Featured Model- Master Brad

Master Brad just got back from the gym and wants you to worship his dirty, smell barefeet. Get on your hands and knees with your tongue out and lick the bottoms of Master Brad’s soles. This superior alpha will verbally command you as to what you need to do to serve him.

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3 New Video – Lucky boy Gio gets to rub the crotches of two dominant bodybuilders. These muscle doms get hard through their wrestling singlets and then proceed to hump Gio. This is muscle worship at its finest. Things get more intense in the next clip as The Punisher locks a brutal headscissors on another weak victim. The Punisher uses his huge muscular legs to wrap them around this beta boy’s head. There is no escape over the next 30 minutes as this boy is trapped between The Punisher’s legs. Later, Big Alpha and The Punisher want to see who is the stronger alpha. These two bodybuilders do a series of competitions to see who is stronger. They battle each other in arm wrestling, lift and carry, bearhugs, and much more to see who is the bigger alpha.

3 New Videos – Master Gary keeps you as a prisoner that he turns into a human punching bag. Wearing boxing gloves, Master Gary will pummel you with body blows from his fists. Then when he’s done you can worship at his leather boots. Following that beat down you can thank Master Gary for abusing you. As a thank you to this dom, you will be ordered to worship his muscles and feet. Show your devotion and lick Master Gary’s feet clean like an obedient foot fag. Following those sessions, Master Gary isn’t done with you yet. It’s now time to get robbed by Master Gary. Empty your pockets, open your wallet, and prepare to have your bank accounts drained as Master Gary verbally abuses you and takes charge.

1 New Video – CashMasterTrey wants you to shut the fuck up, turn off your useless burnt out brain cells and completely tune into him as he makes you obsess over his alpha cock. Stare mindlessly at CashMasterTrey’s cock, balls, and pubes like it is a shrine of worship. Make this dom’s cock the center of your life from now on.

1 New Video – After draining slaves all day, King Luca wants to sit back and relax while jerking his cock. This alpha dom whips out his huge uncut cock and begins stroking to porn. Sit as a voyeur and watch along as this alpha shows you what a real superior cock looks like.

1 New Video – Look up at Master Alex’s big cock and prepare to be drowned in piss as this dom uses you as a urinal. Drink this dom’s piss and cherish the golden nectar that will cover you. You should feel honored to be a human urinal and given the chance to gulp down all of this warm superior piss.

Featured Model- Str8CrushFeet

Master Dnero and his buddies from Str8CrushFeet use these two foot fags as their servants. The obedient foot fags worship the feet of these alphas by licking and cleaning every inch of them. Each dom gags the two foot fags with their feet and get their toes sucked.

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3 New Video – Master Nevile and Ritchell abuse their slave in this degrading real time session. In addition to making the slave lick their feet, the masters order the slave to dance for their own amusement. Afterwards, the two doms take turns spitting on the slave and slapping the fuck out of him before dumping a glass of their spit on the slave. In the next clip, Master Hunter and Ritchell make the slave clean their feet with a toothbrush. The doms instruct the slave to clean the bottoms of their feet and sneakers with this toothbrush. To further degrade the slave, he is then instructed to brush his teeth with the same toothbrush. The next day Master Hunter abuses the slave by turning him into a human doormat. The slave is trampled and kicked by this dom and even sat on. Master Hunter makes the slave sniff his smelly sneakers and sweaty socks throughout the abuse session.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his muscle ass down on slave boy Gio’s face. This huge muscle dom smothers Gio’s entire face and flexes his muscles. Gio has no where to go as he’s pinned under Big Alpha’s muscular ass. In another domination video, Chokemaster Andre chokes out his little bro between his muscular legs. Little bro Enrique struggles to pry Andre’s legs apart and ends up tapping. When he tries the last time, he is unsuccessful. Andre and Enrique practice some more chokehold submissions. Andre is much bigger and stronger than Enrique and locks in these holds super tight. Enrique can barely escape as he begs for mercy.

5 New Videos – Master H dominates his slave and gets the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt lays on his back and services this dom’s superior feet. Gagging and choking on Master H’s feet, Slave Matt shows what an obedient foot fag he is to his dom. Afterwards, Slave Matt meets up with Master J for a trample abuse session. Master J chokes his slave and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master J walks all over him. Master J then chokes out his slave in a triangle chokehold. Slave Matt taps out and then is ordered to service Master J’s feet. Master J sits back and texts on his phone as this slave sniffs and licks his feet.

The abuse from Master J continues as he abuses his slave by the pool. Slave Matt is in the pool and must service his dom’s feet. Licking his masters feet and getting kicked in the face, Slave Matt realizes this is his rightful place. The pool humiliation continues as Master J wrestles Slave Matt in the pool and chokes him. Master J even submerges Slave Matt in the water a few times for some intense water abuse.

3 New Videos – Leather dom Towser makes this slave kiss his shoes to show respect. The slave kisses his master’s boots and is turned into a human foot rest. Master Towser then degrades the slave some more and flicks cigarette ashes on him. In part 2, the slave worships his master’s boots like an obedient foot fag. The masked fag stays down at his master’s feet and follows every order he is given as Master Towser continues to degrade him. In the final part of their session, Master Towser sits on the slave’s face. The slave is pinned under Master Towser’s bodyweight as it is used as a piece of furniture. Master Towser sits on the slave’s face comfortably as he watches some TV.

Featured Model- Master Big

Come be at Master Big’s feet. This alpha sits back and relaxes while you place your tongue and nose up against his perfect superior feet. Take on your role as a beta boy foot slave to this master. After you’ve served his feet, break out those poppers and begin sniffing them hard.

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2 New Video – Masters Basford, Nevil, and Ritchell have an entertaining time mocking and laughing at their slave. This time they planned to tie the slave up to a chair with tape and tape sneakers to his face. This slave must now inhale the scent of their sneakers. In another real time session, the slave gets degraded by Masters Hunter, Neville, and Ritchell. These 3 doms lock the slave in a headscissors and make him sniff their feet. The slave gets laughed at and mocked the whole time. These doms cover the slave’s face in snot and spit as they degrade him further.

2 New Videos – This Italian fag slave serves at King Luca’s feet while King Luca strokes his massive cock. After the slave licks his master’s feet, it is ordered to get on his knees to be spit on. Then the slave is instructed to get back to licking King Luca’s feet. Another lucky slave gets to service King Luca’s feet by cleaning his sneakers. This masked pathetic fag lays on the ground and licks the dirt off of King Luca’s sneakers. After the slave licked them to his master’s satisfaction, King Luca spit in the slave’s face and gets him to lick and sniff his socked feet like a devoted foot fag.

3 New Videos – Mister X challenges Big Alpha to a jockstrap wrestling match. These two jocks battle it out in their jockstraps to see who is the more skilled wrestler. See if this smaller jock can actually defeat Big Alpha. In another video, Big Alpha gets annoyed when his warm up for his workout is interrupted and takes his frustration out by dominating a scrawny boy. The scrawny sub gets choked and beaten up by this more muscular alpha. There is a total display of cockiness and muscle domination during this beat down session. Changing gears, another Chokemaster, Andre, demonstrates how to do a chokehold by using a girl as his victim. This alpha jock describes step-by-step as he uses his strength to make this girl submit.

2 New Videos – Master Alex gives some hardcore CBT and nipple abuse to his slave, Gus, on the floor as he towers over him. Ready to punish this slave’s useless clit dick every time it whimpers, Master Alex puts clothespins on the slave’s small dick to torment him. No pleasure, no orgasms, just a tiny dicked slave experiencing pain. If you want some solo worship of Master Alex then yo ucan worship his ass. Wearing some tight leather gear, Master Alex shows off his smooth alpha for you to drool over. Your next meal will be to eat this alpha’s superior ass and drink his piss.

5 New Videos – Master H owns his sub by choking him out as he fights him on the bed. This sub slave is thrown down while Master H gets on top of him and asserts his dominance by choking this slave in a variety of submissions. The slave accepts all of the abuse his master gives him because he knows not to resist. In another real time meet, Slave Matt lays on the ground while Master J stomps his face. Master J repeatedly smacks the slave’s face with his foot and shows no respect for this slave as he delivers foot smacks to it’s face. The slave loves being in a position underneath superior men. Similarly when Slave Matt meets up with Master E and gags on his feet. Master E kicks and steps on this slave treating him like a human doormat. Slave Matt then opens his mouth to gag on Master E’s big alpha male feet. Master E rams his feet in the slave’s mouth making him gag.

Slave Matt gets abused even more when he meets up with Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Mater Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight, brutal chokehold making him gasp for air. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and ultimately taps out. When he taps out, he is given the opportunity to worship Master Daniel’s feet. The next day, Slave Matt still craves the need to serve men and serves Master Ch’s feet. Slave Matt lays down on his back as Master Ch gets the slave to lick and clean the heels of his feet. Master Ch then locks one foot on the back of Slave Matt’s head forcing him to service the other foot with no escape.

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1 New Video – You’re back again with the Brutal God because you’re a nasty perverted piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to repeat every word and every line over and over again until these words are burned into what’s left of your feeble soul. This Brutal God will make you his perverted loser after you repeat the perverted loser mantra.

3 New Videos – The life of a slave is only for the service and satisfaction of needs of masters. Master Hunter, Nevil, and Basford begin by laughing at their slave in this real time clip as the slave licks the soles of their feet. From spitting to tasting the bottom’s of these alphas’ socks, the slave endures some rough treatment from these three doms. Later Master Hunter and Nevil decide to sit their asses on the slave’s face. Throughout the video, the slave endures face sitting from the two masters. These doms sit on the slave’s face in shorts, boxers, and then finally bare assed. Afterwards, it is Masters Basford and Nevil’s turn to trample the slave as they bully him. This pathetic weak slave gets slapped around and spit on as these doms degrade and humiliate him. The slave lays there under their feet while they trample and walk all over him.

5 New Videos – Master Ch chokes out his slave in their latest meet up. This dom smothers the slave with his alpha male feet as he sits on the slave’s chest. Later the dom wants to amuse himself and begins choking his slave. The next day Slave Matt meets up with another dom buddy, Master H, for some choke domination to be reminded of who’s in charge. Master H chokes out Slave Matt on the bed and makes him quickly tap out. This slave is at the absolute mercy of his dom as there is no where to escape.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt begins to worship Master J’s feet in their latest encounter. Master J sits back on the couch while Slave Matt assumes the position under his feet and licks his soles. Mater J chokes his slave with his feet to make him gag on them. Master J then decides to choke out his slave in their next meet up. Master J gets the slave down on the bed and locks him in a tight headlock to the point the slave is gasping for air. This slave quickly learns that he must submit to all dominant men or be brutalized. Afterwards, Master J engages the slave in a boxing beat down. With their boxing gloves on, Master J and Slave Matt square off against each other. Slave Matt is no match for Master J and is quickly pummeled with punches.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy do some headscissors practice on each other in their room. These two studs practice locking each other’s head between their powerful legs to strengthen their submission power. The slave that has to endure these headscissors next is going to regret it. In another clip, ElliotScissors and his buddy Dustin do some at-home wrestling on each other. ElliotScissors and Dustin fight it out on the couch using some intense wrestling holds on each other. Dustin is a professional wrestler and teaches ElliotScissors a couple of new holds.

ElliotScissors gets a new buddy to become his headscissor slave. Headscissor slave Tommy experiences some inescapable headscissors for the first time in his life. Tommy experiences what other slave’s feel when they’re trapped between ElliotScissors’ legs. In his final update this week, ElliotScissors invites over his buddies Dustin and Jim to have their own amateur wrestling match in his home. Dustin and Jim wrestle it out on the couch and fight for dominance against each other. Both of these studs lock a variety of chokeholds on each other to see which one taps out first.

3 New Videos – DavidWar sits back at his desk and puts his feet up in the air for foot faggots to drool over. This alpha dom verbally abuses throughout as he orders you to worship and submit to his big alpha male feet. Later he whips out his big cock and teases you with it as he begins stroking. Things get even kinkier in the next clip as DavidWar covers his face in saliva. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and down his throat, DavidWar spits up thick throat slime that he covers his lips and face with. Changing gears away from the solo action, in his next clip, DavidWar does some facesitting domination on a Tgirl from Colombia. Wearing red boxers, DavidWar smothers the Tgirl with his jock ass before putting his bare ass on her face.

Featured Model- MasterG

Master G turns his slave into a human footstool. This foot slave lays on his back and looks up at Master G as this foot dom chokes the slave with his feet. Master G gags this foot slave by jamming every inch and every part of his foot in the slave’s mouth.

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1 New Video – This obedient masked fag serves at King Luca’s boots. He licks the bottoms of them clean and then proceeds to sniff this dom’s sweaty smelling socks. After he proves his obedience at King Luca’s feet, he is rewarded by being allowed to worship and rim his master’s ass.

4 New Videos – Mastes Nevil and Hunter get this house slave to lick their sneakers as they laugh and degrade him. The slave gets slapped around and spit on by his masters. Afterwards the slave eats chips that the doms trampled under their sneakers or that they’ve chewed up and spit out. In another foot worship session, this slave gets on his knees and services the feet of 3 masters at once. These doms laugh and ridicule their foot slave. The slave shows his obedience by licking and sucking the soles of all of these men.

Later, Masters Hunter, Nevil, and Ritchell order their slave to wash their feet. These doms degrade the slave in the process by spitting on him and blowing snots on him. The foot slave washes and massages his masters’ feet as ordered to while they mock him. In another encounter, Masters Basford and Ritchell abuse their slave when they see the slave disobeying. These doms make the slave worship their feet, socks, and sneakers. More ridicule for this slave as they spit on him and smack him around before making him drink a special cocktail they make at the end.

4 New Videos – Master Timur chokes out his slave to release some anger. This muscular dom gets his slave between his powerful thighs before crushing the slave’s head and choking him. The unfortunate slave begs for mercy as Master Timu just laughs at him. In another abuse session, Elliot Scissors makes his slave submit. The slave’s will is tested as Elliot Scissors locks this slave in a variety of chokeholds and headscissors. This slave has no where to run and quickly taps out as he cries.

Elliot Scissors wants to practice some wrestling holds as he has a submission fight with his buddy Master Hunter. These two studs work a variety of submission holds on each other and test their strength to see which dom is the stronger one. Check out how much these two studs can handle from the powerful submission holds. After their first fight, they come back for round 2 to see who is stronger. Master Hunter and Elliot Scissors don’t hold back and try their hardest to make the other one tap out. See which of the two is the stronger one in their second battle.

2 New Videos – Slave Matt is choked out by Master Daniel in their latest real time. Master Daniel locks his legs around the slave’s head and begins to choke him out. The slave taps out quickly but that doesn’t stop Master Daniel. In another real time session, Master Daniel locks his slave in a brutal sleeperhold to assert his dominance. This alpha wraps his strong arms around the slave’s neck and doesn’t let go. Instead he just laughs as the slave struggles.

4 New Videos – AidenPretti has a new fuck machine. This findom pays you no attention as the machine pounds his hole. Stroke in embarassment as you get ignored by this findom getting his hole pounded. AidenPrettii has another ass worship video for you to goon to. Wearing a black thong, AidenPrettii shows off his ass while demanding that you go broke for him. Prepare to lose all your money as his command.

The ass worship continues but this time AidenPrettii gives you a cum countdown. Follow this findom’s orders as you goon and bate to his ass. Hopefully you can cum on command or he won’t permit you to cum again. Later, AidenPretti has a surprise for you with a candy cane dildo. AidenPrettii uses his sex toys in this clip to make you into a horny butt slut.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

Serve at SlavesSeeker’s feet and follow his popper intox instructions. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a proper hard popper training video. All you have to do is sit back and relax then do exactly as SlavesSeeker tells you in the video. Obey and go mindless for your King.