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Are you a slave for Taylor’s perfect feet? Willing to do anything for them? Are you hypnotized by them? Feel helpless and weak just by the sight of his might soles? Then search no further because this is exactly the video for any loyal foot / cash slave. Take in nearly an hour replay of a live cam show, shot in HD, which Taylor had with one of his foot / cash slaves. Experience what it’s like to simply hand over your cash as Taylor kicks back and reaps the rewards. His smooth, relentless, manipulating dirty talk will have you eating out of the palm of his hand in no time.

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1 New Video – Marcus has really got a thing for Taylor’s feet- especially his toes. Just the sight of Taylor flicking and wiggling his toes (especially his BIG toe) is enough for Marcus to cum over and over and over again. So what does Marcus do? Why he reserves 35+ mins of Taylor’s perfect feet and toes all to himself to mesmerize himself with. Enjoy the dominant dirty talk as Taylor commands you to cum and puts you in a trance.

2 New Videos – New to In-Charge.net is 21 year old college fratboy, MasterRushCorleone. This dom is 100% straight and 100% alpha. In his first video on the site, MasterRushCorleone forces you to sniff poppers for 5 minutes while staring at his long white socks and killer looks for the perfect view. You will be absolutely blasted off of poppers and completely in awe of Master Rush by the time the video ends. In his second latest video, Master Rush smothers a slave with his alpha barefeet. The masked slave is lucky enough to be covered by his college fratboy master’s feet. Master Rush verbally abuses this masked faggot and degrades him. The entire time, the foot faggot licks his master’s size 11 feet.

1 New Video – Master Alex is in his leather jacket and vest drenching you in his super long, creamy spit. POV style. You will see from below as those sharp teeth drool and unleash gobs and gobs of juicy spit. It’s time to open up and take it because there is more spit coming.

2 New Videos – Once again, these two ripped and lean brothers wrestle each other for dominance. Just like the last time, the older bro dominates his little bro by putting him in some sick and tight chokeholds and headscissors making him gasp for air and quickly submit to his older brother. The two brothers square off again in a 10 minute videos of brother on brother chokeholds. The older bro’s biceps squeeze tightly around his little brother’s neck forcing the younger brother to pass out. Freddie is the younger brother’s name by the way. It seems like Freddie is always getting dominated by his older brother.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – MasterF has another new realtime video of his latest encounter where he beats, slaps, and humiliates his slave. Upon meeting this loyal slave, MasterF proceeds to punish him for not reimbursing him for his last receipt. For that, the fag slave is going to pay with his body as a punching bag and by handing over his wallet. MasterF punches him with boxing gloves for maximum impact and kicks him over and over again before draining directly from his wallet.

2 New Videos – A hardcore BDSM compilation from MasterAlex featuring corporal discipline and never-ending punishments has just been uploaded. The slave – Master game becomes more intense, the torment harder, long single tail whips, electro, and even metal floggers. Things get hot and serious in this over 25 minute compilation of hardcore, extreme slave punishments from MasterAlex. In another new video clip, MasterAlex concludes his session with German slave focusing on lots of armpti worship, licking, cock and ball stomping, and faceslapping. They filmed this session outside near a train station with people watching as they passed by the encounter. MasterAlex and his German follower had lots of fun, relaxing in the shade of some trees, making sure to get some dirty action going. The sun was super hot and Alex’s armpits ripe and sweaty. This alpha dom pushes his slave’s mouth where it belongs and makes him lick and suck every drop of sweat.

1 New Video – The continuation from the “Tied & Tickled” video, Taylor is back as the same football jock, but this time he has been kidnapped by a rival cheerleader, Nikki, and she will do whatever it takes to have Taylor’s barefeet. Taylor wakes up on the couch, already late for the big championship game, and he notices Nikki tying him up. He tries to get answers but it’s too late. Nikki is going to have those tied jock feet no matter what. Oh, and she certainly doesn’t want anyone hearing him, so she shoves a sock in his mouth, covers it with a bandana, and takes charge.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant alpha Master_SixNine. This powerful cash master loves counting fag cash. Placing the camera on the floor, this cash dom makes you imagine you were there on your knees at his feet as he sits back and counts all of his fag cash. Get down to lick and worship those superior alpha feet while handing over that cash.