Featured Model- MasterG

Master G loves making Ikagura submit by choking the slave out. Sitting up on the sofa, Master G gets Ikagura underneath him on the floor as he begins to wrap his legs around the slave’s neck. Wrapping them tight around the slave, Ikagura begins to struggle and writhe around for mercy but Master G offers none of that while using his slave.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman recorded himself fucking another rubber pussy in his apartment. Starting off this video clip, Michael Hoffman gets himself hard by stroking his big cock in anticipation of showing his fans how hard he fucks. Once he gets the pussy sex toy lubed up, he pummels it with his fat dick. There are plenty of ass shots from behind as Michael Hoffman grinds his hips with each thrust in and out before finally pulling out and shooting a load of cum.

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3 New Videos – Stefano wears a pair of leather pants while smoking a cigar and stroking his cock. With his leather gloves, he pumps his massive cock while verbally dominating you. Prepare to be verbally abused and bossed around as this muscled alpha shows off his huge meat that you should be worshipping. After stroking outside, Stefano comes inside to blast another load of cum. This time just wearing a leather jacket and leather boots, Stefano shows off more of his perfect Godlike physique. Look up at perfection while Stefano gets off. Finishing up his newest clips for the week, Stefano then spits on you while clad in more leather gear. Filmed inside his luxury car, Stefano berates you some more verbally while treating you like trash. Your existence is nothing more than spit to Stefano.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod and dom buddy dominate a slave while smoking cigars. This dom duo make the slave service their boots as they blow smoke in his face. The obedient slave is nothing more than an ashtray to these dominant men while on his knees. Things get more brutal the next day as this duo busts the slave’s balls outisde in a public park. The fag slave gets his nuts crushed, punished and stoned by MasterUltimateGod and another dom as they laugh at his pain. The reason these doms want to punish this slave is for the fact that he exists. The slave gets degraded further as he’s treated like a cow by being forced to eat grass and moo. The doms get creative in other ways as they degrade and humiliate their fag slave out in the open. There also is plenty of physical abuse as they kick, punch, and smack around this slave.

4 New Videos – Nikcy gets dominated by Big Alpha once again while being locked in a front chokehold. Big Alpha practices his reverse chokehold on Nicky for over 20 minutes in this clip. His huge biceps engulf almost all of Nicky’s entire head. Big Alpha gets in more choke domination as he dominates another victim in Gio. Gio walks in on Big Alpha as he’s working out. Big Alpha then proceeds to choke Gio into submission with his hands and exercise equipment.

Victor is a muscled Jiu Jitsu boy and so is his younger bro. Victor and his bro decide to practice their submissions on each other in this wrestling clip. The two brothers battle it out for dominance. In a similar match up are two Colombian bros who have a choke battle. Johan plays around with some chokeholds on Fred until Fred is tapping and begging for mercy. Johan gets so caught up in the thrill that he doesn’t want to stop.

5 New Videos – Master Ch meets up with Slave Matt to slap him around and spit on him. Slave Matt serves as Master Ch’s victim while opening his mouth for spit. When he’s not getting spit on, Master Ch is smacking him around for his amusement. Things get more intense when Master Ch moves up to punching his slave. With Slave Matt pinned to the ground, Master Ch proceeds to deliver some face punches to this weakened slave. The slave simply accepts the beatdown from his dom bully. Master Ch gives Slave Matt a small break from the beatings as he chokes his slave. Slave Matt is choked between Master Ch’s legs with his face pressed agains the dom’s ass. Slave Matt gets to smell this dom’s butt while he’s gasping for air.

The choking gets more severe as Master Ch chokes his slave from behind. With his legs wrapped around Slave Matt’s body, Master Ch wraps his arms tightly around the slave’s throat. Slave Matt cannot pull away from this tight vice-like grip. In their next real time meet up, Master Ch chokes his slave some more and sits on his face. Slave Matt is totally degraded when this dom puts all of his weight on the slave by sitting on his face. When Slave Matt whines too much, Master Ch proceeds to choke him some more.

5 New Video – Master Daniel bullies his slave into submission. Slave Matt gets choked out and overpowered by this alpha. Master Daniel doesn’t hold back when he gets right up in his slave’s face while putting his hand around the slave’s throat. Afterwards, Master Daniel proceeds to trample the slave while standing over top of him. Slave Matt is pinned down to the ground as Master Daniel treats him like a doormat. The slave feels the full weight of Master Daniel standing on his back and head throughout this clip.

If you more slave choking then check out the next clip as Master Daniel wraps his legs around the slave’s neck. While playing video games, Master Daniel chokes Slave Matt with his strong legs. When Slave Matt whimpers and moans, Master Daniel just laughs and ignores him. The slave gets his master’s full attention in the next clip as he’s locked in a Jiu Jitsu hold. Wearing full Jiu Jitsu uniforms, Master Daniel shows this slave how much experience he has as a fighter. Slave Matt quickly taps out and is overpowered. Master Daniel switches things up and goes solo for the next spit fetish clip. Looking at the camera and holding a glass, Master Daniel fills the glass with his alpha spit. Imagine being the lucky slave to receive this alpha’s spit.


Featured Model- AdonisDomTop

AdonisDomTop gets 2 slaves to worship his boots. Licking their master’s boots clean with their tongues, the two masked slaves show total unquestionable devotion to their master. The slave’s sniff their dom’s feet and do anything he commands.

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4 New Videos – It’s hilarious how subhuman jerk off thinking about Massi the Prince taking all of their money. Every single cent in your wallet will go to this dom once you fully submit. That’s no different in this real time as Massi the Prince drains this slave’s wallet while using him as a footstool. In the next video upload, Massi the Prince will further turn you into an obedient human ATM. Get eager to spit out cash for your master and serve at his feet. You aren’t human anymore, you are merely an object that spits out cash on demand.

In exchange for good service, Massi the Prince will let you eat his toenails. This masked slave lays down on his back with his mouth open as Massi the Prince clips his toenails into its mouth. The slave is treated like a human dustbin by his master and gladly swallows his dom’s toenails. Accept your place in life like Massi the Prince’s real time slave as he is gagged by his master’s feet. The masked slave licks clean the soles of this powerful dom’s sneakers. Afterwards, he is slapped around and mocked by Massi the Prince. Once the slave is fully obedient and accepts his place, then he can worship this master’s barefeet.

5 New Videos – Elliot, Demir, Mark, and Jack have a team squeezing competition between each other. Jim agrees to test the leg strength of these jocks as he’s locked in a tight bodyscissors. The studs take turns testing out their strength by squeezing Jim nonstop for 30 seconds each to see how much Jim can withstand. In a one-on-one competition, Elliot and Jim battle it out as Elliot locks Jim in a super tight headscissors. Elliot is unstoppable once he gets the hold fully locked on around Jim’s head. Jim wants Elliot to show off his full strength to again see how much he can endure. Elliot tests his strength out on another buddy as he takes him for a ride. Elliot and his buddy are outside on the hood of a car while Elliot locks his legs around his friend’s neck. Elliot squeezes with his full might to see how much his bro can withstand.

All of that wrestling prepares guys like Timur to choke out a slave. Timur pins this pathetic slave under his muscular body right before jumping and pouncing on this slave’s chest with all of his weight. The victim has no where to go once Timur locks him in a headscissors and squeezes the life out of him. The same slave then gets humiliated and choked by Elliot’s friend, Neville. Neville is like a python gradually squeezing his prey. When this slave is exhausted, Neville begins to use humiliation techniques by pressing the slave’s face into his sweaty crotch.

2 New Videos – Master Matt loves whipping his slaves. In a live session, Master Matt gets his slave in a bound, defenseless position as he proceeds to whip the slave’s back. This slave gets a brutal beating from his dom as Master Matt just laughs at the slave’s suffering. That was just a warm, it is now time for Master Matt to abuse this slave’s nuts. The slave is shackled with no escape as Master Matt kicks the slave repeatedly in his nuts. The slave grimaces in pain and begs for mercy but Master Matt is not a merciful dom.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt submit between his strong legs. Locking the slave between his legs, Master G squeezes Slave Matt’s head until he’s begging for escape. Master G just continues to play on his phone ignoring this slave’s cries. Later, Master G shows off his jiu jitsu skills when dominating his slave. Slave Matt is beaten and abused by Master G as he locks on a variety of jiu jitsu holds on his slave. By the end, Slave Matt is pinned underneath Master G as he’s mocked and laughed at. The choke abuse continues as Master G locks Slave Matt in a series of chokeholds that will have him gasping for air. Master G loves abusing and choking this slave to exert his dominance and power over such a weak creature.

Master G meets up with his slave for another real time for even more jiu jitsu abuse. Master G locks the slave in a variety of submission holds and makes him quickly tap. Once the slave does, Master G covers the slave’s face with his sweaty, alpha male feet. In another real time encounter between the two, Master G sits on his slave’s face. The slave is totally ignored as Master G plays some video games while using the slave as a human chair. The slave is shown no attention and no respect as it’s being used.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop is ready to show that hierarchy works. Standing over his slave while wearing cleats, AdonisDomTop tramples this slave like a human doormat. The slave is stomped on and abused under his master’s soccer cleats.

Featured Model- TransylvanianWolf

Get your lube ready and oil up your ass as you beg for master’s cock. Master Alex is going in deep on your today and wants you to spread that eager ass to get brually sodomized. You love being filled up by your alpha superior as you’ll be bent over, spanked, and begging for every inch of this alpha’s cock.

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2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod meets up with his slave for an intense real time beat down as he humiliates the slave in the bathroom. This depraved slave is subjected to noogies, swirlies in the toilet, donkey riding, wedgies and more. The fag slave gets the standard MasterUltimateGod treatment. Later, MasterUltimateGod put the faggot in his place with some grappling abuse. The slave is tossed around like a rag doll and ordered to worship MasterUltimateGod’s pits and biceps. The slave has no choice but to submit as he’s being choked out and beaten.

3 New Videos – These 4 masters completely cover their slave’s face in spit. The doms don’t hold back as they spit thick, nasty loogies all over this slave’s pathetic face. Later then begin smoking and flicking ashes on the slave’s spit covered head and face. After the humiliation, the slave is bullied into alpha male foot worship. The 4 young doms relax back with their feet up as their slave obediently worships and serves at their feet. Licking, sniffing, and serving at their feet, the slave is slapped around and mocked until he gets locked in a headscissors as the other doms make him smell their feet. In another real time meet, Master Ritchel, Hunter, Liam, and Deyang teach the slave a lesson he won’t forget. They throw the slave in the bathroom and take turns pissing on their slave. After all of that beer drinking, the doms have a full stream of piss to unleash on this pathetic slave as it quivers in the shower.

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker went to Italy to meet up with his sub that he’s owned for 7 years. Being together, allowed for this slave to worship SlavesSeeker properly. The sub had the pleasure of enjoying his master’s piss, worshipping his big barefeet, getting beaten with a belt, and experiencing a kicking / slapping therapy session.

5 New Videos – Master P is an experience martial artist and loves showing his slave who’s in charge. Getting his slave down on the ground, Master P locks his slave in a triangle choke until the slave submits. Immediately after, Master P orders the slave to service his sweaty feet. The abuse continues for the slave as he’s subjected to intense kick domination. Master Pedro kicks the slave like he’s a punching bag. The weak slave just cowers in the corner doing his best to block the abuse. Following the kicking, Master P tests out his martial arts skills as he chokes his slave. Slave Matt is no match against the skilled fighter, Master P. Slave Matt immediately submits and struggles to break free from the submissions locks onto him.

Slave Matt serves many masters and Master J is one of them. Visiting his slave, Master J sits on his slave while playing some video games. Treating the slave like a piece of furniture, Master J shows no respect for this slave. In between his gaming, Master J even spits on his slave a few times to derade it more. After that abuse session, Slave Matt gets a visit from Master Pedro for some choke domination. Master Pedro uses his legs to choke out this weak slave. Slave Matt has no where to run to when Master Pedro locks his legs completely around this slave’s throat.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel dominates his slave with some rough facesitting. Pushing his crotch into the slave’s face, Master Daniel sits all of his weight down on the slave’s face and chest. The slave has no where to go and gets slapped around by Master Daniel in the process. In another real time with this slave, Master Daniel gives the slave some more facesitting abuse. Relaxing while playing video games, Master Daniel treats the slave like a human chair. Totally ignoring this slave, Master Daniel is fixated on winning his video games. There isn’t a break for this slave when he meets up with Master Daniel again for some abusive trampling. Master Daniel stands on top of the slave and walks all over him. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master Daniel stomps, kicks, and tramples him with all of his weight.

Continuing with the abuse, Master Daniel slaps around his slave. Slave Matt gets numerous face slaps as he’s pinned down by his master. Slave Matt has no where to go once Master Daniel is on top of him. Shifting gears, Master Daniel shows how strong his abs are as he subjects himself to some gut punches. Without his shirt on, Master Daniel flexes his abs as the punches come his way right into his abs.

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5 New Videos – Big Alpha shows the power of his quads as he locks Gio’s head between his thick muscular legs. Big Alpha squeezes Gio’s head with absolute power. Gio has no where to go as his face is pressed against Big Alpha’s ass and crotch. Later, Big Alpha gets on top of Gio and smothers him with his ass. Wearing a black thong, Big Alpha gets his muscle ass and puts it right on Gio’s face. This dom then wraps a belt around the back of Gio’s head to pull him further into his ass. In another session with Gio, Big Alpha wears a pair of black latex pants and orders Gio to worship his muscles. Big Alpha squeezes Gio between his legs as he flexes and shows off. Gio takes a lot of punishment and feels the raw strength of this dom.

Switch gears, Chokemaster Andrew and his buddy test out some tight chokeholds on each other. Andre demonstrates his experience in martial arts as he gets behind his buddy and locks him in a tight submission. His friend tries his best to break free but with no such luck. Andre continues to show his skills with more headlocks and headscissors on his friend. With his thick, muscled, hairy legs, Andre wraps them tightly around his bro’s neck and begins to squeeze. His strong bro resists for as long as he can until he submits.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod takes his pig fag outside for a hardcore outdoor workout. Getting his pig fag into shape isn’t as important as making him suffer physically. MasterUltimateGod puts this slave through an intense workout leaving him exhausted. Once indoors, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples on this slave. The pig fag lays on his back as MasterUltimateGod stands on top of him with all of his weight. The pig fag is stomped and walked all over like carpet. Things get more degrading for the slave as MasterUltimateGod makes the fag drink some sock tea. The fag begins to worship his dom’s feet until MasterUltimateGod warms up some tea using his socks. The fag drinks his master’s rank and nasty sock tea water to show his devotion.

5 New Videos – Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out. Earlier in the day, Jim had some more practice enduring submissions when he met up with Elliot, Damir, and Hunter. These 4 jocks battle it out on the wrestling mat to practice their wrestling skills. Watch as all four intertwine their bodies in powerful submission holds. All of that wrestling practice helps when they want to choke out a slave. Jim and Dustin use their wrestling skills in a red room on this weak slave of theirs. The guys squeeze his head with their legs while laughing at him as he struggles to escape.

Continuing with their wrestling practice, Elliot and Jim battle it out in the fight gym. These two jocks have a friendly battle as they lock a variety of submissions on each other. Jim is a strong guy and asks Elliot to give him all he got. After that battle finishes, Demir and Jack have a sweaty fight as they practice their wrestling and martial arts skills. This intense fight shows off their muscular bodies and intense leg strength. See which of the two jocks can endure the most.

5 New Videos – Master Ch pays Slave Matt a visit to spit on him. This arrogant alpha spits in his slave’s face then orders the slave to worship his feet. Master Ch smothers Slave Matt with his big alpha male feet as he chokes him. Master Ch then chokes his slave some more and sits on him. Pinning Slave Matt down on the bed, Master Ch wraps his leg around the back of the slave’s head to choke him out. Slave Matt begs for mercy but Master Ch has none to give. Days later, Master Ch returns to put Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. Slave Matt’s face is pinned against Master Ch’s crotch as he’s choked out. Slave Matt only gets to breathe through his master’s big bulge while getting his head squeezed harder and harder.

Local doms love abusing Slave Matt as Master J pays him a visit also to choke him out. Master J starts playing some video games as he wraps his leg around Slave Matt’s neck to brutally choke him. The slave whinces and cries but Master J is to fixated on playing his game to worry about Slave Matt’s problems. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets trampled and stepped on by Master J. This dom treats the slave like a doormat as he walks all over his face and body. Slave Matt endures maximum punishment from all of the doms he serves.

1 New Video – BillyMaster strokes his huge cock and makes you enjoy the biggest load you’ve ever seen. Working his fat cock vigorously, BillyMaster edges himself closer to climax until he finally busts. He shoots a massive load for the camera that would make any slave wish they could lick it up.

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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod smokes a cigar while he uses his cashfag in public. Out in a public ball park with another dom, MasterUltimateGod uses his slave as a foot stool and a human ashtray. The two doms laugh at this slave as they dominate and degrade him in this public space. The humiliation continues indoors when MasterUltimateGod dunks the slave’s head in a toilet. This straight alpha is the ultimate jock bully for this slave. The slave is subjected to noogies, swirlies, donkey riding, belt whipping, kicking, and more.

After the humiliation comes the physical abuse. MasterUltimateGod chokes his slave and locks in a variety of submissions. This slave had no idea what to expect until he was trapped in a submission hold being choked out by MasterUltimateGod. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod uses the slave as a human chair. Sitting on the slave’s face, MasterUltimateGod totally disrespects the slave and uses his full body weight on this pathetic sub. The slave is put in his proper place beneath his master.

5 New Videos – 7 Straight alpha masters cover this slave’s face in spit as they relentlessly degarde him. The group of jock bullies order the slave to get down in a dirt pit so he’s beneath them. They then all begin spitting all over and down onto the slave totally humiliating him as they order him to collect their saliva. The humiliation continues when the doms meet up with the slave again to burp in his face. Masters Ritchel, Basford, Stanley, Hunter and Liam mock the slave and take turns burping in his face. The slave must smell their foul smelling belches as he’s verbally abused and mocked. Days later, another group of 5 masters bully the slave and order him to serve their socked feet. The slave first licks their sneakers, then sniffs the sweaty socks of his masters. The doms slap this slave around as he worships their superior barefeet.

In another real time meetup, Master Basford leads the slave into a room of doms ready to degrade the slave. The doms order the slave to take care of their feet by sniffing their socks and tonguing their feet. The doms constantly laugh at this slave and mock him while getting their feet tongue bathed. Going back outside, the doms blow smoke in the slave’s face. The slave then holds a container to collect everyone’s ashes and spit. The doms laugh at this pathetic slave as they assault all of his senses.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTOp meets up with a slave for a weekend realtime session. This masked slave worships his master and submits at his master’s feet. AdonisDomTop makes sure to put the slave in it’s place so the slave knows the natural hierarchy of man.

5 New Videos – Master J totally uses Slave Matt as he makes him gag on his feet. Slave Matt lays back as Master J rams his foot deeper and deeper into Slave Matt’s mouth. The slave gladly gags on his master’s foot trying to take as much as he can into his mouth. The alpha foot service continues in another meetup these two have where Master J smothers the slave with his feet. Slave Matt licks, worships, and serves at his dom’s powerful feet. Slave Matt feels in his natural element laying on the ground under a dom’s feet.

Master J then comes over to play some video games as he sits on his slave. Slave Matt acts as a piece of furniture as Master J sits down on him and totally ignores him. Whenever Master J does give his slave attention, he spits on the slave then goes back to playing video games. In another real time session, Master J goes back to playing video games but this time he chokes out his slave. Wrapping his leg around Slave Matt’s neck, Master J ignores this slave’s cries and whimpers and he clamps down on the slave. Totally fixated on his game, Master J has no concern for Slave Matt. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets a small break as Master J relaxes on his slave. Using Slave Matt as a piece of furniture again, Master J relaxes while continuing his gaming.

1 New Video – LordeJ has total control over his slave as he makes this slave worship his feet. The masked slave gladly licks and kisses his dom’s feet showing his total obedience. This slave then gets some light CBT from his dom as LordeJ kicks the slave in the balls a few times during the foot worship.