Featured Model- Str8CrushFeet

In the second episode of street feet recruit, five guys were recruited for individual and group foot worship scenes. Each guy had unique characteristics, such as Nico’s beautiful feet, Rashford’s bad boy attitude, Morgan’s open-mindedness, Hawk’s alpha presence, and FlipFlop guy’s soft and tasty feet. Check out each of their real-time foot worship interactions and how each uniquely uses and abuses the foot fag.

Featured Model- AlphaCashMatt

AlphaCashMatt is joined by Bound Eagle as they bust this slave’s balls. The masked inferior slaves gets his nuts smacked and kicked around as these two doms enjoy abusing him. With clothespins on his nipples, the doms abuse him, spit on him, blow smoke in his face, and totally degrade him.

Featured Model- Master Alex

Slave Gus is constantly at his computer gooning and wanking to Master Alex and desperately wishing to be able to serve and submit in real life. It’s his lucky day because Master Alex is here to put him in his place. Master Alex makes sure to show Slave Gus what a gooner he is and makes sure he’s ready to obey through pain and discipline.

Featured Model- Big Punisher

It’s the Christmas season and what better way to celebrate that with some Christmas beatings. The Punisher comes to punish this holiday season and demonstrates his abusive power by choking out this boy with his huge biceps. Squeezing him in various holds, Big Punisher enjoys abusing those who are on the naughty list this year.

Featured Model- Master Gary

MasterGary feels it is time to lock the fag in a cage. The masked diaper fag is prodded with a cane while trapped in this cage. He is forced to piss himself while MasterGary laughs at him even more. The masked diaper fag is ridiculed, verbally abused, and broken mentally by his bully dom Master Gary.

Featured Model- Jordan Fox

Rough and brutal dom JordanFox doesn’t hold back with beating his slave. JordanFox slaps around this slave without hesitation. When the slave begins flinching, JordanFox hits him even harder even with some punches. JordanFox beats up this slave to remind him how inferior he is to a real man like JordanFox.

Featured Model- Choke Masters

Big Alpha shows off his muscular power when he traps this weakling between his powerfully strong legs. The smaller beta is locked in various headscissor holds while Big Alpha clenches on the chokehold tighter and tighter. The size difference speaks for itself as Big Alpha’s legs are bigger than this boy’s head.