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2 New Videos – Stefano and 2 of his alpha friends dominate a foot faggot. This foot slave lays on the ground as these three alphas smother his face with their big alpha feet. The obedient foot slave is ordered to sniff, lick, and worship their feet while getting spit on. Later, Stefano and a muscle jock buddy have a flex off. These two ripped muscle Gods flex their lean muscles and show off their chiseled physiques. Any muscle worshipper will drool over their perfect bodies as they show why they are physically superior. Submit to your alpha muscle Gods in this nearly 13 minute flexing clip.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and Dustin battle it out in a headscissors fight. Dustin doesn’t know what he’s in for when Elliot locks his tight legs around his head like a vice. Elliot’s strong legs are like an anaconda wrapped around Dustin’s head as they continue to tighten and squeeze him. In another wrestling match, Dustin battles Demir on the mat. On this hot summer day, these two jocks break a sweat wrestling each other and locked each other in a variety of scissors and submissions. See which of these two doms proves to be more powerful on this day.

ElliotScissors’ buddy Jim uses his headscissors skills to choke a slave. Jim loves to feel the power he has over his prey as he tightens the headscissors on this slave. The scared slave squirms and panics as this dom tightens his grip around it’s head with fierce intensity. The guys then gang up on this slave for a group choke session. ElliotScissors, Dustin, Jim, and Demir abuse their house slave and make him feel helpless. The slave has no where to run to but to submit to these 4 alpha males as he screams for mercy.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt gets trampled and stomped on in his latest real time encounter. Laying on his back, Slave Matt submits to this master’s feet as he is walked all over and stomped on. Slave Matt then worships and sucks this superior’s barefeet. The trampling abuse continues in the next meet up. Slave Matt lays face down as his dom walks all over his back. The dom puts his full weight down on Slave Matt to make him feel squashed and crushed under his master’s feet. Slave Matt cannot get enoug hof being stomped on as he then meets up with Master K for even more stompage. Master K uses Slave Matt like a doormat as he walks all over him totally ignoring the slave’s cries. Slave Matt simply endures the punishment from this master as he is crushed under his barefeet.

Master Daniel then stops by to fight his slave. Wearing traditional Jiu Jitsu attire, Master Daniel chokes and dominates Slave Matt with ease. Slave Matt does his best to fight back but there is no use against Master Daniel’s fighting skills. Slave Matt then tries battling against Master R but obviously is defeated and dominated. Slave Matt gets kicked in his body and face by this powerful alpha. Master R is highly trained in martial arts and it shows as he puts Slave Matt in his place.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking his slave. Locking his slave between his legs, Master Daniel tightens his legs around the slave’s neck making him submit. Get a view of the bottoms of this alpha’s white socks as he chokes and dominates his slave in their real time session. Later, Master Daniel, still wearing his white socks, walks all over his slave. Pinning his slave to the ground under his feet, Master Daniel walks across this slave’s body to punish him some more. The pathetic slave is dehumanized and treated like an object by his powerful master.

The abuse of this slave continues as Master Daniel treats his slave like a punching bag. Wearing boxing gloves, Master Daniel delivers hard body blows to this slave knocking the wind out of him. Master Daniel gets in his fighting practice as he continues to land more body shots on this weak slave. The slave still needs more of Master Daniel in another real time session of theirs. This time Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground. The slave tries fighting back but there is no use as his master is too strong for him to overcome. Then to switch gears, Master Daniel has a video for the kinkier slaves out there that want to worship his farts. In a compilation of clips, Master Daniel lets out some farts for those nasty slaves that crave it. Sniff his farts and submit to this jock dom.

1 New Video – Master Shaun has a little bit of fun with his slave as he lays on top of his slave. Pressing his full bdoy weight into the slave, the slave feels all of his master on top of him. Later, Master Shaun sits on the slaves face and totally smothers him with his ass.

Featured Model- Master Gary

MasterGary feels it is time to lock the fag in a cage. The masked diaper fag is prodded with a cane while trapped in this cage. He is forced to piss himself while MasterGary laughs at him even more. The masked diaper fag is ridiculed, verbally abused, and broken mentally by his bully dom Master Gary.

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4 New Videos – Masters Basford and Nevil completely exhaust this slave by painfully beating him with added elements of humiliation. These doms clamp the slave’s head between their legs and press him into the other one’s crotch. The doms just laugh at this slave as they sit on his face and choke him out. On another real time meet, a group of masters sit at the dining table for some dinner and beers while the slave services their feet under the table. The doms get generous at points and feed the slave table scraps from their feet and toes. The miserable slave can constantly hear their ridicule of him before they all make the slave drink their spit.

The humiliation of the slave increases as 4 of the masters burp in the slave’s face. The slave grimaces from the nasty burps he has to smell. This only makes the doms get their burps to be more intense and louder to really torment this sub. Taking the slave outside, 7 of the doms spit in the slave’s face. They continue to spit and blow their nose on this slave’s pathetic face. The slave has no where to go except to endure all of the nasty, raunchy spit and snot these doms cover him with for their amusement.

4 New Videos – Your tongue is just to be used to clean Massi the Prince’s dirty feet. Just like this masked sub, your purpose is to stick your tongue out and service this dom’s barefeet. The masked slave licks clean the dirty soles of Prince Massi’s big powerful feet while getting verbally abused in Italian. Afterwards, Massi the Prince turns the slave into a human doormat. Stepping onto this slave’s face and chest, Massi the Prince shows no respect for the slave. Stomping and kicking down on the slave, this dom puts his masked sub in his rightful place underneath him.

After that abuse, it’s time for the slave to become an ashtray for his master. Massi the Prince orders the slave to open his mouth wide for his cigarette ash. This proves how much the slave is worth to this arrogant dom which is next to nothing. Every time Massi the Prince flicks an ash in this slave’s mouth, he takes a tribute on the computer in the process. If you need more psychological abuse to go with the physical abuse, then become a cuck slave for Massi the Prince and his girlfriend. This powerful alpha cuddles and makes out with his girlfriend while you’re to stay at his shoes and serve him. Open that wallet while you sniff this master’s straight feet.

3 New Videos – RippedRiki will treat you the way you need to be treated. The way you need treated is with zero respect and taught total obedience. You’ll quickly follow all of RippedRiki’s orders and learn how to be an obedient fag as he spits on you and verbally abuses you. If you need more spit, then RippedRiki has even more spit for you. Spitting on his mirror, RippedRiki shows you what your face will look like when he’s done spitting all over you. It’ll slide down your face like it slides down the mirror as a badge you should wear with honor. Once you’ve endured enough humiliation then you can serve his feet. RippedRiki gets some oil and oils up the soles of his feet until they’re super shiny. Get lost as you gaze at this dom’s big alpha feet while enduring his verbal abuse.

5 New Videos – Master Ch totally dominates Slave Matt and forces him to worship his ass while being choked. Slave Matt is choked between Master Ch’s strong legs and has his head forced into this dom’s crotch and ass. The slave has no where to go and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. In another meet up with Master Ch, Slave Matt is totally ignored while his dom sits on his face. Master Ch plays some video games as he sits on this slave’s face. Ignoring the slave’s whimpers and moans, Master Ch just continues on playing his games. Things get more intense when Master Ch locks his slave in a deep headscissors. With his strong legs wrapped tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Ch totally chokes out this slave into complete submission. Slave Matt begs for mercy as the hold intensifies.

For his efforts at enduring that intense choking, Master Ch lets the slave gag on his feet. While ignoring the slave at times by playing on his phone, Master Ch gets this slave to swallow as much of his foot as it can. The slave struggles and gags trying to take more of Master Ch’s foot in his mouth. Master Ch gets bored and then decides it’s time to choke the slave some more by locking him in a triangle chokehold. Locking in this submission super tight, Slave Matt gasps for air as this dom just laughs at the slave’s torment. Master Ch shows how sadistic he can be when choking his slave with his strong legs.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel is in the mood to choke out his slave. Locking his leg tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Daniel quickly asserts his dominance. Slave Matt gasps for air and mercy as Master Daniel fully locks in this brutal submission. Afterwards, Master Daniel gives the slave a break and decides to sit on his face. Master Daniel laughs at the slave as he smothers him with his ass. THe slave whimpers are ignored and shrugged off as amusement for this alpha. Slave Matt then gets the chance to worship his master’s feet. Laying on his back, the slave takes as much of Master Daniel’s foot in his mouth as he can. Master Daniel makes sure to make the slave gag on his big powerful feet.

Master Daniel changes up gears a bit and makes his slave put on a traditional Jiu Jitsu uniform as he fights his slave. Master Daniel wants to see how much the slave can fight when thrown into the situation. Sadly for this slave, he can barely fight back and ends up getting taken down to the mat and choked out. After all those real times, it’s time for Master Daniel to sit back and relax. This jock doms burps for the camera while laying back and chilling. Get a glimpse of this dom’s alpha male feet and body and he makes you want to worship him.

Featured Model- EEMasters

There is nothing better for a slave to do than worship the feet of 3 dominant alphas. Masters Hunter, Ritchell, and Basford slap around, kick, and ridicule their house slave as he services their feet. The slave endures nonstop foot domination and bullying from these 3 superior alpha masters.

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3 New Videos – Lucky boy, Gio, cannot keep his hands off Big Alpha while giving him an erotic muscle massage. Gio caresses this muscle man’s body and cock and balls through Big Alpha’s singlet. Afterwards, Big Alpha facesits on him pinning him under his crotch and ass. Big Alpha then pairs up with someone his own size in this trampling video clip. Big Alpha and King Romeo are two muscle Gods who want to test the strength of each other’s abs when they trample on each other. This is over 220lbs of body weight and barefeet, do you think you could handle that? In another clip, a pair of Russian muscle boys flex and choke each other. These tatted Russian studs pump up their biceps before wrapping them around each other’s throat. See how much choke domination each guy can withstand.

4 New Videos – Jim is one of the few friends of Elliot who can withstand the strength of his legs. Jim and Elliot go outside for this intense bodyscissors clip. Elliot Scissors shows his friend Jim how strong and tight his bodyscissors holds are while in the grass. Back inside, Elliot’s buddies Dustin and Demir have their own wrestling battle. These young muscle studs get on the bed and lock each other in a variety of submissions. Both are trained wrestlers and use their skills and power get the other to submit.On the wrestling mat, Jim, Ethan, and Hunter want to fight it out. These three dominant men lock a combination of team submissions on the other to assert their dominance. Check out how creative they can get while locking on a headscissors and bodyscissors simultaneously. Days later, Jim and Hunter battle it out one-on-one to test their submission holds on each other. Jim and Hunter are friends but very skilled opponents when fighting against each other. Both jocks show the power of their legs and demonstrate a variety of scissor skills to see who can submit first.

2 New Video – MuscleGodZian will have you drooling over his alpha male feet and muscles. Wearing a skimpy black pair of underwear, MuscelGodZian flexes and plants his feet right up to the camera. Submit and worship this alpha’s superior body. Afterwards, MuscelGodZian shows off his massive pecs. This powerful dom bounces his muscled pecs with the camera on the ground looking up at him. It’s almost like this muscle master is a giant towering over you ready to smash you.

5 New Videos – Master J visits his slave to trample all over him. Slave Matt lays down on the ground as Master J walks all over his body like a human doormat. Master J steps on this slave’s face causing him to moan in agony. The stomping continues when Master J returns for part 2. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat throughout the nearly 5 minute clip. Master J shows no remorse as he steps on, stomps, and kicks his slave around. Once their done, Master J gets the slave to worship his feet. Jamming the soles of his feet and toes in Slave Matt’s mouth, Master J completely dominates this slave. It is the slave’s job to service and worship his master’s superior feet.

Switching things up, Slave Matt invites over Master K to trample him too. Master K tramples the slave hard and completely ignores the slave’s moans and groans. Slave Matt continually is walked on by dominant men. The next day, Master J returns for some facesitting domination. Slave Matt is treated like a piece of furniture as Master J sits on him and rides him like a pony. Master J is totally unphased by all of this and plays on his phone while sitting on his property.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel gets his slave to worship his socks. Planting his feet right in the slave’s face, Master Daniel gets his slave to inhale and sniff his sweaty socks. This slave has no other place he’d love to be than to be sniffing Master Daniel’s sweaty socks. Things get more intense when Master Daniel chokes out his slave. Slave Matt endures some rough choking while Master Daniel gets behind him and locks in a multitude of submissions. Master Daniel takes breaks from choking his slave to flex for the camera and show off his arrogance. Once his slave has had enough, Master Daniel sits on the slave’s face. This slave is totally exhausted and so is Master Daniel, so why not have a seat right on this slave’s face. Master Daniel once again flexes for the camera while laughing at how weak this slave can be to him.

Once Master Daniel returns days later, he’s in the mood to choke his slave. Getting behind his slave, Master Daniel wraps his biceps tightly around this slave’s neck to make him submit. The slave has no where to run to when Master Daniel locks in the headchoke from behind. For fun, Master Daniel lets his slave fight back. Dressed in the formal Jiu Jitsu gear, Master Daniel and his slave goof around as the slave thinks he can take on his dom with some payback. Little does the slave know, that Master Daniel will just dominate him even harder next time.

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3 New Videos – Muscle God Stefano has an obedient foot fag to worship his leather boots. This loyal puppy is on a leash while Stefano is clad in leather pants, boots, and gloves. Stefano’s slave licks and worships his master’s boots while getting spit on. In another clip, Stefano shows off his oiled muscles while he flexes outside. Rubbing his ripped physique with oil, Stefano flexes and makes you wish you could worship his perfect body. Showing off his pecs, biceps, and abs, Stefano will give you something to drool over. If you want to get kinkier then you can serve his oiled feet. After rubbing his muscles, Stefano oils up his big alpha male feet while flexing. Getting the camera close up, this dom shows off his huge superior feet making y ou crave them even more.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God gets another foot faggot to serve him. This obedient fag lays on the ground as he sniffs and worships Master Ultimate God’s socked feet for the first time. Master Ultimate God makes sure the foot slave knows his role and purpose is to serve superior straight alpha feet. Later, Master Ultimate God tramples his slave during their real time session. After he treats the slave like a doormat, Master Ultimate God sits on the slave’s face. This jock dom wastes no time putting this slave in his place beneath him.

If after watching that real time session, you crave more of Master Ultimate God’s ass, then check out this ass worship clip. Master Ultimate God orders you to worship and serve his superior ass like an obedient slave. Prepare to endure intense degrading verbal as you stare at his muscled ass. The verbal abuse continues in the next clip as Master Ultimate God has a message for you for Pride. To this alpha, you are just a pathetic, inferior queer and need to be put in your place. Endure some hateful verbal as you wank your tiny dick.

3 New Video – Elliot Scissors, his friends, and newbie Jack decide to have a headscissors session in the sauna. In the steamy room, covered in sweat, these jock bullies waste no time practicing their headscissors skills on each other. With their legs tightly wrapped around the other jock’s head, they all begin to sweat and feel the intensity. Back at home, Elliot, Hunter, Jim, and Nevil decide to battle it out in a wrestling match. These jock alphas have a fun time playing around as they fight for superiority with one another. Each guy applies a different fighting technique and different head and body scissors to assert his dominance. Elliot’s friends, Jim and Ethan, have their own separate chokehold competition on a wrestling mat. Jim and Ethan squeeze each other with all their might to test out a variety of chokeholds they plan on using on slaves. Ethan demonstrates a bear grip with his legs and Jim shows off the strength of his legs during chokeouts.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt invites over a new master for a rough real time session involving lots of chokeholds and dominataion. This arrogant dom wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s neck and locks in dozens of different chokeholds of varying pressure. Slave Matt struggles and easily taps out each time. This dom then gets behind Slave Matt for more intense chokeholds. Slave Matt is choked, bullied, and beaten up by this new dom. This alpha laughs at Slave Matt’s pain and struggle showing no sympathy. Slave Matt can’t resist getting used by more dominant fighters. Not long after his session with this new dom, he invites over Master Daniel to choke him out. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a figure 4 choke and sits dom on him showing total dominance.

It’s then Master F’s turn to choke out the slave. Master F makes Slave Matt worship his feet first before choking him with his strong legs. Slave Matt gets locked between Master F’s powerful legs with no way out. Following the choke outs, Master F tramples the slave while standing over him. Master F uses the slave as a door mat and walks all over his body and face. Slave Matt is trampled, stomped on, and kicked by this alpha dom.

3 New Videos – Master Daniel tests the strength of his abs with some gut punch abuse. With his arms behind his back and up against the wall, Master Daniel get gut punches and pokes to the stomach showing off how much his core can handle. This dom endures a lot of punishment showing off his strength. In another clip, Master Daniel get more gut punches as well as belly button abuse. It seems like the tables have turned on this dom as he experiences the same punishment he’d give to slaves. Nevertheless, Master Daniel endures everything thrown at him and never begs for mercy. After getting tired out from the gut punching session, Master Daniel then gets ambushed and dominated by his slave. While relaxing, Master Daniel gets jumped by Slave Matt who tries to lock him in a variety of chokeholds. Slave Matt better be careful because soon it’ll be Master Daniel’s turn to get payback for this.

Featured Model- RippedRiki

This loser slave gets what he deserves from RippedRiki. This jock dom ties the slaves hands behind his back while making the slave worship his socked feet. This masked fag is stomped and walked on before given a brief break to kiss RippedRiki’s powerful muscles.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Big Alpha dominates King Romeo in this intense choke session. Big Alpha dominates this muscle hunk in a variety of ways. Wearing tight black latex, Big Alpha comes from behind and dominates this bound muscle stud. The bodybuilder battle continues as King Romeo and Big Alpha test out their strength on each other with arm wrestling and even an overhead press thrown in the mix. King Romeo locks Big Alpha in a headscissors but Big Alpha reverses and locks in a full nelson. Watch the full clip to see which muscle god dominates this round.

3 New Videos – Stay down at Massi The Prince’s feet like the cuck that you are to this dom. Prince Massi cuddles with his girlfriend while you’re ordered to worship at his sneakers. Empty your wallet and sniff his straight feet. Then you can watch a real slave worship Massi the Prince’s feet in this real time clip. You would give anything to swap places with this slave and touch this dom’s superior soles. Drool and get envious of this slave as you watch him lick this dom’s sweaty feet. This masked fag continues to worship his dom’s feet. Massi The Prince gets this slave to worship his sneakers and sniff his masculine alpha foot scent. Slaves like this one become a personal laundry machine for Prince Massi by cleaning his gear with their tongues.

4 New Video – Masters Ritchel, Basford, and Stanley bully a slave for their own pleasure. After drinking some beers, the masters make a mockery of this slave and humiliate him by ordering him to lick and worship their feet. The 3 doms slap, spit, and blow smoke in this pathetic slave’s face during the abuse session. Later, Master Ritchell gives the slave a spit bath in the tub. This dom has the slave stay laying in the bathtub while he spits all over the slave. Masters Basford and Stanley join in as they take turns spitting on this slave.

This slave simply lives to serve his masters. Masters Basford, Ritchel, and Nevil keep the slave at their feet for more foot worship. The doms bully this slave to no end and ride him like a pony. Later they beat him with a pillow and sit on his face. The next day, Master Nevil commands the slave to clean his sweaty feett. Master Nevil chokes the slave with his feet before putting him in a tight headscissors with his legs. Afterwards he orders the slave to clean his dirty football shoes as well.

1 New Video – Vicious54 has a special treat for this slave as he farts into a gas mask. Wearing his gas mask tight, the slave inhales the farts through a hose connected to the mask. Vicious54 puts the other end of the hose by his asshole and lets the fart rip for this slave to breathe in during their session.

6 New Videos – Slave Matt experiences some double domination from Master Daniel and Master K. These two doms tag team the slave for intense domination. With one master putting the slave in a headscissors, the other puts him in a bodyscissors. In some solo action, Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a triangle choke in another realtime meet. Wearing his karate outfit, Master Daniel wraps his strong legs around the slave’s throat and applies pressue. Slave Matt taps out so quickly to Master Daniel’s amusement. Slave Matt keeps coming back for more as shown in the next clip. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. With his face planted deep in Master Daniel’s crotch, this slave is squeezed between the dom’s powerful legs.

In a more playful session, Master Daniel challenges his slave to a boxing match. With their boxing gloves on, the two fight it out. Obviously, Master Daniel pummels his slave in the end without question. Things change this time as Slave Matt gets revenge on his master. Slave Matt chokes out his master and pins him to the ground. Master Daniel is taken back by all this and doesn’t know how to react. This role reversal continues when Slave Matt starts to choke his dom. Getting him down on the bed, this slave tries to beat up on his master. Slave Matt probably has a huge punishment in his future from all of this.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Alpha Timur abuses this slave between his powerful legs. Showing no respect for the slave Alpha Timur traps this slave between his powerful legs for some intense headscissors. Users have written comments about their awe over his ripped, muscular, powerful legs choking out this slave.