Support our friends: Outcrowd – creative digital agency

We normally don’t give a behind the scenes look of what goes into running IN-CHARGE.NET but this time we wanted to take a moment to thank the amazing people over at Outcrowd for their exceptional work at redesigning our IN-CHARGE.NET logo and brand over the summer.

After several years of having an outdated logo and website, we wanted to rebrand ourselves to better capture the character of what our website offers and to present an iconic logo to tie into this rebrand. We set out to find a web development team to tackle the programming work but then wanted to find a highly skilled design agency to deliver the ultimate logo for our IN-CHARGE.NET rebranding.

With lots of searching across Behance, Dribbble, and other design portfolio websites, we kept coming back to Outcrowd’s portfolio and website.

For some background on Outcrowd, they are a Ukrainian based digital agency that specializes in web / logo design, branding, as well as UI / UX. They have worked with prominent brands such as Toyota, RedBull, McDonald’s and many more.

Upon initial contact with Outcrowd, they responded back right away and were very excited to work with us on the project. Outcrowd sent me over a detailed questionnaire to assist them with getting a better understanding of our branding needs. I was very impressed by this part because it showed that they actually wanted thorough insight into our brands needs and mission.

After some revisions and meetings, Outcrowd delivered over to us the perfect IN-CHARGE.NET logo and logobook to help refresh our brand:


We highly recommend giving them a try for any of your branding, logo, or digital needs. Being that they are a Ukrainian based digital agency, they are enduring a tumultuous time right now with tensions in their region and they could use business now more than ever. Due to the circumstances, the team at Outcrowd has had to leave their homes and move to the Western part of Ukraine (or even abroad) to save their lives and continue living and still working to assist their client.

Their amazing team is more than ever open to new design challenges, tasks, and projects. Drop them a line at their website and they would be super happy to help with their endless creativity.



NEW Changes Coming for IN-CHARGE.NET

If you haven’t subscribed to our weekly newsletter, we have some exciting news! IN-CHARGE.NET is on the verge of a major revamp.

We’ve listened to suggestions from both content creators and their fans and are moving ahead with a massive overhaul of the IN-CHARGE.NET to launch next week (fingers crossed). After several months of fine tuning and making improvements we are very pleased with the final outcome of the newly developed website. But with a new site, come new changes. Here is everything you need to know:


What’s Going Away

We are getting rid of the features you don’t want anymore.

  • No more live cams
  • No more outdated website design and functionality


What’s Staying

We’re keeping the things you like and want.

  • Token system to download videos, images, and audio clips
  • All of your favorite IN-CHARGE.NET sellers / content creators
  • Videos, images, and audio clips from the old site
  • Private messaging
  • Video, image, and audio clip previews
  • 70% commission for all IN-CHARGE.NET sellers (higher than the competition)
  • Twice monthly payouts to sellers (1st and 15th of every month)


What’s NEW

To keep up with trends and to give both IN-CHARGE.NET users and content creators the best fetish clip site possible, we are adding and improving several new features

  • Monthly fan-club subscriptions
    • Users can pay a recurring monthly fee to view ALL of a seller’s content portfolio as long as they’re subscribed
  • Better site functionality
    • Users can now search for content using improved filters
      • Sort content by price, length (in minutes for videos), top rated, highest selling, recently added, etc.
      • View items currently being watched by other users
      • Find items through a newly improved tag cloud page
  • Easier uploads for sellers
  • Enhanced selling options for sellers
    • Charge your fans a flat fee to download individual content
    • Enable the option to allow your fans to subscribe to all of your content for a recurring monthly fee (streaming only)
    • Charge users per private message sent to you
    • Add links to your Amazon wishlist and social media right to your IN-CHARGE.NET profile
  • Content streaming
    • Not only can you just download content you purchased, but you can stream it directly from IN-CHARGE.NET
      • No more hassling with compatibility issues among media players
  • Simplified token system ->> No cents, makes sense
    • Previously $1 = 1 token; so a $20.50 video was 20.50 tokens resulting in fractions of a token
    • NOW, $1 = 10 tokens; so a $20.50 video becomes 205 tokens (just multiply by 10)
    • QUESTIONWhat if a video was priced at $19.99?
      • All previous prices are rounded up to the nearest 10 cents
      • That $19.99 video now becomes 200 tokens in price ($19.99 rounded to the nearest 10 cents is $20 X 10 = 200 tokens)
    • QUESTIONWhat if a video was priced at $14.55?
      • Using the same method, that video becomes 146 tokens ($14.55 rounded to the nearest 10 cents is $14.60 X 10 = 146 tokens)
    • QUESTIONWhat happens to my previous IN-CHARGE.NET balance?
      • All account balances will be carried forward to the new website
      • Account balances will then be updated to accommodate for the new token system
    • QUESTIONWhat will be my new account balance?
      • All users (both sellers and regular users) will fall into 1 of 3 categories as to what happens to their account balance. See the scenarios below:
        • SCENARIO 1: Your current account balance is a whole dollar value
          • If your current account balance is something like $10, $14, $20, $47, etc. then simply multiply it by 10 to get your new balance on the new site
          • For example, $20 X 10 becomes 200 tokens…$36 X 10 becomes 360 tokens
        • SCENARIO 2: Your current account balance ends in 0 in the cents column
          • If your current account balance is something like $10.20, $15.50, $29.80, etc. then simply multiply it by 10 to get your new balance on the new site
          • For example, $18.80 X 10 becomes 188 tokens…$34.70 X 10 becomes 347 tokens
        • SCENARIO 3: Your current account balance ends in any number other than 0 in the cents column
          • If your current account balance is something like $0.13, $21.99, $34.23, $59.08, then round up to the nearest 10 cents and multiply it by 10 to get your new account balance on the new site
          • For example, $12.23 rounded up turns into $12.30 X 10 becomes 123 tokens
          • If you’re in this category, you’re getting a financial boost from us so that you don’t lose any tokens during the move

If you have any questions about the NEW site upgrades feel free to comment below or reach out to us on social media and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We are very excited to unveil the new site to everyone and thank all of you for being part of this great community.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – MasterGary is ready to put you through an extreme humiliation session in his latest video. You’ll need a rubber outfit and ideally a tail to plug your faggot hole with, if not something else. In this latest video, MasterGary towers over you, showing off his lean, fit body while wearing jeans. From there, this dominant findom will order you to sniff poppers and intoxicate yourself hard. Afterward, MasterGary will order you to piss all over yourself like a pathetic little faggot. Following this humiliation session, MasterGary is ready to put you through a forced workout. During this video, MasterGary will give you non stop commands to exercise for him as you are verbally degraded and assaulted the entire time. You’ll never be as fit or as lean as MasterGary but that doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself through an intense workout session for his amusement. Be prepared to go through an exercise boot camp for this alpha while he degrades you verbally.

1 New Video  – Are you a slave for Taylor’s perfect feet? Willing to do anything for them? Are you hypnotized by them? Feel helpless and weak just by the sight of his might soles? Then search no further because this is exactly the video for any loyal foot / cash slave. Take in nearly an hour replay of a live cam show, shot in HD, which Taylor had with one of his foot / cash slaves. Experience what it’s like to simply hand over your cash as Taylor kicks back and reaps the rewards. His smooth, relentless, manipulating dirty talk will have you eating out of the palm of his hand in no time.

1 New Video – A black nigger slave decides to visit MasterDnero from the United States all the way to Chile to serve these foot masters. MasterDnero and Master Kayser team up on this nigger fag to teach him where blacks truly belong – on the floor eating the feet of superior races. The doms at Str8CrushFeet have fulfilled the fantasies of many foreigners who have traveled for the honor of meeting them. Now is your chance to get a first hand look at how Master Dnero and his dominant friend treat foreign slaves who beg for the chance to serve them like gods.

1 New Video – Slaves and bottom boys always think that a foot caning is a walk in the park. They say things like “it’s just on your foot, it can’t be that bad”. Well, MasterAlex and his rattan cane beg to differ, especially in this short bastinado and foot whipping torment session. MasterAlex unleashes a volley of hits so hard that not only the slave’s limits are pushed but so is the very fabric of the cane. From the intensity of the hits, the cane shatters, flying off after a powerful hit. Unluckily for the pain slut, MasterAlex has his riding crop and cable whip nearby to continue where he left off.

2 New Videos and 1 New Photoset – New to In-Charge is MasterGhal, a dominant muscular alpha who enjoys making his slaves obey and serve him. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterGhal tempts you into some sneakers and socks worship. After relaxing from a gym session, MasterGhal places his big alpha feet up to the camera for you to worship his grey gym sneakers all while verbally dominating you. Once this muscular alpha feels you earned a reward, he takes off his shoes to show his white ankle socks. Sniff, worship, and serve this alpha’s feet. Continuing with the foot worship theme, MasterGhal then lets you worship his barefeet. Learn your place and your role, which is to serve the feet of alpha men like MasterGhal. This dom continues with the verbal abuse, putting foot faggots like you in their place. That place is on your knees serving as a foot rest or licking alpha feet. If you still can’t get enough of MasterGhal’s alpha feet, then check out his photo set of barefeet photos for you to drool over.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – This is a fun, quick video for the Taylor foot fan enthusiast. Taylor starts with socks and slippers on his feet which of course he slowly takes off as he teases you along the way. Throughout this entire video, Taylor share his past foot tickling experiences and what he liked and disliked about them. He also goes into detail about what tickles the most, what his most ticklish places on his feet are and more. Check this one out if you want to know all of the juicy details about what drives Taylor’s feet wild

2 New Videos  – Master Alex always keeps at least one slave for use locked in one of his cagesand this slave is no different. Today, Master Alex needs someone to shine his leather boots as he is going to a fetish party. This alpha dom unchains the slave and pulls him out of the cage to be of service to him. Master Alex then instructs the pathetic fag slave to worship his boots while he spits in his mouth and enjoys dominating this useful boot slave. To use another slave for his amusement, Master Alex wants to try out his new metal whip and has over his regular slave for some hard nipple torment. The metal whip is not only heavy, feeling like a punch to the chest when it lands; it’s also quite sharp like tiny needles. The slave can barely take a few hits before he almost pisses himself. Wanting to prolong the nipple torment without totally breaking his slave, Master Alex switches to the leather implement to make sure the suffering is long and plentiful.

1 New Video – Dnero came home barefoot very early in the morning after attending a nearby party. Lucky, his brother, wasn’t allowed to attend this party. Once he returns home, Dnero is a little drunk and can’t remember where he put his sneakers, having danced barefoot all night. Having danced and walked barefoot most of the night, Dnero’s soles are extra dirty and he needs a foot fag to clean his feet. Since Dnero always takes good care of his hygiene, he really needs his feet cleaned but the shower is farther away than his faggot brother Lucky so he decides to make Lucky clean his dirty feet. Dnero orders Lucky to eat all of the dirt off his feet until they are clean without a trace. Lucky obeys and begins taking Dnero’s toes in his mouth and licking his soles. After a long foot cleaning session, Dnero can finally rest pleased to see his clean feet.

2 New Videos – Master Andy and his brother Master Chris are ready to crush a worthless slave. Unfortunately no slaves are anywhere nearby so they take out their frustrations on the next best thing, some fruits. Wearing Nike sneakers, these two dominant alpha brothers stomp and brutally crush these fruits into the ground leaving a wet mess. Seeing these doms smashing these small ripe tomatoes, imagine if they were stomping directly on you and crushing you into pieces. This brother duo then head to another location to practice their brutal whipping skills. Master Andy and his brother show you what it’s like if they would give you a no mercy whipping as they laugh at your screams. When you’re enduring the hard abuse, both of these doms would spit on you as they spit on the ground throughout the video. Submit to these dominant alpha brothers and download these videos.

1 New Video – Dominant muscle master LordKingsley has a slave over to whip and trample for his amusement. This weak and pathetic slave endures LordKingsley’s harsh abuse as he lights up this slave’s back with sick and hardcore smacks from a whip. The pathetic slave cries from the abuse he suffers but LordKingsley doesn’t let up and brings out all of his testosterone fueled aggression on this slave because he can.

Don’t Hire SweetRelease for Marketing

Recently, has been looking to expand our marketing efforts. We decided to enlist the help of a professional marketing firm to assist with this strategy. To find a marketing company, we searched the XBiz business directory. Our plan was to hire a marketing company and have them first work on our partner site at and if things were successful, they would be hired to work on as well. After contacting various companies, we ultimately went with the most expensive option which was a company called SweetRelease.

In November 2017, SweetRelease presented us with a 3 month marketing proposal for the RoganRichards site which would run from December until the end of February. We then scheduled a conference call for November 12th at 8:00pm EST with Braeden Rhys and Paul (no last name given) from SweetRelease and one of the admins from In-Charge to discuss our objectives. Once that date arrived, hours before the call, Lynette Irene from SweetRelease (Braeden’s mother) emailed us stating “we have had to re-schedule your consultation” due to “urgent unforeseen circumstances” and rescheduled for the following week.

lynette irenebraeden rhys

Now comes time for the rescheduled conference call on November 19th at 8:00pm EST. I get an email at 8:05pm stating that they’ll have to reschedule this conference again due to “delays with a previous client”. I expressed my displeasure with their lack of professionalism and that I might want a refund if this is the quality of their service. Immediately, they email me back and say that they can now do the conference call and won’t have to reschedule. During the call, I let them know that Rogan Richards should join the next call because if he’s not on board, I would want them to do marketing for In-Charge instead. They replied back stating this would be “not a problem at all we will send you a confirmation letter to confirm”.


We have a conference on November 24th with myself, Rogan, and SweetRelease. Rogan isn’t on board since SweetRelease couldn’t answer his basic questions about their work experience. I email Braeden and Paul and tell they will be working on In-Charge for marketing since Rogan isn’t on board. After the first week of December, I email SweetRelease asking for an update. They reply back on December 12th and state that In-Charge is ” too complex” and they would spend all of December planning a strategy. On December 20th, they requested a conference with myself and Paul from SweetRelease. At the last minute, Paul cancels because he was “held up with a prior client”. I emailed them days later asking when Paul would update us which prompted Lynette to state all of them are on vacation until January 5th.


On January 9th and January 11th, I emailed them for an update about any work, a marketing plan, and my expected call with Paul but no replies to either email. Lynette replied back with a link to the “SweetRelease dashboard” for In-Charge which consisted of web traffic data I provided to them already through Google Analytics. I emailed Lynette back and asked how this would help us achieve our marketing goals. Lynette never responded, so I emailed her back the next day to no response and the next day to no response either. Finally Lynette replied back 4 days later stating that the project schedule would be Month 1 (Dec): Website review, Month 2 (Jan): Strategy development, and Month 3 (Feb): Implement strategy; even though, we were told that December would be “Strategy Development”.


I email Paul from SweetRelease on February 4th, asking for an update. The email comes back and says Paul’s email address doesn’t exist. I email Lynette and Braeden asking for updates and why Paul’s email isn’t working and remind them that the contract ends in 3 weeks and no work has been completed. After no one responds back, Lynette replies back 3 days later to state that Paul was fired 2 weeks ago due to “conflict of interest” and that my marketing plan would arrive on February 16th. Lynette then states that she’ll give us a 60-day extension on our contract for this poor service being provided.


February 16th comes and no marketing plan arrives. I email them again and leave voicemails nearly every day until February 26th, where I demand a full refund since I received no work. Finally, Braeden emails me to say that my work has been delayed because Paul was fired and now because he had a death in his family. Also, he states that supposedly the marketing plan is done and they’ve been emailing me but their replies are caught in a “loop” (even though I’m replying to them via Gmail and they have my phone number). Braeden adds that they’ll send my completed marketing plan in 4 days on March 2nd and not right now. I reply back that I just want a refund and that I’m done working with them. Braeden cites the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) law on refunds and that they can only issue a refund when a major problem arises. I still demand a refund and find that the ACCC states that a company cannot have a no refund policy and this warrants a refund. Braeden replies back and states that he never said “no refunds” but that they’ll give me a “refund” in the form of a 60-day extension – even though an extension is not a refund. I then ask the next day when I will get a refund to which Lynette replies that the matter was settled when I spoke to Braeden. March 2nd arrives and no marketing plan or any correspondence comes from Braeden Rhys or Lynette.


 I researched more into Braeden Rhys and learned that he’s some bizarre and untalented drag queen named Kara Zmatiq that sings on gay cruises or whatever in Australia. Then I found his Linkedin profile where he claims that he did marketing for Rogan Richards website which is a blatant lie because In-Charge owns the Rogan Richards website and Braeden never worked on it. I then wondered if the rest of his Linkedin is false and misleading so I reached out to another company listed on there named MiaMaxx and the owner of that company told me Braeden took $3000 from him and failed to deliver on his promises. Braeden Rhys seems to love leading a double life – pretending to be female, pretending to do quality marketing work – when in fact, he’s nothing but a lying scam artist that refuses to give refunds even when he performed no work.


So I’m left with contacting Braeden Rhys’ local government to report him for fraud and shady business practices which I’ve already done. I’m also in talks with lawyers to level as much legal action as I can against him and Lynette to get our money back and for wasting our time.  After more investigating, I seen from Braeden’s cross dressing persona’s Instagram that he’s been partying it up all through Australia instead of delivering the work we paid him to do. I’m assuming he’s using our money for his trips and appearances. I’ll probably even reach out to more businesses that Braeden Rhys is associated with and let all of them know about his fraudulent business practices. I look forward to seeing Braeden and Lynette fail in life and I’ll make sure I do whatever it takes to ensure they don’t scam others again.

So the moral of the story here is to never do business with cross dressing degenerate scam artists because they’ll steal your money and lie through their ugly teeth.


UPDATE: After this blog post, we went to Braeden Rhys / Kara Zmatiq’s Instagram and asked him why he still hasn’t delivered on his promises or refunded our money. Like a cowardly pussy, he deleted our comments and blocked us from all of his social media and from the Sweet Release social media without explaining himself. We are in touch with Australian authorities as this is being written


Black Friday Sale

Visit this Friday for a one day sale of 15% bonus credits on most credit packages. Every time you add credits from select credit packages, you’ll earn an additional 15% credits to spend anywhere on the website. Use these extra credits to get that video, picture, or audio file that you’ve been thinking about downloading. Make sure to act fast because this bonus sale is for one day only!

Instant Messaging and Tributing has arrived!

What’s new?
Members of In-Charge can now chat with each other directly on the website. Our new always-on chat interface is very similar to Facebook messenger. It’s located in the bottom right corner of every page. Once you click ‘Chat’, it allows you to chat with anyone on the list. The list shows who is currently online and who you are following. You can follow members by visiting their profile page. To message them using the always-on window, just click their name and start chatting.

How can I message people I don’t follow and who aren’t online?
You can message members by going to either their profile page or portfolio page and clicking Compose. It’ll open a new chat window to begin chatting.

What if they person isn’t online? Will they get my message?
Yes! Another feature is a fully functioning inbox. Users who aren’t online when you send them a message, will have it sent to their inbox.

Where can I access my inbox?
The inbox can be accessed either by clicking the mail icon next to your username or navigating to the messaging page located here:

What messages will I find in my inbox?
In the inbox you will find all messages sent to you by members when you weren’t online. You also will receive site notifications that are important such as if you had a sale and other site related items.

Do messages expire? Can I delete them?
All messages expire after 10 days and will no longer be available. You can delete messages, mark as read, mark as unread, and flag messages from your inbox by using the icons at the top of the message window.

Do I have limits on how many messages I can send?
Currently, you can send up to 100 messages per day. If you are a seller on In-Charge, you can send unlimited messages. If you need to send more than 100 messages per day, you can buy a chat membership from the Re-Charge page.

Why can I send so many messages for free?
Since this is a new feature, we want everyone to use it and enjoy it without restrictions. In the coming months, the number of daily free chat messages will no longer be at 100. Sellers will always get unlimited chat privileges.

How can I tribute someone?
Another feature of the instant messenger, is that members can send tributes directly while chatting by clicking the green money icon. Once clicked, you can send a user any number of tokens in your account. You can also send tributes via the inbox function if that user isn’t online and has sent you an inbox message.

I’m a seller on In-Charge, how much do I earn from tributes?
You will receive your existing rate on the site from all tributes you get from other members.

What if the chat isn’t working properly?
This is a new system and has been tested but sometimes bugs slip through the cracks. If you encounter an error or something acts weird, Contact Us to let us know so we can fix it

2016 Top Selling Items

  1. Gag on you faggot – MasterBrad
  2. Worship Master Brad’s feet – MasterBrad
  3. Flex spit and feet – MasterBrad
  4. Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey realtime – MasterMorpheus
  5. Real time abuse and whipping – MasterSherman
  6. Group meet cbt – MasterSherman
  7. Sado-maso faggot beated up by me and my twin – LaurentCrawford
  8. Feet after gym – MasterBrad
  9. More of it – MasterBrad
  10. Faggot at my feet – Part 1 – Aaronkinggfh

Newest Downloads


1 New Audio File – New to In-Charge is RoqGod, the mindfuck guru who teaches you to submit. In his first item posted to In-Charge, RoqGod uploaded the first file from his most purchased and most sought after audio series. This is Session One from RoqGod. It’s a simple, direct evil induction that will relax you, exhilarate you, plant triggers in your mind, erase memories, and leave you mindless and read to tribute and cum. RoqGod starts off by putting you in a hypnotic trance while instructing you on how to sniff your poppers. You’ll inhale, exhale, and go mindless at his voice and follow all of RoqGod’s commands.


1 New Video – SlavesSeeker just used some fag cash and went out to buy a new pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots. SlavesSeekers shows off his boots to the camera for all of his loyal foot fags. Imagine being on the ground and being trampled by those boots while SlavesSeeker leaves his boot marks all over you. Follow this alpha male’s orders and worship his brand new boots by downloading this video and drooling over watching them.


1 New Video – In this 9 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson fucks a blindfolded stud. One night, Dillon Anderson decided to invite over a gorgeous stud for a hot hookup session. This hunk blindfolded himself before Dillon Anderson fucked him. Dillon eats this hunk’s ass and rails him until he cums in his hole and captures a nice view of Dillon’s load leaking out of this freshly fucked hole.

1 New Photoset – MastaJR has 19 pictures waiting for you to download in this photoset titled Cash Domination Pic Pak 1. This Photoset contains 19 images from MastaJR holding your fag cash for him to count and spend on his master lifestyle. All of the cash this alpha dom holds in these photos was tributed to him by you. Download this and you’ll probably see your own cash in the stack of money.