Featured Model- 4King

Back with another hot flexing video, 4King delivers 10 minutes of flexing and true verbal domination. With this video, it’s time for you to be dominated by a true master and muscle god. Kneel in front of 4King like the weak beta faggot you are and admire his godlike physique. 4King’s huge muscles will make any muscle worshipper crave to worship these muscles. Your little faggot dick will get hard as 4King degrades you harder and harder with extreme verbal domination, reminding you of your place and where you belong.

Featured Model- Stefano

Alpha muscle dom Stefano makes obedient faggots like you weak when he flexes in a jockstrap. Wearing a bright green and blue jockstrap, Stefano will make a faggot like you weak. But to make you even weaker, Stefano makes you sniff some poppers to fry your brain. Listen to Stefano as he counts for you and makes you inhale harder and deeper as you stare mindlessly at his perfect muscles. Submit and worship this muscle God as your new king.

Featured Model- College Muscle

Dominant and muscular master CollegeMuscle is ready to verbally abuse faggots in this video clip. In a clip intended as a custom video for a pathetic cash faggot, CollegeMuscle shares this verbal abuse clip with you. Wearing a tight compression fit workout shirt, CollegeMuscle flexes and shows off his huge biceps, massive chest, and outline of his chiseled abs through the compression fit material. You’ll be in awe of his muscles as he flexes and shows off all while verbally abusing you for being an inferior fuck. CollegeMuscle then takes off the compression fit shirt to show off his rock hard physique until he’s just in his designer boxer briefs flexing and verbally abusing you for being inferior to him.

Featured Model- FlexGod

Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man.

Featured Model- Master Kraze

Feet, intox, and control. All of the dominance that you crave from your veteran All-American CashMaster. SirKraze has been in your thoughts for years and you keep craving to be drained like an obedient cash piggy bank. In this latest video clip, SirKraze shows off his smelly sneakers and commands you to sniff your poppers until you’re mindless and your head is spinning. You’ll serve completely at this alpha’s feet and endure all of the fag humiliation he gives you with muscle worship, popper instructionals, clouding control, and more.

Featured Model- Cameron Foster

Watch sexy adult film star, Cameron Foster, show off everything via webcam in his bathroom. Cameron starts off in some sweaty gym clothes since he just returned home from the gym and has a huge pump in his muscles. Stripping out of his tight blue compression shirt, Cameron squirts oil all over his muscular and chiseled chest. His muscles glisten when oiled, enough to make any muscle worshipper weak enough to submit to this stud. Taking off his black gym shorts, he reveals his white briefs and big bulge. Cameron proceeds to squirt more oil all over himself until he’s fully naked and jacking his huge, thick meat until he cums.

Featured Model- Mr Octavius


Just back from an intense workout in the gym, Mr. Octavius is super pumped and covered in sweat. This dominant muscular alpha has testosterone rushing through his veins and could unleash his aggression on any fag slave who crosses his path. He shows off his intense vascular muscles by flexing massive biceps. You can see veins bulging throughout his biceps, enough to make any muscle worshipper weak and want to worship this alpha stud’s muscles. Bow down to Mr.Octavius and download this video from his portfolio today.

Featured Model- 4King


Giving cash slaves a taste of who he is, 4King shows off his muscular, ripped body. He starts off with some bicep flexing and double bicep flexing. After that, he stands up and shows even more to the camera. Muscle worshippers and cash slaves will crave to serve this superior cashmaster as they watch him strip down to his Calvin Klein briefs as he shows off his ripped and chiseled abs. Just by looking at his body, you can tell he deserves to be showered in gifts and tributes for a king.