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3 New Videos – Master Alex delivers some punishment roulette to his bound slave. There is no hope for this slave’s predicament as Master Alex is in a particularly sadistic mood, ready to inflict serious punishment and discipline depending upon what the roulette wheel displays. The slave is left broken and barely standing as he begs for mercy by the end. Later Master Alex wants all of his sex toys to be cleaned. This leather dom puts his slave’s head and hands in a bondage stock, making it extremely difficult for him to perform his cleaning duties. But, Master Alex has a sharp leather whip and a riding crop to help the slave stay motivated. After such an intense session, some slaves may need BDSM aftercare. Master Alex decides to share an aftercare video for those experiencing sub drop or are having difficulties accepting their desires. This video if a fully positive aftercare clip for those slaves feeling shame, guilt, or loneliness.

3 New Videos – A long headscissor session with the Punisher is in store for this sub. The Punisher shows off his massive muscle power as he chokes out this beta boy. Throughout the clip, there are various outfit changes so you can see the Punisher in a variety of wrestling gear and underwear as he chokes his sub. In the next clip, Big Alpha has a go at choking out a sub. Big Alpha dominates Gio repeatedly in a series of headlocks totally submitting him. Gio is no match against the barbaric strength and power of Big Alpha. In a solo clip with Big Alpha, he shows off his muscle ass in a jockstrap as he flexes. This muscle God also verbally dominates you throughout the clip as you gaze at these close up shots of his ass and crotch. Submit and worship this stud’s massive muscles.

1 New Video – ElliotScissors locks his slave into a real merciless headscissors in his latest domination clip. The poor slave panics and quickly submits. However, his tap out doesn’t help him from the full power of Elliot’s muscular legs and strength.

4 New Videos – Slave Matt is gagged by Master E’s feet in their latest real time session. This obedient foot slave sits back while Master E forces his feet into the slave’s face and mouth. Slave Matt sucks on and licks this alpha’s toes and soles to show his obedience. Afterwards, Master E chokes the slave with his feet. Slave Matt is pinned down on the mattress as he looks up at Master E. Master E then smothers the slave’s face with his foot before proceeding to choke this slave with his big alpha male feet.

In another real time session, Slave Matt meets up with Master J for some jiu jitsu domination. Slave Matt is choked out and dominated in various chokeholds by this alpha. Master J humiliates and beats down on his slave to show his superiority. As a reward for being such a good human punching bag, Master J lets Slave Matt worship his feet. Slave Matt assumes the position and begins sucking on, licking, and gagging on Master J’s feet. This foot sub will do anything his masters demand to show his total obedience and submission.

2 New Videos – Master Berlin’s slave must sniff and lick his feet in a bar bathroom in Berlin. This slave doesn’t hesitate and does anything Master Berlin says. The sub foot fag sniffs his master’s shoes and socked feet. Later, Master Berlin takes off his socks and covers the slave’s entire nose and mouth to inhale his master’s scent better. This past Christmas, Master Berlin gave his slave the gift of dirty feet to worship under the Christmas tree. This submissive homo slave must clean and sniff his master’s dirty feet. Afterwards, Master Berlin rewards this sub with something to drink to wash down all the foot grime he swallowed.

Featured Model- PlattMacher

The masked slave is back to endure some painful trampling from his wicked alpha dom. This jock alpha stomps all over his pathetic slave with his soccer cleats just for his own amusement. When the dom isn’t trampling on his slave, he commands him to lick his dirty soccer cleats.

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3 New Videos – This masked fag slave gets down on the ground to worship MasterUltimateGod’s feet. Rubbing and serving at this dom’s feet, the masked slave shows what an obedient foot fag he truly is for MasterUltimateGod. The slave worships this alpha stud’s shoes, socks, and barefeet throughout the video. Later MasterUltimateGod sits on the slave’s face to degrade the slave further. This tiny fag slave gets smothered by this alpha’s ass over and over again. Total facesitting with full body weight is all this slave gets. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod tosses this slave around effortlessly. This fag slave is one of MasterUltimateGod’s smallest faggots yet weighing in at about 100lbs while MasterUltimateGod is 230lbs. This dom laughs as he literally picks up the slave and chucks him around the room.

5 New Videos – Master CH gets his slave in a tight leg choke. Squeezed between this dom’s legs, Slave Matt struggles and writhes around. The slave is totally trapped in this strong and tight chokehold. Following the choking, Master CH proceeds to deliver some facesitting for his slave. Pinning the slave down on the bed, Master CH sits his bodyweight on the slave and ignores it while playing some video games. The slave is disregarded like a piece of property throughout this clip. Once Master CH gets bored with his slave, he begins to beat up on his slave. Slave Matt gets choked, kicked, and dominated some more by his master. There is no where for Slave Matt to run to as he must accept the beatings given to him.

In their next real time meet up, Slave Matt worships Master CH’s feet so more. While playing video games again, Master CH chokes Slave Matt with his feet. Like an obedient foot fag, Slave Matt licks and worships this alpha’s perfect feet. If you crave even more feet but want something solo, then check out another dom who dominates Slave Matt. Master J shows off his feet for the camera while laying a bed. This dom has very huge feet that would make any foot slave drool.

3 New Videos – Master Basford is in an angry mood and takes his anger out on his slave. This slave must massage his master’s feet while Master Basford drinks a beer and has a smoke. The slave then gets psychologically and physically dominated until he feels like a worthless miserable worm at his master’s feet. There are plenty of slaps and kicks, as well as spit for this slave. In another session, Master Basford is joined by Masters Hunter and Ritchel for some spit and smoke humiliation for this slave. The slave gets ashes thrown in his face and has his face covered in thick gobs of spit. The poor slave can’t see from all the mess on his face and can only hear the sound of these bullies laughing at him. Days later, Master Hunter trains the slave some more. After a hard workout, Master Hunter uses the house slave as a punching bag. Afterwards, the slave sniffs Master Hunter’s socks and feet before Master Hunter uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray.

2 New Videos – Master G chokes out his slave in this real time abuse session. Practicing some jiu jitsu moves on the submissive, Slave Matt is beaten down and choked out. Master G loves inflicting abuse on this slave every time he comes to visit. As a reward for being a human punching bag, Master G lets the slave serve at his feet. This slave sucks on and gags on his master’s big alpha feet. Master G sits back and watches TV while listening to this obedient foot fag gag on his toes.

3 New Videos – AidenPretti has a custom video for his foot fags to drool over. Throwing his feet up to the camera, AidenPrettii shows off his socked feet while verbally abusing anyone who watches this clip. Serveat this dom’s feet like an obedient foot slave. If you’re craving even more of AidenPrettii then check out his poppers and JOI video. AidenPrettii gives you instructions on how to sniff your poppers and stroke like a mindless gooner. Open his orders and follow his jack off instructions when given. If you need more verbal abuse, then AidenPretti can verbally degrade you for having a microsized dick. This dom shows that his fake fingernails are longer than your tiny dick. Prepare to be ridiculed and laughed at over the size of your tiny penis.

Featured Model- Ricky Cage

Watch this sub become a hole for a fuck machine. RickyCage becomes the subject for the MINDJACK. As the subject, he becomes permanently enthralled by fuck machines. RickyCage quickly desires to be orally and anally penetrated by the fuck machine at all times. His cock is kept permanently locked in chastity to ensure constant, unending arousal, to further accommodate the reception of massive robotic machine cocks. See how much depravity RickyCage can endure.

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1 New Video – Get on your hands and knees and look up at King Luca’s massive cock as he strokes it for the camera. Using spit for lube, this dom keeps jacking it until he bursts a massive load of cum. Slaves like you probably wish you could have the chance to worship this alpha cock.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro visits his slave for a facesitting session. Slave Matt lays down on his back while Master Pedro sits on his face to play some video games. This dom completely ignores his slave and just smothers the slave’s face with his ass. Afterwards, Master Pedro feels like choking out his slave. The slave gets locked between his master’s legs in a tight headlock where he cannot escape. The slave begs for mercy from Master Pedro but there is none to give. The wrestling domination continues as this dom traps his slave in another series of submission holds. The slave quickly submits and cannot do anything but tap out from the excruciating pain.

In another real time session, Master Ch chokes out his slave. Slave Matt gets locked in a side headlock choke from Master Ch. This alpha just laughs as Slave Matt begs for air. Once he’s done choking the slave, Master Ch makes his slave worship his feet. Pinned down on the ground, looking up at Master Ch, Slave Matt has his dom’s feet rubbed all over his face for him to lick and sniff. The slave knows this is his rightful place under Master Ch’s foot.

2 New Videos – Returning home, Master Ritchel wasn’t greeted by his slave and what results is the ultimate slave punishment. Master Ritchell slaps and spits on his slave, commands the slave to worship his sneakers and socks, then ridicules and bullies this slave. Next time the slave will know better and follow the rules of his master. In another session with Master Ritchell along with Masters Hunter and Basford, the slave is mummified and degraded. Wrapping the slave with cling wrap and adhesive tape, these doms do everything to this slave that comes to their minds to humiliate him. The slave gets socks in his mouth, sniffs sneakers, slapped, and feet rubbed all over his face. Totally immobilized, the slave is at the whim of his masters.

4 New Videos – Master Bryce gives his fag a lesson. Putting the slave in a collar, Master Bryce paddles his slave and gets him poppered up. The slave endures all of the paddling abuse his master dishes out to him obediently. Still in his collar, Master Bryce chokes out his slave. The obedient weak slave is choked and put in his place by his master. Master Bryce is totally amused by this slave’s absolute submission to his power.

Things take a degrading turn when Master Bryce orders his slave to eat out of a dog bowl. This slave realizes he is less than human and gets on all fours like an animal to eat food from his dog bowl. Totally dehumanized the slave understands that he is the property of Master Bryce. Afterwards, Master Bryce orders the slave into the shower for some piss drinking. The slave sits down in the shower with his mouth open for Master Bryce to piss in his opened mouth. Guzzling down his master’s warm stream of piss, this slave shows his complete devotion to his dom.

1 New Video – In another gross out video, Master Berlin gives his slave a fag breakfast. In a dog bowl, Master Berlin mashes together some food with his feet, adds in some toenails and spit then commands this fag slave to eat it. The mindless and twisted fag slave obeys every order he is given by Master Berlin.

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3 New Videos – CashMasterTrey wants you to listen up and accept that you’re a nasty pig. This leather clad alpha is going to verbally assault you and bully you into accepting what you are. Listen and accept the reality that is your life as described by CashMasterTrey. After you’ve endured that session it’s time for some more verbal bullying. You’re such an addicted weirdo to CashMasterTrey. As an experienced alpha, CashMasterTrey realizes that you are a piggy that can’t control itself. As a result, you come to this Brutal God for guidance on how to serve and behave. For being a devoted obedient piggy, CashMasterTrey will let you worship his cock as he jerks off. In a public bathroom, CashMasterTrey felt very horny and began stroking his fat white alpha cock for the camera. After stroking it, this alpha works up a massive load that he shoots and flushes down the toilet.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his big muscle ass down on the face of this submissive boy. Totally smother the boy with his big muscle ass, Big Alpha flexes for the camera. This sub is in heaven being pinned under his muscle God’s superior ass. Later, Big Alpha feels the need to squeeze his submissive. Locking him between his hugely muscular legs, Big Alpha chokes out this submissive in between his quads. The slave is trapped with no escape from the sheer muscular power of this alpha. In another clip, Big Alpha squeezes a boy in a tight bearhug. This boy stands no chance against Big Alpha’s brutal strength. Once the bearhug is locked in tight there is no escape from his total domination.

3 New Videos – There is nothing better for a slave to do than worship the feet of 3 dominant alphas. Masters Hunter, Ritchell, and Basford slap around, kick, and ridicule their house slave as he services their feet. The slave endures nonstop foot domination and bullying from these 3 superior alpha masters. Earlier, the slave was tasked by three masters to pour beer for them. Due to the fact that the slave did it too slow, the doms decide to put the slave in his place under their feet. There is triple the amount of dominance, ridicule, and humiliation since this slave is getting used by 3 alphas. At the end, the slave is covered in beer, spit, and snot. The humiliation continues as Masters Hunter and Basford degrade and humiliate the slave some more. These two doms order the slave to lick their sneakers, kneel to be spit on, and sniff their smelly socks. For their amusement, the masters stuff their nasty smelly socks into the slave’s mouth to gag on as they laugh.

5 New Videos – ElliotScissors practices some headscissors on his buddy, Alex. Elliot always likes practicing holds on his buddies before using them on slaves. His powerful legs squeeze his friend tightly as he endures some punishment. In another clip, Elliot invites over his buddy Hunter for some strip wrestling. These two jocks start off the fight in a shirt and jeans before they test their strenght in choking each other out and ripping each other’s clothes off. The shirts and jeans quickly get torn off as they test their strength and submissions on one another. Elliot meets up with Hunter again for some home wrestling in their underwear. This is their second battle together and demonstrate a variety of chokeholds and submissions that they would normally apply to slaves. See how much both of these jocks can endure.

Continuing with the theme of wrestling his friends, Elliot invites over his buddy Mark for some chokehold submission practice. These jocks get down on the floor and begin attempting to make each other submit. Their superior male egos and endurance make them hold off on submitting until the holds get so intense. Having so much fun in the last battle, Mark and Elliot have to have a wrestling rematch. These toned jocks wrestle on the couch in their underwear. You can tell that they are both passionate about wrestling and super experienced in a variety of chokeholds.

4 New Videos – Master Tommy loves to have his feet worshipped. Getting a slave on the ground, Master Tommy smothers the slave’s face with his big superior feet. However, Master Tommy has a surprise for the slave, he invites all of his buddies over to have their feet worshipped too. In another clip, Master Tommy gets so turned on from the foot worship that he gives the sub a foot job. Using his huge barefeet, he strokes the tiny sub’s cock for extreme pleasure.

Master Tommy goes into his video vault for a clip of one of his friend’s getting his socked feet rubbed. This blonde hunk lays on the bed as a slave rubs and massages his socked feet. The slave then takes off the socks and worships this stud’s barefeet. In part 2 of the foot worship, the slave meets up with this blonde stud again for more foot worshipping. Continuing with the same scenario, the slave rubs, sniffs and massages this guy’s socked feet.

Featured Model- EEMasters

The slave was tasked by three masters to pour beer for them. Due to the fact that the slave did it too slow, the doms decide to put the slave in his place under their feet. There is triple the amount of dominance, ridicule, and humiliation since this slave is getting used by 3 alphas. At the end, the slave is covered in beer, spit, and snot.

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1 New Video – Kneel and serve as Master Alex’s urinal cleanup slave. Master Alex knows that you like to be used by everyone and serve as a human urinal so it’s time to open your mouth and take his piss. Why would anyone bother with a real urinal when they have a nice warm mouth like yours?

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop loves to be serviced by slaves. Laying on a massage table, AdonisDomTop gets massaged and rubbed down by two of his worshippers. These slaves massage his feet and rub his muscles to show their complete and total devotion. AdonisDomTop looks at the camera to flip you off a few times as he shows you how hierarchy works.

5 New Videos – Master J enjoys stomping on his slave. Serving as a human doormat, Slave Matt lays under his master’s feet and gets stomped on and kicked. This slave is always humbled when put in his place by men superior to him. The stomp domination continues from Master J as he rubs his feet all over the slave’s face. To change things up a bit, Master J throws in some choke holds on the slave too. This slave quickly begs for mercy and completely submits to his master. As a reward for his total submission, Master J allows the slave to service his feet. Laying on his back and looking up at his master, Slave Matt gets Master J’s feet smothering his face. This slave licks and sniffs his superior’s alpha feet as is grateful for the chance to be an obedient foot slave.

Master J makes it a regular thing to get his feet worshipped by subs like Slave Matt. Master J’s huge feet cover Slave Matt’s entire face in this real time session as he orders the slave to worships the soles of his feet. Licking the bottom’s of his feet, Slave Matt shows his master that he’s a devoted foot slave. In part 2, there is even more foot worship throughout this nearly 11 minute clip. Slave Matt gags on his master’s feet after being choked by them and completely dominated. Slave Matt understands that his rightful place is under his master’s soles as he serves.

5 New Videos – Elliot and his buddy hunter have a bodyscissors battle. These two alpha studs practice for when they need to use a sub slave and administer some of the most excruciating holds. Each of these studs tries to punish the other with all of his might. More friendly headscissors practice goes on between Elliot and Hunter in their next encounter. This time more playful, these two jocks have fun locking each other in powerful chokeholds. One can’t stop but admire the strong muscular legs on both of these alphas. Days later, Elliot invites over another buddy for some chokehold domination on the couch. These two jocks use their strong legs to grip around each other’s necks and show their strength. It would be sad for the next slave these two studs meet because the slave is going to be brutally choked out if this is just a playful version.

Another evening, Elliot invites over his friend Mark to lock him into various headscissors. Even with very limited space on the balcony, ElliotScissors shows how he can adapt and lock on a headscissors anywhere. This stud’s powerful legs quickly choke out his buddy Mark. Continuing with the theme of ElliotScissors dominating his buddies, this time Elliot invites over a friend to dominate. His friend struggles and fights at first but Elliot quickly pins him down through force. These two sexy studs keep attemtping to pin each other to the ground and sit on each other’s chests to show superiority over one another.

2 New Videos – Master Baily dominates his slave with intense facesitting in this real time session. Pinning his slave to the ground, Master Bailey sits on his slave’s face so that the slave can’t escape. Starting off in jeans, Master Bailey eventually strips down to his boxers and then nothing for even more facesitting on this inferior sub. This same sub slave meets up with Master Shaun days later for some trampling domination. Master Shaun shows his face this time in the video as he tramples and jumps on the slave. At some points, Master Shaun uses his strength to carry the slave around and pins him to the ground making him submit.

Featured Model- CollegeMuscle

Master CollegeMuscle puts a faggot in its place with his alpha biceps in this flexing video clip. Showing off his chiseled and superior muscles, any faggot slave will quickly realize that they should be serving Master CM and follow every one of his demands. Serve as his massive muscles and worship him by downloading this video clip.

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3 New Videos – Big Alpha works up a sweat while dominating this boy in a battle of strength. The boy is no match against this mammoth muscle God. The boy challenged Big Alpha and was definitely sorry by the end. In another clip, Chokemastes shows off muscle dom Andre is a hot flex video. Andre has taken some time off but he’s been using that time to train hard and work on building his muscles. This jock god shows off his new muscles and demonstrates some pillow chokes. Later Andre shows off his muscular legs. His treetrunk legs are very vascular and huge. After flexing he shows how he would choke out his next victim with them.

1 New Video – Not everyone has the motivation to work out or exercise. Master Alex knows this so he decides to give his slave a good forced workout to make sure he is fit and disciplined at all times. It won’t be easy but the reward is being allowed to kiss master’s feet and worship him.

2 New Videos – After a hard training session at the gym, Master Hunter rests his feet on his slave using it as a human ottoman. The slave gets mocked by his master and humiliated by being kicked around and spit on. This slave serves at Master Hunter’s feet and obeys all the humiliating commands. Afterwards, this slave must serve at Master Basford’s feet. When Master Basford enters the room, he sees the slave using it’s phone without permission. This infuriates Master Basford causing him to humiliate and dominate his slave. Never again will this house slave break the rules.

5 New Videos – Master J returns to turn his slave into a human punching bag. This slave gets pounded by Master J’s boxing gloves with body blows and a series of gut punches. After the slave falls to the ground, Master J makes it sniff his feet. Master J continues the impact play on this slave with more beating. Master J throws in some chokeholds this time to choke out the inferior slave. This slave begs for mercy and quickly taps out.

The next day Master J comes over again to trample his slave. Slave Matt lays on his back as Master J walks all over him like a human doormat. This slave learns his true place is under his master’s feet. The trample domination continues as Master J gets the slave face down this time and walks all over the slave’s back and head. This slave trapped under Master J’s huge alpha feet and has no where to run away to.

4 New Videos – This sexy Asian stud shows off his huge feet to the camera. Place the camera close to his feet, this foot dom makes you wish you were right there serving at his feet. Imagine licking and sucking on his superior alpha foot as he puts you in your place. The next clip from Tommy1223 features a Asian dom who gets turned on by showing off his feet. He gets turned on so much he begins stroking his big dick. Get lost while staring at this dom’s feet as he strokes his cock to your submissiveness.

If you want more than solo action then check out this straight stud getting his feet tickled. With his sub slave naked from the waist down, this straight stud has his barefeet worshipped, licked, and tickled. This the ultimate reward for any foot slave. For more foot tickling check out the next clip as this college student is blindfolded and tied up as he gets his soft barefeet tickled. Two foot fanatics work each foot by tickling it with their hands and even a toothbrush for maximum sensitivity.