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3 New Video – Prepare for some intense pig training from Master Gary. Wearing his boxing gear, Master Gary will order you to worship his feet. To this alpha dom, you are nothing more than an object. In the next video clip, Master Gary will continue your pig training. Clad in a leather jacket and leather boots, Master Gary becomes your dominant leather God. Obey and listen to every verbal order given by Master Gary as he instructs you on how to service his boots and barefeet. Afterwards, you can get out your fag dildo for a more intense training session. Bounce on that dildo as Master Gary flexes and bosses you around. This scally bully will turn you into the ultimate pig slave as he dehumanizes you.

2 New Video – This inferior masked slave is about to get beat up by Jordan Fox. Cornered against the wall, the masked fag slave is slapped around and beaten to a pulp. The intense beat down leaves Jordan Fox’s cock rock hard. In another brutal slave encounter, Jordan Fox gives the pathetic fag a brutal fucking. Rough and barbaric is the kind of sex that Jordan Fox craves. While wearing a hooded mask, Jordan Fox destroys this sub with his cock.

3 New Videos – Let Massi the Prince’s big feet control you. Sitting back with his feet up to the camera, Prince Massi shows off his huge superior alpha male feet. It is your job as a weak foot fag to service this God’s alpha feet. If you want to see how a foot fag services this dom’s feet then check out this real time foot worship session. This pathetic fag hands over his credit card for Massi the Prince to do some online shopping. This findom empties the slave’s bank account as the slave worships his master’s feet. Later, the slave is instructed to lick his master’s sneakers clean. Massi the Prince dominates this slave by wiping his soles on the slave’s tongue like a good human carpet. He then proceeds to use the slave’s head as a footrest while verbally humiliating him.

4 New Videos – Slave Matt has added a new master to his rotation of dominant alphas to serve. Master F comes over to trample his slave and show how inferior Slave Matt truly is to him. While on the ground, Slave Matt is treated like a human doormat and walked all over. Then while wearing socks, Master F gags his slave with his foot. The gagged slave takes as much of Master F’s foot in his mouth as he can while being dominated. Master F doesn’t hold back while ordering the slave around.

Master F then gets the slave on the ground for some dominant choking. Slave Matt is choked between Master F’s legs and struggles to break free. There is no freedom for slaves once they’re locked between a dominant alpha’s legs. In another real time meet up, Slave Matt is then choked some more by a dominant master. Slave Matt gets humiliated and beat up by another superior. This is the fate of all inferior submissives.

1 New Video – Master Billy is ready to take on the role as your new master. Wearing leather gear, Master Billy shows his whip and why he is the king of leather. Come crawling to this alpha with your wallet in your mouth begging to be used and drained.

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4 New Video – Massi the Prince shows how pathetic this obedient foot slave is to him. This foot fag gave up it’s entire paycheck for the chance to be a footstool for Massi the Prince’s perfect size 12 feet. This Italian master verbally abuses his foot fag all throughout. Later, Massi the Prince sits on the slave’s face. This sub’s face is the perfect seat for this dom’s royal ass. Imagine how lucky this slave is to have his master use his face as a seat.

In another real time meet, Massi the Prince uses a slave as a doormat. The slave suffers a lot under his master’s full body weight. You can hear the slave moaning and struggling as Massi the Prince stomps on him. The masked fag then is given the chance to lick his master’s flip flops. To humiliate the slave more, Prince Massi totally ignores this lowlife slave as the slave services his dom’s sweaty feet.

3 New Video – Jordan Fox doesn’t hold back when he punishes a slave. This dominant alpha truly beats the hell out of this slave before fucking him. Using a variety of whips mixed in with his own punches and slaps, Jordan Fox dehumanizes this slave. The intense domination continues when Jordan Fox uses this submissive twink. The twink slave must lick his master’s feet, serve as a punching bag, and worship Jordan Fox’s cock. The slave fulfills all of it’s expected duties and puts Jordan Fox’s pleasure before it’s own dignity. In another aggressive meet up, Jordan Fox viciously bites a slave. Sinking his teeth barbarically into this slave’s flesh, Jordan Fox leaves deep marks that will surely bruise. Whenever this slave is seen naked, people will know he’s an abused slave from all the bite marks.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro returns to show his dominating power. Using Slave Matt, Master Pedro locks his slave in a variety of chokeholds and totally dominates him. Slave Matt struggles to escape but there is no resisting against Master Pedro. Afterwards, Master Pedro sits on his slave’s face. Using his slave’s face as a seat, Master Pedro ignores the slave’s moaning for air. When Master Pedro had enough, he proceeds to choke out the slave with some chokeholds. The choke domination continues when Master Pedro shows this slave who’s in charge. Locking the slave in a variety of submission holds, Master Pedro makes sure the slave knows to never disoeby. If the slave ever does disobey, Master Pedro will just choke him even harder.When Slave Matt isn’t getting used by Master Pedro, he calls on Master P to abuse him. Master P shows his wrestling skills on Slave Matt by administering a variety of chokeholds on the slave. Slave Matt gets locked in a triangle choke and has to quickly submit. Afterwards, Slave Matt is subjected to some muay thai abuse. This dom locks in some serious chokeholds on his slave to ensure fast submission. Afterwards, Master P stomps on and kicks the slave around for fun.

2 New Videos – Master Bryce smokes his cigar as he verbally abuses you. Sit there and imagine this dom blowing cigar smoke in your face as he subjects you to verbal torment. Submit, serve, and follow every command y our cash dom gives to you. If you crave more cigar smoke from Master Bryce then check out his compilation video. Compiling a variety of real time humiliation, verbal abuse, and tons of cigar smoking, Master Bryce makes you feel like you are one of his owned fags. Clad in leather and puffing his cigar, Master Bryce will take control over your feeble mind and wallet.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground in their latest real time meet. Pinning this slave down, Master Daniel sits on the slave and puts all of his weight on this slave. Slave Matt has no where to go once he’s underneath his superior master. Later Master Daniel chokes and dominates his weak slave. Standing over the slave, Master Daniel makes his slave worship his feet and tramples him. The slave learns his rightful place is beneath his superior master.

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4 New Video – Masters Hunter, Joe, Nevil, and Ritchell go looking for their slave to torture him. The masters give this slave some face sitting torture, squeezing his head between their muscular legs, and making the slave lick their feet all while laughing at him. The doms then make the slave sniff their nasty smelling sneakers before making the slave lick the sweaty insoles of the shoes. In their next real time meet up, Masters Nevil and Hunter use the slave as a human footrest. Mocking their slave while resting their feet on him, the masters kick, slap, and spit on this pathetic slave. They even crush up chips with their sneakers and make the slave eat them for further degradation.

This slave then is subjected to more group punishment as he worships the feet of Mastes Nevil, Hunter, Joe, Robert, and Basford. The slave lays his body under a bed so his head sticks out enough to service all of the dangling feet from atop the bed. Master Basford flicks the slave’s ear as he’s licking feet to torment him some more. This slave is then instructed to not move as everyone smother’s the slave’s face with alpha male feet. Master Basford, Robert, Hunt, and Nevil get this slave to sniff and lick their sweaty, smelly feet. The masters laugh at the immobilized slave as the slave is trapped between the master’s legs and feet while worshipping.

4 New Video – The Punisher locks this boy in multiple chokeholds in this 15 minute clip while wearing a jockstrap. Squeezing this boy tighter and tighter, the boy struggles to escape. The Punisher uses his gigantic biceps, that appear bigger than the boy’s head, to lock in these tight chokeholds. Then in another clip, it’s Big Alpha’s turn to dominate a weak boy. Big Alpha once again dominates this boy in several different bearhugs. Later he locks in a headscissors before finishing with another bearhug.

Big Alpha’s dominance continues as he challenges Gio to a wrestling match. Wearing a singlet with his ass exposed, Big Alpha beats down and punishes weak Gio. However, Big Alph may have met his match when he squares up against muscular King Romeo. The two muscle studs go at it, especially when King Romeo locks on a tight full nelson on Big Alpha. But Romeo ultimately ends up submitting this time against Big Alpha.

4 New Videos – TripleXTransMan takes every inch of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. This is Rocco Steele’s first time fucking a FTM performer, let alone his first ever time fucking a pussy. TripleXTransMan experiences pleasure and pain from the massive length and girth of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. At the end, Rocco Steele erupts a big load of cum deep in TripleXTransMan’s gaped open pussy. For some solo fantasy, TripleXTransMan has a cuckhold roleplay clip for you. TripleXTransMan is tired of the relationship with you and invites over a new BF (a dildo). Your job is to just sit there and watch him squirt all over his new lover’s cock while you jerk off in the corner.

TripleXTransMan then wants to humiliate you some more with some small penis humiliation. Your cock is so small it can’t even be located and when it is found, it’s laughable. TripleXTransMan mocks your tiny cock as being even smaller than a trans cock. After you’ve been thoroughly humiliated, you can then get some jerk off instructions. Stroke your hard cock on command as you listen to TripleXTransMan’s voice. Focus on all of the sensitive regions of your cock with varying stroking speeds. At the end, TripleXTransMan will order you to explode a load of cum on your face.

5 New Videos – Master CH turns his slave into a human punching bag. Master CH gets his boxing gloves on and lands a variety of body blows to this slave. Punching him all over, the slave takes a tough beatdown. Days later, Slave Matt then worships Master J’s feet. Master J smacks Slave Matt around with his foot and orders the slave to service his feet. This slave feels at home under a dominant alpha’s feet. Once Master J is done smacking the slave with his foot, he then chokes the slave between his legs. Slave Matt gets on the ground and is locked between Master J’s legs as he’s choked out. When he’s done choking the slave, he orders Slave Matt to lick and gag on his alpha male feet.

The choke domination continues as Master J chokes out his slave hard in another real time meet up. Master J wrestles Slave Matt and asserts dominance over him as he locks him in a variety of chokeholds. Master J then uses his legs to choke out his slave. Master J wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s throat and makes him struggle. Slave Matt writhes around and begs for mercy but Master J just ignores his cries for freedom.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel shows how much he can take from gut punching as he has Slave Matt put on some boxing gloves and punch his abs. Afterwards, he then proceeds to choke out Slave Matt on the ground for his own amusement. Slave Matt struggles on the ground under the raw power and dominance of Master Daniel. If you want to worship Master Daniel some more then watch him perform 140 calf raises. Master Daniel loves challenging himself and working his body to become even better. Drool over this dom’s calves while also intently watching his white socks.

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2 New Videos – King Luca gets his masked fag slave to serve his superior ass. Pinning the slave on the bed, King Luca sits on the slave’s face and teases him with his ass. When King Luca sits on the slave’s face, he makes sure to punch the slave’s body a few times. After you watch this slave serve King Luca’s ass, you can become his mindless popper slut. Get down at this alpha’s feet and look up at them as he blows cigarette smoke in your face treating you like a human ashtray. King Luca even spits at the camera a few times because you deserve it. By the end of the clip, you’ll be an obedient foot servant.

1 New Video – Inside Master Alex’s dungeon, slave Gus is hung up on a sex swing ready to be fisted. This weak horny slut wants his ass filled but Master Alex wants to see him squirm and squel. The anal bitch begs his master to push his hand further in his slutty hole to be sodomized more.

3 New Videos – Alex brings over his pathetic slave for some intense headscissors abuse. This weak slave stands no match against Alex’s powerful legs. Alex quickly turns the slave into a victim begging for mercy trapped between his strong legs. See how much abuse this slave can endure in this 12 minute clip. Later the weak slave is put in a tight front figure four submission. The slave writhes around trying to get out of the figure 4 pin but all attempts just amuse Alex. Alex locks the hold on tighter laughing at the struggling slave. After using this slave, Alex and ElliotScissors shows off their strength with some friendly wrestling with one another. The two studs lock various headscissor chokeholds on each other to see who is the strongest.

5 New Videos – Master J returns to choke his slave. Pinning the slave on the ground, Master J first walks all over the slave and smothers the slave’s face with his feet. Then Master J uses his foot to choke out the submissive foot slave. Afterwards, Master J locks the slave in a triangle chokehold to see how much abuse he can endure. The slave struggles for mercy and has to tap out. Once the slave is totally worn out, Master J orders the slave to lick and serve his feet.

In another real time encounter, Master P orders the slave to worship his socks. While playing video games, Master P sits on the slave’s back and the slave sniffs his master’s socks. The slave licks and serves at his master’s socked feet while being totally ignored. Following the sock worship session, Master P allows the slave to serve his barefeet. Pinning the slave down some more, Master P first kicks the slave around to rough him up some. Afterwards, the slave gags and sucks on his master’s superior alpha feet. In the third encounter with Master P, slave Ikagura is choked out while being ignored. Master P goes back to playing some video games but traps the slave’s head between his legs to choke him out. Slave Ikagura is totally dominated and whimpers for mercy but is totally ignored by Master P.

1 New Video – Daniel Slin brings his slave over to choke him out. The slave is pinned down to the ground as Master Daniel wraps his arm tightly around the slave’s throat. Once Master Daniel locks on a chokehold, there is no way out until he lets go. See how much suffering this slave can endure until Master Daniel releases the chokehold in this nearly 20 minute video.

Featured Model- DanielSlin

Master Daniel shows off his jock dom power when he chokes out his weak slave. Getting his slave locked in a tight headlock, Master Daniel makes his slave suffer and beg for mercy. The inferior slave quickly learns how powerful his master is when he’s writhing around begging for mercy from this tight chokehold.

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2 New Videos – Mr. Big is ready to train his tiny slave. This shrunken slave is to stay in his master’s ass and serve as a good ass licker. If the slave does a good job, he might be rewarded with the chance to serve Mr. Big’s cock to clean up his creamy cum. For slaves seeking more abuse, Master Alex has a ruined orgasm video for you. Follow this dom’s jerk off instructions and give up control of your dick as Master Alex guides you along. You’ll become frustrated once this powerful master ruins your orgasm and leaves you as horny as before.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro uses his slave’s face as a seat in this facesitting video. For over 10 minutes this slave serves as a cushion for his master’s ass. Master Pedro puts all of his weight on the slave as he sits on its face. Afterwards, Master Pedro stomps and tramples his obedient slave. Laying on his back, the slave worships his master’s feet while getting trampled like a welcome mat. The slave learns he is below his master in this position while being abused.

Meeting up with another master, this slave gets trampled more by Master J. Master J gets the camera close to the slave’s face as he walks all over the slave. The slave’s entire face is covered by his master’s big powerful feet. If you need more trampling abuse then check out this 20 minute clip of Master J using his full force to stomp and walk all over the slave. A continuation from the last clip, Master J stomps on the slave’s chest and face completely dehumanized him as if he’s a doormat. After all of the intense trampling, Master J then wants to wrestle his slave. Master J locks the slave in various chokeholds and submission to put this sub in its place. It isn’t long until this slave taps out and begs for mercy.

2 New Videos – Get a full 360 degree view of Triple6ixrated stroking his dick until he blasts a massive load of cum. This dom puts his camera on rotate so you can see what he sees and what slaves see when they get him on cam. Triple6ixrated gets his big cock up close to the camera as if you were really there on your knees in front of his dick. If you need more for your cum addiction, then Triple6ixrated has a cumpilation video of various jerking off and cumshot clips put together in a 34 minute compilation. Catch load after load of this alpha jerking his massive cock on camera. Cum sluts will go wild for this seemingly never ending stream of cum shots.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel puts on a pair of knee high athletic socks before he makes his foot slave worship his socked feet. Getting his slave on the ground, DanielSlin orders the slave to serve at his socked feet before choking out the slave. The slave is trapped between Master Daniel’s legs while this powerful dom flexes for the camera as he chokes out his weak slave. For more intense choking abuse, DanielSlin locks in the chokeholds hard on the slave in this next clip. Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground and wraps his arm tightly around the slave’s throat as he chokes out this slave into total submission. The weak slave writhes around begging for mercy but this slave is out of luck.

3 New Videos – Master Aiden knows how badly you crave alpha cock but he also realizes you are not worthy of such a sight. Thus, Master Aiden decides to tease you while he takes an early morning bath while wearing a tiny thong. Experience torment while being teased by this cash master’s ass. After you’ve been teased to the point that you cannot control yourself, you must now serve as Master Aiden’s human credit card. Know your place in life and realize that you are just an object to findoms for financial pleasure. When Master Aiden demands, it is your job to spend. Once you’ve spent enough then you can be reward by watching Master Aiden stroke his dick. Goon to your master like a beta slave as he milks his alpha cock ignoring you. Do you think you can last the full length of this clip without cumming until the end?

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2 New Videos – King Luca is back to abusing a female slave. This alpha dom takes this female sub and teaches her what it means to serve a real man. The inferior bitch is told to lick and worship her master’s feet and pits. Whenever King Luca thinks she’s not doing a good enough job, she gets slapped or punched around. To degrade her even more, King Luca spits all over her slut face. In a different real time session, King Luca beats up a fat sub. The fat sub slave gets kicked repeatedly and tells King Luca how superior he is after each kick. The sub enjoys all of the pain given to him by his master. As a reward for his suffering, the slave gets to worship and lick King Luca’s alpha feet.

1 New Video – If you don’t know already, CashMasterTrey is the true Brutal God. The punisher of nasty pigs, the sadistic sorcerer, the one who can make you risk it all for your sick kinks. Submit totally to this leather dom’s words as he degrades you to the extreme and makes you come to the realization that you are nothing more than a nasty pig who craves and deserves nothing but abuse and degradation.

 New Video – Big Alpha and muscle jock Romeo have an outdoor bodybuilder battle. Wearing nothing but speedos and fighting gloves, these two bodybuilders battle it out outside in a variety of submission holds and wrestling moves. Check out these two chiseled titans grapple each other for control in this battle.

5 New Videos – Master Jeff takes full control of this foot slave when he chokes him out between his legs. The weak slave has no where to go while trapped between Master Jeff’s legs. The slave begins to struggle as the chokehold tightens but Master Jeff just ignores him and plays on his phone. To choke his slave some more, Master Jeff locks the slave in a chokehold on the ground. Putting his arms tightly around the slave’s neck from behind, the inferior slave does whatever he can to try and breathe. The slave quickly taps out whenever the chokes get beyond intense. In another encounter with Master Jeff, this slave gets choked out some more between Master Jeff’s legs. Laying on a bed, the slave places his head between Master Jeff’s legs to be locked in. Master Jeff crosses his ankles to lock in the chokehold even further causing the slave to tap out and beg for mercy.

To serve his master some more, the slave meets up with Master Jeff again to worship his feet. Sticking his tongue out with his mouth open, this obedient foot slave licks and sucks every inch of Master Jeff’s feet. Master Jeff has some fun by kicking the slave around in between feet lickings. Lastly in this video series update, the slave meets with Master J and gets trampled all over the slave. The weak foot slave serves as a human door mat to Master J’s feet. Pinned underneath his superior’s feet, the slave endures the stomping and trampling like an object of foot domination.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his sub slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master Daniel wraps his bicep around the slave’s neck and locks in a submission hold. The slave wiggles around trying to break free but is no match for the jock power of Master Daniel. For those looking for some solo action of Master Daniel, then you can worship his muscles and feet in this next video. Flexing for the camera, Master Daniel shows off his biceps and muscular legs. Later, Master Daniel sits down and shows off his socked feet for all of his drooling foot slaves.

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1 New Video – CashMasterTrey is kicking back and unwinding but that doesn’t stop him from verbally abusing you. This findom dishes out exactly what a bottom feeding fag like you deserves. CashMasterTrey’s big feet will remain in your face while he ridicules and humiliates you as he vapes.

2 New Videos – Mr. Big has slaves stashed away in cages in his dungeon and now it’s your turn to become his caged cock pet. After flexing and showing off his massive cock to the audience of caged slaves, he commands his slaves to worship and service him however he pleases. Your reward for good service will be a massive load from your giant master. You’ll quickly learn to live off of Mr. Big’s cum, piss, sweat, spit, farts, and whatever else he plans on sharing with you. After you’ve experienced pleasure, now is time to experience pain from your master. Whether you’re being rewarded or punished, all that matters is that you relinquish control and let Master Alex guide you. Your dom’s pleasure is all that matters. In this clip, you’ll quickly relinquish that control while under Master Alex’s boots.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt quickly surrenders and is overpowered by Master Daniel as he is squeezed between his master’s legs. Slave Matt lays on the ground as Master Daniel wraps his muscular legs around the slave’s head and neck. There is no where to go for this slave as he’s squeezed into submission. Master Daniel continues with the headscissors domination on Slave Matt but with a different chokehold. Reverse facing his slave, Master Daniel stretches his legs back and locks them even tighter around his slave’s neck locking his feet together. Slave Matt learns quickly about true power when he gives in to Master Daniel and taps out.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt sniffs his master’s feet in this real time with Master J. Getting into his rightful position, under his master’s feet, Slave Matt sniffs and licks his alpha’s superior soles. Master J orders Slave Matt to sniff in every scent of his sweaty feet. The foot worship gets even more depraved as Slave Matt eats food from his master’s feet. Slave Matt is ordered to eat pieces of pizza all from Master J’s dirty feet. The obedient foot slave happily obliges and does whatever his master says to do. After the foot worship comes the time for Master J to beat down on his slave. Master J uses his Jiu Jitsu experience to lock Slave Matt in various chokeholds and submissions. While being choked out, Slave Matt gets Master J’s feet right in his face for even more foot worship.

3 New Video – Master Daniel shows off his jock dom power when he chokes out his weak slave. Getting his slave locked in a tight headlock, Master Daniel makes his slave suffer and beg for mercy. The inferior slave quickly learns how powerful his master is when he’s writhing around begging for mercy from this tight chokehold. Master Daniel then locks Slave Matt in between his legs for even more choke domination. This strong athletic jock dom loves brutalizing and beating up on his slave. Slave Matt writhes around and cries for mercy but Master Daniel doesn’t offer any to this weak slave. Switching up from the standard chokehold domination, Master Daniel locks his slave in a new submission hold. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight boston crab and laughs at the slave as he cries out in pain. Slave Matt endures the painful submission just for the chance to be dominated even more by Master Daniel.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun has a fun session sitting on top of his slave. Using his full weight, Master Shaun applies more pressure while sitting, standing, trampling, and jumping on this slave. The slave gets the wind knocked out of him every time Master Shaun jumps and stomps harder on this submissive slave. In another real time with this slave, Master Shaun wakes up on top of his slave from a nap and feeling horny. Master Shaun humps his slave and does some body grinding before ordering the slave to piggyback him around the room. Afterwards, Master Shaun has his slave lay flat on the bed where he is used to jump on with Master Shaun’s full weight over and over again.

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2 New Videos – Next time you call the police, just hope Big Alpha isn’t the guy who responds to the call. This poor sub in this video endures brutal punishment from this muscle master. The sub is placed in various head scissorholds, handcuffed, and abused with a police nightstick. The video ends with the weakling totally dominated on the floor. In the next clip, Big Alpha dominates a guy in the gym. Big Alpha is in the gym getting pumped up and works over this other dude using many submission holds on him. Big Alpha originally thought he had the gym to himself until this scrawny guy showed up and he was not happy about it. The end result is Big Alpha brutalizing this weak boy so he knows to never return to this gym again.

2 New Videos – Giant Mr. Big has a new pet to boss around with his thick uncut cock. The tiny slave better please his giant master if he knows what’s best for him. Once that throbbing impaler of a cock starts to get hard, it will eclipse the tiny slave’s vision. After you’re done worshipping this giant sized alpha, keep looking up because now you are about drink his piss. Every time you see Master Alex, you cannot stop yourself from stroking your cock to his leather clad dominance. But now the fun stops and you need to take your place under Master Alex’s ass and cock. Get ready to drink up all of his juicy nectar and whatever else he decides to give you.

5 New Videos – Master J loves dominating foot slaves. With his obedient foot slave on the ground, Master J tramples the slave and smothers its face with his feet. This obedient foot slave can’t get enough of his master’s alpha feet. Later, Master J tramples the slave some more. Putting his full weight into it, Master J stands on top the slave and makes the slave feel like a bug getting smashed into the ground. Master J then steps on the slave’s face and coverr his entire face with his big alpha feet. The slave trampling continues in the next clip. Standing on the slave’s chest and stomach, Master J treats this slave like a human doormat with no respect. Master J rubs his feet all of the slave like he’s his property.

Things get super nasty when the slave cleans mud off of his master’s feet. Master J comes in from outside with his feet covered in mud and dirt. The wild foot slave assumes the position and lays there for Master J to put his feet on his face. The slave then licks and sucks the dirt right off of his master’s feet. After he’s done serving Master J, the slave invites over Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Pinned to the ground, Master Daniel locks his arm around this slave’s neck and chokes him out for his own amusement. The slave struggles but cannot break free from Master Daniel’s tight headlock.

5 New Video – Master Daniel orders his foot slave to worship his socks. This jock dom’s feet are very sweaty and smelly from working out earlier in the day. The obedient foot slave gladly sniffs and licks his master’s socks as commanded. The foot domination continues when the slave is permitted to lick his master’s barefeet. Laying on the ground, the slave sticks out his tongue to lick all over Master Daniel’s feet. Master Daniel rubs his sweaty feet all over the slave’s tongue.

Things get aggressive when Master Daniel decides to choke out his slave. Stuck between Master Daniel’s muscular legs, this weak slave has no where to go. Master Daniel squeezes the slave’s head like it’s a watermelon between his legs. Afterwards, Master Daniel locks the slave in a headlock chokehold. The slave writhes around for mercy but Master Daniel just laughs at how pathetic the slave is to him. Master Daniel continually locks the headlock on tighter throughout the clip to show more of his power over this slave. In another clip, Master Daniel battles another alpha master in Jiu Jitsu fight. Since they share the same slave, Master Daniel and Master G decide to do some fun grappling with each other to see who can escape each other’s headlockks and Jiu Jitsu holds. Both doms put up a great fight against each other in this 5 minute clip.

3 New Videos – Master Aiden always gets what he wants. Your only purpose is to provide it for him and that’s what happened when Master Aiden ordered his slave’s to buy him a fuck toy. Master Aiden pounds out this toy fuck hole just as hard as he pounds out your bank account. Afterwards you can lose yourself to the sight of Master Aiden’s body when you drool over his neon lingerie and sneakers. Goon over this cash dom as he verbally abuses you and teases you on camera. In his last video update for the week, Master Aiden knows that you’re a dateless loser but lucky for you, he is available to be your virtual date. Obviously, this date is going to cost you. Money is all this dom cares about. That’s why you must follow his rules or face exposure.

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2 New Videos – Big Alpha and Romeo take turns dominating this boy in the gym. The two muscled alphas lock the weak, scrawny boy in various tight bearhugs and muscle holds. Right after an intense workout, these muscle masters have to let out all of that testosterone by beating on a weaker subject. In some one-on-one action, Big Alpha chokes out a weak jock who was admiring him in the gym. If this weak boy wanted to feel Big Alpha’s muscle so badly, then Big Alpha will let him feel them while he chokes the boy out multiple time. Big Alpha doesn’t hold back when he takes this scrawny boy down to the ground and locks him in various chokeholds with his massive biceps.

2 New Videos – You’ve been fantasizing about eating your own cum for a long time. Edging around it’s completion but chickening out right when the climatic reality comes flooding in. Master Alex has something special for you in this instructional video. Master Alex is going to encourage you to eat your own cum and swallow every drop. No more holding back or resisting, just obeying and waiting for Master Alex to tell you that you’re a good slave boy. After you’ve obeyed Master Alex, can you go a second round and cum on your face? You love watching cum facial porn and wish you were the bitch getting jizzed on, licking up that salty cum dripping from your face. The time is now to start stroking for Master Alex and obey him as he makes you give yourself a cum facial.

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