Featured Model- Knight00wl

This starts with Giant Christian Long walking in the front door after a long day of hard work. He sits down on the couch and props his HUGE SIZE 15 shoes on the table. Then he begins to remove the shoes while describing in detail how the job would be better done by you if you were with him in real life. He talks about the “pungent aroma” that fills the room and compares it to the locker room at the gym. After peeling the hot, moist socks off his huge soles, he can’t help but moan because of how good it feels to air out his huge rank feet. He wishes you were there to smell it so he decides to give the full experience by shoving you into his dress shoe all the while calling you names and verbally degrading you for being so pathetically attracted to his huge straight male feet. After some camera angle adjustments, he kicks up his feet and shows off those jock soles.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Master Dante – Lucky stupid puppy


MasterDnero has been in the cash master scene for 2 months and realizes how amazing it is for him. As a master, this alpha dom doesn’t have to work, he can skateboard all day, and doesn’t even have to care about changing his smelly socks because faggots will pay for them like they’re pure gold. However, one day, his mate Master Dante comes home and realizes there is no beer in the house because their brainless house slave forgot to buy beer. As punishment, the fag slave is taught a lesson. Collared and wearing a leash, the disobedient fag slave has to worship at his master’s feet and gag on his smelly feet to learn his lesson for being a stupid dog.

Featured Model- Master Brad

148Foot fags and cash slaves will bow down to Master Brad as they watch him flex and show off his feet to the camera. Master Brad starts off by flexing his lean biceps while getting verbally abusive. Afterwards, he shows his socked feet and shows you what it would be like being a foot slave for him. While watching Master Brad show his feet, you’ll wish you could smell his male feet. Submit to his jock feet and accept Master Brad as your jock foot master.