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2 New Video – Massi the Prince makes this slave empty his wallet and give up everything for the chance to serve. This obedient paypig becomes a foot rest for Massi the Prince as the dom empties the slave’s wallet. Stare at this dom’s barefeet and envision of life of financial slavery. In another clip, Massi the Prince books a trip with his girlfriend using fagcash money. It is your job as a cashfag to pay for all of your dom’s expenses and ensure he lives a life of luxury. As the human ATM of a superior couple, you’ll see all your money flying away as they enjoy the good life.

2 New Videos – Demir and Elliot Scissors take turns testing the strenght of Brandon’s abs. The two jocks deliver continuous gut punches exhausting Brandon completely. Brandon’s hands are tied behind his back with a belt so he can’t resist any of the punches. Brandon then gets his chance against Elliot Scissors in a headscissors battle. Brandon wraps his muscular legs around Elliot’s neck and begins squeezing. Elliot does his best to resist as he’s locked in a variety of headscissors variations.

2 New Videos – RippedRiki gets nasty and spits all over his mirror pretending it’s your face. Thick nasty gobs of spit cover the mirror as this alpha jock keeps spitting all over it. This dom verbally berates you as you watch the mirror get covered in his alpha jock spit. RippedRiki then meets up with an obedient foot slave for some real time worship. The slave gets gagged by this dom’s huge superior feet. Even though it was this slave’s first ever real time, he does a great job at serving his alpha.

5 New Videos – Conan is a hot personal trainer who loves to show off his hot muscular body for the camera. This muscled jock lays back and grabs a camera while he gets jerked off until he blows a huge load. Check out every part of his body as he’s not afraid to bare it all. Mithcell is another fit jock who loves to show off his naked body. This sexy jock needed some extra cash and didn’t mind showing off for it. SteveMyere gets to film this hunk as he pumps a nice load of jizz out while stroking his big cock.

Travis is another sexy stud who loves jerking off for the camera. Once he gets going, he starts fingering his hole and working his hard cock. Finally he erupts a big load of cum as he pumps his dick harder. SteveMyer packs his busy filming schedule by filming another hunk named Christoff. This blonde stud is a straight twink with a big cock. He shows off his lean body and eventually cums twice throughout the 25 minute video. Closing out his newest uploads this week, SteveMyer films sexy college hunk Reece. This stud needs some Spring Break money so what better way to make some money than to get naked on camera. He really gets into it as soon as the clothes come off.

5 New Videos – Master E dominates Slave Matt as he kicks him in the face. Slave Matt sits on the bed and gets repeatedly kicked and beaten by his alpha dom. This superior master shows off his power with more forceful kicks. Later, Master E gets on top of the slave and punches him in the face. Straddling the slave, Master E puts a beatdown on Slave Matt and doesn’t hold back. Slave Matt takes every punch as he has no where to go. Master E then stands on top of his slave and demands a foot rub. Slave Matt rubs his dom’s powerful alpha male feet. After the foot rub, Master E stomps on his slave and treats him like a door mat.

In another real time meet up, Master E knocks his slave down with a brutal kick beatdown. Getting Slave Matt in the corner of the room, Master E makes sure the slave has no where to run away to. This dom then kicks the slave all over in the body and face to assert dominance. Once Slave Matt is down on the ground, Master E delivers some headscissors punishment. Slave Matt is choked out and made to submit to this powerful alpha. Master E locks his legs tighter around the slave’s throat so he taps out quickly.

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2 New Videos – Massi the Prince orders you to open your mouth so he can put his sweaty socks in it. Once you have them in your mouth, your job is to suck all the sweat out of them, deliver clean socks to your master, and starve until he gives you the next pair. This masked slave follows those orders in their latest real time meet up. Just like that slave was dominated, Massi the Prince dominates his tiny slaves who are afraid to be crushed by his giant feet. Massi the Prince puts the camera on the floor so you can see him tower over it as he threatens to smash you into the ground. Grovel and beg for mercy under his huge alpha feet.

1 New Video – Alpha Cash Matt takes his obedient outside for some intense winter boot worship. The masked faggot is shirtless as he shivers from the cold snow while Alpha Cash Matt abuses and degrades him. The weak, freezing fag slave worships his master’s leather boots showing his true devotion.

2 New Videos – Master Nello reminds his slave that he will destroy him. Pinned under a chair, the slave looks up at Master Nello as he blows smoke in the slave’s face. This devoted slave learns how slaves should be treated as Master Nello degrades the slave by turning him into a human ash tray and smacking him around. Master Nello then takes this slave outside from some intense trampling. The slave is joined by another pathetic slave as they both get trampled by their dom. Master Nello orders each fag slave to worship his sneakers while they’re beneath him.

3 New Video – A small argument starts between Elliot and Hunter which escalates into a headscissors battle. The two battle it out to see who is the strongest. Elliot uses all of his strength to squeeze Hunter’s head between his thighs. Days later, Elliot battles it out with Demir as Demir wants revenge from their previous match. There are several punches to the abs and chest between the two. In this fight, Demir and Elliot get super sweaty as they try to not submit to their other’s chokeholds. Back at their house, Jim and Jack also get into a heated jock fight. Powerful Jim squeeze Jack’s head between his huge thighs tighter and tighter. Jack sometimes tries to fight back by showing off his leg strength.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his slave. Slave Matt is grabbed from behind as Master Daniel locks his biceps around the slave’s throat. Slave Matt begs for mercy as Master Daniel shows off his strength. After the choke session, Master Daniel feels like punching his slave. Pinning him against a wall, Master Daniel punches his slave repeatedly like a human punching bag. Slave Matt endures the beat down because he knows it’s what his master wants him to do.

Slave Matt gets his revenge on Master Daniel when he gets to punch him back. Standing in front of Master Daniel, Slave Matt delivers punches to him to be in charge for once. Slave Matt continues the punching domination on Master Daniel once he pins him to the bed. Sitting on top of Master Daniel, Slave Matt straddles this dom and begins punching him back. Master Daniel suffers momentarily under his slave. The roles continue to be reversed as this slave gets his revenge. Getting Master Daniel pinned back up against the wall, Slave Matt gives him some body punches as well as face punches. Master Daniel does his best to block the hits but we can guarantee he will eventually make his slave pay for this.

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3 New Videos – You love to worship Master Ty’s sweaty socks and alpha bulge. Inhale his straight godly scents as you get on your knees to worship his big superior bulge. When you’re done serving him, you can get even lower and serve his sweaty socked feet. Your job as a sub is to sit there and worship Master Ty’s feet. Enjoy the view as this alpha dom sits back and puts his feet right in your face. After you’ve served his socked feet, Master Ty will let you lick his barefeet. There isn’t a body part that Master Ty doesn’t want worshipped. After you’re done at his feet, you can move on to worshipping his chest. A sub asked Master Ty for a video with some chest worship and nipple play and this is what you get for obedience. Watch Master Ty as he verbally abuses you and orders you to worship his muscled alpha chest.

3 New Video – MasterUltimateGod goes back to the good stuff – ball abuse and humiliation. This obedient fag slave is wearing his Barbie shirt as he lays on the ground for Master Ultimate God to abuse his balls. This alpha dom laughs as he relentlessly abuses this inferior’s nuts. Leaving the warm confines of the indoors, Master Ultimate God then takes his fag slave outside for a frosty snow day beatdown. Master Ultimate God doesn’t hold back and gives this pathetic fag slave intense wedgies outside and even body slams him in the snow. The abuse knows no end as they make this fag slave freeze and suffer. After the beat down, it’s time to drag the fag. Strapped to the bed of another dom’s pickup truck, these alphas drag the fag slave down the snowy streets of the neighborhood. The slave panics and begs for it to stop but once these alphas get going, they can’t be stopped.

2 New Videos – The giant muscle dom Timur completely dominates Jack with his huge muscular legs. Timur squeezed Jack’s neck and ribs without pity. Jack moans and begs for it to stop but Timur just laughs at him. In another jock battle, Hunter tests the power of his headscissors hold on Jim. Hunter calls this a “hot scissors” as he makes Jim’s face turn red from the tight vice grip of his muscular legs. Many would’ve given up but Jim endures as much as he can in this tight chokehold.

5 New Video – Master H visits Slave Matt for some trample abuse. Slave Matt is trampled and stomped under his dom’s feet as he looks up at him. While under this alpha’s feet, Slave Matt has no choice but to worship his dom’s feet. Master H allows the slave to worship his feet some more while he plays some video games. Totally ignoring the slave, Master H gets his feet cleaned while he sits back and relaxes. Slave Matt licks and sucks on the soles of his dom’s dirty feet.

Master H then decides to pummel his slave with some punches to the face. Slave Matt is pinned down on the bed as Master H gets on top of him and punches him. Slave Matt gets treated like a human punching bag as he’s hit repeatedly. Taking things to the ground, Master H locks Slave Matt in a sleeperhold choke from behind. Slave Matt begs for mercy and gasps for air as Master H locks it on tighter. Slave Matt is completely dominated and is no match against Master H’s chokehold abilities. After being choked out with his arms, Master H uses his legs to lock Slave Matt in a tight headscissors. Slave Matt has his head squeezed between Master H’s legs as he begs for mercy and nearly goes limp. Master H’s goal is to just choke out his slave no matter how much it suffers.

5 New Videos – Xian Quatro loves sucking cock and gets his chance when his buddy comes over. Xian swallows every inch of his buddy’s cock while they hook up. Pushing his head down further, this arrogant alpha makes sure he gets a sloppy blowjob. Xian then invites over another buddy for some more deepthroat fun. Swallowing every inch of his buddy’s cock, Xian shows his deepthroat skills. His buddy pleasures him as well by stroking Xian’s cock while he’s getting sucked. Xian sucks him so good that he comes back for more.

Xian Quatro then offers up his hole for a hard fuck session. Going bare, Xian takes his friend’s raw cock deep in his tight hole. Wearing just white socks, Xian gets his hole slammed and bred. They then go for round 2 of this fuck session. Xian takes every inch in his tight ass until he gets a warm load shot deep inside him.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out.

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4 New Videos – Jordan Fox has some hard punishment for his fag. This fag slave gets beaten down for being a subhuman faggot. Jordan Fox gets him in the corner and just begins pummeling him with punches. In his next encounter with a faggot slave, he gives him some choke fucking. Pounding this fag’s pussy, Jordan Fox gets him from behind and begins choking him and covering his mouth to muffle his cries. This fag quickly learns how it feels to be fucked by a real man.

Another fag slave suffers from a fag slave beatdown when he’s trained by Jordan Fox. Down on the ground at Jordan Fox’s feet, this fag slave offers up his cash to his master. The lowly faggot is smacked around and kicked by Jordan Fox afterwards. With the next encounter, things get more painful as Jordan Fox pierces some nipples with needles. This fag slave completely gives himself to Jordan Fox as this dom gets a series of needles and pierces them through the fag’s nipples. The amount of pain for this slave must be excruciating as more needles go into his tits.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy are smashing pumpkins on this fag’s head. Outside for a real time session, these two doms put a pumpkin on their faggot’s head before busting his balls. The fag slave gets kicked in the balls just to make sure any potential offspring he has are as fucked up as him. Still outside and with a pumpkin on his head, this fag slave is pelted with paintballs. MasterUltimateGod uses his fag slave for target practice as he shoots him repeatedly with a paintball gun. The fag is completely stripped down so the shots hurt even more.

Back inside, the doms make this fag dress up as what he really is: a cash pig. The cash piggy gets down on the ground to worship the feet of these alphas. While down there, the doms bully and mock this slave as they take his cash. This slave is more than just a pig, he’s also a dog too and needs to be trained for obedience. MasterUltimateGod says this is one of his funniest abuse and humiliation sessions. The puppy fag crawls around on a leash and is subjected to nonstop humiliation and punishment while caged up in a dog cage.

2 New Videos – Brandon and Elliot take turns squeezing their buddy, Hunter. Elliot’s powerful legs squeeze his body while Brandon’s iron tight leg grip squeezes his neck. Hunter has no choice but to submit. Hunter then teams up with Elliot to squeeze their friend, Jack, for some team bullying. Their powerful legs restrain and twist Jack around like a human pretzel. Jack accepts there is no use resisting because he understands that it’s useless.

3 New Video – As a cash pig, it is your responsibility to pay for an alpha’s lifestyle. An alpha should live the life of leisure and never have to worry about paying for anything. That is why you should starve and sacrifice for a dom like Massi the Prince while he vacations on holiday. This masked obedient fag knows his purpose as he worships his master’s feet. The foot fag licks between his master’s toes and on his soles. Massi the Prince just totally ignores him while playing on his phone, only if the slave does a good job on his feet he might become aware of its existence. If you need more of Prince Massi’s feet then you can stare at his soles. Get ignored like the last slave while you gaze at this dom’s big alpha feet. Massi the Prince does some online shopping on his phone while you get lost staring at his feet.

5 New Videos – Master H loves abusing Slave Matt and in this encounter he chokes and punches his slave. Slave Matt is beaten up and choke multiple times by this experience dom. Master H even smothers Slave Matt with his feet while pulling him further into them to really sniff his feet. Master H then gets up on top of Slave Matt to deliver some face punches. Slave Matt is pinned underneath his master as he gets punched like a human punching bag. Slave Matt is completely owned and abused by this young dom. Following that abuse, Master H has more domination for his slave. Slave Matt is choked out with a variety of headlocks from Master H. This slave struggles for freedom and mercy, but Master H just locks the holds on even tighter.

Master H dominates his slave some more with a triangle chokehold. Being an experience jiu jitsu fighter, Master H knows every possible submission to lock on this slave. Slave Matt has no way to break free once these iron tight submissions are locked on him. Master H then gets Slave Matt on the ground to wrap his leg around his throat. Tightening the hold, Master J locks his leg behind the other one to inflict maximum punishment on Slave Matt’s throat. Slave Matt gasps and pleads for mercy as Master H just laughs at him.

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4 New Videos – Jordan Fox trains a boy to be an obedient faggot. The weak boy looks so scared and afraid which just turns Jordan Fox on even more. Jordan chokes out the boy with a submission hold and then by gagging him with dick. In another real time encounter, Jordan Fox uses an anon slut. The masked fag hides his identity as he worships his master’s feet. Jordan Fox makes sure to gag the fag with his foot and smack him around.

This next slave endures some hard beatings from Jordan Fox. To show his superiority, Jordan Fox beats the hell out of this fag’s balls and cock. The slave will be in pain for weeks from this. Another brutal beatdown is in store for the next slave. While straddling the slave, Jordan Fox pummels and beats on him to show his dominance. The pathetic slave endures the beating and cowers like a subserviant fag should in this situation.

2 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take their fag slave out in the woods for a public beatdown. With their boxing gloves on, the doms pummel and punch this fag slave repeatedly. The little bitch boy was extremely terrified. Later that day, MasterUltimateGod and his buddies grapple with the slave until he submits. The doms throw this slave in armbars, headlocks, and various submissions. Being an inexperienced fag when it comes to fighting, he doesn’t stand a chance against these skilled doms.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha and King Romeo have the ultimate muscle worship session. Big Alpha is as pumped as ever as he catches King Romeo peeking in at him while he admires himself. Big Alpha then makes King Romeo worship his huge muscles and more. After that encounter, Big Alpha interacts with another muscle God, The Punisher, as they engage in a sweaty grappling session. The muscle jocks wrestle each other in jockstraps all over the room to see who is the stronger of the two. Which one of these muscle kings will prevail as the superior Alpha? Big Alpha then gets worshipped by a weaker boy as Gio worships his bare muscle ass. Showing off his perfect, rounded muscle ass, Big Alpha orders Gio to serve him and show how obsessed he is over his superior body. Gio worships without hestitation rubbing this muscle God’s ass.

3 New Videos – Jack and Hunter take turns beating up Elliot Scissors with some gut punches and ballbusting for losing to them while gaming. So that Elliot doesn’t know what to expect, he’s blindfolded at points as he’s hit in the gut and balls. His groin hurt for days after. In another confrontation, Jack and Jim wrestle it out on the mat. Jim’s powerful legs squeeze Jack’s head and ribs. But Jack’s slender and strong legs soon come into play as they grapple. Newcomer Brandon then joins their team to show off his wrestling skills. His God-like body seems as if it was chiseled from strong while he puts his opponent in various submission holds. Hunter has to do his best to fight back against this skilled fighter.

5 New Videos – Master J completely dominates and degrades Slave Matt. Making his slave serve at his feet, Master J gags Slave Matt with his big feet. When he’s not doing a good enough job, Master J spits all over his slave to degrade him further. This foot dom then chokes his slave with some headlocks. Slave Matt still must worship this dom’s feet throughout their session. However, this time he gets beaten down and choked throughout the process.

The choking abuse continues when Master J uses his slave for an hour. In this hour long clip, Master J squeezes his slave’s head between his legs to assert his dominance and make the slave suffer. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out and beg for mercy. In another meet up, there is more headscissors abuse for Slave Matt. While locking his slave in a tight headscissors, Slave Matt puts on headphones and begins playing a game on his phone. He is totally oblivious the slave’s whimpers and cries as he has better things to do while choking his sub. For being so obedient, Master J then gags his slave with his dirty foot. While laying on his back, Slave Matt gags and chokes on Master J’s barefoot. Master J ensures to stick it as far down his slave’s throat as possible.

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5 New Videos – Nicky gets to feel the big hard muscles of Big Alpha as his face is smothered under his big muscle ass. Big Alpha flexes and poses as he sits right on top of Nicky’s face giving him no way to escape. Big Alpha knows how to dominate and gets off on using those who are weaker than himself. While in the gym, Big Alpha and King Romeo workout in the gym and find a tall, lanky lad to use as their weights. They each use this boy to do bicep curls and squats with him on top of their shoulders. Then bearhug punishment from both of these strong muscle boys.

In another video clip, Big Alpha walks in on Nicky and begins to flex and show off his big biceps bulging through his dress shirt. Nicky can’t help but admire his body and helps him pull of his tight shirt and pants. Once the pants are off, Big Alpha gets Nicky in a headscissors with Nicky’s nose right in Alpha’s balls. Big Alpha gets the chance to dominate Nicky again when he locks him in a bearhug. Big Alpha is clad in some tight latex gear as he wraps his strong arms tightly around Nicky’s body and squeezes him while carrying him around the room. Big Alpha is relentless while squeezing his inferior.

1 New Video – This masked slave is ordered to rim King Luca’s ass as he looks for porn on his phone and jerks his big dick. The obedient ass eater does as he’s told and licks King Luca’s hole. Once King Luca is ready to cum, he kicks away the slave with his feet to discard him.

4 New Videos – Elliot Scissors’ muscular legs are getting bigger and stronger which is unfortunate for his opponent, Jim, who has to feel the incredible power of his muscular legs. Jim becomes a total victim for Elliot Scissors as he tightens his legs around Jim’s throat in this tight headscissors hold. After the video, Jim had to have a neck massage for a week to recover. Jim gets another chance to battle when he fights his friend, Jack. These two best friends battle it out with a variety of chokeholds. A real tight squeeze can make them happy once locked in properly.

Elliot Scissors and some buddies team up to have a tag team wrestling match. It starts as a small argument and then escalates into a full fledged tag battle. In the end, these 4 studs are still friends no matter how much torment they put each other through. Just like in the previous videos, Jim can’t seem to catch a break as he now must battle Demir in a figure 4 battle. These two jocks see who is tougher and can endure more abuse. Watch and see which jock’s figure 4 chokehold is more intense.

5 New Videos – Master J comes over to trample his slave. Slave Matt lays flat on his back as this dom tramples and walks all over him. Master J is fully amused using this obedient sub as a human doormat. Slave Matt gets more chances to worship at Master J’s feet in the next clip. Master J smothers his slave’s face with his huge barefeet and makes him worship his soles. Slave Matt gladly licks, sniffs, and sucks on his dom’s feet. There is a part 2 of that foot service as Master J returns for some more foot worship. Slave Matt gets down at his master’s feet and becomes an obedient foot slave. Master J even kicks his slave around at some points for his own amusement.

Master J cranks up the abuse a notch when he chokes out his slave. Slave Matt gets frightened when Master J gets up behind him and locks on this chokehold tight. Master J gives his slave no where to run to as he tightens the choke until he fully submits. In another meet up, Master J punches his slave into full submission. Showing his slave that he’s a brown belt, Master J uses his slave as a human punching bag. Slave Matt endures the abuse because he’s honored to be used by a superior in real time.

1 New Video – Master Alleczander is working the nightshift as a trainer and gets on webcam to show off his big feet. Worship at his superior alpha male feet like an obedient foot slave. Master Alleczander will make you feel small as you look up at his huge alpha male feet from down where the camera is positioned.

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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod invites a bunch of his buddies over so his foot fag can worship their feet. This obedient foot fag does as he’s told and licks, sucks, and sniffs their superior feet. The group of men enjoy rubbing the bottoms of their feet on this useless foot stool’s pathetic face. Afterwards the group gets off the couch to do some ball busting on this slave. The slave is trampled by the group of men and kicked around. The doms don’t hesitate when it comes to kicking this house slave right in the balls. Thing get more intense as the group of guys order the faggot into the bathroom and they line up to each get a turn at bullying the faggot. These cash masters see who is the best at giving atomic wedgies, swirlies, and brutal humiliation to this fag.

Days later the fag meets up with these doms at the park for some public humiliation. The fag gets on his knees as each dom takes turns spitting in his mouth and on his face. This slave serves as a dumpster for their spit and enjoys every minute of the degradation. Going back inside, the doms all decide to grapple the faggot. MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take turns folding this slave like a pretzel in a variety of submissions in their iteration of Grappling Games. The fag slave takes a pounding round after round from these brutal men as they tag in-and-out.

4 New Videos – Demir and Jim were watching TV which lead to an argument between the two. These two jocks then had to settle it with a hot wrestling battle. Both guys were clearly having fun locking the other in a variety of tight headscissors. Just like those last two jocks, Timur and Jim have their own headscissors battle while watching some MMA fights. Timur uses his powerful legs to wrap around Jim’s head and squeeze. No one can ever get out of these strong legs.

Not to be outdone, Hunter and Elliot battle for control in their own fight. After a heated argument, Elliot locks Hunter in a tight headscissors with his muscular legs. Judging by his face and reaction, Hunter didn’t like it which completely amuses Elliot. With all that practice on his buddy, Elliot then doesn’t hold back when he chokes out a slave. The bald slave submits to Elliot Scissors while being trapped in a tight squeeze causing him to panic and scream at times. The tight headscissors makes this slave submit more than once.

5 New Videos – Master Gabriel comes over to Slave Matt’s place for some kick domination. Slave Matt is kicked repeatedly all over his body and head. Master Gabriel loves taking his frustrations out on his slave. After the kicking abuse, it’s time for some rough punches. Slave Matt serves as a human punching bag for Master Gabriel as he just pounds away. Master Gabriel doesn’t hold back and gives his slave some hard face punches. The slave winces and does his best to prepare for each punch.

Things escalate from punches and kicks to chokeholds. Master Gabriel locks his legs around Slave Matt’s head as he begins to squeeze. Slave Matt cries out in pain but has no where to run to while locked between his dom’s legs. Master Gabriel then gets behind Slave Matt for some more choking abuse. Slave Matt feels his dom tighten the pressure around his neck as he begs for mercy. Master Gabriel quickly shows this slave who is in charge. The scene then returns to a slave beat down. Master Gabriel puts on some martial arts attire as he kicks his slave around. Slave Matt gets kicked in the body and face multiple time. Rather than fight back, Slave Matt just cowers in a corner and accepts his beating





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2 New Videos – MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse. Later, MasterBraz gets comfortable in some leather gear while he verbally abuses you. You will obey this dom’s orders and worship his leather boots like an obedient fag. When you’re done, you can serve as his human ashtray and inhale his smoke.

2 New Videos – Your face is Prince Massi’s chair as he sits on your face. The masked slave gets under this dom’s ass and is totally smothered. Massi the Prince then relaxes and completely ignores this slave. Later, Massi the Prince decides to go shopping with this slave’s credit card. While on the ground worshipping his master’s feet, Prince Massi is on his laptop shopping and draining this slave’s account. The cash slave’s face belongs under Massi the Prince’s feet and his money belongs in master’s pockets.

3 New Videos – Elliot loves when Jim asks him to squeeze him. Elliot Scissors tests his strength against Jim by wrapping his strong legs tightly around his body until Jim fully submits. Maybe Jim secretly likes this. Later in the billiard room, Elliot gives some some more headscissors abuse. Jim has a hard time trying to escape from this. Prior to this session, the two agreed that Elliot could squeeze Jim as tight as possible and it shows. Days later, Elliot meets up with Demir for a gut punching wrestling match. This long half hour clip features these two studs wearing each other down. Elliot gives Demir several blows to the stomach and wraps him tightly in a bodyscissors.

With no where to go, the slave endures stomp after stomp. The slave must love punisment because he comes back for more trampling. Wearing a pair of chucks, Master Rusty shows the slave his power by forcefully jumping and stomping on him. The slave is treated like a trampoline by his alpha. Master Rusy especially loves wearing Adidas to stomp his slave. In their third encounter this week, Master Rusty uses this slave like a doormat by walking all over him. The masked slave keeps his hands out of the way as this dom stomps with all his might onto the slave’s body.

Master Rusty gets more aggressive with the stomping abuse on this slave. Wearing some Nikes, Master Rusty walks, stomps, and tramples this stupid slave. The slave loves being crushed deeper into the ground under his master’s sneakers. In their last encounter this week, Master Rusty stands over top his slave and tramples him. There is no stopping Master Rusty once he gets going and continues to trample and crush this slave. The masked slave serves his purpose under Master Rusty’s sneakers.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel takes his slave’s money and beats him up. Just like a jock bully, Master Daniel spits on this slave and gives him a rough beating. The slave simply cowers and does whatever his dom bully wants. In another real time encounter, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face with his jock ass. The slave is pinned under Master Daniel’s ass with no where to go. Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave has his nose pressed deep against his master’s ass.

After the fun, Master Daniel wants to punish his slave with some tight headscissors. Slave Matt gets locked between Master Daniel’s legs as he squeezes and chokes his slave. Slave Matt’s face is right up against his dom’s crotch as he’s choked out between these soccer player legs. Later on, Slave Matt gets some revenge against his master. The tables are turned as Slave Matt gets on top of Master Daniel and tries to fight back. The slave is successful this time but the next time he won’t be so lucky.