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4 New Videos – Another cashfag gets under MasterUltimateGod’s boots. The pigfag wears a pig mask to represent what he truly is to this dom. MasterUltimateGod makes the pigfag gag on his boots, socks, and barefeet as he’s mistreated. The humiliation and degradation continue for this pigfag in the bathroom. MasterUltimateGod feeds the fat pig donuts from the toilet until he wretches. The pig gets fattened up and treated like utter scum by his straight alpha.

It’s then time for some physical abuse for this slave as MasterUltimateGod grapples and chokes the slave. Tossing the cashfag around like a rag doll, MasterUltimateGod doesn’t hold back when choking the cashfag. The slave deserves every type of punishment delivered to him. MasterUltimateGod then crushes and facesits on the pigfag. Using this cashfag’s face as a chair, MasterUltimateGod shows off, flexes and kicks back. To crush the cashfag more, MasterUltimateGod even begins to curl weights like he would in the gym on top of this cashfag’s face.

2 New Videos – MasterNiko wrestles and chokes his sub in their latest realtime meet. The gets beaten down in front of MasterNiko’s friends as he puts the slave in its place. The sub gasps for air and begs for mercy but is mocked instead by his dominant alpha. Laster, MasterNiko orders the slave to lick his shoes. The masked sub does as he’s told and licks his alpha’s sneakers clean. For fun, MasterNiko then squeezes and crushes the slave’s head with some intense trampling while choking the slave on a dog leash.

5 New Videos – Master J tramples and stomps all over Slave Matt. Pinned under his dom’s foot, Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s tormented by Master J. Master J gets great satisfaction out of turning this slave into a human doormat. Afterwards, Master J straddles Slave Matt for some face punches. Master J pummels Slave Matt with multiple blows to the face. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back and lays there taking his punishment. Slave Matt then gets to go back to worshipping his master’s feet. Slave Matt lays on his back as he gags and chokes on Master J’s huge feet. Master J orders this slave to suck on as much of his feet as possible.

Master J then gets tougher on his slave with some intense chokeholds. Slave Matt is pinned down again but this time placed in various submission chokeholds. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and quickly taps out. Slave Matt then wants to relax and play some video games while choking his slave. Sitting on the edge of the bed and gaming, Master J wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s head and neck to squeeze him between his legs. The slave whinces and cries from the squeezing but Master J is too focused on leveling up in his game to care.

1 New Video – Straight alpha dom HungArmo crushes his slave under his superior alpha feet. The footfag lays on his back as this straight dom tramples and stomps him like a bug. HungArmo then sits on the slave’s face to remind the slave that it’s beneath an alpha this superior.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel chokes out his slave for over 30 minutes. In this nonstop choke abuse session, Master Daniel doesn’t hold back. Slave Matt struggles as he’s repeatedly and viciously choked in various submission holds. Master Daniel then practices a brutal headscissors choke on his slave. Slave Matt is locked in a triangle choke between Master Daniel’s legs. Once this alpha locks his legs around the slave’s throat, there is no escaping.

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4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddy use this cashfaggot as a human couch. Sitting back and playing some video games, these two alphas ignore the sub as MasterUltimateGod sit’s on its face. The sub is completely smothered under MasterUltimateGod’s jock ass. The slave then is subjected to intense humiliation and degradation. The alpha duo take the cashfag to the bathroom to turn him into a human urinal. The pissfag gets pissed on and bullied hard subjected to wedgies and swirlies from his dom bullies.

The humiliation continues as MasterUltimateGod farts in the slave’s face. Farting in your face again and again is what MasterUltimateGod shows off in this compilation as he farts in the faces of worthless cashfags. After you’d been degraded you can worship your alpha’s muscles as he verbally abuses you. This straight alpha puts you in your place as he verbally berates you and shows off his muscular body. Submit with your wallet and obedience.

3 New Videos – MasterNiko invites over his footfag to lick his sneakers. The masked sub slave gets down at the soles of his master’s shoes and begins licking. Master Niko has this slave on a tight leash as he chokes him during the sneaker worship. Master Niko flexes and shows off for the camera as this slave serves its purpose. Master Niko then shows a dual camera angle as he uses this slave a human urinal. The pathetic sub slave is completely covered in his master’s piss. There is no better way for a cashfag to shower than with his master’s warm piss. Master Niko gets even more aggressive with his piss slave in their next meet up. Making the slave crawl to the bathroom on all fours, MasterNiko leads the slave on a leash. The sub then gets his master’s piss all over his face and licks it up off the floor.

5 New Videos – Master P chokes and spits on his obedient slave in their most recent realtime. Slave Matt is pinned under Master P as the dom chokes the slave with his legs. While gasping for air, the slave gets gobs of Master P’s spit all over his face. The choke abuse gets more intense as Master P locks Slave Matt in a chokehold. With his head pressed up against his dom’s armpit, Slave Matt gets a whiff of his dom’s scent. Master P chokes and humiliates this slave hard.

Master P sits on the slave’s face and smothers him with his feet. Covering Slave Matt’s face with his big alpha feet, this dom totally humiliates and owns the slave. Master P then continues to spit in this slave’s face. While sitting on the slave’s face, Master P punches the slave in the face. Slave Matt has no where to run to as he’s pinned under his dom and turned into a punching bag. Master P hits the slave hard and laughs at his pain. Master P then gets Slave Matt backed into a corner and gives the slave a beat down. With no place to run, Slave Matt is kicked and punched by his master. Master P loves abusing the pummeling this human punching bag.

1 New Video – Master Berlin degrades and pisses on his slave just because he can. This cashfag is subjected to being nothing more than a urinal for his dom. The disgusting slave swallows down his master’s piss then worships Master Berlin’s dirty, sweaty socked feet.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel is joined by Master P to double dominate this slave. When one dom is choking out the slave, the other is ramming his sweaty feet in the slave’s face. Slave Matt gets attacked from all sides and loves every second of it. Master Daniel then abuses the slave in a one-on-one session as he sits on the slave. Pinned under his dom, Slave Matt feels Master Daniel’s full weight smashing down on him. Master Daniel flexes his muscles for the camera to show off as he dominates.

Master Daniel then subjects his slave to a tight headlock. Master Daniel keeps locking in the headlock tight as Slave Matt struggles. There is no letting up once the headlock gets locked around the slave’s neck. In part 2, Master Daniel gives the slave even more of his submission hold domination. Slave Matt is choked repeatedly with no signs of it letting up. Master Daniel callously just looks at the slave with displeasure as he abuses him more. This alpha follows it up with a part 3 of him choking out his slave. Master Daniel locks in another headscissors on this slave as he continues the abuse. Slave Matt’s only option is to tap out and beg for mercy as there is no escape.

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1 New Video – Big Alpha effortlessly punishes two weak boys. Wearing a black thong, this muscle dom shows off his strength as it’s one on two when he chokes out these subs. The two weak subs get simultaenously locked in a headscissors and a bodyscissors by this muscular alpha.

3 New Videos – After an intense workout, MasterUltimateGod makes his cashfag worship his sweaty armpits. The inferior sub licks and sniffs all the dried sweat from his dom’s pits. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod crushes the slave’s head with his quads. It’s then the sub’s job to move down to worship his master’s sweaty socks. Wearing black ankle socks, MasterUltimateGod covers the slave’s nose with his sweaty socked feet. The cashfag gets trampled and stomped on before being allowed to worship barefeet. MasterUltimateGod then leads the slave to the bathroom for some straight jock bullying. MasterUltimateGod repeatedly dunks the cashfag’s head into the toilet giving him swirlies. This alpha then whips out his dick and pisses all over the sub to turn him into a human urinal.

3 New Videos – MasterMarte is comfortable walking around in his white socks and is in the mood to destroy a paypig. This human slave worships his dom’s socked feet and MasterMarte lets off some steam. Slapping and beating the slave, MasterMarte makes sure the slave suffers. A straight master should always be honored and tributed with cash. Slaves prove their worth with the more they tribute. This paypig gives up his entire month’s salary to serve his dom. In another barefoot worship session, MasterMarte orders this obedient foot slave to serve at his feet. After MasterMarte comes home, the slave is waiting like a dog to drool over and lick his dom’s superior feet. This foot pig sniffs his dom’s feet and licks all the dirt from his soles.

5 New Videos – Master E destroys his slave in this rough beatdown. Sitting on top of the slave, Master E punches the slave in the face and totally bullies him. The bullied slave can’t even fight back and just endures his punishment. The punching domination continues as Master E pummels his slave some more. Slave Matt gets his face bashed in like a human punching bag. Dominated and bullied, Master E shows the slave why he’s stronger and more dominant. Master E then kneels on the slave’s head and he beats him down some more. Slave Matt gets choked between his master’s legs and abused.

Master E then returns to kick and punch his slave. Slave Matt is backed into a corner as Master E repeatedly kicks him in the body until he collapses. Once Slave Matt is down, he gets beaten into a pulp. Master E just can’t stop using Slave Matt as a human punching bag. Pinned down to the bed, Slave Matt gets more beatings from his master. Master E makes sure the slave has no where to run to as he sits his crotch down on the slave pinning him and blocking his escape.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel chokes his slave hard until he submits. Getting down on the ground with the slave, Master Daniel locks his bicep around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt begs for mercy but gets ignored by Master Daniel. The side choke domination continues when Master Daniel abuses Slave Matt some more. Still suffering from the last choke domination, Slave Matt is overpowered even more. Master Daniel locks on the super tight sleeperhold until Slave Matt taps out. To further degrade and dominate his slave, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on his back as this jock dom facesits on the slave. When Master Daniel gets bored he locks his slave in a tight headscissors right after.

Master Daniel then puts the slave’s head between his legs for a triangle choke. Slave Matt’s face is pinned against his master’s crotch as his head is squeezed between his thighs. Master Daniel laughs as his slave struggles to break free. Master Daniel then gives you a better angle to watch him squeeze his slave’s head. Facing the camera, Slave Matt has his head squeezed between Master Daniel’s legs. Master Daniel flexes and shows how cocky he is as he chokes his slave more.

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3 New Videos – Master Nello reminds his worm slave that the slave is nothing. While under his master’s boots the slave worships and obeys all of Master Nello’s commands. Once the slave is done serving at his master’s feet, he is then allowed to worship his armpits. Master Nello then totally abuses another slave. This slave is treated like a disobedient animal as he’s choked with a leash and degraded. Master Nello shows total contempt for the slave as he spits on him and slaps him. If you crave more of Master Nello’s spit then worship him as he spits all over a mirror for the camera. Master Nello pretends the mirror is your face as he totally covers it in his alpha spit. If this was your face, it would be treated like a spittoon.

4 New Videos – Master Ultimate God and his dom buddy order their slave to worship their feet. Smoking a cigar with his buddy, Master Ultimate God gets his feet massaged by the foot faggot. The loyal foot slave cleans and worships his doms’ feet. Things get more extreme as Master Ultimate God straps this faggot to a chair in the garage and viciously tortures him. Master Ultimate God allows the slave to choose his own punishments but all the options are severe and brutal. Even though the slave has some choices, Master Ultimate God still decides to do whatever he wants.

Continuing with the abuse, Master Ultimate God abuses this slave’s balls. With the slave’s nuts exposed, Master Ultimate God lets loose and totally destroys them. This alpha laughs with the camera man as the fag slave suffers. For doing such a good job at taking abuse, Master Ultimate God rewards him with some facesitting and trampling. Sitting and crushing the faggot’s face, Master Ultimate God puts his full weight into it. The slave is treated like a cushion as Master Ultimate God plops down his weight onto the slave.

3 New Videos – Master Marte meets up with a depraved slave for some faggot destruction. The worthless slave is stomped on and beaten with a belt by his master. Master Marte then pisses all over the masked slave and treats him like a human urinal. To add more to the punishment, the slave is spit on and has his balls tortured too. While using this masked slave, Master Marte orders the slave to serve at his feet. The masked slave sniffs and licks his dom’s big barefeet. As this alpha male leans back and relaxes, the slave licks all the sweat off his feet. Master Marte then gets up to trample the slave. The weak slave is treated like a human doormat as he’s walked all over. Master Marte wants him to suffer more and subjects the slave to some rough facesitting.

5 New Videos – Master J sits on his slave during their real time. While playing video games and ignoring the slave, Master J uses this slave as a chair. The slave is totally disrespected and dehumanized while being sat on. Master J then feels its time for more physical abuse as he boxes the slave. Slave Matt is pummeled and beaten up by Master J. Master J beats on the slave and punches him with his boxing gloves repeatedly. Not letting up, Master J punches the slave in the face and spits on him. Master J sits on top of the slave and punches him with closed fists. Slave Matt is abused by his bully dom.

Master J continues the abuse with more spit for the slave. Master J spits all over Slave Matt while sitting on top of him. In between spitting on him, Master J smothers the slave with his barefeet. In another real time encounter, Master J gets back from the gym to make the slave worship his sweaty feet. Slave Matt services his dom’s big sweaty feet like an obedient foot fag. Master J kicks and stomps on the slave when it’s not gagging on his feet.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel tramples all over Slave Matt in their latest meet up. Slave Matt is treated like a human doormat as he’s walked all over. Flexing for the camera, Master Daniel shows how cocky he is while dominating this slave. Master Daniel then gets more intense as he chokes out the slave. Putting him in a side headlock, Master Daniel tightens his grip around the slave’s neck. Slave Matt writhes around and begs for mercy. Master Daniel shows more of his sidehchoke domination skills with another tight headlock. Slave Matt has his head completely squeezed in between this dom’s arms. Master Daniel makes sure Slave Matt sniffs his armpit in between the choking.

The intense domination goes on longer with a physical beatdown. Master Daniel backs Slave Matt into a corner and begins to kick and punch him. Showing off his muay thai skills, Master Daniel pounds on the slave until he submits. The tables get turned when Master Daniel lets Slave Matt get some free punches in this gut punching session. Master Daniel tightens his abs as Slave Matt is allowed to deliver some gut punches. Master Daniel will get his revenge in their next encounter.

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2 New Videos – Master Nello is destructive and merciless in his latest real time video. These two pathetic endure hard facesitting, face slaps, and piss drinking. After all that, Master Nello then punshes both slave’s weak balls while outdoors. Another slave visits Master Nello to be reminded that he is a useless slave. The pathetic slave crawls under the table to serve at Master Nello’s feet as the dom enjoys a snack. Later the slave is ordered to place cash between each of his master’s toes.

2 New Videos – Stay helpless under Massi the Prince’s big alpha male feet. This arrogant dom takes advantage of what slaves like you really are: a walking wallet to be emptied whenever doms please. Massi the Prince shows 3 different camera angles of this slave worshipping his feet while it pays for the privilege. Massi the Prince then gets creative as he brings you along for a Teamviewer cash drain. This loser fag sent his master his Teamviewer ID to log in and take money like a human ATM. Massi the Prince orders the slave to stare helpless at his big feet while they’re on Skype.

5 New Videos – Master G gags his slave with his feet while showing him who’s in charge. Slave Matt gags and chokes on his doms huge feet while servicing them. Master G just laughs in the slave’s face as he gags harder. Following the foot worship, Master G tramples and stomps on his weak slave. Pinned under his master’s feet, Slave Matt feels like a human doormat as he’s trampled. Master G continues to laugh at how amusing and pathetic someone can be under his feet. The intense foot gagging continues. Master G sticks as much of his big alpha feet in the slave’s mouth as he can. Slave Matt does his best to swallow every inch of his dom’s powerful feet while licking and servicing them. Slave Matt licks every inch of Master G’s soles.

Master G gets more intense when he starts to choke out his slave in a tight headscissors. Wrapping his arms around Slave Matt’s throat, there is no mercy as Master G tightens his grip. Slave Matt quickly taps out from the pain. To reward his slave for enduring such a beating, Master G sits on his slave’s face. Pinned under his dom’s ass, Slave Matt has no where to go. Master G then sits his full weight on the slave’s stomach when he gets tired of sitting on his face.

3 New Video – This superior alpha shows his dominance by ordering his slave to worship his smelly feet. The obedient foot fag serves at his dom’s sweaty, smelly feet licking and worshipping them. The findom then rubs his big feet all over his slave’s face to rub the scent all over. In another real time session, the pay pig pays an alpha to sit on his face. Pinning down the slave, this dom sits his ass right on the slave’s face and begins to grind it in harder. The slave’s face gets pressed tightly against the dom’s ass and dick throughout. Following that abuse, the slave gets his head squeezed between his master’s thighs. The dom locks his legs tightly around the slave’s neck and begins to squeeze. This weak slave endures as much of the painful punishment as he can before tapping out.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel puts his slave through a hard choke session. Slave Matt suffers between Master Daniel’s legs as the dom locks on a tight headscissors. Squeezing the slave’s throat and head, Master Daniel looks intimidatingly into the camera to remind you that this could be you. There is more intense chokehold domination when Master Daniel visits the slave again. Slave Matt is approached from behind as Master Daniel wraps his arms around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt has no where to run to because the hold gets tighter as he squirms.

Slave Matt is sat on by his dom in the next video clip. Master Daniel sits his jock ass on Slave Matt’s face with his full weight. Pinning and crushing Slave Matt into the ground, the slave can only breathe through his dom’s ass. Slave Matt then gets treated like a human punching bag when Master Daniel pummels him in the corner. Master Daniel gets in his muay thai fighting practice on this slave. Slave Matt tries his best to fight back but is no match against Master Daniel.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod delivers another atomic wedgie to this pathetic slave. However, this dom invites over all of his dom bros to have a go at giving this slave a wedgie too. The slave’s underwear get shredded from all the doms ripping at them which concludes with everyone spitting on the slave. After the humiliation, MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy wrestle the slave to the ground. This fag slave is put through a gauntlet of submission holds as he’s repeatedly choked and tossed around. The slave writhes and gasps as the doms overpower him with ease. Following the beat down, the two doms take turns trampling and sitting on the slave. The weak faggot feels the full weight of these doms right on top of him as they take turn stomping on his balls, chest, and face. MasterUltimateGod reminds the slave that this is the fate all slaves deserve.

3 New Video – Master Nello has fun taking this slave outside for some outdoors abuse. Master Nello slaps around the slave and orders it to clean his dirty boots. The slave then gets on his knees as Master Nello repeatedly kicks him in the balls. In another real time session, Master Nello uses two slaves at one time. The two slaves worship their superior king by giving him their cash and worshipping his sneakers. Master Nello sits back and flips off the camera to show the power he has over weak slaves. Continuing on with the abuse, Master Nello sits on the slave’s faces. Each slave lays on it’s back on the bed as Master Nello sits his ass down on each of their faces. Master Nello then blows smoke in their faces and totally dehumanizes each slave.

3 New Videos – Brandon and Jack fight it out to see who is the better grappler. Both of these jock studs show off their wrestling abilities against the other as they fight for dominance. With both of their egos on the line, neither one is willing to tap out. After that match up, Jack then takes on Demir in another headscissors match. These jocks get down on the mat and put each other through a series of headscissors and bodyscissors submissions. The muscular bodies of these two studs show off as they flex and struggle to break free from each other’s submission holds. Not to be left out, Elliot Scissors has his go in a match up against Brandon in this long awaited jock battle. The two studs square off as Elliot gets locked in a tight bodyscissors from Brandon. Brandon locks it on tight and really makes Elliot struggle to break free.

4 New Video – Master Daniel loves sitting on his slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on the bed as Master Daniel sits his jock ass right on top of him. With no where to go, Slave Matt enjoys being pinned and crushed under such a superior ass. THe jock facesitting continues as Master Daniel makes sure to firmly press the slave’s face deep in his ass. Slave Matt has his nose pressed tight up against Master Daniel’s ass as he smothers him with no way to escape.

Slave Matt quickly realizes that his rightful place is under his master’s ass. Master Daniel continues the facesitting in their following real time meet up. Slave Matt struggles for air as he’s pinned under his master’s superior jock ass. Master Daniel nearly suffocates this weak slave with his huge jock ass. After all of that ass worship, Master Daniel and Slave Matt put on jiu jitsu fighting robes as they battle each other. Each battle for supremacy in this wrestling match but Matt cannot overpower a strong dom like Master Daniel.

2 New Videos – XianQuatro has been sweating all day and it’s time he showered up his muscles. Stripping down in the shower, XianQuatro washes his muscles for the camera and puts on a show. See how this stud cools down after a hot day. Following getting clean, Xian gets dirty again when he oils up and jerks off. Oiling up his muscles and flexing, Xian starts to oil up his cock too and begins stroking it. This hunk strokes his big cock until he blasts a huge load of cum.

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2 New Videos – AlphaCashMatt is joined by Bound Eagle as they bust this slave’s balls. The masked inferior slaves gets his nuts smacked and kicked around as these two doms enjoy abusing him. With clothespins on his nipples, the doms abuse him, spit on him, blow smoke in his face, and totally degrade him. Then AlphaCashMatt goes solo as he orders you to worship his feet. Sitting on his bed with his feet planted right up against the camera, AlphaCashMatt gives you all the foot porn you could ask for. Come crawling to him with your wallet out, ready to serve his big alpha feet.

3 New Video – MasterTy shows you what pure alpha perfection looks like when he sticks his feet in your face. This superior dom kicks back and relaxes in his recliner as he verbally berates you, telling you to worship his straight alpha feet. Enjoy the power and domination which MasterTy exudes. Moving on from his feet, MasterTy then flexes for the camera so you can serve his muscles. MasterTy gives you a glimpse of his chest, pits, and biceps as you drool wanting to serve him. Watch as this powerful jock dom gets in a muscle pump with a band workout. Things get more verbal as you’ll get another 10 minutes of verbal degradation, humiliation, and jock body worship. Master Ty flexes and shows off his muscled chest and sweaty pits for you to lick. Feel his dominant power as he bosses you around telling you to worship the sweat from his balls and ass.

1 New Video – This obedient foot fag worships at King Luca’s feet as he watches porn on his phone. Stroking his dick to porn, King Luca sticks out his feet for the foot pig to worship. If the slave is subservient enough, King Luca will allow him to worship more of him at the end.

5 New Video – Master CH puts on his karate uniform because he’s ready to beat up his slave. Slave Matt doesn’t stand a chance against a skilled fighter like Master CH. The slave is quickly taken down to the ground and made to worship his dom’s feet. In another real time meet up, Master CH continues to make the slave lick his dirty feet. Master CH rams his big, dirty foot in Slave Matt’s mouth making him gag on it. The slave’s job is to make sure his master’s feet are cleaned. Showing what an obedient foot fag he is, Slave Matt gives even more foot worship to his dom n their following session. Master CH at points ignores the slave to play on his phone as the slave gags and chokes on his master’s foot.

When Master CH isn’t forcing a foot down a slave’s mouth, he’s giving the slave a beatdown. Master CH puts Slave Matt through a variety of chokeholds and submissions. Slave Matt begs for mercy and quickly taps out as the submissions are clinched on tight. Master CH then uses Slave Matt as a human punching bag. Straddling his slave and pinning him down, Master CH begins punching his slave repeatedly in the face. Slave Matt has no where to run to and takes his punishment like a slave should.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in an aggressive mood and is ready to choke out his slave. Wrapping his strong legs around the slave’s throat, Master Daniel chokes and abuses this slave until he submits. Slave Matt gasps and begs for mercy but Master Daniel shows him none. After the choke abuse, Master Daniel decides to give his slave a muay thai beatdown. With fighting gloves on, Master Daniel backs his slave into a corner and begins pummeling him. The slave is quickly reminded of all the bullies in his life who have beat him up.

When Master Daniel comes to visit his slave, he needs a place to sit. Ther isn’t anywhere else better than to sit on the slave’s face. Slave Matt is buried under Master Daniel’s jock ass. Master Daniel looks down at the slave in amusement as Slave Matt struggles to breathe and see under alpha ass. Master Daniel then stands up to trample the slave. With his black socks on, Master Daniel stomps and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is made to worship and sniff his superior’s alpha feet and socks while underneath them.

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3 New Videos – Massi the Prince allows this slave the honor of buying him some food and serving as his human coffee table. This masked slave worships Massi the Prince’s big alpha feet while he’s ignored. Massi the Prince has a smoke while this slave is fixated on serving his feet. Later, Massi the Prince gives the slave the opportunity to lick the sweat off his feet. While wearing a pair of flip flops, this foot master leans back and gets his feet serviced and worshipped. Your dignity is gone the moment you put your tongue between this alpha’s toes and lick the bottoms of his flip flops. It’s easy for Massi the Prince to turn grown men into spittoons and ashtrays. With his masked slave on the ground, Massi the Prince sits on top of him and blows smoke right in his face. The masked slave then serves as an ashtray as he opens his mouth to take his master’s ash plus spit.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddies make a bet to see who can shoot the faggot in the balls the most. With the faggot’s pants down and vulnerable, then men line up their shots and shoot directly at his balls with a nerf gun. The winner gets $100 and to sock the fag in the balls at the end. This group of alphas then ride the fag like a donkey. Totally dehumanized and degraded the slave is mocked as he’s rode around. These alphas laugh while they spank the slave hard leaving marks for the fag to remember this meet up.

The doms take the abuse outside for some icy winter humiliation. While out in the cold, the doms beat the fag over the head with icicles and stick them up his ass. The slave is openly humiliated for everyone to see. Returning inside, the doms make the faggot sniff their farts. This fart sniffing slave has a total attack on all his senses as the doms make him take a big whiff of their foul, raunchy smelling gas. The slave must appreciate everything these doms give him to show his devotion.

5 New Videos – Master CH pins his slave and chokes him out in their latest meet up. With Slave Matt pinned under him, Master CH wraps his leg tightly around the slave’s throat as he begins to choke him tighter. Slave Matt has no way to resist as Master CH locks in the chokehold deeper while showing this slave no remorse. After the choke session, Master CH stomps on the slave and turns him into a human doormat. Rubbing his feet all over the slave’s face, Master CH makes the slave worship his superior alpha feet. The slave licks and sucks on his master’s feet and toes when he’s not being stepped on by him.

Master CH gets more aggressive when he begins punching the slave in the face. The slave is pummeled by repeated punches as he’s treated like a punching bag. Master CH bullies this slave and makes him realize who’s in charge. In another meet, Master CH chokes out his slave from behing. Wrapping his arms tight around the slave’s throat, Master CH makes the slave gasp for air and struggle. Slave Matt can’t fight back and quickly taps out. It’s time then to choke Slave Matt with another headscissors. Slave Matt is placed between his master’s legs as Master CH locks his legs around the slave’s head and neck. This arrogant dom begins choking the slave with his strong legs so his head is totally squeezed in the process.

5 New Video – Master Daniel just got done working out and makes this slave worship his sweaty socked feet. Planting his socked feet on the slave’s face, Master Daniel makes sure the slave licks and sniffs his sweaty feet. After his feet are worshipped, this alpha chokes and slaps around his slave. The choke domination continues when Master Daniel gets Slave Matt between his legs to choke him some more. Slave Matt is put through a series of chokeholds and submissions with no way to escape from the abuse. Switching roles in their next encounter, Master Daniel lets his slave give him some gut punches. Master Daniel shows how strong his core is as he takes repeated blows. In other encounters, Master Daniel gets even more gut punching abuse and even lets a buddy punch him in the abs to show his physical endurance.

1 New Video – Footpigcrusher orders you to sniff his dirty white socks. This foot dom sits back and relaxes while he sticks his big feet right up to the camera to make you drool. Crawl to this dom’s huge feet and serve at his socks.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod hunts down the FAGrinch (his fag slave dressed as the grinch) in the woods. Armed with a paintball gun, this alpha dom lets the fag slave feel his wrath. Pelting him repeatedly with paintballs, the FAGrinch gets what’s coming to him. Later and back inside, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples the fag like a piece of human furniture. The faggot’s balls and face are crushed under this dom’s power and weight. The fag quickly learns his place in life is under his master’s feet. Using another fag slave, MasterUltimateGod orders this one to worship his feet after the gym. With his socks very sweaty and smelly, MasterUltimateGod has his masked faggot sniff and serve at his superior feet. The obedient fag licks his master’s feet clean.

2 New Video – Big Alpha and King Romeo take to the mats for some ball torture and wrestling. Big Alpha receives so much satisfaction from punishing Romeo. Grabbing Romeo’s balls and making him beg just to show that Big Alpha is in charge. Picking on someone smaller than himself, Big Alpha breaks in a new boy. Big Alpha demands some muscle worship before using this boy. The obedient boy worships every inch of Big Alpha before getting squeezed between his mammoth thighs.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt gag on his feet. The obedient foot slave sucks and gags on his dom’s feet while being shown no respect. Slave Matt attempts to swallow more than half of Master G’s foot while on the ground. Master G then chokes this slave while having him on the ground. Slave Matt is placed in a variety of headscissors from Master G. This dom even chokes the slave with his feet on his neck. Afterwards, Master G sits on his slave like a chair. While having Slave Matt pinned to the ground, he is instructed to smell and lick his dom’s feet while he’s face down.

Master G gets on top of the slave and begins choking and punching him like a punching bag. Slave Matt is completely bullied by his superior and beaten up. Without even fighting back, this slave takes his beating with pride. Slave Matt then gets up to his feet and is pinned against a wall. Master G punches him in the face multiple times. The slave’s face is pummeled as he grimaces trying to anticipate each punch.

2 New Video – Muscle dom Goliath and alpha jock Memet fight each other to see who is the stronger alpha. Taking the battle down on the gym mats and even outdoors, these two superiors choke and wrestle one another for superiority. In the first part of their muscle battle, the fight includes lots of punches, submissions, domination, choke holds and more. The two men test their strength and show how much punishment each one of them can withstand.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in a punishment inflicting mood when he chokes his slave. Taking Slave Matt down to the ground, Master Daniel puts him in a side headlock as he begins squeezing tightly around his neck with his bicep. Slave Matt struggles and writhes around. Master Daniel asserts his dominance in the next clip when he sits on top of the slave pinning him down. Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s dominated by such a strong master. Master Daniel plants his crotch right in the slave’s face.

Wanting to hurt this slave, Master Daniel begins to deliver some face punches to the slave. Straddling over top of thim, Master Daniel punches this slave and shows him to never fight back or defy orders. If you want some solo worship of Master Daniel then you can download the next clip of him in a farting compilationA compilation of various clips of Master Daniel farting is something a really nasty pig would enjoy.

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2 New Videos – Massi the Prince is going to ruin you and your family under his feet for his mere amusement. The money you need for your family will be used to pay for this dom’s next vacation instead no matter how badly you need it. You’ll keep sending until you and your family go broke and become homeless. After you’re done spending you can worship his feet some more. With his dirty white socks in your face, Massi the Prince will makr you with his foot stink and spit in your mouth. You are his property to be used and discarded.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddy smoke some cigars while dominating you. You’ll become their human ashtray while these two alphas talk about how superior they are to faggots like you. To add to the scene, they even have their own faggot slave to use as an ashtray as they talk smack to you and him. These doms then take their fag slave outdoors to hunt the slave. This pathetic fag slave goes outside to be hunted with a paintball gun. With his pants off and wrapped in tape, he doesn’t get far before getting abused.

The degradation for this slave continues when MasterUltimateGod and his buddy chew up some food and spit it out for the fag to eat their chewed up food. This slave is fed almost like a baby bird as it’s degraded. This is how all faggots should enjoy their dinner. Following that ordeal, the doms make the fag sniff their farts. The dumb fag slave gets down on his knees as the doms just fart repeatedly in his face making him inhale their stinky, gassy farts.

5 New Videos – Master EZE visits Slave Matt to gag him with his feet. The obedient foot slave gags on his master’s feet as he stuffs it down his mouth further. Master EZE totally ignores the slave as he plays video games getting his feet sucked. Master EZE then tramples his slave by standing on top of him. Slave Matt is pinned under this dom’s feet as he’s walked all over. Master EZE treats his slave like a human doormat.

Slave Matt is then locked in a triangle choke by Master EZE. This dom wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt gasps for air and begs for mercy as he’s dominated. Following that encounter, Master EZE then uses the slave as a human punching bag. Master EZE just begins pounding on his slave and punching him all over. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back since he knows it’s useless. Master EZE returns for round 2 of this slave beatdown. Getting on top of Slave Matt, Master EZE just slugs him with punches and gives him slaps across his face. Slave Matt probably remembers all the times he’s been bullied in life as he’s getting beat up by Master EZE.

3 New Video – This alpha visits his slave to choke him with his cock. The cock hungry slave devours every inch of his master’s cock even if he gags on it. The dom sits back and plays on his phone as this slave struggles to swallow every inch. Later the dom decides to squeeze the slave between his legs. The masked slave is stuck between his dom’s legs in a tight headscissors as he’s choked out. The slave tries to break free but it’s no luck when this dom has his legs locked. Afterwards, the dom sits on the slave’s face to assert dominance. The masked slave is made to smell his master’s ass and cock as he sits on top of him. Pinned under his dom’s ass, the slave truly doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

3 New Videos – Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a tight headscissors chokehold during their latest real time. With his muscular jock legs around the slave’s head, Master Daniel squeezes the slave’s head like it’s a watermelon while choking him. Slave Matt’s face is buried in this dom’s crotch the entire time. After the choke session, Master Daniel sits on top of his slave for some alpha facesitting. The slave is pinned under his dom’s ass while he looks up at him. Master Daniel uses his slave like a piece of human furniture. Afterwards, the roles are reversed as Master Daniel allows his slave to give him some gutpunching abuse. With his back against the wall, Master Daniel gets his abs punched to see how much he can endure. Afterwards, it’s clear the slave doing the punching will be brutalized in their next session.