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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod hunts down the FAGrinch (his fag slave dressed as the grinch) in the woods. Armed with a paintball gun, this alpha dom lets the fag slave feel his wrath. Pelting him repeatedly with paintballs, the FAGrinch gets what’s coming to him. Later and back inside, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples the fag like a piece of human furniture. The faggot’s balls and face are crushed under this dom’s power and weight. The fag quickly learns his place in life is under his master’s feet. Using another fag slave, MasterUltimateGod orders this one to worship his feet after the gym. With his socks very sweaty and smelly, MasterUltimateGod has his masked faggot sniff and serve at his superior feet. The obedient fag licks his master’s feet clean.

2 New Video – Big Alpha and King Romeo take to the mats for some ball torture and wrestling. Big Alpha receives so much satisfaction from punishing Romeo. Grabbing Romeo’s balls and making him beg just to show that Big Alpha is in charge. Picking on someone smaller than himself, Big Alpha breaks in a new boy. Big Alpha demands some muscle worship before using this boy. The obedient boy worships every inch of Big Alpha before getting squeezed between his mammoth thighs.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt gag on his feet. The obedient foot slave sucks and gags on his dom’s feet while being shown no respect. Slave Matt attempts to swallow more than half of Master G’s foot while on the ground. Master G then chokes this slave while having him on the ground. Slave Matt is placed in a variety of headscissors from Master G. This dom even chokes the slave with his feet on his neck. Afterwards, Master G sits on his slave like a chair. While having Slave Matt pinned to the ground, he is instructed to smell and lick his dom’s feet while he’s face down.

Master G gets on top of the slave and begins choking and punching him like a punching bag. Slave Matt is completely bullied by his superior and beaten up. Without even fighting back, this slave takes his beating with pride. Slave Matt then gets up to his feet and is pinned against a wall. Master G punches him in the face multiple times. The slave’s face is pummeled as he grimaces trying to anticipate each punch.

2 New Video – Muscle dom Goliath and alpha jock Memet fight each other to see who is the stronger alpha. Taking the battle down on the gym mats and even outdoors, these two superiors choke and wrestle one another for superiority. In the first part of their muscle battle, the fight includes lots of punches, submissions, domination, choke holds and more. The two men test their strength and show how much punishment each one of them can withstand.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in a punishment inflicting mood when he chokes his slave. Taking Slave Matt down to the ground, Master Daniel puts him in a side headlock as he begins squeezing tightly around his neck with his bicep. Slave Matt struggles and writhes around. Master Daniel asserts his dominance in the next clip when he sits on top of the slave pinning him down. Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s dominated by such a strong master. Master Daniel plants his crotch right in the slave’s face.

Wanting to hurt this slave, Master Daniel begins to deliver some face punches to the slave. Straddling over top of thim, Master Daniel punches this slave and shows him to never fight back or defy orders. If you want some solo worship of Master Daniel then you can download the next clip of him in a farting compilationA compilation of various clips of Master Daniel farting is something a really nasty pig would enjoy.

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2 New Videos – Massi the Prince is going to ruin you and your family under his feet for his mere amusement. The money you need for your family will be used to pay for this dom’s next vacation instead no matter how badly you need it. You’ll keep sending until you and your family go broke and become homeless. After you’re done spending you can worship his feet some more. With his dirty white socks in your face, Massi the Prince will makr you with his foot stink and spit in your mouth. You are his property to be used and discarded.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddy smoke some cigars while dominating you. You’ll become their human ashtray while these two alphas talk about how superior they are to faggots like you. To add to the scene, they even have their own faggot slave to use as an ashtray as they talk smack to you and him. These doms then take their fag slave outdoors to hunt the slave. This pathetic fag slave goes outside to be hunted with a paintball gun. With his pants off and wrapped in tape, he doesn’t get far before getting abused.

The degradation for this slave continues when MasterUltimateGod and his buddy chew up some food and spit it out for the fag to eat their chewed up food. This slave is fed almost like a baby bird as it’s degraded. This is how all faggots should enjoy their dinner. Following that ordeal, the doms make the fag sniff their farts. The dumb fag slave gets down on his knees as the doms just fart repeatedly in his face making him inhale their stinky, gassy farts.

5 New Videos – Master EZE visits Slave Matt to gag him with his feet. The obedient foot slave gags on his master’s feet as he stuffs it down his mouth further. Master EZE totally ignores the slave as he plays video games getting his feet sucked. Master EZE then tramples his slave by standing on top of him. Slave Matt is pinned under this dom’s feet as he’s walked all over. Master EZE treats his slave like a human doormat.

Slave Matt is then locked in a triangle choke by Master EZE. This dom wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt gasps for air and begs for mercy as he’s dominated. Following that encounter, Master EZE then uses the slave as a human punching bag. Master EZE just begins pounding on his slave and punching him all over. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back since he knows it’s useless. Master EZE returns for round 2 of this slave beatdown. Getting on top of Slave Matt, Master EZE just slugs him with punches and gives him slaps across his face. Slave Matt probably remembers all the times he’s been bullied in life as he’s getting beat up by Master EZE.

3 New Video – This alpha visits his slave to choke him with his cock. The cock hungry slave devours every inch of his master’s cock even if he gags on it. The dom sits back and plays on his phone as this slave struggles to swallow every inch. Later the dom decides to squeeze the slave between his legs. The masked slave is stuck between his dom’s legs in a tight headscissors as he’s choked out. The slave tries to break free but it’s no luck when this dom has his legs locked. Afterwards, the dom sits on the slave’s face to assert dominance. The masked slave is made to smell his master’s ass and cock as he sits on top of him. Pinned under his dom’s ass, the slave truly doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

3 New Videos – Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a tight headscissors chokehold during their latest real time. With his muscular jock legs around the slave’s head, Master Daniel squeezes the slave’s head like it’s a watermelon while choking him. Slave Matt’s face is buried in this dom’s crotch the entire time. After the choke session, Master Daniel sits on top of his slave for some alpha facesitting. The slave is pinned under his dom’s ass while he looks up at him. Master Daniel uses his slave like a piece of human furniture. Afterwards, the roles are reversed as Master Daniel allows his slave to give him some gutpunching abuse. With his back against the wall, Master Daniel gets his abs punched to see how much he can endure. Afterwards, it’s clear the slave doing the punching will be brutalized in their next session.

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2 New Videos – Cashmaster Matt takes his pain pig out in public. The masked pig fag is then degraded and used hardcore out in this secluded public field. Cashmaster Matt stomps on the slave’s body and balls while laughing at it’s pain. Going back indoors, Cashmaster Matt has an even more sinister punishment for this slave. This sadistic dom covers his slave in roaches to make it feel like dirt. The slave gets trampled again as well while this dom turns his slave into nothing more than a bug like the rest of them.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy took their faggot and gave him a bully beatdown. Both of these doms put him through the ringer with a variety of MMA and grappling moves. The weak slave experiences pain and humiliation as the doms laugh in his face while choking him. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod instructs the slave to worship their alpha feet. Getting down at the doms feet, this slave worships and serves their superior feet. The doms then stomp all over his pathetic faggot nuts.

The humiliation doesn’t stop for this slave as he’s then subjected to atomic wedgies and spanking. Making the fag crawl to the bathroom, MasterUltimateGod and his buddy yank the slave’s underwear up to give him a painful wedgie while he leans over the toilet. With his ass exposed now, the doms spank the slave’s ass until it’s red. Days later the fag gets some outdoor humiliation. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy take the fag to a nearby park to trample and spit on him. They cover the slave with sticks and walk all over him like he’s nothing.

5 New Videos – Master J uses his slave as a chair in their latest real time meet. Ignoring the slave while playing video games, Master J uses Slave Matt’s face as a chair. Slave Matt is totally smothered under his dom’s ass. In another real time meet, Master J uses his slave a human doormat. Stomping and walking all over Slave Matt, this dom shows the slave no respect. Master J stomps on the slave’s head and body to assert that the slave is truly beneath him. Following that encounter, it’s time to physically abuse the slave. Master J kicks and punches the slave all over. Slave Matt becomes nothing more than a punching bag as Master J pummels him in the corner.

For being so obedient, Master J allows his slave to worship his feet. Stuffing his feet in the slave’s mouth, Master J gags Slave Matt as he thrusts his foot deeper in his mouth. Slave Matt enjoys sucking and gagging on such a powerful dom’s feet. Master J then gets bored and decides to choke his slave more. Wrapping his leg around the slave’s throat, Master J locks in a tight submission hold and makes his slave gasp and beg for mercy. This dom doesn’t have any sympathy for this slave and ignores his cries.

1 New Video – While Jam Master chills playing video games, this slave suffers under his dom’s feet. The slave’s nipples are pegged during all of this which inspires Jam Master to play with the pegs with his feet. At other times, Jam Master makes the slave like his Godly feet when they aren’t making him squirm.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel locks his slave between his legs for some intense choking. Slave Matt’s head is squeezed between his jock dom’s powerful legs. Master Daniel looks at his slave with disdain as the slave gasps and chokes. Master Daniel then gets behind his slave to put him in a tight headlock. Slave Matt turns every color in the rainbow as Master Daniel tights and untightens his grip. There is no remorse for the slave during this brutal session. Giving his slave a break from the physical violence, Master Daniel takes a break to sit on the slave’s face. Facesitting on Slave Matt, this dom treats him like a piece of human furniture. Slave Matt is pinned under his dom’s jock ass with no where to go.

For fans of farting, Master Daniel put together a fart compiliation video. Feeling extra gassy, Master Daniel repeatedly lets out farts for the camera. Imagine being lucky enough to be there in person and sniff this dom’s gassy farts. Switching gears, Master Daniel experiences what it’s like to be on the receiving end of abuse as he gets gut punched. Pinned up against the wall, Master Daniel gets gut punched over and over again. Master Daniel fails at trying to block the punches at the end as they just keep coming.

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3 New Videos – An obedient ass eater comes over to serve his purpose for King Luca. The hungry slave is given the opportunity to bury his face in King Luca’s alpha ass for worship. Later he receives a rough facefucking. King Luca then turns another slave into a human ashtray. This slave lays on his back on the floor as King Luca blows smoke and flicks his ashes into it’s mouth. An inferior sub like this couldn’t ask for any better reward than to be of service to his master. For being such an obedient slave, King Luca then allows the slave to worship his sneakers. The foot fag licks his dom’s sneakers clean from top to bottom. King Luca loves having a slave who can do it all: be an ass eater, a human ashtray, and a shoe shiner.

3 New Video – Master Ultimate God puts his slave through its first pain, abuse, and humiliation session. The slave is tued to a chair as Master Ultimate God and his buddy have their way with him by whipping, beating, and smacking him around. The doms then spit all over him to make him feel like scum. After the slave endures that brutality, it’s time to lay there and worship some dom feet. Master Ultimate God and his buddy get foot rubs from this inferior foot fag. The fag lays on the floor under his masters’ feet where he rightfully belongs. Master Ultimate God then gets bored and wants to make things more intense with some ball busting. Standing on top of the slave, Master Ultimate God stomps all over this fag slave’s balls. His dom buddies join in on the fun and also take part in crushing this slave’s balls. He’ll never reproduce after this stomping.

4 New Videos – Big Alpha and The Punisher start admiring each other’s muscles and bodies before Gio joins in to worship both of these muscle Gods. Gio gets on his knees and rubs their muscles and bulges. The doms then strip down to flex and pose as their bodies get worshipped. Going one-on-one, The Punisher takes on Gio and buries him in his biceps. Wrapping his huge arms around Gio’s neck, The Punisher throws this weak boy around like a rag doll. Gio is at the whim of The Punisher’s raw strength and power.

After that beat down, The Punisher takes on another boy to deliver some big bicep punishment. The Punisher shows off the power he can do with his massive, bulging biceps. Squeezing this boy in various hold, The Punisher doesn’t go easy in the slightest. King Romeo also demonstrates his raw, testosterone fueled power in this ballbusting clip. In the gym down on the mat, King Romeo throws Nicky in a variety of submissions while holding, grabbing, and even stepping on his balls. Nicky grimaces and cries out in the pain and he’s punished and abused by King Romeo.

4 New Videos – This brutal dom visits his slave for some intense trampling. With the masked slave on his back, he’s treated like a human doormat. The jock dom doesn’t hold back and puts his full weight down on the slave. The masked slave then gets double teamed by two doms who trample him. Laying outside in the woods, the masked slave is stomped by Master Rock and Master Dave. Both doms step on the slave at the same time for maximum abuse.

In part 2, Masters Rock and Dave stomp the slave hard while outside. The masked slave has his face and body walked all over. Both doms laugh as they jump and stomp on the slave. Part 3 picks up where the last part end as both doms trample his body. The slave has his barechest exposed as the doms walk all over him with their dirty sneakers. The masked slave is covered in debris while he’s laying on the ground as he’s stomped.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel rubs his socked feet all over this slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on his back while Master Daniel stands over him to assert his dominance. Like an obedient foot fag, this slave worships his master’s socked feet. Things get a little more intense for the slave as Master Daniel chokes him during another foot worship session. Slave Matt continues to worship his master’s feet as he’s stomped some more and choked out.

After all of the abuse, Master Daniel needs to take a break and decides to do so by sitting on his slave’s face. Smothered under Master Daniel’s ass, Slave Matt has no where to go. Master Daniel shows off his socked feet while sitting on this slave’s face. In another session, Master Daniel sits with his full weight on Slave Matt. Slave Matt is pinned to the ground underneath his master. Master Daniel enjoys turning his slave into a piece of human furniture. After the sitting session, Master Daniel locks Slave Matt is a tight leg scissors. Squeezing his slave, Master Daniel inflicts intense pain and punishment on his slave. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out right away.

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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod invites a bunch of his buddies over so his foot fag can worship their feet. This obedient foot fag does as he’s told and licks, sucks, and sniffs their superior feet. The group of men enjoy rubbing the bottoms of their feet on this useless foot stool’s pathetic face. Afterwards the group gets off the couch to do some ball busting on this slave. The slave is trampled by the group of men and kicked around. The doms don’t hesitate when it comes to kicking this house slave right in the balls. Thing get more intense as the group of guys order the faggot into the bathroom and they line up to each get a turn at bullying the faggot. These cash masters see who is the best at giving atomic wedgies, swirlies, and brutal humiliation to this fag.

Days later the fag meets up with these doms at the park for some public humiliation. The fag gets on his knees as each dom takes turns spitting in his mouth and on his face. This slave serves as a dumpster for their spit and enjoys every minute of the degradation. Going back inside, the doms all decide to grapple the faggot. MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take turns folding this slave like a pretzel in a variety of submissions in their iteration of Grappling Games. The fag slave takes a pounding round after round from these brutal men as they tag in-and-out.

4 New Videos – Demir and Jim were watching TV which lead to an argument between the two. These two jocks then had to settle it with a hot wrestling battle. Both guys were clearly having fun locking the other in a variety of tight headscissors. Just like those last two jocks, Timur and Jim have their own headscissors battle while watching some MMA fights. Timur uses his powerful legs to wrap around Jim’s head and squeeze. No one can ever get out of these strong legs.

Not to be outdone, Hunter and Elliot battle for control in their own fight. After a heated argument, Elliot locks Hunter in a tight headscissors with his muscular legs. Judging by his face and reaction, Hunter didn’t like it which completely amuses Elliot. With all that practice on his buddy, Elliot then doesn’t hold back when he chokes out a slave. The bald slave submits to Elliot Scissors while being trapped in a tight squeeze causing him to panic and scream at times. The tight headscissors makes this slave submit more than once.

5 New Videos – Master Gabriel comes over to Slave Matt’s place for some kick domination. Slave Matt is kicked repeatedly all over his body and head. Master Gabriel loves taking his frustrations out on his slave. After the kicking abuse, it’s time for some rough punches. Slave Matt serves as a human punching bag for Master Gabriel as he just pounds away. Master Gabriel doesn’t hold back and gives his slave some hard face punches. The slave winces and does his best to prepare for each punch.

Things escalate from punches and kicks to chokeholds. Master Gabriel locks his legs around Slave Matt’s head as he begins to squeeze. Slave Matt cries out in pain but has no where to run to while locked between his dom’s legs. Master Gabriel then gets behind Slave Matt for some more choking abuse. Slave Matt feels his dom tighten the pressure around his neck as he begs for mercy. Master Gabriel quickly shows this slave who is in charge. The scene then returns to a slave beat down. Master Gabriel puts on some martial arts attire as he kicks his slave around. Slave Matt gets kicked in the body and face multiple time. Rather than fight back, Slave Matt just cowers in a corner and accepts his beating





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2 New Videos – MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse. Later, MasterBraz gets comfortable in some leather gear while he verbally abuses you. You will obey this dom’s orders and worship his leather boots like an obedient fag. When you’re done, you can serve as his human ashtray and inhale his smoke.

2 New Videos – Your face is Prince Massi’s chair as he sits on your face. The masked slave gets under this dom’s ass and is totally smothered. Massi the Prince then relaxes and completely ignores this slave. Later, Massi the Prince decides to go shopping with this slave’s credit card. While on the ground worshipping his master’s feet, Prince Massi is on his laptop shopping and draining this slave’s account. The cash slave’s face belongs under Massi the Prince’s feet and his money belongs in master’s pockets.

3 New Videos – Elliot loves when Jim asks him to squeeze him. Elliot Scissors tests his strength against Jim by wrapping his strong legs tightly around his body until Jim fully submits. Maybe Jim secretly likes this. Later in the billiard room, Elliot gives some some more headscissors abuse. Jim has a hard time trying to escape from this. Prior to this session, the two agreed that Elliot could squeeze Jim as tight as possible and it shows. Days later, Elliot meets up with Demir for a gut punching wrestling match. This long half hour clip features these two studs wearing each other down. Elliot gives Demir several blows to the stomach and wraps him tightly in a bodyscissors.

With no where to go, the slave endures stomp after stomp. The slave must love punisment because he comes back for more trampling. Wearing a pair of chucks, Master Rusty shows the slave his power by forcefully jumping and stomping on him. The slave is treated like a trampoline by his alpha. Master Rusy especially loves wearing Adidas to stomp his slave. In their third encounter this week, Master Rusty uses this slave like a doormat by walking all over him. The masked slave keeps his hands out of the way as this dom stomps with all his might onto the slave’s body.

Master Rusty gets more aggressive with the stomping abuse on this slave. Wearing some Nikes, Master Rusty walks, stomps, and tramples this stupid slave. The slave loves being crushed deeper into the ground under his master’s sneakers. In their last encounter this week, Master Rusty stands over top his slave and tramples him. There is no stopping Master Rusty once he gets going and continues to trample and crush this slave. The masked slave serves his purpose under Master Rusty’s sneakers.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel takes his slave’s money and beats him up. Just like a jock bully, Master Daniel spits on this slave and gives him a rough beating. The slave simply cowers and does whatever his dom bully wants. In another real time encounter, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face with his jock ass. The slave is pinned under Master Daniel’s ass with no where to go. Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave has his nose pressed deep against his master’s ass.

After the fun, Master Daniel wants to punish his slave with some tight headscissors. Slave Matt gets locked between Master Daniel’s legs as he squeezes and chokes his slave. Slave Matt’s face is right up against his dom’s crotch as he’s choked out between these soccer player legs. Later on, Slave Matt gets some revenge against his master. The tables are turned as Slave Matt gets on top of Master Daniel and tries to fight back. The slave is successful this time but the next time he won’t be so lucky.

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2 New Videos – In this post-apocalyptic video, Big Alpha and King Romeo fight for dominance. These two muscle Gods are trying to survive as the world is in ruins around them. Their only goal is to see who is more dominant. Back in the real world, Big Alpha abuses a weak boy named Ivan. Ivan gets caught taking a couple of Big Alpha’s personal items. As a result, Big Alpha beats him up and puts him in some tight headlocks and chokeholds.

2 New Videos – Get down on the ground below King Luca and serve his dick. King Luca wears white, sheer compression pants to show off his massive bulge and jock ass. Afterwards, he whips out his dick and begins jerking until he cums down onto the camera. When you’re done worshipping his cock, you can worship his boots. Be an obedient faggot and worship King Luca’s leather boots. Your only purpose is to serve this leather master or to suffer the consequences.

5 New Videos – Master Rock, Master Dave, and Master Destroyer all team up to trample this slave. Getting the masked slave on the ground, the 3 doms all stand on top of him, sometimes at the same time. The weak slave must endure the full body weight of all three of these men. The three doms have so much fun that they return again to stomp this slave some more. The slave’s poor ribs and bones must feel the pressure coming down as these doms don’t hold back. The three strong men all have a go at standing on top of this slave and trampling him at the same time.

The masked slave goes outside for some outdoors trampling from two masters this time. Master Dave and Master Rock get the slave shirtless and on the cold ground in the woods as they stomp on him. The slave is stomped into the ground further and further by their boots and sneakers. Just like before, the doms come back again for even more intense trampling. The masked slave feels their sneakers pressing hard on his exposed body as they apply maximum pressure with each stomp. These dom boys treat this slave like a human door mat for their amusement. Later, the masked slave meets up with Master Right to be trampled by his soccer cleats. Master Right doesn’t hold back and lets the slave feel his cleats coming down on his bare flesh. The masked slave moans and groans from the pain but there is no where to run to for him.

5 New Videos – Master CH lets Slave Matt have it as he punches him in the face. Slave Matt lays on the ground and Master CH acts as Slave Matt’s bully. Slave Matt groans and tries to anticpate the punches as they come down on him. After beating up his slave, Master CH sits on the slave’s face. Slave Matt gets pinned to the ground under his master’s ass. Master CH laughs at this weak slave as it struggles.In another clip, Master CH stands on top of his slave. With his full weight on the slave, Master CH tramples Slave Matt into the ground. Slave Matt tries to push away but his struggles are useless like himself.

After all of that stomping and sitting, Master CH wants to choke out his slave. Master CH totally owns Slave Matt making him struggle for freedom. Slave Matt has no choice but to submit from the powerful vice grip of Master CH. As a reward for enduring the pain, Master CH lets Slave Matt worship his feet. Slave Matt gets some chokes throughout this real time session but has to lick and suck his master’s feet. Master CH enjoys having his feet worshiped by such an inferior.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel comes over to abuse his slave and use him as a human chair. Master Daniel sits on his slave like he’s a piece of furniture. The slave lays there and takes all of the abuse given to him. The next time Master Daniel comes over there is even more facesitting. Slave Matt is used as a seat for Master Daniel’s ass. Smothering the slave with his jock ass, Master Daniel flexes for the camera totally ignoring this slave.

After getting his ass worshiped, Master Daniel orders the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt gets trampled and worships his master’s feet in the process. Slave Matt is in his natural place under this dom’s feet. Master Daniel gets bored and wants to really abuse and choke his slave. Slave Matt struggles as Master Daniel gets behind him and throws him into a headlock. There is no way this slave can escape and all he can do is pray for mercy from Master Daniel.

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2 New Videos – After this fag slave was disobedient towards MasterUltimateGod, it comes crawling back for more physical abuse. MasterUltimateGod isn’t forgiving at all and gives this slave one of his most brutal beatdowns. The slave experiences nonstop abuse and humiliation outside. In part 2 of this savage beat down, MasterUltimateGod delivers hard punches all over his slave’s body. MasterUltimateGod is like the bully of this slave’s nightmares as he continues to beat on him while the slave cries. There is nothing to stop MasterUltimateGod from taking out his frustrations on this disobedient slave.

5 New Videos – Master Dave gives his slave a visit for their first trample session. The slave lays flat on his back while Master Dave walks all over him like a doormat. This obedient slave is stomped further into the ground from his powerful master above him. The stomping abuse continues as Master Dave puts his full body weight into these stomps. Walking all over his slave’s face and body, Master Dave doesn’t hold back on applying pressure to this slave. The masked slave takes all of the crushing abuse.

Master Dave had so much fun the first time, that he returns to trample the slave with his Adidas sneakers. The shirtless slave lays there like a human doormat while Master Dave walks all over his exposed body. Stomping and kicking this slave, Master Dave shows the slave no respect. Master Dave then switches to a pair of soccer cleats to maximize the punishment for this slave. The masked slave has socks stuffed in his mouth to muffle his screams as Master Dave applies more pressure from his cleats. Master Dave makes sure to stomp extra hard on this slave toward the end of their meet up. The slave is starting to experience even more pain than before but realizes there is nothing stopping Master Dave. This jock dom makes sure his slave knows its place by the end of their real time.

5 New Videos – Master Dave gives his slave a visit for their first trample session. The slave lays flat on his back while Master Dave walks all over him like a doormat. This obedient slave is stomped further into the ground from his powerful master above him. The stomping abuse continues as Master Dave puts his full body weight into these stomps. Walking all over his slave’s face and body, Master Dave doesn’t hold back on applying pressure to this slave. The masked slave takes all of the crushing abuse.

Master Dave had so much fun the first time, that he returns to trample the slave with his Adidas sneakers. The shirtless slave lays there like a human doormat while Master Dave walks all over his exposed body. Stomping and kicking this slave, Master Dave shows the slave no respect. Master Dave then switches to a pair of soccer cleats to maximize the punishment for this slave. The masked slave has socks stuffed in his mouth to muffle his screams as Master Dave applies more pressure from his cleats. Master Dave makes sure to stomp extra hard on this slave toward the end of their meet up. The slave is starting to experience even more pain than before but realizes there is nothing stopping Master Dave. This jock dom makes sure his slave knows its place by the end of their real time.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel sits on his slave. Using the slave as a chair, Master Daniel sits his ass down on the slave in this 5 minute video clip. Once he has had enough, he towers over the slave and tramples him under his alpha male feet. Afterwards, Master Daniel chokes his slave between his legs. Slave Matt is squeezed between his jock’s strong legs and feels his abuse. Master Daniel ignores the slave’s gasps for air and just flexes for the camera instead.

1 New Video – Master Respawn totally degrades and humiliates his slave by making it eat ice cream off the floor. This fag slave shows how pathetic he is as he laps up ice cream from the floor. When he’s not using his tongue for that, he’s licking and worshiping Master Respawn’s barefeet.

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3 New Videos – Stefano wears a pair of leather pants while smoking a cigar and stroking his cock. With his leather gloves, he pumps his massive cock while verbally dominating you. Prepare to be verbally abused and bossed around as this muscled alpha shows off his huge meat that you should be worshipping. After stroking outside, Stefano comes inside to blast another load of cum. This time just wearing a leather jacket and leather boots, Stefano shows off more of his perfect Godlike physique. Look up at perfection while Stefano gets off. Finishing up his newest clips for the week, Stefano then spits on you while clad in more leather gear. Filmed inside his luxury car, Stefano berates you some more verbally while treating you like trash. Your existence is nothing more than spit to Stefano.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod and dom buddy dominate a slave while smoking cigars. This dom duo make the slave service their boots as they blow smoke in his face. The obedient slave is nothing more than an ashtray to these dominant men while on his knees. Things get more brutal the next day as this duo busts the slave’s balls outisde in a public park. The fag slave gets his nuts crushed, punished and stoned by MasterUltimateGod and another dom as they laugh at his pain. The reason these doms want to punish this slave is for the fact that he exists. The slave gets degraded further as he’s treated like a cow by being forced to eat grass and moo. The doms get creative in other ways as they degrade and humiliate their fag slave out in the open. There also is plenty of physical abuse as they kick, punch, and smack around this slave.

4 New Videos – Nikcy gets dominated by Big Alpha once again while being locked in a front chokehold. Big Alpha practices his reverse chokehold on Nicky for over 20 minutes in this clip. His huge biceps engulf almost all of Nicky’s entire head. Big Alpha gets in more choke domination as he dominates another victim in Gio. Gio walks in on Big Alpha as he’s working out. Big Alpha then proceeds to choke Gio into submission with his hands and exercise equipment.

Victor is a muscled Jiu Jitsu boy and so is his younger bro. Victor and his bro decide to practice their submissions on each other in this wrestling clip. The two brothers battle it out for dominance. In a similar match up are two Colombian bros who have a choke battle. Johan plays around with some chokeholds on Fred until Fred is tapping and begging for mercy. Johan gets so caught up in the thrill that he doesn’t want to stop.

5 New Videos – Master Ch meets up with Slave Matt to slap him around and spit on him. Slave Matt serves as Master Ch’s victim while opening his mouth for spit. When he’s not getting spit on, Master Ch is smacking him around for his amusement. Things get more intense when Master Ch moves up to punching his slave. With Slave Matt pinned to the ground, Master Ch proceeds to deliver some face punches to this weakened slave. The slave simply accepts the beatdown from his dom bully. Master Ch gives Slave Matt a small break from the beatings as he chokes his slave. Slave Matt is choked between Master Ch’s legs with his face pressed agains the dom’s ass. Slave Matt gets to smell this dom’s butt while he’s gasping for air.

The choking gets more severe as Master Ch chokes his slave from behind. With his legs wrapped around Slave Matt’s body, Master Ch wraps his arms tightly around the slave’s throat. Slave Matt cannot pull away from this tight vice-like grip. In their next real time meet up, Master Ch chokes his slave some more and sits on his face. Slave Matt is totally degraded when this dom puts all of his weight on the slave by sitting on his face. When Slave Matt whines too much, Master Ch proceeds to choke him some more.

5 New Video – Master Daniel bullies his slave into submission. Slave Matt gets choked out and overpowered by this alpha. Master Daniel doesn’t hold back when he gets right up in his slave’s face while putting his hand around the slave’s throat. Afterwards, Master Daniel proceeds to trample the slave while standing over top of him. Slave Matt is pinned down to the ground as Master Daniel treats him like a doormat. The slave feels the full weight of Master Daniel standing on his back and head throughout this clip.

If you more slave choking then check out the next clip as Master Daniel wraps his legs around the slave’s neck. While playing video games, Master Daniel chokes Slave Matt with his strong legs. When Slave Matt whimpers and moans, Master Daniel just laughs and ignores him. The slave gets his master’s full attention in the next clip as he’s locked in a Jiu Jitsu hold. Wearing full Jiu Jitsu uniforms, Master Daniel shows this slave how much experience he has as a fighter. Slave Matt quickly taps out and is overpowered. Master Daniel switches things up and goes solo for the next spit fetish clip. Looking at the camera and holding a glass, Master Daniel fills the glass with his alpha spit. Imagine being the lucky slave to receive this alpha’s spit.


Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod meets up with his slave for an intense real time beat down as he humiliates the slave in the bathroom. This depraved slave is subjected to noogies, swirlies in the toilet, donkey riding, wedgies and more. The fag slave gets the standard MasterUltimateGod treatment. Later, MasterUltimateGod put the faggot in his place with some grappling abuse. The slave is tossed around like a rag doll and ordered to worship MasterUltimateGod’s pits and biceps. The slave has no choice but to submit as he’s being choked out and beaten.

3 New Videos – These 4 masters completely cover their slave’s face in spit. The doms don’t hold back as they spit thick, nasty loogies all over this slave’s pathetic face. Later then begin smoking and flicking ashes on the slave’s spit covered head and face. After the humiliation, the slave is bullied into alpha male foot worship. The 4 young doms relax back with their feet up as their slave obediently worships and serves at their feet. Licking, sniffing, and serving at their feet, the slave is slapped around and mocked until he gets locked in a headscissors as the other doms make him smell their feet. In another real time meet, Master Ritchel, Hunter, Liam, and Deyang teach the slave a lesson he won’t forget. They throw the slave in the bathroom and take turns pissing on their slave. After all of that beer drinking, the doms have a full stream of piss to unleash on this pathetic slave as it quivers in the shower.

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker went to Italy to meet up with his sub that he’s owned for 7 years. Being together, allowed for this slave to worship SlavesSeeker properly. The sub had the pleasure of enjoying his master’s piss, worshipping his big barefeet, getting beaten with a belt, and experiencing a kicking / slapping therapy session.

5 New Videos – Master P is an experience martial artist and loves showing his slave who’s in charge. Getting his slave down on the ground, Master P locks his slave in a triangle choke until the slave submits. Immediately after, Master P orders the slave to service his sweaty feet. The abuse continues for the slave as he’s subjected to intense kick domination. Master Pedro kicks the slave like he’s a punching bag. The weak slave just cowers in the corner doing his best to block the abuse. Following the kicking, Master P tests out his martial arts skills as he chokes his slave. Slave Matt is no match against the skilled fighter, Master P. Slave Matt immediately submits and struggles to break free from the submissions locks onto him.

Slave Matt serves many masters and Master J is one of them. Visiting his slave, Master J sits on his slave while playing some video games. Treating the slave like a piece of furniture, Master J shows no respect for this slave. In between his gaming, Master J even spits on his slave a few times to derade it more. After that abuse session, Slave Matt gets a visit from Master Pedro for some choke domination. Master Pedro uses his legs to choke out this weak slave. Slave Matt has no where to run to when Master Pedro locks his legs completely around this slave’s throat.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel dominates his slave with some rough facesitting. Pushing his crotch into the slave’s face, Master Daniel sits all of his weight down on the slave’s face and chest. The slave has no where to go and gets slapped around by Master Daniel in the process. In another real time with this slave, Master Daniel gives the slave some more facesitting abuse. Relaxing while playing video games, Master Daniel treats the slave like a human chair. Totally ignoring this slave, Master Daniel is fixated on winning his video games. There isn’t a break for this slave when he meets up with Master Daniel again for some abusive trampling. Master Daniel stands on top of the slave and walks all over him. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master Daniel stomps, kicks, and tramples him with all of his weight.

Continuing with the abuse, Master Daniel slaps around his slave. Slave Matt gets numerous face slaps as he’s pinned down by his master. Slave Matt has no where to go once Master Daniel is on top of him. Shifting gears, Master Daniel shows how strong his abs are as he subjects himself to some gut punches. Without his shirt on, Master Daniel flexes his abs as the punches come his way right into his abs.