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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod invites a bunch of his buddies over so his foot fag can worship their feet. This obedient foot fag does as he’s told and licks, sucks, and sniffs their superior feet. The group of men enjoy rubbing the bottoms of their feet on this useless foot stool’s pathetic face. Afterwards the group gets off the couch to do some ball busting on this slave. The slave is trampled by the group of men and kicked around. The doms don’t hesitate when it comes to kicking this house slave right in the balls. Thing get more intense as the group of guys order the faggot into the bathroom and they line up to each get a turn at bullying the faggot. These cash masters see who is the best at giving atomic wedgies, swirlies, and brutal humiliation to this fag.

Days later the fag meets up with these doms at the park for some public humiliation. The fag gets on his knees as each dom takes turns spitting in his mouth and on his face. This slave serves as a dumpster for their spit and enjoys every minute of the degradation. Going back inside, the doms all decide to grapple the faggot. MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take turns folding this slave like a pretzel in a variety of submissions in their iteration of Grappling Games. The fag slave takes a pounding round after round from these brutal men as they tag in-and-out.

4 New Videos – Demir and Jim were watching TV which lead to an argument between the two. These two jocks then had to settle it with a hot wrestling battle. Both guys were clearly having fun locking the other in a variety of tight headscissors. Just like those last two jocks, Timur and Jim have their own headscissors battle while watching some MMA fights. Timur uses his powerful legs to wrap around Jim’s head and squeeze. No one can ever get out of these strong legs.

Not to be outdone, Hunter and Elliot battle for control in their own fight. After a heated argument, Elliot locks Hunter in a tight headscissors with his muscular legs. Judging by his face and reaction, Hunter didn’t like it which completely amuses Elliot. With all that practice on his buddy, Elliot then doesn’t hold back when he chokes out a slave. The bald slave submits to Elliot Scissors while being trapped in a tight squeeze causing him to panic and scream at times. The tight headscissors makes this slave submit more than once.

5 New Videos – Master Gabriel comes over to Slave Matt’s place for some kick domination. Slave Matt is kicked repeatedly all over his body and head. Master Gabriel loves taking his frustrations out on his slave. After the kicking abuse, it’s time for some rough punches. Slave Matt serves as a human punching bag for Master Gabriel as he just pounds away. Master Gabriel doesn’t hold back and gives his slave some hard face punches. The slave winces and does his best to prepare for each punch.

Things escalate from punches and kicks to chokeholds. Master Gabriel locks his legs around Slave Matt’s head as he begins to squeeze. Slave Matt cries out in pain but has no where to run to while locked between his dom’s legs. Master Gabriel then gets behind Slave Matt for some more choking abuse. Slave Matt feels his dom tighten the pressure around his neck as he begs for mercy. Master Gabriel quickly shows this slave who is in charge. The scene then returns to a slave beat down. Master Gabriel puts on some martial arts attire as he kicks his slave around. Slave Matt gets kicked in the body and face multiple time. Rather than fight back, Slave Matt just cowers in a corner and accepts his beating





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2 New Videos – MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse. Later, MasterBraz gets comfortable in some leather gear while he verbally abuses you. You will obey this dom’s orders and worship his leather boots like an obedient fag. When you’re done, you can serve as his human ashtray and inhale his smoke.

2 New Videos – Your face is Prince Massi’s chair as he sits on your face. The masked slave gets under this dom’s ass and is totally smothered. Massi the Prince then relaxes and completely ignores this slave. Later, Massi the Prince decides to go shopping with this slave’s credit card. While on the ground worshipping his master’s feet, Prince Massi is on his laptop shopping and draining this slave’s account. The cash slave’s face belongs under Massi the Prince’s feet and his money belongs in master’s pockets.

3 New Videos – Elliot loves when Jim asks him to squeeze him. Elliot Scissors tests his strength against Jim by wrapping his strong legs tightly around his body until Jim fully submits. Maybe Jim secretly likes this. Later in the billiard room, Elliot gives some some more headscissors abuse. Jim has a hard time trying to escape from this. Prior to this session, the two agreed that Elliot could squeeze Jim as tight as possible and it shows. Days later, Elliot meets up with Demir for a gut punching wrestling match. This long half hour clip features these two studs wearing each other down. Elliot gives Demir several blows to the stomach and wraps him tightly in a bodyscissors.

With no where to go, the slave endures stomp after stomp. The slave must love punisment because he comes back for more trampling. Wearing a pair of chucks, Master Rusty shows the slave his power by forcefully jumping and stomping on him. The slave is treated like a trampoline by his alpha. Master Rusy especially loves wearing Adidas to stomp his slave. In their third encounter this week, Master Rusty uses this slave like a doormat by walking all over him. The masked slave keeps his hands out of the way as this dom stomps with all his might onto the slave’s body.

Master Rusty gets more aggressive with the stomping abuse on this slave. Wearing some Nikes, Master Rusty walks, stomps, and tramples this stupid slave. The slave loves being crushed deeper into the ground under his master’s sneakers. In their last encounter this week, Master Rusty stands over top his slave and tramples him. There is no stopping Master Rusty once he gets going and continues to trample and crush this slave. The masked slave serves his purpose under Master Rusty’s sneakers.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel takes his slave’s money and beats him up. Just like a jock bully, Master Daniel spits on this slave and gives him a rough beating. The slave simply cowers and does whatever his dom bully wants. In another real time encounter, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face with his jock ass. The slave is pinned under Master Daniel’s ass with no where to go. Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave has his nose pressed deep against his master’s ass.

After the fun, Master Daniel wants to punish his slave with some tight headscissors. Slave Matt gets locked between Master Daniel’s legs as he squeezes and chokes his slave. Slave Matt’s face is right up against his dom’s crotch as he’s choked out between these soccer player legs. Later on, Slave Matt gets some revenge against his master. The tables are turned as Slave Matt gets on top of Master Daniel and tries to fight back. The slave is successful this time but the next time he won’t be so lucky.

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2 New Videos – Godly Stefano laughs at your small penis while showing off his big alpha feet. Prepare to be verbally abused and mocked by this perfect specimen of a man. Your dick will never compare to an alpha’s cock like Stefano. This muscle master shows off his big cock as he gets oiled up and begins jerking off. Stefano milks his massive cock as you gaze at his glistening muscles and chiseled physique. Submit and serve absolute perfection as you goon to Stefano.

2 New Videos – Jim and Mark had an amazing fight with some very tight headscissors. Mark feels Jim’s powerful legs for the first time as he locks them around his torso and begins to squeeze. Jim, for his part, did not expect so much strength from Mark’s legs. Jim then matches up with Jack and goes down to the river for a fight in the water. In tight submission holds, these two jocks battle each other in the water as people pass by in boats. See how they test the water and each other’s strength in this water battle.

5 New Videos – Master J meets up with Slave Matt to gag him with his feet. To make it even worse for this slave, Master J’s foot is very dirty and this slave must make sure it’s clean as he licks and sucks on Master J’s soles. Slave Matt serves as an obedient foot fag for his master. Slave Matt gets more of Master J’s feet as he’s trampled and stomped repeatedly. Slave Matt acts as a human doormat for this dom’s barefeet. Master J completely ignores the slave and plays on his phone as he walks all over him. The foot domination continues as Master J delivers some more foot stomping on his slave’s face. Slave Matt endures even more powerful stomps from Master J. This dom makes sure to dig his feet harder and deeper into the slave’s face and body with each stomp.

Master J then increases the physical abuse with some jiu jitsu chokeholds. Slave Matt feels Master J get behind him and lock in some super tight submission holds. Slave Matt begs for mercy but Master J just ignores his weak cries. Master J takes out even more frustration on Slave Matt with some face punches. Slave Matt’s face serves as a human punching bag for each of Master J’s blows. Master J originally starts off with boxing gloves on but they quickly come off for some bare fisted punches.

1 New Video – Worship Ciro the Punisher’s cock and feet as he show off his body for the camera. This dom verbally abuses you while showing off what you’ll never have. Drool over his big powerful feet as he strokes his cock until he erupts a load of cum.

2 New Video – Master Shaun dominates his slave with lots of full weight sitting, trampling and jumping on the slave’s face and body. The slave even endures some face punches too. Master Shaun shows of fhis strength by lifting and carrying the slave around some for even more physical contact. This slave and Master Shaun have another real time encounter as this dom instructs the slave to suck his toes while enjoying a dry humping session on top of him. He then goes on to sitting on the slave’s face with his bare ass getting rimmed deep. Things go even further as Master Shaun makes the slave drink his piss from a glass until it’s all gone.

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2 New Videos – Stefano and 2 of his alpha friends dominate a foot faggot. This foot slave lays on the ground as these three alphas smother his face with their big alpha feet. The obedient foot slave is ordered to sniff, lick, and worship their feet while getting spit on. Later, Stefano and a muscle jock buddy have a flex off. These two ripped muscle Gods flex their lean muscles and show off their chiseled physiques. Any muscle worshipper will drool over their perfect bodies as they show why they are physically superior. Submit to your alpha muscle Gods in this nearly 13 minute flexing clip.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and Dustin battle it out in a headscissors fight. Dustin doesn’t know what he’s in for when Elliot locks his tight legs around his head like a vice. Elliot’s strong legs are like an anaconda wrapped around Dustin’s head as they continue to tighten and squeeze him. In another wrestling match, Dustin battles Demir on the mat. On this hot summer day, these two jocks break a sweat wrestling each other and locked each other in a variety of scissors and submissions. See which of these two doms proves to be more powerful on this day.

ElliotScissors’ buddy Jim uses his headscissors skills to choke a slave. Jim loves to feel the power he has over his prey as he tightens the headscissors on this slave. The scared slave squirms and panics as this dom tightens his grip around it’s head with fierce intensity. The guys then gang up on this slave for a group choke session. ElliotScissors, Dustin, Jim, and Demir abuse their house slave and make him feel helpless. The slave has no where to run to but to submit to these 4 alpha males as he screams for mercy.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt gets trampled and stomped on in his latest real time encounter. Laying on his back, Slave Matt submits to this master’s feet as he is walked all over and stomped on. Slave Matt then worships and sucks this superior’s barefeet. The trampling abuse continues in the next meet up. Slave Matt lays face down as his dom walks all over his back. The dom puts his full weight down on Slave Matt to make him feel squashed and crushed under his master’s feet. Slave Matt cannot get enoug hof being stomped on as he then meets up with Master K for even more stompage. Master K uses Slave Matt like a doormat as he walks all over him totally ignoring the slave’s cries. Slave Matt simply endures the punishment from this master as he is crushed under his barefeet.

Master Daniel then stops by to fight his slave. Wearing traditional Jiu Jitsu attire, Master Daniel chokes and dominates Slave Matt with ease. Slave Matt does his best to fight back but there is no use against Master Daniel’s fighting skills. Slave Matt then tries battling against Master R but obviously is defeated and dominated. Slave Matt gets kicked in his body and face by this powerful alpha. Master R is highly trained in martial arts and it shows as he puts Slave Matt in his place.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking his slave. Locking his slave between his legs, Master Daniel tightens his legs around the slave’s neck making him submit. Get a view of the bottoms of this alpha’s white socks as he chokes and dominates his slave in their real time session. Later, Master Daniel, still wearing his white socks, walks all over his slave. Pinning his slave to the ground under his feet, Master Daniel walks across this slave’s body to punish him some more. The pathetic slave is dehumanized and treated like an object by his powerful master.

The abuse of this slave continues as Master Daniel treats his slave like a punching bag. Wearing boxing gloves, Master Daniel delivers hard body blows to this slave knocking the wind out of him. Master Daniel gets in his fighting practice as he continues to land more body shots on this weak slave. The slave still needs more of Master Daniel in another real time session of theirs. This time Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground. The slave tries fighting back but there is no use as his master is too strong for him to overcome. Then to switch gears, Master Daniel has a video for the kinkier slaves out there that want to worship his farts. In a compilation of clips, Master Daniel lets out some farts for those nasty slaves that crave it. Sniff his farts and submit to this jock dom.

1 New Video – Master Shaun has a little bit of fun with his slave as he lays on top of his slave. Pressing his full bdoy weight into the slave, the slave feels all of his master on top of him. Later, Master Shaun sits on the slaves face and totally smothers him with his ass.

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3 New Videos – Lucky boy, Gio, cannot keep his hands off Big Alpha while giving him an erotic muscle massage. Gio caresses this muscle man’s body and cock and balls through Big Alpha’s singlet. Afterwards, Big Alpha facesits on him pinning him under his crotch and ass. Big Alpha then pairs up with someone his own size in this trampling video clip. Big Alpha and King Romeo are two muscle Gods who want to test the strength of each other’s abs when they trample on each other. This is over 220lbs of body weight and barefeet, do you think you could handle that? In another clip, a pair of Russian muscle boys flex and choke each other. These tatted Russian studs pump up their biceps before wrapping them around each other’s throat. See how much choke domination each guy can withstand.

4 New Videos – Jim is one of the few friends of Elliot who can withstand the strength of his legs. Jim and Elliot go outside for this intense bodyscissors clip. Elliot Scissors shows his friend Jim how strong and tight his bodyscissors holds are while in the grass. Back inside, Elliot’s buddies Dustin and Demir have their own wrestling battle. These young muscle studs get on the bed and lock each other in a variety of submissions. Both are trained wrestlers and use their skills and power get the other to submit.On the wrestling mat, Jim, Ethan, and Hunter want to fight it out. These three dominant men lock a combination of team submissions on the other to assert their dominance. Check out how creative they can get while locking on a headscissors and bodyscissors simultaneously. Days later, Jim and Hunter battle it out one-on-one to test their submission holds on each other. Jim and Hunter are friends but very skilled opponents when fighting against each other. Both jocks show the power of their legs and demonstrate a variety of scissor skills to see who can submit first.

2 New Video – MuscleGodZian will have you drooling over his alpha male feet and muscles. Wearing a skimpy black pair of underwear, MuscelGodZian flexes and plants his feet right up to the camera. Submit and worship this alpha’s superior body. Afterwards, MuscelGodZian shows off his massive pecs. This powerful dom bounces his muscled pecs with the camera on the ground looking up at him. It’s almost like this muscle master is a giant towering over you ready to smash you.

5 New Videos – Master J visits his slave to trample all over him. Slave Matt lays down on the ground as Master J walks all over his body like a human doormat. Master J steps on this slave’s face causing him to moan in agony. The stomping continues when Master J returns for part 2. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat throughout the nearly 5 minute clip. Master J shows no remorse as he steps on, stomps, and kicks his slave around. Once their done, Master J gets the slave to worship his feet. Jamming the soles of his feet and toes in Slave Matt’s mouth, Master J completely dominates this slave. It is the slave’s job to service and worship his master’s superior feet.

Switching things up, Slave Matt invites over Master K to trample him too. Master K tramples the slave hard and completely ignores the slave’s moans and groans. Slave Matt continually is walked on by dominant men. The next day, Master J returns for some facesitting domination. Slave Matt is treated like a piece of furniture as Master J sits on him and rides him like a pony. Master J is totally unphased by all of this and plays on his phone while sitting on his property.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel gets his slave to worship his socks. Planting his feet right in the slave’s face, Master Daniel gets his slave to inhale and sniff his sweaty socks. This slave has no other place he’d love to be than to be sniffing Master Daniel’s sweaty socks. Things get more intense when Master Daniel chokes out his slave. Slave Matt endures some rough choking while Master Daniel gets behind him and locks in a multitude of submissions. Master Daniel takes breaks from choking his slave to flex for the camera and show off his arrogance. Once his slave has had enough, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face. This slave is totally exhausted and so is Master Daniel, so why not have a seat right on this slave’s face. Master Daniel once again flexes for the camera while laughing at how weak this slave can be to him.

Once Master Daniel returns days later, he’s in the mood to choke his slave. Getting behind his slave, Master Daniel wraps his biceps tightly around this slave’s neck to make him submit. The slave has no where to run to when Master Daniel locks in the headchoke from behind. For fun, Master Daniel lets his slave fight back. Dressed in the formal Jiu Jitsu gear, Master Daniel and his slave goof around as the slave thinks he can take on his dom with some payback. Little does the slave know, that Master Daniel will just dominate him even harder next time.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Alpha Timur abuses this slave between his powerful legs. Showing no respect for the slave Alpha Timur traps this slave between his powerful legs for some intense headscissors. Users have written comments about their awe over his ripped, muscular, powerful legs choking out this slave.

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3 New Videos – The Punisher and Big Alpha get worshipped in this duo muscle worship session by their fag slave Gio. Admiring and rubbing the muscles of these two bodybuilders, Gio feels like he’s in heaven. The two muscle doms squeeze him, flex in front of him, and totallyy dominate him. In another session with The Punisher, he uses his strength to dominate his friend Nicky. Nicky is pinned to the ground as The Punisher squeezes and chokes him from behind. Wearing a tight black compression shirt and blue jeans, The Punisher inflicts maximum punishment when dominating Nicky. However, Nicky can’t get enough and keeps coming back for more muscle domination. This time the Punisher is wearing super tight white ripped jeans as he chokes out Nicky. Lots of muscle and wrestling domination awaits Nicky in this second real time session.

4 New Videos – This trio of jock bullies love squeezing and dominating their slave. This weak slave endures an agaonizing 20 minutes of torture which is 20 minutes of fun for these jock doms. Elliot Scissors, Jim, and Alex make this slave struggle as they lock him in an intense bodyscissors while laughing at him. In a different domination session, Jim gets plenty of practice doominating slaves when he chokes out this victim. Jim is a totally bully and loves squeezing slaves and even his friends between his powerful legs. Jim locks his legs around his buddy throat and clenches them tightly so there is no way out until Jim lets go.

Elliot Scissors gets a go at some friendly headscissors domination against Jim. These two jock studs practice locking each other in submission holds so they can perfect their technique they use on slaves. These jocks start with some tight bodyscissors around the ribs and torso before moving onto the neck. Buddies Ethan and Demir have their own wrestling match up against each other. Demir is bigger than Ethan but despite the size difference, he held a competitive match. This cool fight pits Ethan’s strength up against Demir’s technique and experience.

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker loves making slaves worship his feet and sneakers. In this 10 minute long real time clip, this masked sub gets down on the ground and worships at SlavesSeeker’s feet. The sub is in absolute bliss as he worships SlavesSeeker’s sneakers, well worn socks, and alpha scented barefeet.

5 New Videos – Master K uses Slave Matt as his own human punching bag. Slave Matt is pinned to the ground as Master K straddles on top of him and pummels him with boxing gloves. Slave Matt has no where to go and no choice but to take this beating from his dom. Once the boxing gloves come off, Master K then proceeds to choke out his slave. Wrapping his leg tightly around Slave Matt’s throat, Master K asserts his dominance and control over the slave. The slave learns very quickly who is the boss.

The abuse from 1 dom isn’t enough as Slave Matt then submits to Master Hyago for a deep headscissors. Master Hyago locks on a tight headscissors onto Slave Matt as the slave is pinned between this dom’s legs. Slave Matt gets a face full of his master’s crotch as he struggles to break free. Master Hyago then flips the slave around so the slave is facing his ass for even more powerful domination. The slave struggles and whimpers but Master Hyago at some points just completely ignores the slave like he’s not even there. The slave is immobilized with no escape between this dom’s legs. The punishment continues as Master Hyago has even more abuse for Slave Matt. This slave endures even more abusive headscissors chokeholds from his master. Slave Matt whimpers and tries to wiggle free but Master Hyago never lets up until he’s fully done using this slave.

5 New Videos – There is double domination for Slave Matt when he’s dominated by Master Daniel and his buddy Master K. These two doms alternate between choking the slave and making him worship their feet. If Master K chokes the slave, Master Daniel is forcing his feet into the slave’s face to smell his sweaty socks. Then it’s time for some solo domination as Master Daniel gets the slave’s face in his crotch for some tight headscissors abuse. The slave is locked between Master Daniel’s muscular thighs and has his face buried deep in this dom’s alpha crotch. Master Daniel just looks down at the slave with pity as he begs for mercy. In another encounter with Slave Matt, Master Daniel gets on the boxing gloves to fight his slave. Slave Matt cowers in the corner as Master Daniel lays into him with body blows. Slave Matt gets beat up like a human punching bag with no letting up. Slave Matt makes a couple of attempts to defend himself but they are of no use against Master Daniel’s strength and speed.

Master Daniel then orders his slave to worship his shoes. Pinning Slave Matt on the ground under his shoe, this slave is ordered to worship at his master’s sneakers. The slave licks and worships his dom’s alpha sneakers as Master Daniel flexes and laughs at the slave. Master Daniel then shows off with a solo flex show for the camera. Flexing his biceps, Master Daniel shows how powerful and cocky he is to slaves like you. This dom then squeezes a basketball between his strong legs showing how he’d squeeze a slave’s head.

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2 New Videos – Jordan Fox gets another fag to punish. This inferior fag slave is used as a total sex object for Jordan Fox. This superior dom gags the fag with his cock, brutalizes it’s hole, and punches and chokes him throughout the process. In another hook up session, Jordan Fox totally degrades and humiliates a fag. This masked fag slave takes every inch of Jordan Fox’s cock down his throat until he gags. Jordan Fox does not stop and pumps the inferior’s throat even harder. When the fag isn’t gagging on cock, he services Jordan Fox’s feet.

1 New Video – GermanMuscleGod meets up with a fag for a realtime session and kicks the fag in the balls. This naked masked fag slave endures some brutal ball busting in this 12 minute session. The fag is kicked repeatedly in the balls by his muscle master’s sneakers.

5 New Videos – Elliot Scissors, Jim, Alex, Hunter, and Nevil put on an impressive bodyscissors show. These dominant men put their wrestling skills to the test in a friendly match against each other. All 5 alphas at one point have each other locked in a massive bodyscissors chain. The group wrestling continues when these jock studs invite their new friend, Ethan, over for some wrestling practice. Ethan, Elliot, Jim, Demir, and Hunter show Ethan their wrestling skills and see how much he can handle from the group battle. Later that day, Elliot and Hunter bring over another friend for some fight training. These studs test out a variety of wrestling holds and techniques on their friend to see if he has what it takes to keep up with them. In the end, he begs them to go easier on him which just amuses Elliot and Hunter.

Nevil comes over to dominate a slave while Elliot films. Nevil’s strong legs envelop the slave’s neck as he begins to squeeze tighter. Nevil then starts to listen to some music, talk on the phone, and completely ignore this slave while he struggles for freedom. In another friendly headscissors session, Jim and Elliot practice their grappling skills while traveling on a train. Even in a tightly confined space, these two jocks can still lock a variety of headscissors holds on each other. Elliot quickly teaches Jim to not be so cocky next time when he makes him submit on the train.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt endures more punishment from one of his masters as he’s brutally kicked and beaten. Slave Matt endures a series of kicks from this dom during their real time encounter. Cowering on the floor in the corner, Slave Matt has no where to go and must endure multiple kicks to the body and face. This domination session started earlier with Master F when he began kicking his slave. Slave Matt served as a human punching bag as he gets kicked around and pummeled. Master F doesn’t let up and instead is amused at how his slave cowers for mercy and tries blocking each blow.

In a different real time session, Slave Matt meets up with Master Jeff for some facesitting domination. Master Jeff sits his ass down on Slave Matt’s face completely smothering him. Slave Matt has no where to go as Master Jeff completely puts his weight down on the slave preventing him from going anywhere. Days later, Slave Matt encounters Master P and is repeatedly choked out into submission. Master P locks his arms around the slave’s neck and begins to choke him out. Slave Matt struggles and quickly taps to his master’s power. Later, Master P locks Slave Matt between his legs for a rough headscissors. Slave Matt feels Master P’s legs tighten around his head squeezing him more as time goes on. Master P totally is unphased and unbothered by Slave Matt’s whimpers and cries for mercy.

3 New Videos – Two slaves come to serve AdonisDomTop and to show the hierarchy of men and slaves. These two masked slaves eat shoe trampled food and humiliate themselves for their master. They quickly show that they are far beneath their master in the hierarchy of life. The slaves then worship their master’s boots. Licking their master’s boots clean with their tongues, the two masked slaves show total unquestionable devotion to their master. The slave’s sniff their dom’s feet and do anything he commands. In a one-on-one session, AdonisDomTop humiliates his slave. While shirtless, AdonisDomTop smokes as the slave serves as his footrest. The slave then becomes a human ashtray and gets spit on by his master. This slave learns humility in the presence of an alpha.

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4 New Video – Brutal dom JordanFox has a slapping compilation of some of his rougher beat downs. This alpha slaps his slave’s without mercy or hesitation. See how much abuse his slave’s can take as he smacks them around viciously. After that compilation you can check out his compilation of him pissing on slaves. Jordan Fox turns all of his slaves into human urinals in this clip. The obedient slave’s gladly take his piss all over their bodies or drink it to show their depravity.

If you want some solo action then download Jordan Fox’s clip of him using and abusing a sexy boy. This dom facefucks and smacks around this pretty boy for his own pleasure. The boy gags and chokes on his alpha cock throughout this nearly 20 minute clip before getting choked out while he’s fucked in the ass. Things get darker in the next clip when Jordan Fox goes German style on a masked slave. Jordan Fox makes this slave feel totally inferior to Jordan Fox’s alpha superiority as he gags on his master’s dick. The slave is treated with no respect and completely used.

4 New Videos – The Punisher is ready to torment this beta boy. Wearing sunglasses and tiny shorts, The Punisher locks this weak boy in a tight headlock to choke him out. The boy begs for mercy but The Punisher doesn’t offer any to this weakling. In the next clip, another Chokemaster, Andre, shows of fhis Jiu Jitsu chokeholds. This jock demonstrates two chokeholds on his brother. Just imagine if you were in the place of his brother getting locked between those strong, dominant arms.

If you crave more choke domination then check out Big Alpha dominating his tied up slave. This weak boy is tied up to a chain and choked out by this massive muscle dom. Big Alpha physically and verbally abuses the boy while making him submit in a variety of holds. Big Alpha then sets his sights on dominating slave Gio in some arm wrestling. This matchup starts off with some arm wrestling then turns into a brief muscle worship session. After that it escalates into muscle worship domination with Big Alpha choking out Gio.

3 New Videos – In this 20 minute video clip, these 5 masters humiliate and ridicule their slave for their own amusement. The poor slave is treated like a doormat as he’s walked on and made to worship each man’s sneakers. The slave must lick sneakers, sniff socks, and lick feet as he’s getting slapped and spit on. In another real time with the same slave, Masters Basford, Nevil, and Robert humiliate this slave. The masters demand their feet be licked as they slap this slave’s bald head. Master Nevil then squeezes the slave’s head between his muscular legs while the other two doms abuse the slave. After Master Robert leaves, Master Hunter comes over for the slave to do some more alpha male foot worship. The intense foot licking continue as these doms plant their feet in the slave’s face while having a beer. The doms laugh at this slave as he gags on their feet and toes.

5 New Videos – Master Hunter locks his slave in a tight headscissors between his powerful legs. The slave begs for mercy and struggles as Master Hunter just laughs with pleasure at the slave’s misfortune. Master Hunter dominates and asserts his power over this slave effortlessly. In another real time meet with Master Jim, the slave is squeezed in a headscissors. Jim jerks the slave’s head around to the beat of the music playing in the background while laughing at his pain. This slave is treated like an object and mocked all throughout this 20 minute clip. For some first person POV, check out this next clip of the slave being choked out in a first person POV. This slave is trapped between his master’s legs with the camera showing a close up of the slave’s face. He winces and struggles as he’s dominated and choked.

Days later this slave is double dominated by Timur and Elliot Scissors. These two doms squeeze their slave between their strong and muscular legs. The slave gets his torso and head squeezed simultaneously. After all that slave domination, the boys need to get some wrestling practice done. Elliot Scissors and three of his dom buddies do a foursome wrestling match to practice their moves. Watch these four alphas compete against each other and demonstrate their fierce strength.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel shows off his alpha strength as he chokes out Slave Matt. Laying on the mattress, Master Daniel gets behind Slave Matt and locks his bicep around his neck. Slave Matt struggles but there is no use against this dominant master. Switching up gears, Slave Matt gets revenge against Master Daniel as he is the one who takes on a dominant role this time. Sneaking up on Master Daniel, Slave Matt locks him in a choke hold and tries pinning him down. We can assume next time, Master Daniel will inflict harder punishment on Slave Matt for this infraction.

In another real time with Master J, Slave Matt worships his alpha feet. Master J sits back on the couch and relaxes as Slave Matt licks, sniffs, and services his barefeet. Slave Matt then services another dom, Master E, but this dom wants to abuse his slave. Master E tramples, punches, and kicks Slave Matt around. This slave serves as a human punching bag for his master’s abuse. Later, Master E chokes his slave during their real time meet. Slave Matt gets pummeled and beat down again but this time locked in a variety of chokeholds. Master E makes sure this slave experiences pain and punishment in this meet up.

Newest Downloads

3 New Video – Bow down and crawl to King Luca’s feet as he flips you off and spits in your face. It is your job as a foot faggot to sniff and worship his socked feet. When you’re done worshiping his big alpha feet, open your mouth for gobs of his spit. While you’re down there, you can look up and serve King Luca’s feet. Open your mouth while under this dom’s feet so he can blow his cigarette smoke in your face and spit in it too. Foot slaves will enjoy cleaning King Luca’s sweaty and dirty feet. If you’ve endured all of that punishement, then King Luca has a treat for you. You can drool and salivate over him stroking his massive cock. Watch a real man stroke his big uncut dick as he sits there in white socks and pulled down white compression pants. King Luca whips out his massive dick and strokes to some porn while you goon watching him.

3 New Videos – This slave experiences an ice cold shower from Master Alex. After spending several days in Master’s hard metal cage, slave Gus is starting to smell. So Master Alex takes him to the shower and unleashes the cold water on this slave. The slave doesn’t deserve the comfort of warm water and only deserves proper discipline to achieve his full potential. Once you’re done watching that you can watch some hypnotic videos from Master Alex. Set to a series of stimulating images, Master Alex provides audio training for you to become a sissy bitch and to worship his cock. If you aren’t ready for that level yet then start off with a humiliation intro to BDSM slavery audio clip. Master Alex trains submissive bitches like you through these dirty verbal audio clips. Watch along as images of Master Alex flash on the screen.

4 New Videos – Timur is getting more experienced in his scissor skills when locking in submissions on a slave. This time, Timur wants to capture the agony of the experience on his phone as he takes selfies while using a slave. The power and muscles of Timur is amazing as he locks his muscular legs around this slave’s head and doesn’t let go. Fans of that abuse will also enjoy watching Elliot Scissors and some more of his friends train a slave. In their practice gym, these jocks invite over a dorky slave boy to train with them. The jocks lock in a variety of painful techniques and submissives on this beta boy and leave him screaming for mercy.

Elliot Scissors then has his fun in a one-on-one session with this dummy when he locks in brutal submissions on the slave. This dummy should be lucky that Elliot Scissors is even using him and be grateful that Elliot Scissors has taken this guy in as his property. The tough bullying continues all throughout the clip as this sub boy taps out. Later, Elliot Scissors meets up with his buddies for some friendly wrestling. These gym bros show off their fighting techniques on each other. With all of this testosterone and these egos, the jock boys sometimes never want to tap out until it’s too late.

5 New Videos – MasterCH has some fun with slave Matt as he totally humiliates the slave. Making the slave worship his feet, MasterCH plants his huge feet over the slave’s entire face to smother him. Slave Matt worships this dom’s feet and gets spit on in return for it. In another meet up with MasterCH, Slave Matt is choked out as this dom sits back and watches TV. MasterCH locks in some tight headscissors on the slave and ignores the slave’s whimpers and moans. This alpha isn’t going to be bothered by the cries of his slave. Later, MasterCH decides to trample his slave. Getting slave Matt laying on his back on the bed, MasterCH walks all over the slave like he’s a human doormat. Showing his slave no respect, MasterCH walks on the slave’s head and chest while standing over the weakened slave.

MasterCH then gets bored and wants some public foot worship. Taking the slave outside, MasterCH gets the slave down on the dirty ground and takes off his shoes for the slave to service his feet. MasterCH then gets his dirty feet worshipped outside by this slave in public. Once back inside, MasterCH wants to play some videos games as he chokes his slave. Relaxing with his legs out, MasterCH locks his legs around the slave’s throat again and chokes him into submission. Totally fixated on his game, MasterCH doesn’t care that the slave is struggling and begging for mercy.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin gets his feet worshipped by 2 slaves. With 2 slaves at his feet, Master Berlin orders each slave to worship a different foot. The slaves love serving at this alpha dom’s feet as it gives them a true purpose. After the one slave leaves, Master Berlin gets super nasty with the remaining slave and orders it to taste his snot. Master Berlin gets his snot ready for the slave and the sick and twisted slave sticks his tongue out for his treat. Wearing a dogtail this slave is truly where he belongs in this moment.

When the slave visits Master Berlin he is immediately put to work. It is this slave’s job to clean the entire apartment and make it spotless. The slave is also instructed to clean his master’s boot and lick them clean with his tongue. The stupid foot fag can then serve at his master’s feet. While at his Master’s feet, the slave is fed toenails and ordered to sniff his dom’s dirty socks. The slave then gets pissed on and treated like worthless scum.