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2 New Video – Massi the Prince makes this slave empty his wallet and give up everything for the chance to serve. This obedient paypig becomes a foot rest for Massi the Prince as the dom empties the slave’s wallet. Stare at this dom’s barefeet and envision of life of financial slavery. In another clip, Massi the Prince books a trip with his girlfriend using fagcash money. It is your job as a cashfag to pay for all of your dom’s expenses and ensure he lives a life of luxury. As the human ATM of a superior couple, you’ll see all your money flying away as they enjoy the good life.

2 New Videos – Demir and Elliot Scissors take turns testing the strenght of Brandon’s abs. The two jocks deliver continuous gut punches exhausting Brandon completely. Brandon’s hands are tied behind his back with a belt so he can’t resist any of the punches. Brandon then gets his chance against Elliot Scissors in a headscissors battle. Brandon wraps his muscular legs around Elliot’s neck and begins squeezing. Elliot does his best to resist as he’s locked in a variety of headscissors variations.

2 New Videos – RippedRiki gets nasty and spits all over his mirror pretending it’s your face. Thick nasty gobs of spit cover the mirror as this alpha jock keeps spitting all over it. This dom verbally berates you as you watch the mirror get covered in his alpha jock spit. RippedRiki then meets up with an obedient foot slave for some real time worship. The slave gets gagged by this dom’s huge superior feet. Even though it was this slave’s first ever real time, he does a great job at serving his alpha.

5 New Videos – Conan is a hot personal trainer who loves to show off his hot muscular body for the camera. This muscled jock lays back and grabs a camera while he gets jerked off until he blows a huge load. Check out every part of his body as he’s not afraid to bare it all. Mithcell is another fit jock who loves to show off his naked body. This sexy jock needed some extra cash and didn’t mind showing off for it. SteveMyere gets to film this hunk as he pumps a nice load of jizz out while stroking his big cock.

Travis is another sexy stud who loves jerking off for the camera. Once he gets going, he starts fingering his hole and working his hard cock. Finally he erupts a big load of cum as he pumps his dick harder. SteveMyer packs his busy filming schedule by filming another hunk named Christoff. This blonde stud is a straight twink with a big cock. He shows off his lean body and eventually cums twice throughout the 25 minute video. Closing out his newest uploads this week, SteveMyer films sexy college hunk Reece. This stud needs some Spring Break money so what better way to make some money than to get naked on camera. He really gets into it as soon as the clothes come off.

5 New Videos – Master E dominates Slave Matt as he kicks him in the face. Slave Matt sits on the bed and gets repeatedly kicked and beaten by his alpha dom. This superior master shows off his power with more forceful kicks. Later, Master E gets on top of the slave and punches him in the face. Straddling the slave, Master E puts a beatdown on Slave Matt and doesn’t hold back. Slave Matt takes every punch as he has no where to go. Master E then stands on top of his slave and demands a foot rub. Slave Matt rubs his dom’s powerful alpha male feet. After the foot rub, Master E stomps on his slave and treats him like a door mat.

In another real time meet up, Master E knocks his slave down with a brutal kick beatdown. Getting Slave Matt in the corner of the room, Master E makes sure the slave has no where to run away to. This dom then kicks the slave all over in the body and face to assert dominance. Once Slave Matt is down on the ground, Master E delivers some headscissors punishment. Slave Matt is choked out and made to submit to this powerful alpha. Master E locks his legs tighter around the slave’s throat so he taps out quickly.

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