Featured Model- Plattmacher

The soccer cleat domination from this jock dom is intense outside when he stomps on his sub in a back alley. Masked and laying prone on his back, the sub slave endures a brutal stomping and trampling session from a cocky dom in soccer cleats. This alpha uses all of his weight to ensure the slave suffers even more under his power.

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3 New Videos – An obedient ass eater comes over to serve his purpose for King Luca. The hungry slave is given the opportunity to bury his face in King Luca’s alpha ass for worship. Later he receives a rough facefucking. King Luca then turns another slave into a human ashtray. This slave lays on his back on the floor as King Luca blows smoke and flicks his ashes into it’s mouth. An inferior sub like this couldn’t ask for any better reward than to be of service to his master. For being such an obedient slave, King Luca then allows the slave to worship his sneakers. The foot fag licks his dom’s sneakers clean from top to bottom. King Luca loves having a slave who can do it all: be an ass eater, a human ashtray, and a shoe shiner.

3 New Video – Master Ultimate God puts his slave through its first pain, abuse, and humiliation session. The slave is tued to a chair as Master Ultimate God and his buddy have their way with him by whipping, beating, and smacking him around. The doms then spit all over him to make him feel like scum. After the slave endures that brutality, it’s time to lay there and worship some dom feet. Master Ultimate God and his buddy get foot rubs from this inferior foot fag. The fag lays on the floor under his masters’ feet where he rightfully belongs. Master Ultimate God then gets bored and wants to make things more intense with some ball busting. Standing on top of the slave, Master Ultimate God stomps all over this fag slave’s balls. His dom buddies join in on the fun and also take part in crushing this slave’s balls. He’ll never reproduce after this stomping.

4 New Videos – Big Alpha and The Punisher start admiring each other’s muscles and bodies before Gio joins in to worship both of these muscle Gods. Gio gets on his knees and rubs their muscles and bulges. The doms then strip down to flex and pose as their bodies get worshipped. Going one-on-one, The Punisher takes on Gio and buries him in his biceps. Wrapping his huge arms around Gio’s neck, The Punisher throws this weak boy around like a rag doll. Gio is at the whim of The Punisher’s raw strength and power.

After that beat down, The Punisher takes on another boy to deliver some big bicep punishment. The Punisher shows off the power he can do with his massive, bulging biceps. Squeezing this boy in various hold, The Punisher doesn’t go easy in the slightest. King Romeo also demonstrates his raw, testosterone fueled power in this ballbusting clip. In the gym down on the mat, King Romeo throws Nicky in a variety of submissions while holding, grabbing, and even stepping on his balls. Nicky grimaces and cries out in the pain and he’s punished and abused by King Romeo.

4 New Videos – This brutal dom visits his slave for some intense trampling. With the masked slave on his back, he’s treated like a human doormat. The jock dom doesn’t hold back and puts his full weight down on the slave. The masked slave then gets double teamed by two doms who trample him. Laying outside in the woods, the masked slave is stomped by Master Rock and Master Dave. Both doms step on the slave at the same time for maximum abuse.

In part 2, Masters Rock and Dave stomp the slave hard while outside. The masked slave has his face and body walked all over. Both doms laugh as they jump and stomp on the slave. Part 3 picks up where the last part end as both doms trample his body. The slave has his barechest exposed as the doms walk all over him with their dirty sneakers. The masked slave is covered in debris while he’s laying on the ground as he’s stomped.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel rubs his socked feet all over this slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on his back while Master Daniel stands over him to assert his dominance. Like an obedient foot fag, this slave worships his master’s socked feet. Things get a little more intense for the slave as Master Daniel chokes him during another foot worship session. Slave Matt continues to worship his master’s feet as he’s stomped some more and choked out.

After all of the abuse, Master Daniel needs to take a break and decides to do so by sitting on his slave’s face. Smothered under Master Daniel’s ass, Slave Matt has no where to go. Master Daniel shows off his socked feet while sitting on this slave’s face. In another session, Master Daniel sits with his full weight on Slave Matt. Slave Matt is pinned to the ground underneath his master. Master Daniel enjoys turning his slave into a piece of human furniture. After the sitting session, Master Daniel locks Slave Matt is a tight leg scissors. Squeezing his slave, Master Daniel inflicts intense pain and punishment on his slave. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out right away.

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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod loves bullying his faggot slave. Taking the fag slave into the bathroom, MasterUltimateGod baptizes the slave in the toilet by dunking his head in the bowl, riding him like a donkey, and giving him atomic wedgies. The slave later must drink his alpha’s piss. In another clip, MasterUltimateGod is joined by a dom buddy as their slave worships their alpha feet. Sitting back on the couch, the obedient foot pig serves at the feet of these two straight alphas. The doms trample, spit, and humiliate the slave for being a fem loser.

Things shift gears when MasterUltimateGod takes his slave outside at night for some public ball abuse. Outside a church in the parking lot, MasterUltimateGod abuses this sub’s balls by trampling them and smashing whatever he can on them. The sub is then spit on and treated like a human ash tray. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod uses this sub for paintball practice. Once they’re done pelting the slave with paintballs they give him some painful wedgies and a surprise.

3 New Video – Master Rock takes his slave outside for some brutal trampling. Stomping on the slave with his dirty airforce sneakers, the slave endures it all. Master Rock uses the slave’s bare chest and stomach as a doormat to stomp on while outside. After cleaning his shoes on this slave’s body, the slave wants a second trample abuse session. Master Rock happily obliges and stomps all over this pathetic, obedient foot slave. The foot slave lays on his back on the dirty ground as Master Rock jumps, tramples, and stomps all over him. Master Rock shows no sympathy for this slave as the slave cries in agony. In another outdoors meetup, Master Rock wearing some Vans sneakers while stomping the slave into the ground. Laying on leaves and sticks, the slave is stomped and trampled by his superior in the cold outdoors. Master Rock puts his full bodyweight down on this slave for maximum discomfort. The slave endures everything delivered to him by his master.

5 New Videos – Master E smashes and gags his slave with his foot. The gagged foot slave serves underneath his master on the bed. While laying on the bed, Master E jams his foot further in the slave’s mouth to make him gag. Master E then wants to beat up his slave in the next real time session. Slave Matt gets fully abused by Master E as he’s choked, kicked, and smacked around. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back and serves as a human punching bag for this dom. Slave Matt must crave even more when he invites over another dom for some more trampling and foot worship. Master Eze visits Slave Matt to walk all over him and crush him with his feet. The shirtless dom stomps and walks all over Slave Matt to remind him that his place is underneath a master.

Master J then hits up Slave Matt to get his superior feet worshipped. Slave Matt lays on his back on the ground as Master J sticks his toes and foot in his mouth. Sucking on his alpha’s feet, Slave Matt is in heaven worshipping at his master’s feet. Slave Matt then gets further owned and abused when he meets up with Master CH. Slave Matt has his face smothered and stomped by this dom’s feet as he gets trampled. Master CH enjoys himself while standing on top of the slave, smashing his face further into the ground.

1 New Video – After a long work day, Midwestbros gets home and wants to relax with a piss and a smoke. Sitting back in his leather pants, Midwestbros lights up a cigarette and starts smoking. He then whips out his cock to take a piss making any piss thirsty faggot craving a drink from the tap.

1 New Video – Master Berlin gives his piss pig something to drink. The piss slave lays down in the tub as Master Berlin stands over top of him and begins pissing all over him. With his mouth opened, the piss slave guzzles down as much of his master’s piss as he can to show how much he loves his master.


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3 New Videos – These doms arrange to throw a bullying party for their slave. The slave is dragged across the floor upon arriving and is subjected to offensive jokes, facesitting, headscissors, slaps, feet in the face, and many more humiliations. The masters don’t stop no matter how much the slave shows his dissatisfaction. Afterwards, the doms drag the slave to the bathroom to piss on him. Masters Hunter and Ritchell spit and piss all over this slave. The slave can’t do anything about the degradation he experiences. Things get even nastier when Masters Ritchell and Hunter then smoke cigarettes and drink some beers before spitting in the slave’s face. The slave’s face is completely covered in spit and ash by the end of this 21 minute clip. Also, the doms don’t forget to burp in the slave’s face as he endures all of the humiliation and abuse he was created for.

5 New Videos – King Romeo is a true muscle God as he engulfs Nicky’s head with his huge bicep in multiple headlocks. Nicky is made to submit to this jock God’s strength. Later he is locked between King Romeo’s tree trunk legs to be squeezed some more. In another clip, King Romeo and Big Alpha get intimate. Big Alpha walks in on King Romeo as he is flexing and he cannot help but feel his muscles and starts undressing him. Muscle worship, fondling each other’s hard bulges and kissing each other’s pecs happen all throughout this clip.

Switching gears, if you love seeing Colombian jocks wrestling each other then check out the next clip. Johan plays around with some chokeholds on Fred. Fred has no where to go once Johan locks in the super tight chokes. Later, a Colombian muscle bro uses his girl for some hard facefucking. The girl gags and chokes on his rock hard cock as he pounds her throat. His ambition is to be a fighter and a pornstar. In part 2, Johan pounds his girl’s pussywith his monster cock. She lays back and takes it as he drills away. At the end, Johan shoots a massive load all over her and her mouth

5 New Videos – Master Rusty tramples his slave like a doormat. The slave lays on his back and is stomped and crushed under his master’s sneakers. Master Rusty makes sure to put his full weight down on this slave with each stomp. Later, Master Rusty puts on a pair of Vans sneakers to do some more trampling. This time Master Rusty makes sure to dig his sneakers hard into the slave’s body. The masked slave really experiences the grinding pair on top of the stomping. Master Rusty just loves hurting his slave. The brutal trampling continues as Master Rusty then puts on a pair of Airforce sneakers to hurt the slave some more. This obedient slave doesn’t wear a shirt this time to feel the direct contact of Master Rusty’s sneakers.

The brutal trampling from Master Rusty can be painful for a sub like this masked foot fag. The masked sub lays on the ground and endures all of the stomps he is delivered from Master Rusty. Master Rusty doesn’t seem to let up either as he makes sure this slave experiences total abuse. Things get even more painful as Master Rusty puts on a pair of soccer cleats. The masked slave is shirtless which adds more to the punishment. Master Rusty stomps with all of his might down onto this slave’s bare chest with his soccer cleats to inflict maximum

5 New Videos – Slave Matt is owned and gagged by Master P and then Master K. These doms make the slave gag and choke on their barefeet while ignoring it. The obedient foot slave worships at his dom’s big feet. In another real time with Master P, Slave Matt is choked out and dominated. Master P gets behind his slave and chokes him repeatedly until he begs for mercy. Master P is not merciful and makes sure his slave feels pain. Later that day, Slave Matt then meets up one-on-one with Master K for some complete domination. Master K walks on, tramples, chokes, and dominates his slave. Slave Matt is ordered to worship and lick clean Master K’s feet.

Slave Matt has many doms who uses him just like Master J who tramples this slave. Master J smacks around Slave Matt with his feet and walks all over him like a doormat. Slave Matt gets treated like how a slave should be treated. Afterwards, Slave Matt is then trampled by Master G. Wearing a karate outfit, Master G walks all over his slave and even gives him some chokeholds to assert dominance. Slave Matt submits completely to another powerful dom and enjoys being manhandled and abused

5 New Videos – There is nothing better than having a sub clean your feet. Jam Master sits back as his masked sub does just that. This masked obedient foot fag services his dom’s big powerful feet. Afterwards, Jam Master uses the slave’s mouth by jamming his socked feet into the slave’s mouth. The slave is ordered to lick his master’s feet and suck on his socks. Jam Master makes sure this foot slave does a good job while tasked with foot cleaning. The slave must then lick his master’s sneakers. Jam Master sits back as this sub licks the dirty bottoms of his sneakers. The slave has no hesitation when it comes to being degraded and abused by his master.

After all that foot worship, Jam Master decides to beat his slave with a paddle. The slave is spanked and whimpers from the abuse. Underneath his underwear, the slave’s ass reddens more from the punishment. After that spanking session, it is time for the slave to be trampled by his master. Jam Master tramples the slave with his trainers, socks, and barefeet as he squirms beneath. After that abuse, Jam Master makes the slave suck his toes as he slaps him around to remind him of his place.

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2 New Videos – MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse. Later, MasterBraz gets comfortable in some leather gear while he verbally abuses you. You will obey this dom’s orders and worship his leather boots like an obedient fag. When you’re done, you can serve as his human ashtray and inhale his smoke.

2 New Videos – Your face is Prince Massi’s chair as he sits on your face. The masked slave gets under this dom’s ass and is totally smothered. Massi the Prince then relaxes and completely ignores this slave. Later, Massi the Prince decides to go shopping with this slave’s credit card. While on the ground worshipping his master’s feet, Prince Massi is on his laptop shopping and draining this slave’s account. The cash slave’s face belongs under Massi the Prince’s feet and his money belongs in master’s pockets.

3 New Videos – Elliot loves when Jim asks him to squeeze him. Elliot Scissors tests his strength against Jim by wrapping his strong legs tightly around his body until Jim fully submits. Maybe Jim secretly likes this. Later in the billiard room, Elliot gives some some more headscissors abuse. Jim has a hard time trying to escape from this. Prior to this session, the two agreed that Elliot could squeeze Jim as tight as possible and it shows. Days later, Elliot meets up with Demir for a gut punching wrestling match. This long half hour clip features these two studs wearing each other down. Elliot gives Demir several blows to the stomach and wraps him tightly in a bodyscissors.

With no where to go, the slave endures stomp after stomp. The slave must love punisment because he comes back for more trampling. Wearing a pair of chucks, Master Rusty shows the slave his power by forcefully jumping and stomping on him. The slave is treated like a trampoline by his alpha. Master Rusy especially loves wearing Adidas to stomp his slave. In their third encounter this week, Master Rusty uses this slave like a doormat by walking all over him. The masked slave keeps his hands out of the way as this dom stomps with all his might onto the slave’s body.

Master Rusty gets more aggressive with the stomping abuse on this slave. Wearing some Nikes, Master Rusty walks, stomps, and tramples this stupid slave. The slave loves being crushed deeper into the ground under his master’s sneakers. In their last encounter this week, Master Rusty stands over top his slave and tramples him. There is no stopping Master Rusty once he gets going and continues to trample and crush this slave. The masked slave serves his purpose under Master Rusty’s sneakers.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel takes his slave’s money and beats him up. Just like a jock bully, Master Daniel spits on this slave and gives him a rough beating. The slave simply cowers and does whatever his dom bully wants. In another real time encounter, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face with his jock ass. The slave is pinned under Master Daniel’s ass with no where to go. Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave has his nose pressed deep against his master’s ass.

After the fun, Master Daniel wants to punish his slave with some tight headscissors. Slave Matt gets locked between Master Daniel’s legs as he squeezes and chokes his slave. Slave Matt’s face is right up against his dom’s crotch as he’s choked out between these soccer player legs. Later on, Slave Matt gets some revenge against his master. The tables are turned as Slave Matt gets on top of Master Daniel and tries to fight back. The slave is successful this time but the next time he won’t be so lucky.

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2 New Videos – In this post-apocalyptic video, Big Alpha and King Romeo fight for dominance. These two muscle Gods are trying to survive as the world is in ruins around them. Their only goal is to see who is more dominant. Back in the real world, Big Alpha abuses a weak boy named Ivan. Ivan gets caught taking a couple of Big Alpha’s personal items. As a result, Big Alpha beats him up and puts him in some tight headlocks and chokeholds.

2 New Videos – Get down on the ground below King Luca and serve his dick. King Luca wears white, sheer compression pants to show off his massive bulge and jock ass. Afterwards, he whips out his dick and begins jerking until he cums down onto the camera. When you’re done worshipping his cock, you can worship his boots. Be an obedient faggot and worship King Luca’s leather boots. Your only purpose is to serve this leather master or to suffer the consequences.

5 New Videos – Master Rock, Master Dave, and Master Destroyer all team up to trample this slave. Getting the masked slave on the ground, the 3 doms all stand on top of him, sometimes at the same time. The weak slave must endure the full body weight of all three of these men. The three doms have so much fun that they return again to stomp this slave some more. The slave’s poor ribs and bones must feel the pressure coming down as these doms don’t hold back. The three strong men all have a go at standing on top of this slave and trampling him at the same time.

The masked slave goes outside for some outdoors trampling from two masters this time. Master Dave and Master Rock get the slave shirtless and on the cold ground in the woods as they stomp on him. The slave is stomped into the ground further and further by their boots and sneakers. Just like before, the doms come back again for even more intense trampling. The masked slave feels their sneakers pressing hard on his exposed body as they apply maximum pressure with each stomp. These dom boys treat this slave like a human door mat for their amusement. Later, the masked slave meets up with Master Right to be trampled by his soccer cleats. Master Right doesn’t hold back and lets the slave feel his cleats coming down on his bare flesh. The masked slave moans and groans from the pain but there is no where to run to for him.

5 New Videos – Master CH lets Slave Matt have it as he punches him in the face. Slave Matt lays on the ground and Master CH acts as Slave Matt’s bully. Slave Matt groans and tries to anticpate the punches as they come down on him. After beating up his slave, Master CH sits on the slave’s face. Slave Matt gets pinned to the ground under his master’s ass. Master CH laughs at this weak slave as it struggles.In another clip, Master CH stands on top of his slave. With his full weight on the slave, Master CH tramples Slave Matt into the ground. Slave Matt tries to push away but his struggles are useless like himself.

After all of that stomping and sitting, Master CH wants to choke out his slave. Master CH totally owns Slave Matt making him struggle for freedom. Slave Matt has no choice but to submit from the powerful vice grip of Master CH. As a reward for enduring the pain, Master CH lets Slave Matt worship his feet. Slave Matt gets some chokes throughout this real time session but has to lick and suck his master’s feet. Master CH enjoys having his feet worshiped by such an inferior.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel comes over to abuse his slave and use him as a human chair. Master Daniel sits on his slave like he’s a piece of furniture. The slave lays there and takes all of the abuse given to him. The next time Master Daniel comes over there is even more facesitting. Slave Matt is used as a seat for Master Daniel’s ass. Smothering the slave with his jock ass, Master Daniel flexes for the camera totally ignoring this slave.

After getting his ass worshiped, Master Daniel orders the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt gets trampled and worships his master’s feet in the process. Slave Matt is in his natural place under this dom’s feet. Master Daniel gets bored and wants to really abuse and choke his slave. Slave Matt struggles as Master Daniel gets behind him and throws him into a headlock. There is no way this slave can escape and all he can do is pray for mercy from Master Daniel.

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2 New Videos – After this fag slave was disobedient towards MasterUltimateGod, it comes crawling back for more physical abuse. MasterUltimateGod isn’t forgiving at all and gives this slave one of his most brutal beatdowns. The slave experiences nonstop abuse and humiliation outside. In part 2 of this savage beat down, MasterUltimateGod delivers hard punches all over his slave’s body. MasterUltimateGod is like the bully of this slave’s nightmares as he continues to beat on him while the slave cries. There is nothing to stop MasterUltimateGod from taking out his frustrations on this disobedient slave.

5 New Videos – Master Dave gives his slave a visit for their first trample session. The slave lays flat on his back while Master Dave walks all over him like a doormat. This obedient slave is stomped further into the ground from his powerful master above him. The stomping abuse continues as Master Dave puts his full body weight into these stomps. Walking all over his slave’s face and body, Master Dave doesn’t hold back on applying pressure to this slave. The masked slave takes all of the crushing abuse.

Master Dave had so much fun the first time, that he returns to trample the slave with his Adidas sneakers. The shirtless slave lays there like a human doormat while Master Dave walks all over his exposed body. Stomping and kicking this slave, Master Dave shows the slave no respect. Master Dave then switches to a pair of soccer cleats to maximize the punishment for this slave. The masked slave has socks stuffed in his mouth to muffle his screams as Master Dave applies more pressure from his cleats. Master Dave makes sure to stomp extra hard on this slave toward the end of their meet up. The slave is starting to experience even more pain than before but realizes there is nothing stopping Master Dave. This jock dom makes sure his slave knows its place by the end of their real time.

5 New Videos – Master Dave gives his slave a visit for their first trample session. The slave lays flat on his back while Master Dave walks all over him like a doormat. This obedient slave is stomped further into the ground from his powerful master above him. The stomping abuse continues as Master Dave puts his full body weight into these stomps. Walking all over his slave’s face and body, Master Dave doesn’t hold back on applying pressure to this slave. The masked slave takes all of the crushing abuse.

Master Dave had so much fun the first time, that he returns to trample the slave with his Adidas sneakers. The shirtless slave lays there like a human doormat while Master Dave walks all over his exposed body. Stomping and kicking this slave, Master Dave shows the slave no respect. Master Dave then switches to a pair of soccer cleats to maximize the punishment for this slave. The masked slave has socks stuffed in his mouth to muffle his screams as Master Dave applies more pressure from his cleats. Master Dave makes sure to stomp extra hard on this slave toward the end of their meet up. The slave is starting to experience even more pain than before but realizes there is nothing stopping Master Dave. This jock dom makes sure his slave knows its place by the end of their real time.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel sits on his slave. Using the slave as a chair, Master Daniel sits his ass down on the slave in this 5 minute video clip. Once he has had enough, he towers over the slave and tramples him under his alpha male feet. Afterwards, Master Daniel chokes his slave between his legs. Slave Matt is squeezed between his jock’s strong legs and feels his abuse. Master Daniel ignores the slave’s gasps for air and just flexes for the camera instead.

1 New Video – Master Respawn totally degrades and humiliates his slave by making it eat ice cream off the floor. This fag slave shows how pathetic he is as he laps up ice cream from the floor. When he’s not using his tongue for that, he’s licking and worshiping Master Respawn’s barefeet.

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3 New Videos – Poor Nicky is on the receiving end of punishment again after he tries to worship Big Alpha’s muscular legs. Nicky gets dominated and verbally abused by Big Alpha. This muscle dom locks him in a headscissors and sits on his face. Later, Nicky experiences punishment in an intense headlock session. Big Alpha uses his massive biceps to trap Nicky between his powerful grip. Nicky quickly taps and begs for mercy from this muscular dom. Another group of jocks demonstrate their chokehold abilities. A Russian dude with a crazed look in his eyes works out his biceps and triceps. He then proceeds to choke out his buddy with a variety of headlocks and chokeholds.

4 New Videos – Ten feet and only one tongue to lick them as these young doms order their slave to lick their alpha feet. The 5 masters laugh and drink beer as they joke about their miserable foot licker on the ground. After training, the masters now have a place to go to get their feet cleaned. Later, some of the same doms and their buddies crowd around to burp in their slave’s face. The masters drink a lot then let out loud belches in this slave’s disgusted face. The doms even take turns farting in the slave’s face for maximum sensory torture.

The slave is dominated again by 5 masters. The burping humiliation continues but this time every time the slave makes a disgusted face, he gets slapped. This worthless slave must endure the smells and sound of belching right in his face. Later, they light up to smoke and blow the smoke in the slave’s face as well. The humiliation and degradation of this slave continues as the doms gather around to spit in the slave’s face. The doms spit up the thickest hawkers they can as they completely cover this slave’s face in spit. By the end of the video, the slave’s face turns into a dripping puddle of spit.

5 New Videos – Master Bonecrusher uses his slave as a trampoline as he jumps hard on the slave’s weak body. This powerful dom shows brutality and disregard for the slave as he tramples and jumps all over him. The masked slave grimaces in pain but his moans as ignored by Master Bonecrusher. Later, Master Bonecrusher puts on a pair of soccer shoes to trample his slave harder. The shirtless, masked slave endures the full bodyweight of Master Bonecrusher coming down on his exposed body. The slave has nothing to protect himself from the brutal stomping and trampling from his master. Master Bonecrusher returns again to trample and jump on his slave. The slave is almost like a human doormat as Master Bonecrusher walks all over him with no regard. Master Bonecrusher continues to jump up and down on the slave’s chest and stomach in his sneakers for maximum abuse.

This masked slave remains under his massive master. This jock dom tramples his slave some more to let out his aggressions. The weak slave gets the wind knocked out of him as his master stomps and tramples on his chest. This masked slave craves more trampling abusehe invites over Master Marvin to walk all over him. This jock dom puts on a pair of sneakers and uses his slave as a doormat. The slave is pinned under the full bodyweight of his master as he’s crushed.

3 New Videos – Master Gabriel visits Slave Matt for some trampling abuse. Slave Matt is walked all over by his dom’s barefeet. Master Gabriel walks on Slave Matt’s face, chest, and stomach all throughout the clip. Afterwards, Master Gabriel beats up his slave like a human punching bag. Pinning Slave Matt down on the bed, Master Gabriel sits on top of him and punches him around. Slave Matt endures his bully beatdown with no where to run. In another real time meet up, Slave Matt gets beaten into submission. Slave Matt’s dominant buddy is an experienced karate fighter and uses that experience to beat up his slave even more. Slave Matt cowers in the corner while accepting rough kicks to his body.

1 New AUDIO CLIP – Meet graciegreen, Master Lucian’s #1 sub. Listen and submit as you hear how deep this dom takes his female sub. He reinfoces her desires to serve Master Lucian and all men she meets.

Featured Model- PlattMacher

The masked slave is back to endure some painful trampling from his wicked alpha dom. This jock alpha stomps all over his pathetic slave with his soccer cleats just for his own amusement. When the dom isn’t trampling on his slave, he commands him to lick his dirty soccer cleats.