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3 New Videos – These doms arrange to throw a bullying party for their slave. The slave is dragged across the floor upon arriving and is subjected to offensive jokes, facesitting, headscissors, slaps, feet in the face, and many more humiliations. The masters don’t stop no matter how much the slave shows his dissatisfaction. Afterwards, the doms drag the slave to the bathroom to piss on him. Masters Hunter and Ritchell spit and piss all over this slave. The slave can’t do anything about the degradation he experiences. Things get even nastier when Masters Ritchell and Hunter then smoke cigarettes and drink some beers before spitting in the slave’s face. The slave’s face is completely covered in spit and ash by the end of this 21 minute clip. Also, the doms don’t forget to burp in the slave’s face as he endures all of the humiliation and abuse he was created for.

5 New Videos – King Romeo is a true muscle God as he engulfs Nicky’s head with his huge bicep in multiple headlocks. Nicky is made to submit to this jock God’s strength. Later he is locked between King Romeo’s tree trunk legs to be squeezed some more. In another clip, King Romeo and Big Alpha get intimate. Big Alpha walks in on King Romeo as he is flexing and he cannot help but feel his muscles and starts undressing him. Muscle worship, fondling each other’s hard bulges and kissing each other’s pecs happen all throughout this clip.

Switching gears, if you love seeing Colombian jocks wrestling each other then check out the next clip. Johan plays around with some chokeholds on Fred. Fred has no where to go once Johan locks in the super tight chokes. Later, a Colombian muscle bro uses his girl for some hard facefucking. The girl gags and chokes on his rock hard cock as he pounds her throat. His ambition is to be a fighter and a pornstar. In part 2, Johan pounds his girl’s pussywith his monster cock. She lays back and takes it as he drills away. At the end, Johan shoots a massive load all over her and her mouth

5 New Videos – Master Rusty tramples his slave like a doormat. The slave lays on his back and is stomped and crushed under his master’s sneakers. Master Rusty makes sure to put his full weight down on this slave with each stomp. Later, Master Rusty puts on a pair of Vans sneakers to do some more trampling. This time Master Rusty makes sure to dig his sneakers hard into the slave’s body. The masked slave really experiences the grinding pair on top of the stomping. Master Rusty just loves hurting his slave. The brutal trampling continues as Master Rusty then puts on a pair of Airforce sneakers to hurt the slave some more. This obedient slave doesn’t wear a shirt this time to feel the direct contact of Master Rusty’s sneakers.

The brutal trampling from Master Rusty can be painful for a sub like this masked foot fag. The masked sub lays on the ground and endures all of the stomps he is delivered from Master Rusty. Master Rusty doesn’t seem to let up either as he makes sure this slave experiences total abuse. Things get even more painful as Master Rusty puts on a pair of soccer cleats. The masked slave is shirtless which adds more to the punishment. Master Rusty stomps with all of his might down onto this slave’s bare chest with his soccer cleats to inflict maximum

5 New Videos – Slave Matt is owned and gagged by Master P and then Master K. These doms make the slave gag and choke on their barefeet while ignoring it. The obedient foot slave worships at his dom’s big feet. In another real time with Master P, Slave Matt is choked out and dominated. Master P gets behind his slave and chokes him repeatedly until he begs for mercy. Master P is not merciful and makes sure his slave feels pain. Later that day, Slave Matt then meets up one-on-one with Master K for some complete domination. Master K walks on, tramples, chokes, and dominates his slave. Slave Matt is ordered to worship and lick clean Master K’s feet.

Slave Matt has many doms who uses him just like Master J who tramples this slave. Master J smacks around Slave Matt with his feet and walks all over him like a doormat. Slave Matt gets treated like how a slave should be treated. Afterwards, Slave Matt is then trampled by Master G. Wearing a karate outfit, Master G walks all over his slave and even gives him some chokeholds to assert dominance. Slave Matt submits completely to another powerful dom and enjoys being manhandled and abused

5 New Videos – There is nothing better than having a sub clean your feet. Jam Master sits back as his masked sub does just that. This masked obedient foot fag services his dom’s big powerful feet. Afterwards, Jam Master uses the slave’s mouth by jamming his socked feet into the slave’s mouth. The slave is ordered to lick his master’s feet and suck on his socks. Jam Master makes sure this foot slave does a good job while tasked with foot cleaning. The slave must then lick his master’s sneakers. Jam Master sits back as this sub licks the dirty bottoms of his sneakers. The slave has no hesitation when it comes to being degraded and abused by his master.

After all that foot worship, Jam Master decides to beat his slave with a paddle. The slave is spanked and whimpers from the abuse. Underneath his underwear, the slave’s ass reddens more from the punishment. After that spanking session, it is time for the slave to be trampled by his master. Jam Master tramples the slave with his trainers, socks, and barefeet as he squirms beneath. After that abuse, Jam Master makes the slave suck his toes as he slaps him around to remind him of his place.

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