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2 New Videos – AlphaCashMatt orders his obedient foot fag to worship his sneakers. The submissive masked fag licks and services his dom’s sneakers. AlphaCashMatt browses on his lap as this slave worships under the desk. Later, AlphaCashMatt abuses the fag’s dick. Exposing his tiny, pathetic cock, the fag slave gets his dick smashed and squeezed by his superior. AlphaCashMatt laughs at the fag’s pain from having his tiny clit abused.

2 New Videos – FootPigCrusher puts his feet right up to the camera for you to sniff his smelly feet. Showing off his dirty soles and sweaty white socks, this alpha will order you to inhale his superior alpha scent. Worship down at his feet and show your devotion. FootPigCrusher then meets up with a slave to trample his balls. Standing on top of the slave, FootPigCrusher smashes this fag’s dick and balls in front of the camera. The slave cries out in pain from this hardcore CBT session.

4 New Videos – This alpha dom shows his power by choking out his slave. With the slave on the ground, the dom wraps his leg around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. This masked slave struggles and begs for mercy from his master. In another session, the dom squeezes his slave’s head between his thighs. With his legs wrapped around the slave, the dom begins to squeeze tighter. The masked fag slave grimaces from the pain but knows he’s serving his purpose.

The masked slave gets even closer to his master when his head is buried in his master’s crotch. Still being squeezed by his dom’s legs, the slave is in a more enjoyable position as he gets to sniff and feel his dom’s bulge. Mantaster doesn’t want to leave this glorious position. As a reward for his obedience, this alpha whips out his cock for the slave to deepthroat him. The slave worships and serves at his master’s big uncut cock swallowing every inch. This alpha orders the slave to sniff and suck his cock to cherish every part oof it.

5 New Video – Master Daniel enjoys sitting on his slave’s face. Smothering Slave Matt with his jock ass, Master Daniel buries the slave’s face deep in his ass. There is no where for Slave Matt to go as he’s pinned on the bed. Slave Matt experiences more of Master Daniel on him as he sits his full bodyweight on him. Master Daniel straddles the slave and tries to make it as painful and as uncomfortable for him as possible. Then Master Daniel proceeds to do some more bodyweight pinning in different positions.

Things get more intense for Slave Matt as Master Daniel then challenges him to a muay thai fight. Master Daniel punches and kicks his slave repeatedly until he’s backed into a corner. Slave Matt has no where to go as his bully beats him down. Master Daniel then shows off his submission holds on this slave. Locking the slave in an armbar and various hold, Master Daniel shows off his raw power on Slave Matt. Slave Matt proceeds to then get choked out and submitted. Master Daniel sits back and relaxes playing a video game while choking out his slave. Slave Matt is completely ignored while Master Daniel finishes up a round of gaming.

2 New Videos – David War orders you to serve at his alpha feet. With the camera on the ground, this dom makes you look up at his huge superior feet while he strokes his cock. David War orders you to lick his sweaty feet while he jerks off. Later, David War gets really raunch when he pisses on himself in the shower. Getting super kinky, David War shows his nastier side as he shoots a warm stream of piss on himself. Right afterwards he gets hard and begins jerking off until he cums.

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2 New Video – Masters Basford, Nevil, and Ritchell have an entertaining time mocking and laughing at their slave. This time they planned to tie the slave up to a chair with tape and tape sneakers to his face. This slave must now inhale the scent of their sneakers. In another real time session, the slave gets degraded by Masters Hunter, Neville, and Ritchell. These 3 doms lock the slave in a headscissors and make him sniff their feet. The slave gets laughed at and mocked the whole time. These doms cover the slave’s face in snot and spit as they degrade him further.

2 New Videos – This Italian fag slave serves at King Luca’s feet while King Luca strokes his massive cock. After the slave licks his master’s feet, it is ordered to get on his knees to be spit on. Then the slave is instructed to get back to licking King Luca’s feet. Another lucky slave gets to service King Luca’s feet by cleaning his sneakers. This masked pathetic fag lays on the ground and licks the dirt off of King Luca’s sneakers. After the slave licked them to his master’s satisfaction, King Luca spit in the slave’s face and gets him to lick and sniff his socked feet like a devoted foot fag.

3 New Videos – Mister X challenges Big Alpha to a jockstrap wrestling match. These two jocks battle it out in their jockstraps to see who is the more skilled wrestler. See if this smaller jock can actually defeat Big Alpha. In another video, Big Alpha gets annoyed when his warm up for his workout is interrupted and takes his frustration out by dominating a scrawny boy. The scrawny sub gets choked and beaten up by this more muscular alpha. There is a total display of cockiness and muscle domination during this beat down session. Changing gears, another Chokemaster, Andre, demonstrates how to do a chokehold by using a girl as his victim. This alpha jock describes step-by-step as he uses his strength to make this girl submit.

2 New Videos – Master Alex gives some hardcore CBT and nipple abuse to his slave, Gus, on the floor as he towers over him. Ready to punish this slave’s useless clit dick every time it whimpers, Master Alex puts clothespins on the slave’s small dick to torment him. No pleasure, no orgasms, just a tiny dicked slave experiencing pain. If you want some solo worship of Master Alex then yo ucan worship his ass. Wearing some tight leather gear, Master Alex shows off his smooth alpha for you to drool over. Your next meal will be to eat this alpha’s superior ass and drink his piss.

5 New Videos – Master H owns his sub by choking him out as he fights him on the bed. This sub slave is thrown down while Master H gets on top of him and asserts his dominance by choking this slave in a variety of submissions. The slave accepts all of the abuse his master gives him because he knows not to resist. In another real time meet, Slave Matt lays on the ground while Master J stomps his face. Master J repeatedly smacks the slave’s face with his foot and shows no respect for this slave as he delivers foot smacks to it’s face. The slave loves being in a position underneath superior men. Similarly when Slave Matt meets up with Master E and gags on his feet. Master E kicks and steps on this slave treating him like a human doormat. Slave Matt then opens his mouth to gag on Master E’s big alpha male feet. Master E rams his feet in the slave’s mouth making him gag.

Slave Matt gets abused even more when he meets up with Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Mater Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight, brutal chokehold making him gasp for air. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and ultimately taps out. When he taps out, he is given the opportunity to worship Master Daniel’s feet. The next day, Slave Matt still craves the need to serve men and serves Master Ch’s feet. Slave Matt lays down on his back as Master Ch gets the slave to lick and clean the heels of his feet. Master Ch then locks one foot on the back of Slave Matt’s head forcing him to service the other foot with no escape.

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1 New Video – You’re back again with the Brutal God because you’re a nasty perverted piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to repeat every word and every line over and over again until these words are burned into what’s left of your feeble soul. This Brutal God will make you his perverted loser after you repeat the perverted loser mantra.

3 New Videos – The life of a slave is only for the service and satisfaction of needs of masters. Master Hunter, Nevil, and Basford begin by laughing at their slave in this real time clip as the slave licks the soles of their feet. From spitting to tasting the bottom’s of these alphas’ socks, the slave endures some rough treatment from these three doms. Later Master Hunter and Nevil decide to sit their asses on the slave’s face. Throughout the video, the slave endures face sitting from the two masters. These doms sit on the slave’s face in shorts, boxers, and then finally bare assed. Afterwards, it is Masters Basford and Nevil’s turn to trample the slave as they bully him. This pathetic weak slave gets slapped around and spit on as these doms degrade and humiliate him. The slave lays there under their feet while they trample and walk all over him.

5 New Videos – Master Ch chokes out his slave in their latest meet up. This dom smothers the slave with his alpha male feet as he sits on the slave’s chest. Later the dom wants to amuse himself and begins choking his slave. The next day Slave Matt meets up with another dom buddy, Master H, for some choke domination to be reminded of who’s in charge. Master H chokes out Slave Matt on the bed and makes him quickly tap out. This slave is at the absolute mercy of his dom as there is no where to escape.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt begins to worship Master J’s feet in their latest encounter. Master J sits back on the couch while Slave Matt assumes the position under his feet and licks his soles. Mater J chokes his slave with his feet to make him gag on them. Master J then decides to choke out his slave in their next meet up. Master J gets the slave down on the bed and locks him in a tight headlock to the point the slave is gasping for air. This slave quickly learns that he must submit to all dominant men or be brutalized. Afterwards, Master J engages the slave in a boxing beat down. With their boxing gloves on, Master J and Slave Matt square off against each other. Slave Matt is no match for Master J and is quickly pummeled with punches.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy do some headscissors practice on each other in their room. These two studs practice locking each other’s head between their powerful legs to strengthen their submission power. The slave that has to endure these headscissors next is going to regret it. In another clip, ElliotScissors and his buddy Dustin do some at-home wrestling on each other. ElliotScissors and Dustin fight it out on the couch using some intense wrestling holds on each other. Dustin is a professional wrestler and teaches ElliotScissors a couple of new holds.

ElliotScissors gets a new buddy to become his headscissor slave. Headscissor slave Tommy experiences some inescapable headscissors for the first time in his life. Tommy experiences what other slave’s feel when they’re trapped between ElliotScissors’ legs. In his final update this week, ElliotScissors invites over his buddies Dustin and Jim to have their own amateur wrestling match in his home. Dustin and Jim wrestle it out on the couch and fight for dominance against each other. Both of these studs lock a variety of chokeholds on each other to see which one taps out first.

3 New Videos – DavidWar sits back at his desk and puts his feet up in the air for foot faggots to drool over. This alpha dom verbally abuses throughout as he orders you to worship and submit to his big alpha male feet. Later he whips out his big cock and teases you with it as he begins stroking. Things get even kinkier in the next clip as DavidWar covers his face in saliva. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and down his throat, DavidWar spits up thick throat slime that he covers his lips and face with. Changing gears away from the solo action, in his next clip, DavidWar does some facesitting domination on a Tgirl from Colombia. Wearing red boxers, DavidWar smothers the Tgirl with his jock ass before putting his bare ass on her face.

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2 New Videos – Master Alex laughs at what a tiny little cock you have. It’s so pathetic to him that he doesn’t even know if you can get hard. Your tiny cock will never do anything of use. Little dicked losers like you need to be humiliated by big dicked real alpha men. After you’ve endured all of the verbal abuse, it is time to worship Master Alex’s feet. This foot dom knows how to make foot slaves drool in anticipation. He will tease you with his big alpha feet and make you into an obedient foot licking slut. Start edging and prepare to take his big feet inside of you.

3 New Videos – This weakling gets squeezed by a muscle man. Muscle dom Dennis tightly grips this beta boy’s head between his muscular tree trunk legs and begins squeezing. The muscle God simply flexes while the scrawny boy begs for mercy. Later Big alpha Dennis verbally dominates you for being a weak little faggot. This muscular alpha flexes and shows why he is truly superior. All of his hard work in the gym shows you why he should dominate someone as weak as you. Worship his huge bulge and muscles as you obey. Afterwards in another real time session, Big Alpha locks another inferior in a tight headlock. Wearing a tight black workout shirt and green compression pants, Big Alpha wraps his massive biceps around this inferior’s neck and begins squeezing. Once this powerful alpha locks you in a submission, there is no escape.

2 New Videos – Ever since TripleXTransman met Prince Dommy and Joshie, they’ve been making plans to tag team Joshie. Joshie (JJ) has never bottomed on film for anyone other than his partner, Prince Dommy, until now. Plus, he’s never taken a strapon dick before. TripleXTransman pounds JJ’s pretty pink hole with Dom and even fucks Dom’s cum into JJ. For even more kinks, TripleXTransman has a daddy / step-son roleplay video for you. You’ve been curious about a grown man’s body and a grown man’s cock for a long time now. It’s time to have that chat with your daddy and learn how to please men. Once you take daddy’s seed then you can become a real man.

5 New Videos – Master K is ready to trample his slave. This foot slave lays on his back like a human doormat as his foot dom walks all over him. The slave is stomped on and trampled by his master. The trampling domination continues in part 2. Master K kicks and tramples this slave without showing him any humanity or respect. The slave is then commanded to lick and worship his master’s feet at the end. This slave just can’t get enough of his master’s feet. Licking and sucking on his master’s toes, this foot slave shows total obedience. This foot slave licks every inch of Master K’s feet to show his devotion.

In another real time with Master K, the foot slave gets choked out. Laying on the ground, the slave finds his head trapped between Master Ks legs. Master K chokes out and squeezes this slave’s head until he taps out. Days later, slave Matt gets a visit from another one of his doms, Master CH, for a beatdown session. Master CH beats up and bullies his slave to take out his frustrations. This slave serves as a human punching bag for any and all dominant men who visit him.

3 New Videos – One of Davidwar’s biggest turn ons is his leather fetish. Wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, Davidwar gets extremely turned on and rock hard. He is left with no other choice than to start jerking his cock until he cums from the feel and scent of his leather gear. If you need more of Davidwar then you can worship his muscles in this next video. Davidwar flexes for the camera and shows off his jock ass. Worship every inch of his body as he flexes and oils up his physique. In his 3rd video update this week, Davidwar has a fight with another alpha. The fight gets crazy in their apartment as they all fight over a girl. Things go awry when the girl then ends up fighting one of the alpha boys turning everything into a massive brawl.

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2 New Videos – Monster muscle dom Big Alpha takes on the role of a cop and punishes this weak boy under the full force of the law. Using his massive muscles, Big Alpha squeezes the weakling with his huge biceps and more to administer total punishment. The weak boy has no other choice than to obey this monstrous muscle dom. In part 2, this huge bodybuilder torments this defiant criminal by locking him in a tight headlock to assert his dominance. Big Alpha’s veins are bulging from his arms and all over his muscled body while taking the boy to the ground. Later he uses his muscular legs to wrap around the perp’s head. Big Alpha’s legs are so huge that the boy’s head nearly disappears when getting squeezed between these muscle thighs.

2 New Videos – A tiny slave is initiated by Mr. Big and his reward is a bedding made of used boxers and Mr. Big’s creamy load. Starting from foot worship, to huge ball play, to ass worship as Mr. Big builds up a gigantic load to unleash and cover the tiny slave. Later, Mr. Big instructs you, his tiny slave, to follow him to the urinal to piss. Mr. Big doesn’t tolerate slaves who don’t obey or put up a fight. One thing he does like is begging. Beg for his piss in your mouth and make it convincing and he might just give it to you.

5 New Videos – Master J has come over to pay his slave a visit but he plans on totally ignoring his slave while playing video games. Master J sits on the slave’s back as the slave licks and worships his master’s feet. Completely ignoring this slave, Master J just sits on the slave like it’s furniture to do some gaming. Once he’s done gaming, Master J punishes the slave a little by trampling the slave. Treating the slave like a doormat, Master J walks all over the slave and then chokes the slave with his foot. This obedient foot slave just sits there and takes it as he gags on his master’s feet. To administer more punishment to this slave, Master J chokes out the slave with his legs. Wrapping his leg around the slave’s throat, Master J shows no respect to his slave and makes him suffer until he’s begging for air.

In another session with his slave, Master J wants to have some fun by beating down the slave. Putting on some boxing gloves, Master J pummels his slave and knocks him to the ground. On the ground, Master J tramples and stomps on the slave some more. This slave must love punishment because in a separate session, he invites over Master K to box him and beat him. Master K punches and kicks the slave like a human punching bag. Once the slave begs for a break, Master K orders the slave to worship his barefeet on the ground. The slave licks and worships his master’s feet in between getting kicked around.

3 New Videos – Wearing a leather jacket and gloves, Davidwar turns himself on from all of his leather gear. This jock then whips out his cock and begins masturbating while rubbing his leather gear. He shows off all of his body before finally cumming from this hot leather gear. Things get even kinkier when Davidwar uses a dildo on his ass during a cam session. Wearing a lovense in his hole, Davidwar strokes his hard dick for the camera. This jock loves having an audience watch him and the next clip is no exception as Davidwar jerks off on cam. Stroking his big dick and sucking on a dildo, Davidwar turns himself on and builds up a massive load before busting on cam.

1 New Audio Clip – Meet Grace, one of Master Lucian’s most faithful submissives. In this audio clip, you’ll hear Master Lucian inducing and reinforcing obedience, followed by oral and vaginal sex. Sit back and imagine yourself in her place as Master Lucian fucks your soul, mind, and body for 14 minutes.

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2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod turned this loser’s underwear into a thong for some extreme wedgie abuse. After pulling this loser’s underwear over his head, MasterUltimateGod rides the slave around like a donkey throughout the hotel room. There’s nothing MasterUltimateGod enjoys more than putting pathetic sub’s in their place. Continuing on with the abuse, MasterUltimateGod spits all over the sub’s face in the next part of this real time meet up. This fag slave has the honor of getting to taste his master’s spit and take a couple of slaps to the face. Every single slave that encounters MasterUltimateGod craves this same type of abuse. The slave quickly realizes it is just filth compared to such a superior alpha as MasterUltimateGod

3 New Videos – FagButler is ready to worship his master in the sauna. MasterBigCountry lays back while keeping FagButler on a leash making the slave worship his alpha feet, pits, and ass. This slave loves his master’s body and loves worshipping him. Throughout the worship session, MasterBigCountry reminds FagButler that he will be owned forever. Later, MasterBigCountry takes more control of this fag slave and makes him breathe in his alpha scent. MasterBigCountry puts a gas mask on this slave and makes the slave inhale his master’s smells of ball sweat, shoes, and socks. FagButler’s bulge shows just how much he loves the smell of his master as it continues to grow throughout this humiliation. To continue on with the abuse, MasterBigCountry brings along a buddy for some double dom worship for this fag slave. MasterBigCountry and his buddy, Master Don, get FagButler to worship their dirty boots, socks, and feet. The slave becomes a human ottoman for these superior alphas as he worships them mindlessly.

2 New Video – Big Alpha dominates another weakling in the gym by choking him with his muscular legs. Pinning this sub on the gym floor, Big Alpha locks him in various chokeholds and headscissors. See how much this weak boy can endure from this muscular and dominant alpha. In another gym beatdown, Big Alpha throws this weak guy in various submission holds utilizing his strong muscles to make the sub boy submit even faster. Big Alpha locks every submission on tight so this sub boy has no where to escape to and has no choice but to tap out for mercy.

3 New Videos – DanielSlin can’t get enough of choking out submissives. In another real time meet with his slave, DanielSlin gets his slave down on the ground for some intense choke submission and abuse. The slave has no where to go as this alpha locks the slave’s head in between his biceps. The choke domination continues when DanielSlin locks his slave between his legs for some more chokehold abuse. This slave has no where to run to when he’s pinned down and locked between his master’s legs. DanielSlin tightens his grip around the slave’s head like a vice for the slave to suffer more and flexes for the camera as his slave struggles. Even though this slave gets abused from DanielSlin, it still comes back for more domination from master. Locking the slave down again between his legs, DanielSlin shows this sub no mercy and no respect while choking him out. DanielSlin loves showing off and reminding his sub’s of why he’s the boss.

1 New Video – DavidWar gets his dick hard in bed while demanding that you worship his feet. This straight alpha loves dominating and showing off for the camera which makes him rock hard every time he does so. Look up at this dom’s powerful dick as you work away at servicing his big barefeet.

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2 New Videos – Your bratty sub mouth entertains Master Alex at times but he needs to make sure you are not crossing the line and stay obedient to master. Master Alex thinks a little corporal punishment can do a world of good for bitches like you that need to be reminded of their place. After some punishment, it is time to worship master’s big cock. Once Master Alex shrinks you down to become a tiny slave, he inserts you inside his big bulging underwear. After leaving you there for a while and drenching you in piss, big Master Alex unleashes his giant dick. You can only look up and see your entire world eclipsed by his magnificent cock, showering you in a never-ending avalanche of creamy cum.

2 New Videos – This sub begged for MasterBigCountry to use and abuse him, so this dom happily obliged. Watch this dominant alpha choke this sub, beat him, and put him in his place. The slave thanks his master every step of the way, enjoying the domination his dom puts over him. In part 2 of the abuse and domination, MasterBigCountry gives you a different angle and shows more abuse of his sub. This alpha crushes the slave’s balls, stomps on him, and uses him as a foot rest before choking him out some more. The submissive cash slave loves it all as he should.

3 New Videos – After a long day of walking, KingMaster needs some relaxation to which he calls his slave over to massage and lick his alpha feet. The submissive foot slave licked his master’s shoes then sniffed his socks before finally licking his master’s feet all over. When KingMaster was done with the slave, he sent him on his way.

The next foot slave serves KingMaster’s girl by licking her feet. It’s time for this slave to snack on Mistress’ feet but first he is dressed like a dog in leather and treated like an animal. Afterwards, this findomme peels a banana and crushes it with her feet so the slave can eat it from her feet. The foot slave then gets to tickle mistress’ feet. This findomme wanted a laugh and that’s why she calls over her slave. The slave gets down on his knees and tickle’s his dominatrix’s feet at her command.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets ready to submit to his master when he must endure some headscissors domination. Ikagura is locked between this jock dom’s powerful legs and choked out into complete submission. Ikagura struggles and begs for mercy. In another session, the same jock dom chokes out his slave to establish more dominance. Ikagura is taken to the ground and choked out in a tight headlock by this superior jock dom. The dom looks right in his slave’s face as Ikagura begs him to let up but the dom only lets up when he is ready to do so. With another alpha in a different worship session, Ikagura lays on his back and suffers through trample domination. This lean alpha stands over Ikagura and smothers the slave with his feet. Ikagura can’t see a thing as this master’s feet completely cover his face as he’s treated like a human doormat.
For some solo alpha foot action, Ikagura filmed a dom giving a foot show. This foot dom shows off his big barefeet to the camera. Get lost in a trance as you watch this alpha male’s feet. Ikagura couldn’t resist just sitting back watching and had to service this dom’s feet. Once the foot slave does, he gets kicked around by master. Ikagura lays on his back while this dom kicks him and rubs his barefeet all over the slave’s face. This submissive foot slave is in heaven under his master’s powerful feet.

2 New Videos – Davidwar gets into some superhero roleplay in his latest video. Taking on the role of the superhero, Davidwar sets out to thwart you evil plans of destroying the world. However, Davidwar isn’t the most successful superhero in his efforts as he is quickly defeated by you and forced to jerk his big dick and cum all over his abs. In another clip, Davidwar gets back to the nasty verbal abuse when he makes you worship his big feet. Davidwar talks down to you for being an inferior cash fag and shows what a dominant foot dom he can be to you. The domination turns him on so much that he whips out his dick and begins stroking his big cock while flexing his muscles.

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2 New Videos – SlavesSeeker went to visit Italy to use and humiliate a slave in a recent realtime encounter. This pathetic sub slave drinks SlavesSeeker’s piss and gets totally bullied by his alpha. SlavesSeeker sticks the slave’s head ina toilet for swirlies and then makes the slave drink his piss from a cup. All throughout this session there is more humiliation with plenty of spitting, belt whipping, and kicking. Even though you may not be as lucky as that slave, you can still worship SlavesSeeker’s sneakers. In his other recent clip, SlavesSeeker takes off his sweaty shoes after a soccer match. Sniff, worship, and serve at his soccer cleats like an obedient foot slave. Once you are done, then you might be lucky enough to sniff this superior findom’s smelly socks and his barefeet. Foot slaves will love every minute of this.

2 New Videos – You want to sniff this alpha’s farts because you are a depraved pig slave. Vicious54 puts on a pair of tight briefs and jiggles his ass for the camera before ripping intense farts right in your face. This cocky alpha will tease you with his ass to remind you that you don’t ever have a chance of touching it because the denial is so much hotter to him than letting you worship it. Switching things up in the next video, Vicious54 shrinks a slave down to the size of a toy. This tiny mini slave gets stuff right in his tight running shorts right up against this alpha’s asshole. Imagine being this mini slave and begging for mercy all while being trapped in the paradise of being between your alpha’s ass cheeks. If the slave is lucky, maybe Vicious54 will suffocate him with alpha farts as well.

4 New Videos – Ikagura plays a game of gag the slave with his foot dom. This arrogant alpha gags Ikagura with his superior barefeet. Watch Ikagura suck on this alpha’s toes and try to deepthroat his master’s feet to show obedience. After the foot worship session is done, this dom wants to choke his slave between his legs. Ikagura lays on his back between this alpha’s legs while getting choked out from his master’s tight squeeze. Ikagura completely submits and begs for mercy from this alpha master but this dom just gets amused more by Ikagura’s cries.

In another session of gag the slave, Ikagura submits to another dom to gag on his feet. Ikagura lays back while this alpha jams his foot deep in Ikagura’s slave mouth. Being a loyal foot slave, Ikagura swallows as much of his alpha’s foot as he can. Afterwards, it is time for some trample domination from this alpha. Ikagura takes his natural position underneath the sole of his master’s feet to get trampled and crushed. This alpha male stomps all over Ikagura’s chest, stomach, and face to let the slave know who is in charge.

3 New Videos – Davidwar flexes his biceps and strokes his big dick in this private webcam session. After a hard workout, Davidwar is flowing with testosterone and wants to flex his big muscled biceps while also stroking his big dick. This findom shoots a massive load of cum at the end. Fans of Davidwar’s can’t get enough of his masculine good looks so he plays that up in the next clip while showing off his hair and beard to the camera. Flirting with and teasing his fans, Davidwar strips down and gives them everything that want to see to drive them wild. Departing from the solo action, in this next clip Davidwar gets a foot massage from his buddy. Davidwar’s friend massages his foot and rubs every inch of it to help his friend relax and to get all of the foot slaves watching worked up.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun seeks revenge in this rough humiliation session. Initially the slave ties up MasterShaun thinking he will take advantage of his masters but the tables quickly turn. MasterShaun gets annoyed and pissed off that this slave would even consider trying to dom his master and proceeds to sit on the slave’s chest with his full body weight while spitting in the slave’s mouth. This slave quickly learns his lesson from all of the trampling, beating, and humiliation he is about to endure. In another session together, MasterShaun makes his slave smell his alpha scent. Master Shaun wakes up and feels pretty smelly and dirty before showering. Before washing up, this alpha sits right on his slave’s face with his smelly ass and makes the slave worship his stinky armpits and sweaty cock.

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1 New Video – Learn what it’s like to serve a drill instructor as Sergeant Kruzzar delivers intense verbal abuse to a submissive cadet like you. You’ll quickly learn to respond with “Sir, Yes, Sir” while serving under this alpha’s boots. Get on your knees to listen and obey all of your commander’s orders as he verbally puts you in your place and instructs you on how to obey.

4 New Videos – KingMaster and Mistress wait for the slave to enter their house to serve as their slave dog for use. These two superiors let the slave in and get him on his knees to worship their boots. KingMaster and his Mistress start torturing the slave with nipple torture and whipping before collaring him and tying him up to beat him some more. Continuing with the doggy play theme, KingMaster gives his human dog a special meal. His human dog is subjected to eating dog food from a bowl. To test the slave’s devotion, KingMaster dumps the food on the floor and makes the slave eat it up from the floor. The slave must even lick the floor without leaving a single missed crumb.

KingMaster loves degrading his slaves and this time is no different when he subjects them to some public humiliation. The slaves accompany their master to a train station and while outside KingMaster publicly humiliates them by making them worship his feet in public. Off in the distance are people passing by as these two slaves suck on and lick their master’s feet. Going solo, KingMaster’s Mistress makes a slave worship her boots in the next clip. The Miss has a slave eat a crushed banana off of her boots while putting the slave in his place. She chews up some of the banana and spits it on the ground making the slave eat it. This pathetic masked slave licks up every bit of the mess for his Mistress.

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