Newest Downloads

5 New Videos – Fag butler is forced to get on his knees as MasterUltimateGod and an alpha friend spit all over this loser. Watch as these two alphas force him to endure getting spit on and accept his fate as a lowly faggot. The culmination is the fag drinking his master’s mouthwash as MasterUltimateGod spits directly into his mouth like the loser he is to him. In another video clip, the fag butler is crushed under his master’s ass. The fag learns to experience what it is like to be a carpet underneath his master as well as the cushion he sits on. This supreme alpha walks all over this faggot and dominates him the way a fag should be dominated. The crushing continues as MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot under his feet. Standing on top of and jumping on the faggot, this weak slave squirms and cries out as his master stomps all over him. This is a macro lovers wet dream.

Fag butler is in for a treat with the next video. He is ordered to clip his master’s toenails and eat them. The fag can’t get enough of his master’s alpha feet. As a reward he is given this delicious treat from his king. The fun rewards stop there as in the next clip Fag Butler endures some shock therapy. This bitch can’t seem to get his most basic tasks accomplished and must be punished the hard way. More brutal humiliation, degradation, and shock collar abuse for this lowly faggot.

3 New Videos – Get your bottle of poppers out as you worship Flexgod’s ass and feet. Wearing black ankle socks and dark colored briefs, Flexgod makes you worship his superior muscles as you huff and huff that bottle of poppers. After you’ve done that and your brain is fried, then you can worship this stud’s muscles. Worship at this muscular master’s holy feet and drool over his muscles. After you’ve obsessed over his muscles then you can clean his alpha feet. In this 10 minute video clip, Flexgod flips you off and sticks his feet in your face while you continue to waste brain cells on that bottle of poppers for your slave training.

3 New Videos & 1 New Audio Clip – Get your gas mask, a bottle of poppers and get on your knees to worship Master Gary’s feet and socks. Sitting in front of you with the camera on the floor, Master Gary places his feet in your face. First you are to worship his socks before being allowed to serve his barefeet. Stay in a trance and sniff those poppers while you edge to this hypnotic video. MasterGary shows clips of himself with written commands on the screen as to how he wants you to sniff and when to sniff those poppers. Edge your cock throughout like a horny little faggot. Keep stroking that tiny prick like a stupid fag when you worship master’s white socks in the next clicp. Worship everything about this verbally abusive dom. By this point your head should be swimming from all that popper sniffing. If you need to have some hypnotic audio from MasterGary then check out this 420 edging trance audio to play on repeat. For the smokers, light your joint and get mesmerized into getting higher and higher for the alpha of your dreams.

2 New Videos – Miles Striker wants you to get ready for some hypnotic popper instructions. This verbal dom will guide you through this session but requires total obedience of you. This will implace in exactly what you have known deep down inside your whole life. Who you really are and what you’re looking for. What you crave. This will be an intense session for session number one. They say everyone is happier once they realize their purpose. Relax in your chair as Miles Striker take you to pure faggot bliss. Intensify the experience by watching this video with noise cancelling headphones in a dark room.

What are you doing during this time of public unrest? Maybe Miles Striker has been too soft on you faggots lately. Should he remind you of who and what you are? It’s time for this dom to once again remove the gloves and put you in your place. There are normal people then there are things like you. We all have our places during this coronavirus pandemic. Miles Striker is done coddling you and going easy on you. It’s time for the cold hard truth, faggot.

1 New Video – Get on your fag knees and worship a huge alpha cock. Wearing tight jeans, a leather jacket, leather boots, and leather gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive dick for you to worship. Get down and look up at his hung cock and pray for his cum.

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Featured Model- MasterUltimateGod

Master Ultimate God’s dumb faggot is back with some Max Impact poppers. This weak faggot fries his brain as Master Ultimate God drains him for all he is worth throughout this 15 minute video clip of their real time meet. See Master Ultimate God choke out and dominate this weak faggot as the fag continues to sniff his poppers harder. This is slave training at its best.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – A masked faggot visits Alpha Derek for an intense popper real time session. The masked slave gets choked by AlphaDerek and stomped on. To fry the cash fag’s brain, AlphaDerek gets him on his knees and forces him to inhale a bottle of poppers. The real time session continues as AlphaDerek gives the fag a wedgie. The weak fag slave gets choked, verbally abused, and completely used by this superior stud. For Alpha Derek’s amusement, he gives the slave a massive atomic wedgie. Download both parts to see how the slave endures his abuse from his master.

5 New Videos – Fag butler lives to worship his master’s sweaty, straight, alpha feet. This time the slave worships his master’s shoes and sweaty socks right after a workout. Watch as MasterUltimateGod humiliates the faggot making him lick his shoes and receive rough verbal abuse. MasterUltimateGod then makes the fag take his shoelaces off so he can whip him with those. The weak fag then gets to worship his master’s socks in part 2. This is the ultimate reward for sock queers. The foot worship continues when MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler lick his alpha shoes clean. This fag is forced to stare at his alpha’s godly feet as he’s despereate to smell and lick them. Finally the faggot is allowed to smell his alpha’s scent and massage his master’s feet.

For any faggots out there who love to get your balls crushed, this next set of videos is for you. Fag butler hates to have his balls crushed. Watch as this alpha dom makes his slave lie with his legs spread wide open as he crushes the slave’s balls under his alpha feet and throw shoes at his unprotected ball. When the slave gets too loud, MasterUltimateGod tapes his mouth shut so he can’t say stop anymore. The ball busting continues in part 2 as MasterUltimateGod violently throws a shoe at the fag’s balls for the fag to scream out and whimper in pain. MasterUltimateGod finds whatever he can to paddle and beat this faggot’s balls.

2 New Videos – Time to bow down to your god and worship his German feet. This muscled German dom takes off his socks and makes you worship his barefeet. Wearing tight jeans to show off his muscular legs, FlexGod also lets you worship his ass in these tight jeans. Later you’ll get the chance to worship FlexGod’s sneakers while sniffing poppers. Get out that fresh bottle of poppers and bow before FlexGod’s dirty Nike shox. This alpha cash dom will train you to sniff poppers to get dumber and dumber.

1 New Video – If you’ve ever wanted a big collection of YoungNCharge’s fetish videos now is your chance. For one flat price, you can get 15 of YoungNCharge’s videos in one zip file. The collection of degrading, spitting, jerking off, farting, and being the perfect alpha imaginable is all included.

2 New Audio Clips – Inside of you is a beast, longing to get out. In this stroke along audio recording for men, you will first visualize your body changing into a more ripped version of yourself. You will then imagine actually changing into a primal creature, a muscled beast that remains inside of you even when you return to normal at the end. Whether you want to lead a pack or be tamed, those instincts help you let go of what others think as you unleash the beast in the gym, and in the bedroom. While this is about tapping into that primal side that exists in all men, this mp3 still encourages respecting limits (gym or otherwise).

In another gym fantasy audio clip, you stroke your cock along to a fantasy of working out in a gym next to a Dominant muscle man. You find yourself feeling weak, and he tells you how you need to work out more to be with a God like him. You visualize yourself changing, growing bigger but also more submissive until he places a ballring on you to “collar” you. You are left knowing that the man in your fantasy is just that, for consent is always needed, and yet you also find yourself more willing to submit to Dominant men in general – and more willing to work out so that you look good for those Men.

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Featured Model- Sir Kraze

It is time to serce the true American jock God, SirKraze. Lay your hard earned 9 to 5 cash at his feet. SirKraze is the reason you work those long hours at work and put in the overtime hours. All to please and sacrifice for your alpha superior. Get on those knees and show your respect to your alpha jock God, SirKraze.

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Newest Downloads

5 New Videos – Fag Butler loves when MasterUltimateGod beats the fuck out of him. This faggot begged to be beaten to a pulp by his dominant alpha. MasterUltimateGod gets creative in this video and uses the gym equipment to strangle and beat the hell out of his faggot slave. Later, MasterUltimateGod sees if the faggot can take a punch. Not holding back, this aggressive dom punches this faggot square in the face busting open his cheek. The faggot loves every second of this painful torture. Temporary pain results in ever lasting pleasure for this sub. After their gym session, MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler worship his straight feet. MasterUltimateGod allows the faggot to lick and sniff his extra sweaty feet. After the gym and spending time in the sauna makes this findom’s feet so sweaty. MasterUltimateGod rubs his workout shoes all over the fag’s face and makes him squirm beneath him.

Fag butler has a lot to make up for after the last food domination session. This time the faggot sub is much more compliant and ready to behave. In this video, MasterUltimateGod makes the fag dunk little dessert cakes in toilet water and eat them. Since the fag moves too slow, MasterUltimateGod has to get his weight belt to beat the faggot fuck. After the beating, the faggot hurries up as he eats food from the toilet to entertain his master.

2 New Videos – AlfaPrimal is ready to train you as his foot sissy in this foot worship video. With his huge alpha male feet, AlfaPrimal is ready to stomp all over your sissy mind and make you serve him long term. Sniff, lick, and pray to these Godlike feet. After you’ve worshipped his feet, you can sniff his sneakers. Sneakers, socks, and foot worship all for you. All throughout this video clip, AlfaPrimal verbally abuses you while telling you how he wants you to serve him by worshipping his sneakers.

2 New Videos – You need to stare and worship this leathered God. Grab your poppers if you got any left and start sniffing while this superior dom shows you what a real man is like. Clad in leather, masked, and wearing gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive cock to show off. Open your mouth in the end and get his holy juices. You still need to worship this leather king’s perfect body. Kneel before his absolute perfection. Kneel before your new king. As his slave and property, you will worship every single inch of him and do absolutely anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Feeling the effects of quarantine? Need a release from the boredom of being home all day? See a little masked body flexing as you admire DavidWar. Flexing his muscles and showing off his fat bulge, DavidWar will leave you drooling for more.

3 New Videos – King Lucas is ready to use you as a footstool. Flexing, smoking, and verbally abusing you, King Lucas wants you to become his foot stool so he has a place to rest his feet. Watch as this masked fag serves as his foot stool in a real time session. Just like the previos fag, King Luca uses another fag in an outdoor real time session. This fag gets punished in the woods as he is forced to kiss and lick King Luca’s shoes. The fag gets completely degraded by his dom and loves every second of it. If you’re jealous of these slaves, get a POV shot of what it’s like to be a slave. King Luca puts the camera on the floor for you to look up at him and experience what a slave would see in a real time session serving him.

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Featured Model- College Muscle

Dominant and muscular master CollegeMuscle is ready to verbally abuse faggots in this video clip. In a clip intended as a custom video for a pathetic cash faggot, CollegeMuscle shares this verbal abuse clip with you. Wearing a tight compression fit workout shirt, CollegeMuscle flexes and shows off his huge biceps, massive chest, and outline of his chiseled abs through the compression fit material. You’ll be in awe of his muscles as he flexes and shows off all while verbally abusing you for being an inferior fuck. CollegeMuscle then takes off the compression fit shirt to show off his rock hard physique until he’s just in his designer boxer briefs flexing and verbally abusing you for being inferior to him.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Endure nearly 8 minutes of Master Gary threatening you for being a little faggot. Clad in jeans and leather boots, this dominant alpha talks down to you and makes you feel completely inferior. You deserve the punishment and verbal attacks Master Gary is about to give you. If you can handle all of that then you earned the right to worship Master Gary for being a dominant alpha. Wearing tight leather gloves and boxing shorts, Master Gary flexes and shows off for the camera. Maybe one day you might be lucky enough to serve and worship him in person.

5 New Video – Fag butler is obsessed with the way MasterUltimateGod’s armpits smell. He can’t get enough of the superior alpha scent. This fag begged to be taught some wrestling moves but it turns out that the fag just wanted to sniff his master’s armpits instead. Fag learned quickly to be careful what he wished for. The fun stops there as the next series of videos, MasterUltimateGod and Fag Butler go to a gym to grapple and fight. This faggot begged to be taught some MMA moves. This quickly turns into a brutal physical abuse session. MasterUltimateGod humiliates, degrades, and destroys this faggot in the MMA gym. The beatings continue as MasterUltimateGod violently chokes out the faggot slave. This is hardcore abuse and not for the weak.

In the third part of the brutal physical abuse series, MasterUltimateGod locks the faggot in chokeholds until he can barely breathe. The fag slave struggles to endure this intense abuse and does his best to not pass out. MasterUltimateGod effortlessly abuses and whips this faggot’s ass on the mat. Slamming the faggot on the mat, MasterUltimateGod quickly shows him who is in control. This faggot might be regretting agreeing to this MMA fight at this point because the chokeholds and beatings just keep getting more and more intense as time goes on.

3 New Videos – Break out your poppers for an intense popper countdown video. Dominant superior AlphaDerek plants his feet right up to the camera as he verbally instructs you on how to sniff your poppers. Flipping you off and counting you down, AlphaDerek will make you go totally mindless and fry your faggot brain the way it should be fried. Don’t just put those poppers away yet though. AlphaDerek is ready to flex his muscles as he verbally degrades you as you sniff those poppers some more. Lose all control and thought as this dominant man demonstrates what a real man looks like and how a real man acts. The question now is can you handle a 3rd popper abuse video? Wearing sunglasses and a tank top, AlphaDerek poppers you up beyond the point of return. You’ll be a mindless mess of a cash pig once this dominant king gets you wasted. As you’re huffing your poppers, AlphaDerek then begins to open some Amazon wishlist gifts in this video too. Watch and see all of the tributes he has received recently from weak faggots just like you.

4 New Videos – This fag worships his master’s feet while King Luca just sits back and smokes. Faggots like the masked fag in this video would do anything to serve and lick an alpha’s feet in a real time meet. The fag slave does his duty as a foot servant to worship King Luca’s feet throughout this 11 minute video. For some solo action, King Luca shows off his feet in another video with his feet on a stack of cash which continues into part 2. The foot worshipping continues as King Luca has another faggot to worship his leather boots. Tongue out and laying on the floor, the masked faggot serves as a human shoe shiner for his king.

4 New Videos – MasterHugo bangs out his chick’s pussy in this short fuck clip. Later she stretches out her holes for this dom. His sexy little LolaDomme submits to him as she puts toys in her ass and pussy. She continues to play with her pussy in another close up sex video. See what a real man gets to fuck in his free time. Later she DP’s her pussy and ass for the camera. LolaDomme is a domme but enjoys submitting to her dominant man. Check out this alpha couple having fun.

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Featured Model- ChokeMasters

Once again, these two ripped and lean brothers wrestle each other for dominance. Just like the last time, the older bro dominates his little bro by putting him in some sick and tight chokeholds and headscissors making him gasp for air and quickly submit to his older brother. Freddie is the younger brother’s name by the way. It seems like Freddie is always getting dominated by his older brother.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Get on your hands and knees and worship this alpha’s feet. AlphaDerek relaxes on the couch with his feet propped up as he flexes and verbally abuses you. This muscular dom flips you off as he instructs you on how to sniff your poppers. Go mindless on poppers as this alpha takes control of you. Keep that bottle of poppers handy for some more popper intox. In this next 3 minute video clip, AlphaDerek gives you a nonstop popper countown with some flexing. Can you handle huffing your poppers this long? This intox session is definitely not for the weak.

5 New Video – A video for those of you who like a more relaxed and casual foot worship session. Fag butler gets the opportunity to worship his alpha’s feet at a calm and leisurely pace. This fag thoroughly enjoys the honor, as would any obedient foot fag. The casual foot worship continues as this submissive foot fag licks and cleans his master’s sneakers. After some very intense abuse sessions, fag butler is lucky enough to earn this reward from his owner. For foot fags who still can’t get enough of MasterUltimateGod’s feet, he has another foot worship session for you to enjoy. The fag butler appropriately sticks out his tongue to lick the soles of his master’s sneakers like any of you would. MasterUltimateGod gets verbal as he looks into the camera at you. Foot fags should be jealous of this lucky slave.

The calm, relaxing sessions stop there as MasterUltimateGod puts his fag in a shock collar. Fag butler is pathetic and needs as much training as he can get from his owner. The fag is humiliated with the shock collar again. MasterUltimateGod makes him endure some forced exercise while being shocked. The forced abuse doesn’t stop there as MasterUltimateGod makes his fag do even more stupid tricks and tasks while being shocked. With his shock collar on and the zap strength increasing, this alpha makes his fag worship his feet, run outside, and eat from a doggy bowl.

2 New Videos – Be prepared to have your faggot brain reprogrammed. Capthowdy066 has a nearly 20 minute long Satanic hypno video for you to succumb to his power. Give up your soul and your wallet to this Satanic master as he plants thoughts of lust and sin in your brain for his own greed. Surrender your mind with his next even longer video. Capthowdy0666 will have you replaying these hypno videos daily. Soon you’ll accept your new hell, which is your new life as a mindless vessel to hand over cash to superior doms.

4 New Videos – Spit out your cash and worship this alpha feet. This masked fag has the opportunity of lifetime to worship his master’s barefeet. In an intense real time session, the fag coughs up 1000 euros for the chance to sniff his master’s sneakers and lick his feet. Continuing with the trend of using foot faggots in real time, King Luca makes another fag clip his toe nails. With his feet up on the table, the loyal fag servant clips his master’s toe nails. If the fag is lucky, maybe he’ll get to feast on them as well. With this third latest upload, King Luca pays another visit to his slave for a real time session. The fag gets abused by his master and is made to lick his dirty sneakers and taste his master’s socks. After downloading all of that, you’ll need to check out this other real time session Master Luca has with a foot fag. This masked foot faggot licks his alpha’s boots, socks, and feet. King Luca sits back and relaxes while the fag is in his natural habitat at his master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDrC2 has something for the leather addicts out there. Clad in full leather gear and sunglasses, MasterDrC2 will make you inhale his smoke as he puffs a cigarette in front of the camera. Blowing clouds of smoke in your face, this master will ensure that you crave him more and more in this 5-star rated video clip.

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Featured Model- Master Mark

Master Mark gets his masked cash fag ready to serve him and dominates the cash fag in real time. Master Mark puts the masked fag slave on his back and makes him lick and worship his sweaty, superior feet. The greedy foot fag can’t get enough of Master Mark’s feet and licks every inch of them. Sometimes in the video, Master Mark even spits in the cash fag’s mouth to humiliate him some more. Be an obedient cash fag like the slave in this video and download this clip to worship Master Mark’s feet.

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