Featured Model- Duude23

Duude23 is ready to let another fag slave worship his feet. This masked foot fag worships Duude23’s feet in this 10 minute video clip. Duude23, aka Master Mark, sits back and relaxes on a sofa in a hotel room as his foot fag comes crawling to his big alpha feet for a real time foot worshipping session. Master Mark verbally abuses his fag and smacks him in the face with his superior barefeet. You can sense Master Mark’s cocky attitude throughout as he laughs at his pathetic foot fag. Download this video clip and learn the right way to worship a superior alpha’s feet.

Featured Model- Nebenny

Dom master Nebenny shows off his size 13 feet while wearing some yellow Haviana flip flops. This alpha will have you drooling over his giant sweaty feet. Rubbing his huge feet against each other under his desk will make any foot fag wish they could be under that desk servicing those feet.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus

This pathetic foot fag begged for a real time foot worship session in his hotel and Master Morpheus gave him what he wanted. The foot fag crawls into the scene and licks MasterMorpheus’ sneakers while being verbally abused. After some face slaps and some kicks, MasterMorpheus makes the slave open his mouth and spits in his mouth. The faggot now earned the right to worship his master’s socked feet. Following the sock worship, MasterMorpheus makes the slave take his socks off and put them on the slave’s hands. He then instructs the slave to put his sock covered hands in his own mouth while Master Morpheus stands on his stomach and smothers his face with his big alpha feet.

Featured Model- SirKraze

The all-American jock is in control. Submit to SirKraze and serve him harder than you’ve served before. In this video, SirKraze is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he flips you off and instructs you on how to sniff your poppers to fry your brain. Grabbing at his crouch, SirKraze then take off his jeans to show his straight alpha bulge in his white Calvin Klein briefs while sticking his massive barefeet in your face. This video is to make you weaker and join his stable of loyal cash fags.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

SlavesSeekers demands that you worship his alpha feet. This arrogant fin dom shows off his white socks and huge alpha feet to the camera for you to worship. Wearing all-black velvet Jordans to start, SlavesSeeker soon takes them off to reveal his white sweaty socks and then barefeet. Foot fags will drool over this cash master’s feet.

Featured Model- Master Axl

Master Axl’s regular slave has come to lick his master’s soles clean. This masked foot faggot can’t get enough of his alpha master. He devotes himself completely to cleaning Master Axl’s shoes and to sucking on his dirty, sweaty socks. At the end of the clip, the masked foot faggot is lucky to smell and kiss his master’s barefeet as a reward.

Featured Model- MasterBig

Crawl to MasterBig’s socks and take your place where you rightfully belong. You belong under MasterBig’s size 11 feet. Wearing tight boxer briefs and showing off his huge bulge, MasterBig will have you continue to worship his feet. There’s no better place for you to be than under the control of your alpha master.

Featured Model- KingMaster

KingMaster returns home and finds his SlaveDog waiting to serve him. This leather clad alpha puts a leash on the slave and makes him walk around the living room like an animal. Later this dom degrades his SlaveDog further by making him drink from a bowl. KingMaster then sits back and gets comfortable on the couch while the SlaveDog serves as a footrest for him. Watch with envy at how lucky this SlaveDog is to serve his superior master.

Featured Model- MasterDamiel

Master Damiel brings his pathetic cash fag back for more abuse in this 3 part video series. Master Damiel forces his paypig to clean his alpha feet and then gags and chokes the cash fag as he does it. Although, Master Damiel isn’t done there, he pours hot candle wax on his real time slave, flicks a cigarette in the human ATM’s mouth, and verbally abuses him throughout these real time meets.