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2 New Videos – AlphaCashMatt orders his obedient foot fag to worship his sneakers. The submissive masked fag licks and services his dom’s sneakers. AlphaCashMatt browses on his lap as this slave worships under the desk. Later, AlphaCashMatt abuses the fag’s dick. Exposing his tiny, pathetic cock, the fag slave gets his dick smashed and squeezed by his superior. AlphaCashMatt laughs at the fag’s pain from having his tiny clit abused.

2 New Videos – FootPigCrusher puts his feet right up to the camera for you to sniff his smelly feet. Showing off his dirty soles and sweaty white socks, this alpha will order you to inhale his superior alpha scent. Worship down at his feet and show your devotion. FootPigCrusher then meets up with a slave to trample his balls. Standing on top of the slave, FootPigCrusher smashes this fag’s dick and balls in front of the camera. The slave cries out in pain from this hardcore CBT session.

4 New Videos – This alpha dom shows his power by choking out his slave. With the slave on the ground, the dom wraps his leg around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. This masked slave struggles and begs for mercy from his master. In another session, the dom squeezes his slave’s head between his thighs. With his legs wrapped around the slave, the dom begins to squeeze tighter. The masked fag slave grimaces from the pain but knows he’s serving his purpose.

The masked slave gets even closer to his master when his head is buried in his master’s crotch. Still being squeezed by his dom’s legs, the slave is in a more enjoyable position as he gets to sniff and feel his dom’s bulge. Mantaster doesn’t want to leave this glorious position. As a reward for his obedience, this alpha whips out his cock for the slave to deepthroat him. The slave worships and serves at his master’s big uncut cock swallowing every inch. This alpha orders the slave to sniff and suck his cock to cherish every part oof it.

5 New Video – Master Daniel enjoys sitting on his slave’s face. Smothering Slave Matt with his jock ass, Master Daniel buries the slave’s face deep in his ass. There is no where for Slave Matt to go as he’s pinned on the bed. Slave Matt experiences more of Master Daniel on him as he sits his full bodyweight on him. Master Daniel straddles the slave and tries to make it as painful and as uncomfortable for him as possible. Then Master Daniel proceeds to do some more bodyweight pinning in different positions.

Things get more intense for Slave Matt as Master Daniel then challenges him to a muay thai fight. Master Daniel punches and kicks his slave repeatedly until he’s backed into a corner. Slave Matt has no where to go as his bully beats him down. Master Daniel then shows off his submission holds on this slave. Locking the slave in an armbar and various hold, Master Daniel shows off his raw power on Slave Matt. Slave Matt proceeds to then get choked out and submitted. Master Daniel sits back and relaxes playing a video game while choking out his slave. Slave Matt is completely ignored while Master Daniel finishes up a round of gaming.

2 New Videos – David War orders you to serve at his alpha feet. With the camera on the ground, this dom makes you look up at his huge superior feet while he strokes his cock. David War orders you to lick his sweaty feet while he jerks off. Later, David War gets really raunch when he pisses on himself in the shower. Getting super kinky, David War shows his nastier side as he shoots a warm stream of piss on himself. Right afterwards he gets hard and begins jerking off until he cums.

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