Featured Model- Connor Kent

CashMaster ConnorKent trains his puppy boy in this 20 minute video. His submissive puppy boy is eager to serve and worship his new master. Puppy boy loves to be collared and led around on his leash as he wiggles his butt plug tail for his cash master ConnorKent. In this 20 minute video clip, ConnorKent makes his puppy boy play fetch with a chew toy and even drink from a water bowl all leading up to the point where he gives him something harder to play with in this domination pup play scene. Puppy boy sucks ConnorKent’s big dick then takes a super hard dicking from his new owner barking and woofing on each thrust until he cums all over the ground.


Featured Model- CubanKing

CubanKing gets his long time foot slave to worship his alpha feet. This obedient foot fag can’t get enough of Cuban King’s huge alpha male feet. Wearing ripped socks, Cuban King makes his foot fag sniff his smelly socks. Later as a reward, Cuban King takes his socks off and makes the fag suck and lick every inch of his bare soles. The sub follows every order for the chance to serve at his alpha’s feet.

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2 New Videos – Let the message in this video sink into your head as CashMasterTrey verbally abuses you and makes you feel like nothing. CashMasterTrey wants you to accept that you are a mistake and you always will be. To this powerful dom, your life is worth nothing. And if you’re worth nothing, then you should have nothing which is why CashMasterTrey wants you to give up everything to him. After you’ve accepted your new self worth, it is time to inflict some self pain in this CBT humiliation video. Prepare to be verbally assaulted and instructed to hurt your nuts like the weak faggot you are to CashMasterTrey. This brutal god wants you to stare at his huge alpha male feet while you pummel your nuts and smash them for his amusement. Inflict pain onto yourself to give this cash master some entertainment.

1 New Video – Take your place underneath master’s feet as VikingFagDestroyer verbally abuses you. It is time to obey and serve a dominant master as he pummels you verbally and makes you feel completely inferior to him. Kneel and bow to this straight, tattoed alpha male before you lick his dirty boots.

4 New Videos – Watch the complete domination of this foot slave as he gets stepped on and stomped on by this arrogant alpha. Ikagura serves his dom’s feet as he gets completely smothered by this alpha’s huge soles. Later, the alpha dom sits on the slave’s face smothering him more with his superior ass. The slave doesn’t even resist or struggle because he enjoys being underneath his master so much. Later, this same alpha beats down his slave with some jiu jitsu domination. Clad in martial arts attire, this alpha gets serious as he chokes out and beats Ikagura until total submission. The sub begs for mercy but that doesn’t stop this alpha from beating him.

When one dom leaves, another comes in to take charge of Ikagura. In the next set of clips, DanielSlin chokes out the slave with some intense chokeholds on the floor. DanielSlin clenches his bicep tightly around Ikagura’s neck as he taps out and begs for air. DanielSlin doesn’t stop until the weak slave goes completely out. In another real time clip, DanielSlin trash talks the slave as he chokes him out and shows this submissive who is the boss. Ikagura turns all different colors from the intense and unrelenting chokeholds from DanielSlin. There is no tapping out as DanielSlin won’t stop until he’s done with the slave.

1 New Video – In his own real time clip, DanielSlin chokes his slave to show how weak Ikagura is compared to him. Ikagura the slave begs and pleads for mercy while locked into an inescapable chokehold. DanielSlin looks smugly at the camera as this weak slave writhes around trying to catch his breath in this nearly 12 minute clip.

1 New Video – Drool over this alpha’s huge pecs in this muscle worship video. Alpha male deivvy01 wants you to worship his superior muscles and lick his sweaty armpit to show what a devoted slave you are to him. Become an obedient muscle worshiper for this bodybuilder alpha male.

Featured Model- CashMasterTrey

CashMasterTrey wants you to serve and worship his feet while you fry your brain on a fresh bottle of poppers. This verbal alpha is in a bad mood which means more abuse for a faggot like you. You’re going to huff and worship this alpha’s dirty socked feet like an obedient faggot slave. Obey, submit, and serve when this superior alpha tells you to do so.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker gets his obedient foot fag to worship his feet in this latest real time session. The foot slave lays under his master’s feet and gives SlavesSeeker a foot massage to show his devotion to his dom. Later in the clip, the foot fag licks and massages his master’s feet when instructed while getting kicked around and verbally abused.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge makes you get wasted in this popper instructional video. Shoving his muscles, bulge, and feet up to the screen, sniff that bottle of poppers just like you would sniff his alpha body. YoungNCharge makes you worship his feet, ass, bulge, and muscles all while he verbally degrades you and makes you feel inferior to him. Fry your brain on poppers and serve this findom.

2 New Videos – Muscle Master Dennis punishes this poor weak slave by locking him in various intense chokeholds. The submissive slave first gets locked into a tight headscissors to the point that he taps our and begs for mercy from this superior muscle dom. Later, Muscle Master Dennis uses his very muscular and strong arms to lock the slave in an intense sleeperhold until this weakling passes out and goes to sleep. In another clip, Muscle Master Dennis shows how hard he can apply the pressure when choking out a slave. Throughout this clip, Dennis cranks on the pressure with a side chokehold as he tightens his biceps around the slave’s throat. The slave can barely breathe from this tightly locked in chokehold. Eventually, it’s time for the slave to go night night by the end of the clip.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets beaten down and dominated by his superior in this clip. Wearing boxing gloves, this cocky dom beats down his submissive slave and chokes him out with various chokeholds. After asserting his dominance over the slave, this alpha smothers Ikagura with his sweaty barefeet. Later, this same alpha sits on the slave’s face and covers his nose and mouth with his alpha male feet. The arrogant soccer player dom loves humiliating Ikagura and making him worship his feet. Ikagura gags and chokes on this alpha’s sweaty feet but still begs for more. Watch this weak foot servant get trampled on and gagged with feet. But the foot service doesn’t stop there. This soccer player dom extremely gags Ikagura with his huge alpha male feet. Ikagura mouths and sucks on his master’s feet swallowing all of the toes as he tries to deepthroat his master’s foot. The cocky alpha looks down in amazement at how obsessed a slave can get over a superior’s feet as he pushes his foot further down Ikagura’s mouth.

With another arrogant alpha, Ikagura gets locked in a headscissors chokehold until he passes out. The hardcore alpha kicks his slave and beats it up before he chokes out this beta male. The chokeholds get intense when the alpha locks Ikagura in a tightly synched headscissors until he can barely breathe. Then after Ikagura regains his breath, he is trampled by his master on the bed. Ikagura lays on his back and looks up at this dom as the alpha stomps on and tramples all over this weak cash slave. Ikagura endures the pain and pleasure of being stepped on and walked all over by his master but just enjoys being at his master’s feet.

2 New Videos – Davidwar sticks his bulge and feet in your face. Getting in front of the camera, this sexy Latino stud shows off his huge package and makes your mouth drool to serve it. Later his makes you serve at his feet to prove your worth. Once you’ve proven your value to him, then you can worship his huge, curved, uncut cock. Afterwards, DavidWar beings along another alpha friend so you can worship two alphas at the same time. These 2 hunks from Colombia flex in front of the camera with oil all over their bodies and give you the ultimate alpha duo show. Submit and serve these muscled dominant Latinos as they get hot and sweaty.

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2 New Videos – Time to get completely ripped apart verbally and turned into the ultimate foot slave. CashMasterTrey sees you as a worthless object to him and sees your sole purpose as being his total fucking bitch. Endure over 7 minutes of savage foot slave training and humiliation as CashMasterTrey turns you into his personal foot slave. Once you become CashMasterTrey’s foot slave it is now your job to worship his feet, socks, and shoes. CashMasterTrey will turn you into his foot slave whore as you sit there and endure all of his verbal abuse while worshiping his shoes, socks, and huge feet. Wearing a leather jacket, this alpha male will verbally abuse you until you have no more self esteem and lower yourself to his feet to serve them.

3 New Videos – MasterBrad will make you worship him like the little bitch fag that you are to him. Worship your master and serve at MasterBrad’s feet. This cash master will make you sniff his sweaty socks and lick his dirty feet clean. Stick out your tongue and get to work at serving this findom’s feet. After you’ve served his feet, then you can drool over MasterBrad’s huge alpha cock. MasterBrad shows off some black compression pants initially as he verbally abuses you. Right afterwards, he takes off his compression pants and whips out his big cock to stroke. Get a taste of what you’ll never have as you watch this cash master stroke his superior dick. In the final clip this week, MasterBrad then gets his dick sucked by a chick. This girl knows how to truly please her man as she deepthroats and swallows every inch of his superior dick. MasterBrad grabs her by the head and pumps his dick in her throat over and over until he busts a huge load of cum in her mouth.

4 New Videos – Ikagura gets to serve his alpha’s feet. This cocky dom smothers Ikagura with his feet and sits on top of him while covering the slave’s entire face with his big feet. Later this dom slaps around and spits on his slave to assert more dominance over him. The intense real time session continues with some jiu jitsu fighting. This arrogant alpha locks Ikagura in some intense chokeholds with his arms and legs until Ikagura cannot even breathe. The sub slave has two choices: either tap out or pass out. See which option the slave chooses when you download this clip.

Thos into hard trampling will love the next video. Ikagura gets pinned on the ground by his alpha who stands over top of the slave. The same alpha dom from the last couple of videos steps on his slave, completely tramples him, and then jams his foot in the slave’s mouth. Ikagura suffers at the feet of this superior master. To degrade Ikagura even more, the dom pisses all over his slave in the next clip. The weak slave gets beaten as the dom punches and pummels the slave. After the beating, this dom makes Ikagura worship his feet before making him get in the shower. Once in the shower, this alpha pisses all over his slave and even pisses right in the slave’s face.

1 New Video – MasterBenny wants you to worship his dirty boots. As a foot slave, it is up to you to worship MasterBenny’s boots and clean them. No alpha should walk around with dirty boots. Get down and serve this cash master’s boots and feet like an obedient foot slave.

Featured Model- AlfaPrimal

AlfaPrimal is ready to train you as serve as his foot sissy in this foot worship video. With his huge alpha male feet, AlfaPrimal is ready to stomp all over your sissy mind and make you serve him long term. Stick your tongue out as you beg this verbal dom to rub his huge alpha male feet all over your faggot tongue. Sniff, lick, and pray to these Godlike feet.

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2 New Videos – Get on your knees like the fucking loser slave you are to CashMasterTrey as he teaches you a lesson in humility and verbally abuses you. CashMasterTrey is masked throughout the video as if he is about to rob you and take your wallet. This alpha dom is in the mood to rip you apart verbally and make you do absolutely anything he says. In the next 5 star rated clip, CashMasterTrey humiliates and degrades you for being such an inferior fag slave. This brutal alpha God treats you like a total object as he dehumanizes you verbally and abuses you with his words. Don’t forget to sniff and worship his big alpha male feet that he sticks in your face throughout this video clip.

2 New Videos – These two muscular alpha males challenge each other to an arm wrestling match to see who is stronger. The best 3 out of 5 battles will determine the winner between these muscular alpha men. They both do their best to overpower the other because ultimately the loser will be dominated by the winner. After this arm wrestling battle, the loser gets punished by having a bag placed over his head for some erotic asphyxiation. These two muscle doms don’t hold back as they go all out for this punishment session. See how much the loser can withstand as the dominant alpha winner chokes him out and bags his head until he nearly blacks out.

2 New Videos – Ikagura gets choked out hard by dominant alpha DanielSlin. This weak slave gets down on the mat and gives into this superior alpha as he is choked and dominated. DanielSlin doesn’t hold back as he tightens his biceps around the slave’s throat until the slave is gasping for air. The intense choking continues as DanielSlin locks in some more and even tighter headlocks on the slave. This weak obedient slave taps and begs for mercy but his master doesn’t give him any. DanielSlin chokes out the slave for his own amusement and will only stop when he has had enough using this sub.

3 New Videos – This verbal white alpha jock is ready to verbally abuse you in this intense raceplay session. Serve at his superior white alpha male feet as he flips you off and verbally dominates you. This white jock stud will make you into his property and degrade you for being a non-white throughout this 6 minute clip. The racial abuse continues from this white jock stud as he makes you worship his huge feet and his bubble butt. Flipping you off and showing his dominant and cocky side, this jock will bully you into completely submitting to him and being his property. Serve and worship his superior ass and feet when you download this clip.

This next white alpha will also racially abuse you for being an inferior to him. This white thug hates blacks and thinks of them as not even being human. Serve beneath him as his token slave and do anything he demands you to do throughout this intense racial verbal abuse clip.

1 New Video – AidenPrettii wants you to be a depraved gooner in his presence. This alpha male will demand you to watch this clip on loop for an house as you goon your way through it like a submissive bitch. Follow your gooning task and keep edging your tiny little dick until it becomes sore. See how long you can go without cumming as you goon to your dominant master.

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1 New Video – King Luca gets his masked faggot to worship his superior ass. This obedient cash fag wears a leash for King Luca so that it can be lead around like an animal. The slave worships King Luca’s feet, eats his toenails, then later eats his alpha ass during this 20 minute real time session.

2 New Videos – It’s time for a stupid fag slave like you to get naked and to get bullied by your dom. CashMasterTrey will quickly remind you that you are a worthless faggot and will always be a worthless faggot to him. This cash master is going to verbally abuse you to the point that you fully accept what you are even if he has to beat it into your skull. After you’ve experience some intense verbal abuse, you can then lick master’s armpits. CashMasterTrey wants you to stare right into his hairy armpit and crave it. Only the most depraved and obedient pigs will be allowed to worship his pits. Sniff his sweaty pits and then get your tongue out to service them like an obedient armpit licker.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge wants you to serve his alpha feet. Foot faggots will drool over YoungNCharge’s huge barefeet. This cash master will verbally degrade you and call names as you beg to serve and worship his huge feet. Submit to YoungNCharge’s power and take you place underneath his feet.

3 New Videos – In part 1 of this masters challenge, the two muscled alphas flex and show off their hard physiques before they begin. Both these muscled men show their tight abs, huge biceps, and masculine physiques to remind inferiors why these two guys are truly alpha males. Then the real challenge begins between these two muscle doms in an ab punching challenge. It’s power against power seeing how much each alpha can withstand from increasingly harder gut punches. The loser will ultimately be punished by the winner later.

Watch these two muscled up alphas fight for dominance as one of these muscle alphas gets choked out. After part 1 and 2 of this masters challenge, the loser has to get choked out by the winner. See how much one master can withstand as he gets choked out by the other.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin chokes out his sub in his latest video. The weak submissive slave presents himself to DanielSlin to be choked out and dominated. This superior alpha gets the slave down on the ground and locks in a tight chokehold until the slave nearly passes out. The chokehold domination continues in the next clip as DanielSlin locks the sub into an even tighter chokehold. The weak slave writhes and gasps for air as this alpha locks the chokehold in tight on the slave’s windpipe. The sub can’t go any longer and has no choice but to tap out.

Featured Model- Duude23

Master Mark makes his pay piggy worship his armpits in this real time session. The pay pig starts by serving at Master Mark’s feet before being given the opportunity to serve and worship his pits. Master Mark even spits on and verbally abuses the pay piggy to degrade him further. Download this real time session clip from Master Mark and be jealous of this lucky masked fag slave.