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2 New Videos – Get on your knees like the fucking loser slave you are to CashMasterTrey as he teaches you a lesson in humility and verbally abuses you. CashMasterTrey is masked throughout the video as if he is about to rob you and take your wallet. This alpha dom is in the mood to rip you apart verbally and make you do absolutely anything he says. In the next 5 star rated clip, CashMasterTrey humiliates and degrades you for being such an inferior fag slave. This brutal alpha God treats you like a total object as he dehumanizes you verbally and abuses you with his words. Don’t forget to sniff and worship his big alpha male feet that he sticks in your face throughout this video clip.

2 New Videos – These two muscular alpha males challenge each other to an arm wrestling match to see who is stronger. The best 3 out of 5 battles will determine the winner between these muscular alpha men. They both do their best to overpower the other because ultimately the loser will be dominated by the winner. After this arm wrestling battle, the loser gets punished by having a bag placed over his head for some erotic asphyxiation. These two muscle doms don’t hold back as they go all out for this punishment session. See how much the loser can withstand as the dominant alpha winner chokes him out and bags his head until he nearly blacks out.

2 New Videos – Ikagura gets choked out hard by dominant alpha DanielSlin. This weak slave gets down on the mat and gives into this superior alpha as he is choked and dominated. DanielSlin doesn’t hold back as he tightens his biceps around the slave’s throat until the slave is gasping for air. The intense choking continues as DanielSlin locks in some more and even tighter headlocks on the slave. This weak obedient slave taps and begs for mercy but his master doesn’t give him any. DanielSlin chokes out the slave for his own amusement and will only stop when he has had enough using this sub.

3 New Videos – This verbal white alpha jock is ready to verbally abuse you in this intense raceplay session. Serve at his superior white alpha male feet as he flips you off and verbally dominates you. This white jock stud will make you into his property and degrade you for being a non-white throughout this 6 minute clip. The racial abuse continues from this white jock stud as he makes you worship his huge feet and his bubble butt. Flipping you off and showing his dominant and cocky side, this jock will bully you into completely submitting to him and being his property. Serve and worship his superior ass and feet when you download this clip.

This next white alpha will also racially abuse you for being an inferior to him. This white thug hates blacks and thinks of them as not even being human. Serve beneath him as his token slave and do anything he demands you to do throughout this intense racial verbal abuse clip.

1 New Video – AidenPrettii wants you to be a depraved gooner in his presence. This alpha male will demand you to watch this clip on loop for an house as you goon your way through it like a submissive bitch. Follow your gooning task and keep edging your tiny little dick until it becomes sore. See how long you can go without cumming as you goon to your dominant master.

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2 New Videos – Get out those poppers and stare at this alpha’s bulge. Master Michael puts his camera on the ground and makes you look up at his total perfection. You’ll feel like you’re in your natural position as you see this cash master tower above you while he commands you to sniff your poppers hard while staring at him. After you’ve fried your brain enough on poppers, Master Michael will then order you to swallow his spit. Wearing leather gloves and a black tank top (both bought by slaves), Master Michael flips you off and spits as he orders you to open your mouth. Swallow every drop of this findom’s superior spit as he makes you feel completely inferior. It is your job to worship everything and anything about this dominant alpha male.

2 New Videos – Get on your knees and prepare to endure some extreme popper training. CashMasterTrey will order you to get that bottle of poppers ready and keep huffing while he verbally abuses you and makes you drool over his feet. It is time to sniff and serve while you gaze at this alpha’s barefeet. CashMasterTrey will leave you a poppered up, mindless mess by the end of this session. After you’re poppered up, CashMasterTrey will turn you into his personal foot slave . Imagine yourself worshiping under this findom’s feet like the dirty foot faggot you are to him. CashMasterTrey puts his socked and bare feet right in your face all throughout this video clip. Once you are under this alpha male’s feet, you’ll quickly realize that you and him will never be equals and that your rightful place is under his feet.

1 New Video – Muscle master Dennis shows off his huge muscles for you to worship in this muscle worshipping video clip. This superior muscled alpha flexes and shows off for the camera making muscle worshipers crave more. Flexing his huge biceps and showing off his full superior chest, muscle master Dennis will make all slaves crave his muscles.

4 New Videos – This obedient slave learns not to disobey a jiu jitsu fighter. In this real time session, foot slave Ikagura serves at the feet of a jiu jitsu master. After licking his master’s feet, this obedient foot fag gets locked in multiple chokeholds and headscissors until he begs for mercy. At one point, the alpha master even sits on the slave’s face and smothers him with his ass. The domination continues as another alpha makes the slave worship his feet and knocks him out from a chokehold. The weak foot fag serves under his masters feet as he licks and worships his alpha’s foot soles. Later, the lean alpha master locks the weak slave in a sleeper hold until the slave passes out completely. Even if the slave taps out, this alpha isn’t letting go until he is ready to stop.

Ikagura gets some hard domination in this next clip from his alpha. Ikagura gets pinned down when this alpha sits on his face and chest totally restraining him on the bed. The slave feels completed defeated when this alpha dom chokes him out and makes him tap out. Ikagura loves every second of serving underneath this alpha and doesn’t want to tap out because he loves being dominated so much. In his last upload for this week, Ikagura gets choked out by a dom who shows no mercy. This lean dom guy wraps his arms around Ikagura’s throat and doesn’t let up until the slave’s eyes go crossed from the chokehold. The slave’s head is nearly about to pop from how tight the chokehold gets at one point and begins going limp.

1 New Video – MarocCashmaster goes to the ATM to withdraw some fag cash. This findom takes the slave’s money at the ATM and tell you how low you are compared to him. This cashmaster has his slave’s bank card which makes taking withdrawals so much easier. Get a glimpse into how easily dominant men can take fag cash from slaves.

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2 New Videos – King Luca uses another masked faggot for an intense real time session. The masked faggot worships King Luca’s socked feet, alpha ass, and balls all throughout this 30 minute clip. King Luca barely acknowledges the fag slave as he instructs the fag to give various parts of his body a tongue bath. In another session with the cash fag, King Luca sits on the fag slave’s face. This superior cash master sits his ass on the faggot’s face and has the slave sniff his sweaty jock ass scent. Earlier in the clip, the cash fag must sniff his master’s socked feet and underwear to savor all of his alpha’s manly scent.

2 New Videos – It’s time for you to get in line, piggy. Brutal alpha CashMasterTrey is ready to make you worship his alpha feet. This superior findom is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he verbally abuses you and flips you off. All throughout this clip, CashMasterTrey will degrade you and make you feel like an inferior pig. In the next verbal abuse clip, CashMasterTrey wants you to get your butt plug or dildo ready because you’re going to fuck yourself for your master. It is time to degrade and humiliate yourself while getting verbally abused. Rub your little fucking clit on CashMasterTrey’s command while he makes you bust your balls and bounce up and down on your dildo like a hopeless loser.

4 New Videos – This arrogant foot dom makes the weak foot fag lick his sweaty feet. In this nearly 9 minute video clip, this dominant foot dom makes his weak faggot lick, suck on, and worship every inch of his alpha feet. Whenever he wants to establish dominance over the foot fag, this alpha sits on the slave’s throat and slaps him around. After that session, the foot fag gets tag teamed by 2 doms for some double alpha domination. These two cocky alphas choke the weak foot fag and make him serve their feet. The weak foot fag struggles to breathe while getting choked and having an alpha foot jammed down his throat. However, the fag slave loves every second of the abuse.

This weak foot fag cannot get enough of serving alpha men and worshipping their feet. In another real time session, the foot fag gets locked in a headscissors by his alpha. This twink master wraps his legs around the foot fag’s throat and makes him gasp for air as he tries to break free. There is no tapping out or quitting until the twink dom has had enough choking out this foot fag. After the foot fag gets choked out, he has gag on his master’s feet. On his back and looking in his alpha’s face, this obedient foot fag sucks and licks every inch of his master’s foot. The lean and cocky alpha jams his foot further down the fag’s throat just to watch in amusement as the fag slave gags on it.

2 New Videos – Daniel Slin uses his cash fag in this next clip by choking out the slave. The weak submissive gets locked in a tight headlock by DanielSlin and is forced to endure this chokehold for over 10 minutes. The slave struggles and tries to get as much air as he can but DanielSlin doesn’t show any mercy with this tight chokehold. Going for round 2, DanielSlin continues to choke the slave in this next clip. Getting behind this weak submissive, DanielSlin clamps on a tight sleeperhold on this weak fag slave and locks it in tight to watch the slave struggle. The cash fag does his best to escape DanielSlin’s forceful hold but he cannot break free from his master’s powerful grip.

1 New Video – KevinStr8Master gets his cock oiled up for a footjob from a sleeping friend. Getting himself rock hard, KevinStr8Master rubs his hard dick up and down his friend’s foot to get himself off. Stroking his cock with soft soles gets him closer and closer to cumming before he finally explodes.

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1 New Videos – Listen to your master, faggot. Get on your knees and huff your poppers as CashMasterTrey verbally abuses and mentally abuses the living shit out of you. You’re a hopeless loser who is only good for serving superior men. Prepare to worship CashMasterTrey’s feet and get verbally abused as you huff your poppers and fry your brain.

3 New Videos – Muscle dom Deniis traps a weak beta male in a headscissors between his muscular legs. This submissive slave struggles to escape but there is no way he can escape this muscle dom’s unrelenting power. From the tight squeeze between these muscular legs, the sub’s head turns purple and looks like it is ready to explode at one point. While strill wearing the same tight green compression pants from the last video, muscle dom Dennis lets you see a rear view as he crushes a slave’s head with his giant muscular legs. Dennis flexes his biceps throughout and shows off how huge his back is while he sits on the slave’s face. This alpha dom’s legs are locked and slave doesn’t get much air from this suffocating chokehold. While using another slave, Dennis takes the slave to the ground for a tightly locked sleeperhold. The muscle master’s biceps are as big as the slave’s head once he locks on the chokehold. Dennis has the sleeperhold on tight while this weak sub begs for mercy and taps out. Dennis continues to tighten the hold until the slave passes out and falls asleep.

3 New Videos – In the latest foot worship real time session from Ikagura, this foot slave is dominated while his master plays video games. The submissive foot fag licks and sucks on his master’s feet while getting ignored. The dominant foot dom smothers his fag slave’s face with his big alpha male feet all throughout this 10 minute clip. He even takes a break to choke out his slave just for fun. Later the foot fag is slapped around and stepped on by his master. This weak foot fag lays on his back while his dominant alpha steps all over him. Throughout this 10 minute clip, this cash dom steps on his weak foot fag’s face and throat. In their final encounter, the weak foot faggot worships his master’s feet more while being pinned down on a mattress. This cocky findom chokes out his foot faggot and spits in his face while showing this foot fag who is the boss. The obedient foot slave does everything his master wants and enjoys every second of this humiliating beat down.

2 New Videos – Both of these cocky and powerful masters kick you with their feet. These ripped and muscled alphas put the camera down on the floor so you can look up at their powerful presence and see what it truly is like to be underneath their power. Later they sit back and shove their feet into the camera so you can get a POV of what it would be like to worship their feet in person. In another new upload, these two alpha hump a pillow to show how they fuck girls. Watch their huge bulges rub up and down on the pillow as they grind into. Fag slaves like you will beg to be this pillow after seeing how close it gets to their bulging package.

1 New Videos – Davidwar gets his hot bestfriend to smell his socks in his newest upload. Davidwar just got home and his feet are super sweaty and smelly. His hot bestfriend worships his feet and rubs this jock’s feet all over his face as if he cannot get enough of this alpha’s scent. The foot worshipping friend will definitely want more of his alpha friend’s feet next time.

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3 New Videos – Muscle dom Dennis wears tight green compression pants as he locks this sub in a tight headscissors. This weakling gets locked between Dennis’ super powerful legs as this muscular alpha chokes out the slave. There is no escape from this figure 4 headscissors once Dennis locks it in tight on the sub’s head. Later Dennis sits on the slave’s face during the real time punishment session. Still clad in his tight green spandex pants, Dennis locks his muscular legs around the slave’s head and neck while he sits on the slave’s face. This giant bodybuilder has his slave trapped in a tight headscissors as he suffocates the slave with all of his body weight. In the third part of their wrestling session, Dennis locks the slave in a reverse headscissors. Check out an above view as you look down on Dennis while he traps the weak slave between his muscular thighs. Even if this weak slave tries to tap out from being suffocated, there is no escape. Dennis doesn’t let up or quit until he has had enough of squeezing this weakling’s head like it’s a tiny grape.

3 New Videos – Watch Master Flexgod torture you as his tiny slave. This muscular German alpha will make you serve and worship at his socked feet. Obey every order Flexgod gives to you and accept that your rightful place is at his feet. You will learn that you were meant to be a footstool for this superior jock god. After you’ve fully served at Flexgod’s feet, get on your knees and worship this alpha male. Obey and worship every command, order, and demand you are given from this ripped muscle king. You will learn your lesson is to be a faggot for superior men. In this life, you are nothing but a servant to Flexgod. After you’ve been verbally abused by this God, prepared to be ignored. Stare and drool as you gaze at Flexgod’s soles and toes as he plays some PS4. While this superior bodybuilder jock games, you will be completely ignored. You only get this alpha’s attention when you earn it. The first step to earn it is to download all 3 of these video clips.

3 New Videos – This inferior foot fag gets trampled and spit on by his dom. All throughout this 8 minute video clip, the weak foot fag gets truly dominated by his master. This cocky dom spits in the faggot’s face and tramples all over him with his barefeet. The foot faggot is treated like subhuman garbage while being completely degraded. The spitting and humiliation continues in the next clip. This alpha then gets shirtless and smothers the foot fag with his bare alpha male feet. The obedient foot servant has no choice but to lick and worship every inch of his master’s feet. This foot slave crawls to his doms feet and sucks his toes to show his devotion. In the third latest upload from Ikagura, the foot fag gets dominated by a football player. The weak foot faggot first gets locked in a chokehold and choked out just for the dom’s amusement. Later this submissive serves at his dom’s feet. The jock dom makes the weak foot faggot suck on and sniff his sweaty socks. The foot fag enjoys every second of serving at his alpha’s feet because deep down inside he knows it is where he rightfully belongs.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin loves dishing out abuse to this faggot slave and this real time encounter is no different. Alpha dom DanielSlin locks his slave in a chokehold to assert his dominance. The weak fag slave gasps for air and struggles to breathe as the chokehold tightens around his throat. DanielSlin doesn’t give any forgiveness or mercy to this faggot. As the fag slave struggles, DanielSlin just slaps the chokehold on tighter and makes the fag turn blue. For some solo action, you can then serve this dom’s feet in DanielSlin’s solo foot worship video. Wearing white ankle socks, this cocky dom shows off his socked feet to the camera for you to drool over. DanielSlin then flips you off with some middle finger action as he makes you want to crawl to his socked feet and sniff them. Serve at this powerful jock’s feet like an obedient foot fag.

2 New Videos – Prepare to be verbally abused by this dominant cash master. Maroccashmaster previously sent this video to a cash slave of his just before draining him on webcam. Smoking a cigarette and verbally abusing the faggot in Dutch, this dom will make you feel as if you are just about to be robbed by a cocky dom. Get weak and hand over your cash fag wallet to a superior. Later this cash master continues to verbally assault you while speaking Dutch. Lighting up a cigaretee and blowing the smoke in your face, this cash master will insult you and berate you verbally as he tells you why you owe him all of your cash.

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2 New Videos – Kneel before brutal leather master CashMasterTrey and show him what a disgusting mutt you are to him. This superior alpha looks down on you as if you aren’t even human to him. Once you listen to him verbally abuse you, you will quickly realize that you and him will never be equals. CashMasterTrey is going to teach your stupidd as a much needed lesson in obedience. After you’ve been trained it is time to get out your poppers. Get on your knees and get ready to huff poppers while CashMasterTrey verbally and mentally abuses the living shit out of you. You’re a hopeless loser in the presence of this alpha God. Be prepared to worship CashMasterTrey’s shoes and feet while he verbally berates you throughout this video as you endure intense popper training.

3 New Videos – Get a fresh bottle of poppers for this hardcore 10 minute popper training video. Muscle dom Flexgod flips you off and gets you intoxicated by his huge muscles and your fresh bottle of poppers. Keep huffing like the mindless faggot that you are as you realize how superior Flexgod is compared to you. After you brain is swimming from that session it is time to inhale Flexgod’s smoke. This alpha dom wear a leather jacket and blows smoke right in your faggot face. Inhale all of the smoke he gives you and serve him in every way possible. Don’t put those poppers away though for this video, Flexgod will still have you sniff them. Once you’re all done, Flexgod will give you the reward of cleaning his dirty sneakers. Wearing Nike sneakers, Flexgod will flip you off with the middle finger and instruct you to serve at his feet. This muscular alpha wants you to lick his sneakers clean. They should be spotless when you’re done. Show this alpha that you are the equivalent of the filth on his sneakers and lick the dirt right off of them.

5 New Videos – Muscle dom Dennis is looking bigger and better than ever. This powerful alpha male demonstrates his power by locking 2 slaves in chokeholds. Think about how powerful Dennis is, he can dominate 2 slaves at the same time. One weakling is locked in a chokehold while the other slave is squeezed between his monster legs. Dennis doesn’t let go until both slaves pass out from his brute power. The double domination continues as Dennis locks 2 slaves in an inescapable bearhug. These two scrawny guys don’t compare to Dennis’ power. The muscular dom manages to wrap his arms around both these poor slaves and squeezes them both with his powerful grip until they beg him to stop.

Moving to the ground, Dennis shows off his ground fighting techniques as he chokes out 2 slaves again at the same time. One slave is caught tightly between his biceps for a brutal headscissors choke that can easily cut off the slave’s air supply. The other slave is locked between Dennis’ mammoth legs as he wiggles to escape. Both slaves have no where to go and are trapped in this alpha’s grip. The punishment continues as Dennis makes the 2 slaves tap. Both slaves are now writhing in pain and can feel their air supply diminishing as they beg him to let up. This power hungry dom won’t ever let go just because a slave tells him to. Instead, their cries make him want to tighten the chokeholds until they both go night night. Lastly, Dennis does some solo domination as he locks this sub in a sleeperhold. Dennis keeps the slave right on the verge of passing out. The slave’s eyes roll back in his head from Dennis’ unrelenting power. Dennis slowly increases the pressure until the slave’s arms go limp.

3 New Videos – This foot fag experiences domination from 2 doms at once. The weak foot faggot worships both of these soccer players’ feet and even gets choked out by one. One of the doms is DanielSlin who grabs the slave around the neck and holds him in place while he is forced to worship the other dom’s feet. See how 2 doms handle 1 foot fag when you download this clip. In another new upload, one of the same doms sits on the slave’s face and asserts his dominance. The weak fag slave looks up at his master as this soccer jock spits in the fag’s face and slaps him around with hard face smacks. The slave doesn’t even try to struggle because he enjoys every second of it. In the 3rd new clip, the slave worships another dom’s feet. This alpha pins the slave on his back and jams his foot down the slave’s mouth. Hungry to serve alpha men, this foot faggot sucks on and licks every part of his alpha’s feet. Just for fun, the dom even kicks, slaps, and stomps on the weak faggot for his own amusement.

2 New Videos – Davidwar brings over his sexy female friend to eat his jock ass. While in the shower, Davidwar gets cleaned up and instructs his female slave to crawl over to his ass. This Colombian jock jams her face in his muscle ass as he furiously eats his hole. Later he sits directly on her face as he tongue fucks his hole in the shower. At the end, he pisses on her as a reward. After that, are you still craving to see more of Davidwar’s muscle ass? Davidwar shows more of his muscle ass as he wrestles a sub naked. Davidwar and the weak beta guy are naked as Davidwar throws him to the mat and makes him realize who is the alpha and who is the beta.

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4 New Videos – Dennis tightly squeezes a sub between his legs as he exerts his power over him. The weakling Nikita gets locked in a reverse headscissors by the powerful Dennis. Nikita does his best to escape but cannot overcome the sheer power of Dennis’ hugely muscular legs. Later Nikita gets trapped in another headscissors by Dennis. After tapping out the first time, Dennis gives Nikita another chance to try and escape his powerful grasp. Nikita does his best but there is no escape from Dennis who over powers this tiny jock stud. Nikita gets locked in between Dennis’ legs and close to his bulge as he taps out and begs for mercy in this video clip.

The abuse toward Nikita continues as Dennis locks him in a tight headlock. Dennis put shte squeeze once again on Nikita. Muscular alpha Dennis traps Nikita in a front headlock guillotine type hold. There is no escaping this Russian muscle stud and Nikita quickly realizes this. Using a different submissive, Dennis traps Alex in an inescapable leglock. Scrawny little Alex is no match for the power and size of muscle dom Dennis. Alex tries to escape but clearly there is no way out for him in this position. Dennis exerts more power and force every time Alex tries to break free.

3 New Videos – It’s time to get those poppers out front and center for an intense popper training session. You’re going to sniff and huff every time CashMasterTrey tells you to like an obedient poppered up faggot. You’re now this cash dom’s puppet and will follow every command as he pulls the strings. Lose all control and sniff on command as you get verbally abused by CashMasterTrey. Don’t put the poppers away just yet when the video is done. Now you must endure humiliation and popper abuse from CashMasterTrey. Take your pants off, boxers off, and get totally naked while you sniff poppers and listen to the commands of CashMasterTrey. You’re going to sniff that bottle and take this dom’s abuse like a little fucking bitch. You won’t be able to get enough of your new brutal God after this video. When you’re done, you can serve and worship his feet while you fry your brain more on poppers. In this last clip, you get CashMasterTrey in a bad mood which means more abuse for a faggot like you. You’re going to huff and worship this alpha’s dirty socked feet. Obey, submit, and serve when this superior alphas tells you to.

5 New Videos – This foot faggot suffers from some intense gagging destruction at his master’s feet. The foot dom in this video clip gags and chokes this fag slave with his powerful feet. Check out this weak foot fag serve and gag on his master’s feet all throughout this 11 minute video clip. Later, this same dom spits on the foot fag and degrades him even harder. In this clip, the real time session gets more abusive as the cash master stomps on, spits on, and slaps the weak cash fag. The pathetic slave enjoys every second of it, even it means he’s getting abused more and more. In the final clip with this dom, the submissive foot fag gets choked out by his master. The slave is knocked out in a sleeper hold before he can even tap out. Leading up to this, the powerful dom stomps on and beats his slave down. Finally, the foot faggot gets locked in a tight chokehold to which he cannot break free.

In another real time meet, the foot faggot gets trampled and spit on by his master. The weak foot fag is smothered by his master’s feet while getting stepped on by these powerful soles. Licking and worshipping these feet, the foot slave cannot get enough and wants more from his master. Finally, in another newly uploaded video, the slave gets beat down. Suffering the pain of intense jiu jitsu holds, face sitting, and getting trampled, this slave serves his master to the fullest of his abilities. The sub slave gives in as his master beats him down more and more to test his pain, endurance, and devotion.

4 New Videos – Soccer player DanielSlin wants you to serve his alpha feet. This dominant alpha wears different pairs of socks for you drool over while watching this video clip. The jock alpha shows off his athletic socks and big feet as you gaze mindlessly begging to sniff and lick his dominant feet. After you download that clip, you can learn how to massage master’s feet. DanielSlin rubs his socked feet and shows you how you can best please him with a foot massage. Wearing green knee high athletic socks, this jock dom shows off his feet to the camera along with his beat up sneakers, all of which you should be serving.

DanielSlin then does some real time foot worship sessions with a slave. In this clip, the foot fag worships his master’s socked feet. This powerful jock dom demonstrates his alpha abilities as he makes the foot slave instantly submit to his powerful domination. Watch this foot slave go nuts for his master’s socked feet. As a reward for serving his feet, DanielSlin then abuses the foot fag with some tight chokeholds. Pinning the slave down with his feet and flexing, DanielSlin feels the need to exert his dominance by choking out this pathetic slave just for fun. The slave gets up when ordered to and DanielSlin wraps his lean muscular arm around the slave’s neck for an intense and tight chokehold. The weak fag wriggles to resist but there is no resisting once the choke is locked onto the slave’s neck.

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3 New Videos – CashMasterTrey likes to unwind by relaxing and verbally abusing faggots. This verbal alpha sits back and laughs at you for being a stupid dirty cash pig. Serve at his feet and endure all of his verbal humiliation like an obedient puppet. CashMasterTrey will quickly remind you that you are a hopeless faggot. There is no escaping this cycle of tributing alpha men. This is what gets you off and this is what you are destined to do for your own happiness. Let this findom bully humiliate and degrade you further into accepting your life as a cash slave. Once you’ve accepted your role, get out your poppers for some popper training. CashMasterTrey is ready to make you lose all inhibitions and fry your brain cells into becoming a brain dead faggot. Get dizzy, horny, and confused for your new master as you hand over your wallet to him.

4 New Videos – Chokemaster Dennis starts off with some cocky flexing before locking this weakling in an intense headscissors choke. Dennis locks on a tight figure 4 headscissors on his choke dummy Alex. Watch as the face of Alex goes from pink to red to almost purpse from the pressure Dennis is applying. This muscle dom’s legs are so massive and so strong that no one can escape his grip. Poor Alex is again crushed in a vice tight headlock under the 220lb weight of Dennis. Dennis does not let up on the pressure and increases the intensity of the squeeze until the very end. Dennis has been working his arms very hard in the gym and you can see the pump as he squeezes this weak mortal.

Using a new slave toy, muscle alpha Dennis squeezes smaller jock Nikita in an inescapable bearhug. Dennis locks the bearhug on tight and picks Nikita up off the floor, holding him in the air. Nikita struggles to break free but there is no use at this point as he cannot escape the powerful grip of Chokemaster Dennis. After all of that choking, Dennis shows off his muscles in a flexing video. Sitting back on the sofa, Dennis shows off his superior build and bulking muscles. This superior alpha verbally degrades the little faggots who like his muscles. A lot of flexing from this big Russian dom all throughout the entire clip.

4 New Videos – Football player Daniel uses his weak foot slave in this real time domination session. Daniel starts off by pinning his slave down on an air mattress before choking him until he’s struggling to breathe. Knowing the weak fag loves to worship feet, Daniel then keeps the slave on his back and stomps all over the fag’s face. This same weak slave is then used by another dom in another real time session and gets locked in a jiu jitsu hold. This slave struggles for freedom and for air but there will never be freedom for weak slaves. All slaves will be dominated and locked down by their masters. Ultimately the slave KO’s because he’s too weak to fight back and realizes there is no use fighting back against alpha men.

In a 3rd upload, the foot fag does what he does best and that’s worship alpha feet. This obedient foot fag sniffs his master’s sweaty, smelly sneakers and enjoys every second of it. Later the foot dom makes the fag lay on his back and take his entire alpha foot in it’s mouth. The slave licks and sucks his master’s toes and feet as a loyal foot fag should do. In the final new upload this week, the foot fag then experiences facesitting from his alpha. This weak fag slave lays back while his alpha dom sits his superior ass right in the fag’s face. The fag is pinned under his master’s superior power and enjoys every second of serving beneath his master.

3 New Videos – MasterAlexander plays with his huge cock on the sofa while wearing football shorts. Watch as this dom moans loudly before seeing a nice cum shot in slow motion at the end of the clip. Alexwest makes sure to furiously pump his big alpha dick into his fleshlight to build up a massive cum shot at the end. For those with unique fetishes, Alexwest uploaded a ball shaving video for you. Alexwest shave his big Irish cock and balls before he decides to jerk off and cum in slow motion. Check out this master’s smooth dick getting pumped before he blows another thick load of alpha jizz. Moving on from solo action, Alexwest then gives the perfect blowjob in this hot hookup video. Alexwest teases this guy’s big cock until it cums in his throat. Knowing what gets him off, Alexwest knows how to service a cock like a pro. Download this clip to see how he masterfully sucks this big dick.

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3 New Videos – This video really shows how big this Russian alpha really is. Muscle dom Denis has his friend trapped in a headscissors hold while flexing his huge biceps. These biceps are as big as some boy’s legs, that’s how massive they are. See this sub slave submit to muscle alpha Denis’ power and strength. In another clip, this muscular alpha dishes out some headlock domination to a weakling. Denis locks the weak boy in his powerful biceps for an inescapable headlock. The weak boy has no choice but to submit and try not to pass out from this alpha’s strength. The same sub gets locked in an intense headscissors between Dennis’ muscular legs in this 5 star rated clip. Denis wear white briefs and locks the weak sub between his huge, powerful legs. The headscissors just gets more intense as the sub slave struggles to break free.

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