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2 New Videos – SlavesSeeker went to visit Italy to use and humiliate a slave in a recent realtime encounter. This pathetic sub slave drinks SlavesSeeker’s piss and gets totally bullied by his alpha. SlavesSeeker sticks the slave’s head ina toilet for swirlies and then makes the slave drink his piss from a cup. All throughout this session there is more humiliation with plenty of spitting, belt whipping, and kicking. Even though you may not be as lucky as that slave, you can still worship SlavesSeeker’s sneakers. In his other recent clip, SlavesSeeker takes off his sweaty shoes after a soccer match. Sniff, worship, and serve at his soccer cleats like an obedient foot slave. Once you are done, then you might be lucky enough to sniff this superior findom’s smelly socks and his barefeet. Foot slaves will love every minute of this.

2 New Videos – You want to sniff this alpha’s farts because you are a depraved pig slave. Vicious54 puts on a pair of tight briefs and jiggles his ass for the camera before ripping intense farts right in your face. This cocky alpha will tease you with his ass to remind you that you don’t ever have a chance of touching it because the denial is so much hotter to him than letting you worship it. Switching things up in the next video, Vicious54 shrinks a slave down to the size of a toy. This tiny mini slave gets stuff right in his tight running shorts right up against this alpha’s asshole. Imagine being this mini slave and begging for mercy all while being trapped in the paradise of being between your alpha’s ass cheeks. If the slave is lucky, maybe Vicious54 will suffocate him with alpha farts as well.

4 New Videos – Ikagura plays a game of gag the slave with his foot dom. This arrogant alpha gags Ikagura with his superior barefeet. Watch Ikagura suck on this alpha’s toes and try to deepthroat his master’s feet to show obedience. After the foot worship session is done, this dom wants to choke his slave between his legs. Ikagura lays on his back between this alpha’s legs while getting choked out from his master’s tight squeeze. Ikagura completely submits and begs for mercy from this alpha master but this dom just gets amused more by Ikagura’s cries.

In another session of gag the slave, Ikagura submits to another dom to gag on his feet. Ikagura lays back while this alpha jams his foot deep in Ikagura’s slave mouth. Being a loyal foot slave, Ikagura swallows as much of his alpha’s foot as he can. Afterwards, it is time for some trample domination from this alpha. Ikagura takes his natural position underneath the sole of his master’s feet to get trampled and crushed. This alpha male stomps all over Ikagura’s chest, stomach, and face to let the slave know who is in charge.

3 New Videos – Davidwar flexes his biceps and strokes his big dick in this private webcam session. After a hard workout, Davidwar is flowing with testosterone and wants to flex his big muscled biceps while also stroking his big dick. This findom shoots a massive load of cum at the end. Fans of Davidwar’s can’t get enough of his masculine good looks so he plays that up in the next clip while showing off his hair and beard to the camera. Flirting with and teasing his fans, Davidwar strips down and gives them everything that want to see to drive them wild. Departing from the solo action, in this next clip Davidwar gets a foot massage from his buddy. Davidwar’s friend massages his foot and rubs every inch of it to help his friend relax and to get all of the foot slaves watching worked up.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun seeks revenge in this rough humiliation session. Initially the slave ties up MasterShaun thinking he will take advantage of his masters but the tables quickly turn. MasterShaun gets annoyed and pissed off that this slave would even consider trying to dom his master and proceeds to sit on the slave’s chest with his full body weight while spitting in the slave’s mouth. This slave quickly learns his lesson from all of the trampling, beating, and humiliation he is about to endure. In another session together, MasterShaun makes his slave smell his alpha scent. Master Shaun wakes up and feels pretty smelly and dirty before showering. Before washing up, this alpha sits right on his slave’s face with his smelly ass and makes the slave worship his stinky armpits and sweaty cock.

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1 New Video – Learn what it’s like to serve a drill instructor as Sergeant Kruzzar delivers intense verbal abuse to a submissive cadet like you. You’ll quickly learn to respond with “Sir, Yes, Sir” while serving under this alpha’s boots. Get on your knees to listen and obey all of your commander’s orders as he verbally puts you in your place and instructs you on how to obey.

4 New Videos – KingMaster and Mistress wait for the slave to enter their house to serve as their slave dog for use. These two superiors let the slave in and get him on his knees to worship their boots. KingMaster and his Mistress start torturing the slave with nipple torture and whipping before collaring him and tying him up to beat him some more. Continuing with the doggy play theme, KingMaster gives his human dog a special meal. His human dog is subjected to eating dog food from a bowl. To test the slave’s devotion, KingMaster dumps the food on the floor and makes the slave eat it up from the floor. The slave must even lick the floor without leaving a single missed crumb.

KingMaster loves degrading his slaves and this time is no different when he subjects them to some public humiliation. The slaves accompany their master to a train station and while outside KingMaster publicly humiliates them by making them worship his feet in public. Off in the distance are people passing by as these two slaves suck on and lick their master’s feet. Going solo, KingMaster’s Mistress makes a slave worship her boots in the next clip. The Miss has a slave eat a crushed banana off of her boots while putting the slave in his place. She chews up some of the banana and spits it on the ground making the slave eat it. This pathetic masked slave licks up every bit of the mess for his Mistress.

3 New Videos – Ikagura gets dominated by another athletic alpha as he suffers some intense spit and piss domination. This soccer playing alpha sits his ass right on Ikagura’s face and smothers him completely so that all Ikagura can smell is his master’s ass. Once he lets Ikagura breathe, he spits in the slave’s face. Later, this dom takes Ikagura to the showers to piss all over his face and rub his feet in the slave’s face. The same dom then tramples all over the slave to assert his dominance. This alpha jams his feet in Ikagura’s mouth to make him completely worship and suck on his alpha male feet. If Ikagura doesn’t do a good enough job, the alpha kicks him and tramples him harder. Lastly as part of Ikagura’s domination, the dom chokes his slave. Ikagura gets pinned between this alpha’s legs with the camera showing a clear shot of this dom’s feet. Ikagura struggles for mercy but the dom gives him none as it entertains him to see Ikagura struggle under his power.

1 New Video – Davidwar and his Latino dom buddy get together to have some fun as they flex on cam for slaves. These two Latino jocks talk shit and flex their muscles while slaves continue to pay them more on cam. Davidwar then at one point shows off his jock ass in a tight jock strap for the camera.

4 New Videos – A horny Master Shauns means his slave better behave or else it’s time for punishment. In this realtime video, MasterShaun makes his slave suffer from lots of facesitting under his full weight. The inferior slave must lick and rim his alpha’s superior ass to make his master happy. MasterShaun grinds his ass further into the slave’s face and tongue. MasterShaun then humiliates the slave further by dehumanizing him more and forcing the slave to carry him on his back like a human pony. The slave carries his master around to his master’s liking. Afterwards, MasterShaun gets the slave on the ground to trample on and jump on the slave for amusement.

The trample domination continues as MasterShaun tramples and sits on the slave with his full weight. Later in the evening, the slave is put through more abuse as MasterShaun tramples him in his football boots and sits on his face. Finally to end the night, MasterShaun gets horny and spends the night humping his slave. In between the humping session, MasterShaun still needs to take out some aggression on his slave and sits on the slave’s face for fun.

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2 New Videos – King Luca wants you to beg for his superior alpha dick. Watch with your tongue out as this dominant alpha strokes every inch of his massive meat in front of you. King Luca wants you to watch in awe at what a real man’s big dick looks like compared to your tiny sub penis. After serving this alpha and worshipping his dick you can then get smothered under his ass and inhale his farts. Submit and sniff King Luca’s alpha farts as they rip from his jock ass. This dom knows that sick faggots like you are into nasty stuff so here is your chance to become the ultimate fart inhaling slave for King Luca.

5 New Videos – There isn’t much room in the bathroom stall for you and Vicious54 so you’ll need to get behind this alpha and get on your knees for space. Vicious54 pulls out his alpha dick and pisses in the toilet bowl imagining that he’s pissing in your slave mouth. This alpha rips loud farts as he pisses too. Get your face by his ass and inhale his ripe farts as he pisses a warm stream of superiority. After you’re done sniffing his ass, you can serve his ass as a trapped slave. Vicious54 decides to take a nap after he shrinks you down to the size of an action figure. Right before going to sleep, this alpha places you in his underwear right in his ass crack. You are trapped to sniff and worship his ass all night until he awakes. The tiny slave entrapment continues when Vicious54 locks a tiny, shrunken-down-in-size John Cena in a glass jar. John Cena struggles to escape from this mason jar but he’s too tiny to get out. Vicious54 then fills the tiny glass jar with his farts for John Cena to inhale. Ultimately this tiny muscle slave is trapped in a gas chamber filled with his master’s farts.

After the tiny John Cena breathes in all of his master’s gas, he then is trapped in his master’s briefs. Vicious54 puts the shrunken down John Cena in his tight black briefs right up against his ass. This dom then bends over to the camera so you can watch the tiny slave struggle in his ass. Imagine what it would be like to be a tiny slave in the same predicament. Getting even more up close to Vicious54’s ass, he shows off his alpha asshole in this macro domination clip. Shrunken down slave John Cena is right near his giant master’s bare asshole and has no way out. Vicious54 rips tons of gassy farts right in shrunken down John Cena’s face and makes him inhale all of his gas as punishment.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets dominated by alpha master DanielSlin in this headscissors domination video clip. Ikagura is pinned underneath his dom and gets his head squeezed between DanielSlin’s superior, muscular legs. The weak slave writhes around and struggles to break free but his efforts are useless under DanielSlin’s power. Later, DanielSlin locks Ikagura in a series of chokeholds to asser his dominance. Pinning his slave to the ground, DanielSlin locks the slave’s head in a side headlock and squeezes tight enough to make the slave tap out. Ikagura begs for mercy but his fate is in the hands of DanielSlin. Ikagura then gets dominated even more by a jiu jitsu dom. Weakling Ikagura is no match for this dom’s ground game as he gets locked in various jiu jitsu holds and has to tap out for mercy. This dom shows no mercy on Ikagura and laughs in amusement as the slave taps out each and every time.

Ikagura gets back to what he knows best and that’s worshipping alpha feet. The foot slave lays on his bed as he serves, licks, and worships his master’s alpha feet. Gagging and choking on his master’s feet, Ikagura can’t get enough of being an obedient foot slave. Ikagura is then pinned and trampled under the feet of another alpha. This superior master rubs his feet all over Ikagura’s face and smothers him with his soles. Ikagura takes his rightful place under his master’s feet as he sucks on his master’s toes.

3 New Videos – Master Rusty treats his slave like a human doormat as he tramples him with Nike Afos sneakers. This brutal dom master walks all over his slave as he stomps on the slave’s chest and stomach. The masked slave cries out in pain and gasps for air as this dom brutally tramples him all over. Master Rusty continues to get rougher with the trampling abuse when he humiliates the slave further. Wearing Nike Airforce sneakers, Master Rusty kicks, tramples, and stomps on his slave as if he’s not even human. The dominant tattooed alpha puts all of his weight down on the slave’s stomach and chest causing him to gasp for air at points. This masked slave endures even more stomping domination as the next featured alpha jumps with all of his weight onto the slave’s stomach and bare chest. Wearing just a mask and going shirtless, the slave endures extreme stomping and crushing domination under his master’s sneakers. See how much trample and stomping abuse this slave can take from his master.

1 New Video – Davidwar has another hot clip he just released of him sitting his jock ass on a slave’s face. The hot Colombian dom sits his muscle ass on this sexy twink boy’s face and makes the boy worship his muscle ass. After the boy rims his dom’s hole, Davidwar gets a hot blowjob from the twink. This submissive twink can’t get enough of Davidwar’s ass and dick.

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2 New Videos – Muscular dom Dennis locks his sub in a tight headscissors while wearing tight whiteys. This sub shows how inferior he is to Dennis by not even putting up a fight and allowing this alpha to choke him out with his treetrunk legs. The sub’s face is pressed firmly up against Dennis superior dominant bulge as the slave gets choked out. Later the sub is thrown to the ground and gets his face up against his master’s crotch for an even tighter headscissors. Dennis flexes his huge biceps while locking the slaves head between his thick thighs. Grinding his bulge on the slave’s face, the slave never wants the chokehold session to end. Watch as Dennis shows off his huge muscles and absolute power while dominating weaklings in these clips.

1 New Video – Colombian findom Davidwar makes you worship his uncut cock as he shows off his leather jacket. Pointing the camera so that it looks up at him, you’ll feel like you’re on your knees in front of this alpha’s uncut dominant cock. Davidwar looks down on you and spits in your face while you kneel there with your tongue out begging for his cock, his spit, and his abuse.

3 New Videos – Ikagura lays at his master’s feet for this foot worship session. This dominant alpha has Ikagura under this barefeet and makes Ikagura lick, sniff, and worship his feet. Ikagura gives his dom a foot rub and as a reward gets trampled on by his master. The face trampling continues as this dom uses Ikagura’s face as a foot stool. Ikagura assumes his natural position under his master’s feet and enjoys every second of getting smothered by this alpha’s superior feet. The foot dom pins Ikagura under his feet and ensures this foot slave worships every inch of his feet. To switch gears from foot worship, in the next real time clip, Ikagura gets turned into a punching bag for an athletic fighter. This boxing dom pummels Ikagura with jabs and punches, totally dehumanizing him into nothing more than a punching bag. The dom gets in some hard hits with his boxing gloves and even adds in some body blows with his feet.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel gets his masked foot slave to worship his cleats. The masked sub sticks his tongue out and licks his master’s dirty cleats to show his obedience. After the shoe cleaning session, Master Daniel then tramples all over the slave with these cleats and takes his aggression out on the slave as it cries in pain. Master Daniel then switches to some Reebok sneakers to trample his slave. The slave lays back and submits to this alpha’s dominance as Master Daniel stomps all over the weak slave. Master Daniel stomps on the slave’s chest and stomach with all of his weight and laughs as the slave gets the wind stomped out of him.

In some new sessions with Master Rusty, the masked slave gets treated like a human doormat as Master Rusty takes all of his rage and aggression out on the slave. Wearing some fresh Doc Martens, Master Rusty kicks and pounces on this slave’s body. To increase the impact, the masked slave is shirtless so that he feels the raw bottoms of Master Rusty’s soles. Later, Master Rusty takes the slave inside for some more intense crushing under his sneakers. Wearing brand new Huaraches, Master Rusty steps all over this slave’s body and face. The masked sub is flattened under the full bodyweight of his master. See how much of this intense trampling the slave can truly endure because Master Rusty doesn’t quit.

2 New Videos – Master Ryder meets up with his slave for some hotel fun in this real time session. Master Ryder becomes a human pony trainer when he turns his slave into a human pony. Riding the submissive slave all around his hotel, Master Ryder totally degrades his cash slave. Afterwards the slave sniffs Master Ryder’s feet and armpits to savor every scent of this cocky dom. Master Ryder spits in the slave’s face during the session and shows him zero respect while getting worshipped. In part 3 of this hotel session, Master Ryder tramples his slave and sits on him with his full bodyweight. The slave gets totally crushed by his dom and can feel the full weight of his master laying on top of him. The same abuse and degradation from the previous clip continue throughout this extension of their real time domination session.


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2 New Videos – These 2 muscle masters have fun dominating a jock slave. Both masters bind the slave’s hands and use him however they want from spanking him, making him worship feet, and making him experience pain. These dominant muscle men do whatever they want to their submissive jock slave. After some roughing up and degradation of their slave, these masters then fuck their muscle slave. Both alpha use this slave for their sexual needs as if he’s just an object and, to them, that’s all he is: an object. Watch these muscle masters get off by pounding this sub’s muscle ass.

1 New Video – Put your head down and get on your knees to worship this master’s armpits. Master Kruzzar verbally abuses you and orders you to get your tongue out to sniff his ripe, raunchy, sweaty pits. Beg for more as this alpha tells you how he wants you to bury your face in his sweaty armpit and serve him.

2 New Videos – In a live cam show, Davidwar pisses all over himself in a golden shower. This hot Colombian hunk doesn’t hold back and coats himself in a warm stream of alpha male piss. Running down his muscle pecs and abs, Davidwar is soaked in his own piss on cam. After drying off, this alpha gets so turned on that he jerks his big cock. In his room while watching some hot porn, Davidwar pulls out his big dick and begins pounding his alpha meat right in front of you. Ultimately, he strokes to the point of a big, messy climax of cum all over his legs and balls.

4 New Videos – Master Rusty doesn’t hold back in this brutal stomping video. This jock dom tramples all over his slave wearing Puma cleats. The masked foot slave endures all of his master’s abuse as he is stomped on and trampled on throughout this nearly 10 minute video clip. Check out this slave endure all of his master’s abuse and love every second of it. Afterwards Master Rusty takes the slave outside for even more trampling abuse. Master Rusty steps all over this slave while wearing Vans sneakers. The moment the slave whimpers in pain, Master Rusty pours water over his face as punishment. The obedient foot slave quickly learns to allow this master to stomp on him as hard as he likes.

Going back inside, Master Rusty tramples his foot fag in a different pair of sneakers. This time while wearing Reeboks, Master Randy walks all over the weak slave and stands right on his chest. Struggling under the pressure of Master Rusty’s weight, the slave learns his place is beneath Master Rusty. If you thought the trampling abuse was over, you’re wrong. Master Rusty wants to trample his foot slave even more. This time in red Chucks, Master Rusty jumps up and down with all of his weight onto this weak, submissive slave. Taking as much abuse as he can, the slave’s body begins to turn red from the intense, hardcore stomps. Download this hard stomping abuse clip to see how much this slave can endure.

4 New Videos – Ikagura submits to a Jiu Jitsu Master and gags on his feet in this intense foot worship clip. Laying down on the mattress next to his dom’s feet, Ikagura takes all of his master’s foot into his mouth and gags on it. When he gags too much, the foot dom gets up and tramples over the slave as punishment. Then it’s back to sucking on this alpha’s feet. In another trampling abuse clip, Ikagura finds himself under the foot of another master. This time Ikagura gets his face and body trampled on as he submits to this powerful foot dom. Pinned under the weight of his superior, Ikagura realizes where he truly belongs. After all of that trampling, Ikagura then finds himself locked in a chokehold by another superior alpha. Choked out by his master, Ikagura is pinned between the dom’s powerful legs with no where to go. Ikagura can barely breathe but loves every second of being clinched tightly in his master’s power. In his final new upload this week, Ikagura is then serving at the feet of findom DanielSlin. This alpha pins Ikagura under his sweaty socked feet for him to serve. While flexing for the camera, DanielSlin pauses the flex session to choke out Ikagura a little bit before making him worship his feet again.

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1 New Video – King Luca shows you why he is the boss as he forces a masked slave to worship his body. This dominant alpha has his masked slave serve him, eat his ass, and choke on his big alpha cock in this 53 minute real time session. King Luca is extremely brutal with his abuse of this slave and makes sure the slave feels completely used by the end of this hour long session.

1 New Video – Tattooed muscle alpha VikingFagDestroyer commands you to serve his muscles. Muscle worshippers submit and obey to this built and chiseled Viking. Obey his commands and serve his muscles as they are the only thing you need in your life. No thinking, no thought, just serving your Viking god.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is beaten up and used in this foot domination session. Pinned to the ground, this weak foot slave is beaten up, choked, and kicked all over by his alpha. Ikagura loves every second of the abuse as he is beneath this cocky dom. There is no resisting and Ikagura wouldn’t resist even if he could. Things get more intense and nastier as Ikagura becomes a piss pig. Laying on his back in the shower, Ikagura gets soaked in warm, alpha male piss and totally degraded. After getting pissed on, Ikagura licks the soles of his alpha to show true obedience. The piss domination continues as Ikaura becomes a piss pig for another alpha. Back into the shower this slave goes as he is cove#f51735 in piss and serves at his master’s feet. Licking the piss covered soles of this alpha, Ikagura couldn’t want anything more.

After some intense humiliation comes time for an intense beat down. This time, Ikagura is dominated by a young master who completely owns him. This young alpha wears boxing gloves as he beats on and pummels Ikagura just for fun. The obedient sub endures all of this young master’s abuse. Later he gets trampled on and serves at this master’s superior feet. In the last new upload for this week, Ikagura is then choked out by Master DanielSlin. Pinned to the mattress, this submissive slave struggles to breathe as DanielSlin wraps his bicep tight around the slave’s throat making him gasp for air. The slave gets choked out and knocked out by DanielSlin once again.

1 New Video – Sexy Latino hunk Davidwar flexes and burps in his newest video clip. Showing off his flexing biceps and burping into the camera, this cashmaster will make you wish you were on your knees in front of him getting burped on and degraded. Drool over his flexed muscles and inhale his alpha burps as you submit.

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1 New Video – Bow down to two homophobic straight bros as you beg to worship their feet. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy instruct you to hand over you fag cash for being a pathetic cock sucker. In exchange, they’ll let you sniff their sweaty and dirty socks. Completely submit yourself to dominant alpha men and accept your role as a lowly cash faggot.

 New Video – Jake returns for the longest held choke session on his boy. Close up, he shows his control with the flexing of his biceps while he has his boy locked in a rear naked choke hold. Jake takes his time keeping his boy on the edge of passing out. Eventually, he totally does and then flexes his biceps and forearms showing his raw alpha power.

2 New Videos – For 10 minutes straight, Flexgod trains you to be the ultimate pay pig. Showing off his huge alpha feet to the camera while smoking, Flexgod will teach you the basics to becoming the ideal FinSub. Follow this alpha’s instructions and accept your role as a human paypig for superior men. Later, Flexgod then takes you along for some verbal spit humiliation. This muscled alpha spits in your face and humiliates you like the little faggot slave you are to him. Beg for his abuse and spit as he gives you nonstop humiliation. Throughout this 10 minute clip, you’ll quickly accept your role as an inferior for such a dominant alpha male.

1 New Video – Black faggots and brown faggots who crave intense raceplay will rejoice as Davidwar has a new video just for you. Davidwar puts his sneakers up to the camera and dominates all the weak black faggots who lust over white or Colombian men. This video is not for the easily offended and is extremely politically incorrect but it’ll make weak black faggots cum from the no limits verbal abuse Davidwar puts you through in this 15 minute clip.

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1 New Video – MasterUltimateGod wants you to remember your place as his faggot. Your place is at the bottoms of his boots. You’re at the lowest rung of the hierarchy, begging to find purpose at your master’s feet. Be a good boot licker and clean your master’s boots, socks, and barefeet in this latest verbal degradation video.

1 New Video – Get on the ground before GunGrapplerGod and worship his feet while sniffing poppers. Like an obedient foot slave, you’ll huff those fresh poppers until your head is spinning then huff the fumes of his alpha scent from his feet. All while you do this, GunGrapplerGod will verbally abuse and degrade you for being a weak and worthless fag.

3 New Videos – After Ikagura beat up his slave in the last video, the slave had to worship his master’s feet. This alpha’s massive foot goes into the faggot slave’s mouth as he begs for more of it. The foot fag licks, sucks, and worships his superior’s feet as he should. In another clip, Ikagura locks his slave in a tight headscissors choke as the slave begs for mercy. In this 8 minute clip, Ikagura’s slave gets choked and stomped by his dominant master. The slave enjoys the abuse so much that he’s not sure if he really should tap out and beg for it to let up or not. The slave beating continues as Ikagura locks his slave in various Jiu Jitsu holds and chokes him so tightly that he struggles to breathe. This weak fag slave simply endures all of the abuse his master puts him through because he loves serving and submitting to this powerful alpha dom.

1 New Video – Davidwar wants you to worship his ass and hole in his latest clip. This Colombian stud destroys his ass with a dildo on his bed and shows how much he can take cock. It is your job as a submissive to eat out his wrecked and pounded hole while he begs for bigger cocks to slam him.

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2 New Videos – Fag Butler is back at MasterUltimateGod’s feet. This time, MasterUltimateGod decides it’s important to give the fag a little lesson in straight philosophy. MasterUltimateGod lets his fag know what it means to be straight and how the fag’s only purpose in life is to serve alpha men like him. The fag sits there, listening to his master’s lessons, licking his shoes, and massaging his dom’s socked alpha feet. This is a great training tool for any of fags who forget their place in this world…under the feet of alpha men like MasterUltimateGod. Later, MasterUltimateGod stomps all over Fag Butler at the gym. Laying down on a step platform, the fag is crushed under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet and ass. MasterUltimateGod sit on the fag’s face, suffocating the fag slowly under all of his weight. Fag Butler hates when MasterUltimateGod tramples on him and sits on his face, but MasterUltimateGod doesn’t care what the fag thinks. Fag Butler deserves this pain, and so do the rest of MasterUltimateGod’s slaves.

1 New Video – Alpha dom Nebenny slips off his yellow flip flops to show off his giant sweaty and smelly size 13 feet. This straight master puts his sandals on the desk and shows his bare soles to the camera for you to drool over. This is perfect for any foot fag to lust over throughout the entire video.

3 New Videos – Davidwar was jerking his dick on webcam with a friend who has a sneaker fetish. Davidwar plays up the sneaker fetish acts in this video as he rubs his ass and dick with a white Nike sneaker. He even fucks the sneakers with his big, hard dick. Finally Davidwar busts a hot load of cum all over the sneakers. Later, Davidwar takes you along for a hookup with a sexy Latina girl. The girl is cock crazy for Davidwar. She can’t get enough of his big dick as he fucks her while sucking a lollipop. Then for those who still want more solo action of Davidwar will love the next video as he flexes in fetish gear. Davidwar shows off how much of a hunk he is as he flexes his muscular physique. You can feel the cockiness and dominance as he shows off his sweaty armpits and big biceps.

5 New Video – In this 8 minute long video clip, Ikagura makes this foot fag worship his feet. Throughout the clip there are tons of face slaps and domination. More than 20 kicks and stomps for the foot fag as Ikagura asserts his dominance. Ikagura kicks the fag so hard that his mouth protector gets knocked out. The foot fag is obsessed with his master’s feet. The obedient foot fag kisses his master’s feet and does everything he is told to do. This obedient foot fag accepts his destiny as a foot stool. In another clip, Ikagura chokes out the slave with his feet. The slave gasps for air as he is choked out but enjoys every second of it. This foot fag isn’t sure if he should endure the suffocation but can’t get enough of his master’s feet so he endures it.

The foot action continues as Ikagura stomps the fag with his dirty feet. The foot fag enjoys serving his master’s feet whether they are dirty or clean. As an obedient foot fag, the slave knows it is his role to lick his master’s feet clean. Ikagura asserts his authority as a foot dom in the next promo clip. Ikagura makes the faggot lick every single inch of his foot. The slave licks Ikagura’s toes, soles, and heels of his feet because he cannot get enough of serving Ikagura’s feet.

2 New Videos – TurkishSatan commands you to lick his shoes. Putting his black sneakers up on a table in front of the webcam, this alpha dom orders you to crawl up to his sneakers and lick them clean. TurkishSatan sits back and relaxes while smoking a cigarette. He quickly reminds you that you are a loser meant to lick his sneaker soles. TurkishSatan then shows no respect for fags. Giving you intense verbal abuse, this straight master tells you why he’s superior to you. You’ll quickly learn that you are meant to be a lowly faggot for alphas like this for the rest of your life.

Featured Model- DavidWar

The roles are reversed in this session as master becomes the slave. DavidWar invites over his friend for some roleplay. His friend takes on the role of a dominant alpha male and DavidWar takes on the role of a slave. Being collared and leashed, DavidWar must do everything his master says to prove his obedience.