Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

In this two part 4th of July jacking off video series, Michael Hoffman delivers some of the most popular things which his fans are always requesting such as showing his feet, pillow humping, ass play, fingering his ass, jacking off, and even spreading his ass. Drool over his ripped, muscular, tattooed body as he strokes his big cock and gets off.

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1 New Video – CashMasterTrey is kicking back and unwinding but that doesn’t stop him from verbally abusing you. This findom dishes out exactly what a bottom feeding fag like you deserves. CashMasterTrey’s big feet will remain in your face while he ridicules and humiliates you as he vapes.

2 New Videos – Mr. Big has slaves stashed away in cages in his dungeon and now it’s your turn to become his caged cock pet. After flexing and showing off his massive cock to the audience of caged slaves, he commands his slaves to worship and service him however he pleases. Your reward for good service will be a massive load from your giant master. You’ll quickly learn to live off of Mr. Big’s cum, piss, sweat, spit, farts, and whatever else he plans on sharing with you. After you’ve experienced pleasure, now is time to experience pain from your master. Whether you’re being rewarded or punished, all that matters is that you relinquish control and let Master Alex guide you. Your dom’s pleasure is all that matters. In this clip, you’ll quickly relinquish that control while under Master Alex’s boots.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt quickly surrenders and is overpowered by Master Daniel as he is squeezed between his master’s legs. Slave Matt lays on the ground as Master Daniel wraps his muscular legs around the slave’s head and neck. There is no where to go for this slave as he’s squeezed into submission. Master Daniel continues with the headscissors domination on Slave Matt but with a different chokehold. Reverse facing his slave, Master Daniel stretches his legs back and locks them even tighter around his slave’s neck locking his feet together. Slave Matt learns quickly about true power when he gives in to Master Daniel and taps out.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt sniffs his master’s feet in this real time with Master J. Getting into his rightful position, under his master’s feet, Slave Matt sniffs and licks his alpha’s superior soles. Master J orders Slave Matt to sniff in every scent of his sweaty feet. The foot worship gets even more depraved as Slave Matt eats food from his master’s feet. Slave Matt is ordered to eat pieces of pizza all from Master J’s dirty feet. The obedient foot slave happily obliges and does whatever his master says to do. After the foot worship comes the time for Master J to beat down on his slave. Master J uses his Jiu Jitsu experience to lock Slave Matt in various chokeholds and submissions. While being choked out, Slave Matt gets Master J’s feet right in his face for even more foot worship.

3 New Video – Master Daniel shows off his jock dom power when he chokes out his weak slave. Getting his slave locked in a tight headlock, Master Daniel makes his slave suffer and beg for mercy. The inferior slave quickly learns how powerful his master is when he’s writhing around begging for mercy from this tight chokehold. Master Daniel then locks Slave Matt in between his legs for even more choke domination. This strong athletic jock dom loves brutalizing and beating up on his slave. Slave Matt writhes around and cries for mercy but Master Daniel doesn’t offer any to this weak slave. Switching up from the standard chokehold domination, Master Daniel locks his slave in a new submission hold. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight boston crab and laughs at the slave as he cries out in pain. Slave Matt endures the painful submission just for the chance to be dominated even more by Master Daniel.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun has a fun session sitting on top of his slave. Using his full weight, Master Shaun applies more pressure while sitting, standing, trampling, and jumping on this slave. The slave gets the wind knocked out of him every time Master Shaun jumps and stomps harder on this submissive slave. In another real time with this slave, Master Shaun wakes up on top of his slave from a nap and feeling horny. Master Shaun humps his slave and does some body grinding before ordering the slave to piggyback him around the room. Afterwards, Master Shaun has his slave lay flat on the bed where he is used to jump on with Master Shaun’s full weight over and over again.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Part 2 of this series, continues with Instaslve, the pathetic fag from the first video, falling under the spell of these two dom’s perfect alpha feet. The slave can’t help but divulge his personal info to these alphas while hypnotized by their huge feet in his face. Enjoy their perfect barefeet and soles as you see some true masters at work.

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2 New Videos – Next time you call the police, just hope Big Alpha isn’t the guy who responds to the call. This poor sub in this video endures brutal punishment from this muscle master. The sub is placed in various head scissorholds, handcuffed, and abused with a police nightstick. The video ends with the weakling totally dominated on the floor. In the next clip, Big Alpha dominates a guy in the gym. Big Alpha is in the gym getting pumped up and works over this other dude using many submission holds on him. Big Alpha originally thought he had the gym to himself until this scrawny guy showed up and he was not happy about it. The end result is Big Alpha brutalizing this weak boy so he knows to never return to this gym again.

2 New Videos – Giant Mr. Big has a new pet to boss around with his thick uncut cock. The tiny slave better please his giant master if he knows what’s best for him. Once that throbbing impaler of a cock starts to get hard, it will eclipse the tiny slave’s vision. After you’re done worshipping this giant sized alpha, keep looking up because now you are about drink his piss. Every time you see Master Alex, you cannot stop yourself from stroking your cock to his leather clad dominance. But now the fun stops and you need to take your place under Master Alex’s ass and cock. Get ready to drink up all of his juicy nectar and whatever else he decides to give you.

5 New Videos – Master J loves dominating foot slaves. With his obedient foot slave on the ground, Master J tramples the slave and smothers its face with his feet. This obedient foot slave can’t get enough of his master’s alpha feet. Later, Master J tramples the slave some more. Putting his full weight into it, Master J stands on top the slave and makes the slave feel like a bug getting smashed into the ground. Master J then steps on the slave’s face and coverr his entire face with his big alpha feet. The slave trampling continues in the next clip. Standing on the slave’s chest and stomach, Master J treats this slave like a human doormat with no respect. Master J rubs his feet all of the slave like he’s his property.

Things get super nasty when the slave cleans mud off of his master’s feet. Master J comes in from outside with his feet covered in mud and dirt. The wild foot slave assumes the position and lays there for Master J to put his feet on his face. The slave then licks and sucks the dirt right off of his master’s feet. After he’s done serving Master J, the slave invites over Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Pinned to the ground, Master Daniel locks his arm around this slave’s neck and chokes him out for his own amusement. The slave struggles but cannot break free from Master Daniel’s tight headlock.

5 New Video – Master Daniel orders his foot slave to worship his socks. This jock dom’s feet are very sweaty and smelly from working out earlier in the day. The obedient foot slave gladly sniffs and licks his master’s socks as commanded. The foot domination continues when the slave is permitted to lick his master’s barefeet. Laying on the ground, the slave sticks out his tongue to lick all over Master Daniel’s feet. Master Daniel rubs his sweaty feet all over the slave’s tongue.

Things get aggressive when Master Daniel decides to choke out his slave. Stuck between Master Daniel’s muscular legs, this weak slave has no where to go. Master Daniel squeezes the slave’s head like it’s a watermelon between his legs. Afterwards, Master Daniel locks the slave in a headlock chokehold. The slave writhes around for mercy but Master Daniel just laughs at how pathetic the slave is to him. Master Daniel continually locks the headlock on tighter throughout the clip to show more of his power over this slave. In another clip, Master Daniel battles another alpha master in Jiu Jitsu fight. Since they share the same slave, Master Daniel and Master G decide to do some fun grappling with each other to see who can escape each other’s headlockks and Jiu Jitsu holds. Both doms put up a great fight against each other in this 5 minute clip.

3 New Videos – Master Aiden always gets what he wants. Your only purpose is to provide it for him and that’s what happened when Master Aiden ordered his slave’s to buy him a fuck toy. Master Aiden pounds out this toy fuck hole just as hard as he pounds out your bank account. Afterwards you can lose yourself to the sight of Master Aiden’s body when you drool over his neon lingerie and sneakers. Goon over this cash dom as he verbally abuses you and teases you on camera. In his last video update for the week, Master Aiden knows that you’re a dateless loser but lucky for you, he is available to be your virtual date. Obviously, this date is going to cost you. Money is all this dom cares about. That’s why you must follow his rules or face exposure.

Featured Model- RickyCage

Ricky Cage shows you how desperate and depraved he can become in this ass to mouth video series. This cock hungry sub devolves into a lust for more anal and more oral as he is dominated by a fuck machine. With FAG written on his head, Ricky Cage shows why he is just a cock receptacle that exists to accept and serve dicks. This fuck machine uses Ricky Cage’s ass then his mouth.

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2 New Videos – Sit down like an obedient pig and endure some extreme verbal abuse from CashMasterTrey. This alpha dishes out intense smack talk since he’s in an extra aggressive mood while filming this. Serve CashMasterTrey as his verbal punching bag. Later, CashMasterTrey answers some slave questions that many of you have always wanted to ask. Get a deeper look at CashMasterTrey as he answers all of the frequently asked questions from his cash piggies. Afterwards, this findom gives a harsh dose of exactly what you desperately want from him, that’s more verbal abuse.

1 New Video – You’re a good cock locked sissy for your master and understand that your clitty belongs in a chastity device while your ass is plugged with a big butt plug. The only thing to make all of that more complete is to sniff from fresh poppers. With one sniff of that magic juice, Master Alex can make you do anything he desires. Obey this alpha more with every sniff as you then are ordered to sniff his ripe and sweaty ass and feet. There’s nothing this master enjoys more than a willing cock locked slave that happily takes his torment.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel pins down his slave and chokes him out on the ground. Master Daniel gets very aggressive in these chokeout sessions with his slave Ikagura and loves locking inferiors like him in brutal headscissors until they tap out. Watch how intense Master Daniel gets when he wraps his hands around this slave’s throat. The slave choking continues when Master Daniel grapples more with this slave. Throwing the slave to the ground, Master Daniel locks his bicep around the slave’s neck and laughs as this slave struggles. Master Daniel doesn’t offer any mercy to this slave and just continues to punish him more.

In a separate session with Master G, slave Ikagura finds himself trapped between his master’s legs. Master G uses his Jiu Jitsu fighting skills to squeeze Ikagura’s head like a grape. Ikagura struggles for air while in this vice tight grip locked on by Master G. In the next real time session, Master G gets rougher when he wrestles his slave on the ground. Master G quickly jumps into various Jiu Jitsu holds on this slave. Ikagura gets his legs and arms twisted all about in a variety of intense submissions from his dom. Shifting gears from the usual, Ikagura allows his two doms to meet up in a alpha dom fight. Master G and Master Daniel meet to grapple with each other in a friendly fight. Things start to get really rough at the end with some hard takedowns and slams between these two doms.

1 New Video – Master G turns his slave into a human footstool. This foot slave lays on his back and looks up at Master G as this foot dom chokes the slave with his feet. Master G gags this foot slave by jamming every inch and every part of his foot in the slave’s mouth.

3 New Videos – MasterBerlin’s foot fag is tasked with cleaning his master’s feet. This obedient foot fag scrubs the soles of his master’s feet and licks them clean. The foot fag is totally obsessed with his master’s feet and toes. To humiliate the slave some more, MasterBerlin makes this slave eat from his feet. The hungry foot slave gladly eats biscuits from MasterBerlin’s smelly and sweaty feet. To add to the humiliation, MasterBerlin spits down on the foot stomped food for the slave to eat that as well. Continuing with the humiliation, MasterBerlin serves the slave more food from his feet. The foot obsessed fag chews and eats anything from his master’s foot.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

SlavesSeeker sits back and smokes a cigar in leather gear in front of the camera. This alpha cash master shows off his leather jacket, gloves, and leather t-shirt for all the leather crazed cash fags to drool over. After taking off his leather jacket, SlavesSeeker shows off his tight leather shirt and bulging muscles.

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2 New Videos – Big Alpha and Romeo take turns dominating this boy in the gym. The two muscled alphas lock the weak, scrawny boy in various tight bearhugs and muscle holds. Right after an intense workout, these muscle masters have to let out all of that testosterone by beating on a weaker subject. In some one-on-one action, Big Alpha chokes out a weak jock who was admiring him in the gym. If this weak boy wanted to feel Big Alpha’s muscle so badly, then Big Alpha will let him feel them while he chokes the boy out multiple time. Big Alpha doesn’t hold back when he takes this scrawny boy down to the ground and locks him in various chokeholds with his massive biceps.

2 New Videos – You’ve been fantasizing about eating your own cum for a long time. Edging around it’s completion but chickening out right when the climatic reality comes flooding in. Master Alex has something special for you in this instructional video. Master Alex is going to encourage you to eat your own cum and swallow every drop. No more holding back or resisting, just obeying and waiting for Master Alex to tell you that you’re a good slave boy. After you’ve obeyed Master Alex, can you go a second round and cum on your face? You love watching cum facial porn and wish you were the bitch getting jizzed on, licking up that salty cum dripping from your face. The time is now to start stroking for Master Alex and obey him as he makes you give yourself a cum facial.

5 New Videos – Master J humiliates and uses his slave for some intense foot worship. Slapping the slave and kicking him around, Master J makes his slave lick and suck on his feet. When the slave doesn’t do a good enough job, Master J chokes the obedient foot slave with his foot. In some more abuse from Master J, this slave gets choked out when Master J wraps his arms around the slave’s neck. Slave Ikagura knows his place with doms and knows he is to serve as their punching bag for their entertainment. This time is no different when Master J brutalizes and dominates his slave. The choke abuse continues when Ikagura gets choked out between Master J’s legs. Ignoring his slave, Master J plays on his phone and texts his friends while he chokes out his weak slave. The slave begs for mercy but that doesn’t stop Master J from ignoring him.

Slave Ikagura gets some rough humiliation from a dom when he is forced to eat his master’s toenails. Ikagura lays on the ground under his master’s foot as the dom clips his toenails. Ikagura is then fed each clipped toenail and gladly munches it down. With another dom, Slave Ikagura endures some rough male feet domination from Master Ch. Master Ch pins his foot slave to the ground and stomps all over him and kicks him around like a toy. Master Ch then demands that his foot slave lick his feet clean to show obedience.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his slave and this time is no different. Getting his inferior slave on the ground, Master Daniel locks his arms tightly around the slave’s throat in a rough side headlock. Slave Ikagura begs him to let up but Master Daniel won’t stop until the slave is left broken and weak. The intense side headlock abuse continues when Master Daniel delivers even more punishment. This arrogant jock makes his slave submit over and over again to his power. This obedient slave quickly learns his place under Master Daniel’s control. To further show that this alpha dom is in power, Master Daniel locks his legs around his slave’s neck to choke him some more. Choking this inferior slave, Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave gasps for air and taps out.

4 New Videos – Everyone has a role in this world and according to Aiden Prettii, your role is to serve him. Swoon over every inch of this findom’s body and obey every demand he gives you. All of Master Aiden’s slaves identify as “Aiden Sexuals” meaning that their sexual pleasure and preference lies in serving Master Aiden. Once you’re done serving at his feet, you can worship Master Aiden’s pits. No deodorant, all natural MAN scent. Allow Master Aiden’s verbal humiliation to guide you through this experience as you’ll quickly become obsessed.

Never trust a giant with a mischivous smile. Master Aiden is all grins as he destroys you like a bug. While you look up at Master Aiden, he will violently tease you with his perfect alpha bare feet. Be prepared for a surprise at the end from this giant. Just like all other videos, Master Aiden knows that you have wet dreams about him all the time. Now you can experience your perfet wet dream watching Master Aiden fuck his hole. Keep edging yourself and goon on repeat as you keep watching Master Aiden work over this dildo.

Featured Model- Master Big

Planting his feet right in your face, you’ll have no other option but to submit and serve Master Big’s huge jock feet. Look up at his alpha bulge while you’re down there worshiping his feet too. Master Big wants you to be weak, on your knees admiring every part of his perfect feet. Kissing, rubbing, massaging and doing everything for those soles. Be his foot slave 24-7.

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2 New Videos – You don’t deserve to breath the straight man’s air according to CashMasterTrey as he attacks you in this verbal abuse video. To this dom, you’re a creepy pervert who’s always been a nuisance to others. Make sure you swallow your fucking red pill of truth like an obedient piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to put more time towards your addiciton to men as he expands his control over your mind. Once under his control, it is time to worship his pits. CashMasterTrey wants you to get lost in his pits like the dirty creep you are to him. Live for and devote yourself to his pits. Your job as his slave is to wake up thinking about his pits all the way until you go to sleep, then continue to dream about his pits.

2 New Videos – Big Alpha caught a thief stealing from his car and decides it’s time to offer up some brutal punishment. Once Big Alpha gets the thief in his grasp, the thief has no where to run. Big Alpha delivers a savage beat down and chokes out this masked crook with his huge alpha muscles. In another muscle beat down clip, Big Alpha shows off his strength as he dominates another jock named Valentin. Valentin comes into the gym feeling energetic and full of himself until he starts wrestling up against Big Alpha. Very quickly, Valentin learns he is no match for this hugely muscled man.

1 New Video – Drool over this nearly 7 minute video of King Luca’s superior alpha cock. You can worship at this findom’s feet while looking up at his big uncut dick. King Luca’s superior alpha dick should be your only fixation in life. Finally at the end, you can watch him bust a load.

5 New Videos – Master CH loves trampling inferior slaves. In this real time meet, Master CH pins Ikagura to the ground and uses his face like a doormat as he walks all over and tramples the slave. Ikagura feels Master CH walk all over him and treat him like an object. After the trample domination, Master CH chokes out his slave. Wrapping his legs tightly around Ikagura’s neck, Master CH chokes out Ikagura until he’s begging for mercy and asking for air. Master CH ultimately will decide when his slave deserves mercy in the end. The choke domination continues when Master CH locks his arms around Ikagura’s throat in a variety of chokeholds. Showing this slave who’s boss, Master CH asserts his dominance when he clamps the various chokeholds on tighter and tighter around this slave’s neck.

With the next real time meet, Ikagura meets up with Master J to get beat up in a boxing match. It’s obvious before the beat down starts as to who is going to win when Master J starts pummeling this slave with rights and lefts. Once Ikagura falls to the ground cowering, Master J stomps all over him some more and tramples the slave declaring himself the winner. This boxing beatdown continues when Master J owns Ikagura some more. Getting him off his feet, Master J punches Ikagura around like he’s a human punching bag. Ikagura does his best to block the punches but just gets beat up even more in the end.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin shows off how he dominates a slave in another one of his slave abuse videos. In this 7 minute clip, DanielSlin grapples with his slave in a wrestling match of sorts before he begins choking out the slave and locking him in brutal submissions. The slave writhes around in pain and whimpers for DanielSlin to ease up but there is no going easy with DanielSlin. After he’s done, DanielSlin wants you to worship his muscles. Doing some solo flexing, DanielSlin flexes for the camera and shows off his power. Imagine getting choked out between his arms while getting dominated as you watch.