Featured Model- RobKnight

Check out alpha male RobKnight as he takes off his shoes and socks after a hot, long day at the theme park. Walking all day has made this alpha’s feet super sweaty and needing some faggot attention. Taking off his shoes and socks, RobKnight reveals his bare male feet and hot male soles for you to lick and devote your complete attention to serving.

Featured Model- MasterBraz

MasterBraz95 and his friend Master OG sit back on the couch with their feet on the table ignoring you and making you worship their feet. Both of these alpha males sit back and show off their barefeet while smoking, playing on their phones, and chatting. You haven’t done anything to deserve their attention but instead should only focus on their bare soles. Get ignored by these two arrogant alpha doms while you goon your little slave dick.

Featured Model- SirKraze

SirKraze has something for all of the sneaker pigs out there as he demands that you lick his Jordans. A filthy fucking foot slave like you will gladly stick out your tongue and lick this dominant alpha’s sneakers. Then to prove your submission even further, you’ll gladly open your wallet to tribute SirKraze as you get weakened more and more by him.

Featured Model- Knight00wl

The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own warm, cozy bed. However, you now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented to the sound of a persistent loud booming thunder. Then, your eardrums are nearly blown out by what can only be described as the voice of a man except something’s different. You are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of and mostly above you is the one and only Texas Fetish King, a hot straight alpha dominant male master, 27 years young, 6 foot 4 inches in height, and size 14US in shoe size. Fetish King thinks you are an insect of some kind at first and traps you under a glass to take you outside “where bugs belong”. After he releases you outside, he finally begins to realize that you are actually a shrunken human and asks why you are so tiny. A long string of verbal degradation ensues, with the intention of making sure you understand that you are in fact nothing but the “fungus between his toes”. He traps you between his toes and then starts to think about how hungry he is.

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1 New Video – In MasterDnero’s latest video, he recruits to straight alphas named Jager and Kayser to compete to see who can join his clique of masters known as Str8CrushFeet. The two straight alpha males will compete to see who can use their foot fag the hardest. In this one hour long foot worship session, both foot doms use their foot slave hard to see who is the best. The obedient foot fags devote themselves completely to both of these alphas, inhlaing their feet smell and sucking their toes. Ultimately, MasterDnero will decide who was the best foot dom in this scenario based on how the foot fags go wild over serving these two men. MasterDnero even joins in himself to get his feet worshiped.

5 New Videos – MasterAllen does away with the luggage support rack and uses it as a rim chair to make this faggot worship his ripe jock hole. Plopping his muscle ass on this faggot’s face, MasterAllen suffocates and smothers the worthless fag with his funky asshole, dragging it across his disgusting face and rocking back and forth. The fag’s face is now covered in his master’s scent. Continuing along with the ass worship, this slave can’t get enough of eating his master’s hole. The fag slave paid for this hotel room for him and MasterAllen. Quickly, the fag gets into the position under the improvised rim seat and services his dominant master.

Moving from ass worship to foot worship, Master Allen’s slave goes to task on his big alpha male feet. The masked fag sniffs, licks, and sucks MasterAllen’s feet clean while he gets verbally abused by him. To reward his fag slave, MasterAllen clips his fresh, funky toenails up close and then feeds the toenails to his hungry slave. The disgusting masked fag chomps down on his master’s gnarly jock toe nail clippings like it was a fine dessert. Lastly, MasterAllen’s fag goes to task worshipping his master’s superior king alpha feet while MasterAllen paddles the fag with his paddle all over the slave’s body. The fat worthless fuck is in heaven worshipping his king.

1 New Video – A tenderized red and bruised ass is in your future. Master Alex believes that a slave’s ass should always be a source of discomfort. Either by having it fucked, spanked, shocked, or butt plugged. It should never be easy on the slave. And there’s nothing easy in this hardcore rattan cane discipline video. The slave is spanked without mercy until there is barely an inch of his ass unmarked by the sting of the cane.

1 New Video – Dominant and muscular PharaohMuscle is new to In-Charge and ready to claim you as his next cash fag. Worship this awesome cash pharaoh master and admire his muscular body. In this 5 minute video clip, PharaohMuscle will have you worshiping his huge biceps and sweaty armpits as he flexes and makes you crave more muscle.


Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – Continuing his abuse of MexSlave, MasterJax makes his pathetic slave place cash between his toes before he straps his shoe to the faggot’s face. At this point the fag slave has no choice by to inhale his master’s intoxicating foot scent through his sneaker. Punishing him more, MasterJax stomps on the slave’s face and neck. Imagine yourself being as lucky as this foot slave and serving MasterJax’s feet. Although it doesn’t stop there with the abuse of MexSlave. In the third part of this series, MasterJax shoves his socks in the fag’s mouth and eventually forces him into the bathroom to do something particularly humiliating. This foot fag can’t get enough of the opportunity to sniff MasterJax’s socks, feet, and sneakers while enduring his abuse and humiliation. MasterJax gets more intense as he steps on his slave to abuse him more. While relaxing on the bed, MexSlave dutifully cleans MasterJax’s sandals while licking the sweaty insides clean. MasterJax then proceeds to step all over this slave’s faggot face.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some sock worship and extreme bondage as Master Alex punishes another real time fag. In this video, Master Alex wears his jockstrap and long white soccer socks while dominating the hell out of his slave, who is tied up and helpless at his master’s feet. This is part two of how Master Alex met slave Faco. In this part, Master Alex puts his fag in an extremely difficult bondage scenario. Ring gag opening the slave’s mouth for Master Alex’s big alpha feet, candles underneath the slave’s chest and cock, the slave experience Master Alex’s full abuse from belt whipping, candle dripping, predicament bondage, and socked feet worship and domination.

Slave Faco gets even more vicious abuse when he endures a hard electro milking from Master Alex. The focus of this video is all about edging and pushing a huge load out of the slave’s cock. Master Alex milks it hard, using electro torment, cock slapping and kicking, nipple pulling and total control to establish his dominance over this fag. Master Alex handcuffs slave Faco and spreads his legs while attaching electrodes to the slave’s nipples and cock. To stop the slave’s loud moaning, he takes off his long soccer socks and gags the fag with them. In the end, using his leather gloves and intense vibrator, Master Alex milks every drop of cum out of that horny, throbbing cock on this pathetic slave. After he dominates this fag during the electro torture session, Master Alex covers the slave in piss in the shower. Putting his slave in the bathtub, Master Alex gives the fag a bath he’ll never forget when he drenches him in his warm piss. Master Alex unleashes his golden nectar all over the slave’s body and leaves him there with the bathtub plugged. Master Alex will return later to piss on him again until the slave takes on a full bath in nothing but his master’s piss.

1 New Videos – King Ginger delivers an extremely verbal fag bashing in this barefoot worship video. Sitting at his computer, King Ginger takes a break from cash raping fag slaves to deliver some intense abuse to a slave like you. Placing the camera on the floor, King Ginger stands tall over you while flipping you off and stomping his feet right into your face. King Ginger will remind you of your place in this world which is to serve straight alpha men and fork over your hard earned cash to make King Ginger’s life even easier.

1 New Videos – New to In-Charge is MasterDominator, a muscled Russian master who enjoys putting pathetic cash faggots in their rightful place. In this 18 minute video clip, MasterDominator dominates and punishes a faggot slave by forcing him to sniff his sweaty socks and lick his barefeet in this feet fag humiliation session. The fag slave receives MasterDominator’s spit in his mouth whenever he worships his master’s feet wrong. MasterDominator loves teaching bitch slaves how their lives will change as his personal foot fag. Letting the slave sniff and lick his feet, MasterDominator also lets this masked fag worship his ass and balls with his tongue. This is the definition of real domination.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Taylor is about to give Dan a surprise visit. Dan is a super fan, so he wanted him to experience what it’s like to worship him for real this time. Casual conversation with an old and loyal friend leads to dirty talk, flexing, stripping, teasing, body and armpit worshiping, and even a bit of tickle torture. Taylor gets tickled so hard it gives him hiccups in this 32 minute video! Finally, it’s time for Dan to taste the dick he has been fantasizing about for so long. Taylor helps him out and jerks off along the way until he lays a hot load in Dan’s mouth. Just imagine what the real thing would be like!

In his second newest video upload, Taylor is just hanging out when he gets a phone call from his stepbrother. The stepbrother tells Taylor that he found out about some stuff he did and threatens to tell their dad. Taylor knows he will be in some deep shit if his dad were to find out, so he begs his brother not to tell. However, the stepbro agrees to stay quiet under one condition…Taylor has to have phone sex with his stepbrother. This is all very strange to Taylor but he realizes he has no choice. Taylor’s stepbrother makes him strip down to nothing but his socks and hump the bed while he talks about a time he fucked a girl. Next, he wants Taylor to start playing with his cock while describing the size and shape of it over the phone. He even makes Taylor recall a time when he was caught jacking off by another guy. Eventually Taylor becomes flattered when his stepbrother says how much he is attracted to him as things begin to get a little weird and very sexual between the two. The dirty talk on the phone continues until Taylor squirts cum everywhere.

2 New Videos – While spanking a slave’s ass is more than enjoyable, tormenting his nipplesbrings out the cruel Master in Transylvanian Wolf. Maybe it’s because he can hear the slave’s screams and watch him struggle to take the pain. In this video clip, Transylvanian Wolf (Master Alex) puts clothespins on his slave’s nipples and all around the skin surrounding the nipples. As the weak slave cries out in pain, Master Alex brings out the whip and uses the fag slave’s chest as target practice. Since this slave can’t take any CBT, Master Alex whips him on his cock and balls just to see him squirm. The fag’s nipples and chest take a good whipping even before his master brings out the riding crop. Master Alex twists, crops, and torments those fag nipples until they are so sensitive that even a light breeze makes him shiver.

For years, slave Faco has been posting nasty comments on all of Master Alex’s videos. Saying things like, “Do you even lift, bro?” and worse. To teach this mouthy faggot a lesson, Master Alex pays him a surprise visit to overpower the fag slave. Putting him in a headlock, Master Alex makes this disobedient fag smell his sweaty armpits and then spits in the slave’s face. Wrestling him and taking control, Master Alex abuses the fag slave more by pulling his nipples and spanking his ass so that he knows who is the boss and who is in charge. The pathetic slave tries to resist but you can see that his cock is hard as steel throughout the whole thing.

1 New Videos – Alpha master KingGinger loves to brag about his big alpha feet. In this 7 minute video clip, KingGinger shows off those massive alpha feet and brags about them while making you crave the chance to worship his feet. Showing his socked feet and barefeet, KingGinger plants those massive alpha feet up to the camera for you to sniff and lick as you worship him through your computer screen. Obey this dominant foot master as you get on all fours with your tongue out to worship his barefeet.


Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong


Get ready for some intense alpha feet domination. In this very verbal feet domination video, Joshua Armstrong makes you wish you could worship his superior alpha feet. This video is an In-Charge.net exclusive. This muscle master starts off with some flexing and showing off his muscles before he reveals his sock covered feet. Get on your knees and open your mouth for his stinky, sweaty socks as he takes them off and sticks his barefeet up at the camera for you to lick and worship. Lick this muscle stud’s soles and in between his toes to show your devotion.

Newest Downloads


2 New Videos – Findom BiMasterNoah wants his loyal foot fags to bow at his alpha feet and worship him. BiMasterNoah shows off his big feet to the camera in his latest video. Fulfilling a request from a cash fag, BiMasterNoah props his feet up on his desk to show his huge alpha feet and dirty socks. The foot fag who requested this video said it turned out to be really hot and made him crave BiMasterNoah’s feet even more than before. The same fag who requested that video, also requested to see more of BiMasterNoah’s feet and socks. In this clip, BiMasterNoah wear blue jeans while flipping off the camera and showing his old, rank socks. Fans who enjoy alpha male feet will love watching BiMasterNoah’s socked feet and then watching him remove his socks to show his barefeet to the camera.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – MasterCurtis is ready to enslave any weak fag slave he encounters. For some cashmasters it just comes naturally. As MasterCurtis sits back and enjoy a smoke, he verbally abuses you and shows his feet. After chilling outside for a smoke, Master Curtis comes inside to show the dirty soles of his feet. A slave like you should be on your knees in front of him cleaning his alpha soles. Cash slaves who have a fetish for superior men smoking and verbally abusing them will have to add this 10 minute video to their collection.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Popular findom cashmaster ConnorKent has another real time encounter for you to download. In this 30 minute video clip, ConnorKent busts his slave’s balls. Cashmaster ConnorKent’s weak cash slave craves hardcore cbt abuse and that’s just what he gets in this clip. His master places a rubber band around his balls until they turn dark purple. This gay cash slave then follows the orders of his master and pleases him just how he demands. Working hard to please his master, the cash slave services ConnorKent’s big dick and satisfies him the way an alpha should be satisfied.

Newest Downloads- Feet, Piss, and Dominance

unnamed (1)

2 New Videos – Dominant findom Master Benny is ready to turn his foot fags into mindless cash drones with his latest videos. In his first film, Master Benny shows off his feet and sandals. While flipping you off, Master Benny starts off the film in his sandals while verbally abusing you. Later he takes off his dirty sandals so that you can worship and fantasize about his barefeet. Sticking his big alpha male feet at the camera, Master Benny will weaken all of foot fags who download this video. Slave who prefer to see Master Benny in sneakers and worship Master Benny’s sneakers in his other latest video clip. Master Benny shows off his jeans and new white sneakers to the camera as he verbally abuses you. One can assume that a slave probably bought both the jeans and sneakers for Master Benny from his wishlist and since you weren’t the lucky slave to buy those items for him, you can buy his video instead.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a true alpha male unleash his mighty stream of piss all over your face? Get on your knees and take DocTayTay’s piss on your face. Download DocTayTay‘s latest video to know what it looks like to be under Taylor’s cock as he lets out a strong stream of alpha piss all over. Stare at his muscles and worship the piss that unloads from his cock.

unnamed (3)

1 New Photoset – Open your fucking wallets and make it rain fag cash all over Master Jake’s naked body. Master Jake is giving you a folder full of 21 godly nude photos of your master doing what he does best…being the true alpha male he is in life. Fag slaves will have the pleasure of purchasing pictures of Master Jake lounging around on the couch, chilling and standing up as he stretches, and flexing around the house all while being totally naked. Cash slaves will be drooling for days over these pictures so do as Master Jake demands and download them now!

unnamed (4)

2 New Videos – Dominant cash master Connor Kent wants to show you how he uses submissive fag slaves with his two latest videos. In the video title Alpha Males, Connor Kent and a buddy use, degrade, and abuse a fag slut for their own amusement and pleasure. They treat this slave boy worse than a bad dog as they beat him and make him worship them. In their mock dungeon, they have plenty of things to punish the fag slave with from shackles and handcuffs to belts and paddles. They use whatever they can to teach this fag slave that they are alpha males and he is inferior. Now it’s time for Connor Kent to collect fag tax. In this video clip, a bitch slave boy comes over Connor Kent’s place and pays his $1000 fag tax, which he pays monthly to Connor Kent. This fag slave cannot stand being a faggot bitch so he knows the best thing to do is to submit himself for use by a real stud like CashMasterConnorKent and pay his fag tax month. In this video, ConnorKent uses this skinny twink slave as he pleases and makes him worship his monster cock.

unnamed (5)

2 New Videos – This ebony Goddess‘ feet are apart of her privileged curvy black body. Bow at your mistress’ feet and if you’re lucky you can become her foot bitch. Worship her ebony feet and let her feet condition you feeble brain to the point that you become brainwashed. If you are a good boy, then you can suck on her toes and paint them too. You can stare at her beautiful size 10 feet while you carefully touch them and kiss them to her guidelines. Taste the mistress’ feet and love them, foot bitch. Become more entranced with Dark Muse’s Mesmerized video. You’ll fall under her spell with this mesmo video as you stare into your new black Queen’s eyes, getting weaker and weaker, more mindless and submissive. Feel your body lose control and your wallet open as you go deeper in the trance.

unnamed (6)

1 New Photoset – Lacrosse067 and his slave boy love jocks and socks. They only bust on new gear and love when it shows up fresh at their door. These jock gear tributes are usually done by cash slaves who can’t get enough of these two. Download this 10 picture photo set to see what Lacrosse067 and and boy do with all of this hot jock gear.