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1 New Video – King Luca gets his masked faggot to worship his superior ass. This obedient cash fag wears a leash for King Luca so that it can be lead around like an animal. The slave worships King Luca’s feet, eats his toenails, then later eats his alpha ass during this 20 minute real time session.

2 New Videos – It’s time for a stupid fag slave like you to get naked and to get bullied by your dom. CashMasterTrey will quickly remind you that you are a worthless faggot and will always be a worthless faggot to him. This cash master is going to verbally abuse you to the point that you fully accept what you are even if he has to beat it into your skull. After you’ve experience some intense verbal abuse, you can then lick master’s armpits. CashMasterTrey wants you to stare right into his hairy armpit and crave it. Only the most depraved and obedient pigs will be allowed to worship his pits. Sniff his sweaty pits and then get your tongue out to service them like an obedient armpit licker.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge wants you to serve his alpha feet. Foot faggots will drool over YoungNCharge’s huge barefeet. This cash master will verbally degrade you and call names as you beg to serve and worship his huge feet. Submit to YoungNCharge’s power and take you place underneath his feet.

3 New Videos – In part 1 of this masters challenge, the two muscled alphas flex and show off their hard physiques before they begin. Both these muscled men show their tight abs, huge biceps, and masculine physiques to remind inferiors why these two guys are truly alpha males. Then the real challenge begins between these two muscle doms in an ab punching challenge. It’s power against power seeing how much each alpha can withstand from increasingly harder gut punches. The loser will ultimately be punished by the winner later.

Watch these two muscled up alphas fight for dominance as one of these muscle alphas gets choked out. After part 1 and 2 of this masters challenge, the loser has to get choked out by the winner. See how much one master can withstand as he gets choked out by the other.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin chokes out his sub in his latest video. The weak submissive slave presents himself to DanielSlin to be choked out and dominated. This superior alpha gets the slave down on the ground and locks in a tight chokehold until the slave nearly passes out. The chokehold domination continues in the next clip as DanielSlin locks the sub into an even tighter chokehold. The weak slave writhes and gasps for air as this alpha locks the chokehold in tight on the slave’s windpipe. The sub can’t go any longer and has no choice but to tap out.

2020 Year in Review

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YoungNCharge brings you along to watch him abuse this faggot for 2 hours. Yes, the video is 2 hours long! This masked faggot endures all of the abuse YoungNCharge can dish out as this powerful findom forces the faggot to put a funnel in its mouth and drink his superior piss. Later, this cash master spits on the faggot and forces it to worship his alpha male feet. Tons of verbal abuse, alpha ass worshiping, hot tub massages, and foot worship. This lengthy real time session concludes with YoungNCharge getting showered in cash on the hotel bed.

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  1. MasterUltimateGod
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  3. DocTayTay
  5. Master Michael
  7. AlphaDerek
  8. youngNcharge
  9. SlavesSeeker
  10. MasterBigOwnsu



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  1. MasterUltimateGod
  2. DocTayTay
  4. MasterGary
  5. youngNcharge
  7. Flexgod
  8. Master Alex
  9. MasterDnero
  10. AlphaDerek

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3 New Videos – King Luca treats this real time cash fag like a piece of property in this brutal real time session. The drugged up faggot is choked until his wind pipe is nearly smashed by King Luca’s belt. All throughout this 23 minute video clip, the faggot gladly endures the high level abuse and humiliation given to him by King Luca. King Luca then tests the faggot’s devotion even more as he suffocates the fag by placing a plastic bag over his head. This dominant alpha doesn’t hold back and shows you that his fag idiot will do anything for him. After suffocating the fag a bit, King Luca sits on his face to smother him some more in this brutal session. Finally it culminates with intense strangulation as King Luca finds some rope and tightens it extra tight around this fag’s throat. The faggot gets off on erotic asphyxiation while King Luca shows his pure hatred of fags toward this pathetic slave.

5 New Videos – Fag Butler is put through a quick round of shock collar training. MasterUltimateGod gives the fag the option of doing hard, humiliation, and often physically taxing tasks or experiencing the pain from the shock collar. Each time, the fag has to decide what form of pain he gets to experience. The final choice leaves the fag with a nasty black eye. The punishment continues under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet. You pathetic fucks seem to love seeing him in pain. Watch MasterUltimateGod beat this fag’s balls with my alpha jock feet. MasterUltimateGod humiliates and degrades the fag as it writhes on the floor in pain. Unfortunately, this seems to hurt more than with the shoes, so sucks for the fag.

MasterUltimateGod uses a new faggot who is too scared to show his face…so the bitch is nicknamed the Masked Fag. In jeans and work boots, watch MasterUltimateGod smother this fag under his alpha ass. Almost choking the fag under his heavy weight, MasterUltimateGod smothers the queer as he squirms wanting out from under his master’s dominant weight. Eventually, the fag sits on the ground and is turned into a fag chair. The faggot’s face becomes the cushion for his master’s alpha ass. For those of you who love seeing MasterUltimateGod punish Fag Butler, he too is in for some punishment. Fag Butler lays down on the couch as he is crushed under his dom’s alpha feet. After a little bit of stomping on the queer, MasterUltimateGod crushes the fag’s balls. Next, this alpha sits on the fag’s pathetic face, making sure his nose is directly up, so this alpha can crush it under his ass. How many of you want to trade spots with these faggots?

1 New Video – YoungNCharge brings you along to watch him abuse this faggot for 2 hours. Yes, the video is 2 hours long! This masked faggot endures all of the abuse YoungNCharge can dish out as this powerful findom forces the faggot to put a funnel in its mouth and drink his superior piss. Later, this cash master spits on the faggot and forces it to worship his alpha male feet. Tons of verbal abuse, alpha ass worshiping, hot tub massages, and foot worship. This lengthy real time session concludes with YoungNCharge getting showered in cash on the hotel bed.

1 New Video – Chokemaster Chris is ready to choke out his friend Andre. These two lean muscle studs flex for the camera and show off how cock they are in front of an audience. Afterward, Chris begins to choke Andre out. Andre taps out several times but ultimately Chris finishes him off. See how long Andre can endure these chokeholds.

2 New Videos – Turkish Satan takes shows you how he would take you credit card and get you intoxicated on poppers. This arrogant cash dom holds the bottle of poppers up to your nose to get your head swimming. Afterward he snatches your credit card and gets you to give him the PIN during this session. After you’ve given into this dom, it is now time to worship his sneakers. Turkish Satan gets his sneakers right up to your face and orders you to lick the soles of his sneakers. After he thinks you’ve done a good enough job, then you’ll be permitted to sniff and lick his black socks like an obedient foot fag.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

YoungNCharge makes you worship his shiny red briefs and feet in this video. Get below YoungNCharge as he reminds you why you’re fucking pathetic. Throughout this video clip, YoungNCharge verbally abuses you and makes you wish you could have the chance to sniff his alpha feet and superior bulge. Download this clip to worship more of YoungNCharge.

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3 New Video – As a final birthday present for this fag, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler some of his favorite drink…Sock Tea. After chugging the tea made from MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty socks, this dom takes his socks and whips the queer for his birthday. There is no pleasure without pain for this queer bag. Later, MasterUltimateGod relaxes as he degrades and humiliates his fag under his alpha male feet. Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet and is always willing to show what lengths he’d go to, to serve his master’s feet. The slave licks his master’s Jordans clean, removes his alpha socks, and clips his master’s toenails. MasterUltimateGod allows the fag to kiss his feet for each toenail he clips. This fag loves every second of the verbal humiliation and degradation given to him.

But what happened to the toenails? Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet. For another birthday treat, he gets to eat his master’s foot calluses and toe nails in a salad. MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler dump the foot shavings into a bowl of lettuce. For some salad dressing, MasterUltimateGod spits all over the salad and then it’s time for the fag to enjoy it. He loves every bit and begs for more. This was a special treat just for his birthday.

3 New Videos – Prepare to be shrunken down to the size of a tiny toy as you worship YoungNCharge’s ass. If you need to feel an alpha laugh and degrade you as he becomes a giant and you shrink down in size then this video is for you. YoungNCharge shrinks you down and places you in a jar where you will remain forever. Look up and worship his massive ass while trapped in your tiny glass prison. Later, YoungNCharge will have you worship his muscles as he verbally abuses you. Covered in sweat and with bulging muscles, YoungNCharge will have you worship his alpha ass and big biceps as you plead for mercy at the hands of this dominant man. Finally, watch a Skype screen share as YoungNCharge shows you how he drains a slave on webcam. The fag slave gets poppered up as YoungNCharge takes tributes via Teamviewer in this virtual session.

3 New Videos – Prepare to worship two alphas at the same time. Flexgod and his muscular friend flex and show off their huge muscles as they make you feel like a weak, inferior fag slave. Drool as both of these alpha men flex in front of the webcam. Then for some solo action, worship your king as Flexgod shows off his ripped and huge physique. Flexing his biceps, showing off his massive chest, and posing his chiseled abs, Flexgod will make you bow before him and beg to hand over your wallet. Afterward, Flexgod will describe what a real time session with him is like. Putting the camera down on the ground to look up at his massive muscles, Flexgod will make you beg to serve his muscles and worship his socked feet.

4 New Videos – Wearing high heels strapped up to her knee, JuicyJulie will order you to cum on her high heels. JuicyJulie gets her man to stroke his cock more and more as she rubs her heels along the head and shaft of his dick. Finally he busts a load like all men do on her heels. Later, JuicyJulie gives another guy a foot job. Her cute little toes curl around his fat cock as she strokes it up and down with her feet. She slides her smooth soles up and down until he has a massive orgasm for her beautiful feet. In another foot job session, JuicyJulie wears black stockings and heels as he man beats off to her gorgeous feet. Rubbing her heels across his manhood he can’t hold back the urges to blow his load to her dominance. For a quick tease, JuicyJulie shows her tight pink pussy to the camera. Rubbing it and playing with it, she’ll make you beg her to touch it.

4 New Audio Clips – Prepare to be totally hypnotized by Master Lucian. This dominant alpha will control you with this hypnotic file. This is a simple, short session. Non-sexual, but a powerful deepener combined with irresistible addiction training. Once in your mind, Master Lucian will program you to suck cock. Master Lucian will make you crave one thing: to suck cock. Whether you’ve never sucked cock before or you’re a seasoned pro, this audio clip will kindle your desire. Don’t be surprised if you go looking for cock after the file ends.

Afterward you need to accept that you are worthless and weak. It’s time to demonstrate it. Prepare to embrace your utter worthlessness as Master Lucian drills your weaknesses into your brain forever. You will bow and scrape and pray like the loser you are to this dom. You must never forget that obedience is the keyword in all of this. A word you will come to understand utterly and completely as you listen to the next JOI audio clip about obedience. Obedience is pleasure. Without obedience there is nothing. This is the lesson you will learn today. You want to, need to, and will obey

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3 New Video – Time for another duo dom games. This time, MasterUltimateGod and his alpha buddy put clothes pins all over this fag. Each of these doms gets a point for each pin they knock off the fag with balls and darts they throw at him. Watch these two alpha men humiliate this fag as they pelt him. The pathetic bitch just has to stand there and take the pain they inflict on him. He truly is owned and enjoys every second of it. Before that round, both doms test the fag’s devotion. Fag Butler is ordered to get to his master’s shoes and put his face inside. But there is a catch. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy tie up the fag, push against him, pull him back, and do whatever they can to stop him. It’s like watching American Gladiators. See the fag struggle to overcome two straight, alpha men just so he can get his face in his master’s shoes.

After all of the abuse Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod decides he has earned a bit of a reward. And what better way to reward a foot fag than with some alpha jock feet. A more casual worship session, Fag Butler loves his master’s alpha straight feet. Watch him lick his dom’s shoes clean, then worship some alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod and his alpha mate count their cash and show off their huge jock feet. After some flexing and verbal abuse, they put their socks directly in your face. This is complete heave for a foot fag. Later these two alpha doms make you drink their spit out of a cup. Both muscle doms flip you off, verbally abuse you, and stick their huge feet in your face. Be an obedient faggot and do everything they order you to do. This is your ideal life, serving 2 doms at once.

3 New Videos – These two bros show no mercy with headscissors as they wrestle on the mat. The dominant bro ignores all the tap outs and cries of his poor victim. See him lock his brother in some intense chokeholds until he passes out. In another new clip, the gym is closed, so Johan and Freed practice their wrestling at home. Both studs get down on the ground and practice various chokeholds, headscissors, headlocks, and more. See if this guy’s younger bro can handle all of the intense chokeholds or if he blacks out. Another hot pair of guys team up for some muscle domination. Hot muscle dude Jake and his twink get together so that Jake can assert his dominance. Jake takes his time tormenting this twink, with standing headscissors and then a prolonged sleeperhold until he is out. Watch this twink endure hard abuse.

1 New Video – YoungNCharges makes you breathe in his farts in his newest clip. Farting and degrading is what this dom has in store for you pathetic ass sniffers. See a close up of this dom’s ass hole and worship him as he lets out fart after fart for you.

4 New Videos – Wearing full leather head to toe, Master Michael makes you worship his Godly body. Wearing a leather jacket, boots, and a hood this dom will put you in your place. He later jerks his perfect cock and cums in a condom for you as a treat. In part 2, your leather cash master is showing off his massive cock. This leather dom is ready to abuse you and make you his property. At the end he busts a massive load.

Continuing the leather theme, Master Michael has his leather mask on while clad in all leather with a leather harness. Get on your faggot knees and obey this leather God. Crave his abuse and follow his orders as he shows you how he would use you. Part 2, MasterMichael is fully leathered and blows smoke in your face. Your new leather king demands obedience from you and wants you to worship every inch of him. At the end, you’ll have to clean up his big cum shot.

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3 New Videos – Fag Butler has been bugging his master to train him in the gym. So MasterUltimateGod puts the fag through some painful personal training. The faggot struggles to press the bar above his head while strapped down with ropes. MasterUltimateGod beats the soles of the fag’s feet for motivation whenever his weak ass fails. The faggot keeps failing so MasterUltimateGod hits him in the face to the point he bleeds. Funny how a bit of pain causes fags to collapse to the will of alpha men like MasterUltimateGod. In another encounter with Fag Butler, MasterUltimateGod brutally whips him. The faggot was in need of some serious correction and training. This sadistic alpha doesn’t hold anything back as he beats his slave black and blue with some jump rope. The faggot was bruised for days, unable to sit or sleep properly. He will never forget who owns him.

A lucky fag gets to feel his master’s power in this next video. MasterUltimateGod abuses and grapples the fag slave, making him kiss his muscles and alpha feet. The faggot loves the abuse though. He can’t get enough of his dom throwing him around and man-handling him. The pathetic queer takes all of his dom’s abuse and keeps coming back for more.

3 New Videos – Be prepared to taste the spit of a real man. Lick MasterGary’s spit off of his black leather boxing gloves and do as you’re told. Afterward, MasterGary will let you worship his body and tell you how he’s going to beat you with those boxing gloves. If you can’t get enough of his alpha body and superior power, check out the next video as MasterGary puts you through some harsh intox. Fags don’t deserve mercy. Straight men rule your life and MasterGary plans to make sure you fully accept that as he keeps you high as fuck on poppers. Get even more intoxed and put on your cock cage. MasterGary instructs you to fuck yourself with a dildo and then put it in your mouth. Ass-to-mouth, back-and-forth. Whilst you’re being intoxed with poppers throughout, you’ll obey every command MasterGary gives you and will even spank yourself for his own amusement.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge is ready to train a sissy like you on how to sniff poppers. While flexing his tattooed muscles and showing off, YoungNCharge will order you to get that bottle of poppers and completely fry your brain. By doing so, you’ll become a weak and mindless faggot for superior alpha males.

3 New Videos – Get financially dominated by Master Flexgod in this 10 minute video clip. Putting the camera on the floor to look up at him, Master Flexgod will have you in your rightful position as he sticks his feet in your face, flips you off, and verbally abuses you. While you’re down there, hand over your wallet to this muscular god. After he drained you of your money it is now time to worship this stinky socks and feet. Starting off with some white socks on, Master Flexgod will have you craving to lick and sniff these dirty, smelly socks. After he is pleased with your service, he’ll then let you worship his barefeet at the end.

Since you can’t get enough of Master Flexgod at this point, he now wants you to worship his ass and muscles. In this 10 minute video clip, Master Flexgod shows off his huge alpha feet, bulge muscles, and big muscle ass to make faggots like you drool for more. Give into all of his demands and start serving.

1 New Video – Worship this perfect leather master as he shows off his huge alpha cock. Get on your knees like a little bitch and clean his boots as he strokes his massive king dick. If you’re lucky, he’ll let you lick the cum off his boots.

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4 New Videos – Master Gary slips off his sneakers and forces you to stroke your tiny dick as you worship his body. Flexing and verbally abusing you, Master Gary also commands that you sniff some poppers and keep edging your tiny dick until you erupt with cum and hand over your wallet to him. For fags who want to get even dirtier, grab your dildo for this next video. Ram your ass with your dildo until you’re a dirty little piggy for Master. Get high and wated on poppers the entire time you do it to loosen up that pig hole while being verbally attacked by Master Gary. The popper intox continues when Master Gary dishes out some small penis humiliation. Wearing white socks and flexing, this alpha god continues to countdown how long you should be sniffing those poppers. Eventually he’ll have you cumming on command as he ridicules your tiny cock the entire time throughout this video. Then for some repeated hypnotic reinforcement, Master Gary has a hypnotic popper instructional video for you. Follow his on-screen instructions and get wasted as you stroke away your dick for Master.

5 New Videos – Back for more abuse and torture, Fag Butler is strapped to a chair in the basement for this abuse session. One of the most brutal pain, abuse, and humiliation videos to date, MasterUltimateGod gets a kick out of finding new and more fun ways to torture this fag. Continuing from that session, Fag Butler gets handcuffed in his cage and abuse with the shock collar. Unlike other times, this faggot is abused without even being able to see his master. MasterUltimateGod leaves the fag locked alone in the basement as he tortures and humiliates him. Shifting gears and going back to the gym, MasterUltimateGod allows Fag Butler the honor and privilege of cleaning his alpha feet at the gym. The slave gets on his stomach as his dom torments and teases him with his straight jock feet. The weak foot fag licks them clean and begs to be used as a foot rest.

Fag Butler is in for a treat in the next two videos as he is used by two doms at once. MasterUltimateGod’s alpha buddy and him decide to both crush the faggot under their boots. These alphas make the queer lie on the ground as they both trample all over him. Then when the slave is on the couch, MasterUltimateGod bench presses his buddy on the faggot. Pure alpha muscle and domination in this video. The two alphas then relax outside and smoke cigars. They begin to use the faggot as their personal ashtray and footstool. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot take off his shirt and stuff it in his faggot mouth to quiet him down while they burn him with cigars.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge is ready to verbally abuse you as you worship his feet, muscles, and ass. This cash dom puts his feet up to the camera as he commands you to worship and sniff his superior straight soles. The flexing and verbal abuse continues before this alpha makes you worship his hairy ass. Worship his hairy man ass in the next clip when YoungNCharge farts in your face. This straight muscular alpha flips you off and tells you how superior he is compared to you before pulling down his underwear and farting right in your faggot face. Ever wonder how an alpha ass can control you? Find out when you download this clip. To experience a webcam session with YoungNCharge check out this next clips as YoungNCharge humiliates a fag on cam. Verbally abusing this cam fag os his, YoungNCharge makes the fag open up some packages he sent him. Included in the package is his alpha cum, spit, briefs, socks, ass wipes, and piss all of which the fag slave purchased. YoungNCharge shows off another cash drain cam session as he owns two sluts at once with his alpha feet.

1 New Video – Enjoy the view as you gaze at MasterDrC2’s superior alpha male feet. Wearing socks and then showing his barefeet, this alpha will make you turn into a total mindless foot fag when he’s done. Serve, worship, and obey everything about this superior alpha.

1 New Video – Dominant master Dope159 wants you to worship his body as he washes his car. Feel the power and energy from his alpha body as you drool from watching him.

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2 New Videos – A masked faggot visits Alpha Derek for an intense popper real time session. The masked slave gets choked by AlphaDerek and stomped on. To fry the cash fag’s brain, AlphaDerek gets him on his knees and forces him to inhale a bottle of poppers. The real time session continues as AlphaDerek gives the fag a wedgie. The weak fag slave gets choked, verbally abused, and completely used by this superior stud. For Alpha Derek’s amusement, he gives the slave a massive atomic wedgie. Download both parts to see how the slave endures his abuse from his master.

5 New Videos – Fag butler lives to worship his master’s sweaty, straight, alpha feet. This time the slave worships his master’s shoes and sweaty socks right after a workout. Watch as MasterUltimateGod humiliates the faggot making him lick his shoes and receive rough verbal abuse. MasterUltimateGod then makes the fag take his shoelaces off so he can whip him with those. The weak fag then gets to worship his master’s socks in part 2. This is the ultimate reward for sock queers. The foot worship continues when MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler lick his alpha shoes clean. This fag is forced to stare at his alpha’s godly feet as he’s despereate to smell and lick them. Finally the faggot is allowed to smell his alpha’s scent and massage his master’s feet.

For any faggots out there who love to get your balls crushed, this next set of videos is for you. Fag butler hates to have his balls crushed. Watch as this alpha dom makes his slave lie with his legs spread wide open as he crushes the slave’s balls under his alpha feet and throw shoes at his unprotected ball. When the slave gets too loud, MasterUltimateGod tapes his mouth shut so he can’t say stop anymore. The ball busting continues in part 2 as MasterUltimateGod violently throws a shoe at the fag’s balls for the fag to scream out and whimper in pain. MasterUltimateGod finds whatever he can to paddle and beat this faggot’s balls.

2 New Videos – Time to bow down to your god and worship his German feet. This muscled German dom takes off his socks and makes you worship his barefeet. Wearing tight jeans to show off his muscular legs, FlexGod also lets you worship his ass in these tight jeans. Later you’ll get the chance to worship FlexGod’s sneakers while sniffing poppers. Get out that fresh bottle of poppers and bow before FlexGod’s dirty Nike shox. This alpha cash dom will train you to sniff poppers to get dumber and dumber.

1 New Video – If you’ve ever wanted a big collection of YoungNCharge’s fetish videos now is your chance. For one flat price, you can get 15 of YoungNCharge’s videos in one zip file. The collection of degrading, spitting, jerking off, farting, and being the perfect alpha imaginable is all included.

2 New Audio Clips – Inside of you is a beast, longing to get out. In this stroke along audio recording for men, you will first visualize your body changing into a more ripped version of yourself. You will then imagine actually changing into a primal creature, a muscled beast that remains inside of you even when you return to normal at the end. Whether you want to lead a pack or be tamed, those instincts help you let go of what others think as you unleash the beast in the gym, and in the bedroom. While this is about tapping into that primal side that exists in all men, this mp3 still encourages respecting limits (gym or otherwise).

In another gym fantasy audio clip, you stroke your cock along to a fantasy of working out in a gym next to a Dominant muscle man. You find yourself feeling weak, and he tells you how you need to work out more to be with a God like him. You visualize yourself changing, growing bigger but also more submissive until he places a ballring on you to “collar” you. You are left knowing that the man in your fantasy is just that, for consent is always needed, and yet you also find yourself more willing to submit to Dominant men in general – and more willing to work out so that you look good for those Men.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

It’s time to lick daddy’s sneakers and feet. YoungNCharge orders you to worship his superior alpha sneakers, socks, and barefeet. Get your tongue ready, foot fag, because you have a lot of worship to do. YoungNCharge sits back and relaxes while he makes you devote yourself completely to just his feet.

Also, YoungNCharge is offering 15 of his best and latest In-Charge videos all for the price of one. Check out his fetish compilation on his portfolio for a chance to download a bundle of his videos in a zip file for one bundled price.