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4 New Video – Brutal dom JordanFox has a slapping compilation of some of his rougher beat downs. This alpha slaps his slave’s without mercy or hesitation. See how much abuse his slave’s can take as he smacks them around viciously. After that compilation you can check out his compilation of him pissing on slaves. Jordan Fox turns all of his slaves into human urinals in this clip. The obedient slave’s gladly take his piss all over their bodies or drink it to show their depravity.

If you want some solo action then download Jordan Fox’s clip of him using and abusing a sexy boy. This dom facefucks and smacks around this pretty boy for his own pleasure. The boy gags and chokes on his alpha cock throughout this nearly 20 minute clip before getting choked out while he’s fucked in the ass. Things get darker in the next clip when Jordan Fox goes German style on a masked slave. Jordan Fox makes this slave feel totally inferior to Jordan Fox’s alpha superiority as he gags on his master’s dick. The slave is treated with no respect and completely used.

4 New Videos – The Punisher is ready to torment this beta boy. Wearing sunglasses and tiny shorts, The Punisher locks this weak boy in a tight headlock to choke him out. The boy begs for mercy but The Punisher doesn’t offer any to this weakling. In the next clip, another Chokemaster, Andre, shows of fhis Jiu Jitsu chokeholds. This jock demonstrates two chokeholds on his brother. Just imagine if you were in the place of his brother getting locked between those strong, dominant arms.

If you crave more choke domination then check out Big Alpha dominating his tied up slave. This weak boy is tied up to a chain and choked out by this massive muscle dom. Big Alpha physically and verbally abuses the boy while making him submit in a variety of holds. Big Alpha then sets his sights on dominating slave Gio in some arm wrestling. This matchup starts off with some arm wrestling then turns into a brief muscle worship session. After that it escalates into muscle worship domination with Big Alpha choking out Gio.

3 New Videos – In this 20 minute video clip, these 5 masters humiliate and ridicule their slave for their own amusement. The poor slave is treated like a doormat as he’s walked on and made to worship each man’s sneakers. The slave must lick sneakers, sniff socks, and lick feet as he’s getting slapped and spit on. In another real time with the same slave, Masters Basford, Nevil, and Robert humiliate this slave. The masters demand their feet be licked as they slap this slave’s bald head. Master Nevil then squeezes the slave’s head between his muscular legs while the other two doms abuse the slave. After Master Robert leaves, Master Hunter comes over for the slave to do some more alpha male foot worship. The intense foot licking continue as these doms plant their feet in the slave’s face while having a beer. The doms laugh at this slave as he gags on their feet and toes.

5 New Videos – Master Hunter locks his slave in a tight headscissors between his powerful legs. The slave begs for mercy and struggles as Master Hunter just laughs with pleasure at the slave’s misfortune. Master Hunter dominates and asserts his power over this slave effortlessly. In another real time meet with Master Jim, the slave is squeezed in a headscissors. Jim jerks the slave’s head around to the beat of the music playing in the background while laughing at his pain. This slave is treated like an object and mocked all throughout this 20 minute clip. For some first person POV, check out this next clip of the slave being choked out in a first person POV. This slave is trapped between his master’s legs with the camera showing a close up of the slave’s face. He winces and struggles as he’s dominated and choked.

Days later this slave is double dominated by Timur and Elliot Scissors. These two doms squeeze their slave between their strong and muscular legs. The slave gets his torso and head squeezed simultaneously. After all that slave domination, the boys need to get some wrestling practice done. Elliot Scissors and three of his dom buddies do a foursome wrestling match to practice their moves. Watch these four alphas compete against each other and demonstrate their fierce strength.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel shows off his alpha strength as he chokes out Slave Matt. Laying on the mattress, Master Daniel gets behind Slave Matt and locks his bicep around his neck. Slave Matt struggles but there is no use against this dominant master. Switching up gears, Slave Matt gets revenge against Master Daniel as he is the one who takes on a dominant role this time. Sneaking up on Master Daniel, Slave Matt locks him in a choke hold and tries pinning him down. We can assume next time, Master Daniel will inflict harder punishment on Slave Matt for this infraction.

In another real time with Master J, Slave Matt worships his alpha feet. Master J sits back on the couch and relaxes as Slave Matt licks, sniffs, and services his barefeet. Slave Matt then services another dom, Master E, but this dom wants to abuse his slave. Master E tramples, punches, and kicks Slave Matt around. This slave serves as a human punching bag for his master’s abuse. Later, Master E chokes his slave during their real time meet. Slave Matt gets pummeled and beat down again but this time locked in a variety of chokeholds. Master E makes sure this slave experiences pain and punishment in this meet up.

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3 New Video – Bow down and crawl to King Luca’s feet as he flips you off and spits in your face. It is your job as a foot faggot to sniff and worship his socked feet. When you’re done worshiping his big alpha feet, open your mouth for gobs of his spit. While you’re down there, you can look up and serve King Luca’s feet. Open your mouth while under this dom’s feet so he can blow his cigarette smoke in your face and spit in it too. Foot slaves will enjoy cleaning King Luca’s sweaty and dirty feet. If you’ve endured all of that punishement, then King Luca has a treat for you. You can drool and salivate over him stroking his massive cock. Watch a real man stroke his big uncut dick as he sits there in white socks and pulled down white compression pants. King Luca whips out his massive dick and strokes to some porn while you goon watching him.

3 New Videos – This slave experiences an ice cold shower from Master Alex. After spending several days in Master’s hard metal cage, slave Gus is starting to smell. So Master Alex takes him to the shower and unleashes the cold water on this slave. The slave doesn’t deserve the comfort of warm water and only deserves proper discipline to achieve his full potential. Once you’re done watching that you can watch some hypnotic videos from Master Alex. Set to a series of stimulating images, Master Alex provides audio training for you to become a sissy bitch and to worship his cock. If you aren’t ready for that level yet then start off with a humiliation intro to BDSM slavery audio clip. Master Alex trains submissive bitches like you through these dirty verbal audio clips. Watch along as images of Master Alex flash on the screen.

4 New Videos – Timur is getting more experienced in his scissor skills when locking in submissions on a slave. This time, Timur wants to capture the agony of the experience on his phone as he takes selfies while using a slave. The power and muscles of Timur is amazing as he locks his muscular legs around this slave’s head and doesn’t let go. Fans of that abuse will also enjoy watching Elliot Scissors and some more of his friends train a slave. In their practice gym, these jocks invite over a dorky slave boy to train with them. The jocks lock in a variety of painful techniques and submissives on this beta boy and leave him screaming for mercy.

Elliot Scissors then has his fun in a one-on-one session with this dummy when he locks in brutal submissions on the slave. This dummy should be lucky that Elliot Scissors is even using him and be grateful that Elliot Scissors has taken this guy in as his property. The tough bullying continues all throughout the clip as this sub boy taps out. Later, Elliot Scissors meets up with his buddies for some friendly wrestling. These gym bros show off their fighting techniques on each other. With all of this testosterone and these egos, the jock boys sometimes never want to tap out until it’s too late.

5 New Videos – MasterCH has some fun with slave Matt as he totally humiliates the slave. Making the slave worship his feet, MasterCH plants his huge feet over the slave’s entire face to smother him. Slave Matt worships this dom’s feet and gets spit on in return for it. In another meet up with MasterCH, Slave Matt is choked out as this dom sits back and watches TV. MasterCH locks in some tight headscissors on the slave and ignores the slave’s whimpers and moans. This alpha isn’t going to be bothered by the cries of his slave. Later, MasterCH decides to trample his slave. Getting slave Matt laying on his back on the bed, MasterCH walks all over the slave like he’s a human doormat. Showing his slave no respect, MasterCH walks on the slave’s head and chest while standing over the weakened slave.

MasterCH then gets bored and wants some public foot worship. Taking the slave outside, MasterCH gets the slave down on the dirty ground and takes off his shoes for the slave to service his feet. MasterCH then gets his dirty feet worshipped outside by this slave in public. Once back inside, MasterCH wants to play some videos games as he chokes his slave. Relaxing with his legs out, MasterCH locks his legs around the slave’s throat again and chokes him into submission. Totally fixated on his game, MasterCH doesn’t care that the slave is struggling and begging for mercy.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin gets his feet worshipped by 2 slaves. With 2 slaves at his feet, Master Berlin orders each slave to worship a different foot. The slaves love serving at this alpha dom’s feet as it gives them a true purpose. After the one slave leaves, Master Berlin gets super nasty with the remaining slave and orders it to taste his snot. Master Berlin gets his snot ready for the slave and the sick and twisted slave sticks his tongue out for his treat. Wearing a dogtail this slave is truly where he belongs in this moment.

When the slave visits Master Berlin he is immediately put to work. It is this slave’s job to clean the entire apartment and make it spotless. The slave is also instructed to clean his master’s boot and lick them clean with his tongue. The stupid foot fag can then serve at his master’s feet. While at his Master’s feet, the slave is fed toenails and ordered to sniff his dom’s dirty socks. The slave then gets pissed on and treated like worthless scum.

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1 New Video – You’re back again with the Brutal God because you’re a nasty perverted piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to repeat every word and every line over and over again until these words are burned into what’s left of your feeble soul. This Brutal God will make you his perverted loser after you repeat the perverted loser mantra.

3 New Videos – The life of a slave is only for the service and satisfaction of needs of masters. Master Hunter, Nevil, and Basford begin by laughing at their slave in this real time clip as the slave licks the soles of their feet. From spitting to tasting the bottom’s of these alphas’ socks, the slave endures some rough treatment from these three doms. Later Master Hunter and Nevil decide to sit their asses on the slave’s face. Throughout the video, the slave endures face sitting from the two masters. These doms sit on the slave’s face in shorts, boxers, and then finally bare assed. Afterwards, it is Masters Basford and Nevil’s turn to trample the slave as they bully him. This pathetic weak slave gets slapped around and spit on as these doms degrade and humiliate him. The slave lays there under their feet while they trample and walk all over him.

5 New Videos – Master Ch chokes out his slave in their latest meet up. This dom smothers the slave with his alpha male feet as he sits on the slave’s chest. Later the dom wants to amuse himself and begins choking his slave. The next day Slave Matt meets up with another dom buddy, Master H, for some choke domination to be reminded of who’s in charge. Master H chokes out Slave Matt on the bed and makes him quickly tap out. This slave is at the absolute mercy of his dom as there is no where to escape.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt begins to worship Master J’s feet in their latest encounter. Master J sits back on the couch while Slave Matt assumes the position under his feet and licks his soles. Mater J chokes his slave with his feet to make him gag on them. Master J then decides to choke out his slave in their next meet up. Master J gets the slave down on the bed and locks him in a tight headlock to the point the slave is gasping for air. This slave quickly learns that he must submit to all dominant men or be brutalized. Afterwards, Master J engages the slave in a boxing beat down. With their boxing gloves on, Master J and Slave Matt square off against each other. Slave Matt is no match for Master J and is quickly pummeled with punches.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy do some headscissors practice on each other in their room. These two studs practice locking each other’s head between their powerful legs to strengthen their submission power. The slave that has to endure these headscissors next is going to regret it. In another clip, ElliotScissors and his buddy Dustin do some at-home wrestling on each other. ElliotScissors and Dustin fight it out on the couch using some intense wrestling holds on each other. Dustin is a professional wrestler and teaches ElliotScissors a couple of new holds.

ElliotScissors gets a new buddy to become his headscissor slave. Headscissor slave Tommy experiences some inescapable headscissors for the first time in his life. Tommy experiences what other slave’s feel when they’re trapped between ElliotScissors’ legs. In his final update this week, ElliotScissors invites over his buddies Dustin and Jim to have their own amateur wrestling match in his home. Dustin and Jim wrestle it out on the couch and fight for dominance against each other. Both of these studs lock a variety of chokeholds on each other to see which one taps out first.

3 New Videos – DavidWar sits back at his desk and puts his feet up in the air for foot faggots to drool over. This alpha dom verbally abuses throughout as he orders you to worship and submit to his big alpha male feet. Later he whips out his big cock and teases you with it as he begins stroking. Things get even kinkier in the next clip as DavidWar covers his face in saliva. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and down his throat, DavidWar spits up thick throat slime that he covers his lips and face with. Changing gears away from the solo action, in his next clip, DavidWar does some facesitting domination on a Tgirl from Colombia. Wearing red boxers, DavidWar smothers the Tgirl with his jock ass before putting his bare ass on her face.

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1 New Video – This obedient masked fag serves at King Luca’s boots. He licks the bottoms of them clean and then proceeds to sniff this dom’s sweaty smelling socks. After he proves his obedience at King Luca’s feet, he is rewarded by being allowed to worship and rim his master’s ass.

4 New Videos – Mastes Nevil and Hunter get this house slave to lick their sneakers as they laugh and degrade him. The slave gets slapped around and spit on by his masters. Afterwards the slave eats chips that the doms trampled under their sneakers or that they’ve chewed up and spit out. In another foot worship session, this slave gets on his knees and services the feet of 3 masters at once. These doms laugh and ridicule their foot slave. The slave shows his obedience by licking and sucking the soles of all of these men.

Later, Masters Hunter, Nevil, and Ritchell order their slave to wash their feet. These doms degrade the slave in the process by spitting on him and blowing snots on him. The foot slave washes and massages his masters’ feet as ordered to while they mock him. In another encounter, Masters Basford and Ritchell abuse their slave when they see the slave disobeying. These doms make the slave worship their feet, socks, and sneakers. More ridicule for this slave as they spit on him and smack him around before making him drink a special cocktail they make at the end.

4 New Videos – Master Timur chokes out his slave to release some anger. This muscular dom gets his slave between his powerful thighs before crushing the slave’s head and choking him. The unfortunate slave begs for mercy as Master Timu just laughs at him. In another abuse session, Elliot Scissors makes his slave submit. The slave’s will is tested as Elliot Scissors locks this slave in a variety of chokeholds and headscissors. This slave has no where to run and quickly taps out as he cries.

Elliot Scissors wants to practice some wrestling holds as he has a submission fight with his buddy Master Hunter. These two studs work a variety of submission holds on each other and test their strength to see which dom is the stronger one. Check out how much these two studs can handle from the powerful submission holds. After their first fight, they come back for round 2 to see who is stronger. Master Hunter and Elliot Scissors don’t hold back and try their hardest to make the other one tap out. See which of the two is the stronger one in their second battle.

2 New Videos – Slave Matt is choked out by Master Daniel in their latest real time. Master Daniel locks his legs around the slave’s head and begins to choke him out. The slave taps out quickly but that doesn’t stop Master Daniel. In another real time session, Master Daniel locks his slave in a brutal sleeperhold to assert his dominance. This alpha wraps his strong arms around the slave’s neck and doesn’t let go. Instead he just laughs as the slave struggles.

4 New Videos – AidenPretti has a new fuck machine. This findom pays you no attention as the machine pounds his hole. Stroke in embarassment as you get ignored by this findom getting his hole pounded. AidenPrettii has another ass worship video for you to goon to. Wearing a black thong, AidenPrettii shows off his ass while demanding that you go broke for him. Prepare to lose all your money as his command.

The ass worship continues but this time AidenPrettii gives you a cum countdown. Follow this findom’s orders as you goon and bate to his ass. Hopefully you can cum on command or he won’t permit you to cum again. Later, AidenPretti has a surprise for you with a candy cane dildo. AidenPrettii uses his sex toys in this clip to make you into a horny butt slut.

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3 New Videos – CashMasterTrey wants you to listen up and accept that you’re a nasty pig. This leather clad alpha is going to verbally assault you and bully you into accepting what you are. Listen and accept the reality that is your life as described by CashMasterTrey. After you’ve endured that session it’s time for some more verbal bullying. You’re such an addicted weirdo to CashMasterTrey. As an experienced alpha, CashMasterTrey realizes that you are a piggy that can’t control itself. As a result, you come to this Brutal God for guidance on how to serve and behave. For being a devoted obedient piggy, CashMasterTrey will let you worship his cock as he jerks off. In a public bathroom, CashMasterTrey felt very horny and began stroking his fat white alpha cock for the camera. After stroking it, this alpha works up a massive load that he shoots and flushes down the toilet.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his big muscle ass down on the face of this submissive boy. Totally smother the boy with his big muscle ass, Big Alpha flexes for the camera. This sub is in heaven being pinned under his muscle God’s superior ass. Later, Big Alpha feels the need to squeeze his submissive. Locking him between his hugely muscular legs, Big Alpha chokes out this submissive in between his quads. The slave is trapped with no escape from the sheer muscular power of this alpha. In another clip, Big Alpha squeezes a boy in a tight bearhug. This boy stands no chance against Big Alpha’s brutal strength. Once the bearhug is locked in tight there is no escape from his total domination.

3 New Videos – There is nothing better for a slave to do than worship the feet of 3 dominant alphas. Masters Hunter, Ritchell, and Basford slap around, kick, and ridicule their house slave as he services their feet. The slave endures nonstop foot domination and bullying from these 3 superior alpha masters. Earlier, the slave was tasked by three masters to pour beer for them. Due to the fact that the slave did it too slow, the doms decide to put the slave in his place under their feet. There is triple the amount of dominance, ridicule, and humiliation since this slave is getting used by 3 alphas. At the end, the slave is covered in beer, spit, and snot. The humiliation continues as Masters Hunter and Basford degrade and humiliate the slave some more. These two doms order the slave to lick their sneakers, kneel to be spit on, and sniff their smelly socks. For their amusement, the masters stuff their nasty smelly socks into the slave’s mouth to gag on as they laugh.

5 New Videos – ElliotScissors practices some headscissors on his buddy, Alex. Elliot always likes practicing holds on his buddies before using them on slaves. His powerful legs squeeze his friend tightly as he endures some punishment. In another clip, Elliot invites over his buddy Hunter for some strip wrestling. These two jocks start off the fight in a shirt and jeans before they test their strenght in choking each other out and ripping each other’s clothes off. The shirts and jeans quickly get torn off as they test their strength and submissions on one another. Elliot meets up with Hunter again for some home wrestling in their underwear. This is their second battle together and demonstrate a variety of chokeholds and submissions that they would normally apply to slaves. See how much both of these jocks can endure.

Continuing with the theme of wrestling his friends, Elliot invites over his buddy Mark for some chokehold submission practice. These jocks get down on the floor and begin attempting to make each other submit. Their superior male egos and endurance make them hold off on submitting until the holds get so intense. Having so much fun in the last battle, Mark and Elliot have to have a wrestling rematch. These toned jocks wrestle on the couch in their underwear. You can tell that they are both passionate about wrestling and super experienced in a variety of chokeholds.

4 New Videos – Master Tommy loves to have his feet worshipped. Getting a slave on the ground, Master Tommy smothers the slave’s face with his big superior feet. However, Master Tommy has a surprise for the slave, he invites all of his buddies over to have their feet worshipped too. In another clip, Master Tommy gets so turned on from the foot worship that he gives the sub a foot job. Using his huge barefeet, he strokes the tiny sub’s cock for extreme pleasure.

Master Tommy goes into his video vault for a clip of one of his friend’s getting his socked feet rubbed. This blonde hunk lays on the bed as a slave rubs and massages his socked feet. The slave then takes off the socks and worships this stud’s barefeet. In part 2 of the foot worship, the slave meets up with this blonde stud again for more foot worshipping. Continuing with the same scenario, the slave rubs, sniffs and massages this guy’s socked feet.

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1 New Video – Kneel and serve as Master Alex’s urinal cleanup slave. Master Alex knows that you like to be used by everyone and serve as a human urinal so it’s time to open your mouth and take his piss. Why would anyone bother with a real urinal when they have a nice warm mouth like yours?

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop loves to be serviced by slaves. Laying on a massage table, AdonisDomTop gets massaged and rubbed down by two of his worshippers. These slaves massage his feet and rub his muscles to show their complete and total devotion. AdonisDomTop looks at the camera to flip you off a few times as he shows you how hierarchy works.

5 New Videos – Master J enjoys stomping on his slave. Serving as a human doormat, Slave Matt lays under his master’s feet and gets stomped on and kicked. This slave is always humbled when put in his place by men superior to him. The stomp domination continues from Master J as he rubs his feet all over the slave’s face. To change things up a bit, Master J throws in some choke holds on the slave too. This slave quickly begs for mercy and completely submits to his master. As a reward for his total submission, Master J allows the slave to service his feet. Laying on his back and looking up at his master, Slave Matt gets Master J’s feet smothering his face. This slave licks and sniffs his superior’s alpha feet as is grateful for the chance to be an obedient foot slave.

Master J makes it a regular thing to get his feet worshipped by subs like Slave Matt. Master J’s huge feet cover Slave Matt’s entire face in this real time session as he orders the slave to worships the soles of his feet. Licking the bottom’s of his feet, Slave Matt shows his master that he’s a devoted foot slave. In part 2, there is even more foot worship throughout this nearly 11 minute clip. Slave Matt gags on his master’s feet after being choked by them and completely dominated. Slave Matt understands that his rightful place is under his master’s soles as he serves.

5 New Videos – Elliot and his buddy hunter have a bodyscissors battle. These two alpha studs practice for when they need to use a sub slave and administer some of the most excruciating holds. Each of these studs tries to punish the other with all of his might. More friendly headscissors practice goes on between Elliot and Hunter in their next encounter. This time more playful, these two jocks have fun locking each other in powerful chokeholds. One can’t stop but admire the strong muscular legs on both of these alphas. Days later, Elliot invites over another buddy for some chokehold domination on the couch. These two jocks use their strong legs to grip around each other’s necks and show their strength. It would be sad for the next slave these two studs meet because the slave is going to be brutally choked out if this is just a playful version.

Another evening, Elliot invites over his friend Mark to lock him into various headscissors. Even with very limited space on the balcony, ElliotScissors shows how he can adapt and lock on a headscissors anywhere. This stud’s powerful legs quickly choke out his buddy Mark. Continuing with the theme of ElliotScissors dominating his buddies, this time Elliot invites over a friend to dominate. His friend struggles and fights at first but Elliot quickly pins him down through force. These two sexy studs keep attemtping to pin each other to the ground and sit on each other’s chests to show superiority over one another.

2 New Videos – Master Baily dominates his slave with intense facesitting in this real time session. Pinning his slave to the ground, Master Bailey sits on his slave’s face so that the slave can’t escape. Starting off in jeans, Master Bailey eventually strips down to his boxers and then nothing for even more facesitting on this inferior sub. This same sub slave meets up with Master Shaun days later for some trampling domination. Master Shaun shows his face this time in the video as he tramples and jumps on the slave. At some points, Master Shaun uses his strength to carry the slave around and pins him to the ground making him submit.

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3 New Videos – The Punisher shows off his muscle ass and his huge legs headscissoring his masked slave. This alpha can’t help but pause to flex between each different headscissor variation. Admire this muscle God’s huge muscle ass in his jockstrap. In another session with a slave, The Punisher sits on a slave’s face. This submissive young twink is in heaven underneath this jock god’s huge muscle ass as he struggles for air. The Punisher makes sure there is no escape for the weak twink. In his third video update this week, The Punisher gets massaged by an admirer but that doesn’t last long as he gets annoyed and begins to grab his admirer and squeeze him between his legs. Getting this weak beta on the ground, The Punisher wraps his huge treetrunk legs around the boy’s neck and begins to squeeze. Watch this boy struggle for mercy as he falls victim to this alpha’s power.

3 New Videos – Alpha Timur abuses this slave between his powerful legs. Showing no respect for the slave Alpha Timur traps this slave between his powerful legs for some intense headscissors. Users have written comments about their awe over his ripped, muscular, powerful legs choking out this slave. Another friend of ElliotScissors comes over to have a home wrestling session with his buddy Elliot. Jock dom Hunter and Elliot test their strength against each other with a variety of holds and headscissors. This is great practice for when they choke out their next slave victim. The next day, Elliot gets some more headscissors practice against his buddy Mark. These two doms go through a variety of headscissor variations and laugh like bros while choking each other out.

2 New Videos – Master J is in the mood to trample his slave. Slave Matt gets pinned down on his mattress underneath the powerful feet of Master J. This alpha loves treating his slave like a human doormat. In the second part to this session, Slave Matt rubs his master’s feet to show his obedience. Master J then smothers the slave’s face with his feet and kicks the slave around like he’s an object. This slave wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than under his master’s feet.

5 New Videos – Master Tommy loves rubbing his feet on a slave as it turns him on so much. This dom begins stroking his dick from giving this twink a foot job. Totally ignoring the twink, except for rubbing his feet all over him, Tommy whips out his cock and begins stroking until he cums. In another clip, an alpha jock gets his feet worshipped by a devoted foot slave. This gym jock is straight but loves when slaves worship his huge alpha feet. Watch this slave service his dom’s sweaty alpha male feet. The foot worship continues when this dom tramples his slave as he gets his feet sucked on. Like an obedient foot slave, this sub Asian boy sucks, licks, and rubs his dom’s feet. The foot slave cannot get enough of his superior’s barefeet.

In another clip, this Asian sub licks his master’s feet. This Asian dom lays in bed with his barefeet exposed as his slave licks the soles of each foot. The slave shows how much he is obsessed with his master’s feet with each lick. Lastly, in Master Tommy’s final update for the week, he shows off a video of a guy being bound and having his feet serviced and tickled. The helpless guy has no where to go as he’s tied up with two men tickling and licking his feet. The guy screams to be let free but his cries are unanswered as the tickling doesn’t stop.

5 New Videos – 18 year old Master Bailey loves facesitting on his slave. Starting off by walking and stomping all over the slave, Master Bailey quickly asserts his dominance. Later he gets more comfortable and strips down before sitting on this slave’s face and body. The domination continues in the next part as Master Bailey strips down for some naked facesitting on this slave. Master Bailey puts his full weight on the slave and sits his bare ass down on the slave’s face. There is also plenty of trampling and standing on this slave throughout the clip. The slave can’t get enough as he’s back the next day to worship his master’s sneakers. Laying on the ground under his master’s sneakers, this slave worships the bottom of Master Bailey’s shoes. At times, Master Bailey simply ignores the slave as the slave shows his obedience under the foot of his master.

Master Bailey shows more of his earlier session with his slave by showing off the slave being dominated under his feet. Master Bailey orders the slave to smell his trainers, dirty white socks and sweaty feet. After the slave serves at his feet, Master Bailey uses his bodyweight to lay on top of the slave. This escalate into a humping session as Master Bailey continues to pin the slave down underneath him and begin grinding on him. Master Bailey gets so turned on that he gets naked and grinds on top of the slave with his bare body. Finally, Master Bailey begins stroking his dick until he shoots his warm load onto the slave’s face.

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3 New Videos – Prepare to be bullied by Master Gary. Master Gary sticks his feet right up to the camera and commands you to kiss his barefoot. Become an obedient foot fag as Master Gary verbally abuses you. When you’ve become addicted to Master Gary’s feet you can hand over your money to this alpha findom. Master Gary will be your bully and alpha master as he commands you to bow to his huge alpha male feet. Hand over your wallet and lunch money to your bully to show how inferior you are to him. After you’ve done that, it’s time to become a popper pig for Master Gary. Break out your poppers and fry your brain for your superior master as he verbally berates you. Master Gary will then order you to cum on his command once your brain is totally fried and you’re gooned out of your mind.

3 New Videos – It’s time for a bodyscissors fight. Mark and Elliot have a friendly match against each other to test their strength. Each jock squeezes the other to test the strength and power of his legs in a bodyscissors. The friendly competitive wrestling continues between these buddies in the next part. Mark and Elliot have another round to their fight. Things get more intense as they break out another variety of submission holds on each other. Following that round of fighting, they delve into some wrestling domination with each other. The most vivid memory they have from school is being in the school yard and fighting other boys by pinning them down and bullying them. Elliot and Mark remember those times and use their fighting skills to pin each other down into submission.

4 New Videos – Master Rusty tramples his slave in Puma sneakers in their latest encounter. The pathetic stupid masked slave lays on the ground and serves as a human doormat for Master Rusty to walk all over. This slave endures all of his master’s aggression throughout the trampling. Afterwards, Master Rusty puts on a different pair of sneakers to trample the slave again. In the next session this slave takes all of his alpha’s abuse as Master Rusty tramples, kicks, and stomps on the slave’s pathetic body. The slave is grateful to be used by such a superior dom.

Master Rusty can’t get enough of stomping this slave. Laying prone on the ground, the weak slave endures anything and everything Master Rusty dishes out. Wearing white Puma sneakers, Master Rusty uses all of his body weight to crush this slave with each stomp and jump. Then for fun, Master Rusty throws in a few body kicks too. Switching things up, the slave meets Master Marvin a few days later for a brutal trample session outside. Master Marvin stomps the slave under his sneakers to show his dominance. This alpha shows total disregard for the slave as he treats it like an object and not a person with each stomp.

2 New Videos – Davidwar has the afternoon to himself and feels in a kinky mood. This jock begins playing with his ass for the camera. Fingering his hole turns him on so much that he quickly gets rock hard. Stroking his massive hard dick, Davidwar blasts a huge load of cum all over himself at the end. Davidwar gets horny again but doesn’t want solo action this time. He calls over a Colombian Tgirl to suck him off. This tgirl is his personal fuck bitch as he makes her gag on his dick and pounds her doggy style at the end.

1 New Video – AidenPrettii is ready to fulfill your body modification fantasies and show off his gender fluidity. AidenPrettii synches in his waist with a corset and bends the lines of masculine and feminine throughout this clip. Let AidenPrettii edge his way into your mind and soul as he gender bends.

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2 New Videos – What starts out for the first few minutes as a muscle worship session quickly turns ugly. The Punisher gets annoyed with his admirer and proceeds to lift and carry him in some tight headlocks. The Punisher totally dominates this slave with his biceps which are bigger than the poor guy’s head. In another video, Big Alpha is back to punish a scrawny guy. Big Alpha carries around this guy like he’s a twig and locks him into submission after submission. Big Alpha lifts the boy doing bicep curls and then locks him into the tightest headlock you’ve ever seen.

2 New Videos – Get down on your knees and prepare to be verbally abused by King Luca. Inferior small dicked fags like you only have one purpose and that is to serve superior men like King Luca. Obey and worship this dom’s alpha male feet as you watch this 8 minute video clip. Later you can worship King Luca’s feet and stinky soles. Wearing some worn white athletic socks, King Luca verbally puts you in your place as an inferior slave. He will order you to drink his spit and swallow the dirt from his socks and feet.

3 New Videos – In ElliotScissors latest clip, his slave gets dominated by another dom. The inferior slave endures some intense chokeholds while Mark and ElliotScissors taunt him and slap him around. The slave gets the treatment he truly deserves from these two alphas. After the slave is done being used and leaves, these two jocks battle it out with each other. With some friendly chokehold competition, ElliotScissors and his buddy Mark test out a variety of chokeholds on each other. These two alphas perfect their craft to punish slaves even harder for next time. In another practice bout, Elliot practices some figure 4 chokes with his buddy Alex. These two powerful studs lock in some serious and intense chokeholds on each other. See which of the two is more powerful in this submission practice session.

5 New Videos – Master J wants his feet worshipped by his slave. Slave Matt is happy to oblige and begins servicing his master’s feet. This slave sucks his master’s toes and gags on the soles of his feet. Later, Master J wants to punish his slave with some chokeholds. Slave Matt assumes the position as Master J wraps his thighs around the slave’s head. Master J squeezes and locks in the choke on this weak slave.

Master J decides to increase the punishment with some jiu jitsu fighting on this slave. Getting the slave down on it’s stomach, Master J walks all over this slave like he’s a human doormat before locking in the chokeholds. Slave Matt is no match agains the intense chokeholds from Master J. This weak slave endures all of the abuse from Master J as he doesn’t even want to fight back. Slave Matt just enjoys the punishment being given to him by his master. In the third part of their encounter together, Slave Matt gags on Master J’s feet. After being worn out from grappling against his master, Slave Matt gets to gag on his superior’s feet. Master J rams his foot deep in Slave Matt’s mouth so he can gag on it and taste all of the foot flavor from his master.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop invites over his masked slave for some real time abuse. The masked slave lights his master’s cigarette and takes his place at his master’s feet. This is the ultimate privelege for any slave to be at his master’s feet in person. The humiliation of the slave continues as AdonisDomTop uses his slave as a foot rest. The slave bows its head and gets on all fours for AdonisDomTop to rest his feet across the slave’s back. AdonisDomTop even gets his shoes licked by this inferior slave during their real time meet.

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2 New Videos – The Punisher wearing Calvin Klein briefs sits on his slave’s face with his crotch almost resting on the slave’s nose. This muscle dom then proceeds to get the slave in a reverse headscissors with the slave’s nose to his ass. Lots of close up shots of this alpha’s huge muscles and sitting on the weak slave’s face. In another clip, The Punisher sports a white wrestling singlet and punishes the boy with several submission holds. This alpha’s monster muscles are strong and totally dominate this weakling. Watch the weak boy struggle and beg for mercy.

3 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy Mark practice some wrestling holds on each other. These two athletic studs practice their squeeze holds for their next real time. Despite their friendship, headscissor holds make them feel totally in control and powerful. Later these two guys head outside for some headscissors before football. To warm up their legs, Elliot and Mark perfect their abuse skills by locking each other in various submissions. If any slaves ever walk by, they better watch out that they don’t become the next victim. The football field wrestling continues. Elliot and Mark get down on the cold grass on this Autumn day to practice various chokeholds. You can tell their in their element and having fun once locking in chokeholds.

4 New Videos – This slave gets abused and trampled in another stomp session. On the ground, looking up at his master, the slave gets walked all over as this superior alpha wears some Doc Martens to do the stomping damage. The slave is shown no respect as he’s stomped and trampled. The abuse continues in the next session with even more trampling and stomping. The masked slave is kicked around and treated like a human doormat. This alpha puts his full bodyweight down on the slave with several of these brutal stomps.

Later Master Marvin pays the slave a visting for an intense trample session. Master Marvin has a large bulky muscular build and his stomps really hurt this slave as it’s backed by his full bodyweight. The slave struggles and gasps for air after each brutal stomp. Master Marvin continues his trample abuse as he treats the slave as a human doormat under his shoes. The slave endures all of the full bodyweight stomps, jumps, and trampling from Master Marvin. Watch the slave get these brutal stomps disrespectfully right to his stomach and chest.

3 New Videos – Master J returns to trample his slave in another real time meet. Slave Matt lays on his back on the bed while Master J stands over him and makes him worship his feet. After servicing his feet, the slave gets trampled and stepped on by his superior master. Afterwards, Master J rewards the slave by allowing Slave Matt to gag on his barefeet. Slave Matt loves servicing superior alpha feet. Watch as he gags and chokes on his master’s feet as they get rammed in his mouth harder. However, Slave Matt hasn’t had enough and days later meets up with Master Ch for another round of choke abuse. Slave Matt is totally dominated and choked out by his master. This slave struggles to escape but there is no chance of that.

1 New Video – Master Daniel returns to sit on his slave’s face. While playing some video games, Master Daniel puts his ass right on the slave’s face. Slave Matt struggles for air but he’s enjoying being pinned under Master Daniel’s ass more.