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2 New Videos – Do you crave to be a footstool for Master Gary? Now is your chance to this cash dom’s personal foot stool. In part 2 of Master Gary’s foot worship video series, he places you right where you belong – on the ground at his godly feet looking up at him. Master Gary knows that you a little inferior foot slave and this is what you were meant to do. You belong at Master Gary’s feet. After you are done worshipping his barefeet, you can then worship his perfect male body as this cash dom verbally abuses you and makes you submit to him. Master Gary orders you to submit to his true perfection and to worship every part of him like the superior alpha male that he is to you.

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5 New Videos, 1 Photoset, 1 Image – Master Jordi is here to collect your fag cash and you are here to supply it to him. In his latest video, this findom from Spain shows off the fag cash he has collected while flipping you off and planting his shoes right at the camera. However, if you crave more then you can worship Master Jordi’s barefeet when you download his foot worship video. Master Jordi sits in his room and shows off his barefeet to the camera for you to worship. He even has a photo set of 9 feet and sneaker photos and a photo of his feet with cash. Although that isn’t the only foot worship content from this foot master. Master Jordi has yet another cash slave worship video where you get another chance to worship him and serve at his dress shoes.Imagine being there in person and polishing his shoes for him while Master Jordi heads out to spend your fag cash. It would be even better to simply go to an ATM and withdraw cash for your master as he verbally abuses you. Master Jordi does just that with a cash fag from Spain who goes to the ATM with him as he yells at him in Spanish to withdraw the money and hand over the fag cash. And for those kinkier slaves who want to get degraded by Master Jordi by being farted on can download his farting video. It’s a short video clip but will be enough to satisfy fart slaves who can’t get enough of Master Jordi.

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2 New Videos – SteveMyer has 2 new hot videos featuring more college guys. In one of his videos, Steve Myer recruits Dean, who replied to an ad to do a solo film. However, Dean was nervous and brought along his roommate Ben because Ben had done porn before. Things changed once they arrived because Dean and Ben revealed to Steve Myer that on the car ride over, they decided they’d be interested in doing a scene together. They had been roommates for a while and joked about messing around but never acted on it until now. Steve says how fun it was watching the two of them mess around. Dean has a huge cock and tried topping Ben but Ben is so tight, so they flip fuck. These two hunks sucked, fucked, and then Ben shot a nice load of jizz all over Dean’s face. This 42 minute scene is defnitely one of Steve’s hottest. Although, if you rather watch some straight porn action then you’ll want to watch this 18 year old muscular twink fucking a black girl on camera. Steve’s friend Cash is an 18 year old who loves fucking and showing off. Cash convinced a black chick to do a scene with him on camera. Cash starts off wearing a condom but ditches it and rails this dirty black slut bare. She was so horny that she didn’t even care, she just wanted to suck and ride a big white cock. This video is a whopping 43 minutes long of pure white on black fucking.

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1 New Video – As we mentioned previously, if farting is your fetish, then you’ll enjoy this video too. Hailing from the UK, Master Sherman just uploaded a brief fart fetish video. Just like he blows away your cash, Master Sherman blows out a fart in his sweat pants on camera. Master Sherman thinks of you as a pathetic cunt and thinks of nothing you deserve more than to smelly his stinky gas and inhale his farts.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus


This week’s featured male model is Master Morpheus with his video “Feet, Spit and More
Another real time session with Master Morpheus and one of his loyal cash fags. This particular cash fag loves to worship Master Morpheus‘ feet but wants to hide his face for the camera by wearing a mask. Even though the slave is masked, Master Morpheus still makes him sniff and lick his feet as he smothers the slave’s face with his huge male feet. This dominant cash master verbally abuses and spits on his slave. Later in the video, Master Morpheus makes the cash fag clip his toenails for him and forces him to eat them as a way to show how pathetic and submissive he is to Master Morpheus. Download this 13 minute video now to server Master Morpheus just like this masked slave.

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8 New Videos and 2 Photosets – Coming from the corner of the world in New Zealand, Naruse is a piggy vers muscle jock who loves piss, poppers, cum, toys, roleplay, and gear. Just joining In-Charge a few days ago, he’s already posted several videos including one short free video in his portfolio. In three videos from this sex pig’s portfolio, after sniffing some poppers, he shows how intense his cum shots are as he blasts in his own face and beard with a massive load of cum that drips from his scruffy beard. This muscle jock pup also has a pair of action videos of him making love to a big cock and him fucking a sweaty tan ass as well as two video sets of him fingering himself and jacking off. For the more extreme fetishist and piss lovers, this bearded Kiwi jock felt horny and needed to piss, so he hopped in the shower and pissed all over himself in this extreme video for piss lovers.



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1 New Video – Here is your grand opportunity to suck on Henderdong’s toes and blow your load on them. Sit on the couch with Henderdong from your POV and get his feet up close and personal right in front of your eyes. Henderdong wraps up the video with his huge alpha male feet hanging off the couch while barefoot and wiggling his toes while you wish you could aim your hard cock at his feet and blow your load on them and lick it off to serve him. Don’t forget about Henderdong’s 25% of select videos this month, only a few more days remain.


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1 New Video and 1 New Image – Her name says it all: Romanian Booty Queen. New to In-Charge, this sexy Romanian girl, who resides in the United States now and just turned 18 a few weeks ago, has a huge round, plump booty and loves showing it off on cam for her fans. She’ll let you have a free sample of her sexy ass in the free picture she posted but if you want more booty, you’ll have to pay and download her video of her showing off her sexy ass.

Featured Model- ImMasterJake - ImMasterJake

This week’s featured male model is ImMasterJake with his video “Foot Worship (slave view) Part 2”

In the second part of this video, ImMasterJake forces his foot slave to worship his socks and feet as he ignores him and plays video games. The slave is bound and has his mouth duct taped shut so that he can only inhale the scent from ImMasterJake’s feet while he plays video games.

Featured Model- Henderdong - Henderdong

This week’s featured male model is Henderdong with his video “2015 Domination”

Get ready for some verbal domination and abuse from your dream king, HENDERDONG. He’s back with his henderDOMINATION, 2015 edition. Watch him verbally abuse you and make you bow down to worship his jock feet in this video

Featured Model- Master Kwinton - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is Master Kwinton and his video “Xmas real time Pt. 3”

In this final installment of a 3 part series, Master Kwinton and his buddy make their fag slave worship their god-like feet while they spit on him, force him to crawl on all fours, and stick their feet right in his face. Make sure to download this Xmas real time video before the holidays.

Featured Model- Henderdong - Henderdong

This week’s featured male model in Henderdong with his video “Pray to and Spit Clean Henderdong’s feet”

Only on In-Charge for 5 days, Henderdong has asserted his dominance and has racked up nearly $200 in total sales already. In this video, Henderdong establishes his dominance again as he instructs you to pray to him and worship his shoes, his socks, and his feet. Henderdong demands that his slaves spit clean his jock feet in this 12 minute video.

Featured Model- Mirko - MirkoThis week’s featured male model is Mirko with “Invisible Mirko Part 2”

In this second part of the “Invincible Mirko” videos, Mirko humiliates his slave by stomping on and spitting on his slave. Master Mirko also uses his strength and power to push his jock feet into the slave’s face and hits him hard in the groin. Watch Master Mirko use various Judo style moves with his hands and feet while suffocating his slave with his massive, muscular legs.

Featured Video- Real Time Video #2 - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is MasterKwinton with his video “Real Time Video #2”

See MasterKwinton dominate his slave in real time as he forces the slave to be his personal footrest in this real time video. It’s the second part of a 3 part set of videos, don’t miss out on all of them.