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2 New Videos – AlphaCashMatt is joined by Bound Eagle as they bust this slave’s balls. The masked inferior slaves gets his nuts smacked and kicked around as these two doms enjoy abusing him. With clothespins on his nipples, the doms abuse him, spit on him, blow smoke in his face, and totally degrade him. Then AlphaCashMatt goes solo as he orders you to worship his feet. Sitting on his bed with his feet planted right up against the camera, AlphaCashMatt gives you all the foot porn you could ask for. Come crawling to him with your wallet out, ready to serve his big alpha feet.

3 New Video – MasterTy shows you what pure alpha perfection looks like when he sticks his feet in your face. This superior dom kicks back and relaxes in his recliner as he verbally berates you, telling you to worship his straight alpha feet. Enjoy the power and domination which MasterTy exudes. Moving on from his feet, MasterTy then flexes for the camera so you can serve his muscles. MasterTy gives you a glimpse of his chest, pits, and biceps as you drool wanting to serve him. Watch as this powerful jock dom gets in a muscle pump with a band workout. Things get more verbal as you’ll get another 10 minutes of verbal degradation, humiliation, and jock body worship. Master Ty flexes and shows off his muscled chest and sweaty pits for you to lick. Feel his dominant power as he bosses you around telling you to worship the sweat from his balls and ass.

1 New Video – This obedient foot fag worships at King Luca’s feet as he watches porn on his phone. Stroking his dick to porn, King Luca sticks out his feet for the foot pig to worship. If the slave is subservient enough, King Luca will allow him to worship more of him at the end.

5 New Video – Master CH puts on his karate uniform because he’s ready to beat up his slave. Slave Matt doesn’t stand a chance against a skilled fighter like Master CH. The slave is quickly taken down to the ground and made to worship his dom’s feet. In another real time meet up, Master CH continues to make the slave lick his dirty feet. Master CH rams his big, dirty foot in Slave Matt’s mouth making him gag on it. The slave’s job is to make sure his master’s feet are cleaned. Showing what an obedient foot fag he is, Slave Matt gives even more foot worship to his dom n their following session. Master CH at points ignores the slave to play on his phone as the slave gags and chokes on his master’s foot.

When Master CH isn’t forcing a foot down a slave’s mouth, he’s giving the slave a beatdown. Master CH puts Slave Matt through a variety of chokeholds and submissions. Slave Matt begs for mercy and quickly taps out as the submissions are clinched on tight. Master CH then uses Slave Matt as a human punching bag. Straddling his slave and pinning him down, Master CH begins punching his slave repeatedly in the face. Slave Matt has no where to run to and takes his punishment like a slave should.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in an aggressive mood and is ready to choke out his slave. Wrapping his strong legs around the slave’s throat, Master Daniel chokes and abuses this slave until he submits. Slave Matt gasps and begs for mercy but Master Daniel shows him none. After the choke abuse, Master Daniel decides to give his slave a muay thai beatdown. With fighting gloves on, Master Daniel backs his slave into a corner and begins pummeling him. The slave is quickly reminded of all the bullies in his life who have beat him up.

When Master Daniel comes to visit his slave, he needs a place to sit. Ther isn’t anywhere else better than to sit on the slave’s face. Slave Matt is buried under Master Daniel’s jock ass. Master Daniel looks down at the slave in amusement as Slave Matt struggles to breathe and see under alpha ass. Master Daniel then stands up to trample the slave. With his black socks on, Master Daniel stomps and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is made to worship and sniff his superior’s alpha feet and socks while underneath them.

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3 New Videos – An obedient ass eater comes over to serve his purpose for King Luca. The hungry slave is given the opportunity to bury his face in King Luca’s alpha ass for worship. Later he receives a rough facefucking. King Luca then turns another slave into a human ashtray. This slave lays on his back on the floor as King Luca blows smoke and flicks his ashes into it’s mouth. An inferior sub like this couldn’t ask for any better reward than to be of service to his master. For being such an obedient slave, King Luca then allows the slave to worship his sneakers. The foot fag licks his dom’s sneakers clean from top to bottom. King Luca loves having a slave who can do it all: be an ass eater, a human ashtray, and a shoe shiner.

3 New Video – Master Ultimate God puts his slave through its first pain, abuse, and humiliation session. The slave is tued to a chair as Master Ultimate God and his buddy have their way with him by whipping, beating, and smacking him around. The doms then spit all over him to make him feel like scum. After the slave endures that brutality, it’s time to lay there and worship some dom feet. Master Ultimate God and his buddy get foot rubs from this inferior foot fag. The fag lays on the floor under his masters’ feet where he rightfully belongs. Master Ultimate God then gets bored and wants to make things more intense with some ball busting. Standing on top of the slave, Master Ultimate God stomps all over this fag slave’s balls. His dom buddies join in on the fun and also take part in crushing this slave’s balls. He’ll never reproduce after this stomping.

4 New Videos – Big Alpha and The Punisher start admiring each other’s muscles and bodies before Gio joins in to worship both of these muscle Gods. Gio gets on his knees and rubs their muscles and bulges. The doms then strip down to flex and pose as their bodies get worshipped. Going one-on-one, The Punisher takes on Gio and buries him in his biceps. Wrapping his huge arms around Gio’s neck, The Punisher throws this weak boy around like a rag doll. Gio is at the whim of The Punisher’s raw strength and power.

After that beat down, The Punisher takes on another boy to deliver some big bicep punishment. The Punisher shows off the power he can do with his massive, bulging biceps. Squeezing this boy in various hold, The Punisher doesn’t go easy in the slightest. King Romeo also demonstrates his raw, testosterone fueled power in this ballbusting clip. In the gym down on the mat, King Romeo throws Nicky in a variety of submissions while holding, grabbing, and even stepping on his balls. Nicky grimaces and cries out in the pain and he’s punished and abused by King Romeo.

4 New Videos – This brutal dom visits his slave for some intense trampling. With the masked slave on his back, he’s treated like a human doormat. The jock dom doesn’t hold back and puts his full weight down on the slave. The masked slave then gets double teamed by two doms who trample him. Laying outside in the woods, the masked slave is stomped by Master Rock and Master Dave. Both doms step on the slave at the same time for maximum abuse.

In part 2, Masters Rock and Dave stomp the slave hard while outside. The masked slave has his face and body walked all over. Both doms laugh as they jump and stomp on the slave. Part 3 picks up where the last part end as both doms trample his body. The slave has his barechest exposed as the doms walk all over him with their dirty sneakers. The masked slave is covered in debris while he’s laying on the ground as he’s stomped.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel rubs his socked feet all over this slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on his back while Master Daniel stands over him to assert his dominance. Like an obedient foot fag, this slave worships his master’s socked feet. Things get a little more intense for the slave as Master Daniel chokes him during another foot worship session. Slave Matt continues to worship his master’s feet as he’s stomped some more and choked out.

After all of the abuse, Master Daniel needs to take a break and decides to do so by sitting on his slave’s face. Smothered under Master Daniel’s ass, Slave Matt has no where to go. Master Daniel shows off his socked feet while sitting on this slave’s face. In another session, Master Daniel sits with his full weight on Slave Matt. Slave Matt is pinned to the ground underneath his master. Master Daniel enjoys turning his slave into a piece of human furniture. After the sitting session, Master Daniel locks Slave Matt is a tight leg scissors. Squeezing his slave, Master Daniel inflicts intense pain and punishment on his slave. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out right away.

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5 New Videos – Nicky gets to feel the big hard muscles of Big Alpha as his face is smothered under his big muscle ass. Big Alpha flexes and poses as he sits right on top of Nicky’s face giving him no way to escape. Big Alpha knows how to dominate and gets off on using those who are weaker than himself. While in the gym, Big Alpha and King Romeo workout in the gym and find a tall, lanky lad to use as their weights. They each use this boy to do bicep curls and squats with him on top of their shoulders. Then bearhug punishment from both of these strong muscle boys.

In another video clip, Big Alpha walks in on Nicky and begins to flex and show off his big biceps bulging through his dress shirt. Nicky can’t help but admire his body and helps him pull of his tight shirt and pants. Once the pants are off, Big Alpha gets Nicky in a headscissors with Nicky’s nose right in Alpha’s balls. Big Alpha gets the chance to dominate Nicky again when he locks him in a bearhug. Big Alpha is clad in some tight latex gear as he wraps his strong arms tightly around Nicky’s body and squeezes him while carrying him around the room. Big Alpha is relentless while squeezing his inferior.

1 New Video – This masked slave is ordered to rim King Luca’s ass as he looks for porn on his phone and jerks his big dick. The obedient ass eater does as he’s told and licks King Luca’s hole. Once King Luca is ready to cum, he kicks away the slave with his feet to discard him.

4 New Videos – Elliot Scissors’ muscular legs are getting bigger and stronger which is unfortunate for his opponent, Jim, who has to feel the incredible power of his muscular legs. Jim becomes a total victim for Elliot Scissors as he tightens his legs around Jim’s throat in this tight headscissors hold. After the video, Jim had to have a neck massage for a week to recover. Jim gets another chance to battle when he fights his friend, Jack. These two best friends battle it out with a variety of chokeholds. A real tight squeeze can make them happy once locked in properly.

Elliot Scissors and some buddies team up to have a tag team wrestling match. It starts as a small argument and then escalates into a full fledged tag battle. In the end, these 4 studs are still friends no matter how much torment they put each other through. Just like in the previous videos, Jim can’t seem to catch a break as he now must battle Demir in a figure 4 battle. These two jocks see who is tougher and can endure more abuse. Watch and see which jock’s figure 4 chokehold is more intense.

5 New Videos – Master J comes over to trample his slave. Slave Matt lays flat on his back as this dom tramples and walks all over him. Master J is fully amused using this obedient sub as a human doormat. Slave Matt gets more chances to worship at Master J’s feet in the next clip. Master J smothers his slave’s face with his huge barefeet and makes him worship his soles. Slave Matt gladly licks, sniffs, and sucks on his dom’s feet. There is a part 2 of that foot service as Master J returns for some more foot worship. Slave Matt gets down at his master’s feet and becomes an obedient foot slave. Master J even kicks his slave around at some points for his own amusement.

Master J cranks up the abuse a notch when he chokes out his slave. Slave Matt gets frightened when Master J gets up behind him and locks on this chokehold tight. Master J gives his slave no where to run to as he tightens the choke until he fully submits. In another meet up, Master J punches his slave into full submission. Showing his slave that he’s a brown belt, Master J uses his slave as a human punching bag. Slave Matt endures the abuse because he’s honored to be used by a superior in real time.

1 New Video – Master Alleczander is working the nightshift as a trainer and gets on webcam to show off his big feet. Worship at his superior alpha male feet like an obedient foot slave. Master Alleczander will make you feel small as you look up at his huge alpha male feet from down where the camera is positioned.

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2 New Videos – In this post-apocalyptic video, Big Alpha and King Romeo fight for dominance. These two muscle Gods are trying to survive as the world is in ruins around them. Their only goal is to see who is more dominant. Back in the real world, Big Alpha abuses a weak boy named Ivan. Ivan gets caught taking a couple of Big Alpha’s personal items. As a result, Big Alpha beats him up and puts him in some tight headlocks and chokeholds.

2 New Videos – Get down on the ground below King Luca and serve his dick. King Luca wears white, sheer compression pants to show off his massive bulge and jock ass. Afterwards, he whips out his dick and begins jerking until he cums down onto the camera. When you’re done worshipping his cock, you can worship his boots. Be an obedient faggot and worship King Luca’s leather boots. Your only purpose is to serve this leather master or to suffer the consequences.

5 New Videos – Master Rock, Master Dave, and Master Destroyer all team up to trample this slave. Getting the masked slave on the ground, the 3 doms all stand on top of him, sometimes at the same time. The weak slave must endure the full body weight of all three of these men. The three doms have so much fun that they return again to stomp this slave some more. The slave’s poor ribs and bones must feel the pressure coming down as these doms don’t hold back. The three strong men all have a go at standing on top of this slave and trampling him at the same time.

The masked slave goes outside for some outdoors trampling from two masters this time. Master Dave and Master Rock get the slave shirtless and on the cold ground in the woods as they stomp on him. The slave is stomped into the ground further and further by their boots and sneakers. Just like before, the doms come back again for even more intense trampling. The masked slave feels their sneakers pressing hard on his exposed body as they apply maximum pressure with each stomp. These dom boys treat this slave like a human door mat for their amusement. Later, the masked slave meets up with Master Right to be trampled by his soccer cleats. Master Right doesn’t hold back and lets the slave feel his cleats coming down on his bare flesh. The masked slave moans and groans from the pain but there is no where to run to for him.

5 New Videos – Master CH lets Slave Matt have it as he punches him in the face. Slave Matt lays on the ground and Master CH acts as Slave Matt’s bully. Slave Matt groans and tries to anticpate the punches as they come down on him. After beating up his slave, Master CH sits on the slave’s face. Slave Matt gets pinned to the ground under his master’s ass. Master CH laughs at this weak slave as it struggles.In another clip, Master CH stands on top of his slave. With his full weight on the slave, Master CH tramples Slave Matt into the ground. Slave Matt tries to push away but his struggles are useless like himself.

After all of that stomping and sitting, Master CH wants to choke out his slave. Master CH totally owns Slave Matt making him struggle for freedom. Slave Matt has no choice but to submit from the powerful vice grip of Master CH. As a reward for enduring the pain, Master CH lets Slave Matt worship his feet. Slave Matt gets some chokes throughout this real time session but has to lick and suck his master’s feet. Master CH enjoys having his feet worshiped by such an inferior.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel comes over to abuse his slave and use him as a human chair. Master Daniel sits on his slave like he’s a piece of furniture. The slave lays there and takes all of the abuse given to him. The next time Master Daniel comes over there is even more facesitting. Slave Matt is used as a seat for Master Daniel’s ass. Smothering the slave with his jock ass, Master Daniel flexes for the camera totally ignoring this slave.

After getting his ass worshiped, Master Daniel orders the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt gets trampled and worships his master’s feet in the process. Slave Matt is in his natural place under this dom’s feet. Master Daniel gets bored and wants to really abuse and choke his slave. Slave Matt struggles as Master Daniel gets behind him and throws him into a headlock. There is no way this slave can escape and all he can do is pray for mercy from Master Daniel.

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4 New Videos – Nicky gets totally dominated and tortured by Big Alpha in this hot ball grabbing session. Big Alpha shows off his jock ass in some assless underwear as he squeezes Nicky’s balls with one hand and chokes him out with the other. Nicky endures maximum pain from Big Alpha over the course of this 20 minute clip. The next matchup isn’t as easy for Big Alpha as it’s his turn to submit and get dominated. What initially starts out as Big Alpha dominating Nicky quickly changes when muscled King Romeo shows up. This muscle god toys with Big Alpha squeezing him in bearhugs, headscissors, and even a Boston Crab.

The Punisher gets a turn at dominating weak men when he dominates Gio. The Punisher crushes Gio’s head in between his massive vascular quads as he pulses them and pumps them around Gio’s tiny head. This muscle beast enjoys using this skinny boy for abuse. Days later, The Punisher dominates Gio again squeezing him with his huge muscular quads. Gio has no where to go as The Punisher never lets up with the squeeze. At the end, Gio’s nose is planted firmly against The Punisher’s ass as he squeezes his head between his legs.

1 New Video – Prepare to worship King Luca in his leather biker gear. This verbal dom wants you down on the ground licking his boots clean and serving him as he verbally abuses and degrades you. If you are obedient, you can watch King Luca stroke his massive cock and cum all over you at the end.

5 New Video – Master J uses Slave Matt as a piece of human furniture as he sits on him. This twinkish dom sits on and rides his slave all around the room to totally dehumanize him. Slave Matt then serves as a foot rest and chair while Master J plays some video games. After those pony rides, Master J tramples and walks on his slave. Slave Matt lays shirtless on the floor while Master J steps on him with his barefeet. To inflict some punishment on his slave, Master J even then jumps on his slave a few times. The trample abuse continues the next day when Slave Matt needs to be abused some more. Master J walks all over his slave’s back, chest, stomach, and face with his huge barefeet. Slave Matt is basically a doormat to this dom at this point.

After all the trampling, it’s time to gag and choke his slave. Master J hand gags the slave while choking him in a headlock. Grabbing his slave from behind, Master J locks in various submission holds to make his slave struggle. Afterwards, Master J gives his slave a slight break with some face trampling. Totally ignoring his slave and playing on his phone, Master J steps on the slave’s face and chest directly while the slave groans in pain. The moans of this slave are ignored and unheard by this dom as he continues to step all over his slave with his barefeet.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel chokes out his slave. Locking his slave in a variety of headlocks, Master Daniel doesn’t let up as he enjoys seeing this slave suffer. His slave wiggles and writhes around but there is no letting up from this chokehold. Master Daniel then makes this slave service his feet afterwards. Sitting back and playing some video games, Master Daniel smothers this slave’s face with his socked feet and makes the slave inhale his foot stench. The slave is in heaven smelling his master’s sweaty alpha feet. Master Daniel then gets bored and decides to squeeze his slave’s head between his legs. Laying on the bed, Master Daniel wraps his legs around the slave’s head like a basketball and begins to squeeze. This slave feels the pressure between this dom’s muscular thighs as he’s choked out.

While this slave is recovering from being choked out, Master Daniel demands more foot worship. Flexing for the camera, with a smirk on his face, Master Daniel smothers this slave’s face with his socked feet. The slave already gasping for air gives big whiffs of Master Daniel’s socked foot smell. This powerful dom then stands up and walks all over his slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master Daniel steps on the slave’s head and chest while flexing his bicep. The image of a powerful man standing over his slave sums up this power dynamic.

2 New Videos – Master Ciro gets rock hard from dominating slaves to the point that he needs to stroke his massive dick. Master Ciro is wearing a pair of leather gloves as he pumps his massive cock for the camera. Finally he erupts a massive load of cum every where as a result of draining slave bank accounts. If you crave more of Master Ciro’s big cock then check out the next clip as well. In this nearly 20 minute clip, Ciro The Punisher stripss down and jerks his massive cock some more for the camera. Working his big cock gets so intense that it erupts even more cum making you wish you could be there to lick it all up.

Featured Model- King Luca

This obedient masked fag serves at King Luca’s boots. He licks the bottoms of them clean and then proceeds to sniff this dom’s sweaty smelling socks. After he proves his obedience at King Luca’s feet, he is rewarded by being allowed to worship and rim his master’s ass.

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1 New Video – This pathetic masked slave worship and eats King Luca’s ass in their real time meet up. Worshipping every part of King Luca’s ass, this slave is totally obsessed with his master. Later the slave gets the chance to worship his masters feet and drinks his dom’s piss.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha grabs this boy’s balls during a domination session. Wrestling the boy, Big Alpha reaches down and begins to squeeze and twist the sub’s balls for maximum punishment. The boy is dominated immensely and begs for mercy. Big Alpha then does another beat down session with a sub where he shows off his huge muscle ass. Big Alpha strips down and shows off that huge muscle ass to everyone in a silver thong. Then he lifts up a beta boy to show off his strength. However, the time for goofing around is over as Big Alpha then fights another muscle dom. The Punisher and Big Alpha square off against each other for over 20 minutes in an old-school wrestling match. Both wearing jockstraps, these two behemoth muscle studs show off their strength and submission hold skills.

4 New Videos – Elliot Scissors, Hunter, Jim, Nevil and their buddy Ricardo beat up and bully their slave. These 5 dominant alphas lock the slave in a variety of chokeholds between there legs and laugh as he struggles to escape. At the end, all 5 men lock the slave in a huge submission hold applying maximum abuse. When the slave leaves, some of the doms have their own fun in a friendly wrestling match. Elliot Scissors, Jim, Hunter and Dustin battle it out on the sofa with each other. Locking in a variety of wrestling holds, the dom buddies have a good time and get in some practice for their next slave abuse session.

Dustin and Jim have a dom fight between each other. These two dominant men wrestle it out on the mat showing off their leg strength and submission hold expertise. Locking in a variety of submission holds, these two alphas see who is the stronger alpha on this day. In a similar wrestling session, Elliot Scissors and Hunter wrestle each each other for superiority. In a fun battle betwen the two, Hunter attempts to get out of a variety of submission holds administered by Elliot Scissors. See which of these two doms is the more skilled fighter.

you’ve been craving with his big ripped muscles and huge feet. This verbal alpha will order you around as to how he wants his feet sniffed and serviced. See how it is done with this foot worship real time session. Ripped Riki has a masked foot fag come over and serve his alpha male feet. This loser slave gets everything he deserves as Ripped Riki plants his foot all over the slave’s face. The next masked foot fag gets to clean his master’s feet. Laying down on the ground and looking up at his master, the masked foot fag takes all of Ripped Riki’s foot in his mouth and cleans it. The slave licks and sucks his alpha dom’s toes and feet.

1 New Video – Master Towser calls over a slave to clean his shoes. The slave enters and immediately is degraded and used. Master Towser turns this slave into a human ashtray as he blows smoke and flicks ashes on the slave. After he’s done with that, he is then ordered to worship and serve his master’s feet.

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3 New Video – Bow down and crawl to King Luca’s feet as he flips you off and spits in your face. It is your job as a foot faggot to sniff and worship his socked feet. When you’re done worshiping his big alpha feet, open your mouth for gobs of his spit. While you’re down there, you can look up and serve King Luca’s feet. Open your mouth while under this dom’s feet so he can blow his cigarette smoke in your face and spit in it too. Foot slaves will enjoy cleaning King Luca’s sweaty and dirty feet. If you’ve endured all of that punishement, then King Luca has a treat for you. You can drool and salivate over him stroking his massive cock. Watch a real man stroke his big uncut dick as he sits there in white socks and pulled down white compression pants. King Luca whips out his massive dick and strokes to some porn while you goon watching him.

3 New Videos – This slave experiences an ice cold shower from Master Alex. After spending several days in Master’s hard metal cage, slave Gus is starting to smell. So Master Alex takes him to the shower and unleashes the cold water on this slave. The slave doesn’t deserve the comfort of warm water and only deserves proper discipline to achieve his full potential. Once you’re done watching that you can watch some hypnotic videos from Master Alex. Set to a series of stimulating images, Master Alex provides audio training for you to become a sissy bitch and to worship his cock. If you aren’t ready for that level yet then start off with a humiliation intro to BDSM slavery audio clip. Master Alex trains submissive bitches like you through these dirty verbal audio clips. Watch along as images of Master Alex flash on the screen.

4 New Videos – Timur is getting more experienced in his scissor skills when locking in submissions on a slave. This time, Timur wants to capture the agony of the experience on his phone as he takes selfies while using a slave. The power and muscles of Timur is amazing as he locks his muscular legs around this slave’s head and doesn’t let go. Fans of that abuse will also enjoy watching Elliot Scissors and some more of his friends train a slave. In their practice gym, these jocks invite over a dorky slave boy to train with them. The jocks lock in a variety of painful techniques and submissives on this beta boy and leave him screaming for mercy.

Elliot Scissors then has his fun in a one-on-one session with this dummy when he locks in brutal submissions on the slave. This dummy should be lucky that Elliot Scissors is even using him and be grateful that Elliot Scissors has taken this guy in as his property. The tough bullying continues all throughout the clip as this sub boy taps out. Later, Elliot Scissors meets up with his buddies for some friendly wrestling. These gym bros show off their fighting techniques on each other. With all of this testosterone and these egos, the jock boys sometimes never want to tap out until it’s too late.

5 New Videos – MasterCH has some fun with slave Matt as he totally humiliates the slave. Making the slave worship his feet, MasterCH plants his huge feet over the slave’s entire face to smother him. Slave Matt worships this dom’s feet and gets spit on in return for it. In another meet up with MasterCH, Slave Matt is choked out as this dom sits back and watches TV. MasterCH locks in some tight headscissors on the slave and ignores the slave’s whimpers and moans. This alpha isn’t going to be bothered by the cries of his slave. Later, MasterCH decides to trample his slave. Getting slave Matt laying on his back on the bed, MasterCH walks all over the slave like he’s a human doormat. Showing his slave no respect, MasterCH walks on the slave’s head and chest while standing over the weakened slave.

MasterCH then gets bored and wants some public foot worship. Taking the slave outside, MasterCH gets the slave down on the dirty ground and takes off his shoes for the slave to service his feet. MasterCH then gets his dirty feet worshipped outside by this slave in public. Once back inside, MasterCH wants to play some videos games as he chokes his slave. Relaxing with his legs out, MasterCH locks his legs around the slave’s throat again and chokes him into submission. Totally fixated on his game, MasterCH doesn’t care that the slave is struggling and begging for mercy.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin gets his feet worshipped by 2 slaves. With 2 slaves at his feet, Master Berlin orders each slave to worship a different foot. The slaves love serving at this alpha dom’s feet as it gives them a true purpose. After the one slave leaves, Master Berlin gets super nasty with the remaining slave and orders it to taste his snot. Master Berlin gets his snot ready for the slave and the sick and twisted slave sticks his tongue out for his treat. Wearing a dogtail this slave is truly where he belongs in this moment.

When the slave visits Master Berlin he is immediately put to work. It is this slave’s job to clean the entire apartment and make it spotless. The slave is also instructed to clean his master’s boot and lick them clean with his tongue. The stupid foot fag can then serve at his master’s feet. While at his Master’s feet, the slave is fed toenails and ordered to sniff his dom’s dirty socks. The slave then gets pissed on and treated like worthless scum.

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3 New Video – Lucky boy Gio gets to rub the crotches of two dominant bodybuilders. These muscle doms get hard through their wrestling singlets and then proceed to hump Gio. This is muscle worship at its finest. Things get more intense in the next clip as The Punisher locks a brutal headscissors on another weak victim. The Punisher uses his huge muscular legs to wrap them around this beta boy’s head. There is no escape over the next 30 minutes as this boy is trapped between The Punisher’s legs. Later, Big Alpha and The Punisher want to see who is the stronger alpha. These two bodybuilders do a series of competitions to see who is stronger. They battle each other in arm wrestling, lift and carry, bearhugs, and much more to see who is the bigger alpha.

3 New Videos – Master Gary keeps you as a prisoner that he turns into a human punching bag. Wearing boxing gloves, Master Gary will pummel you with body blows from his fists. Then when he’s done you can worship at his leather boots. Following that beat down you can thank Master Gary for abusing you. As a thank you to this dom, you will be ordered to worship his muscles and feet. Show your devotion and lick Master Gary’s feet clean like an obedient foot fag. Following those sessions, Master Gary isn’t done with you yet. It’s now time to get robbed by Master Gary. Empty your pockets, open your wallet, and prepare to have your bank accounts drained as Master Gary verbally abuses you and takes charge.

1 New Video – CashMasterTrey wants you to shut the fuck up, turn off your useless burnt out brain cells and completely tune into him as he makes you obsess over his alpha cock. Stare mindlessly at CashMasterTrey’s cock, balls, and pubes like it is a shrine of worship. Make this dom’s cock the center of your life from now on.

1 New Video – After draining slaves all day, King Luca wants to sit back and relax while jerking his cock. This alpha dom whips out his huge uncut cock and begins stroking to porn. Sit as a voyeur and watch along as this alpha shows you what a real superior cock looks like.

1 New Video – Look up at Master Alex’s big cock and prepare to be drowned in piss as this dom uses you as a urinal. Drink this dom’s piss and cherish the golden nectar that will cover you. You should feel honored to be a human urinal and given the chance to gulp down all of this warm superior piss.