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2 New Videos – Continue your journey into becoming Sissy Abby and realize how much you want to be gangbanged and used like a dirty little sissy whore. Let MasterGary’s voice get inside your head, further into your weak faggot mind. If you have them, pull out your lipstick, stockings, ballgag, collar, and sissy hood as Master Gary verbally abuses you. After you’ve become a sissy for MasterGary, it is time to become his cash cunt. Worship MasterGary’s Nikes and sniff your poppers as he commands you to enjoy how good it feels to pay him. You’ll quickly find the pleasure in being MasterGary’s cash cunt as you evolve into a human ATM for him.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod will turn you into an obedient faggot for him to use throughout this 10 minute video clip. You’ll be forced to worship his farts, ass, and feet as you drool over what a superior man Master Flexgod is compared to a faggot like you. Enjoy every part of this alpha as he plants his feet right in your face and farts in your pathetic. face. Afterward Master Flexgod will call you over to worship his sneakers. Get your tongue out and lick the soles of his dirty sneakers. Master Flexgod wants the bottoms of his shoes entirely cleaned. It is your role as a foot slave to do everything he says and worship his alpha male feet and sneakers.

1 New Video – Cherry is a girl and she’s best friends with the guys at Str8CrushFeet. Never did the guys know that she was a total submissive slut and that she would eventually become a sex toy to Master Dnero. One thing Cherry hates is the smell of feet. However, she completely submits to an alpha male like Master Dnero and lets him force her to worship his sweaty alpha male feet. Normally she would resist but she can’t help herself in serving this superior dom any way he wants her to. Once she is used by Dnero, she quickly becomes a toy for Master Dnero’s programming. The next encounter between Dnero and Cherry, she becomes his footstool while he sits back and watches a soccer game. This quickly evolves into Dnero ordering Cherry to lick and clean his feet with her tongue. Right after that, Cherry is humiliated with a rain of spit from Master Dnero. Cherry is then ordered to lick his pits, sniff his boxers, and take his cock deep down her throat until she gags from a vicious facefucking.

3 New Videos – In another real time session, Ikagura uses his brother for a foot worship session. In this real time meet, the submissive faggot gets spit on and gets his face covered in alpha male feet. The submissive foot fag loves every minute of it and worships his dom’s powerful feet. After the foot worship session, the slave gets a faggot beat down. The alpha dom chokes his slave with some strong Jiu Jitsu holds and domination to make him tap out or pass out. After the choking session, the slave gets stomped on and made to feel inferior. For some intense humiliation, this dom makes his slave eat foot from his feet. The alpha foot dom crushes chocolate and other snacks with his feet for this foot faggot to lick up. The foot slave eats every bit of candy from his master’s feet.

 New Videos – Big muscle bodybuilder Dennis shows off his forearms and biceps, then continues to dominate little Daniel in crushing headlocks and even a couple of sleeperholds. Dennis even gives little Daniel a chance to get even. This two muscle studs wrestle and fight but Dennis easily overpowers Daniel with his incredible strength. The sleeperholds and headlocks continue as Dennis over power little muscled Daniel once again. Starting out with some close up flexing, Dennis then proceeds to practice some headlocks and sleeperholds on his smaller counterpart. Muscle domination and wrestling fans will love this one.

Featured Model- Master Wolfgang

MasterDnero and Str8CrushFeet is proud to announce some great news. First, they have restructured their admission tests for news masters, which can be found at the end of their admission test videos. They have increased the difficulty of their admission tests by forcing alpha pledges to be more creative in their domination techniques to ensure they are allowing the most dominant masters into Str8CrushFeet. Secondly, MasterDnero proudly welcomes Master Wolfgang to Str8CrushFeet, his alpha score can be seen at the end of his video.

Wolfgang is dominant by nature and the first in Str8CrushFeet to exclaim that he isn’t in it just for the money. Usually Wolfgang will dominate women during sex because he’s straight but rationalizes that there isn’t much difference for him since the power he feels over others is what gives him a mental pleasure. During this admission test, Master Wolfgang must prove himself by dominating Lucky the slave. Lucky can sometimes be a bit bratty, but Wolfgang makes sure to put a stop to that so Lucky understands who is in charge. Wolfgang slaps Lucky in the face and chokes him out. Download now and see how well Master Wolfgang ranks with some of the top masters.

Featured Model- Master Dnero

Master Dnero makes his brother into a better slave. It starts with him inviting you to imagine yourself as his half brother and have the opportunity to serve him day by day for your whole life because you are a pathetic trash fag slave. Your life’s purpose is to indulge your straight brother as he conquers pussy and makes you worship his sweat and manliness. Imagine having the opportunity to wash his sweaty feet and armpits with your tongue after the gym, to prepare his food and clean his house everyday and even live as his urinal. You would be forced to get a job and hand over your paycheck to your alpha brother constantly. In this film, his half brother, Lucky does all of that and you should envy him. You should wish to be as lucky as Master Dnero’s brother, who just happens to be named Lucky.

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1 New Videos – Taylor surprises you with a very special birthday treat. He shows up at your house, totally unexpected, and gives you a birthday you will never forget. Enjoy this personal and intimate experience as Taylor entertains you with a sexy strip tease, then makes you bury your nose in his pits to take in the full effect. From there, you are going to be worshiping every inch of his body…nipples will be sucked, hole eaten, and to top it off, why not tickle torture the shit out of him too. Finally after all of the fun, it’s time for you to blow out your birthday candle…but just a single one and it’s bigger than a typical candle. Enjoy this POV blowjob as Taylor busts on your face to cap off a perfect birthday surprise. Taylor hopes you brought your sweet tooth because Taylor brought some birthday cake for you to eat off his dick too.

1 New Video – Master Dnero and Exod-0 are ready to make you serve their alpha feet. Master Dnero first met Exod-0 on a trip to the beach during New Year’s. He noticed Exod-0’s charisma and personality and figured he would be the perfect fit for Str8CrushFeet. To test whether Exod-0 was ready or not to join Str8CrushFeet, he had to pass an admission test first before gainint admission. The Str8CrushFeet tested Exod-0 by making him think that Slave Akroh was actually a master he was going to dominate. Find out how well Exod-0 faired in Part 1 of his admission test and make sure to download Part 2 as well.

1 New Video – Do you crave to inhale your master’s cigarette smoke while inhaling poppers? If so, then MastaJR has the video for you. In this popper intox video, MastaJR relaxes back while lighting up a smoke and ordering you around. With his hardcore verbal abuse, MastaJR will instruct you to break out your poppers and to inhale on his commands. You’ll be inhaling poppers and cigarette smoke from this dominant alpha as he continues to drain your bank account.

4 New Videos – Dominant and kinky MasterSpit is ready to humiliate and degrade you with his spit. Just like his name, this master’s focus is primarily on spit and spitting on you. In one of his newest video, MasterSpit puts you underneath him to take his spit on your face like an obedient faggot. This spit heavy dom enjoys putting a weak slave like you in your place as he continues to spit all over your face. You’ll be a worthless spitoon when he is done with you. MasterSpit even has a spit and snot video for the more depraved faggots out there who crave this. After going through his videos, get his two-for-one sale with two spit videos in one.

2 New Videos – AlfaPrimal is ready to make you into an obedient and mindless foot fag. In one of his newest videos, this alpha shows off his size 11 feet to the camera as he sits back and has a smoke. This foot dom will leave your mouth watering as you crave to lick, suck, and worship his big alpha feet. Imagine planting your face right into his soles and just continuing to lick until he is satisfied. For the fags who need more training, AlfaPrimal has a popper training video for slaves who need a little more motivation. With this popper training and verbal abuse video, you’ll learn quickly how to better satisfy your master. AlfaPrimal smokes his cigarette throughout and wears white socks to make you go more mindless for his feet.

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3 New Videos – In part 2 of Master Exod-0’s admission test, him and Master Dnero brutalize a foot fag together. This obedient foot fag soon learns how bad Exod-0’s feet stink. The dominant alpha fits in very well with Str8CrushFeet. During their interaction with the foot slave, it all comes off very natural as these two doms exude true alphaness as they trample the pathetic foot slave. In another duo foot video, Master Dnero joins Master Darius for some Foot Gourmet. Master Darius loves the idea that men who are older than him will pay for the chance to smell and lick his feet even though he’s a mere 18 years old. His age doesn’t matter because he is fully aware of how powerful and dominant he is to foot fags around the world. The foot slave in this video reveals to his masters that he likes to mix feet with sauces and food as if it’s a banquet feast. Adding condensed milk to both of their feet, Master Dnero and Master Darius put their feet on plates for the foot slave’s hungry appetite to take over as he licks and sucks these feet as if he hasn’t eaten in days.

Putting out a request on their Instagram page, MasterDnero posted that he’s looking for a slave that wants to lick some feet after a football game. After countless replies, they found some lucky slaves and invited them over to be cash drained and to worship some feet. After an intense football game, cocky Master Kayser uses this slave for sweaty foot worship. The slave foot boys worship, sniff, and lick Kayser’s feet. Wearing knee high soccer socks, both slaves lay on the ground and get smothered by his sweaty feet. After that, they give themselves completely to worshiping his barefeet like obedient foot fags.

2 New Videos – Master Alex comes home from his jogging, reeking of mansweat. Luckily there’s a slave waiting to clean his ripe pits. The slave is on his knees waiting for his owner, mouth open with a ring gag and ready to worship and lick up every drop of sweat from Master Alex’s hairy pits. The slave is locked between his master’s arms, only allowed to breathe the musky, manly scent of his master. Licking and sucking, constantly licking and sucking. In his other latest video, Master Alex shows that he knows you crave humiliation. You crave to be used and broken like the beta bitch you are in this life. You get hard at the thought of it and it drives you over the edge. Luckily for a slut like you, Master Alex has the perfect task in store. All you need are some condoms and a horny mind. But, if you walk down this path, there is no turning back. Master Alex wants you to do it with no hesitation, no matter how embarassing or degrading this task might be. Download this video to learn your task.

1 New Video – In his latest video, MasterBraz fries your brain with some verbal popper intox. You will sniff whenever MasterBraz smokes from his cigarette. To this alpha male, you are just an extension of him and will follow his orders exactly. Endure this heavy verbal abuse as commanded by MasterBraz. Before the end of the video, this supreme cash dom will turn you into his personal popper machine – mindless with no thought, just ready to serve.

1 New Videos – Weak slaves crave to submit to Hairystudass. In his nearly 10 minute new video, Hairystudass jerks off and cums a massive alpha load. This hairy alpha male will have his faggots and slaves want to lick his hairy balls and worship his massive cock. You will pray to this superior alpha cock and wish to suck it and swallow all of his cum after he shoots his load. Make sure you get on your knees and clean this alpha’s cock to his satisfaction if you want more.

3 New Videos – MasterAndy has some new video clips for his loyal faggots. In the first he shows off his barefeet POV style to the camera. Starting off with socks, MasterAndy strips out of those socks to reveal his massive barefeet. Submit to his soles and worship at this superior’s feet. In another clip, MasterAndy takes you along for a real time session where he pisses in a faggot’s mouth. MasterAndy pisses all over this cash fag’s body and in his mouth. Total degradation as this slave is treated like a human urinal. Lastly, MasterAndy joins his brother Master Chris for some popper instructional abuse. Both doms show off their feet and verbally abuse you throughout this video as they make you continue to keep sniffing your poppers for their amusement.

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1 New Video – Fe, fi, fo, FUM! Giant Taylor is back again but as a teacher. Gather around kids, it’s story time. Jack and the Beanstalk it is! This time with a twist. You’ve embarrassed teacher Taylor with your national exam test scores. Your punishment? You’re going to feel exactly what it’s like to be Jack of course. Taylor shrinks his class down to the size of ants and really lets them feel his wrath. Now that teacher Taylor is a GIANT, his true colors and feeling he’s been holding in really start to pour out. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He degrades and talks down to his students but he doesn’t stop there. Taylor is now playing the GIANT in the story with his students as the real-life “jacks”. He strips out of his shirt and shorts to reveal a hairy chest and jockstrap. Taylor start singling out students that performed especially poor and gives them the ultimate punishment. Some are eaten, others are crushed in his giant belly button, squashed in his elbow, smothered by his massive ass, and the rest are smashed under his gigantic foot. You should’ve studied up!

1 New Video – A human dog can’t really win his freedom when Master Jager and Master JC want to play with him in front of the camera. These masters decide to tie the fag dog’s hands and feet together and knock him down to the floor. The dominant alpha guys will decide if they remove the ropes to slave Akro once he licks and kisses their feet with full devotion. These alpha foot doms own this foot fag all throughout this video clip. Master Jager is not sure if slave Akro really deserves his “freedom”, so he decides to climb on him to think it over. Once slave Akro’s hands have been untied to enjoy the warm, sweaty feet of his masters, the boys decide to put him in a collar and leash. This serves as a reminder for him that no matter how many times he is released from a punishment, his body, soul, and mind will always belong to this group of superior young alphas.

1 New Video – Master Alex has put together a neverending stream of piss compilation for all of his piss fags out there. Master Alex’s piss compilation will quench your thirst for his superior alpha piss as he unleashes that strong stream of alpha piss wherever and whenever. This piss compilation features Master Alex in different outfits from full body latex catsuits to full business attire to leather harnesses and gloves. Throughout the piss compilation, Master Alex pisses in the toilet, straight at you, and even in a slave’s mouth. One thing is certain: you’d better get every drop!

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1 New Video – Bound and at Master Alex’s mercy, the slave cannot do anything but take the merciless teasing. Master Alex barely needs to touch that cock with one finger and it jumps to attention. He slaps it, edges it, and teases it until the slave can’t take it anymore. All the while, letting the slave know that he will not receive an orgasm. It will be ruined. It will be more frustration and never-ending arousal. Just when the slave reaches the point of no return, Master Alex let’s go, stopping the stimulation, letting that slave cock drip and drip, like the cock is crying. No spurting, no shooting, just a controlled and masterfully ruined orgasm.

4 New Videos and 6 Photosets – Using his pathetic real time fag, Master Allen treats it like a dog and gives it something to drink from a doggy bowl. In this encounter, Master Allen drains his king bladder into a dog bowl and fills the dog bowl with piss. Master Allen then demands that the masked fag slave drink every drop of his alpha piss from the dog bowl. This thirsty fag slave laps up his master’s piss like a thirsty animal. To further degrade this gross faggot, Master Allen hawks loogies into the slave’s mouth. Master Allen has been chain smoking all night long so he was feeling pretty congested. Taking a few puffs of green to loosen up his lung butter, Master Allen proceeds to cough and hack up his freshly churned alpha phlegm and spit right into this gross faggot’s garbage mouth. The slave’s mouth is a complete disposal for waste and for anything his master gives him, especially his master’s DNA.

Now it comes time to fuck with the slave’s mind. Master Allen commands his slave to sniff his poppers while bowing down between his master’s legs next to his godly feet. Listen to Master Allen as he demands obedience, sniffing seemingly endless amounts of poppers and having him count down again and again as you fry your brain. The more mindless and fucked up you can become, the better. Wearing full leather and placing his slave in his rightful place, Master Allen forces this slave into full leather worship. As the slave is on its knees, beneath Master Allen, this dom uses the slave’s garbage mouth to clean and worship his leather gloves and pants. He only pauses to sniff the masculine alpha cock nestled between his master’s legs. Lastly, if you can’t get enough of Master Allen, you can check out his 6 brand new photosets of him using his faggot for his own amusement in various real time situations.

1 New Video – A spin off of Taylor’s “Pain Made Me Cum” video, Taylor is back and craving some more sexy pain! He promised himself last time that he wouldn’t hurt himself intentionally every again to enjoy the pain after the last time. His addiction to the pain is difficult to ignore though. The problem starts when Taylor realizes it has been a while since he last broke any bones in his foot, but the pain is still lingering. Taylors comes to the conclusion that the bones must not have healed correctly. Fortunately for this pain addicted jock, the only way to correct the bones is to re-break them to reset them. Taylor snaps all his toes, one-by-one and takes FULL advantage of the painful situation. He intentiionally presses on the fresh, tender breaks which keep turning him on until he hits the point of no return and cums from the excruciating pain in this nearly 32 minute video clip.

2 New Videos – Do you dream of sticking your nose into a wet, stinky armpit of a straight guy right after he played a game of football? Just accept it. Man sweat is the ultimate aphrodisiac for a faggot slave. That ripe man scent right after the gym or playing football or soccer will make any fag slave weak. That is when alpha men become even more delicious in their nature state with an overflowing sweat running through their muscular, sculpted and perfect armpits with that delicious musky aroma. A dominant man’s armpit is a valley of pure pleasure and it’s pure pleasure for the slaves in this armpit compilation video. Throughout this video, MasterDnero and his straight buddies force all of these faggots to worship, lick, and sniff their sweaty armpits like the kings they truly are to these fags.

Jager and Kayser return on their second day to continue their domination test. They were told that a fag who loved domination would attend to be dominated by them. The willing fag participant is fag Draven, who has filmed with MasterDnero before. Draven can be a bossy and moody fag slave so it’ll be a true test to see if these two alpha doms can put him in his place and truly make him submit. See if they can pass the test and break this faggot.

1 New Video – Alpha dom MasterFlavius is ready to completely own his pathetic fag slave. In this degrading piss humiliation video, MasterFlavius puts his masked faggot in the bath tub and gets it ready for his superior piss. The fag enjoys the warm flowing stream of his master’s piss covering his entire body. This fag’s mask is what nightmares are made of but for the slave, he’s in heaven to receive MasterFlavius’ piss all over himself.

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1 New Video – In MasterDnero’s latest video, he recruits to straight alphas named Jager and Kayser to compete to see who can join his clique of masters known as Str8CrushFeet. The two straight alpha males will compete to see who can use their foot fag the hardest. In this one hour long foot worship session, both foot doms use their foot slave hard to see who is the best. The obedient foot fags devote themselves completely to both of these alphas, inhlaing their feet smell and sucking their toes. Ultimately, MasterDnero will decide who was the best foot dom in this scenario based on how the foot fags go wild over serving these two men. MasterDnero even joins in himself to get his feet worshiped.

5 New Videos – MasterAllen does away with the luggage support rack and uses it as a rim chair to make this faggot worship his ripe jock hole. Plopping his muscle ass on this faggot’s face, MasterAllen suffocates and smothers the worthless fag with his funky asshole, dragging it across his disgusting face and rocking back and forth. The fag’s face is now covered in his master’s scent. Continuing along with the ass worship, this slave can’t get enough of eating his master’s hole. The fag slave paid for this hotel room for him and MasterAllen. Quickly, the fag gets into the position under the improvised rim seat and services his dominant master.

Moving from ass worship to foot worship, Master Allen’s slave goes to task on his big alpha male feet. The masked fag sniffs, licks, and sucks MasterAllen’s feet clean while he gets verbally abused by him. To reward his fag slave, MasterAllen clips his fresh, funky toenails up close and then feeds the toenails to his hungry slave. The disgusting masked fag chomps down on his master’s gnarly jock toe nail clippings like it was a fine dessert. Lastly, MasterAllen’s fag goes to task worshipping his master’s superior king alpha feet while MasterAllen paddles the fag with his paddle all over the slave’s body. The fat worthless fuck is in heaven worshipping his king.

1 New Video – A tenderized red and bruised ass is in your future. Master Alex believes that a slave’s ass should always be a source of discomfort. Either by having it fucked, spanked, shocked, or butt plugged. It should never be easy on the slave. And there’s nothing easy in this hardcore rattan cane discipline video. The slave is spanked without mercy until there is barely an inch of his ass unmarked by the sting of the cane.

1 New Video – Dominant and muscular PharaohMuscle is new to In-Charge and ready to claim you as his next cash fag. Worship this awesome cash pharaoh master and admire his muscular body. In this 5 minute video clip, PharaohMuscle will have you worshiping his huge biceps and sweaty armpits as he flexes and makes you crave more muscle.


Featured Model- MasterDnero

MasterDnero and his brother, Lucky, play a game of Master / slave roulette. The rules are simple, MasterDnero and Lucky each draw pieces of paper from MasterDnero’s sneaker. On each piece of paper is a task that must be performed. These tasks were suggested by MasterDnero’s fans on Instagram and include nearly everything imaginable. Some of the early tasks that are pulled include “worship MasterDnero’s feet” to which Lucky worshipped and licked his brother’s feet. Other items included “facesitting”, where MasterDnero sits naked on his slave brother’s face in amusement. Lastly comes the one task that neither brother expected, “Cum on your brother’s face”. Lucky isn’t sure if he should be disgusted because he’s about to get his brother’s cum all over his face or if he should be fully erect that a dominant, alpha superior male is going to cum on his face. Ordering lucky to get down on the ground, on his back, MasterDnero puts on some porn and focuses solely on that get himself rock hard and ready to cum. Lucky shuts his eyes and battles his internal struggle about whether he should enjoy this or not. To mock his brother, Dnero pulls down Lucky’s underwear to show that this slave faggot is fully erect as his brother jacks off on his face. Lucky tries to focus only on the porn playing in the background until he hears the word, “Lucky stick your tongue out…”

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2 New Videos – Enjoy being in close quarters with Taylor? Start off with a friendly one-on-one wrestling match that turns into something much more kinky. In this 5 minute video clip, Taylor busts your balls from your POV. To get started in this wrestling encounter between you and Taylor, this alpha male starts to play dirty and grinds his elbow into your balls but realizes you are starting to enjoy it. So Taylor stands up, holds your legs, and grinds, stomps, and smashes your cock and balls until it makes you cum from the extreme ball busting. Enjoy the heavy taunting and dirty talk in this hot video. Looks like this match turned out to be a different type of wrestling match. In his second video update, Taylor discusses tickling and having his feet tickled while wearing gold toes sheer nylon socks. First, Taylor talks about being tickled as a kid by a friend which made him realize just how ticklish he was. Then Taylor talks about how his brother and dad used to hold him down and trade off tickling Taylor to the point of tears. Finally, Taylor realizes that, for once, he would like to be the tickler. Look out as Taylor is now asking you if you are ticklish and he’s coming for you.

1 New Video – Fucking your ass and mouth is not enough. Master Alex is going to fuck your cock and pee-hole as well. Master Alex orders his slave on the bed and starts to slap his horny dick to make it hard. Once the slave’s pathetic dick gets hard from the pain alone, it’s now time for Master Alex to administer some cock sounding. The silicone urethal tube enters the slave’s urethra then comes the thick metal one to penetrate and fuck the slave’s cock deep. Putting a vibrator on the slave’s balls and the long tube inside his urethra, Master Alex wants him to cum while having his cock fucked. But the torment of the long silicone tube makes it impossible for him to spurt, so Master Alex starts to slap his cock in anger. He edges him and just when he’s about to orgasm, Master Alex hits that cock, literally slapping the cum out with each hit.

1 New Video – Master Dnero and his buds are back to dominate a foot fag in this 43 minute video clip. The group of straight guys and Master Dnero have one of their loyal gay foot fags come over to worship their alpha feet. The pathetic foot fag strips to his underwear and proceeds to sniff everyone’s sweaty and smelly sneakers. Master Dnero puts the foot fag on a collar and leash to drag him around like a dog while one of the straight alphas kicks him around. They then handcuff the foot fag’s hands behind his back and make him lick and suck everyone’s toes. Pulling the slave up to his knees, they make him lick their armpits too before finally jamming all of their feet in his face. The foot fag is in heaven when all of these straight alpha males make him lick and serve their feet.

1 New Video – In this 4 minute video clip, a stupid faggot slave shows up to MasterF’s door because he badly wants to serve his superior alpha master. MasterF demands to know how much cash this fag brought with him for the session and when the cash fag presents an amount lower than what MasterF was expecting, this cash fags gets humiliated by MasterF. This dominant alpha master humiliates the fag and finds more cash hidden on him which he takes. All throughout this video clip, MasterF, while clad in a leather jacket, humiliates, smacks, verbally abuses, and beats this slave as the slave worships his master’s feet.

1 New Video – Seeker’s Property is the name of one of SlavesSeeker’s loyal fag slaves. This fag slave uploaded a video of his experience as SlavesSeeker’s property. After two weeks in chastity, SlavesSeeker allowed his slave to meet with a friend for an hour of satisfying and cruel edging and abuse. Finally the slave is allowed to shoot his big load.