Featured Model- Master Alex

Get ready for some sock worship and extreme bondage as Master Alex punishes another real time fag. In this video, Master Alex wears his jockstrap and long white soccer socks while dominating the hell out of his slave, who is tied up and helpless at his master’s feet. This is part two of how Master Alex met slave Faco. In this part, Master Alex puts his fag in an extremely difficult bondage scenario. Ring gag opening the slave’s mouth for Master Alex’s big alpha feet, candles underneath the slave’s chest and cock, the slave experience Master Alex’s full abuse from belt whipping, candle dripping, predicament bondage, and socked feet worship and domination.

Featured Model- Master Alex

It’s just another day for Master Alex, using tiny dicked slaves at his convenience. While he enjoys a day relaxing on the couch and watching porn, his slave is kneeling, locked in chastity and suffering as usual. Master Alex mocks the bitch for having a tiny dick and ties the slave’s collar to his boots. Then Master Alex takes off the chastity to compare their dicks. The baby carrot dick was hard throughout the whole thing, enjoying being tormented by a superior male. The alpha’s big cock is still bigger even while it is soft compared to the slave’s hard cock.

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1 New Video – A horny slave is an obedient slave, Master Alex always says. While chastity is important, it’s also good to let the slave out and let him edge until he is so horny he can barely talk. Master Alex instructs his edge toy to only stroke when he decides which will leave the slave edged into submission. Then its hands off as Master kicks the slaves cock with his leather boots. If he desires to experience pleasure, the slave must also take the pain. And Master Alex wants to continue playing his sadistic game until the slave loses his mind in total arousal and submission.

3 New Videos – Master gets his pathetic slavic queer out on the wresting mats in order to teach him a lesson with some intense chokeholds. The bitch slave has to endure humiliation and abuse as this alpha God shows him who is in charge. Watch the masked slavic queer struggle while Master Ultimate God wraps his muscular legs around its neck until the slave can’t take anymore. The abuse continues as Master Ultimate God crushes this slavic queer under his alpha feet, body, and muscles. It’s almost like the slave is a piece of human furniture. Feel the pain as he destroys this faggot with his straight dominance and treats it like an object.

Using a different slave, Master Ultimate God turns his fag butler into the ultimate foot fag. This obedient fag slave is forced to sniff his alpha’s sneakers and lick the bottoms of his shoes. Imagine if you were as lucky as this foot slave and had this chance.

1 New Video – Time for you to get on all fours and pray to your God, Henderdong. This alpha takes you down to the river’s edge to pray to and worship his feet. Walking barefoot along the wet rocks and in the flowing stream, Henderdong will make you worship his wet and damp feet. Get down and lick this superior cash dom’s feet.

1 New Video – Get ready to worship Satan and AlfaPrimal in this satanic worshipping and control video. AlfaPrimal hypnotizes you with his eyes and makes you give your soul to him. Bow down, hell spawn faggot, and sniff your poppers to fry your brain.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen brings you along to watch some of a real time session as he gets his muscles worshipped. This is part of a session with one of his loyal faggots who gets the honor of massaging his master’s entire muscled body with oil. Later the slave gets to lick the bulge of his master along with some foot domination as well.

Featured Model- Master Alex

Master Alex delivers some foot worship and spanking punishment to his faggot roommate. This roommate skipped the rent for the second time and enough is enough. If the fag can’t pay in cash, he’ll just have to pay some other way. Master Alex ties him up and spanks that slave’s big ass. He also makes him worship his socked feet. That body has a lot to pay for and Master Alex will be extracting every cent. The slave is hogtied, gagged, and made to kiss and suck feet again and again.

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1 New Video – Master Alex doesn’t think his slave is even worthy of licking scum from the bottoms of his boots. And yet the slave wants to prove his worth by licking Master Alex’s filthy boots clean. Master Alex believes that human slave tongue is the only thing soft enough to clean his leather boots so he puts the boot shiner to work, motivating it with the leash and crop all throughout this 21 minute video.

2 New Videos – Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasywhile dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

In another new video upload, Stefano focuses your humiliation on giving you the middle finger. Stefano is a pro at degrading and humiliating faggots like you. He gives you everything you deserve. By the end of this flipping off hand focused video, you’ll be hungry to kiss his middle fingers and become even more submissive to him.

1 New Videos – You are a tiny worm in the presence of this muscle giant. During this 10 minute video clip, FlexGod becomes a superior alpha giant that towers over you. Bow down and bow down some more for this muscular giant beast. Master FlexGod is here to dominate and to force you to worship him. Crawl to this supreme being and pray that he won’t stomp and squash you.

4 New Videos – Wearing a compression fit UnderArmour gym shirt with a Superman emblem, YoungNCharge shows you why you’re a fag boy. Flexing and degrading you intensely, YoungNCharge will turn you into a complete bitch boy. At one point in the video, he pretend like he’s fucking his computer screen as if he was fucking your face. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge does some roleplay and pretends to be a home invader that just broke into your home. Imagine a shirtless, masked YoungNCharge breaks into a faggot’s home and takes everything he wants. All throughout the clip, YoungNCharge verbally abuses you and makes you admit that you’re a bitch faggot and much more. Hand over all of your valuables to YoungNCharge before he does some serious damage.

After that scenario, it is now time to just worship YoungNCharge’s body. Follow this alpha after he showers and is dripping wet. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dry him off as the water drips from his nuts. Like any YoungNCharge video, there is plenty of verbal abuse. Finally, take the time to worship YoungNCharge’s ass. This tattooed dom’s ass is perfect for a faggot’s nose to sniff all of his alpha scents. Put your mutt nose in his muscle ass as he squeezes this ass cheeks tight to smother you so you can’t breathe.

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1 New Video – Master Alex is wearing his hot black catsuit and leather boots as he prepares to inflict an insane amount of spanking punishment. Master Alex tied his slave’s hands with heavy metal chains to some weights, spreader bar on his legs, and put sharp spiked plates under his feet. Movement to escape the spanking blows will only make slave suffer even more. First, Master Alex starts off with his unique hard and long punishment implement that he brings down on the slave’s ass and balls. Once those cheeks are nice and tender, Master moves on to the long fiber cane. He unleashes a never-ending volley of merciless strokes until the slave is left screaming in agony. And of course, he must thank Master Alex for the punishment with a sore, bruised ass that will stay with him for weeks.

1 New Video – One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters brings another clip of a couple going through some chokeholds. This time an MMA dude shows off while putting his girlfriend in a chokehold. This tatted hunk unleashes his male superiority on this girl and wraps his muscled arms around her neck making her submit. Would you be able to withstand these intense MMA chokeholds if this was you?

2 New Audio Clips -For all of Master Lucian’s leather lovers out there, this audio clip is for you. Feel Master Lucian’s power, and the power of leather. Transform yourself completely for Master Lucian. Soon you will be completely in Master Lucian’s control and will be begging for more as he turns you into a leather bound doll for his amusement. Then, Master Lucian wants to test your will power to see if you are not an addict. Are you really addicted to poppers? Test it for yourself when you download this audio clip from Master Lucian. You are the one in control, right??

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1 New Video – Prepare to be double teamed by this brother duo for double muscle domination. Stefano and his older brother team up to dominate faggots like you on webcam and to laugh at your little cock. Both extremely muscular brothers flex and flip you off while showing you why they are so superior to a weak submissive cash fag like yourself. Submit yourself completely to this muscle duo.

1 New Video – All you piss-pots and fart sniffers, you’ve waited long enough. Master Alex is back with a new fart, piss verbal domination vid. Look up at his masculine hairy body and juicy uncut cock as he puts you in your place. You’re starting from the bottom and if you want a chance to drink that heavenly piss and breathe in those smelly farts, you’ll have to do as you’re told. Get ready to kneel and worship, human toilet! Put that slave tongue to work!!

1 New Video – Master Flexgod is back again to make you endure some poppers training as you stare at his muscular body. Flexing and showing off his muscles and feet to the camera, Flexgod will count down how much you should be sniffing as you press that bottle of poppers up against your nostril. Go totally mindless for this alpha muscle god as you fry your brain. Improve your abilities to as a popper pig and follow FlexGod’s orders.

3 New Audio Clips – A quick induction drops your mind. A simple command drops you to your knees. Your simple mind focuses solely on kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking! This audio file goes on for 8 minutes of reminding you of your place. This file is designed only for those with hypnosis experience. After that, prepare to take yourself down a path resulting in poppers reinforcement. Admit it, you love poppers, and you will always love them. You love dominant men telling you to use poppers. Poppers rule you and own you. It’s time to burn that into your brain with this intense 5 minute reinforcement file for men who love to sniff.

After going mindless and frying your brain, it’s time to go into a trance. Whether you’re just curious, or an old hat, this audio file will take you into a pleasant , relaxed trance. Designed to make you want to go into a trance again, and again, and with Master Lucian in particular. This file is suggestive, but non sexual. Give your mind a 15 minute break. What are you waiting for?

Featured Model- Master Alex

Master Alex uses three different long and brutal whips to turn this slave inside out during this brutal whipping session. No mercy is shown and the only thing his victim can do is jump and dance, trying to avoid the sting of the single tail snake whip. Lash after lash they come as leather Master Alex enjoys the suffering that he inflicts upon his not so willing tied up slave in this nearly 10 minute video clip.


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1 New Video – New to In-Charge is muscular and dominant alpha, LionMaster. This superior alpha male gives you over 7 minutes of intense popper training while he makes you submit to his huge muscles. Flexing, verbal abuse, and showing off, you’ll quickly see why you must submit to this dominant master. Bow before him and give him everything he demands.

1 New Video – Over 40 minutes long is Master Alex‘s latest update! This newest compilation includes more than 5 big cum shots. The bodysuit, black catsuit cum explosion, the chaps cum load, filling up a cup with a never-ending stream of cum, shooting on a mirror and more. For cum-a-holics this is a must watch.

2 New Videos – It’s been a while since King Ginger posted a video but he’s back and more dominant than ever in his latest video posts. In his newest post, KingGinger brutally verbally abuses you as he shows off his barefeet and gives out intox orders. Submit to the Godly perfection that is King Ginger as he make you worship his big size 12 feet that has been sockless in his Jordan’s all day.

The verbal abuse continues as King Ginger reminds you that you are a weak faggot. Keep those poppers out as you obey this dominant alpha and give into his verbal abuse. King Ginger will verbally berate you nonstop as you fry your brain on those fresh poppers and do anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Submit to the dominant FlexGod as he destroys you with his boots. Flexing and clad in heavy duty work boots, FlexGod will show you what a weak and pathetic little faggot you are to him as you submit to his power. Sniff his socks, sniff your poppers and submit to his boots in this 5 min long video clip. Inhale the fumes of those poppers deep like you would be inhaling the scent from his socks.

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1 New Video – Master Alex‘s roommate is one dirty, horny guy to the point that he’s constantly trying to fuck someone and get a nut off. Recently, this curious fucker stole one of Master Alex’s metal sounding rods and tried to figure out what it’s for. When Master Alex catches him, he decides to pin him down, take control and show him how to really play with these sounding rods. Master Alex then proceeds to fuck his piss hole and shove the super long sound all the way down until it’s lodged inside. This metal sounding rod goes balls deep as Master Alex fucks this guy’s cock all the way, every damn inch. The stealing roommate is left shaking from the experience and learned a lesson to never take his roommates things.

2 New Videos – After 6 months, these two lean, athletic brothers return for another brutal chokehold session. The bigger brother continues to dominate his younger, little brother in some of the tightest chokeholds yet as he makes him submit to his dominance. Could you withstand these types of choke outs? The choking and domination continues in another series of no mercy headscissors from the older dominant brother. He takes charge over his younger brother and makes him submit to his wants. The chokeholds and headscissors don’t let up as this older brother asserts his true dominance over his little brother.