Featured Model- King Luca

King Luca wants you to beg for his superior alpha dick. Watch with your tongue out as this dominant alpha strokes every inch of his massive meat in front of you. King Luca wants you to watch in awe at what a real man’s big dick looks like compared to your tiny sub penis.

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2 New Videos – Master Alex can shape you into whatever he wants and he wants you to become the cock sucking cuck. This dom and his friends are looking forward to seeing how you can please big dicked men as they want to turn you into a greedy, alpha-cock craving slut. Master Alex will make you stare at his big, thick dick and reward you at the end with a taste of his spunk. After you’ve been drained to swallow cum then you can move on to becoming a dungeon piss slave for Master Alex. In his dungeon, there is a special place for human urinals like you. Your qualifications earn you a life sentence of drinking your master’s piss. You will be there every day in the dungeon to open up your mouth and quench your thirst for alpha piss.

1 New Video – This masked faggot slave serves King Luca’s socked feet as this dom verbally abuses and spits on the slave. King Luca later gets the slave to worship his ass and lick his superior piss off of a toilet seat. After showing his dedication, King Luca rewards this inferior cash fag with some foot worship time.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is put in his place when he is trampled by a superior alpha. Laying on his back, Ikagura is treated like a human doormat for this dom’s feet. The arrogant alpha walks all over Ikagura’s face and body before covering his entire face with his huge alpha feet. After the trample training, Ikagura is forced to gag on his master’s feet. Placing his huge feet in Ikagura’s mouth, this dom does whatever he can to ensure his slave gags on his feet. Ikagura takes as much of his master’s feet in his mouth as he can while soldiering through the gagging. Getting more hardcore, Ikagura is then put in a jiu jitsu fight with his master. It’s not much of a match as Ikagura doesn’t even fight back and just endures more punishment from his master. Ikagura is wrestled to the ground and locked into submission until he begs for mercy.

In another wrestling match, Ikagura is owned by another jiu jitsu dom that puts him in his place. Ikagura is choked out and beaten to a pulp. Throughout the fight, Ikagura quickly learns over and over again that he is no match for alpha dom power. This same dom then exerts more dominance over Ikagura when he tramples and kicks his slave. Ikagura is choked under his master’s foot in between the trampling and stomping abuse. Watch Ikagura gag and beg for air under the force of his master’s foot.

4 New Videos – Master Shaun puts his slave through some intense torture by starting off with tying up the slave and spitting in his mouth before making the slave drink a warm cup of his piss. After the degradation, Master Shaun rides his slave like a pony making it walk to the bathroom. Master Shaun then pushes the slave’s head down into the toilet and flushes it. Right after, Master Shaun grabs a toothbrush and makes the slave brush with his piss on the brush. The slave gets totally degraded before Master Shaun sits on him. Changing gears to a more fun session, Master Shaun has his slave take his full weight as he sits on him. Master Shaun later jumps and lays on the slave with his full bodyweight some more.

Master Shaun increases the slave degradation with some more facesitting in a hotel room. To get really nasty, Master Shaun spits in the slaves mouth and even blows his nose in a tissue and makes the slave eat it. Afterwards, Master Shaun does some more facesitting on the slave to assert his dominance. Master Shaun gets the slave on a hotel bed and pins his arms down. He then proceeds to sit his ass on the slave’s face so the slave sniffs all of his master’s alpha scent.

3 New Videos – DanielSlin shows off his power by choking a slave between his legs. Getting the weak slave on the bed, DanielSlin flexes while locking the slave in a headlock between his strong thighs. This slave begs for mercy but DanielSlin is too busy flexing to care. In another domination session, DanielSlin does some more slave choking on this sub. DanielSlin wraps his legs around the slave’s neck and squeezes to exert more power over this slave. The submissive slave knows not to anger his master or he’ll tighten the chokehold even more. After all of that intense abuse, it is time for DanielSlin to ignore his slave. DanielSlin relaxes on a couch to play some video games while locking his sub in another headlock. When the slave isn’t locked between his master’s legs, he is to service and lick his master’s feet while being ignored.

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3 New Videos – King Luca smokes and verbally humiliates weak submissive faggots like you in his latest video. This verbally abusive dom will make you bow down and submit to him as he pushes his socked feet into your face. Follow all of this cash master’s commands as you lick and sniff his sweaty alpha feet. In the next video clip, King Luca doesn’t just tell you but he shows you how he publicly humiliates a slave. This slave comes over to worship King Luca’s boots and to get used. King Luca then takes the slave out in public at night to humiliate and degrade him. The pathetic faggot gets naked outside and lays on the pavement while this alpha pisses all over the slave. Then to amuse King Luca, the faggot slave runs across a bridge naked waving to passing cars. This needs to be seen by all slaves.

For slaves craving just solo action of King Luca, check out his video changing into leather gear. King Luca puts on his leather biker gear including leather pants and a helmet. If you’re lucky enough and drool enough over this alpha, King Luca will give a glimpse of his superior alpha cock during the clip. Watch and beg for more from this alpha.

 New Videos – Alpha dom Dennis goes up against another muscle stud in this submission battle. These two big muscle boys go at it in the gym with lots of tight crushing submission holds. Watch Dennis and the other muscle stud show off their biceps, legs, and quads while wrestling on the mat. In the next battle of strength, these two muscle studs battling it out in an arm wrestling match. Dennis uses his arm strength to try and overpower this other muscle dom. Who will dominate in this intense arm wrestling match and be declared the victor? After all of that competition, alpha dom Dennis feels like picking on a submissive and showing off his alpha power. In this 15 minute clip, Dennis verbally degrades and physically abuses this poor sub. Watch Dennis show off his huge muscles as he makes this sub boy know who the true Alpha is in this gym.

5 New Videos – Ikagura submits to alpha feet in his latest foot worship session. This obedient foot slave lays back on the mattress as a foot dom gags and chokes him with his huge feet. The foot dom traps Ikagura between his feet with one foot behind the slave’s head and the other jammed in his mouth to ensure he doesn’t resist. In another foot session with a dom, Ikagura gags on his master’s feet. Ikagura grabs onto his master’s huge alpha feet and does his best to deepthroat his master’s entire foot as best he can. This foot sub swallows and sucks on his alpha’s feet to show his devotion. With another new foot dom, Ikagura plays a familiar game of gag the slave as he gags on his dom’s feet. This arrogant alpha locks a foot behind Ikagura’s head and forces every inch of his huge alpha foot further down Ikagura’s mouth to make him gag. The foot sub doesn’t care how much he gags as long as he can serve his master’s feet.

Ikagura then lays on his back on the floor for a foot trampling session under his master’s feet. The foot dom walks all over Ikagura like he’s a human doormat as he tramples the slave’s face and chest. Ikagura gladly accepts his rightful position under a master’s feet to get trampled. In another real time session, Ikagura gets a slave beatdown from a dom. Ikagura lays in bed and gets awoken by an alpha who simply wants to beat him up. Ikagura was dreaming peacefully about serving his master right before the reality comes of a master waking him up to beat him up and make him serve.

2 New Videos – AidenPrettii wants you to sit back and take all of his verbal abuse during this sock worship video. Become the little slut you know you are as you grovel at his perfect feet. As an obedient foot slave, you’ll submit to this alpha’s every word and service every inch of his feet on command. Afterward, prepare to get teased by AidenPrettii’s alpha bussy. This verbal dom teases and degrades you before making you feel tiny and tormented. Once shrunken down to the size of a tiny slave, Aiden shows off his round ass and tight hole right to you. Be prepared to be swallowed up at the end by his alpha ass, the best ending for a slave.

2 New Audio Clips – Sit back and relax with this erotic stroke-along audio clip for guys wanting to become a meathead in the gym. Listen as MasterJosh makes you think about becoming a bodybuilder and building muscle. At the end of the clip, instead of orgasming, take your energy and put it into your next workout at the command of your new hypno coach. However, your hypno coach has more commands for you to follow. When in the gym, you’ll need to work your ass for your coach and other alphas. There is some workout motivation in this audio clip but it focusing on increasing the lust for having a good bubble butt on yourself. Do whatever it takes to please your coach and obey his orders by transforming yourself into the idea himbo slave with a perfect ass.

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3 New Videos – The big Russian Alpha runs into his old friend, King Romeo, at the gym and they decide to have a battle of strength between each other to see who is the more dominant alpha. A lof of flexing from these two muscle dudes throughout as they arm wrestle each other for dominance. It’s hard to even tell these two muscle Gods apart from each other because they are so evenly built making it a tough match of strength. The test of strength escalates into a part 2 where the two doms exchange headlocks to see who is more stronger in the category of chokeholds. Master Dennis and King Romeo battle it out again in a friendly competition of alpha vs alpha. The test of strength series concludes with a third part as they use their muscular alpha legs to lock on a tight headscissors on one another. The grueling headscissors exchange between these two massive beasts shows their ultimate crushing power. Imagine if you were the one being crushed between these dominant quads.

4 New Videos – Ikagura gets trampled and kicked by his dom in his latest foot worship video. Getting pinned down to the ground, the obedient foot slave gets smothered by his master’s alpha barefeet. This cocky jock shows complete arrogance by ignoring Ikagura’s cries when he kicks him around and stomps all over him. Later on, this alpha chokes out his slave to show how superior he is to him. Ikagura gets pinned down on the ground and squeezed between this lean jock’s legs. Ikagura’s face is planted right up against this alpha’s ass as the alpha locks his legs around Ikagura’s throat.

For an intense beat down session, this same dom from above uses Ikagura as his human punching bag. Ikagura isn’t ready for this cocky dom to pummel him with blow after blow of his boxing gloves. You can tell the alpha enjoys letting off some steam by pummeling Ikagura in the face and to the torso. Following the beat down, Ikagura gags on his master’s feet. Laying down next to his master’s feet, Ikagura willingly opens his mouth and gags on his dom’s barefeet. This alpha jams his foot as far as he can in Ikagura’s mouth to make him gag and show his devotion toward worhsipping alpha feet.

2 New Videos – This pathetic masked slave worships King Luca’s ass and feet to show his devotion. King Luca get sthe slave on the ground and sits on the slave’s face as the slave licks and worships his master’s bare asshole. Afterwards, the weak submissive gets the chance to worship King Luca’s huge feet. For those still hungry for more of King Luca, check him out wearing leather gear and stroking his big alpha dick. King Luca wears his leather biking jacket and leather pants for weak leather subs like you. Later, he strokes his big uncut alpha dick until he erupts a massive load of cum.

1 New Video – Learn how to be a properly trained foot slave in this crash course on how to lick an alpha’s feet. SuperiorWicked went to visit a few west coast pigs and had to train this one particular foot fag on how to properly remove his socks and worship his feet. Watch the real time session unfold as this leather alpha gets his feet serviced by a mindless foot slave who obeys every order of his master.

3 New Videos – Worship every inch of this sexy satanic body in this devilish worship ritual. Master Aiden makes you weaker for him as you submit to a Devil’s Night body worship ritual. Wearing a devil mask, Master Aiden will quickly hypnotize you into being his minion and obeying his every command. If you need more of alphas in masks, then check out the next clip as Master Aiden does a sexy take on findom, JOI and the Scream movies. In this sceneario, you’ll be greeted with a phone call and on the other end is Master Aiden aka Ghost Face. This dom will provide you with your jerk off instructions and how you must feed on your dom’s perfect ass and how to swallow his cock. Goon your way to a very precise countdown done by this master. You’ll be allowed to nut at the end if you can last that long and make sure to SCREAM at the end when you bust. The worshipping continues after that because like every findom, Master Aiden loves wishlist gifts. In this video, you’ll have the privilege of watching this dom try on a small jockstrap haul purchased by his loyal followers. Master Aiden demands that you watch and worship every inch of his lean body while on your knees.

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2 New Videos – King Luca wants you to beg for his superior alpha dick. Watch with your tongue out as this dominant alpha strokes every inch of his massive meat in front of you. King Luca wants you to watch in awe at what a real man’s big dick looks like compared to your tiny sub penis. After serving this alpha and worshipping his dick you can then get smothered under his ass and inhale his farts. Submit and sniff King Luca’s alpha farts as they rip from his jock ass. This dom knows that sick faggots like you are into nasty stuff so here is your chance to become the ultimate fart inhaling slave for King Luca.

5 New Videos – There isn’t much room in the bathroom stall for you and Vicious54 so you’ll need to get behind this alpha and get on your knees for space. Vicious54 pulls out his alpha dick and pisses in the toilet bowl imagining that he’s pissing in your slave mouth. This alpha rips loud farts as he pisses too. Get your face by his ass and inhale his ripe farts as he pisses a warm stream of superiority. After you’re done sniffing his ass, you can serve his ass as a trapped slave. Vicious54 decides to take a nap after he shrinks you down to the size of an action figure. Right before going to sleep, this alpha places you in his underwear right in his ass crack. You are trapped to sniff and worship his ass all night until he awakes. The tiny slave entrapment continues when Vicious54 locks a tiny, shrunken-down-in-size John Cena in a glass jar. John Cena struggles to escape from this mason jar but he’s too tiny to get out. Vicious54 then fills the tiny glass jar with his farts for John Cena to inhale. Ultimately this tiny muscle slave is trapped in a gas chamber filled with his master’s farts.

After the tiny John Cena breathes in all of his master’s gas, he then is trapped in his master’s briefs. Vicious54 puts the shrunken down John Cena in his tight black briefs right up against his ass. This dom then bends over to the camera so you can watch the tiny slave struggle in his ass. Imagine what it would be like to be a tiny slave in the same predicament. Getting even more up close to Vicious54’s ass, he shows off his alpha asshole in this macro domination clip. Shrunken down slave John Cena is right near his giant master’s bare asshole and has no way out. Vicious54 rips tons of gassy farts right in shrunken down John Cena’s face and makes him inhale all of his gas as punishment.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets dominated by alpha master DanielSlin in this headscissors domination video clip. Ikagura is pinned underneath his dom and gets his head squeezed between DanielSlin’s superior, muscular legs. The weak slave writhes around and struggles to break free but his efforts are useless under DanielSlin’s power. Later, DanielSlin locks Ikagura in a series of chokeholds to asser his dominance. Pinning his slave to the ground, DanielSlin locks the slave’s head in a side headlock and squeezes tight enough to make the slave tap out. Ikagura begs for mercy but his fate is in the hands of DanielSlin. Ikagura then gets dominated even more by a jiu jitsu dom. Weakling Ikagura is no match for this dom’s ground game as he gets locked in various jiu jitsu holds and has to tap out for mercy. This dom shows no mercy on Ikagura and laughs in amusement as the slave taps out each and every time.

Ikagura gets back to what he knows best and that’s worshipping alpha feet. The foot slave lays on his bed as he serves, licks, and worships his master’s alpha feet. Gagging and choking on his master’s feet, Ikagura can’t get enough of being an obedient foot slave. Ikagura is then pinned and trampled under the feet of another alpha. This superior master rubs his feet all over Ikagura’s face and smothers him with his soles. Ikagura takes his rightful place under his master’s feet as he sucks on his master’s toes.

3 New Videos – Master Rusty treats his slave like a human doormat as he tramples him with Nike Afos sneakers. This brutal dom master walks all over his slave as he stomps on the slave’s chest and stomach. The masked slave cries out in pain and gasps for air as this dom brutally tramples him all over. Master Rusty continues to get rougher with the trampling abuse when he humiliates the slave further. Wearing Nike Airforce sneakers, Master Rusty kicks, tramples, and stomps on his slave as if he’s not even human. The dominant tattooed alpha puts all of his weight down on the slave’s stomach and chest causing him to gasp for air at points. This masked slave endures even more stomping domination as the next featured alpha jumps with all of his weight onto the slave’s stomach and bare chest. Wearing just a mask and going shirtless, the slave endures extreme stomping and crushing domination under his master’s sneakers. See how much trample and stomping abuse this slave can take from his master.

1 New Video – Davidwar has another hot clip he just released of him sitting his jock ass on a slave’s face. The hot Colombian dom sits his muscle ass on this sexy twink boy’s face and makes the boy worship his muscle ass. After the boy rims his dom’s hole, Davidwar gets a hot blowjob from the twink. This submissive twink can’t get enough of Davidwar’s ass and dick.

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2 New Videos – Serve and worship King Luca’s muscles. This dominant alpha flexes for all of his weak faggot cash slaves. After he’s done flexing, he has a cigarette to blow smoke in your face as he orders you to blow your cash on his superiority. Don’t stop there with inhaling this alpha’s smoke. Crawl to King Luca like the pathetic fag slave you are and serve as his ashtray. King Luca sits back and blows smoke in your face. When this alpha flicks his ashes in your mouth, you will thank him for the privilege. Later you can worship and serve at King Luca’s feet as a lowly foot slave.

2 New Videos – KingMaster turns his slave into a human pony in this pony play real time session. KingMaster makes his slave wear the saddle and takes it for a ride. Decked out in riding boots and riding pants, KingMaster orders this slave to crawl around as he rides on its back and whips it. KingMaster then makes sure to punish the slave in this next clip in a similar fashion. Whipping and abusing the slave, KingMaster inflicts harsh punishment on this sub. When a slave disobeys KingMaster, he has no choice but to punish his property. KingMaster ties this slave’s hands and starts whipping it. The weak slave tries to break free but that just makes KingMaster increase the punishment until he whips the slave harder.

4 New Videos – Master Rusy tramples all over this slave in this hardcore real time session. Flattening the slave like a bug, MasterRusty uses all of his bodyweight to stomp on and crush this masked foot slave. Laying on his back and whimpering in pain, the foot slave enjoys taking his rightful place under his master’s sneakers. In another clip, Master Rusty tries on a different pair of sneakers to stomp on his slave. Master Rusty steps all of the slave’s chest and stomach before finally stomping on his head. The slave has no where to go and no way to escape as his master crushes him under his sneakers. See how much of this trampling the slave can endure before he begs for mercy.

Master Daniel uses the same slave as his human doormat. The masked sub takes his usual position under his master’s sneakers and accepts whatever punishment his dom has for him. This punishment includes Master Daniel trampling and stomping his feet rough on the slave’s chest. The trample abuse continues from Master Daniel as he gets the slave in a different camera angle to walk all over him. The slave quickly accepts his role is to be nothing more than a doormat for alphas like Master Daniel.

3 New VideoS – Ikagura submits to his foot dom in this foot worship session. Barefoot and dominant, this alpha jams his feet deeper and deeper into Ikagura’s mouth until he fully sucks on all of his toes. Ikagura shows his devotion as an obedient foot slave as he uses his tongue and mouth to completely worship every inch of this dom’s feet. Later in another foot worship session, Ikagura gags on his master’s feet. Laying on his back with his master’s feet all over his face, Ikagura sticks out his tongue for his master to rub his feet all over his tongue. This dom makes sure Ikagura licks his toes, soles, and every inch of his dirty feet. Ikagura proves himself as a devoted foot slave by worshipping this dom’s feet without hesitation. Later, Ikagura gets choked out by a superior alpha. This alpha doesn’t want his feet worshipped but instead wants to be amused by beating up Ikagura like he’s a punching bag. The dominant alpha squeezes, chokes, and wrestles Ikagura to assert his dominance.

1 New Video – RickyCage becomes a chastity slave in this dildo riding video. RickyCage needs dicks up his ass at all times, it doesn’t matter whether he’s in the bedroom, living room, or the bathroom – he needs dicks in him. In this video, RickyCage slams oversized dildos down onto the toilet and rides them furiously, knowing that getting fucked up the ass is the only pleasure he’ll be getting because he will never have access to his cock-locked dick again during “Lock-tober”.

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1 New Video – King Luca shows you why he is the boss as he forces a masked slave to worship his body. This dominant alpha has his masked slave serve him, eat his ass, and choke on his big alpha cock in this 53 minute real time session. King Luca is extremely brutal with his abuse of this slave and makes sure the slave feels completely used by the end of this hour long session.

1 New Video – Tattooed muscle alpha VikingFagDestroyer commands you to serve his muscles. Muscle worshippers submit and obey to this built and chiseled Viking. Obey his commands and serve his muscles as they are the only thing you need in your life. No thinking, no thought, just serving your Viking god.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is beaten up and used in this foot domination session. Pinned to the ground, this weak foot slave is beaten up, choked, and kicked all over by his alpha. Ikagura loves every second of the abuse as he is beneath this cocky dom. There is no resisting and Ikagura wouldn’t resist even if he could. Things get more intense and nastier as Ikagura becomes a piss pig. Laying on his back in the shower, Ikagura gets soaked in warm, alpha male piss and totally degraded. After getting pissed on, Ikagura licks the soles of his alpha to show true obedience. The piss domination continues as Ikaura becomes a piss pig for another alpha. Back into the shower this slave goes as he is cove#f51735 in piss and serves at his master’s feet. Licking the piss covered soles of this alpha, Ikagura couldn’t want anything more.

After some intense humiliation comes time for an intense beat down. This time, Ikagura is dominated by a young master who completely owns him. This young alpha wears boxing gloves as he beats on and pummels Ikagura just for fun. The obedient sub endures all of this young master’s abuse. Later he gets trampled on and serves at this master’s superior feet. In the last new upload for this week, Ikagura is then choked out by Master DanielSlin. Pinned to the mattress, this submissive slave struggles to breathe as DanielSlin wraps his bicep tight around the slave’s throat making him gasp for air. The slave gets choked out and knocked out by DanielSlin once again.

1 New Video – Sexy Latino hunk Davidwar flexes and burps in his newest video clip. Showing off his flexing biceps and burping into the camera, this cashmaster will make you wish you were on your knees in front of him getting burped on and degraded. Drool over his flexed muscles and inhale his alpha burps as you submit.

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2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod and his side chick abuse the fuck out of their fag slave. This straight duo bust the faggot’s balls, choke him out, and remind him of his place in the natural hierarchy of straight supremacy. Fag Butler enjoys every second of this intense abuse session at the hands of a dominant male and dominant female. However, MasterUltimateGod is so superior that even women submit to him. MasterUltimateGod gets his side chick to become his female sub. This sexy girl worships her man’s boots and feet. Watch her take off MasterUltimateGod’s boots, clean his feet with her tongue, and obey like a good little cunt.

1 New Video – King Luca gets a masked faggot to sniff his white socks and lick his sneakers in this real time session. Sitting back and smoking a cigarette, this alpha male makes his faggot crawl to him and beg for the chance to sniff and lick his master’s dirty sneakers. After King Luca thinks the fag did a good enough job, he takes off his sneakers and makes the fag serve and sniff his dirty, sweaty white socks in this 14 minute real time video clip.

2 New Videos – Alpha foot dom Nebenny gives you an 8 minute foot worship video for you to drool over. In this 8 minute video clip, Nebenny shows off his fully body, face, and huge size 13 feet as he sits back and does some work on his laptop. This alpha master just ignores you while you rest at his feet. You can almost smell the rank, sweaty scent emanating from them as he rubs them together. In another clip, this foot dom takes you along as he drives a car. See his foot on the gas pedal throughout this 10 minute clip. Nebenny puts the camera on the floor of his car so you can watch him drive barefoot. He presses the gas and brake pedals without socks. Get an up close look at his size 13 feet.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeekers demands that you worship his alpha feet. This arrogant fin dom shows off his white socks and huge alpha feet to the camera for you to worship. Wearing all-black velvet Jordans to start, SlavesSeeker soon takes them off to reveal his white sweaty socks and then barefeet. Foot fags will drool over this cash master’s feet.

2 New Videos – In this 18 minute video clip, King Luca tortures this fag slave. King Luca clamps metal clamps up to the fag’s nipples and writes all over him. Later, King Luca sits on the faggot’s face and has it worship his alpha feet. The weak, masked faggot will do anything for his powerful dom that includes getting pissed on and forced to inhale his master’s cigarette smoke. In another clip, King Luca has the masked fag lick his feet. The weak masked faggot does anything for his master and licks clean every inch of his master’s feet. The foot fag worship’s his master’s soles, heels, and toes as a thank you for allowing it to serve.

2 New Videos – Nebenny loves going for a long run in some sockless trainers then coming home to slip off his sneakers to air out his feet. Throughout this video clip, Nebenny shows off and airs out his sweaty feet for you to lust over. This straight jock slips off his ASICS and shows you his size 13 feet in their bare, sweaty glory after a 3 mile run. If you crave more of Nebenny’s feet then check out the next clip of his giant feet outdoors. Nebenny’s feet are always getting sweaty from working or going for a run. In this clip, he decides to relax outside and let his sweaty feet dry in the warm sun. This alpha shows off his giant wrinkled soles and plays with his feet non-stop while lying out in the grass.

5 New Videos – Ikagura uses his younger cousin as his obedient foot fag throughout this foot worship clip. Ikagura makes the foot fag suck on his heels and lick the soles of his feet. All throughout the clip, Ikagura gets more and more aggressive with how he forces his younger cousin to worship his feet. Later he stomps on the fag’s head in the foot worship session. The foot fag loves enduring this abuse because it means he gets to be beneath his master’s feet. Ikagura doesn’t hold back with stomping on his slave’s face and head because it’s all for his own amusement.

Later, Ikagura beats up the foot fag even more extremely with face kicks and stomps. The fag is in foot worship heaven from this type of treatment. Even though Ikagura shows no mercy in this foot assault, the foot fag loves it and craves more. In some parts, Ikagura kicks the foot fag’s head like it’s a soccer ball. Continuing with the abuse, Ikagura wrestles this sub in between the foot worshiping. 23 minutes of headscissors, choke outs, face punches, kicks, gagging, and stomps. The foot fag truly gets assaulted and used all throughout this intense clip. Afterward, Ikagura locks the foot fag in a headscissors choke to assert more dominance. The foot fag tries to handle as much of it as he can as the air escapes his longs while being choked out by master’s legs and feet.

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5 New Videos – Masked Fag asked for a bit of the same pain that MasterUltimateGod gives to Fag Butler, and this alpha was more than happy to oblige. Handcuffed and tied up, the fag has clothes pins and binder clips clipped all over his body and face. Watch as the slave moans in pain as MasterUltimateGod puts them on him. Next, this no limits findom takes one of his alpha socks, and shoves it straight into the faggot’s mouth. Can’t have the neighbors hearing the fag scream in pain. MasterUltimateGod starts by whipping the slave with a jump rope. Then switches to whipping him with a rope, before MasterUltimateGod decides to just kick and punch the fag boy. The gagged and collared fag sounds pathetic as he moans in pain from each of his master’s hits and kicks. After beating him with alpha boots, spitting in his eye, and kicking him repeatedly in the back, I make him thank me for the pain, kiss my fist and my feet.

Masked Fag is in for a treat. MasterUltimateGod decides to be merciful and let the slave worship his big alpha, size 12 feet. But as with all things with you fags, with pleasure comes pain. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot get on the ground so he can stomp all over his queer ass first. This cash master crushes the fag’s neck, and makes him lick the bottom of his Jordans while he stands on his face. Next, MasterUltimateGod orders the fag to take off his Jordans, kissing them the entire time, and lay back on the ground. The he makes the fag worship and inhale my Jordans as he continues to stomp on him in his socks. Getting back on its knees, Masked Fag removes his master’s socks, enjoying his alpha bare feet for some worship time. Masked Fag is then back on the ground, as this dom crushes the fag, its face, and its balls under his master’s alpha soles. This is where all of you fags belong…under MasterUltimateGod’s godly feet.

1 New Video – Alpha Derek lights up and blows smoke in your face as he orders you to worship his huge alpha feet. Get down and obey this straight alpha masters and worship every inch of his soles. AlphaDerek will verbally abuse you and turn you into a weak, mindless, obedient foot fag for him to own.

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