Featured Model- Str8CrushFeet

In the second episode of street feet recruit, five guys were recruited for individual and group foot worship scenes. Each guy had unique characteristics, such as Nico’s beautiful feet, Rashford’s bad boy attitude, Morgan’s open-mindedness, Hawk’s alpha presence, and FlipFlop guy’s soft and tasty feet. Check out each of their real-time foot worship interactions and how each uniquely uses and abuses the foot fag.

Featured Model- AlphaCashMatt

AlphaCashMatt is joined by Bound Eagle as they bust this slave’s balls. The masked inferior slaves gets his nuts smacked and kicked around as these two doms enjoy abusing him. With clothespins on his nipples, the doms abuse him, spit on him, blow smoke in his face, and totally degrade him.

Featured Model- Miles Striker

Your whole place has now been declared by your neighbor, Miles, in part 2 of this redneck home invasion. It’s now his and it’s time you learn your new place here. See Miles knew you were a faggot this whole time. On the ground is a place for a faggot, looking up at a superior man. Miles Kicks you directly in the face as you fall to the ground. Using you as a foot rest and making you to worship his dirty sneakers. Miles lights up a smoke and ignores you while you continue to worship him. He only looks at you when he wants to throw the ash off his cigarette on you like a garbage receptacle. He makes you to remove his rancid sneakers and socks to continue this humiliating worship. You must comply, you’re really put in a bad position here.

Featured Model- Master Alex

Slave Gus is constantly at his computer gooning and wanking to Master Alex and desperately wishing to be able to serve and submit in real life. It’s his lucky day because Master Alex is here to put him in his place. Master Alex makes sure to show Slave Gus what a gooner he is and makes sure he’s ready to obey through pain and discipline.

Featured Model- Plattmacher

The soccer cleat domination from this jock dom is intense outside when he stomps on his sub in a back alley. Masked and laying prone on his back, the sub slave endures a brutal stomping and trampling session from a cocky dom in soccer cleats. This alpha uses all of his weight to ensure the slave suffers even more under his power.

Featured Model- MasterDnero

Cherry is a girl and she’s best friends with the guys at Str8CrushFeet. Never did the guys know that she was a total submissive slut and that she would eventually become a sex toy to Master Dnero. One thing Cherry hates is the smell of feet. However, she completely submits to an alpha male like Master Dnero and lets him force her to worship his sweaty alpha male feet. Normally she would resist but she can’t help herself in serving this superior dom any way he wants her to. Once she is used by Dnero, she quickly becomes a toy for Master Dnero’s programming. The next encounter between Dnero and Cherry, she becomes his footstool while he sits back and watches a soccer game. This quickly evolves into Dnero ordering Cherry to lick and clean his feet with her tongue. Right after that, Cherry is humiliated with a rain of spit from Master Dnero. Cherry is then ordered to lick his pits, sniff his boxers, and take his cock deep down her throat until she gags from a vicious facefucking.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse.