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2 New Videos – Master Matt takes his paypig to the train tracks for some real time abuse. The obedient piggy lays on the train tracks as Master Matt stomps all over him and kicks him in the balls. The pig slave is spit on and totally degraded – what happens if a train arrives? Master Matt then takes another slave indoors for some hot wax torment. This masked slave gets on his knees to serves at Master Matt’s feet while this dom pours hot wax all over the slave’s face and body. The slave is even subjected to being fed hot wax during the session.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod is the ultimate jock bully when he uses a fag slave. This obedient fag is spanked and has his underwear ripped up to his head for an epic wedgie. The slave’s underwear are totally ripped and shredded as he cries from the intense bullying. After the bullying session, MasterUltimateGod sits on the slave’s face. Crushed under his dom’s superior ass, this slave is smashed deep while MasterUltimateGod even curls some weight on top of him. Later the slave is walked all over like a human carpet.

MasterUltimateGod uses this slave some more when he makes it worship his armpits. The fag slave has his face stuffed deep into his master’s armpit again and again. When he’s not sniffing MasterUltimateGod’s pits, he is subjected to tight headlocks, noogies, spit, and more. After all of that abuse, MasterUltimateGod sits back and relaxes as his slave worships his feet. Flexing his biceps and chilling, MasterUltimateGod gets his feet worshipped by his obedient slave. In between the foot massage, he takes time out to fart on his lowly slave.

3 New Videos – After a long day, Master Nello decides to have some fun with his fag slave and make it smell his feet. Seated back with his sneakers on, Master Nello orders the slave to come over and worship his sneakers. The obedient foot fag does everything he’s told and gets trampled at the end. The slave comes back for more to serve as Master Nello’s foot cleaner. The slave gets down on the ground and licks clean this powerful dom’s dirty sneakers and soles. After giving the sneakers a tongue bath, the slave gets slapped around and stomped into the ground.Going out for a ride, Master Nello has some more fun with this slave as he orders the slave around. Making the slave worship his sneakers, Master Nello spits in the slave’s face. Following that degradation, the slave is tasked with being Master Nello’s human ashtray as he collects his dom’s cigarette ashes.

5 New Video – Master Gabriel gets some kickboxing practice in as he uses Slave Matt. This slave is treated like a kickboxing bag as he’s repeatedly beaten and kicked around. Backed into a corner, Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s kicked to the point he cowers on the ground. While he’s down on the ground, Master Gabriel kicks the slave in the face. Beaten down and abused, Slave Matt begins to just accept the abuse as the natural order of life. Master Gabriel enjoys kicking Slave Matt all over his body as he cries for mercy. Graduating from kicks, Master Gabriel begins to punch his slave in the face. Straddling the slave so he cannot get up, Master Gabriel lays into this slave with repeated blows to the face and body. Master Gabriel lets out his frustrations with this beatdown.

For being so obedient, Master Gabriel orders Slave Matt to worship his feet. Slave Matt rubs his dom’s feet and gives him a foot massage. Master Gabriel grabs Slave Matt by the arms and forces his face even closer to his alpha feet. Slave Matt is still eager to serve and later invites over Master K for even more foot worship. Master K rubs his dirty feet all over Slave Matt’s face and orders him to clean every inch of his alpha male feet. Slave Matt sucks on his soles and toes to show his obedience.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin loves degrading his fat homo slave and turning him into a human urinal. The pathetic slave is verbally abused by his dom and ordered to put a dog tail in his ass as he waits for his master’s piss. Master Berlin then pisses all over the slave as it eager opens its mouth. Afterwards, Master Berlin allows the slave to smell his sweaty feet. The subservient slave worships at his dom’s smelly feet and licks his socks. The slave even pays for this opportunity to serve at his alpha’s feet.

Master Berlin wants more foot worship as he gags the slave with his feet. Master Berlin’s foot fag chokes and gags on his dom’s feet as he tries to suck more of it. Master Berlin rams as much of his foot as he can down this pathetic slave’s throat. This dom tests the slave’s gag reflex some more as he rams his foot further in the slave’s mouth to choke it with his feet. You can see how much the slave loves Master Berlin’s feet as he eagerly tries to take more and more of it in his mouth. The slave takes it deep to the point of gagging and crying to show his obedience.

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