Featured Model- College Muscle

Back from the gym and fueled with testosterone and adrenaline, College Muscle is ready to make you worship his biceps. Master College Muscle (CM), makes little faggots like you worship his perfect alpha biceps again by forcing you to get on your knees and tribute for the chance. Reinforcing your place as an inferior faggot, Master CM reminds you that your only purpose in this life is to serve a real man like the pathetic fag you are to him.

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4 New Videos – MasterGary takes this slave deep into a dirty dungeon for some extreme intox abuse. This wild slave worships Master Gary’s alpha body as this dom torments the slave for being such a weak faggot. To intox it better, Master Gary wraps a plastic bag around the slave’s head. After the slave’s mind is number, Master Gary binds the slave to a chair. This bound slave is trapped in bondage and used as a spitoon for Master Gary. The verbal leather master spits all over the slave and verbally destroys it. To assault the slave more, Master Gary blows smoke int he slave’s face.

This extreme verbal abuse continues as Master Gary delivers relentless bullying on this slave. The abuse keeps coming as Master Gary gets right up in the slave’s face and unleashes a verbal assault right in the slave’s ear. This slave is shown no mercy and zero respect. In the final clip of this dungeon torment scene, Master Gary doesn’t hold back. Master Gary bullies this slave even more and uses the plastic bag to intox this pathetic cash slave for another round. All slaves will be envious of this tormented slave by the end of this dungeon video series.

2 New Videos – You already knew the punishment for begging to be let out of chastity early, but you still begged for it. Master Alex sees this as an offense punishable by several riding crop lashes across your body. Now it’s time to face the consequences for your bitch whining. Take a deep breath, because Master Alex will show no remorse. After you’ve been beaten by this dom, you can then serve as his urinal. Master Alex sees horny bitches like you as being only good for one thing and that is to consume his golden alpha piss. Underneath his big juice bubble ass, wait with your mouth open for that long warm stream. Keep your tongue out like a good whore until this dom is done emptying his bladder into your mouth.

3 New Video – Jock dom DanielSlin dominates his weak slave with some intense chokeholds. Pinning this slave to the ground, DanielSlin wraps his arm around the slave’s neck and begins to squeeze. This weak slave writhes around for mercy but DanielSlin is in a dominating mood and offers no remorse for the crying slave. The headlock abuse continues when DanielSlin returns for more chokeholds. The slave assumes his natural position and submits itself to DanielSlin. This jock alpha locks the slave in a headscissors and laughs as the slave cries for release. After all of the bicep choking, DanielSlin decides to squeeze the slave between his thighs. On a bed, DanielSlin orders the slave to place his head between his dominant legs. The soccer player dom then wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s neck and begins choking him out. DanielSlin is amused by the slave’s struggles and gasps for air as he locks the hold on tighter.

5 New Videos – Ikagura invites over one of his regular doms to choke and abuse him. This dom gladly agrees to choke out his slave while he chills back and plays some video games. Ikagura gets on the ground in front of his master, preparing to get choked out while being ignored. After the session, Ikagura gets beat up and choked out by his master. The lean dom master pins Ikagura down on the ground and locks his arms around the slave’s throat. Ikagura has no where to escape to as he’s pinned to the ground and choked out by his superior. After the beatdown, Ikagura is rewarded by getting the chance to worship his master’s feet. With his tongue out, Ikagura licks and cleans his master’s bare soles. The dom even goes further and gags Ikagura with his big feet. The foot gagging continues when the dom stomps on Ikagura and turns him into a human foot rest. Walking all over this slave, the dom orders Ikagura to open his mouth so he can gag him with his big feet. Ikagura takes as much of this dom’s foot in his mouth as he can even if it gags him. Afterwards, Ikagura is kicked around by his master during a foot rub session. The obedient foot slave is commanded to rub his master’s feet on the bed. When the dom thinks Ikagura isn’t doing a good enough job, he smashes his feet right into the slave’s face and makes his sniff and lick t hem.

4 New Videos – AidenPrettii is already well aware of how obsessed you are with his superior feet when he sees how much you drool over his perfect smooth soles. This findom’s feet have taken command of your life. Luckily for you, AidenPretti is allowing you to worship his feet and freshly shaved balls at the same time as a reward for your obsession. After you’re done serving his feet, AidenPretti wants to humiliate your small cock. AidenPrettii verbally humiliates you and degrades you for having a small penis. The visuals he provides during the video will further send home the message of how little your dick is compared to a real man’s dick. Prepare to be humiliated and verbally abused.

Slaves buy AidenPretti things all the time and this time a slave bought him a dildo for a self fuck video. This bratty findom loves teasing you as you watch him get off knowing it was slaves like you who bought him these sex toys. As a cash slave, you are required to tribute this dom every time you get off to his videos including this one. In part two, AidenPretti gets more raw with no filters and even hotter angles as he rides a big dildo. Submit your wallet to this cash master as he gets off to the thought of you going broke. AidenPretti will remind you throughout this clip that the money in your wallet is rightfully his and to never forget that.

Featured Model- CashMasterTrey

Get on your knees and prepare to endure some extreme popper training. CashMasterTrey will order you to get that bottle of poppers ready and keep huffing while he verbally abuses you and makes you drool over his feet. It is time to sniff and serve while you gaze at this alpha’s barefeet. CashMasterTrey will leave you a poppered up, mindless mess by the end of this session.

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2 New Videos – It’s time for a good old dose of alpha punishment and bullying from CashMasterTrey. This brutal God is off to a wonderful start this year with a record number of tributes and this is your opportunity to debase yourself and serve beneath his feet. Show CashMasterTrey what a depraved foot faggot you are as you worship as his alpha feet. Later on, CashMasterTrey will verbally assault you and make you realize that degenerate slaves like you don’t deserve any rights. You seek to fall further and further into the pits of the abyss with your blind devotion. You’ll forever be in the clutches of financial domination as a debt slave for life. It’s time to pay the price for your addiction and bust your balls for CashMasterTrey at his command.

2 New Videos – Big Alpha shows how tight of a grip he can get on his friend with this brutal headlock. Big Alpha’s friend struggles for freedom but once this dom wraps his massive biceps around your neck, there is no way out. The weaker man struggles and writhes around in pain begging for mercy at the unrelenting grip of Big Alpha. In another clip, catch over 20 minutes of Big Alpha dominating this weakling sub boy in some hot muscle wrestling domination. Big Alpha doesn’t hold back and quickly shows this inferior who’s the boss. Flexing and showing off, Big Alpha shows his cocky side to the camera as he locks this inferior in several headlocks and chokeholds. Once you see Big Alpha’s massive bicep flexing, you too will want to submit.

2 New Video – KingMaster has some fun with his submissive slave by smother him with his muscle ass. Getting the slave on the ground on his back, KingMaster wears a thong and squats over the slave’s face so that his jock ass completely covers this slave’s face. Laster he has more fun with the slave by putting his feet in the slave’s mouth to gag him. The slave’s job is to worship his jock god’s ass and feet. In another real time session, KingMaster gets home after a tiring day and needs to have some stress relief. Calling his sub over, KingMaster takes off his boots and allows the slave to worship and tickle his feet. The slave smells his master’s sweaty socks and proceeds to remove them from his master’s feet to lick the bare soles all over. KingMaster then instructs the slave to tickle his feet for a laugh.

4 New Videos – Ikagura gets down on the ground in this latest clip to suffer a triangle chokehold from one of his doms. The dom completely ignores Ikagura through most of the clip but locks his legs tightly around Ikagura’s neck to choke him out. The slave begs for mercy but sadly for him, this dom is still going to ignore his cries. After this intense choke session, Ikagura goes into some foot worship for his dom. Ikagura takes his master’s barefeet deep in his mouth to suck on and worship them like an obedient foot slave. This submissive foot slave is gagged and stomped by his master but enjoys every minute under his master’s soles.

The foot domination continues in another clip as Ikagura is smothered with alpha feet and stomped on during this real time. The foot slave lays on his back under his master’s feet in his natural position. The foot dom then proceeds to choke and kick Ikagura with his huge alpha feet. The slave feels like a human doormat by the end of the clip. Lastly, Ikagura then gets involved in some choke domination from one of his dom masters. Laying on the bed, Ikagura is defenseless to the abuse his master will give to him. Ikagura gets choked out by this dom’s legs as he is put through some tight chokeholds which make him suffer. The weak slave begs for mercy from his master but instead gets put in his place further at the whims of this arrogant dom.

3 New Videos – DanielSlin is in the mood to choke out a slave and he does just that in his latest clip. Getting the slave seated on the ground, DanielSlin locks his legs around the slave’s through to squeeze his neck and assert his power. This cocky alpha even flexes and laughs for the camera while the slave struggles for freedom. The choke abuse continues when DanielSlin squeezes the slave’s head between his thighs like a watermelon. Squeezing his muscular thighs on this slave’s head, DanielSlin makes the slave suffer even more from this wrath. The slave is bound and helpless to his master’s mercy as DanielSlin keeps squeezing like he’s going to pop this slave’s head. After all of that slave abuse, DanielSlin needs a break to flex and play video games. This jock dom sits back and plays some video games while ignoring you through most of the clip. As you drool over his jock body, stare at his feet and flexed biceps in hopes of worshiping him one day. If you’re lucky, then maybe at the end of the clip, DanielSlin will give you some attention.

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2 New Videos – MasterAlex is giving you a countdown to cum. This alpha gives you a mere 3 minutes to stroke in his presence and that’s all the time you’ll get to cum. You better not waste any time and get right to it because if you can’t cum, MasterAlex will leave ou with blue balls until next time that he allows you to jerk that tiny dick. For slaves wanting to worship MasterAlex some more, shrink down to become a tiny slave and worship his gigantic bulge. Wearing a tight jock strap, MasterAlex transforms into a giant in this video clip and lays out the rules for you to follow as his new toy. Playing with his new tiny slave, MasterAlex inserts you inside his big bulging underwear. You can only look up and see your entire world eclipsed by his magnificent and powerful cock. Endure the endless teasing by this alpha and beg for more of his bulge.

1 New Video – Master Kruzzar oils up his feet and sticks them right up to the camera for you to worship. This powerful foot God commands that you serve and service his huge superior alpha feet. There is no foot slave that can resist this jock dom’s huge oiled up feet when they’re shoved right in your face.

4 New Video – Ikagura has no where to run to when he is choked out by a jock bully. Pinned to the ground this soccer playing jock wraps his strong bicep around Ikagura’s neck and shows him no mercy. Ikagura wants to tap out by he also wants to endure more punishment from his jock bully. In part 2, Ikagura gets beaten up and choked out some more by this jock dom. Sitting on the floor, Ikagura gets locked between this jock’s powerful, strong legs and gets choked out some more. Struggling for mercy, Ikagura does his best not to pass out from getting squeezed between these muscular legs.

Besides being choked out, Ikagura loves worshiping alpha feet. Laying on the ground at his master’s feet, Ikagura sucks on and licks his master’s powerful feet. This dom even jams his huge foot further in Ikagura’s mouth to make him gag on it. Later, Ikagura serves as a human doormat for his master. Master J uses Ikagura to walk all over and to trample on his face and body. Ikagura endures all of Master J’s trampling wrath and even gags hard on his master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterNick gets his submissive slave ready for some piss whore training. Normally MasterNick loses his patience with novice urinal slaves but this one was really desperate to improve so MasterNick agreed to teach it. Once the piss slave opens his mouth, he gurgles and chokes down all of MasterNick’s alpha piss.

2 New Videos – MasterBerlin’s slave gets on the ground to worship his master’s boots. This obedient boot fag sticks his tongue out to lick all over his dom’s alpha boots. When MasterBerlin thinks the slave isn’t doing a good enough job, he slaps him around to get the weak slave in line. Using the slave even further, MasterBerlin turns his slave into a human urinal. MasterBerlin pisses everywhere and it’s this piss slave’s job to go wherever his master pisses and drink it all. The obedient slave does everything and goes everywhere in this clip to drink his master’s warm piss.

Featured Model- Master Alex

Transylvanian Wolf needs his boots to be cleaned. Who better to clean them than his loyal Slave Shine. There’s a reason this slave earned that name, obviously. Slave Shine needs to worship his master’s shoes and feet more than he needs air. The fag slave crawls on his hands and feet, opening that hungry mouth in hopes of tasting his master’s boots. While Transylvanian Wolf relaxes on the couch, his slave shines and shines, never stopping to catch his breath. This alpha dom uses a leash on the slave’s leather collar and watches the fag’s cock struggle against the chastity belt. Transylvanian Wolf orders him around, uses him as a footstool and enjoys being serviced by this hungry, boot-loving slave.

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1 New Video – FagButler wanted to worship MasterBigCountry in the hot tub for full body worship but instead this dom gives his fag some physical abuse instead. MasterBigCountry follows the motto that there is no pleasure without pain and makes sure FagButler realizes that as he abuses him in this pool and let’s the slave know who’s in charge. FagButler gets smacked around, pulled around on a leash, and gets his head dunked under the water to his master’s amusement.

2 New Videos – Payback is a bitch for this thief when he meets Big Alpha. This muscular dom catches a thief in his gym and delivers some brutal punishment for the slave. This thief thought he could steal gym equipment but instead gets caught and choked out by this bulking muscle dom. In a similar choke domination clip, Big Alpha shows off his strength by choking out an unsuspecting victim. This beta boy thinks he can break out of the tightly locked headscissors which Big Alpha locks on him but quickly realizes he is no match for Big Alpha’s massive biceps. Once Big Alpha locks his massive arms around your neck, there is no escape.

5 New Video – Ikagura gets trampled by Master J in one of his latest clips. Serving as a human doormat for his master, Ikagura gets walked all over and stepped on under this dom’s feet. Master J smothers Ikagura’s face with his huge barefeet throughout this 10 minute clip. The trampling abuse continues while Ikagura lays on his back to get trampled some more. The foot obsessed slave lays back and is grateful to have a dominant alpha walk all over his body and step on his face. Ikagura endures all of the foot abuse he can under his master’s feet. Later, Ikagura gets trampled and kicked from a brutal dom. Laying on the floor like a welcome mat, Ikagura subjects himself to more brutal trampling and kicking from his superiors. The dom walks all over Ikagura’s face, stomping it into the ground.

Moving away from the trampling abuse, Ikagura then gets himself choked out by another dominant master. This time Master DanielSlin takes Ikagura down to the ground and wraps his biceps around Ikagura’s neck to choke him out. Ikagura has no where to go and his cries for mercy are ignored. It seems like all doms enjoy ignoring Ikagura like in the next clip when this dom ignores his slave as slave Ikagura worships the dom’s feet. Taking his rightful position on the ground, Ikagura is smothered by his master’s feet and makes sure to lick and clean every inch of them. The master sees this foot worship as perfectly normal as he ignores the slave to play on his phone.

 New Video – MasterBerlin enjoys dominating this homo slave and this time is no different. MasterBerlin makes his slave worship his feet even harder than before. MasterBerlin ensures the obedient foot fag gags on his feet and toes while he blows smoke in the slave’s face. This slave’s only purpose in life is to please his master.

2 New Videos – MasterTom demands that his faggots serve on his big cock and giant feet. Showing off his huge alpha feet, MasterTom verbally abuses you and orders that you drool over and worship his feet. Later, MasterTom whips out his big alpha dick for you to worship as well. For foot fags needing more, you can sniff MasterTom’s smelly socks in the next clip. MasterTom sticks his socked feet up to the camera and makes you sniff and worship them. These are the dirtiest socks he has which is fitting for a nasty foot slave like you.

Featured Model- Master Gary

Get ready to be bullied and spat on as MasterGary takes on the role of your bully. This dominant alpha wears boxing gloves and black Nike sneakers to verbally abuse you and tell you how he will physically abuse you as well. Sniff your popper and get beat down verbally and physically throughout this session with your bully.

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2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod turned this loser’s underwear into a thong for some extreme wedgie abuse. After pulling this loser’s underwear over his head, MasterUltimateGod rides the slave around like a donkey throughout the hotel room. There’s nothing MasterUltimateGod enjoys more than putting pathetic sub’s in their place. Continuing on with the abuse, MasterUltimateGod spits all over the sub’s face in the next part of this real time meet up. This fag slave has the honor of getting to taste his master’s spit and take a couple of slaps to the face. Every single slave that encounters MasterUltimateGod craves this same type of abuse. The slave quickly realizes it is just filth compared to such a superior alpha as MasterUltimateGod

3 New Videos – FagButler is ready to worship his master in the sauna. MasterBigCountry lays back while keeping FagButler on a leash making the slave worship his alpha feet, pits, and ass. This slave loves his master’s body and loves worshipping him. Throughout the worship session, MasterBigCountry reminds FagButler that he will be owned forever. Later, MasterBigCountry takes more control of this fag slave and makes him breathe in his alpha scent. MasterBigCountry puts a gas mask on this slave and makes the slave inhale his master’s smells of ball sweat, shoes, and socks. FagButler’s bulge shows just how much he loves the smell of his master as it continues to grow throughout this humiliation. To continue on with the abuse, MasterBigCountry brings along a buddy for some double dom worship for this fag slave. MasterBigCountry and his buddy, Master Don, get FagButler to worship their dirty boots, socks, and feet. The slave becomes a human ottoman for these superior alphas as he worships them mindlessly.

2 New Video – Big Alpha dominates another weakling in the gym by choking him with his muscular legs. Pinning this sub on the gym floor, Big Alpha locks him in various chokeholds and headscissors. See how much this weak boy can endure from this muscular and dominant alpha. In another gym beatdown, Big Alpha throws this weak guy in various submission holds utilizing his strong muscles to make the sub boy submit even faster. Big Alpha locks every submission on tight so this sub boy has no where to escape to and has no choice but to tap out for mercy.

3 New Videos – DanielSlin can’t get enough of choking out submissives. In another real time meet with his slave, DanielSlin gets his slave down on the ground for some intense choke submission and abuse. The slave has no where to go as this alpha locks the slave’s head in between his biceps. The choke domination continues when DanielSlin locks his slave between his legs for some more chokehold abuse. This slave has no where to run to when he’s pinned down and locked between his master’s legs. DanielSlin tightens his grip around the slave’s head like a vice for the slave to suffer more and flexes for the camera as his slave struggles. Even though this slave gets abused from DanielSlin, it still comes back for more domination from master. Locking the slave down again between his legs, DanielSlin shows this sub no mercy and no respect while choking him out. DanielSlin loves showing off and reminding his sub’s of why he’s the boss.

1 New Video – DavidWar gets his dick hard in bed while demanding that you worship his feet. This straight alpha loves dominating and showing off for the camera which makes him rock hard every time he does so. Look up at this dom’s powerful dick as you work away at servicing his big barefeet.

Featured Model- King Luca

King Luca wants you to beg for his superior alpha dick. Watch with your tongue out as this dominant alpha strokes every inch of his massive meat in front of you. King Luca wants you to watch in awe at what a real man’s big dick looks like compared to your tiny sub penis.