Featured Model- Triple6ixrated

Drool over Triple6ixrated’s bare alpha feet in your face. This alpha makes you watch his feet through a peep hole lens as if you were a tiny bug staring at a God’s feet. Imagine cleaning his alpha soles up and down while he sits back and smokes.

Featured Model- Master Dnero

Some time ago, Draven became an official slave of Str8CrushFeet which means he must dedicate his life to MasterDnero and his gang of masters. At a moments notice, slave Draven must serve these alphas whenever they want whether that includes exposing himself for laughs, getting spit on, or licking feet. Right now is one of those times for slave Draven to worship those who are his superiors. Master Dnero and Master Roy use slave Draven as their personal foot fag in this 32 minute clip. The pathetic foot fag gets humiliated by his masters and learns the natural order of things. The natural order is that faggots exist to do anything their masters demand and that means anything. These straight alpha males have absolute power as they force this foot fag to do as they demand.

Featured Model- MasterBraz

MasterBraz and his friends Master Catana and Master Tzep teach you how to become a popper machine while you worship their white socks. These 3 alpha sit back and relax while having a smoke as they humiliate a popper fag like you. Sit at their massive alpha feet and serve them like an obedient foot fag. Imagine sitting there in front of these alpha masters and inhaling their cigarette smoke as you serve at their feet as their house bitch. Download this clip to serve these alphas.

Featured Model- KingMaster952

KingMaster loves degrading his slaves and this time is no different when he subjects them to some public humiliation. The slaves accompany their master to a train station and while outside KingMaster publicly humiliates them by making them worship his feet in public. Off in the distance are people passing by as these two slaves suck on and lick their master’s feet.

Feature Model- MasterUltimateGod

Fag Butler is back at MasterUltimateGod’s feet. This time, MasterUltimateGod decides it’s important to give the fag a little lesson in straight philosophy. MasterUltimateGod lets his fag know what it means to be straight and how the fag’s only purpose in life is to serve alpha men like him. The fag sits there, listening to his master’s lessons, licking his shoes, and massaging his dom’s socked alpha feet. This is a great training tool for any of fags who forget their place in this world…under the feet of alpha men like MasterUltimateGod.

Featured Model- Duude23

Master Mark has his real time slave over to worship his alpha feet. The weak foot fag worships, licks, and serves Master Mark’s barefeet and soles like an obedient foot fag should do. Master Mark just sits back, relaxes, and laughs at the foot fags obsession over his superior feet.

Featured Model- IKAGURA

Ikagura takes his rightful place underneath Master G’s superior alpha feet. Laying on his back, Ikagura essentially becomes a human doormat for Master G. This foot dom walks all over his slave and smothers him with his feet. Master G applies more pressure with his full body weight as he walks all over slave Ikagura.

Featured Model- Master Axl

Master Axl makes his slave lick his shoes in this real time meeting. Wearing the same shoes and socks for 5 days leading up to this meeting, Master Axl makes sure his feet and shoes have the maximum amount of alpha scent possible on them. The masked foot fag loves every minute of it as he sniffs and worships this alpha’s stinky superior feet. Download this clip to see what it is like to worship Master Axl’s feet.