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2 New Videos – Master Ultimate God wrestles around with his faggot slave and gives him an ultimate wedgie. The faggot only wears little tighty whities as he’s tossed around like a rag doll by MasterUltimateGod. This alpha dom spits on the slave and yanks its underwear up over its head. In another realtime meet, MasterUltimateGod takes his faggot outside for some cigar domination. The cashfaggot and MasterUltimateGod are joined by MasterUltimateGod’s dom buddy as they take turns abusing the slave. The slave serves as a human ashtray for these two alphas.

5 New Videos – Chokemuscle demonstrates some of his more intense chokeholds on this victim. Locking in a variety of nonstop chokes, this alpha shows the sub who’s the boss. Chokemuscle locks in some long choke holds as the sub quickly submits from them. Earlier, Chokemuscle tests his jiu jitsu skills on the masked sub. The masked sub submits and gets dominated by this superior choke dom. Wearing tight briefs, you can tell that choking out subs makes Chokemuscle rock hard.

In another choke domination series, Chokemuslce strangles this naked sub. The naked slave is willing to be controlled and dominated by such a superior alpha male. In the second part, Chokemuscle locks in even more submission chokeholds on this submissive man. The sub tries fighting back at times when things get too intense but there’s no use. Chokemuscle quickly subdues this submissive man. In the third part, Chokemuscle wrestles the naked man on the bed. Getting behind him and locking him in a tight chokehold, there’s no where to escape to for the sub. Chokemuscle then pins the submissive man and pushes his crotch right in his face.

5 New Videos – Master CH loves dominating Slave Matt in their real time session. In this session, Master CH kicks Slave Matt in the face and pisses all over him. Slave Matt is totally degraded and disrespected throughout. Master CH then straddles Slave Matt for some punching abuse. Slave Matt gets pummeled then as his reward for such a good beatdown, he is permitted to suck his master’s cock. Slave Matt swallows every inch of Master CH.

Master CH then thinks it’s time to use his slave as a personal foot cleaner. Master CH’s soles are extra dirty today as he jams them in Slave Matt’s mouth. Being the obedient foot slave, Slave Matt licks clean his master’s feet. Master CH then gags his slave with his feet while sitting on the bed. After licking his soles clean, Slave Matt sucks on and gags on his master’s big alpha feet. Slave Matt loves being a foot pig for his doms. After Master CH is done with the slave, Slave Matt then services Master P. Master P orders the slave to worship his armpits. Slave Matt smells and licks his doms armpits while locked in a headlock. Master P makes sure the slave gets a big whiff of his alpha scent while choking him.

2 New Videos – Master Berlin uses his slave as a human urinal. The pathetic slave puts a funnel in his ass and Master Berlin begins pissing into the funnel. This pisspig takes all of his master’s piss up his ass. The homo slave then gets rewarded as he services his master’s flaccid cock. Master Berlin will make this slave do anything he wants and fulfill every need of his. If there isn’t a bitch around to get him off, Master Berlin will order his slave to get him off.

2 New Videos – Master Sam gets naked and dominates his slave in a hotel room. They start off by Master Sam making the worship his dirty gym socks. Then the dom puts the slave in a tight headlock while he’s naked. Master Sam gives the slave even more domination as he facesits on the slave. The submissive slave is smashed underneath this 18 year old alpha. Master Sam makes sure the slave worships every inch of his body.

Featured Model- AbsolutePerfection

Become a tiny slave as you gaze up at this muscle giant’s feet. Stefano takes on the role of a huge muscle giant in this nearly 10 minute video clip as he towers over you. Grunting and flexing hard, Stefano will easily make you feel small like the weak, tiny insect you are compared to him. Worship and suck the sweat off of his sweat soaked black socks as you avoid being crushed from this mammoth man.

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2 New Videos – Master Niko meets up with a sub for a rough realtime session as he pummels this slave with a basketball. The slave’s bare back is exposed as Master Niko whips this basketball repeatedly into the slave’s back with no care. The ball bounces off the slave like it would on a basketball court to Master Niko’s amusement. The basketball abuse continues as Master Niko bounces the ball off the slave’s head. The masked slave is seated on the floor underneath his master as Master Niko dribbles the ball on the slave’s head like it’s a basketball court. The slave is probably going to have a pounding headache after this but it was worth the experience.

1 New Video – Master Nello feels like using 2 two slaves as doormats and getting them both to worship his feet. Using these slaves like useless losers, Master Nello makes them sniff and lick his barefeet as well as the inside of his shoes. Afterwards, Master Nello sits on one slave while the other serves at his powerful feet.

2 New Videos – It’s a match between big bodybuilder vs. little man fighting to see who can be the last man standing. The two grapple right away and the small dom quickly gains control. This match-up includes lots of punches, submissions, and total domination. Later, in another battle, big boy fights against Memet as they both dominate each other. In a fight like this, one should never underestimate the other and that proves true here too. The fight between these two alpha males gets furious with lots of choking, slapping, punching, and knee strikes as they fight for control.

5 New Videos – Master H turns Slave Matt into his personal foot slave. Master H makes his obedient slave worship his big alpha feet. While sitting on top of the slave, this alpha spits on the slave’s face too. Master H then backs his slave into a corner for a rough beatdown. Slave Matt is stomped on several times as falls to the ground. Master H stands above the slave and doesn’t let up. After the beat down, Master H bullies, Slave Matt some more and viciously chokes him. Master H locks his legs around Slave Matt’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt begs for mercy and quickly taps out.

Slave Matt can’t get enough and then asks another dom to abuse him. Master E happily obliges by punching the slave in the face. While straddling his slave and sitting on top of him, Master E gets shirtless and delivers punch after punch to his slave. Slave Matt takes his beating as it’s the only thing he can do. Master E then tests out some of his jiu jitsu chokeholds on his slave. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, Master E locks his legs around Slave Matt’s neck and makes his submit. Slave Matt can’t fight back and there’s no use trying against a skilled fighter.

2 New Videos – Feetandmore’s alpha master wants to do a foot tickling fight with his slave. This tattooed dom gets down in the backyard with his slave to tickle each other’s feet. They both see how much of the tickling torture the other one can take. Feetandmore then goes solo in the next video while on a cruise. Relaxing on the cruise deck, he is visited by a stranger to tickle his feet. The stranger uses various objects like a toothbrush to tickle this sub’s barefeet.

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4 New Videos – Another cashfag gets under MasterUltimateGod’s boots. The pigfag wears a pig mask to represent what he truly is to this dom. MasterUltimateGod makes the pigfag gag on his boots, socks, and barefeet as he’s mistreated. The humiliation and degradation continue for this pigfag in the bathroom. MasterUltimateGod feeds the fat pig donuts from the toilet until he wretches. The pig gets fattened up and treated like utter scum by his straight alpha.

It’s then time for some physical abuse for this slave as MasterUltimateGod grapples and chokes the slave. Tossing the cashfag around like a rag doll, MasterUltimateGod doesn’t hold back when choking the cashfag. The slave deserves every type of punishment delivered to him. MasterUltimateGod then crushes and facesits on the pigfag. Using this cashfag’s face as a chair, MasterUltimateGod shows off, flexes and kicks back. To crush the cashfag more, MasterUltimateGod even begins to curl weights like he would in the gym on top of this cashfag’s face.

2 New Videos – MasterNiko wrestles and chokes his sub in their latest realtime meet. The gets beaten down in front of MasterNiko’s friends as he puts the slave in its place. The sub gasps for air and begs for mercy but is mocked instead by his dominant alpha. Laster, MasterNiko orders the slave to lick his shoes. The masked sub does as he’s told and licks his alpha’s sneakers clean. For fun, MasterNiko then squeezes and crushes the slave’s head with some intense trampling while choking the slave on a dog leash.

5 New Videos – Master J tramples and stomps all over Slave Matt. Pinned under his dom’s foot, Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s tormented by Master J. Master J gets great satisfaction out of turning this slave into a human doormat. Afterwards, Master J straddles Slave Matt for some face punches. Master J pummels Slave Matt with multiple blows to the face. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back and lays there taking his punishment. Slave Matt then gets to go back to worshipping his master’s feet. Slave Matt lays on his back as he gags and chokes on Master J’s huge feet. Master J orders this slave to suck on as much of his feet as possible.

Master J then gets tougher on his slave with some intense chokeholds. Slave Matt is pinned down again but this time placed in various submission chokeholds. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and quickly taps out. Slave Matt then wants to relax and play some video games while choking his slave. Sitting on the edge of the bed and gaming, Master J wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s head and neck to squeeze him between his legs. The slave whinces and cries from the squeezing but Master J is too focused on leveling up in his game to care.

1 New Video – Straight alpha dom HungArmo crushes his slave under his superior alpha feet. The footfag lays on his back as this straight dom tramples and stomps him like a bug. HungArmo then sits on the slave’s face to remind the slave that it’s beneath an alpha this superior.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel chokes out his slave for over 30 minutes. In this nonstop choke abuse session, Master Daniel doesn’t hold back. Slave Matt struggles as he’s repeatedly and viciously choked in various submission holds. Master Daniel then practices a brutal headscissors choke on his slave. Slave Matt is locked in a triangle choke between Master Daniel’s legs. Once this alpha locks his legs around the slave’s throat, there is no escaping.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

For all of the fans of Michael Hoffman’s muscle ass, this video is for you. Michael Hoffman starts off on his knees then on all fours as he shows off his ass to the camera. When facing the front, he strokes his big, long dick. Michael Hoffman then flips back around to spread his ass wide open so you can see his exposed hole.

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4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddy use this cashfaggot as a human couch. Sitting back and playing some video games, these two alphas ignore the sub as MasterUltimateGod sit’s on its face. The sub is completely smothered under MasterUltimateGod’s jock ass. The slave then is subjected to intense humiliation and degradation. The alpha duo take the cashfag to the bathroom to turn him into a human urinal. The pissfag gets pissed on and bullied hard subjected to wedgies and swirlies from his dom bullies.

The humiliation continues as MasterUltimateGod farts in the slave’s face. Farting in your face again and again is what MasterUltimateGod shows off in this compilation as he farts in the faces of worthless cashfags. After you’d been degraded you can worship your alpha’s muscles as he verbally abuses you. This straight alpha puts you in your place as he verbally berates you and shows off his muscular body. Submit with your wallet and obedience.

3 New Videos – MasterNiko invites over his footfag to lick his sneakers. The masked sub slave gets down at the soles of his master’s shoes and begins licking. Master Niko has this slave on a tight leash as he chokes him during the sneaker worship. Master Niko flexes and shows off for the camera as this slave serves its purpose. Master Niko then shows a dual camera angle as he uses this slave a human urinal. The pathetic sub slave is completely covered in his master’s piss. There is no better way for a cashfag to shower than with his master’s warm piss. Master Niko gets even more aggressive with his piss slave in their next meet up. Making the slave crawl to the bathroom on all fours, MasterNiko leads the slave on a leash. The sub then gets his master’s piss all over his face and licks it up off the floor.

5 New Videos – Master P chokes and spits on his obedient slave in their most recent realtime. Slave Matt is pinned under Master P as the dom chokes the slave with his legs. While gasping for air, the slave gets gobs of Master P’s spit all over his face. The choke abuse gets more intense as Master P locks Slave Matt in a chokehold. With his head pressed up against his dom’s armpit, Slave Matt gets a whiff of his dom’s scent. Master P chokes and humiliates this slave hard.

Master P sits on the slave’s face and smothers him with his feet. Covering Slave Matt’s face with his big alpha feet, this dom totally humiliates and owns the slave. Master P then continues to spit in this slave’s face. While sitting on the slave’s face, Master P punches the slave in the face. Slave Matt has no where to run to as he’s pinned under his dom and turned into a punching bag. Master P hits the slave hard and laughs at his pain. Master P then gets Slave Matt backed into a corner and gives the slave a beat down. With no place to run, Slave Matt is kicked and punched by his master. Master P loves abusing the pummeling this human punching bag.

1 New Video – Master Berlin degrades and pisses on his slave just because he can. This cashfag is subjected to being nothing more than a urinal for his dom. The disgusting slave swallows down his master’s piss then worships Master Berlin’s dirty, sweaty socked feet.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel is joined by Master P to double dominate this slave. When one dom is choking out the slave, the other is ramming his sweaty feet in the slave’s face. Slave Matt gets attacked from all sides and loves every second of it. Master Daniel then abuses the slave in a one-on-one session as he sits on the slave. Pinned under his dom, Slave Matt feels Master Daniel’s full weight smashing down on him. Master Daniel flexes his muscles for the camera to show off as he dominates.

Master Daniel then subjects his slave to a tight headlock. Master Daniel keeps locking in the headlock tight as Slave Matt struggles. There is no letting up once the headlock gets locked around the slave’s neck. In part 2, Master Daniel gives the slave even more of his submission hold domination. Slave Matt is choked repeatedly with no signs of it letting up. Master Daniel callously just looks at the slave with displeasure as he abuses him more. This alpha follows it up with a part 3 of him choking out his slave. Master Daniel locks in another headscissors on this slave as he continues the abuse. Slave Matt’s only option is to tap out and beg for mercy as there is no escape.

Featured Model- Str8CrushFeet

In the second episode of street feet recruit, five guys were recruited for individual and group foot worship scenes. Each guy had unique characteristics, such as Nico’s beautiful feet, Rashford’s bad boy attitude, Morgan’s open-mindedness, Hawk’s alpha presence, and FlipFlop guy’s soft and tasty feet. Check out each of their real-time foot worship interactions and how each uniquely uses and abuses the foot fag.

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2 New Video – Massi the Prince makes this slave empty his wallet and give up everything for the chance to serve. This obedient paypig becomes a foot rest for Massi the Prince as the dom empties the slave’s wallet. Stare at this dom’s barefeet and envision of life of financial slavery. In another clip, Massi the Prince books a trip with his girlfriend using fagcash money. It is your job as a cashfag to pay for all of your dom’s expenses and ensure he lives a life of luxury. As the human ATM of a superior couple, you’ll see all your money flying away as they enjoy the good life.

2 New Videos – Demir and Elliot Scissors take turns testing the strenght of Brandon’s abs. The two jocks deliver continuous gut punches exhausting Brandon completely. Brandon’s hands are tied behind his back with a belt so he can’t resist any of the punches. Brandon then gets his chance against Elliot Scissors in a headscissors battle. Brandon wraps his muscular legs around Elliot’s neck and begins squeezing. Elliot does his best to resist as he’s locked in a variety of headscissors variations.

2 New Videos – RippedRiki gets nasty and spits all over his mirror pretending it’s your face. Thick nasty gobs of spit cover the mirror as this alpha jock keeps spitting all over it. This dom verbally berates you as you watch the mirror get covered in his alpha jock spit. RippedRiki then meets up with an obedient foot slave for some real time worship. The slave gets gagged by this dom’s huge superior feet. Even though it was this slave’s first ever real time, he does a great job at serving his alpha.

5 New Videos – Conan is a hot personal trainer who loves to show off his hot muscular body for the camera. This muscled jock lays back and grabs a camera while he gets jerked off until he blows a huge load. Check out every part of his body as he’s not afraid to bare it all. Mithcell is another fit jock who loves to show off his naked body. This sexy jock needed some extra cash and didn’t mind showing off for it. SteveMyere gets to film this hunk as he pumps a nice load of jizz out while stroking his big cock.

Travis is another sexy stud who loves jerking off for the camera. Once he gets going, he starts fingering his hole and working his hard cock. Finally he erupts a big load of cum as he pumps his dick harder. SteveMyer packs his busy filming schedule by filming another hunk named Christoff. This blonde stud is a straight twink with a big cock. He shows off his lean body and eventually cums twice throughout the 25 minute video. Closing out his newest uploads this week, SteveMyer films sexy college hunk Reece. This stud needs some Spring Break money so what better way to make some money than to get naked on camera. He really gets into it as soon as the clothes come off.

5 New Videos – Master E dominates Slave Matt as he kicks him in the face. Slave Matt sits on the bed and gets repeatedly kicked and beaten by his alpha dom. This superior master shows off his power with more forceful kicks. Later, Master E gets on top of the slave and punches him in the face. Straddling the slave, Master E puts a beatdown on Slave Matt and doesn’t hold back. Slave Matt takes every punch as he has no where to go. Master E then stands on top of his slave and demands a foot rub. Slave Matt rubs his dom’s powerful alpha male feet. After the foot rub, Master E stomps on his slave and treats him like a door mat.

In another real time meet up, Master E knocks his slave down with a brutal kick beatdown. Getting Slave Matt in the corner of the room, Master E makes sure the slave has no where to run away to. This dom then kicks the slave all over in the body and face to assert dominance. Once Slave Matt is down on the ground, Master E delivers some headscissors punishment. Slave Matt is choked out and made to submit to this powerful alpha. Master E locks his legs tighter around the slave’s throat so he taps out quickly.