Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Beating, Burning, and Abusing a slave

This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Straight Guys Not So Relaxed

Master Dnero and his buds are back to dominate a foot fag in this 43 minute video clip. The group of straight guys and Master Dnero have one of their loyal gay foot fags come over to worship their alpha feet. The pathetic foot fag strips to his underwear and proceeds to sniff everyone’s sweaty and smelly sneakers. Master Dnero puts the foot fag on a collar and leash to drag him around like a dog while one of the straight alphas kicks him around. They then handcuff the foot fag’s hands behind his back and make him lick and suck everyone’s toes. Pulling the slave up to his knees, they make him lick their armpits too before finally jamming all of their feet in his face. The foot fag is in heaven when all of these straight alpha males make him lick and serve their feet.

Top Selling Item for 2017- God’s feet for a first date

Everything goes perfectly for Str8CrushFeet. This is the 2nd time this video has become the top selling video on There are so many cash slaves in Master Dnero‘s country and his crew’s videos keep selling more and more. In this 31 minute video clip, Master Dnero and Jako celebrate the end of a great week by having two foot fags worship their jock feet. These foot fags couldn’t imagine the smell or the taste of their sweat soaked feet from wearing the same socks for 5 days – Jako even played 3 games of soccer with his socks under this soccer socks. Both of the subs get high from the smell and pleasure of using their tongues between Master Jako’s stinky toes. Both straight masters enjoy their place at the top of the masculine pyramid while their slaves stay at the bottom licking their feet.