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2 New Videos – These are not love taps but serious hard spanks by Master Alex to his roommate slave. Since the slave needs some training in cocksucking and cum eating, Master decides to play a game. He saved up 2 used condoms in the freezer and for every 100 spanks the bottom takes, he gets one condom emptied in his mouth. The spanks come fast and hard while he is in doggy, over the knee, or on his back with legs pulled up. He struggles to take the spanking torment, but it is nothing compared to how he resists eating all that cum. The training continues.

After slave Jax worshipped Master Alex’s boots, socks, and licks cum off of his barefeet, Master Alex decided to make a cocktail in the slave’s mouth by letting him drink his master’s warm piss, straight from the source. The slave is on the ground facing his master as he towers over him, unzipping his pants and taking out his beautiful uncut superior cock. The long stream of piss goes straight into the slave’s mouth and he struggles to swallow it all as the heavenly golden nectar keeps on flowing and showering him.

1 New Video – Holy smokes! Over an HOUR long video of Taylor. This video might be too hot to handle for some people. Taylors takes on a submissive role in this feature. Taylor treats you like the king you are and backs it up with non-stop dirty talk about how he wants you to fuck his jock pussy. Taylor tempts and teases you in some lingerie and skimpy panties first. Then he warms up that pussy for Daddy as he rubs and shows off his hole, spreads his cheeks apart, and does some fingering. Last but not least, it’s time for that pussy to get pounded out. Taylor moans loudly and only intensifies the dirty talk as this straight stud BEGS to get fucked in all sorts of positions and by several toys. Don’t forget to switch off on jerk off hands while watching this one. Can you handle over an HOUR of this?

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant straight alpha TheGodofMen. This young dominant jock is ready to put you through a forced popper intox session. Relaxing on his couch in jeans and dirty white socks, this straight jock gives you the urge to sniff your poppers and enjoy his perfection at the same time. Enjoy and sniff, fag slaves. You should bow down before this superior God of men and let his perfection grab your wallet and take everything from inside it.

2 New Videos – In this video clip, MasterBraz makes you sniff and worship his dirty white socks. MasterBraz occassionally makes you sniff your poppers while he allows you to drool at his dirty white socks. All through this video, MasterBraz will verbally abuse you as he delivers his sniffing instructions for you. Watching MasterBraz display natural dominance as you fry your brain on poppers will make you even more compliant to do anything he tells you to do. In another new video this week from MasterBraz, he humiliates and brainwashes you while he’s driving. Riding around the city, this findom humiliates you as he smokes his cigarette. MasterBraz will give you instructions on how to be a useful sub and it is your responsibility to obey him and do everything he tells you to do.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Master Alex is still on a quest to find a slave who he can fist with his huge hands and feet. A volunteer promises not to disappoint him and take his fist deep in his horny asshole. So Master Alex gets him ready with his legs wide open and clamps attached to the slave’s nipples so he stays still. Once the Master’s hands go in, the slave moans and groans, trying desperately to take it. The slave is gaped, fist fucked, and left with a loose asshole. And yet, Master Alex is not satisfied as he wanted to go elbow deep into him. Angry, Master Alex uses the long spikes on his outfit to lean into the slave’s cock and balls as punishment.

This is Master Alex’s awesome foot worshipping session with a German slave who loves smelly ripe feet and pits. They filmed it near a train station with people watching the slave’s humiliation and enjoyment. Master Alex’s feet and socks were getting super sweaty fromt he hot day outside so he decided to let his new German slave lick them and sniff them while he enjoys a drink. This superior dominated and used his slave well, making sure its tongue was put to good use, licking his master’s toes, sucking and sniffing. After the session, the slave said he could still taste his master’s feet in his mouth.

1 New Video – The saga continues from the video, “Resetting Bones”. Taylor always says it’s going to be the last time he hurts himself for his own sick pleasure, but somehow finds a way / excuse to fall back into this twisted and painful, pleasure trap. Taylor can’t seem to shake the thought of how sexy the pain is which leads him to wonder what it would feel like to badly injure both legs. If breaking his toe, in the prior video, gave him the best orgasm he has ever had, then injuring two feet / legs has to feel like nothing he can ever imagine. So he does just that, Taylor first severely sprains his right ankle. Then he decides he still craves the sharp, grinding pain of broken bones. He remembers the incredible hard-on he got when he broke his big toe the first time, and at that point, the answer was clear: he needs to break both of his big toes to accompany the sprained right ankle for the ultimate in sexy pain. Things keep escalating from there as Taylor’s insatiable desire for pain and pleasure tips the scales as he is kicking his broken toes in to the wall as ecstasy races through his body leaving cum everywhere.

1 New Video – This fat faggot of Str8ThugMaster‘s is so pathetic. The endures a beat down and sucks his master’s cock. Str8ThugMaster tells his slave to put on the white cotton panties that he likes so much as his master takes off his thick black leather belt to beat his horny pig’s butt. Str8ThugMaster then later lets the fag bitch sniff his ass because the fat faggot loves it. Finally, this alpha lets the fag suck his big dick until he gets a mouthful of cum. This slave is the luckiest red butt, panty wearing, ass faced, dick sucker on the planet in this moment. You probably wish you were this fag pig and will wish so even more after downloading this video.

5 New Videos – JumboIncredible, the superior black God, uses another pathetic white fag slave in this foot worship video. This masked foot bitch is on his knees, sucking and licking on JumboIncredible’s socks like an obedient foot fag. He then gets the opportunity to suck and lick his master’s toes and barefeet. The lowly foot fag enjoys every second of it as he serves at his master’s feet, the true place where a slave belongs. JumboIncredible has more for his loyal foot fags as he uses his big alpha feet on bubble wrap. Planting his size 12 feet on the bubble wrap, this foot dom crushes the bubble wrap under his toes with each pop. Just like he would crush a faggot, this black alpha crushes the bubble wrap with his soles. Following with theme, JumboIncredible then crushes water bottles with his feet. Just picture your pathetic faggot dick being crushed by this alpha’s huge feet. Smashing down on your tiny fag cock, you’d beg him for mercy but just like he crushes these bottles, JumboIncredible wouldn’t give you any mercy.

After a long day at the gym, JumboIncredible shows off his sweaty socks and feet. Sitting back and relaxing, JumboIncredible takes off his sweaty gym socks and places his smelly and sweaty feet on top of these sweat soaked socks. You can even see a sweat stain on the floor from how drenched they are. A foot fag like you would love to get on your knees and lick up that sweat stain for your superior master. In his final new update for the week, JumboIncredible covers his feet in lotion. After coming inside and having dirty feet, this dom decides that it’s the perfect opportunity to break out the camera and start recoding himself covering his feet in lotion. Rubbing his soles and in between his toes, JumboIncredible makes sure his feet stay clean and smooth.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Beating, Burning, and Abusing a slave

This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Straight Guys Not So Relaxed

Master Dnero and his buds are back to dominate a foot fag in this 43 minute video clip. The group of straight guys and Master Dnero have one of their loyal gay foot fags come over to worship their alpha feet. The pathetic foot fag strips to his underwear and proceeds to sniff everyone’s sweaty and smelly sneakers. Master Dnero puts the foot fag on a collar and leash to drag him around like a dog while one of the straight alphas kicks him around. They then handcuff the foot fag’s hands behind his back and make him lick and suck everyone’s toes. Pulling the slave up to his knees, they make him lick their armpits too before finally jamming all of their feet in his face. The foot fag is in heaven when all of these straight alpha males make him lick and serve their feet.