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3 New Videos – Watch as this masked loser sniffs his master’s sweaty socks. The obedient foot fag sucks his dom’s sweaty feet to show his devotion. Massi the Prince laughs and orders this slave around as his personal pay pig. In another real time meet, Massi the Prince orders his foot fag to clean his soccer cleats. After this sub handed over his whole paycheck, he was allowed to suck his dom’s dirty soccer cleats. Later, Massi the Prince rides the slave like a pony while degrading and ridiculing him. Things get more depraved in the next clip when Massi the Prince makes the slave eat crushed food from his feet. Forget Gordon Ramsay or Carlo Cracco, the best cuisine you will ever taste is the one crushed under this dom’s sweat soles. The depraved foot fag eats everything from his superior’s feet after it’s been crushed.

2 New Video – MasterUltimateGod describes this as one of his funniest and most brutal videos as a dom buddy and him brutalize this fag. The masked fag is written on, punched repeatedly, spit on, and more. See how much savagery this masked fag can endure from two brutal doms. While in the same hotel room, these doms bully the fag. The cah fag is put through the ringer from these doms. They rip and shred his underwear with some hardcore wedgies, making him crawl to the bathroom for a swirlie competition, and nonstop humiliation.

3 New Videos – Ever want to worship a straight rugby god? Now is your chance as Master Ty is dressed up in all of his rugby gear. Worship his alpha muscles as he dominates and verbally abuses you under his straight rugby perfection. Master Ty then adds in some political fetish abuse as he makes you worship his MAGA muscles. You libtards love worshipping a straight, conservative God whether you want to admit it or not. Lots of humiliation and muscle worship awaits as you gaze at Master Ty’s perfect muscles and biceps while he kicks back and relaxes. Once you’re done worshipping virtually, you can watch one of Master Ty’s first real times as a slave tickles him. Master Ty hates being tickled and this faggot slave knows it. Master Ty gets his superior feet tickled by this submissive in their first real time encounter after this slave begged for the chance repeatedly.

5 New Video – Master J just got back from the gym and is ready to choke out a slave. Getting behind Slave Matt, Master J locks on a tight chokehold causing the slave to turn colors as he begs for mercy. Master J is on an adrenaline rush from the gym and doesn’t let up so easily. In another real time encounter, Master J tramples all over the slave while standing over him. Slave Matt lays on his back as he feels Master J’s feet stomp, walk, and pummel him all over. Master J makes sure to have Slave Matt worship his feet while he’s underneath him. The trample abuse continues in the next part as Master J stands on top of the slave’s face. Slave Matt feels the full weight of Master J on top of his chest and face as he’s treated like a human doormat. Slave Matt even gets slapped around a few times when he makes too much noise.

After the stomping, Master J goes back to choking out the slave. Slave Matt is taken to the ground and thrown in a series of chokeholds. He struggles to break free but this just pisses off Master J and makes him lock the chokes on tighter. Master J comes back days later for even more choke abuse and domination. Slave Matt is back on the ground as Master J grabs him around the neck and locks on some super tight headscissors chokeholds. Master J shows his fighting skills as he successfully submits this slave and leaves him gasping for air.

4 New Videos – Mantaster is a switch, meaning at times he’s in the mood to be dom, other times he’s sub. This time he’s in the mood to dominate and use this slave’s ass. Having his slave tied to a tree, Mantaster gets up behind him to eat his ass deep before fucking it. The tables quickly turn in the next video as Mantaster goes back to sub tendencies as the tied up man shows him obedience on the farm> Mantaster gets on the ground as this twink rides him like a pony outside. Mantaster takes on the role of a human horse as he’s rode.

Mantaster then lays on his back as this twink sits on his face. After pulling his pants down, this twink smothers Mantaster’s face with his tight ass. Mantaster eats it deep while pinned under his twink dom. The twink ass eating continues into the next clip as this twink dom rubs his ass all over Mantaster’s face. Mantaster loves being pinned under this dom’s sweaty, tight ass as he licks his hole deep.

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