Featured Model- Stefano

Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasy while dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

Featured Model- MasterAlexander

Soon you will know exactly who is the boss, especially after watching MasterAlexander’s leather verbal domination video. Clad in a black leather jacket, tight fitting black t-shirt and black jeans, you’ll quickly understand why MasterAlexander is so dominant in this 12 minute video. Always the show-off, MasterAlexander enjoys showing off his chiseled physique which he has worked so hard for in the gym as he verbally abuses you before showing you everything you can’t have because you’ll always be a weak faggot.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Just another fag at my feet!


In this 11 minute video clip, MasterDnero uses another foot fag at his feet. Sometimes, MasterDnero wonders where do so many foot slaves come from? For example, look at this foot fag, who happens to be a clothing designer and earns a lot of money. This rich foot fag uses his hard earned cash to give it to MasterDnero in exchange for being under his glorious alpha feet. Although, in the end, none of that matters, as long as it’s just another fag at the feet of MasterDnero.

Featured Model- Duude23

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured male model is Duude23 with his video “Spitting Video Part 1”

Master Mark’s foot slave hates spit and especially hates to be spit on but Master Mark still spits in his face regardless in this video. The slave tells Master Mark that the spit tastes like root beer while being degraded and humiliated by his cash master. Later, Master Mark rewards his slave with some foot worship for being a good slave as well.


Featured Model- ImMasterJake

In-Charge.net - ImMasterJake

This week’s featured male model is ImMasterJake with his video “Foot Worship (slave view) Part 2”

In the second part of this video, ImMasterJake forces his foot slave to worship his socks and feet as he ignores him and plays video games. The slave is bound and has his mouth duct taped shut so that he can only inhale the scent from ImMasterJake’s feet while he plays video games.


Featured Model- Tawney

In-Charge.net - Tawney

This week’s featured female model is Tawney with her video “Cum Denial, Financial Domination”

This featured video showcases Tawney for ten minutes teasing you for your need to cum. She instructs you as to how you will touch yourself and when you will be allowed to cum…if at all. Your Goddess deserves to be worshiped, do as she demands or you will never cum.


Featured Model- AmmarRulz

In-Charge.net - Ammarrulz

This week’s featured male model is AmmarRulz with his video “Bicep Flexing”

Watch dominant and straight bodybuilder, AmmarRulz flex his bulging biceps and pecs in this flexing video. If you’re into muscle worship, then you’ll enjoy worshipping Ammar’s muscles as he commands you to be obedient to him.


Featured Model- SheGod

In-Charge.net - SheGod

This week’s feature female model is SheGod with her video “Sniff, Lick, Drool and Eat my G-String”

How can you resist SheGOD’s perfect big ass? She orders you to worship it, adore it, love it, drool over it, and beg for it in this ass worship video. Worship her beautiful, round and brown ass now.