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1 New Video – You’re back again with the Brutal God because you’re a nasty perverted piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to repeat every word and every line over and over again until these words are burned into what’s left of your feeble soul. This Brutal God will make you his perverted loser after you repeat the perverted loser mantra.

3 New Videos – The life of a slave is only for the service and satisfaction of needs of masters. Master Hunter, Nevil, and Basford begin by laughing at their slave in this real time clip as the slave licks the soles of their feet. From spitting to tasting the bottom’s of these alphas’ socks, the slave endures some rough treatment from these three doms. Later Master Hunter and Nevil decide to sit their asses on the slave’s face. Throughout the video, the slave endures face sitting from the two masters. These doms sit on the slave’s face in shorts, boxers, and then finally bare assed. Afterwards, it is Masters Basford and Nevil’s turn to trample the slave as they bully him. This pathetic weak slave gets slapped around and spit on as these doms degrade and humiliate him. The slave lays there under their feet while they trample and walk all over him.

5 New Videos – Master Ch chokes out his slave in their latest meet up. This dom smothers the slave with his alpha male feet as he sits on the slave’s chest. Later the dom wants to amuse himself and begins choking his slave. The next day Slave Matt meets up with another dom buddy, Master H, for some choke domination to be reminded of who’s in charge. Master H chokes out Slave Matt on the bed and makes him quickly tap out. This slave is at the absolute mercy of his dom as there is no where to escape.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt begins to worship Master J’s feet in their latest encounter. Master J sits back on the couch while Slave Matt assumes the position under his feet and licks his soles. Mater J chokes his slave with his feet to make him gag on them. Master J then decides to choke out his slave in their next meet up. Master J gets the slave down on the bed and locks him in a tight headlock to the point the slave is gasping for air. This slave quickly learns that he must submit to all dominant men or be brutalized. Afterwards, Master J engages the slave in a boxing beat down. With their boxing gloves on, Master J and Slave Matt square off against each other. Slave Matt is no match for Master J and is quickly pummeled with punches.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy do some headscissors practice on each other in their room. These two studs practice locking each other’s head between their powerful legs to strengthen their submission power. The slave that has to endure these headscissors next is going to regret it. In another clip, ElliotScissors and his buddy Dustin do some at-home wrestling on each other. ElliotScissors and Dustin fight it out on the couch using some intense wrestling holds on each other. Dustin is a professional wrestler and teaches ElliotScissors a couple of new holds.

ElliotScissors gets a new buddy to become his headscissor slave. Headscissor slave Tommy experiences some inescapable headscissors for the first time in his life. Tommy experiences what other slave’s feel when they’re trapped between ElliotScissors’ legs. In his final update this week, ElliotScissors invites over his buddies Dustin and Jim to have their own amateur wrestling match in his home. Dustin and Jim wrestle it out on the couch and fight for dominance against each other. Both of these studs lock a variety of chokeholds on each other to see which one taps out first.

3 New Videos – DavidWar sits back at his desk and puts his feet up in the air for foot faggots to drool over. This alpha dom verbally abuses throughout as he orders you to worship and submit to his big alpha male feet. Later he whips out his big cock and teases you with it as he begins stroking. Things get even kinkier in the next clip as DavidWar covers his face in saliva. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and down his throat, DavidWar spits up thick throat slime that he covers his lips and face with. Changing gears away from the solo action, in his next clip, DavidWar does some facesitting domination on a Tgirl from Colombia. Wearing red boxers, DavidWar smothers the Tgirl with his jock ass before putting his bare ass on her face.

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3 New Videos – CashMasterTrey wants you to listen up and accept that you’re a nasty pig. This leather clad alpha is going to verbally assault you and bully you into accepting what you are. Listen and accept the reality that is your life as described by CashMasterTrey. After you’ve endured that session it’s time for some more verbal bullying. You’re such an addicted weirdo to CashMasterTrey. As an experienced alpha, CashMasterTrey realizes that you are a piggy that can’t control itself. As a result, you come to this Brutal God for guidance on how to serve and behave. For being a devoted obedient piggy, CashMasterTrey will let you worship his cock as he jerks off. In a public bathroom, CashMasterTrey felt very horny and began stroking his fat white alpha cock for the camera. After stroking it, this alpha works up a massive load that he shoots and flushes down the toilet.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his big muscle ass down on the face of this submissive boy. Totally smother the boy with his big muscle ass, Big Alpha flexes for the camera. This sub is in heaven being pinned under his muscle God’s superior ass. Later, Big Alpha feels the need to squeeze his submissive. Locking him between his hugely muscular legs, Big Alpha chokes out this submissive in between his quads. The slave is trapped with no escape from the sheer muscular power of this alpha. In another clip, Big Alpha squeezes a boy in a tight bearhug. This boy stands no chance against Big Alpha’s brutal strength. Once the bearhug is locked in tight there is no escape from his total domination.

3 New Videos – There is nothing better for a slave to do than worship the feet of 3 dominant alphas. Masters Hunter, Ritchell, and Basford slap around, kick, and ridicule their house slave as he services their feet. The slave endures nonstop foot domination and bullying from these 3 superior alpha masters. Earlier, the slave was tasked by three masters to pour beer for them. Due to the fact that the slave did it too slow, the doms decide to put the slave in his place under their feet. There is triple the amount of dominance, ridicule, and humiliation since this slave is getting used by 3 alphas. At the end, the slave is covered in beer, spit, and snot. The humiliation continues as Masters Hunter and Basford degrade and humiliate the slave some more. These two doms order the slave to lick their sneakers, kneel to be spit on, and sniff their smelly socks. For their amusement, the masters stuff their nasty smelly socks into the slave’s mouth to gag on as they laugh.

5 New Videos – ElliotScissors practices some headscissors on his buddy, Alex. Elliot always likes practicing holds on his buddies before using them on slaves. His powerful legs squeeze his friend tightly as he endures some punishment. In another clip, Elliot invites over his buddy Hunter for some strip wrestling. These two jocks start off the fight in a shirt and jeans before they test their strenght in choking each other out and ripping each other’s clothes off. The shirts and jeans quickly get torn off as they test their strength and submissions on one another. Elliot meets up with Hunter again for some home wrestling in their underwear. This is their second battle together and demonstrate a variety of chokeholds and submissions that they would normally apply to slaves. See how much both of these jocks can endure.

Continuing with the theme of wrestling his friends, Elliot invites over his buddy Mark for some chokehold submission practice. These jocks get down on the floor and begin attempting to make each other submit. Their superior male egos and endurance make them hold off on submitting until the holds get so intense. Having so much fun in the last battle, Mark and Elliot have to have a wrestling rematch. These toned jocks wrestle on the couch in their underwear. You can tell that they are both passionate about wrestling and super experienced in a variety of chokeholds.

4 New Videos – Master Tommy loves to have his feet worshipped. Getting a slave on the ground, Master Tommy smothers the slave’s face with his big superior feet. However, Master Tommy has a surprise for the slave, he invites all of his buddies over to have their feet worshipped too. In another clip, Master Tommy gets so turned on from the foot worship that he gives the sub a foot job. Using his huge barefeet, he strokes the tiny sub’s cock for extreme pleasure.

Master Tommy goes into his video vault for a clip of one of his friend’s getting his socked feet rubbed. This blonde hunk lays on the bed as a slave rubs and massages his socked feet. The slave then takes off the socks and worships this stud’s barefeet. In part 2 of the foot worship, the slave meets up with this blonde stud again for more foot worshipping. Continuing with the same scenario, the slave rubs, sniffs and massages this guy’s socked feet.

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1 New Video – Just like the title of this video says, piggy, CashMasterTrey will order you to slap your balls and worship his soles. This dom wants you slapping those worthless balls on his command. Only real men deserve to have nuts and a loser like you does not. When you’re done, you can worship CashMasterTrey’s big size 13 alpha soles.

1 New Video – Feel the foot stench overpower you. Master Alex has been wearing the same socks for exactly 3 weeks and it’s time you get to sniff his super rank socks and feet. Needless to say, today you’re going to learn how to serve an alpha’s feet even if the foot stench overpowers you.

2 New Videos – Alex is back again to squeeze this sub’s head with his powerful legs. The taunting and abuse is what gives Alex pleasure when he dominates inferiors like this. Watch the pathetic slave struggle and beg for mercy. In another video clip, ElliotScissors does some home wrestling with his buddy Mark to practice some wrestling holds. The two do various holds on each other to show their dominance.

5 New Videos – Master Rusty tramples this slave for his amusement. The slave lays under his master’s feet and serves as a human doormat. Wearing Nike Airforces, Master Rusty kicks and stomps all over this slave. In the next set of clips, this masked slave meets up with Master Shivy for some more trample domination. This slave gets stomped under the powerful sneakers of Master Shivy. This dom uses his entire bodyweight to stand on top of this pathetic slave. To inflict more abuse, Master Shivy even puts on a part of soccer cleats to trample the slave. Master Shivy tramples hard on this slave’s stomach and chest to inflict maximum punishment.

In the next clip, Master Shivy flattens his slave under his bodyweight with intense trampling. Wearing black sneakers, this alpha makes the slave lick the bottoms of his soles as he tramples the slave’s exposed body. After that session, it’s back to cleats trampling as this dom walks all over his slave like it’s a welcome mat. The slave endures the abuse of his master’s cleats as the stomping doesn’t seem to let up. This slave gets maximum trample punishment from Master Shivy.

3 New Videos – Do you want to massage this master’s feet? Get ready to worship and serve at this alpha’s big superior feet. Jesusmaria sticks his huge barefeet up to the camera for you to service in this 7 minute video clip. For those seeking something besides a foot fetish clip, then check out Jesusmaria’s soldier tied up video clip. In this 11 minute clip, Jesusmaria is dressed as a soldier and completely tied up on the floor. He wiggles around and writhes on the floor hoping for freedom but none is ever granted. Similarly, this dom is tied up in the next clip. Wearing dress clothes and bound in the bathroom, Jesusmaria has his hands tied behind his back with a gag in his mouth. Watch and see if he ever can escape.

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1 New Video – CashMasterTrey wants you to become a zombie for his feet. Go totally mindless and completely obey every word this dominant alpha tells you. When you zone out to CashMasterTrey’s feet, all you’ll hear are his words describing the pyramid that is the male hierarchy.

3 New Videos – This huge muscle monster goes by the name The Punisher because of how he punishes inferior men. Wearing a white wrestling singlet, The Punisher wraps his muscular legs around this boy’s head and totally torments him. Watch the punishment and abuse this weak boy suffers from this muscle beast. Later he uses his big biceps to choke out his victim. The Punisher’s biceps are as big as this weak boy’s head. Once he locks in the headlock, the victim’s head practically disappears from the sheer size of this muscle monster. The punishment doesn’t stop there as this muscle dom dishes out some wrestling domination. The monster bodybuilder abuses this weak boy with his muscles and strength. Locking his huge treetrunk legs around the boy’s head, The Punisher squeezes the sub’s head as it’s pressed against his massive bulge.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt services Master J’s feet in this latest real time video. Laying on the ground and looking up at his master, the slave gets his face smothered in alpha male feet. Slave Matt services and licks his master’s soles to show his devotion. Afterwards, Master J controls the slave with his superior alpha male feet. Master J treats this slave like a human doormat by walking all over him. The slave is shown no respect and completely trampled. Later, Master J pins the slave’s head against a wall and kicks the slave’s head to assert dominance. Slave Matt enjoys every second of the abuse because it means he gets closer to his master’s feet. The foot slave inhales the scent of his master’s barefoot throughout.

After the nonstop foot worship, Master J moves onto physical abuse of his slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master J chokes out his slave with his legs and feet. The slave struggles for air and begs for mercy from his master while getting choked out. Master J then moves onto some MMA moves on the slave to further dominate his foot slave. The slave gets the full treatment from Master J from abuse and trampling to kicking and foot gagging. Master J makes the slave quickly realize his place is beneath superior men.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel dominates his foot slave and gets his feet worshiped. The obedient foot slave takes his place under master’s feet and gets his face covered by this dom’s sweaty jock feet. Master Daniel totally dominates the foot slave and orders the slave to lick and serve at his jock feet. Things get more physical when Master Daniel gags the slave with his hand. Slave Matt endures all of Master Daniel’s physical abuse while this jock dom covers the slave’s mouth and nose as he chokes him out. Slave Matt panics but endures everything his master gives him as abuse.

If you crave more of Master Daniel then you can worship his body as he flexes and shows off. Drool over this alpha and fully submit to his sheer presence as you accept your own inferiority. Master Daniel flexes his entire body for slave’s like you to lust over. Afterwards, Master Daniel gets back to dominating his slave. Starting off by squeezing a basketball with his legs and putting his feet on it, Master Daniel shows what he would do to an actual slave. Then Slave Matt walks in for Master Daniel to actually demonstrate what he just did on that basketball to an actual slave.

1 New Video – Master Berlin orders his slave to lick his sweaty armpits and service his body. This slave gets so nasty that his takes his master’s snot and piss from the tap. There is no limit to this slave’s devotion to his master. It even gets more depraved when Master Berlin uses the slave’s facemask as his tissue.

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2 New Videos – King Luca is back to abusing a female slave. This alpha dom takes this female sub and teaches her what it means to serve a real man. The inferior bitch is told to lick and worship her master’s feet and pits. Whenever King Luca thinks she’s not doing a good enough job, she gets slapped or punched around. To degrade her even more, King Luca spits all over her slut face. In a different real time session, King Luca beats up a fat sub. The fat sub slave gets kicked repeatedly and tells King Luca how superior he is after each kick. The sub enjoys all of the pain given to him by his master. As a reward for his suffering, the slave gets to worship and lick King Luca’s alpha feet.

1 New Video – If you don’t know already, CashMasterTrey is the true Brutal God. The punisher of nasty pigs, the sadistic sorcerer, the one who can make you risk it all for your sick kinks. Submit totally to this leather dom’s words as he degrades you to the extreme and makes you come to the realization that you are nothing more than a nasty pig who craves and deserves nothing but abuse and degradation.

 New Video – Big Alpha and muscle jock Romeo have an outdoor bodybuilder battle. Wearing nothing but speedos and fighting gloves, these two bodybuilders battle it out outside in a variety of submission holds and wrestling moves. Check out these two chiseled titans grapple each other for control in this battle.

5 New Videos – Master Jeff takes full control of this foot slave when he chokes him out between his legs. The weak slave has no where to go while trapped between Master Jeff’s legs. The slave begins to struggle as the chokehold tightens but Master Jeff just ignores him and plays on his phone. To choke his slave some more, Master Jeff locks the slave in a chokehold on the ground. Putting his arms tightly around the slave’s neck from behind, the inferior slave does whatever he can to try and breathe. The slave quickly taps out whenever the chokes get beyond intense. In another encounter with Master Jeff, this slave gets choked out some more between Master Jeff’s legs. Laying on a bed, the slave places his head between Master Jeff’s legs to be locked in. Master Jeff crosses his ankles to lock in the chokehold even further causing the slave to tap out and beg for mercy.

To serve his master some more, the slave meets up with Master Jeff again to worship his feet. Sticking his tongue out with his mouth open, this obedient foot slave licks and sucks every inch of Master Jeff’s feet. Master Jeff has some fun by kicking the slave around in between feet lickings. Lastly in this video series update, the slave meets with Master J and gets trampled all over the slave. The weak foot slave serves as a human door mat to Master J’s feet. Pinned underneath his superior’s feet, the slave endures the stomping and trampling like an object of foot domination.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his sub slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master Daniel wraps his bicep around the slave’s neck and locks in a submission hold. The slave wiggles around trying to break free but is no match for the jock power of Master Daniel. For those looking for some solo action of Master Daniel, then you can worship his muscles and feet in this next video. Flexing for the camera, Master Daniel shows off his biceps and muscular legs. Later, Master Daniel sits down and shows off his socked feet for all of his drooling foot slaves.

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2 New Videos – You don’t deserve to breath the straight man’s air according to CashMasterTrey as he attacks you in this verbal abuse video. To this dom, you’re a creepy pervert who’s always been a nuisance to others. Make sure you swallow your fucking red pill of truth like an obedient piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to put more time towards your addiciton to men as he expands his control over your mind. Once under his control, it is time to worship his pits. CashMasterTrey wants you to get lost in his pits like the dirty creep you are to him. Live for and devote yourself to his pits. Your job as his slave is to wake up thinking about his pits all the way until you go to sleep, then continue to dream about his pits.

2 New Videos – Big Alpha caught a thief stealing from his car and decides it’s time to offer up some brutal punishment. Once Big Alpha gets the thief in his grasp, the thief has no where to run. Big Alpha delivers a savage beat down and chokes out this masked crook with his huge alpha muscles. In another muscle beat down clip, Big Alpha shows off his strength as he dominates another jock named Valentin. Valentin comes into the gym feeling energetic and full of himself until he starts wrestling up against Big Alpha. Very quickly, Valentin learns he is no match for this hugely muscled man.

1 New Video – Drool over this nearly 7 minute video of King Luca’s superior alpha cock. You can worship at this findom’s feet while looking up at his big uncut dick. King Luca’s superior alpha dick should be your only fixation in life. Finally at the end, you can watch him bust a load.

5 New Videos – Master CH loves trampling inferior slaves. In this real time meet, Master CH pins Ikagura to the ground and uses his face like a doormat as he walks all over and tramples the slave. Ikagura feels Master CH walk all over him and treat him like an object. After the trample domination, Master CH chokes out his slave. Wrapping his legs tightly around Ikagura’s neck, Master CH chokes out Ikagura until he’s begging for mercy and asking for air. Master CH ultimately will decide when his slave deserves mercy in the end. The choke domination continues when Master CH locks his arms around Ikagura’s throat in a variety of chokeholds. Showing this slave who’s boss, Master CH asserts his dominance when he clamps the various chokeholds on tighter and tighter around this slave’s neck.

With the next real time meet, Ikagura meets up with Master J to get beat up in a boxing match. It’s obvious before the beat down starts as to who is going to win when Master J starts pummeling this slave with rights and lefts. Once Ikagura falls to the ground cowering, Master J stomps all over him some more and tramples the slave declaring himself the winner. This boxing beatdown continues when Master J owns Ikagura some more. Getting him off his feet, Master J punches Ikagura around like he’s a human punching bag. Ikagura does his best to block the punches but just gets beat up even more in the end.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin shows off how he dominates a slave in another one of his slave abuse videos. In this 7 minute clip, DanielSlin grapples with his slave in a wrestling match of sorts before he begins choking out the slave and locking him in brutal submissions. The slave writhes around in pain and whimpers for DanielSlin to ease up but there is no going easy with DanielSlin. After he’s done, DanielSlin wants you to worship his muscles. Doing some solo flexing, DanielSlin flexes for the camera and shows off his power. Imagine getting choked out between his arms while getting dominated as you watch.

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2 New Videos – You know exactly what a loser like you deserves and that’s more verbal abuse and humiliation from CashMasterTrey. A subhuman foot licker like you should experience straight up punishment and daily mindfucking. Come and let yourself spiral out of control for your alpha cash dom. After you’ve accepted your fate, it is time to accept the reality that cash fags have no fucking rights. Somone like you seeks to fall further and furthers into the pits of the abyss that is this addiction. You’ll forever be in the clutches of financial domination with no escape. It’s time to bust those balls and experience physical pain alongside your mental anguish for CashMasterTrey.

1 New Video – Big alpha Dennis puts his little bro in multiple chokeholds making him submit over and over again. This superior muscle dom locks his huge biceps around this smaller sub’s neck and doesn’t give up. There is no fighting those muscular arms once they are locked around your throat.

1 New Video – When you’re a superior alpha male, you get spoiled by subs. There is no better way to enjoy yourself than with a full body massage. SlavesSeeker lays down and relaxes as a beta male massages his muscular back with oil. Get jealous as you bate your dick watching this sub rub his hands all over SlavesSeeker’s back.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets choked out by his master in his latest session. This dom relaxes and plays some video games while Ikagura lays on the floor in front of him. The alpha wraps his legs around Ikagura’s neck to choke him out as he ignores him. Afterwards, the dom tramples his slave with his barefeet. Ikagura lays on his back and the dom walks all over Ikagura’s face and body with his full bodyweight. There is no better pleasure for this slave than to be under a superior man’s feet. Ikagura gets more foot domination when he services his foot master’s feet some more. With this tongue out, Ikagura licks and serves this dom’s feet while continuing to be ignored some more. The slave is content even without master’s attention because he’s fulfilling his duties as a foot slave.

Ikagura experiences another round of choke domination in this next session. The dom gets behind Ikagura and locks his arms tightly around Ikagura’s neck. The submissive slave gasps for air and begs for mercy but it’s up to this findom to decide if any mercy should be given. When he’s done choking out his slave, Master J treates Ikagura like a human doormat. Underneath his master’s feet, Ikagura gets walked all over and totally objectified. This slave is treated like a doormat by his superior.

4 New Videos – When Master Shaun finds his slave on the bed, he decides to get comfy on top and hump him for a while before the real pain begins. When ready Master Shaun tramples his slave while wearing astro boots before using his slave as a human trampoline. Master Shaun jumps up and down onto the slave’s weak body more and more as the slave gasps in agony. Master Shaun then makes the slave suck his smelly toes until they’re nice and clean. The slave is then blindfolded and pinned under Master Shaun while he jerks off. When he’s ready to cum it goes right in the slave’s mouth.

Having some more fun with his slave, Master Shaun uses his full body weight to sit on the slave’s face. Master Shaun treats the slave like an object by riding him and sitting on him like furniture. After some fun with that, Master Shaun spits in the slave’s mouth and demands foot worship. Laster, Master Shaun makes the slave worship his ass and feet. Master Shaun pins the slave underneath him and covers the slave’s face with the soles of his feet. Once he’s done, he sits on the slave’s face with the full weight of his ass.

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1 New Video – Cash pigs are always hypnotized by CashMasterTrey’s size 13 feet. Foot fags like you wish you could have him walk all over your face, kick you in the head, and treat you like dirt while draining your wallet. CashMasterTrey verbalizes all of your desires and what he would do to you to put you in your place with this latest video.

2 New Videos – This cash fag rented an Air BNB with a sauna so that he could worship his master’s body during a real time. MasterBigCountry drains this fag of all of his cash as the slave licks his master’s sweaty feet and legs. The cash slave loves when his dom slaps him with piss soaked boxers and makes him admit what an obedient fag slave he is to his master. Get jealous of this slave as he gets to worship his master’s entire body in all its glory. The alpha body worship continues when this cash slave worships his master’s ass and muscles. First serving as a foot rest to his dom, the slave is ordered to get up and smell his maste’rs balls and ass. The slave is so grateful to be this close to his master’s superior body. Afterwards, the slave is instructed to sniff his dom’s smelly alpha armpits.

2 New Videos – After a very hardcore workout, KingMaster wants his alpha feet worshipped by a foot slave. This foot dom calls on his slave for the task as he lays back and relaxes on the sofa. The obedient foot fag massages and licks his master’s socked feet tasting all of the sweaty goodness from his dom. Exploring more with the foot fetish, KingMaster wants to have a laugh and gives his foot slave permission to tickle his feet. KingMaster’s foot slave gets an electric toothbrush and tickles the soles of his master’s feet. KingMaster bursts out into laughter from this fun tickle session.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is dominated by DanielSlin in this domination real time. Ikagura is pinned to the ground with various chokeholds and has no choice but to submit. Once down on the ground, DanielSlin smothers Ikagura’s face with his alpha feet. In another clip, a different dom chokes out his slave to assert dominance. Ikagura is again pinned to the ground but this time locked in a tight headscissors from his superior. Ikagura begs for mercy but none is to be given. Ikagura then gets trampled by alpha feet while under his master’s feet. The obedient foot slave loves every second of being under his master’s bodyweight. Ikagura gets treated like a human doormat throughout this 6 minute clip.

Serving at another master’s feet, Ikagura gets gagged by alpha male feet. Laying on his side, Ikagura opens wide and chokes on his master’s superior feet. The dom amuses himself while making Ikagura gag more and more on his huge barefeet. Ikagura then gets choked out again by a superior. Stuck between his master’s legs, Ikagura gets locked in a tight headscissors as he completely submits. Ikagura can either tap out or enjoy the dominance of his master.

4 New Videos – MasterBerlin puts his slave through an intense session of filth. The loyal fag slave licks his master’s snot and then gets spit on by MasterBerlin. Following that, the slave must lick his master’s feet in between getting slapped around. As a reward for his service, MasterBerlin then allows the slave to drink some cum out of a condom. Taking more of MasterBerlin’s fluids, the gross slave then drinks his master’s piss. MasterBerlin pisses in a big glass for his fag to drink from. The obsessed slave guzzles down all of his master’s piss to show absolute devotion.

MasterBerlin then compiles a foot worship compilation of various clips of his slave serving his feet. This German master uses his slave as a foot cleaner, foot stool, and kicking bag as he makes the slave give total attention to his superior feet. In a separate clip, MasterBerlin has the slave lick his barefeet and sniff them after a long day. MasterBerlin’s feet are sweaty and stinky for the slave to worship. The obedient foot fag cannot get enough of serving at MasterBerlin’s feet.

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2 New Videos – Watch as MasterBigCountry strips and orders you to jerk your little dick to an alpha god. MasterBigCountry is bigger than you and more superior than you in every way. His alpha dick soft is bigger than yours hard. Enjoy using this alpha’s spit as lube while you wank your pathetic nub to his existence. Later in a real time meet, MasterBigCountry’s faggot slave goes into the bathroom with him to take his master’s piss drenched boxers in his slave mouth. MasterBigCountry takes off his sweaty boxers and pisses all over them then orders his bitch slave to suck the piss right out of them. MasterBigCountry then pisses all over the slave’s head while he is sucking that fag beer right out of them.

2 New Videos – CashMasterTrey knows when you’re feeling pathetic and craving total popper abuse. Get out that bottle of fresh poppers and begin sniffing as this alpha dom verbally berates you and gets you drooling over his feet. CashMasterTrey places his feet right up tot he camera and makes you beg to sniff his feet as you continue to huff your poppers. The foot worship continues as CashMasterTrey orders you to sniff his feet and show him what a dirty, disgusting, depraved, and fucked up freak you are for him. This cashmaster then gives you a lesson in breath control as he makes you show what a poppered pig you can become for him.

3 New Videos – Dominant alpha muscle dom Dennis locks another weak slave boy in an inescapable chokehold in his latest clip. This time around, Dennis is wearing a tight wrestling singlet as he takes the weak boy down to the ground and shows off his brute power. Master Dennis locks the slave in a tight chokehold until he is crying in submission. Afterward, Dennis wraps his muscular legs around the slave’s head and nearly cracks his head like a nut. Dennis squeezes this sub’s head between his huge thighs until the slave is turning red and begging for mercy. See how much this sub can endure in this tight headscissors. In another chokehold submission video, big alpha Dennis takes care of a bad roommate on his terms. This muscle dom uses his strength and submission techniques to wrestle this bad roommate to the ground and lock in various tight chokeholds on this poor boy. Watch over 15 minutes of chokehold punishment in this clip.

3 New Videos – Master Berlin loves to humiliate slaves in public and this time is no different. Master Berlin takes his slave to a bar in Berlin and totally degrades and humiliates him in front of all of the patrons. Master Berlin spits on, slaps, and pisses on this pathetic slave to totally dehumanize him in front of everyone throughout this 24 minute clip. For slaves craving more of Master Berlin’s spit then the next clip is for you. Master Berlin goes total gross out with this slave’s humiliation as he spits on and blows snots into the slave’s mouth. This nasty depraved fuck enjoys getting everything that comes out of his master’s body and takes it as a reward. For a job well done at serving, the slave is now privileged enough to eat his master’s toenails. Master Berlin’s slave clips his dom’s toenails on the floor to show his obsession over his master and his master’s feet. The nasty slave then proceeds to eat each one of his master’s toenails to show his appreciation.

1 New Video – Get on all fours, arch your back, and submit to AidenPrettii’s post workout feet. This POV clips allows you to b egin worshipping your master’s stinky, sweaty sneakers and socked feet. Just imagine how stinky and damp these perfect alpha feet are as you worship. No foot slave can resist an alpha male’s feet.

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2 New Videos – Master Kruzzar is about to ignore you as he smokes a cigar. However, he can’t completely ignore you. It is your job to serve as his human ashtray. Open your mouth wide and take all of his ash like the ashtray you are to him. For slaves craving even more from Master Kruzzar, then you can serve him even more as a urinal slave. Master Kruzzar goes out into a mall bathroom and makes a mess as he pisses everywhere. Someone needs to come clean up all this alpha piss and what better job than for a fag to do. Come worship and clean up this alpha piss with your mouth.

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For those wanting more trample and domination, Ikagura gets slapped, trampled, and used in the next clip. Laying shirtless on the floor, this slave gets his face covered by alpha feet. Ikagura continues to serve as a human doormat as this alpha walks all over him. Later, Ikagura goes back to servicing this alpha’s feet. Ikagura chokes on his master’s feet as he tries to swallow more of this dom’s foot. The master locks one foot behind Ikagura’s head while forcing the other foot further into Ikagura’s eager mouth.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin loves nothing more than getting his feet worshipped. Putting his foot slave in its place, MasterBerlin spits on the slave and smacks him around before ordering him to worship his socked feet. MasterBerlin shows no mercy to this slave as he pulls him around on a leash. The foot worship continues as this foot slave licks his master’s alpha feet. MasterBerlin sits back and drinks a beer with his feet propped up. His obedient and depraved foot slave crawls over to sniff and lick his master’s feet. MasterBerlin amuses himself by kicking the slave around and ordering him to worship his feet even more.

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2 New Videos – Master Shaun has a fun session on top of his slave dominating him with some full bodyweight facesitting and foot domination. The real time session escalates further when he has his slave finger his ass and sits on the slave’s face some more. During the facesitting, Master Shaun even farts in his slave’s face. In another meet up with Master Shaun, this dom wakes up smelling sweaty and dirty. Master Shaun commands the slave to lick his body clean. The devoted slave runs his tongue all over Master Shaun’s body to clean him. Afterwards, he sits on the slave’s face and starts to show off the growing bulge in his underwear. Master Shaun humiliates the slave more in this meet up by spitting on him and riding piggyback on the slave to dehumanize him.