soles as he tells you to eat your own cum at the end of the video. Master Gary doesn’t hold back at all with the verbal abuse.

As a reward for being so obedient for him, Master Gary will let you worship his body while he flexes for you. But don’t put those poppers away just yet. You need to keep huffing and puffing those fumes for Master Gary. Worship this alpha muscled body and get inside his sweaty pits.

1 New Video – As 2019 closed not too long ago, MilesStriker feels it is time to reflect. This alpha male wants to get all his little faggots, slaves, and cucks up to par and ready to serve in 2020. Miles Striker helps reaffirm your purpose in life by reminding you of what you were born to be and how you can do better at serving in this coming year.

1 New Video – This masked slave has his dinner straight from his master’s feet. Master Axl stomps on food for his slave to enjoy. This slave wouldn’t want it any other way as it licks the food right from Master Axl’s feet.

2 New Audio Clips – As 2019 faded out fast, so did your will. A New Year is upon us and with it is a new you. It’s time to submit, to give in, to obey. It’s time to be a better submissive subject for Lucian Carter. However, even though times change, one thing stays the same: you’re still a poppers addict. You thought you could escape that? You thought you could break the habit? You’ll never escape poppers. It’s not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Give in to it. Give in to poppers. Give in to Master Lucian in this 10 minute popper intox / JOI audio clip.

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2 New Video – Master Gary continues to use his real time cash fag in this sneaker worship session. Wearing a mask and a diaper, this cash faggot bows down to Master Gary’s sneakers and does anything his master demands. Prior to that, in part 1, Master Gary degrades the fag upon their initial meeting. Master Gary gets extremely verbally abusive with this faggot and puts him in his place. Watch both parts to see how Master Gary uses a fag in real time.

2 New Video – This obedient masked cash fag gets to worship AlphaDerek’s feet while getting verbally abused and forced to sniff poppers. Making the cash faggot lick the bottoms of his sneakers, Alpha Derek gives the slave everything he’s craving in this 15 minute video clip. As a reward for cleaning his shoes, the fag gets the opportunity to sniff and lick Alpha Derek’s barefeet. In between licking his master’s feet, the fag gets ordered to sniff more and more poppers until his head is spinning. In another real time meet, Master Derek pisses all over a fag outside. This popper piss faggot gets on its knees to sniff and serve his master while getting drenched in pure alpha gold.

2 New Videos – The roles are reversed in this session as master becomes the slave. DavidWar invites over his friend for some roleplay. His friend takes on the role of a dominant alpha male and DavidWar takes on the role of a slave. Being collared and leashed, DavidWar must do everything his master says to prove his obedience.

In another new upload, DavidWar wrestles a ladyboy in bed. A sexy ladyboy challenges DavidWar to a fight and then an intense struggle begins. Ultimately, DavidWar wins meaning he gets to claim his prize which is getting his dick sucked by the ladyboy.

2 New Videos – MasterBenny demans that you serve his red sneakers. Wearing designer jeans and fresh new red sneakers, Master Benny plants his sneakers right in front of the camera and demands that you worship and serve his sneakers. Lick every part of them to obey. Then if you need more of Master Benny’s feet worship his barefeet. Master Benny takes off his sneakers and shows his bare male feet.

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