Featured Model- Henderdong

As you creep up on you master, Henderdong, you watch as he’s focused on gaming and owning other gamers. All you can do is beg for him to allow you to worship his superior alpha male feet. Lick and sniff his ripped socks and ripe soles like an obedient foot fag. This is your duty while Henderdong relaxes during an intense gaming session.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

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1 New Video – A horny slave is an obedient slave, Master Alex always says. While chastity is important, it’s also good to let the slave out and let him edge until he is so horny he can barely talk. Master Alex instructs his edge toy to only stroke when he decides which will leave the slave edged into submission. Then its hands off as Master kicks the slaves cock with his leather boots. If he desires to experience pleasure, the slave must also take the pain. And Master Alex wants to continue playing his sadistic game until the slave loses his mind in total arousal and submission.

3 New Videos – Master gets his pathetic slavic queer out on the wresting mats in order to teach him a lesson with some intense chokeholds. The bitch slave has to endure humiliation and abuse as this alpha God shows him who is in charge. Watch the masked slavic queer struggle while Master Ultimate God wraps his muscular legs around its neck until the slave can’t take anymore. The abuse continues as Master Ultimate God crushes this slavic queer under his alpha feet, body, and muscles. It’s almost like the slave is a piece of human furniture. Feel the pain as he destroys this faggot with his straight dominance and treats it like an object.

Using a different slave, Master Ultimate God turns his fag butler into the ultimate foot fag. This obedient fag slave is forced to sniff his alpha’s sneakers and lick the bottoms of his shoes. Imagine if you were as lucky as this foot slave and had this chance.

1 New Video – Time for you to get on all fours and pray to your God, Henderdong. This alpha takes you down to the river’s edge to pray to and worship his feet. Walking barefoot along the wet rocks and in the flowing stream, Henderdong will make you worship his wet and damp feet. Get down and lick this superior cash dom’s feet.

1 New Video – Get ready to worship Satan and AlfaPrimal in this satanic worshipping and control video. AlfaPrimal hypnotizes you with his eyes and makes you give your soul to him. Bow down, hell spawn faggot, and sniff your poppers to fry your brain.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen brings you along to watch some of a real time session as he gets his muscles worshipped. This is part of a session with one of his loyal faggots who gets the honor of massaging his master’s entire muscled body with oil. Later the slave gets to lick the bulge of his master along with some foot domination as well.

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2 New Videos – You’ve been caught! All the time Miles Striker thought you were another masculine man like himself but no, you are just a sissy faggot. Miles caught you red handed in bed wearing panties and jerking off. You and him are going to have to discuss this after a few days of him cooling off. After that, things are going to be way different from now on. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. After you download that video clip, it would be best to confess your sins to Miles. However, confession is done a little differently in the Gospel of Striker. Get ready to feel dissolved of all of your sins and reborn. You will become a better class of faggot for Miles Striker through hard work under his command. It is time to re-purpose your talents as a faggot.

2 New Videos – Grab your poppers because you’re getting your brain fried by Henderdong. Follow all of Henderdong’s commands as he relaxes with his feet up in the backyard. Henderdong will count you down for how many seconds you have to deeply inhale those poppers. Get completely fried and mindless for this superior alpha dom as you stare at his massive feet. If you still can’t get enough of Henderdong’s feet then check out this next clip. As you creep up on you master, Henderdong, you watch as he’s focused on gaming and owning other gamers. All you can do is beg for him to allow you to worship his superior alpha male feet. Lick and sniff his ripped socks and ripe soles like an obedient foot fag. This is your duty while Henderdong relaxes during an intense gaming session.

2 New Videos – Check out alpha male RobKnight as he takes off his shoes and socks after a hot, long day at the theme park. Walking all day has made this alpha’s feet super sweaty and needing some faggot attention. Taking off his shoes and socks, RobKnight reveals his bare male feet and hot male soles for you to lick and devote your complete attention to serving. In another foot worship session, RobKnight returns home from work and shows off his sheer black dress socks. These socks and many others are the types of socks RobKnight sells to foot faggots. Sniff and worship his sweaty overworked feet as you lick the sweat from his soles.

1 New Video – In this new video from DavidWar, he introduces you to his brother who loves to tickle his brother’s feet. In this 10 minute video clip, DavidWar goes under some tough tickle torture as his brother tickles his barefeet making him laugh and fight against it.

1 New Audio Clip – Ready for your next addiction? Do you like porn? Straight? Gay? Soon it’s going to be both, then both at once as Master Lucian introduces you to your new bisexual porn addiction. Master Lucian will introduce you to every combination of M and F porn imaginable. 9 full minutes of indoctrination and feeding your fetish. The time to listen is now!

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2 New Videos – Dinner is served up or down on the floor where is should be for Henderdong’s slaves. Master Henderdong enjoys a hot pizza then crushes the leftovers with his feet. Mashing the pizza into his socked feet, Henderdong will order you to lick and eat up what is on the ground like a worthless slave. Enjoy some of pizza crushed by Henderdong’s feet. The food crushing doesn’t stop there as Henderdong crushes a hamburger with his feet in another upload. Enjoy another dinner course at Henderdong’s feet. Get on all fours and beg to eat some Hamburger and fries at Henderdong’s feet. It even has the perfect Henderdong seasoning from him stomping it with his white socks.

2 New Videos – Down underneath Miles Striker’s desk is where you belong. Down there to clean up anything Miles Striker tells you to while he works and watches hardcore porn. Get your face right in this master’s crotch while he rubs his hard cock to porn. Your mouth is his waste receptacle. After you clean up his superior cum from the floor, you sit right there to lap up every bit of his alpha piss. Get right up underneath Mile Striker’s bulge and take a big whiff of his alpha scent while you’re down there.

Now from some intense roleplay. You’ve been caught! All this time, Miles thought you were another masculine man like himself but he has come to find you in his bed wearing panties and jerking off. Things at the house are going to be way different from now on. It’s time to go over your new rules as his personal fucking sissy. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. Now is time to seal the deal with a nice blowjob and a facial for your sissy faggot face in this nearly 18 minute video.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod enjoys a relaxing day outside, showing off his dominant feet in sandals throughout this nearly 13 minute video. Sit at eye level to his alpha feet and worship them as he just enjoys the nice weather outside. Beg for the opportunity to sniff and pray to these superior alpha feet. Even if you aren’t into feet, as a cash faggot, it is your duty to worship every part of your alpha.

For all the tinies out there, it is time to be eaten by MasterUltimateGod. Watch as this superior master devours you and your friends like you were on this plate of food. Shrunken down to the size of a speck of food, you’ll be running around this giant’s plate avoiding his fork, afraid that you’ll be the next bite. The feeding frenzy continues as MasterUltimateGod devours a mountain of food. This giant alpha describes how he is going to eat you like this stack of food. He’ll chew you up slowly before swallowing you whole. Accept your fate, munchkin fag.

1 New Video – Master Axl makes his slave lick his shoes in this real time meeting. Wearing the same shoes and socks for 5 days leading up to this meeting, Master Axl makes sure his feet and shoes have the maximum amount of alpha scent possible on them. The masked foot fag loves every minute of it as he sniffs and worships this alpha’s stinky superior feet. Download this clip to see what it is like to worship Master Axl’s feet.

1 New Video – Love smooth alpha feet? In this nearly 15 minute video clip, DavidWar shows off his beautiful bare soles smeared with lots of oil. Stare in awe at these feet as DavidWar completely hypnotizes you with them and them proceeds to rub this oiled up feet up and down a dildo. The movements will make any foot lover cream instantly.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Your dream king Henderdong is here for you to worship. Get ready to receive some verbal domination from your superior. In this nearly 10 minute video clip, Henderdong shows you his jock-like attitude and you will soon realize that he is the God you need to serve and bown down to. This video should give you a sample of what it’s like to have a real time session with Henderdong.

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3 New Videos – Serve Master Gary and lick his feet as he relaxes in his latest video clip. Master Gary sits outside, reclined in a patio chair with his big alpha feet planted right in front of the camera for you to worship as he delivers some harsh verbal. If you need more verbal abuse then check out the next newest video from Master Gary where he dishes out some extreme findom talk. Open your wallet and be prepared to go broke for this lean, fit cash dom. Your role in life is to serve as an ATM and MasterGary will remind you of that. After you’ve fully come to realize your purpose and submitted everything to Master Gary, it’s time to worship his perfection. As this findom alpha soaks up the sun and flexes, you’ll sit obediently on your knees and beg to worship and serve him more as he verbally abuses you while smoking a cigarette and flexing.

1 New Video – Get a HOT replay of a cam show where Taylor jerks off, talks dirty, shows off his hot cock, and cums!! Yes, this is the full meal deal but wait…. THERE’S MORE! He also has a Lovense Hush vibrating buttplug in his jock ASS! Watch as his prostate gets pumped and edged by the vibrations of the tips of his adoring fans as they cheer him on and enjoy the dirty talking. Also, don’t miss out on the Taylor video sale where all of his videos have been discounted.

3 New Videos – Creep on your Master Henderdon in his hotel room as he sticks his sneakers in your face. Later Henderdong pulls out a wad of cash from draining cash faggots and shows it off before rubbing it with his feet. For a foot fag like you, you’ll begin to sweat and your heart will skip as you watch this superior alpha grind his feet into this fag cash. After that it’s time to worship a dressed up Henderdong. Get at the foot of this alpha’s bed and worship him in his perfection while he’s all dressed up in a suit and tie. This cash dom will show you inside his worn dress shoes and make you sniff them along with his dress socks that he’s been wearing all night. Can you handle worshipping this much Henderdong?

After worshipping Henderdong all night, it’s time to worship Henderdong for breakfast. This should be a morning ritual for you at this point. As soon as you wake up, crawl to this alpha’s feet and worship him. Get at the foot of this findom’s couch as he eats his morning breakfast and drinks his coffee while you try your best to start his day off right by drooling at his soles.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course and makes you worship his superior feet. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. While in a golf cart, Henderdong puts his feet and custom Henderdong socks up to the camera making a weak foot fag like you feel the urges to sniff those big alpha male feet. Showing off his socks, sneakers, and barefeet on the green, Henderdong will have you begging to be his personal caddy and foot fag. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video.

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6 New Videos – Get dressed up like a fucking slut for Master. Alpha dom Master Gary has a belt to use as your collar with a gold leash for your slutty neck. Be prepared to go under some Barbie bimbo sissification at the hand of Master Gary. This dom will tell you how to dress and what to wear as you worship him as your Master. But before you get started there, take a look and download part 1 of this 2 part sissification series. In part 1, Master Gary turns you into a slutty whore who must obey all of his orders. You know deep down inside that you’re a sissy girl. From now on, in the presence of Master Gary, your name is Abby. Get introduced to your new life as a slutty whore for this alpha dom and be prepared to be fully degraded as a pathetic slutty whore. If that wasn’t enough of abuse, in another video upload, Master Gary puts you through a forced workout. Master Gary will make you suffer as he tells you what to do and how to train. You’ll become obedient and subservient as Master Gary tells you what a stupid fucking faggot you are the entire time. Be ready for endless amounts of pushups, situps, and burpees, as Master Gary becomes your new personal trainer.

As a reward for all of that sissification and training, Master Gary will let you hit those poppers for some sniffs. Get high as fuck for your new Master by sniffing those fresh poppers. Master Gary will guide you through as he tells you to sniff and inhale those poppers while threatening to expose what a popper sniffing faggot you are to the world. Endure more popper fuckery while you stare at Master Gary’s white socks. You’re going to be so fucked up on poppers as you stare blindly as this master’s feet while you wear chastity. He’ll take great pleasure in torturing you by teasing you with his alpha body and his dirty white socks being stuck in your faggot face. This final popper instructional clip is the most hardcore for a ruthless intox session. For this video, MasterGary says you need 3 mixed strong spirit drinks, a lit joint, and 1 or 2 bottles of poppers. This is not for rookie faggot slaves as Master Gary does whatever it takes to ruin your brain. No mercy in this ruthless, no limits intox session. Say goodbye to your brain cells and your cash.

1 New Video – In this over 10 minute long compilation of video clips, you’ll learn that your place is at Master Alex’s feet. All of his hottest foot worship sessions are included. Sessions of Master Alex in army boots, leather stomping boots, knee high socks and more but in every session the slaves know true obedience and submit to his feet, boots, and socks. These obedient fag slaves know their place is at an alpha’s feet. If you just want to cut to the chase and see all of Master Alex‘s foot worship clips, this is the compilation clip for you.

1 New Video – Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

1 New Video – The ultimate muscle giant is standing in front of you and over you while a small, tiny slave like yourself kneels in front of him. FlexGod‘s strength is so incredible and masculine that you will easily follow all of his orders and do anything he wants. You follow his orders because you’re scared of his strength and size and don’t want to get hurt. Experience 10 minutes of pure domination from this muscular superior when you download this verbal muscle worship video.

4 New Audio Clips – Do you know what the subliminals can do? Do you even care or will you follow them willingly? This audio clip is a multi-layered reinforcing file filled with subliminals to make you submit to a new level. But it gets more intense when you download the audio clip that will be the kickstarter to getting you addicted to Lucian Carter. There is no going back from here. Once you download this, be willing to give up your mind, body, spirit, soul and wallet. After becoming addicted, some slaves say that vices help them submit more easily and not think twice about their cash slave addictions. In the next clip, LucianCarter uses some 420 reinforcement. Weed, ganja, mary jane, the devil’s lettuce, it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is you need it to relax and submit more. Master Lucian is going to meld smoking weed with his powerful words and entwine them forever inside you.

Not only does your mind need conditioned but so does your body. Do you currently take a pre-workout before the gym such as C4 or LionBlast? It’s time you add an audio conditioning file to your pre-workout routine. Build your desire to workout and improve your body with this audio file to make you a bigger gym fag. As you get stronger in the gym, you’ll get weaker and more submissive too.

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3 New Videos – Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video. Later, Henderdong verbally degrades you as he makes you come along for a ride with him in his car. As he drives around town, Henderdong shows off his feet as they hit the pedals of his car. Watch this barefooted alpha as he verbally dominates you and reminds you of what a pathetic foot slave you are to him.

In another video geared toward foot lovers, Henderdong instructs you to sit back and loosen your belt as Henderdong turns up the heat with a foot job. Imagine feeling his superior feet and toes rubbing all over you. His big alpha feet all lubed up rubbing up and down on this dildo will make any foot fetishist weak.

2 New Video – You find yourself waking up for morning, but wait.. something’s not right. After much exploration and reality grasping, you finally come to grips with the realization that you are somehow only about 1/2 inch tall and you are in your cocky, straight roommate’s room. Not only that, but the Cuban Alpha King really really hates bugs in his room. It seems Cuban Alpha King has just gotten back from the gym and sits on the beds where you are, pulls of his shoes and socks, and nearly knocks you down when throwing them towards you while his colossal gargantuan soles are fidgeting around directly in front of you. You just simply are too small and insignificant to make any sounds loud enough to be heard by a normal sized human ear. Will this alpha giant notice you and decide it’s time to crush you like a bug or will you go undetected? Download to find out.

In this clip, the hot amazing Cuban Alpha King decides to shrink you down to be his tiny slave because he’s tired of stealing your lunch money in school. He decides to take it a step further and make you down to the size of a tiny insect ant bug. After showing off his huge straight alpha soles, he decides to place you in a huge empty beer box while he smokes above and ashes all over you. Cuban Alpha King is extremely verbally degrading while emphasizing that you belong to him and that he can do just about anything with you that he decides to see fit. This box is your new home, and with every stomp of the foot, you hear thundering booming and ground shaking sounds and feelings. What will he decide to do with you next?!?!

1 New Video – SirKraze is ready to extremely verbally degrade you for being a turd sniffing freak. This alpha dom flexes and gives you the middle finger during this hardcore verbal abuse video. You are scum compared to SirKraze and he quickly reminds you of that. He even tells you to breathe in deep, so get those fresh poppers out.

2 New Videos – The muscle god is back and he is angrier than than ever. This towering giant has destroyed your whole city and beaten all of your friends just by flexing his strong, rock hard muscles. Now your the only one who is left and your down on your knees begging for mercy, but the god won’t show any mercy for you. Now the humiliation begins. In another new clip, this young muscle beast shows off his muscles in full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees to serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fulfill his every wish.

1 New Video – MasterBenny has something for you to drink. This cash dom goes to the bathroom and fills up a cup with piss. Piss fags will crave Master Benny’s piss as they watch the warm yellow stream shoot out and fill up the glass.