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4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod is back to using his Fag Butler as he makes the faggot worship his alpha boots. This pathetic cash fag worships his master’s work boots while getting humiliated and used. Licking and sucking on these worn boots, the faggot couldn’t be happier. In part 2, the worship continues as this faggot gets to worship MasterUltimateGod’s socks and feet. As this powerful dom sits back on the couch and relaxes, the Fag Butler sniffs and licks his master’s socked feet. Knowing his rightful place is at his master’s feet, this faggot shows true obedience throughout this real time session.

The fag continues with the sock worship in another real time meet. The pansy gets the privilege of worshiping his master’s alpha feet in some beat up old Nikes and sweaty black socks. Any cash fag watching this video will quickly be jealous of this fag. Things get more extreme when MasterUltimateGod crushes this fag slave. This findom stomps all over the Fag Butler as he lies helpless under his master’s big jock feet. MasterUltimateGod crushes the fag’s hands and balls under his alpha boots and even crushes some cans right next to the fag’s face. See this pansy slave freak out and flinch and watch what happens to him for flinching.

3 New Video – MasterBig just got back from the gym and wants you to sniff his sweaty gym socks. Sniff and then sniff some more as you inhale the scent of MasterBig’s jock feet through these rank, nasty socks. Flexing and flipping you off, MasterBig will make you want to worship him more. Get more of his alpha feet as you stare up and serve MasterBig. Sitting in front of you with his bulge in your face, MasterBig will teach you what it means to be a true alpha. After you’ve worshiped his socks enough, then you can become his human ashtray. MasterBig lights up and smokes in front of you as you swallow his ashes like a human ashtray would. Savor everything this dom gives you as you inhale his smoke too.

2 New Videos – Cower from the strength of YoungNCharge as you watch his show how strong and powerful he is compared to you. YoungNCharge bends and breaks objects he has laying around to show you what he could easily do to a scrawny and weak fag like you. After you get worked up from seeing how strong this dom is, worship his alpha dick when you download the next video clip. YoungNCharge shows off his muscles some more and even rewards you with the chance to worship his dick and balls. Salivate over the package of a real man as you play this clip over and over.

3 New Videos – Succumb to the hypnotic power of Master Judas. In this video clip, MasterJudas utilizes binaural satanic waves to turn you into a mindless drone. Let your body relax and let go to whatever this master commands. The satantic ritual transformation continues as MasterJudas slowly turns you into a spawn of Satan and spawn of MasterJudas. Get intoxicated and indulge in masturbating to the sound of this demonic alpha’s voice as you pray to him and give up your soul. Just continue to lose yourself to the satanic hypnosis of MasterJudas. You are to sacrifice everything for Satan and MasterJudas. That means your wallet, your soul, and your mind.

2 New Audio Clips – You thought you could escape? You thought you could break the habit? You’ll never escape poppers because you are a poppers addict. It’s not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Give in to it. Give in to poppers and give into Master Lucian. Continue this journey into your weakness for Master Lucian. Let Master Lucian explain how you are weak, have always been weak, and now will always be weak for him. Listen now, weakling!

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3 New Video – MasterGary invites over his masked fag slave to worship his alpha feet. The pathetic little cunt crawls out from under Master Gary’s bed, sniffs some poppers, then licks and serves his master’s feet. But the popper abuse doesn’t stop here. In another clip, Master Gary gets the fag cunt poppered up and forces it to hand over £300 bit by bit. The cash fag’s head is spinning from sniffing so many poppers that he just complies with anything Master Gary demands. There is even more popper intox and bullying as Master Gary puts on some leather gloves to make this next fag sniff poppers. Watch this fat faggot get intoxed and bullied hard while Master Gary shows off and verbally abuses him.

3 New Video – Do what you do best, worship and serve. MasterBig orders you to sniff your poppers while admiring his leather gear. In this 5-star rated clip, MasterBig will easily get you on your knees begging to serve him. Still clad in full leather, MasterBig puts you in your place. You’ll quickly learn how to worship an alpha God as Master Big flips you off and orders you to keep paying up to his greatness. Afterward, get out your poppers and sniff them while worshipping his white socks. Master Big wore these white socks for days so that you can take in all of his scent. Get your face in there and sniff hard.

2 New Videos – Wearing leather boots CaptHowdy0666 makes this marine faggot lick his leather boots in this real time meet. The obedient fag does everything he is instructed to do and is forever grateful for the chance to worship his master’s leather boots. CaptHowdy0666 ensures the faggot licks, sucks, and even gags on his superior, alpha boots. In the end, the masked faggot even cums from this worship session. In another clip, CaptHowdy0666 shows off a dual angle video of the fag worshipping his boots. The faggot loser licks and sucks on his master’s boots as you get to watch this real time from all sides.

1 New Video – Watch two German alphas verbally abuse you in this 10 minute video clip. FlexGod and his friend make you sniff their feet and farts while they degrade and verbally attack you. Submit to double the alpha power.

 New Videos – AlphaBradenBBC makes you worship and serve his big black cock in his newest video. Watch as your new favorite Nubian Master strokes his fat and long negro seed shooter. Fall on your knees and beg for more as you accept the power of this black king. In the second clip, AlphaBradenBBC gives you another close up of him stroking his black dick for you to beg for his alpha negro seed all over your face.

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3 New Video – MasterBig wants you to stare at his massive bulge while he makes you fry your brain on poppers. As this hung and masculine dom counts down from 10, you are to sniff those poppers long and deep until you can’t control yourself anymore. Go deeper and deeper into his instructions and those sniffs. The popper abuse continues when you worship Master Big’s feet as he flips you off. Look at this alpha stud’s big soles while he verbally degrades you in this short video clip. But the intense popper training continues as MasterBig places his bulge right in your face while you’re getting high on poppers. Get on your knees and breathe deep while you get hypnotized by his massive cock and balls poking through his boxer briefs. Soon you’ll be so mindless that you’ll do anything for MasterBig.

3 New Video – Become a tiny shrunken slave for giant Master Gary in this macro giant fetish video. In this video clip, Master Gary becomes a towering giant that can stomp on you at any moment. Standing above you, flipping you off, and hovering his huge foot over your head, you’ll run in fear of being crushed by this alpha dom. After that, shift gears and go for some relaxing intox as Master Gary sits back and tells you how to sniff poppers for your master. Stare at this alpha’s soles as he tells you to eat your own cum at the end of the video. Master Gary doesn’t hold back at all with the verbal abuse.

As a reward for being so obedient for him, Master Gary will let you worship his body while he flexes for you. But don’t put those poppers away just yet. You need to keep huffing and puffing those fumes for Master Gary. Worship this alpha muscled body and get inside his sweaty pits.

1 New Video – As 2019 closed not too long ago, MilesStriker feels it is time to reflect. This alpha male wants to get all his little faggots, slaves, and cucks up to par and ready to serve in 2020. Miles Striker helps reaffirm your purpose in life by reminding you of what you were born to be and how you can do better at serving in this coming year.

1 New Video – This masked slave has his dinner straight from his master’s feet. Master Axl stomps on food for his slave to enjoy. This slave wouldn’t want it any other way as it licks the food right from Master Axl’s feet.

2 New Audio Clips – As 2019 faded out fast, so did your will. A New Year is upon us and with it is a new you. It’s time to submit, to give in, to obey. It’s time to be a better submissive subject for Lucian Carter. However, even though times change, one thing stays the same: you’re still a poppers addict. You thought you could escape that? You thought you could break the habit? You’ll never escape poppers. It’s not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Give in to it. Give in to poppers. Give in to Master Lucian in this 10 minute popper intox / JOI audio clip.