Featured Model- 4King

Back with another hot flexing video, 4King delivers 10 minutes of flexing and true verbal domination. With this video, it’s time for you to be dominated by a true master and muscle god. Kneel in front of 4King like the weak beta faggot you are and admire his godlike physique. 4King’s huge muscles will make any muscle worshipper crave to worship these muscles. Your little faggot dick will get hard as 4King degrades you harder and harder with extreme verbal domination, reminding you of your place and where you belong.

Featured Model- FlexGod

Bow before this muscle dom’s feet and obey his every command as he verbally abuses you for being a weak faggot. The verbal abuse gets more intense as Flexgod treats you like a piece of subhuman garbage. You must quickly realize that you and him will never be equals. You are and will always be beneath him and inferior to his alpha presence.

Featured Model- College Muscle

Dominant and muscular master CollegeMuscle is ready to verbally abuse faggots in this video clip. In a clip intended as a custom video for a pathetic cash faggot, CollegeMuscle shares this verbal abuse clip with you. Wearing a tight compression fit workout shirt, CollegeMuscle flexes and shows off his huge biceps, massive chest, and outline of his chiseled abs through the compression fit material. You’ll be in awe of his muscles as he flexes and shows off all while verbally abusing you for being an inferior fuck. CollegeMuscle then takes off the compression fit shirt to show off his rock hard physique until he’s just in his designer boxer briefs flexing and verbally abusing you for being inferior to him.

Featured Model- LionMaster

Muscular and dominant alpha, LionMaster, is ready to popper train you. This superior alpha male gives you over 7 minutes of intense popper training while he makes you submit to his huge muscles. Flexing, verbal abuse, and showing off, you’ll quickly see why you must submit to this dominant master. Bow before him and give him everything he demands.

Featured Model- Cameron Foster

Watch sexy adult film star, Cameron Foster, show off everything via webcam in his bathroom. Cameron starts off in some sweaty gym clothes since he just returned home from the gym and has a huge pump in his muscles. Stripping out of his tight blue compression shirt, Cameron squirts oil all over his muscular and chiseled chest. His muscles glisten when oiled, enough to make any muscle worshipper weak enough to submit to this stud. Taking off his black gym shorts, he reveals his white briefs and big bulge. Cameron proceeds to squirt more oil all over himself until he’s fully naked and jacking his huge, thick meat until he cums.

Featured Model- BigThorsteinn

In this 10 minute video clip, muscle dom BigThorsteinn flexes his powerful Nordic muscles and makes any submissive slaves watching, become bewildered by the sheer mass and strength he possesses. Be prepared for some suprises during this muscle worship session as this dominant bodybuilder removes his boxer briefs to show his muscle ass to the camera. Flexing his bulging biceps, massive triceps, and wide back, you’ll drool to worship each and every one of his muscles during this session. Imagine yourself being squeezed by his bulging muscles and submitting to his every demand.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

In the first part of this 2 part video series, YoungNcharge shows off his tight red speedo for all of his fag slaves. While flexing his muscles, you can see his massive bulge through the speedo as he teases you and grabs it. Sitting back and telling you about how much of a faggot you are, YoungNcharge makes sure to put the focus on his massive manhood. You’ll crave to submit to this straight alpha superior and will need to download part 2 after you download this first part. Toward the end, YoungNcharge pulls out his big dick and shows it to the camera, leaving you needing more.

Hardcore XXX Action Pt. 2


2 New Videos and 3 Photo SetsMaster Jake has golden content that any slave out there will love to download. Master Jake bares it all in his latest video update where Master Jake jerks off and busts a load. All cash slaves better open their wallets and pay up to Master Jake to watch this extremely hot video showing Master Jake’s massively hard cock up close as he flexes and flips you off. At the end, he busts a big load of cum everywhere. If you need more of Master Jake’s cock then download his Master Jake Flexing Naked video. Master Jake shows off every inch of his tattooed alpha male body while flexing his lean muscles. He shows off his ass too for the cashslaves who can’t get enough of him.

Cash fags who want to add to their picture collection of Master Jake can do so by downloading his 3 latest photo set galleries starting with his Feet / Flexing / Bulge photos which consist of 20 pictures of Master Jake showing off his new boxer briefs and huge bulge while flexing and showing his godly feet. Still craving more of Master Jake’s bulge and feet? Download hiscollection of Feet / Flexing / Bulge pics. This set has only 14 pictures but has plenty of middle finger shots along with showcasing Master Jake’s body. If you only crave this findom’s feet then pick up his feet photo collection of 19 pictures. Master Jake shows off his godly feet for cash faggots to enjoy.

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4 New Videos – Adding more to his latest content we mentioned yesterday, Lacrosse067 has even more hardcore fetish videos for you. In one of his favorite films, this alpha male teases his faggot while locking him in chastity. Lacrosse067 loves making his fag slave moan and beg for more while being bound and tied up in a neoprene singlet. This fag boy is cuffed and bound while his master works over his asshole with large dildos and sex toys to even ice cubes. The dom loosens up his faggot for a hard fucking at the end then the fag earns the reward of being allowed to cum. Continuing with fucking his slave boy, Lacrosse fucks his slave boy in the kitchen. They both decided they need to properly break in their new granite counter tops and what better way to do that than to fuck on it. It starts off with Lacross devouring his fag’s ass like a gourmet meal getting him nice and loose for a hard fucking. The cold chill of the granite kept his dick so hard. Lacrosse busts multiple times all over his fag slave’s ass and even spanks him so hard to leave handprints all over the boy’s ass.

If you prefer seeing both of these men one on one then check out Lacrosse jerking off outside on his balcony. Being an exhibitionist, Lacrosse goes outside where anyone could see him because busting in the open air really gets him going. He loves showing off his thick meat. All of you fag slaves should be lucky to see him bust all over the window and beg him to lick it clean. Similarly, Lacrosse’s slave boy jerks off in his soccer gear in this 11 minute video clip. The nylon feels so good against his cock, making him even harder. He shows off his tight muscle ass during the video too and plays with it until he shoots a massive load.


2 New VideosDocTayTay gives the full package deal in this custom video for a slave named Shawn. Slave Shawn wanted a beater soaked in Taylor’s sweat and a jock covered in cum and sweat mailed to his door. A part of the deal was that Taylor had to film putting on the outfit, show him at the gym sweaty after his workout, and strip out of all of these gym clothes with some showing off. Taylor strips out of this sweaty jock gear and films everything his slave boy wanted. Taylor shows his muscles, bulge, and jock ass to the camera and he strips out of all of them and seals them up in a plastic ziplock baggy. But before packing away the jock, Taylor settles in for a hot cumshot all over it. He zips it up, along with the beat and ships it to Shawn’s doorstep.

Taylor become extremely popular when he joined In-Charge with his verbal abuse video he originally posted. Continuing with that verbal abuse theme, Taylor verbally abuses his Italian slave. Taylor posted a warning with this video that it contains extreme verbal degrading and offensive comments directed toward Italians, so if you need a safe space, too bad because you should be worshipping at Taylor’s feet no matter what he calls you. Taylor is willing to let you worship his superior feet but not without a price. He starts by severely insulting you, your family, and your Italian heritage. Then he kicks back and continues the onslaught of rotten comments while he wiggles and flicks his toes without a care in the world. He just sits there with a cocky smile, and a dominant alpha persona letting you know just how worthless you are and how much better he is than you.

Laurent Crawford

1 New VideoLaurent Crawford and his buddies have over their regular cash fag to use in this real time session. The foot fag loves worshipping superior alpha male feet. Laurent has his slave kneel down and give a blowjob to his toes. The slave sucks on those alpha toes like he would suck a dick in a bath house. Laurent sits back with his crew and relaxes as the foot fag worships his feet more and more in this foot fetish video.


3 New Videos and 1 Photo Set – Cashmaster SlavesSeeker is ready to humiliate and degrade you for being a worthless cash faggot. This alpha dom puts you in your place and reminds you of how pathetic you really are when it comes to serving him. Craving more then download SlavesSeeker’s other cash fag humiliation video. The cash master gives you a quick introduction of who you are and what your life means to him. It is one of being a worthless, owned cash faggot who opens his wallet constantly for his master. You could even be like the cash fag in his latest photo set. In this set of 9 pictures, SlavesSeeker shows how Romanian masters handle UK faggots. He documents his entire real time experience throughout this photo set. SlavesSeeker even added a custom requested fetish video to his portfolio page which is a video from the character KAA from the book of the jungle.

Featured Model- CashGod

146Your goal in life should be to aspire to be Cashgod’s human wallet. Everything this cash master wants in life and everything he deserves in life comes before anything you ever need as a slave. Your end goal is to be a mindless cash drone for him. In this video, Cashgod shows off his feet and does some flexing. In the second half of the video, Cashgod strips out of his Calvin Klein underwear but too bad that his wallet blocks your view of seeing his massive dick.