Featured Model- Master Gary

Using his rubber gimp from his previous videos, Master Gary gives this fag slave some popper intoxication in their latest real time session. Clad in leather boots, a leather jacket, and jeans, Master Gary makes sure this slave’s brain is fried constantly throughout this session. Keeping the slave on his knees and handcuffing his hands, Master Gary plants the bottle of poppers directly up to the gimp’s nose for him to inhale nothing but poppers. Imagine being Master Gary’s gimp for an entire weekend and just letting him intoxicate you on poppers nonstop. You would truly become a mindless drone like this gimp fag.

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2 New Videos – In this video, Master Rush break into this pussy ass submissive cuck’s house while he’s watching some TV with his girl. Master Rush had met his girl a week prior and got her number, and figured he’d just show up whenever the fuck he wanted to. This dominant alpha then yanks the pussy ass cuck beta faggot sub off the bed, and throws a Gimp Mask and Dog Collar around his neck, and continues to hook up with his Gorgeous Teen Girlfriend, which he does NOT deserve. The cuck watches in horror as Master Rush penetrates her every hole, fucking her in the ass and pussy and making her suck his fat teenage frat daddy 9 incher while the cuck is made to stare. Master Rush even pulls him over to his alpha feet and makes him slober all over them while he stares up at this alpha’s ass as Master Rush fucks his girl from behind! By the end, Master Rush busts a fat ass nut inside her, and slaps him up a few times more before he leave them both, and the apartment looking like a big dick’d hurricane came through it.

In another new video update, the 22 year old college Frat Boy Alpha uses his gorgeous size 12 feet to squish and trample your faggy little sissy clit, laughing and degrading and humiliating with his faggot slander. This young alpha really knows how to make a faggot squirm, evoking all of your faggish senses. Just like with all of the teen alpha’s videos, this one will have you craving the Alpha cashmasters feet and companionship by the end, so be warned: You will become addicted, and you may just fall in love.

1 New Video – Master Gary is back for an cash rape of a faggot. The masked fag slave sits back while a leather clad Master Gary does his magic. This is a longer, slower, harsher internet banking cash rape this time around. Master Gary get the slave fried as fuck by using poppers and a gas mask on him for an intense intox session. This superior dom continues to drain his slave’s online bank account all throughout as he gets what he deserves and the slave gasps for air.

1 New Video – Come join Henderdong in the hot tub and get at his wet feet. Relaxing in the hot tub outside in swim trunks, Henderdong places his superior wet alpha feet up to the camera as the sun reflects off of them. Henderdong then flips you off to remind you that your place in life is beneath him and that your sole purpose is to worship the soles of his feet.

1 New Audio Clip – This audio recording starts with some traditional training for fitness in the guise of wanting to please your coaches … but to aid in this, you will dumb down and be left feeling like a college jock joining a sports team. While that is temporary, the workout motivation will be permanent. The mp3 then shifts gears into an erotic locker room fantasy with the coaches involving flexing, and using their new prized jock. There are two different lengths included of this file: 45:15 for the full and 29:55 for the short

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3 New Videos – Serve Master Gary and lick his feet as he relaxes in his latest video clip. Master Gary sits outside, reclined in a patio chair with his big alpha feet planted right in front of the camera for you to worship as he delivers some harsh verbal. If you need more verbal abuse then check out the next newest video from Master Gary where he dishes out some extreme findom talk. Open your wallet and be prepared to go broke for this lean, fit cash dom. Your role in life is to serve as an ATM and MasterGary will remind you of that. After you’ve fully come to realize your purpose and submitted everything to Master Gary, it’s time to worship his perfection. As this findom alpha soaks up the sun and flexes, you’ll sit obediently on your knees and beg to worship and serve him more as he verbally abuses you while smoking a cigarette and flexing.

1 New Video – Get a HOT replay of a cam show where Taylor jerks off, talks dirty, shows off his hot cock, and cums!! Yes, this is the full meal deal but wait…. THERE’S MORE! He also has a Lovense Hush vibrating buttplug in his jock ASS! Watch as his prostate gets pumped and edged by the vibrations of the tips of his adoring fans as they cheer him on and enjoy the dirty talking. Also, don’t miss out on the Taylor video sale where all of his videos have been discounted.

2 New Videos – Get on your knees as the young Frat Boy Stud Master Rush presents his Jordans for you, the slave, to pull your tongue out and clean. Watch as Rush takes you from the bottom of the soles, to the top, through the sides and beyond. This gorgeous Master will have you in love with his size 12 feet by the time you’ve finished. In another new video update, 22 year old Master Rush blows his blunts right into your face, as he laughs and smokes his cigar lounging, watching a Godfather Film. Let the young frat boy remind you of how worthless a faggot you are, while hanging out and enjoying your cash for his time… The young, sexy bodybuilder and ex-collegiate athlete is here to impress and possess even the most stubborn faggots slaves and subs.

3 New Videos – Creep on your Master Henderdon in his hotel room as he sticks his sneakers in your face. Later Henderdong pulls out a wad of cash from draining cash faggots and shows it off before rubbing it with his feet. For a foot fag like you, you’ll begin to sweat and your heart will skip as you watch this superior alpha grind his feet into this fag cash. After that it’s time to worship a dressed up Henderdong. Get at the foot of this alpha’s bed and worship him in his perfection while he’s all dressed up in a suit and tie. This cash dom will show you inside his worn dress shoes and make you sniff them along with his dress socks that he’s been wearing all night. Can you handle worshipping this much Henderdong?

After worshipping Henderdong all night, it’s time to worship Henderdong for breakfast. This should be a morning ritual for you at this point. As soon as you wake up, crawl to this alpha’s feet and worship him. Get at the foot of this findom’s couch as he eats his morning breakfast and drinks his coffee while you try your best to start his day off right by drooling at his soles.

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2 New Videos – LionMaster makes you worship his alpha sneakers and feet in his latest video clip. Submit yourself to this muscle jock’s big feet as you crave to worship them. This if a video for foot faggots who love being humiliated under alpha feet. LionMaster doesn’t hold back with the verbal abuse either while you stare mindlessly at his superior alpha feet. For the foot fags who still need more of this alpha’s feet, he has another foot video where you can submit to his dirty barefeet. Stick out your tongue and lick this muscle stud’s dirty feet clean. Sitting with his car door open LionMaster sticks his dirty feet outside of the car and right up to the camera. Covered in dirt from the street, LionMaster demands that a weak faggot come along and clean his feet.

1 New Video – The 22 year old frat boy stud Master Rush Corleone is back for more popper intox, which has become his specialty in the Findom world. Allow the young college master to hypnotize you through 5 minutes and 3 hard rounds of popper intox as he uses his verbal dominance and absolutely perfect size 12 feet to guide you through each round. You will be completely fucked by the end of the third round and before you know it you will be coming back for more.

3 New Videos – MasterGary meets this pathetic fag slave for a real time meet to make him endure some extreme sissy dildo gagging. Master Gary dresses this slave up as a sissy fag and puts lipstick on it. This dom then makes it use its dildo to choke its own mouth until it gagged so much it puked. During this facefucking session, Master Gary slaps the fag slave and verbally abuses him. The abuse doesn’t stop there. After this sick faggot throws up on the ground, Master Gary definitely isn’t going to clean it up himself. So he uses the faggot’s mouth to mop up the mess it had made. Master Gary gags and slaps this faggot fuck around some more and then put his head down in his trainers and uses it as a foot stool. The abuse then goes outside for some foot domination. Placing the sissy faggot on his back, Master Gary makes it lick and suck his toes and feet while he relaxes. Master Gary sits back in some parts and smokes a cigarette while he then takes breaks to spit on his faggot slave.

1 New Video – This BDSM couple engages in some rough play for the camera in this new clip from ChokeMasters. Dominating his girlfriend, this dominant guy gets off on choking his girlfriend. With hardcore intensity, he chokes out this girl and makes her submit completely to him and ultimately tap out from the chokeholds.

3 New Audio Clips – Drift into a combination of Master Lucian‘s powerful voice and a mesmerizing music track “Leviathan’s Dream Sequence” by Spheria for a dreamscape hypnotic trance in this audio clip. The music and Master Lucian’s voice together will lull you into a submissive state like no other. Prepare to have your mind opened like never before. After hearing that, you’ll want to be a slut for your master. It’s time to admit it. You want to be a total slut. This file will only reinforce your natural slut tendencies. As a slut, you’ll tap into your girl like tendencies and will need to have them reinforced with the next audio clip. Master Lucian knows that deep, down inside that you want to be a girl. A good girl that obeys her master. Let Master Lucian remind you what you want, what you are, and what you need to do.

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3 New Videos – This rubber clad faggot must inhale Master Gary’s smoke while being used as an ashtray. This dominant alpha master smokes his cigarette and his weak faggot slave inhales the smoke as he blows it directly into its mouth. Later Master Gary uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spits on the cunt’s face all while choking him repeatedly throughout. Using that same cunt later, Master Gary cuffs and gags his weak, rubber clad faggot slave. Once handcuffed and gagged, the faggot cannot speak. Instead he just sits there like a dog. Master Gary chokes this faggot some more and spits directly in its mouth. He then forces the faggot to do more and more poppers for a full extreme intox session.

The cigarette smoking intox and popper abuse session then gets even more extreme when Master Gary uses this masked cunt sub. This cunt never smoked before, so what better what for Master Gary to use him than to put a cigarette in the slave’s mouth and make him inhale big drags of smoke. The cunt couldn’t handle it at all. Master Gary then forces the masked slave to do poppers and fry its brain until it couldn’t take that anymore either.

1 New Video – For 10 minutes straight, the young college alpha, Master Rush Corleonetramples your pathetic clit that you call a dick. He grinds his perfect size 12 feet into your tiny little cock while verbally abusing and harassing you for being the useless little faggot that you are to him. Feel his power as he shows off his perfect, young body while simultaneously crushing your sissy clit and self esteem with his stinky, sweaty feet.

2 New Videos – FlexGod demands that you clean his sneakers. This dominant muscle master makes you worship and serve his feet, socks, and sneakers like the obedient foot fag you are to him. Make sure to lick every part clean and satisfy your muscle master all throughout this 7 minute long video clip. If you need more of Flexgod’s feet then make sure to download his other latest clip and sniff his socks. Even after that first session at his feet, you should still be sitting down at Flexgod’s feet and look up at him to show that you’re completely devoted to serving him. Get weak from his tight leather jacket and his violent bat that he may beat you with. Serve this alpha without limits.

For all of those leather lovers out there, it’s time to play. This scene involves a leather body suit, Master Lucian’s leather gloves, a ball gag, a full face mask, and, the cherry on top, a milking machine attached to your cock. Feel Master Lucian suck your will out through the machine. Feel Master Lucian drain every doubt, every iota of resistance until there is nothing left but Master Lucian’s control. Once you come back for more, Master Lucian will turn you into a pathetic cuckold. Has your woman been begging for Master Lucian? Begging for his power? For his control and for his cock? It’s time for Master Lucian to take her completely. To make her his and to make you into his worthless, inferior cuckold. You’re going to watch and stroke your inferior little dick as she gives Master Lucian the blowjob she’d never even think of giving you. Get ready to lose yourself to Master Lucian, now and forevermore.

1 New Video – Back with another webcam session, ChokeMasters shows off a Colombian dude who gets off on punishing his girlfriend. Headlocks, chokes, and rough deepthroating all while trapped in his leglock. This weak girl taps out over and over again but this Colombian dude just ignores her tapouts during this almost 13 minute long video clip.

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6 New Videos – Get dressed up like a fucking slut for Master. Alpha dom Master Gary has a belt to use as your collar with a gold leash for your slutty neck. Be prepared to go under some Barbie bimbo sissification at the hand of Master Gary. This dom will tell you how to dress and what to wear as you worship him as your Master. But before you get started there, take a look and download part 1 of this 2 part sissification series. In part 1, Master Gary turns you into a slutty whore who must obey all of his orders. You know deep down inside that you’re a sissy girl. From now on, in the presence of Master Gary, your name is Abby. Get introduced to your new life as a slutty whore for this alpha dom and be prepared to be fully degraded as a pathetic slutty whore. If that wasn’t enough of abuse, in another video upload, Master Gary puts you through a forced workout. Master Gary will make you suffer as he tells you what to do and how to train. You’ll become obedient and subservient as Master Gary tells you what a stupid fucking faggot you are the entire time. Be ready for endless amounts of pushups, situps, and burpees, as Master Gary becomes your new personal trainer.

As a reward for all of that sissification and training, Master Gary will let you hit those poppers for some sniffs. Get high as fuck for your new Master by sniffing those fresh poppers. Master Gary will guide you through as he tells you to sniff and inhale those poppers while threatening to expose what a popper sniffing faggot you are to the world. Endure more popper fuckery while you stare at Master Gary’s white socks. You’re going to be so fucked up on poppers as you stare blindly as this master’s feet while you wear chastity. He’ll take great pleasure in torturing you by teasing you with his alpha body and his dirty white socks being stuck in your faggot face. This final popper instructional clip is the most hardcore for a ruthless intox session. For this video, MasterGary says you need 3 mixed strong spirit drinks, a lit joint, and 1 or 2 bottles of poppers. This is not for rookie faggot slaves as Master Gary does whatever it takes to ruin your brain. No mercy in this ruthless, no limits intox session. Say goodbye to your brain cells and your cash.

1 New Video – In this over 10 minute long compilation of video clips, you’ll learn that your place is at Master Alex’s feet. All of his hottest foot worship sessions are included. Sessions of Master Alex in army boots, leather stomping boots, knee high socks and more but in every session the slaves know true obedience and submit to his feet, boots, and socks. These obedient fag slaves know their place is at an alpha’s feet. If you just want to cut to the chase and see all of Master Alex‘s foot worship clips, this is the compilation clip for you.

1 New Video – Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

1 New Video – The ultimate muscle giant is standing in front of you and over you while a small, tiny slave like yourself kneels in front of him. FlexGod‘s strength is so incredible and masculine that you will easily follow all of his orders and do anything he wants. You follow his orders because you’re scared of his strength and size and don’t want to get hurt. Experience 10 minutes of pure domination from this muscular superior when you download this verbal muscle worship video.

4 New Audio Clips – Do you know what the subliminals can do? Do you even care or will you follow them willingly? This audio clip is a multi-layered reinforcing file filled with subliminals to make you submit to a new level. But it gets more intense when you download the audio clip that will be the kickstarter to getting you addicted to Lucian Carter. There is no going back from here. Once you download this, be willing to give up your mind, body, spirit, soul and wallet. After becoming addicted, some slaves say that vices help them submit more easily and not think twice about their cash slave addictions. In the next clip, LucianCarter uses some 420 reinforcement. Weed, ganja, mary jane, the devil’s lettuce, it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is you need it to relax and submit more. Master Lucian is going to meld smoking weed with his powerful words and entwine them forever inside you.

Not only does your mind need conditioned but so does your body. Do you currently take a pre-workout before the gym such as C4 or LionBlast? It’s time you add an audio conditioning file to your pre-workout routine. Build your desire to workout and improve your body with this audio file to make you a bigger gym fag. As you get stronger in the gym, you’ll get weaker and more submissive too.

Featured Model- Master gary

MasterGary delivers some cage torment for his rubber gimp slave in this real time session. His rubber slave is trapped in its new home, the cage which MasterGary acquired for it. Walking around in black leather boots, jeans, and a leather jacket, MasterGary educates the pathetic gimp slave about his new life as permanent property of MasterGary. The slave is fully devoted to its master and even tries licking his master’s boots through the cage.

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1 New Video – Master Alex just released a 19 minute full mesmerizing BDSM mindfuck video with sound effects to his In-Charge portfolio. Master Alex gets inside your head with his amazingly magnetic voice in this latest video. He knows what you crave, how to get you to worship and cum for ass. You want a big, manly ass. It makes you so aroused that you need to worship Master’s ass. You’re going to cum hard when Master Alex tells you to while worshipping his big juicy ass.

1 New Video – Be prepared for harsh verbal and popper intox from Master Gary as he abuses you to the extreme. Clad in designer shorts and white socks, MasterGary towers over the camera for even more intox and brainwashing. Look at his supreme masculinity and submit yourself. The white sock worship continues in another new Master Gary video where he makes you worship his used, dirty white socks. This superior dom continues to control your faggot mind with popper instructions as you are to look at and sniff his used white socks. Master Gary counts out loud as he tells you to plant that little bottle of poppers up to your nose and huff hard for him.

1 New Video – Don’t stare too long! Taylor’s feet are so good and his voice is so smooth persuasive that you might just find yourself in a trance waiting for the snap of his fingers to wake you back to reality. Only problem is, your reality is now Taylor’s foot slave and you will obey his every desire.

4 New Videos – JumboIncredible loves turning out white sluts and using them and this time is no different. JumboIncredible and his bud pick up this white slut from her boyfriend’s house and let him listen to her being fucked by two massive black dicks from her bluetooth. These guys took turns stretching out her white cunt and then when it was time, they made her swallow every drop of their fucking cum. Makes sense why she has the word ‘slut’ tattooed on her. If you’re still hungry for JumboIncredible’s cum then he has even more videos for you of him shooting his loads.

For lovers of BBC and cum, JumboIncredible put together a cum compilation video of some of his biggest cum shots. In another clip, JumboIncredible shoots a huge load of jizz on his desk back to back to back. Each time he cums, the loads keep getting bigger and bigger. If you need big thick loads from long black alpha dicks then you need this video. In another video update, JumboIncredible shoot a huge load of his black seed into his silk boxer briefs. Weak white faggots will drool watching a thick load shoot out of this fat black dick as they get hooked.

1 New Video – Pumped after the gym, MuscleBeach comes home for some muscle worship. Stripping out of his gym clothes, this muscle hunk shows off his huge and chiseled physique. With bulging pecs, pumped biceps, and a throbbing cock, MuscleBeach makes this muscle worshipper cover him in oil and give into his muscular power.

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3 New Videos – In the first of many videos to come, Master Gary makes you get two bottles of poppers for his hardcore popper intox instructions. It’s now time for you to get high as fuck for your master. Every faggot is at its best when its high as fuck and paying its master. In another new video, Master Gary takes further control of your mind while ignoring you. To this alpha dom, you are nothing but a worthless little faggot boy. At the start you’ll be instructed on how much to sniff under two commands. You’ll start and stop popper sniffing whenever Master Gary claps his hands or snaps his fingers. Get ready for some intense popper intox while following this alpha’s commands. Lastly, in another video update, Master Gary reminds you that its time for you to worship his alpha feet. All while you worship his sneakers, Master Gary will make you sniff hard on your poppers like a good fucking faggot.

1 New Video – The slave in this video clip noticed two 22yo straight college guys on social media. From their photos, they appeared to be wealthy from the expensive clothing and shoes they were wearing, exclusive parties they attended, and so on. The total definition of spoiled rich guys. The slave contacted one of the two guys and, after a brief explanation, proposed the idea of being their personal footstool and ashtray for cash. The rich college stud laughed at the idea but never took it seriously. After the slave insisted for a couple of weeks without success, the slave eventually suggested to buy him any pair of shoes he wanted in exchange for absolutely nothing. Luckily, the hunk accepted and chose Adidas Superstar sneakers as his sneaker of choice. The slave met this guy to deliver the sneakers and without warning him, the alpha brought 2 other friends of his to this meeting. Now there are 3 straight guys in front of this faggot who begged them to become their slave and just acted as an obedient human ATM. After this meeting, they were convinced that this fag wasn’t a dangerous psycho and finally accepted the slave’s offer to serve them for money. These alphas didn’t use this slave for money, they merely used him because they could.

1 New Video – Join a hairy chested Taylor as he settles in to bed for the night. He’s not going right to sleep though something on his iPad catches his eye. Whatever it is made his dick rock hard instantly. Now he has to take care of his hard on which leaves cum flying everywhere. Gonna sleep good tonight Taylor!

Featured Model- Master Gary

Adding to his series of popper instructional videos, Master Gary gets your brain ready for extreme popper abuse. Master Gary first instructs that you buy the first popper instructional video before downloading this one. Then after downloading your intro intox video then you can graduate into extreme popper instructional. This popper instructional video will fry your little bitch brain. Make sure you get a fresh bottle of poppers as Master Gary will make you sniff more and more. Full of countdowns and commands, Master Gary will fry your brain and own your mind.