Featured Model- Duude23

Master Mark makes his pay piggy worship his armpits in this real time session. The pay pig starts by serving at Master Mark’s feet before being given the opportunity to serve and worship his pits. Master Mark even spits on and verbally abuses the pay piggy to degrade him further. Download this real time session clip from Master Mark and be jealous of this lucky masked fag slave.

Featured Model- Master Mark

Master Mark brings you along for this real time video where his slave worships his feet. Set in a hotel room, Master Mark makes his slave lay on its back while he takes off his sneakers and smothers the slave’s face with his black socks and sweaty feet. His obedient cash fag inhales the stench and scent of his master’s alpha feet as he worships like an obedient slave. Master Mark verbally abuses the fag and forces him to be a mindless foot fag all throughout this 15 minute clip.

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1 New Video – Master Mark gives his cash slave exactly what he deserves. Instructing the weak faggot to lay on the ground, Master Mark stomps on and walks all over the slave. This weak slave deserves nothing more than to be the ground that this alpha walks all over. Imagine getting the opportunity to feel Master Mark towering over you and walking all over you like this slave.

3 New Video – The Fag Butler was feeling a bitch parched after all the chores which Master UltimateGod had him doing around the house. So this alpha master decided to reward his fag with his favorite, Faggot Sock Tea. Watch the queer struggle with Master Ultimate God’s alpha foot taste as he drinks this scalding hot tea. Afterwards watch as Master Ultimate God and his alpha friend abuse the faggot with cigars. These alpha men chill out on the porch and discuss how much money they’ve made draining slaves this month. These two straight alpha males burn the faggot with cigars. See this faggot squirm in pain and be put in his place.

4 New Videos – Come be at Master Big’s feet. This alpha sits back and relaxes while you place your tongue and nose up against his perfect superior feet. Take on your role as a beta boy foot slave to this master. After you’ve served his feet, break out those poppers and begin sniffing them hard. Gaze at Master Big’s huge alpha bulge and completely submit as he verbally abuses you. You’ll never get the chance to worship his superior straight bulge so keep frying your brain.

After sniffing those poppers, get down on your knees and sniff Master Big’s feet. Planting his feet right in your face, you’ll have no other option but to submit and serve his huge jock feet. Look up at his alpha bulge while you’re down there worshiping his feet too. Master Big wants you to be weak, on your knees admiring every part of his perfect feet. Kissing, rubbing, massaging and doing everything for those soles. Be his foot slave 24-7.

3 New Videos – Master Michael is a horny motherfucker. Open your faggot mouth and eat all of his alpha cum in this 20 minute video. This masked leather God is clad head-to-toe in leather as he makes you feel like a weak faggot in front of him. Later this leather dom heads to the bathroom to stroke his superior thick cock. This alpha knows that a cunt like you drools over the things you cannot have. Sit there and be obedient as you sniff some poppers and stare at what a real man’s dick looks like. This faggot in this real time session with Master Michael has been abused and used. The fag gets dragged into the bathroom and ordered to get naked so he can start begging for his master’s piss. This leather dom pisses all over his faggot and in its mouth.

2 New Videos – DavidWar loves extreme kinks and this time is no different. Getting his sexy girl to come over, DavidWar makes this girl lick his ass. This muscle jock just sits right on her face and lets her lick and worship his muscle ass. After you watch this alpha get his ass worshiped, watch him fight against a girl. DavidWar gets into a wrestling fight against a trans girl to see who is stronger.

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3 New Video – Master Gary gets his real time fag slave to inhale the smell from his socks. Inhaling the scent of his master’s alpha feet through black Nike socks, this lucky cunt gets the reward of a lifetime. While wearing a diaper, the masked faggot continues to sniff and sniff his master’s alpha scent until it’s all over his face. Prior to the sock sniffing, Master Gary gives this fag some rough CBT. This slave never experienced CBT before, so MasterGary breaks him into it with some light ball crushing and torture. Being a total bully, MasterGary even gives the fag some harsh verbal abuse as well. Afterwards, MasterGary feels it is time to lock the fag in a cage. The masked diaper fag is prodded with a cane while trapped in this cage. He is forced to piss himself while MasterGary laughs at him even more.

1 New Video – Master Mark makes his pay piggy worship his armpits in this real time session. The pay pig starts by serving at Master Mark’s feet before being given the opportunity to serve and worship his pits. Master Mark even spits on and verbally abuses the pay piggy to degrade him further.

3 New Videos – Now you have the chance to see Master Flexgod in his fully glory as to serve his sneakers. Wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans, Flexgod will put you in your rightful place at his feet and order you to worship his sneakers. Afterward, he’ll allow you the chance to worship his socks, barefeet, and huge muscles. If you’re craving even more of this muscle dom’s muscles then check out the next video as he forces you to worship his sweaty armpits. Have you just ever wished to worship a muscle jock’s sweaty armpits after a hard gym session? This is your chance to fulfill that fantasy. Flexgod just got back from the gym and his pits are ripe and ready to be worshiped.

Don’t stop worshiping there as Flexgod has another muscle worship video for you. This superior boss is clad from head-to-toe in a tracksuit and flexes right in front of you throughout this video packed with flexing and verbal abuse.

1 New Video – In this short 5-star rated video clip, Master Damiel teaches you what faggot recycling is. This superior findom helps a faggot swallow his alpha pubes and washes it down with a warm stream of hot piss. This is ultimate servitude from a depraved faggot slave.

3 New Audio Clips – This trifecta of audio clips will have you heading to a new gym with a desire to unleash your inner beast. and only when you get there do you realize how literal that was meant as you then experience an incredible transformation. Once transformed, you’ll be instructed about how you can access the spirit of that inner beast even as a human, whenever you work out, and push towards that ideal physique. You’ll then enjoy some more erotic pleasure from those heightened instincts, which can be saved for the gym or lead to an amazing orgasm. This version is tailor made for those such as beta and omega pups that might enjoy being lower in the pack, or other submissive humanpups and humandogs. Be sure to check out the alpha version as well.

In this other audio training, Master Josh helps you let go of inhibitions and become more of that himbo you’ve always wanted to become. Includes some simplification, becoming a bit more shallow yet not judgmental – just vain in how one’s self looks in terms of hitting the gym, having the latest trends in fashion, etc. Makes one more willing to flirt and get out there for action, though suggestions it should be consensual and that if one has a partner, they just enjoy fun times with that partner. Yet, a lot more thinking with one’s dick regardless. Changes become permanent with repeated listens. Music background is the version with binaural theta waves.

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2 New Videos – Master Ultimate God humiliates and drains his dumb faggot in real time. This superior alpha ductapes and poppers the dumb fag slave. All throughout the video, Master Ultimate God humiliates the fag and takes what is rightfully his. All throughout the clip, there is lots of verbal, humiliation, degradation, live cash draining, and popper abuse. Watch Master Ultimate God break this weak fag slave. In another clip with his dumb faggot, Master Ultimate God puts the fag slave in a chokehold. Getting down on the mat, Master Ultimate God quickly shows this bitch who is the real alpha. Dumb faggot quickly submits to his alpha master’s pure strength in the most painful and humiliating way possible.

 New Video – Master Mark gets his masked cash fag ready to serve him and dominates the cash fag in real time. Master Mark puts the masked fag slave on his back and makes him lick and worship his sweaty, superior feet. The greedy foot fag can’t get enough of Master Mark’s feet and licks every inch of them. Sometimes in the video, Master Mark even spits in the cash fag’s mouth to humiliate him some more. Be an obedient cash fag like the slave in this video and download this clip to worship Master Mark’s feet.

1 New Video – Alpha cash dom YoungNCharge has something for you. He has a full bottle of alpha piss for you to drink. This is many of the things YoungNCharge sends to slaves. Download this clip and imagine tasting YoungNCharge’s warm piss right from the water bottle he fills.

3 New Video – DavidWar gets a beta skinny slave to wrestle 2 alphas. Davidwar and his alpha muscle buddy are both straight cash doms and use this weak little beta. However, the sub starts to get the upper hand in this wrestling match and overpowers both alphas in this nearly 30 minute roleplaying clip. The theme of fighting continues as Davidwar and another Colomobian fighter do some MMA fighting. Both Colombians quickly start sparring against each other with body blows. See which of these fighters will win in the end.

After all of that fighting, Davidwar gives you the honor of worshipping his muscles as he flexes on the bed. Watch this muscled Colombian flex naked in his bedroom and show off. In the end, he pumps out a massive cum shot for you to drool over.

1 New Video – Shontracy gets his friend Luis to submit to some painful submission grappling as both of these guys wrestle on the mat. In this 5-star rated video, Luis experiences some intense chokeholds and submissions that nearly make him pass out. See how long he can hold on or if he’ll pass out or tap out.

Featured Model- Duude23

Most people take their dogs to the park for a walk. However, Duude23 takes his cash faggot to the park instead. In this nearly 8 minute video clip, Duude23 has no problem humiliating and abusing his fag slave in a public park in the middle of the day. This cash slave comes crawling on his belly to Master Mark’s large feet so that he can worship this alpha’s feet for the whole world to see. Download this clip to watch a slave get used in real time outside.

Featured Model- Master Mark

Master Mark‘s fag slave decided to have a realtime meet on his birthday. The poor slave should’ve known that Master Mark would have a special treat for him since it was the slave’s birthday. Master Mark decides to wish his slave a happy birthday the same way all fag slaves should celebrate their birthdays: by having to lick their birthday cake icing off of their master’s feet. Master Mark smashes his slave’s cake between his toes then calls his cash slave to crawl over and lick his now dirty feet clean. Continuing to treat his slave like a bad dog, Master Mark rubs his feet all over his cash slave’s head and face covering him in icing.

Featured Model- Master Mark

n this real time video session, a foot fag worships MasterMark‘s feet while he sits back and chills in tight compression fit UnderArmour and leather gloves. His foot faggot wears a leather mask to hide his face while Master Mark steps all over his obedient fag slave’s stomach. After stomping the foot fag slave, Master Mark plants his barefeet right in the fag slave’s face forcing him to lick them clean. The obedient foot fag enjoys every second of licking his master’s feet while MasterMark laughs and verbally abused the masked foot fag.