Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

After stripping down to nothing, Michael Hoffman strokes his soft cock until he gets rock hard and shows off how long his dick is to the camera. Anyone who enjoys seeing his ass will see plenty of ass shots and shots of his hole when he gets on all fours on the couch and bends over showing his tight asshole that’s ready to be fucked. He jerks his long hard cock in multiple positions before finally shooting a massive load of warm cum all over his abs in this 10 minute video clip.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman gets the camera close up to his ass and asshole with just the perfect lighting. After showing off his body some, he fingers his tight hole while jacking his huge cock until he shoots a massive load all over the floor. Afterward, Michael Hoffman sits back and enjoys the moment by having a smoke while relaxing naked on his couch. Download this 15 minute video to add to your Michael Hoffman video collection.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

This steamy shower video is a definite download to any Michael Hoffman fan’s collection. The video starts off with Michael Hoffman naked in his room, rubbing his big cock and showing off his tatted muscles. He gets down on his back on the floor and shows his tight asshole right to the camera close up. Afterward, Michael Hoffman heads to the shower to get himself hard again while he jacks off his fat, massively long cock as the hot water hits his body. He shows off his tight muscular ass all though out this hot shower session.

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1 New Video – Giant Taylor is a teacher that has simply had ENOUGH of his ungrateful students. So he decides it’s time to teach them all a lesson. FE FI FO FUM…Taylor walks out already gigantic and starts pouring out his emotions for why he shrunk all of the students. Then he loses his shirt and drops his pants to reveal that all he is wearing is one MASSIVE jock strap! It doesn’t sound all that bad until giant teacher Taylor starts squashing the tiny students one by one, even eating some of the students as his hunger starts to get to him. If you are going to make a fool of Taylor, he will get his revenge.

2 New Videos – This is extreme corporal punishment at its finest. Master Alex uses his cable whip for the very first time on camera, while wearing his signature black bodysuit. The whip has a sting like no other and each hit marks the slave’s back, making it bright red, bruised, and even partially bloody. There is no holding back as the lashes keep on coming with Master Alex not even bothering to count them out after the slave talks back. Master Alex just unleashes it all, more pain, more suffering and a broken slave. Master Alex continues his domination on using another slave in a real time session as he busts and kicks the slave’s balls. Many subs and slaves want to worship Master Alex’s big feet, but only a lucky few are granted the opportunity. Even then they must pay the ultimate price. In order to lick and kiss, they must take trampling or in this case, some serious cock and ball busting. Master Alex makes you take the blows, those woderfully sadistic kicks to your sensitive nuts and beg for more. Isn’t the pain worth it, if you can be close to those delicious toes and soft soles?

2 New Videos – Using his rubber gimp from his previous videos, Master Gary gives this fag slave some popper intoxication in their latest real time session. Clad in leather boots, a leather jacket, and jeans, Master Gary makes sure this slave’s brain is fried constantly throughout this session. Keeping the slave on his knees and handcuffing his hands, Master Gary plants the bottle of poppers directly up to the gimp’s nose for him to inhale nothing but poppers. Imagine being Master Gary’s gimp for an entire weekend and just letting him intoxicate you on poppers nonstop. You would truly become a mindless drone like this gimp fag. However, the popper intox isn’t done yet. Master Gary puts his slave through a gash mask popper intox training session in this 5-star rated video. Master Gary especially enjoyed this session as he fries his gimp slave’s mind with more poppers. Master Gary gets his gimp trapped in a gas mask with poppers inside so that every breath he takes is a blast of poppers. To make it even more exciting, Master Gary sits at the laptop and drain slave’s bank account right in front of its eyes.

1 New Video – One of SlavesSeeker‘s real time slaves is ready to get brutally kicked by his master. SlavesSeeker gets the young sub on his knees and makes him place his hands behind his back to prepare for his beat down. The slave expects SlavesSeeker to go easy on him but he is in for a rude surprise when SlavesSeeker kicks this sub with all of his might. The slave reportedly cried for a solid hour after this real time session. It shows because the slave cries on the ground, writhing in pain afterward.

4 New Videos – This is the first time that Michael Hoffman has gotten a sensual massage from a guy. Michael Hoffman strips down and gets on the massage table face down. His buddy then oils up his hands and pours some oil on his back to start rubbing his back muscles and biceps for a deep tissue massage. He then moves down to Michael Hoffman’s legs and ass, rubbing out all of hte kinks in his muscles. After getting Michael totally relaxed, his buddy begins massaging Michael’s ass more, rubbing and teasing his hole while stroking Michael’s cock from underneath. Michael Hoffman turns over and his friend begins stroking Michael’s cock furiously with the oil until he shoots a big load for the camera.

Michael Hoffman is known to be someone who loves to show off and his other latest videos showcase this. In one of his recent uploads, Michael Hoffman shows off his ass. He starts off on his knees then on all fours as he shows his muscular ass to the camera. When facing the front, he strokes his long dick. However, he can’t forget to show off his ass again as he flips on his back and spreads his ass wide open for the camera. Going from there to his bedroom, Michael Hoffman shows how he fucks as he humps his pillow. Michael starts off this video with some nude flexing showing off some of his new tattoos and hard muscles before crawling into his bed showing off his ass and hole before grabbinig one of his bed pillows to hump. As he humps it, he gets harder and harder and closer to cumming. Right when Michael Hoffman is about to cum, he turns around to face the camera and strokes his big dick until he cums all over his bed sheets. In a short 1 minute video clip, Michael Hoffman strokes until he cumswhile filming the whole thing. This is a very up close video of Michael stroking his cock until he shoots on his abs.

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3 New Videos – Wearing his black latex bodysuit and boots, Master Alex unleashes the long leather discipline strap to punish his slave for not showing proper enthusiasm when he was given the Master’s warm piss. This fag slave’s chest and thighs get beaten by the sharp sting of the leather punishing implement, which he is tightly bound. An endless array of slaps fly across the whimpering slave’s chest, giving a big thud each time. He tries to struggle to escape the blow, but Master Alex holds him by the neck to show him that there is no escaping. The slave ends up completely broken and used with a bright red chest. Now he is willing to do whatever his owner desires.

Getting another slave in a real time sock worship session, MasterAlex reminds you that this is your future – smelling his socked feet and licking his bare soles and toes, slowly becoming addicted. In this video, Master Alex is wearing his long white socks while he makes his slave worship them. The fag slave smells and kisses them before MasterAlex steps all over the slave’s face, tiny cock, and chest as he tramples him. MasterAlex makes his slave deepthroat his sock, pulling it down using his lips and lick between the toes. When this alpha male wants to amuse himself, he walks the slave on a leash, making him kiss the bottom of his feet with every step. One thing is certain, there is a lot of juicy feet in your future. Always remember that a slave’s place is at his master’s feet. In this nearly 23 minute video, get a front-row seat and peak into the life of dominant male Master Alex as he comes home to be serviced by his foot slave. His obedient male slave is waiting on his knees for the return of his owner. Wearing a black suit and leather shoes, Master Alex comes hom. He makes his slave shine his shoes, sniff his sweaty black dress socks and massage his big feet. Obedient without question, the slave services his master and counts himself lucky to be able to worship his master’s feet and be used as a footrest.

2 New Videos – Taylor just got back home from the gym where he worked heavy on his legs. He couldn’t shower at the gym because the pain in his foot was so bad that it actually gave him a HUGE hard-on. He’s been walking around on this broken foot for over a week and heavy leg day just made it so much worse. He knows he shouldn’t be walking around on it but the pain is just making him so fucking hard in a masochistic type of way. Taylor examines the damage toe-by-toe as each palpation sends a jolt of pain / pleasure through his body that starts to plump up his big cock. Taylor keeps pushing the limits until he goes so far to snap one of his toes which sends his cum flying in this 30 minute video clip. In another new video clip this week from Taylor, become a voyeur and spy on Taylor’s cum show. Preparing to go on cam for a fan, Taylor interacts and teases his fan as he entertains, acts goofy, and shows his sexy side (all while unware that you’re watching). After some conversation to warm things up, Taylor starts showing off his body which leads to him tearing off his tanktop before proceeding to shave his hairy chest on cam. Now that the manscaping is done, it’s time to sit back, get comfortable, and work on that big load that’s been filling up Taylor’s balls all day.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and his brother, Lucky, play a game of Master / slave roulette. The rules are simple, MasterDnero and Lucky each draw pieces of paper from MasterDnero’s sneaker. On each piece of paper is a task that must be performed. These tasks were suggested by MasterDnero’s fans on Instagram and include nearly everything imaginable. Some of the early tasks that are pulled include “worship MasterDnero’s feet” to which Lucky worshipped and licked his brother’s feet. Other items included “facesitting”, where MasterDnero sits naked on his slave brother’s face in amusement. Lastly comes the one task that neither brother expected, “Cum on your brother’s face“. Lucky isn’t sure if he should be disgusted because he’s about to get his brother’s cum all over his face or if he should be fully erect that a dominant, alpha superior male is going to cum on his face. Ordering lucky to get down on the ground, on his back, MasterDnero puts on some porn and focuses solely on that get himself rock hard and ready to cum. Lucky shuts his eyes and battles his internal struggle about whether he should enjoy this or not. To mock his brother, Dnero pulls down Lucky’s underwear to show that this slave faggot is fully erect as his brother jacks off on his face. Lucky tries to focus only on the porn playing in the background until he hears the word, “Lucky stick your tongue out…”

4 New Videos – Getting MexSlave ready for a real time session, MasterJax doesn’t hold back in this socked feet worship real time session. In part 7, MasterJax relaxes on the couch with his huge size 15 tennis shoes on. The MexSlave faggot is ordered over to remove his master’s tennis shoes using nothing but his fag teeth. Please with this, MasterJax allows MexSlave to sniff in the amazing scent of his giant feet. The slave also gets to spend a couple minutes with his nose buried in MasterJax’s shoe. Towards the end of the clip, the slave is allowed to remove one of MasterJax’s socks, exposing Master’s perfect soles. Continuing with the foot worship, MasterJax is on the couch with one foot bare and the other socked in Part 8. MexSlave kisses the perfect feet of MasterJax and then begins a foot massage. When MexSlave is instructed to remove the other sock, MasterJax orders the fucker to lick his sweaty foot. At one point during the video, MasterJax writes “SLAVE” on the head of the faggot so that the slave will be embarrassed when answering the door for a pizza. Want a different view of the action? MasterJax has a different camera angle of the socked and barefeet worship from parts 7 and 8 giving you a bird’s eye view of what MasterJax sees when MexSlave worships his socked feet. This view continues in part 10 as MexSlave massages MasterJax’s barefeet. This video also recounts as MasterJax writes “SLAVE” on the fag’s face and orders the fag to lick the bottom of his sneakers clean.

1 New Video – Toward the end of 2017, Michael Hoffman recorded himself fucking another rubber pussy in his apartment. Starting off this video clip, Michael Hoffman gets himself hard by stroking his big cock in anticipation of showing his fans how hard he fucks. Once he gets the pussy sex toy lubed up, he pummels it with his fat dick. There are plenty of ass shots from behind as Michael Hoffman grinds his hips with each thrust in and out before finally pulling out and shooting a load of cum.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman is back with another hot video for all of his fans. In this nearly 9 minute video clip, Michael Hoffman just got a new sex toy and it’s a tight rubber pussy. As a treat to his fans, Michael Hoffman wanted to show how he pounds a tight hole with his big dick. In the beginning of the video, he shows off his new tattoos and his muscular ass before lubing up the tight rubber pussy to fuck. Watch as his muscular back tightens up and his bubble ass pumps the tight pussy in and out with each thrust. At the end of the video, Michael Hoffman busts a load of cum on the bed from all of the hard fucking.

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1 New Video – This is the second film which Michael Hoffman recorded of him fucking his rubber pussy sex toy. The 21 minute video starts off with Michael Hoffman waking up in bed as he pulls the blankets off himself, showing his ass (he apparently sleeps completely naked). After he gets up out of bed, he starts stroking his cock to get it bigger and harder berfore he destroys his tight toy pussy with his big cock. Putting lube on his cock and the rubber pussy toy on the bed, Michael Hoffman pounds this tight pussy. Lots of camera angles show his ass and feet. Finally at the end, Michael Hoffman pulls out of the rubber toy pussy and shows a POV camera angle as he jacks off a load of cum on his abs.

3 New Videos – KingGinger has 3 new videos of him delivering hardcore verbal abuse. Beginning with brutal verbal bashing, KingGinger forces you to sniff his raunchy socks that he wore tot he gym. KingGinger peels off these nasty, filthy socks and rings them out over your mouth like a dirty wash rag. While this dominant alpha spits in your face and lets you know how much of a faggot you are to him, you’ll obey his instructions as he tells you how he wants his feet cleaned. King Ginger then squats down and farts in your face to remind you of how weak you are to him. The entire time, he shows off his 9″ cock bulge, reminding you that you’re a little dick bitch who serves alpha men.

Continuing to put you in your place, KingGinger sits back and relaxes in this film while you worship his barefeet. KingGinger will completely ignore you in this video and make you crave his attention even more. As he talks to a hot chick on the phone, you’ll lay on the ground and worship his alpha feet. Lick, suck, and sniff these superior feet. After your devotion and worship, KingGinger is finally ready to give you some attention. Prepare for a brutal fag stomping like the foot slut you are. This dominant straight alpha is ready to let out some aggression from a testosterone fueled rage. Rated 5 stars from one fag, you’ll quickly see why KingGinger is truly an alpha male. Submit yourself to his extreme verbal fag bashing, stomping, and spitting.

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3 New Videos – Master Bigg is already becoming more and more popular on In-Charge and he’s decided to post even more videos to his portfolio. In one of three new videos, Master Bigg shows off huge huge alpha feet. Wearing white knee high Nike athletic socks, Master Bigg sits back and relaxes while flipping off the camera and reminding you of what a weak fag slave you are in this life. Submit to this alpha stud in this 10 minute video clip.

Furthering the foot worship, Master Bigg makes you worship his feet again in this popper training video clip. This time Master Bigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more on that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet. While your at it, also make sure to download a short clip of a real time session with Master Bigg.

2 New Videos – Michael Hoffman has two new videos for his fans. Everyone has requested ass play videos from him so he decided to stick something in his ass besides fingers. In this shower video, Michael Hoffman strips down and gets in the shower to show off his hole and ass, he even takes a piss in the shower. After he gets soaped up, he starts sticking a toothbrush in his tight hole, forcing it in and out. The sensation gets him rock hard as he jerks his massive cock while it’s soaped up. Then he jams the toothbrush in more and more until he finally ends with a cum shot in the shower before rinsing off and drying himself.

In his other video clip, Michael Hoffman starts off by bouncing his pecs and flexing his biceps while naked in his room. After that, he lays on the floor on his back showing his hole and ass. For the fans who can’t get enough of Michael Hoffman’s ass, he gets on all fours and fingers his hole to get hard. Once rock hard, he shows his massive cock and jacks it very hard. He keeps edging himself throughout, just stopping right before he’s about to cum. He finally can’t take it anymore and erupts a massive load of thick, white cum.

1 New Video – In this 11 minute video clips from Master Dnero, he shows you what it’s like to teach up-and-coming dominant alphas about his experience in using fag slaves. After completing admission tests, Master Dnero’s disciples they move onto practical training sessions with using pathetic subs. This time Master D-Hunter and Master Dante pair up to dominate a foot fag. Both strong, young alphas have proven themselves by completing their admission tests and now get to practice their domination on a fag slave named Lucky. He sure is lucky to be under the feet of these cocky, arrogant men.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant muscle master HerculesReborn2017. This straight, muscular, blonde hunk is always draining faggots online that he sometimes needs a break. HerculesReborn2017 relaxes shirtless while having a hot smoke break from using his loyal faggots. Watch this muscle stud flex and effortlessly look hot just by lounging and smoking a cigarette. Imagine if a cash fag was there in front of him to act as his ashtray.