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4 New Videos – It’s hilarious how subhuman jerk off thinking about Massi the Prince taking all of their money. Every single cent in your wallet will go to this dom once you fully submit. That’s no different in this real time as Massi the Prince drains this slave’s wallet while using him as a footstool. In the next video upload, Massi the Prince will further turn you into an obedient human ATM. Get eager to spit out cash for your master and serve at his feet. You aren’t human anymore, you are merely an object that spits out cash on demand.

In exchange for good service, Massi the Prince will let you eat his toenails. This masked slave lays down on his back with his mouth open as Massi the Prince clips his toenails into its mouth. The slave is treated like a human dustbin by his master and gladly swallows his dom’s toenails. Accept your place in life like Massi the Prince’s real time slave as he is gagged by his master’s feet. The masked slave licks clean the soles of this powerful dom’s sneakers. Afterwards, he is slapped around and mocked by Massi the Prince. Once the slave is fully obedient and accepts his place, then he can worship this master’s barefeet.

5 New Videos – Elliot, Demir, Mark, and Jack have a team squeezing competition between each other. Jim agrees to test the leg strength of these jocks as he’s locked in a tight bodyscissors. The studs take turns testing out their strength by squeezing Jim nonstop for 30 seconds each to see how much Jim can withstand. In a one-on-one competition, Elliot and Jim battle it out as Elliot locks Jim in a super tight headscissors. Elliot is unstoppable once he gets the hold fully locked on around Jim’s head. Jim wants Elliot to show off his full strength to again see how much he can endure. Elliot tests his strength out on another buddy as he takes him for a ride. Elliot and his buddy are outside on the hood of a car while Elliot locks his legs around his friend’s neck. Elliot squeezes with his full might to see how much his bro can withstand.

All of that wrestling prepares guys like Timur to choke out a slave. Timur pins this pathetic slave under his muscular body right before jumping and pouncing on this slave’s chest with all of his weight. The victim has no where to go once Timur locks him in a headscissors and squeezes the life out of him. The same slave then gets humiliated and choked by Elliot’s friend, Neville. Neville is like a python gradually squeezing his prey. When this slave is exhausted, Neville begins to use humiliation techniques by pressing the slave’s face into his sweaty crotch.

2 New Videos – Master Matt loves whipping his slaves. In a live session, Master Matt gets his slave in a bound, defenseless position as he proceeds to whip the slave’s back. This slave gets a brutal beating from his dom as Master Matt just laughs at the slave’s suffering. That was just a warm, it is now time for Master Matt to abuse this slave’s nuts. The slave is shackled with no escape as Master Matt kicks the slave repeatedly in his nuts. The slave grimaces in pain and begs for mercy but Master Matt is not a merciful dom.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt submit between his strong legs. Locking the slave between his legs, Master G squeezes Slave Matt’s head until he’s begging for escape. Master G just continues to play on his phone ignoring this slave’s cries. Later, Master G shows off his jiu jitsu skills when dominating his slave. Slave Matt is beaten and abused by Master G as he locks on a variety of jiu jitsu holds on his slave. By the end, Slave Matt is pinned underneath Master G as he’s mocked and laughed at. The choke abuse continues as Master G locks Slave Matt in a series of chokeholds that will have him gasping for air. Master G loves abusing and choking this slave to exert his dominance and power over such a weak creature.

Master G meets up with his slave for another real time for even more jiu jitsu abuse. Master G locks the slave in a variety of submission holds and makes him quickly tap. Once the slave does, Master G covers the slave’s face with his sweaty, alpha male feet. In another real time encounter between the two, Master G sits on his slave’s face. The slave is totally ignored as Master G plays some video games while using the slave as a human chair. The slave is shown no attention and no respect as it’s being used.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop is ready to show that hierarchy works. Standing over his slave while wearing cleats, AdonisDomTop tramples this slave like a human doormat. The slave is stomped on and abused under his master’s soccer cleats.

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4 New Videos – Masters Basford and Nevil completely exhaust this slave by painfully beating him with added elements of humiliation. These doms clamp the slave’s head between their legs and press him into the other one’s crotch. The doms just laugh at this slave as they sit on his face and choke him out. On another real time meet, a group of masters sit at the dining table for some dinner and beers while the slave services their feet under the table. The doms get generous at points and feed the slave table scraps from their feet and toes. The miserable slave can constantly hear their ridicule of him before they all make the slave drink their spit.

The humiliation of the slave increases as 4 of the masters burp in the slave’s face. The slave grimaces from the nasty burps he has to smell. This only makes the doms get their burps to be more intense and louder to really torment this sub. Taking the slave outside, 7 of the doms spit in the slave’s face. They continue to spit and blow their nose on this slave’s pathetic face. The slave has no where to go except to endure all of the nasty, raunchy spit and snot these doms cover him with for their amusement.

4 New Videos – Your tongue is just to be used to clean Massi the Prince’s dirty feet. Just like this masked sub, your purpose is to stick your tongue out and service this dom’s barefeet. The masked slave licks clean the dirty soles of Prince Massi’s big powerful feet while getting verbally abused in Italian. Afterwards, Massi the Prince turns the slave into a human doormat. Stepping onto this slave’s face and chest, Massi the Prince shows no respect for the slave. Stomping and kicking down on the slave, this dom puts his masked sub in his rightful place underneath him.

After that abuse, it’s time for the slave to become an ashtray for his master. Massi the Prince orders the slave to open his mouth wide for his cigarette ash. This proves how much the slave is worth to this arrogant dom which is next to nothing. Every time Massi the Prince flicks an ash in this slave’s mouth, he takes a tribute on the computer in the process. If you need more psychological abuse to go with the physical abuse, then become a cuck slave for Massi the Prince and his girlfriend. This powerful alpha cuddles and makes out with his girlfriend while you’re to stay at his shoes and serve him. Open that wallet while you sniff this master’s straight feet.

3 New Videos – RippedRiki will treat you the way you need to be treated. The way you need treated is with zero respect and taught total obedience. You’ll quickly follow all of RippedRiki’s orders and learn how to be an obedient fag as he spits on you and verbally abuses you. If you need more spit, then RippedRiki has even more spit for you. Spitting on his mirror, RippedRiki shows you what your face will look like when he’s done spitting all over you. It’ll slide down your face like it slides down the mirror as a badge you should wear with honor. Once you’ve endured enough humiliation then you can serve his feet. RippedRiki gets some oil and oils up the soles of his feet until they’re super shiny. Get lost as you gaze at this dom’s big alpha feet while enduring his verbal abuse.

5 New Videos – Master Ch totally dominates Slave Matt and forces him to worship his ass while being choked. Slave Matt is choked between Master Ch’s strong legs and has his head forced into this dom’s crotch and ass. The slave has no where to go and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. In another meet up with Master Ch, Slave Matt is totally ignored while his dom sits on his face. Master Ch plays some video games as he sits on this slave’s face. Ignoring the slave’s whimpers and moans, Master Ch just continues on playing his games. Things get more intense when Master Ch locks his slave in a deep headscissors. With his strong legs wrapped tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Ch totally chokes out this slave into complete submission. Slave Matt begs for mercy as the hold intensifies.

For his efforts at enduring that intense choking, Master Ch lets the slave gag on his feet. While ignoring the slave at times by playing on his phone, Master Ch gets this slave to swallow as much of his foot as it can. The slave struggles and gags trying to take more of Master Ch’s foot in his mouth. Master Ch gets bored and then decides it’s time to choke the slave some more by locking him in a triangle chokehold. Locking in this submission super tight, Slave Matt gasps for air as this dom just laughs at the slave’s torment. Master Ch shows how sadistic he can be when choking his slave with his strong legs.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in the mood to choke out his slave. Locking his leg tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Daniel quickly asserts his dominance. Slave Matt gasps for air and mercy as Master Daniel fully locks in this brutal submission. Afterwards, Master Daniel gives the slave a break and decides to sit on his face. Master Daniel laughs at the slave as he smothers him with his ass. THe slave whimpers are ignored and shrugged off as amusement for this alpha. Slave Matt then gets the chance to worship his master’s feet. Laying on his back, the slave takes as much of Master Daniel’s foot in his mouth as he can. Master Daniel makes sure to make the slave gag on his big powerful feet.

Master Daniel changes up gears a bit and makes his slave put on a traditional Jiu Jitsu uniform as he fights his slave. Master Daniel wants to see how much the slave can fight when thrown into the situation. Sadly for this slave, he can barely fight back and ends up getting taken down to the mat and choked out. After all those real times, it’s time for Master Daniel to sit back and relax. This jock doms burps for the camera while laying back and chilling. Get a glimpse of this dom’s alpha male feet and body and he makes you want to worship him.

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2 New Videos – Big Alpha dominates King Romeo in this intense choke session. Big Alpha dominates this muscle hunk in a variety of ways. Wearing tight black latex, Big Alpha comes from behind and dominates this bound muscle stud. The bodybuilder battle continues as King Romeo and Big Alpha test out their strength on each other with arm wrestling and even an overhead press thrown in the mix. King Romeo locks Big Alpha in a headscissors but Big Alpha reverses and locks in a full nelson. Watch the full clip to see which muscle god dominates this round.

3 New Videos – Stay down at Massi The Prince’s feet like the cuck that you are to this dom. Prince Massi cuddles with his girlfriend while you’re ordered to worship at his sneakers. Empty your wallet and sniff his straight feet. Then you can watch a real slave worship Massi the Prince’s feet in this real time clip. You would give anything to swap places with this slave and touch this dom’s superior soles. Drool and get envious of this slave as you watch him lick this dom’s sweaty feet. This masked fag continues to worship his dom’s feet. Massi The Prince gets this slave to worship his sneakers and sniff his masculine alpha foot scent. Slaves like this one become a personal laundry machine for Prince Massi by cleaning his gear with their tongues.

4 New Video – Masters Ritchel, Basford, and Stanley bully a slave for their own pleasure. After drinking some beers, the masters make a mockery of this slave and humiliate him by ordering him to lick and worship their feet. The 3 doms slap, spit, and blow smoke in this pathetic slave’s face during the abuse session. Later, Master Ritchell gives the slave a spit bath in the tub. This dom has the slave stay laying in the bathtub while he spits all over the slave. Masters Basford and Stanley join in as they take turns spitting on this slave.

This slave simply lives to serve his masters. Masters Basford, Ritchel, and Nevil keep the slave at their feet for more foot worship. The doms bully this slave to no end and ride him like a pony. Later they beat him with a pillow and sit on his face. The next day, Master Nevil commands the slave to clean his sweaty feett. Master Nevil chokes the slave with his feet before putting him in a tight headscissors with his legs. Afterwards he orders the slave to clean his dirty football shoes as well.

1 New Video – Vicious54 has a special treat for this slave as he farts into a gas mask. Wearing his gas mask tight, the slave inhales the farts through a hose connected to the mask. Vicious54 puts the other end of the hose by his asshole and lets the fart rip for this slave to breathe in during their session.

6 New Videos – Slave Matt experiences some double domination from Master Daniel and Master K. These two doms tag team the slave for intense domination. With one master putting the slave in a headscissors, the other puts him in a bodyscissors. In some solo action, Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a triangle choke in another realtime meet. Wearing his karate outfit, Master Daniel wraps his strong legs around the slave’s throat and applies pressue. Slave Matt taps out so quickly to Master Daniel’s amusement. Slave Matt keeps coming back for more as shown in the next clip. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. With his face planted deep in Master Daniel’s crotch, this slave is squeezed between the dom’s powerful legs.

In a more playful session, Master Daniel challenges his slave to a boxing match. With their boxing gloves on, the two fight it out. Obviously, Master Daniel pummels his slave in the end without question. Things change this time as Slave Matt gets revenge on his master. Slave Matt chokes out his master and pins him to the ground. Master Daniel is taken back by all this and doesn’t know how to react. This role reversal continues when Slave Matt starts to choke his dom. Getting him down on the bed, this slave tries to beat up on his master. Slave Matt probably has a huge punishment in his future from all of this.

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3 New Video – Prepare for some intense pig training from Master Gary. Wearing his boxing gear, Master Gary will order you to worship his feet. To this alpha dom, you are nothing more than an object. In the next video clip, Master Gary will continue your pig training. Clad in a leather jacket and leather boots, Master Gary becomes your dominant leather God. Obey and listen to every verbal order given by Master Gary as he instructs you on how to service his boots and barefeet. Afterwards, you can get out your fag dildo for a more intense training session. Bounce on that dildo as Master Gary flexes and bosses you around. This scally bully will turn you into the ultimate pig slave as he dehumanizes you.

2 New Video – This inferior masked slave is about to get beat up by Jordan Fox. Cornered against the wall, the masked fag slave is slapped around and beaten to a pulp. The intense beat down leaves Jordan Fox’s cock rock hard. In another brutal slave encounter, Jordan Fox gives the pathetic fag a brutal fucking. Rough and barbaric is the kind of sex that Jordan Fox craves. While wearing a hooded mask, Jordan Fox destroys this sub with his cock.

3 New Videos – Let Massi the Prince’s big feet control you. Sitting back with his feet up to the camera, Prince Massi shows off his huge superior alpha male feet. It is your job as a weak foot fag to service this God’s alpha feet. If you want to see how a foot fag services this dom’s feet then check out this real time foot worship session. This pathetic fag hands over his credit card for Massi the Prince to do some online shopping. This findom empties the slave’s bank account as the slave worships his master’s feet. Later, the slave is instructed to lick his master’s sneakers clean. Massi the Prince dominates this slave by wiping his soles on the slave’s tongue like a good human carpet. He then proceeds to use the slave’s head as a footrest while verbally humiliating him.

4 New Videos – Slave Matt has added a new master to his rotation of dominant alphas to serve. Master F comes over to trample his slave and show how inferior Slave Matt truly is to him. While on the ground, Slave Matt is treated like a human doormat and walked all over. Then while wearing socks, Master F gags his slave with his foot. The gagged slave takes as much of Master F’s foot in his mouth as he can while being dominated. Master F doesn’t hold back while ordering the slave around.

Master F then gets the slave on the ground for some dominant choking. Slave Matt is choked between Master F’s legs and struggles to break free. There is no freedom for slaves once they’re locked between a dominant alpha’s legs. In another real time meet up, Slave Matt is then choked some more by a dominant master. Slave Matt gets humiliated and beat up by another superior. This is the fate of all inferior submissives.

1 New Video – Master Billy is ready to take on the role as your new master. Wearing leather gear, Master Billy shows his whip and why he is the king of leather. Come crawling to this alpha with your wallet in your mouth begging to be used and drained.

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4 New Video – Massi the Prince shows how pathetic this obedient foot slave is to him. This foot fag gave up it’s entire paycheck for the chance to be a footstool for Massi the Prince’s perfect size 12 feet. This Italian master verbally abuses his foot fag all throughout. Later, Massi the Prince sits on the slave’s face. This sub’s face is the perfect seat for this dom’s royal ass. Imagine how lucky this slave is to have his master use his face as a seat.

In another real time meet, Massi the Prince uses a slave as a doormat. The slave suffers a lot under his master’s full body weight. You can hear the slave moaning and struggling as Massi the Prince stomps on him. The masked fag then is given the chance to lick his master’s flip flops. To humiliate the slave more, Prince Massi totally ignores this lowlife slave as the slave services his dom’s sweaty feet.

3 New Video – Jordan Fox doesn’t hold back when he punishes a slave. This dominant alpha truly beats the hell out of this slave before fucking him. Using a variety of whips mixed in with his own punches and slaps, Jordan Fox dehumanizes this slave. The intense domination continues when Jordan Fox uses this submissive twink. The twink slave must lick his master’s feet, serve as a punching bag, and worship Jordan Fox’s cock. The slave fulfills all of it’s expected duties and puts Jordan Fox’s pleasure before it’s own dignity. In another aggressive meet up, Jordan Fox viciously bites a slave. Sinking his teeth barbarically into this slave’s flesh, Jordan Fox leaves deep marks that will surely bruise. Whenever this slave is seen naked, people will know he’s an abused slave from all the bite marks.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro returns to show his dominating power. Using Slave Matt, Master Pedro locks his slave in a variety of chokeholds and totally dominates him. Slave Matt struggles to escape but there is no resisting against Master Pedro. Afterwards, Master Pedro sits on his slave’s face. Using his slave’s face as a seat, Master Pedro ignores the slave’s moaning for air. When Master Pedro had enough, he proceeds to choke out the slave with some chokeholds. The choke domination continues when Master Pedro shows this slave who’s in charge. Locking the slave in a variety of submission holds, Master Pedro makes sure the slave knows to never disoeby. If the slave ever does disobey, Master Pedro will just choke him even harder.When Slave Matt isn’t getting used by Master Pedro, he calls on Master P to abuse him. Master P shows his wrestling skills on Slave Matt by administering a variety of chokeholds on the slave. Slave Matt gets locked in a triangle choke and has to quickly submit. Afterwards, Slave Matt is subjected to some muay thai abuse. This dom locks in some serious chokeholds on his slave to ensure fast submission. Afterwards, Master P stomps on and kicks the slave around for fun.

2 New Videos – Master Bryce smokes his cigar as he verbally abuses you. Sit there and imagine this dom blowing cigar smoke in your face as he subjects you to verbal torment. Submit, serve, and follow every command y our cash dom gives to you. If you crave more cigar smoke from Master Bryce then check out his compilation video. Compiling a variety of real time humiliation, verbal abuse, and tons of cigar smoking, Master Bryce makes you feel like you are one of his owned fags. Clad in leather and puffing his cigar, Master Bryce will take control over your feeble mind and wallet.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground in their latest real time meet. Pinning this slave down, Master Daniel sits on the slave and puts all of his weight on this slave. Slave Matt has no where to go once he’s underneath his superior master. Later Master Daniel chokes and dominates his weak slave. Standing over the slave, Master Daniel makes his slave worship his feet and tramples him. The slave learns his rightful place is beneath his superior master.

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5 New Video – Massi the Prince turns this slave into a human ashtray. This slave kneels with his mouth open, ready to receive his master’s ash. In the end, Prince Massi puts out the cigarette on the slave’s tongue. Slaves need to realize that their place is under Massi the Prince’s feet. Wearing US size 12 sneakers, this dom puts his sneakers all over this slave’s face during their real time meet. The slave is stomped, stepped on, and spit on by this alpha findom. This same masked slave can’t get enough of his master’s sneakers. Massi the Prince makes this slave worship his sneakers, socks, and feet. While getting his feet worshipped, Massi the Prince counts the slave’s money as the slave sniffs his sweaty toes. Enjoy 2 camera angles in this clip to see the slave worship alpha feet from two angles.

For some solo videos, Massi the Prince orders you to tribute his perfect feet. Surrender and stop fighting the urges. You are an obedient foot fag that needs to hand over your cash to alpha male feet. Become just like this masked slave that serves at Massi the Prince’s feet. With it’s mouth open ready to massage his dom’s feet, this foot fag shows total obedience. Massi the Prince uses the slave’s mouth as a foot rest while verbally humiliating the slave in Italian (with English subtitles).

4 New Video – The Punisher is ready to dominate his slave Gio with some intense submissions. Locking slave Gio between his huge muscular legs, The Punisher chokes out this weak boy with all his might. Wearing a singlet with his ass exposed, Gio’s only view it to see this bodybuilding God’s huge muscular ass while being choked. The Punisher also loves to be admired and worshipped. This muscle admirer in the next clip struggles to get The Punisher’s tight shirt off which agitates The Punisher resulting in total domination of this muscle admirer. The Punisher works over this boy with a series of headlocks and headscissors until he submits.

If you need more of The Punisher then check out this headscissors punishment he delivers to Gio. Gio is always a target of The Punisher’s superior strength and powerful muscles. The Punisher locks his treetrunk legs around Gio’s head while wearing a jockstrap to make him submit. Chokemasters then has a throwback video of a couple of Colombian boys practicing chokeholds in the gym. These two lean jocks practice a variety of holds on each other to show which of the two jocks is more powerful.

4 New Videos – MasterGary is ready to put you through some intense pig training. With his boxing gloves on, Master Gary explains how he is going to beat you down and pummel you as your new bully if you don’t comply. Follow all of your new bully’s orders as you transform into the pig fag that you really are to him. Now as an obedient pig, it’s time that you get locked up as property of Master Gary. Wearing a leather jacket, leather gloves, and boots, Master Gary verbally abuses you and tells you how pathetic you are. Pig faggots like you should be locked in cages or locked in chastity or both.

While down at his leather boots, comply with all of Master Gary’s verbal commands. This alpha findom is going to turn you into a pathetic gooner that cums on command. Follow your master’s orders and waste your pathetic cum load as you cum on command to his words. Then for some more extreme verbal commands, get your dildo out and ride your dildo as Master Gary verball berates you. Follow every command your given as Master Gary talks about turning you into a toilet piss pig. Keep riding that dildo as you go mindless to your master’s commands.

5 New Videos – Master J kicks and tramples slave Matt in this real time beat down. Master J orders his slave to the ground on it’s back. Once down there, Master J tramples his slave’s body and face to assert his dominance. Master J then orders the slave to worship his superior feet. The obedient foot slave gags and chokes himself on Master J’s huge superior soles to show his devotion. Master J always makes sure to get his feet worshipped when doing real time meets with Slave Matt. In another real time, Master J chokes the slave with his feet. Master J gets the slave on his back and jams his foot down the slave’s mouth. Slave Matt gags on Master J’s feet but enjoys every second of being a slave to his master. When Master J gets annoyed with his slave, he kicks him around some.

Slave Matt can’t seem to get enough of Master J as he comes back to worship his master’s feet some more. Sitting on the couch while playing on his phone, Master J completely ignores this foot slave as the slave licks and services Master J’s feet. Every so often, Master J will give the slave some attention to trample and kick him. Master J then returns later for some trample abuse on this slave. Trampling his slave, Master J treats this slave like a human doormat. The slave is just an object under Master J’s huge feet.

2 New Videos – Ciro The Punisher loves leather so much that he’s going to cum in his leather gear. Wearing leather pants and leather gloves, Ciro the Punisher jerks his big alpha dick with his leathered gloves. This dom erupts a fountain of cum at the end while video camming with a slave. Now it’s your turn to worship this dom’s leather as he verbally abuses you. Ciro the Punisher has some hardcore verbal abuse for fag slaves like you. Obey and worship at his huge dominant feet as he verball degrades you for being nothing.