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4 New Video – Masters Hunter, Joe, Nevil, and Ritchell go looking for their slave to torture him. The masters give this slave some face sitting torture, squeezing his head between their muscular legs, and making the slave lick their feet all while laughing at him. The doms then make the slave sniff their nasty smelling sneakers before making the slave lick the sweaty insoles of the shoes. In their next real time meet up, Masters Nevil and Hunter use the slave as a human footrest. Mocking their slave while resting their feet on him, the masters kick, slap, and spit on this pathetic slave. They even crush up chips with their sneakers and make the slave eat them for further degradation.

This slave then is subjected to more group punishment as he worships the feet of Mastes Nevil, Hunter, Joe, Robert, and Basford. The slave lays his body under a bed so his head sticks out enough to service all of the dangling feet from atop the bed. Master Basford flicks the slave’s ear as he’s licking feet to torment him some more. This slave is then instructed to not move as everyone smother’s the slave’s face with alpha male feet. Master Basford, Robert, Hunt, and Nevil get this slave to sniff and lick their sweaty, smelly feet. The masters laugh at the immobilized slave as the slave is trapped between the master’s legs and feet while worshipping.

4 New Video – The Punisher locks this boy in multiple chokeholds in this 15 minute clip while wearing a jockstrap. Squeezing this boy tighter and tighter, the boy struggles to escape. The Punisher uses his gigantic biceps, that appear bigger than the boy’s head, to lock in these tight chokeholds. Then in another clip, it’s Big Alpha’s turn to dominate a weak boy. Big Alpha once again dominates this boy in several different bearhugs. Later he locks in a headscissors before finishing with another bearhug.

Big Alpha’s dominance continues as he challenges Gio to a wrestling match. Wearing a singlet with his ass exposed, Big Alpha beats down and punishes weak Gio. However, Big Alph may have met his match when he squares up against muscular King Romeo. The two muscle studs go at it, especially when King Romeo locks on a tight full nelson on Big Alpha. But Romeo ultimately ends up submitting this time against Big Alpha.

4 New Videos – TripleXTransMan takes every inch of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. This is Rocco Steele’s first time fucking a FTM performer, let alone his first ever time fucking a pussy. TripleXTransMan experiences pleasure and pain from the massive length and girth of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. At the end, Rocco Steele erupts a big load of cum deep in TripleXTransMan’s gaped open pussy. For some solo fantasy, TripleXTransMan has a cuckhold roleplay clip for you. TripleXTransMan is tired of the relationship with you and invites over a new BF (a dildo). Your job is to just sit there and watch him squirt all over his new lover’s cock while you jerk off in the corner.

TripleXTransMan then wants to humiliate you some more with some small penis humiliation. Your cock is so small it can’t even be located and when it is found, it’s laughable. TripleXTransMan mocks your tiny cock as being even smaller than a trans cock. After you’ve been thoroughly humiliated, you can then get some jerk off instructions. Stroke your hard cock on command as you listen to TripleXTransMan’s voice. Focus on all of the sensitive regions of your cock with varying stroking speeds. At the end, TripleXTransMan will order you to explode a load of cum on your face.

5 New Videos – Master CH turns his slave into a human punching bag. Master CH gets his boxing gloves on and lands a variety of body blows to this slave. Punching him all over, the slave takes a tough beatdown. Days later, Slave Matt then worships Master J’s feet. Master J smacks Slave Matt around with his foot and orders the slave to service his feet. This slave feels at home under a dominant alpha’s feet. Once Master J is done smacking the slave with his foot, he then chokes the slave between his legs. Slave Matt gets on the ground and is locked between Master J’s legs as he’s choked out. When he’s done choking the slave, he orders Slave Matt to lick and gag on his alpha male feet.

The choke domination continues as Master J chokes out his slave hard in another real time meet up. Master J wrestles Slave Matt and asserts dominance over him as he locks him in a variety of chokeholds. Master J then uses his legs to choke out his slave. Master J wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s throat and makes him struggle. Slave Matt writhes around and begs for mercy but Master J just ignores his cries for freedom.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel shows how much he can take from gut punching as he has Slave Matt put on some boxing gloves and punch his abs. Afterwards, he then proceeds to choke out Slave Matt on the ground for his own amusement. Slave Matt struggles on the ground under the raw power and dominance of Master Daniel. If you want to worship Master Daniel some more then watch him perform 140 calf raises. Master Daniel loves challenging himself and working his body to become even better. Drool over this dom’s calves while also intently watching his white socks.

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4 New Video – Brutal dom JordanFox has a slapping compilation of some of his rougher beat downs. This alpha slaps his slave’s without mercy or hesitation. See how much abuse his slave’s can take as he smacks them around viciously. After that compilation you can check out his compilation of him pissing on slaves. Jordan Fox turns all of his slaves into human urinals in this clip. The obedient slave’s gladly take his piss all over their bodies or drink it to show their depravity.

If you want some solo action then download Jordan Fox’s clip of him using and abusing a sexy boy. This dom facefucks and smacks around this pretty boy for his own pleasure. The boy gags and chokes on his alpha cock throughout this nearly 20 minute clip before getting choked out while he’s fucked in the ass. Things get darker in the next clip when Jordan Fox goes German style on a masked slave. Jordan Fox makes this slave feel totally inferior to Jordan Fox’s alpha superiority as he gags on his master’s dick. The slave is treated with no respect and completely used.

4 New Videos – The Punisher is ready to torment this beta boy. Wearing sunglasses and tiny shorts, The Punisher locks this weak boy in a tight headlock to choke him out. The boy begs for mercy but The Punisher doesn’t offer any to this weakling. In the next clip, another Chokemaster, Andre, shows of fhis Jiu Jitsu chokeholds. This jock demonstrates two chokeholds on his brother. Just imagine if you were in the place of his brother getting locked between those strong, dominant arms.

If you crave more choke domination then check out Big Alpha dominating his tied up slave. This weak boy is tied up to a chain and choked out by this massive muscle dom. Big Alpha physically and verbally abuses the boy while making him submit in a variety of holds. Big Alpha then sets his sights on dominating slave Gio in some arm wrestling. This matchup starts off with some arm wrestling then turns into a brief muscle worship session. After that it escalates into muscle worship domination with Big Alpha choking out Gio.

3 New Videos – In this 20 minute video clip, these 5 masters humiliate and ridicule their slave for their own amusement. The poor slave is treated like a doormat as he’s walked on and made to worship each man’s sneakers. The slave must lick sneakers, sniff socks, and lick feet as he’s getting slapped and spit on. In another real time with the same slave, Masters Basford, Nevil, and Robert humiliate this slave. The masters demand their feet be licked as they slap this slave’s bald head. Master Nevil then squeezes the slave’s head between his muscular legs while the other two doms abuse the slave. After Master Robert leaves, Master Hunter comes over for the slave to do some more alpha male foot worship. The intense foot licking continue as these doms plant their feet in the slave’s face while having a beer. The doms laugh at this slave as he gags on their feet and toes.

5 New Videos – Master Hunter locks his slave in a tight headscissors between his powerful legs. The slave begs for mercy and struggles as Master Hunter just laughs with pleasure at the slave’s misfortune. Master Hunter dominates and asserts his power over this slave effortlessly. In another real time meet with Master Jim, the slave is squeezed in a headscissors. Jim jerks the slave’s head around to the beat of the music playing in the background while laughing at his pain. This slave is treated like an object and mocked all throughout this 20 minute clip. For some first person POV, check out this next clip of the slave being choked out in a first person POV. This slave is trapped between his master’s legs with the camera showing a close up of the slave’s face. He winces and struggles as he’s dominated and choked.

Days later this slave is double dominated by Timur and Elliot Scissors. These two doms squeeze their slave between their strong and muscular legs. The slave gets his torso and head squeezed simultaneously. After all that slave domination, the boys need to get some wrestling practice done. Elliot Scissors and three of his dom buddies do a foursome wrestling match to practice their moves. Watch these four alphas compete against each other and demonstrate their fierce strength.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel shows off his alpha strength as he chokes out Slave Matt. Laying on the mattress, Master Daniel gets behind Slave Matt and locks his bicep around his neck. Slave Matt struggles but there is no use against this dominant master. Switching up gears, Slave Matt gets revenge against Master Daniel as he is the one who takes on a dominant role this time. Sneaking up on Master Daniel, Slave Matt locks him in a choke hold and tries pinning him down. We can assume next time, Master Daniel will inflict harder punishment on Slave Matt for this infraction.

In another real time with Master J, Slave Matt worships his alpha feet. Master J sits back on the couch and relaxes as Slave Matt licks, sniffs, and services his barefeet. Slave Matt then services another dom, Master E, but this dom wants to abuse his slave. Master E tramples, punches, and kicks Slave Matt around. This slave serves as a human punching bag for his master’s abuse. Later, Master E chokes his slave during their real time meet. Slave Matt gets pummeled and beat down again but this time locked in a variety of chokeholds. Master E makes sure this slave experiences pain and punishment in this meet up.

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2 New Video – GermanMuscleGod gets his alpha feet worshipped by his masked foot fag. This hot worship session sees the foot slave sniffing and licking his dom’s superior feet. Get an exclusive glimpse into how GermanMuscleGod uses his slave’s in a real time session with this download. In another real time meet, GermanMuscleGod tramples his slave. Out in the open, on a balcony, this slave has to endure his master’s full bodyweight stomping down onto him. This slave is treated like a human doormat as GermanMuscleGod walks all over him with his barefeet.

3 New Videos – Master Gary puts you through some extreme pig training. Prepare to face the full gauntlet of abuse from this dom as he verbally abuses you. Get your dildo out and follow his instructions as he tells you how he’d abuse you during a real time session. Once you’re done following Master Gary’s verbal commands, you can be a good cash faggot and worship his sneakers. Lick the bottoms of Master Gary’s black Nike sneakers and fully obey his orders. This alpha dom will mock and ridicule you while you’re groveling down at his feet. Then, for his own amusement, Master Gary will give you a faggot beatdown. Lacing up his boots and putting on a mask and leather gloves, Master Gary is ready to pummel you. Get your wallet out and accept your scally bully beatdown from this superior findom.

5 New Videos – Master Alex has slave Gus ready to be transformed into a human urinal. But this leather master doesn’t want the slave to enjoy it too much so he puts him in a humbler. The slave’s swollen blue balls ache and punish him with every movement as Master Alex fills the slave’s mouth up with piss. After watching how Master Alex uses slaves, you can watch his video guided audio clips about how slaves must be degraded and humiliated. Just like slave Gus, it is your destiny to be used and treated like scum by superior men. Watch these flashing images of Master Alex as he verbally guides you through real slave training. The audio clips will train subs like you through verbal instructions on how to be an obedient slave.Once you’re done with training, you can then be verbally instructed to eat your own cum. Follow the commands of your dominant leather master as you become an obedient audio slave.

4 New Videos – Masters Hunter, Ritchell, Nevil, Robert, and new Master Joe sit resting on the second level balcony waiting for their slave to serve their feet. The slave must reach out with his tongue and lick the dangling feet of each master. The master’s mock this slave from above on the second level as they spit down at him and treat him like a foot licking spittoon. Later, the Master enjoy dominating and humiliating their slave up close and personal. This slave is choked out, slapped around, and mocked by the group of alpha doms. You can see how hard it is for the slave to get through this session as the master’s laugh at him.

In another real time with this slave, Master Nevil orders the slave to clean his feet with it’s tongue. The slave obediently massages and licks his master’s feet. Afterwards the slave is ordered to sniff the scent of Master Nevil’s rank, nasty, sweaty athletic shoes. Finally at the end, the slave drinks tons of his master’s spit from a glass to show his devotion. The group of 5 masters then returns to spit all over their slave. The slave is completely covered in spit from each dom and shows his pitiful appearance to the camera as these men laugh at him. Some of the doms then start smoking and dumping their ashes on the slave’s head as well. The slave is a filthy, depraved mess of filth by the end of this clip.

5 New Videos – Master J sits on his slave and smothers him with his feet. This obedient slave is pinned down on the sofa as Master J plants his feet right on the slave’s face. All the slave can do is breathe in the scent of his master’s huge alpha feet. If you want even more of a close up of Master J’s feet, then check out the next clip. Master J gets the camera right up to his feet so you can see every detail of his superior soles. Stick your tongue out and lick your screen to show your devotion to his feet.

Slave Matt then meets up with Master P for some more real time abuse. Master P chokes out his slave with his strong legs. The slave struggles and whines as there is no way to break free from the tight grip of Master P’s leg choke. Master P then locks the slave in a tight bear hug. The slave gets completely dominated by his master as Master P doesn’t let go. Master P squeezes tighter as this slave struggles for freedom. The intense bear hugs continue in the next part of this real time session. Grabbing his slave from behind, Master P dominates and squeezes Slave Matt. This slave has no where to run to and cannot escape the grasp of his alpha master.

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3 New Video – In a video exclusive only to In-Charge, Kaen brings along his cousin Tony to use a foot fag. This is the first time someone has licked and sucked on Tony’s feet. Kaen and Tony both gag their personal foot fag with their big feet until he chokes on it. In the next clip, the guys from the basketball team get very verbal while whore at their feet. Each of the players has their go with the foot fag to see which one if the best and worst at using foot slaves. See the obedient foot slave go crazy over their sweaty and sometime nasty feet. After that check out these 5 doms using an Asian foot fag. These young straight guys use their little Asian twink to sniff, lick, and worship their feet. The foot fag surrenders to the group and lets them control him by being under their feet.

3 New Videos – The slave gets bullied and humiliated by some new masters. Masters Besford, Nevil, and Ritchell teach the new guys how to treate this pathetic slave. The doms make the slave lick their feet, take their spit, and it gets slapped around and ridiculed. Later Master Ritchell wants to relax and gets a foot massage from hi sslave. The evening is filled with foot massages and foot licking. Master Ritchell doesn’t forget to beat the slave and laugh at him while being worshipped. Not to be left out, Master Nevil also wants a relaxing day where the slave takes care of his master’s feet. The slave licks his master’s sneakers completely clean and smells his master’s socks and feet. At the end, Master Nevil squeezes the slave’s head between his legs for fun.

2 New Videos – Worship at Master Brad’s dirty bare feet. This foot dom plants his big, smelly barefeet right up to the camera like they are in your face. Get verbally commanded and abused on how to worship this dom’s feet. In another clip, Master Brad talks about how he’d force his feet down your throat. Bow down and worship properly at Master Brad’s commands and serve at his alpha male feet. This cashmaster orders you to worship his shoes, socks, and feet and tells you to lick, gag on, and obey them.

1 New Video – Lay there and take loogies to the face as MasterUltimateGod spits in your face. With the camera on the ground looking up at MasterUltimateGod, this dom spits down on you as if you’re laying under him serving. Swallow this dom’s spit like the pathetic little faggot slave you are to him.

4 New Videos – Slave Matt gets choked out and dominated by Master E. Master E locks Slave Matt in a series of chokeholds and leg locks. This weak slave begs for mercy while being brutalized throughout this 8 minute session. Later, Master E punches and wrestles his slave on the bed. Slave Matt is dominated by Master E with some rough face slaps as he’s pinned down. The slave has no where to go and must endure his punisment.

In a real time meet up with Master Ch, the slave is humiliated and slapped. Slave Matt serves at Master Ch’s feet like an obedient slave. Worshipping his dom’s feet and getting smacked around is what a Slave Matt enjoys most. Meeting up with another dom on another day, Slave Matt services Master J’s feet. Rubbing and sucking on Master J’s feet gives Slave Matt purpose. After the foot rub, Master J walks on Slave Matt’s face to show his superiority over this foot slave.

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3 New Video – In this roleplay video, a law was passed allowing people to become “human furniture” for others, leading to a popular and successful company called Homofurnitures. Ethan receives a “Furniture-person” from his girlfriend Clara, who works at the company, and decides to debut his new object with friends Dimitri and Steve. The three friends place their smelly feet on the Furniture-person, who is initially confused and repulsed by the odors but gradually becomes addicted to them, seemingly programmed to exist for this purpose. In the next clip, a foot sub is prepared to serve seven young doms, who view him as a toy and will push his limits. The men drink, smoke, and enjoy themselves while the sub worships their feet. The group dynamic becomes increasingly kinky as more people join, with one member, Andres, evolving from a calm recruit to a skilled master. In their final update this week, Master Dnero and his buddies from Str8CrushFeet use these two foot fags as their servants. The obedient foot fags worship the feet of these alphas by licking and cleaning every inch of them. Each dom gags the two foot fags with their feet and get their toes sucked.

2 New Videos – Wearing only a skimpy silver string thong, Big Alpha dominates this weak beta boy. Squeezing him in a bear hug, Big Alpha shows his raw muscular power. The beta boy agonizes in pain as Big Alpha doesn’t let go. Similarly, The Punisher dominates his sub in this Christmas themed video. The Punisher gets his muscles worshipped before dominating the smaller sub, Gio. Gio is squeezed and manhandled by The Punisher. Wearing just a red jockstrap, The Punisher uses his strength to dominate this sub.

1 New Video – You need a guide in your life and CashMasterTrey is ready to guide you into becoming a disgusting pig. This Brutal God is going to spit loogies on your creepy face and cover you in ketchp and mustard like a fucked up human hot dog. Be ready to get fully degraded and turned into filth.

3 New Videos – Masters Bradford, Ritchel, and Hunter bully their slave. They get the slave down at their feet and laugh at him as he sucks their toes and licks their legs. The foot slave kisses each of their toes and carries out any humiliating task the doms order him to do. Later, Masters Neville and Rithcell humiliate their slave. The slave licks his master’s sneakers clean and licks up the master’s spit from the sneaker. Following that, the slave proceeds to sniff their raunchy smelling sneakers as he’s bullied and slapped around. Following all of this, the slave gets dominated another time by Master Hunter. Master Hunter takes out his boxing gloves and uses the slave as a human punching bag. The slave takes body blows and when knocked to the ground, he must service his master’s feet. Master Hunter brutally humiliates this slave by sitting on his face and squeezing his head with his muscular legs.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel orders Slave Matt to worship his feet. The obedient foot slave sniffs and worships at Master Daniel’s socked feet. When Master Daniel gets bored, he chokes out his slave to assert his dominance over this weak submissive. The chokehold domination continues when Master Daniel gets his slave on the ground and begins putting him in a tight headlock. The slave writhes around and struggles for mercy but Master Daniel doesn’t care. The slave’s purpose is to be beaten and punished for his master’s amusement.

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3 New Video – Master Nevile and Ritchell abuse their slave in this degrading real time session. In addition to making the slave lick their feet, the masters order the slave to dance for their own amusement. Afterwards, the two doms take turns spitting on the slave and slapping the fuck out of him before dumping a glass of their spit on the slave. In the next clip, Master Hunter and Ritchell make the slave clean their feet with a toothbrush. The doms instruct the slave to clean the bottoms of their feet and sneakers with this toothbrush. To further degrade the slave, he is then instructed to brush his teeth with the same toothbrush. The next day Master Hunter abuses the slave by turning him into a human doormat. The slave is trampled and kicked by this dom and even sat on. Master Hunter makes the slave sniff his smelly sneakers and sweaty socks throughout the abuse session.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his muscle ass down on slave boy Gio’s face. This huge muscle dom smothers Gio’s entire face and flexes his muscles. Gio has no where to go as he’s pinned under Big Alpha’s muscular ass. In another domination video, Chokemaster Andre chokes out his little bro between his muscular legs. Little bro Enrique struggles to pry Andre’s legs apart and ends up tapping. When he tries the last time, he is unsuccessful. Andre and Enrique practice some more chokehold submissions. Andre is much bigger and stronger than Enrique and locks in these holds super tight. Enrique can barely escape as he begs for mercy.

5 New Videos – Master H dominates his slave and gets the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt lays on his back and services this dom’s superior feet. Gagging and choking on Master H’s feet, Slave Matt shows what an obedient foot fag he is to his dom. Afterwards, Slave Matt meets up with Master J for a trample abuse session. Master J chokes his slave and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master J walks all over him. Master J then chokes out his slave in a triangle chokehold. Slave Matt taps out and then is ordered to service Master J’s feet. Master J sits back and texts on his phone as this slave sniffs and licks his feet.

The abuse from Master J continues as he abuses his slave by the pool. Slave Matt is in the pool and must service his dom’s feet. Licking his masters feet and getting kicked in the face, Slave Matt realizes this is his rightful place. The pool humiliation continues as Master J wrestles Slave Matt in the pool and chokes him. Master J even submerges Slave Matt in the water a few times for some intense water abuse.

3 New Videos – Leather dom Towser makes this slave kiss his shoes to show respect. The slave kisses his master’s boots and is turned into a human foot rest. Master Towser then degrades the slave some more and flicks cigarette ashes on him. In part 2, the slave worships his master’s boots like an obedient foot fag. The masked fag stays down at his master’s feet and follows every order he is given as Master Towser continues to degrade him. In the final part of their session, Master Towser sits on the slave’s face. The slave is pinned under Master Towser’s bodyweight as it is used as a piece of furniture. Master Towser sits on the slave’s face comfortably as he watches some TV.

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2 New Video – Masters Basford, Nevil, and Ritchell have an entertaining time mocking and laughing at their slave. This time they planned to tie the slave up to a chair with tape and tape sneakers to his face. This slave must now inhale the scent of their sneakers. In another real time session, the slave gets degraded by Masters Hunter, Neville, and Ritchell. These 3 doms lock the slave in a headscissors and make him sniff their feet. The slave gets laughed at and mocked the whole time. These doms cover the slave’s face in snot and spit as they degrade him further.

2 New Videos – This Italian fag slave serves at King Luca’s feet while King Luca strokes his massive cock. After the slave licks his master’s feet, it is ordered to get on his knees to be spit on. Then the slave is instructed to get back to licking King Luca’s feet. Another lucky slave gets to service King Luca’s feet by cleaning his sneakers. This masked pathetic fag lays on the ground and licks the dirt off of King Luca’s sneakers. After the slave licked them to his master’s satisfaction, King Luca spit in the slave’s face and gets him to lick and sniff his socked feet like a devoted foot fag.

3 New Videos – Mister X challenges Big Alpha to a jockstrap wrestling match. These two jocks battle it out in their jockstraps to see who is the more skilled wrestler. See if this smaller jock can actually defeat Big Alpha. In another video, Big Alpha gets annoyed when his warm up for his workout is interrupted and takes his frustration out by dominating a scrawny boy. The scrawny sub gets choked and beaten up by this more muscular alpha. There is a total display of cockiness and muscle domination during this beat down session. Changing gears, another Chokemaster, Andre, demonstrates how to do a chokehold by using a girl as his victim. This alpha jock describes step-by-step as he uses his strength to make this girl submit.

2 New Videos – Master Alex gives some hardcore CBT and nipple abuse to his slave, Gus, on the floor as he towers over him. Ready to punish this slave’s useless clit dick every time it whimpers, Master Alex puts clothespins on the slave’s small dick to torment him. No pleasure, no orgasms, just a tiny dicked slave experiencing pain. If you want some solo worship of Master Alex then yo ucan worship his ass. Wearing some tight leather gear, Master Alex shows off his smooth alpha for you to drool over. Your next meal will be to eat this alpha’s superior ass and drink his piss.

5 New Videos – Master H owns his sub by choking him out as he fights him on the bed. This sub slave is thrown down while Master H gets on top of him and asserts his dominance by choking this slave in a variety of submissions. The slave accepts all of the abuse his master gives him because he knows not to resist. In another real time meet, Slave Matt lays on the ground while Master J stomps his face. Master J repeatedly smacks the slave’s face with his foot and shows no respect for this slave as he delivers foot smacks to it’s face. The slave loves being in a position underneath superior men. Similarly when Slave Matt meets up with Master E and gags on his feet. Master E kicks and steps on this slave treating him like a human doormat. Slave Matt then opens his mouth to gag on Master E’s big alpha male feet. Master E rams his feet in the slave’s mouth making him gag.

Slave Matt gets abused even more when he meets up with Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Mater Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight, brutal chokehold making him gasp for air. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and ultimately taps out. When he taps out, he is given the opportunity to worship Master Daniel’s feet. The next day, Slave Matt still craves the need to serve men and serves Master Ch’s feet. Slave Matt lays down on his back as Master Ch gets the slave to lick and clean the heels of his feet. Master Ch then locks one foot on the back of Slave Matt’s head forcing him to service the other foot with no escape.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – You’re back again with the Brutal God because you’re a nasty perverted piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to repeat every word and every line over and over again until these words are burned into what’s left of your feeble soul. This Brutal God will make you his perverted loser after you repeat the perverted loser mantra.

3 New Videos – The life of a slave is only for the service and satisfaction of needs of masters. Master Hunter, Nevil, and Basford begin by laughing at their slave in this real time clip as the slave licks the soles of their feet. From spitting to tasting the bottom’s of these alphas’ socks, the slave endures some rough treatment from these three doms. Later Master Hunter and Nevil decide to sit their asses on the slave’s face. Throughout the video, the slave endures face sitting from the two masters. These doms sit on the slave’s face in shorts, boxers, and then finally bare assed. Afterwards, it is Masters Basford and Nevil’s turn to trample the slave as they bully him. This pathetic weak slave gets slapped around and spit on as these doms degrade and humiliate him. The slave lays there under their feet while they trample and walk all over him.

5 New Videos – Master Ch chokes out his slave in their latest meet up. This dom smothers the slave with his alpha male feet as he sits on the slave’s chest. Later the dom wants to amuse himself and begins choking his slave. The next day Slave Matt meets up with another dom buddy, Master H, for some choke domination to be reminded of who’s in charge. Master H chokes out Slave Matt on the bed and makes him quickly tap out. This slave is at the absolute mercy of his dom as there is no where to escape.

Meeting up with another dom, Slave Matt begins to worship Master J’s feet in their latest encounter. Master J sits back on the couch while Slave Matt assumes the position under his feet and licks his soles. Mater J chokes his slave with his feet to make him gag on them. Master J then decides to choke out his slave in their next meet up. Master J gets the slave down on the bed and locks him in a tight headlock to the point the slave is gasping for air. This slave quickly learns that he must submit to all dominant men or be brutalized. Afterwards, Master J engages the slave in a boxing beat down. With their boxing gloves on, Master J and Slave Matt square off against each other. Slave Matt is no match for Master J and is quickly pummeled with punches.

4 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy do some headscissors practice on each other in their room. These two studs practice locking each other’s head between their powerful legs to strengthen their submission power. The slave that has to endure these headscissors next is going to regret it. In another clip, ElliotScissors and his buddy Dustin do some at-home wrestling on each other. ElliotScissors and Dustin fight it out on the couch using some intense wrestling holds on each other. Dustin is a professional wrestler and teaches ElliotScissors a couple of new holds.

ElliotScissors gets a new buddy to become his headscissor slave. Headscissor slave Tommy experiences some inescapable headscissors for the first time in his life. Tommy experiences what other slave’s feel when they’re trapped between ElliotScissors’ legs. In his final update this week, ElliotScissors invites over his buddies Dustin and Jim to have their own amateur wrestling match in his home. Dustin and Jim wrestle it out on the couch and fight for dominance against each other. Both of these studs lock a variety of chokeholds on each other to see which one taps out first.

3 New Videos – DavidWar sits back at his desk and puts his feet up in the air for foot faggots to drool over. This alpha dom verbally abuses throughout as he orders you to worship and submit to his big alpha male feet. Later he whips out his big cock and teases you with it as he begins stroking. Things get even kinkier in the next clip as DavidWar covers his face in saliva. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and down his throat, DavidWar spits up thick throat slime that he covers his lips and face with. Changing gears away from the solo action, in his next clip, DavidWar does some facesitting domination on a Tgirl from Colombia. Wearing red boxers, DavidWar smothers the Tgirl with his jock ass before putting his bare ass on her face.

Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – This masked fag slave gets down on the ground to worship MasterUltimateGod’s feet. Rubbing and serving at this dom’s feet, the masked slave shows what an obedient foot fag he truly is for MasterUltimateGod. The slave worships this alpha stud’s shoes, socks, and barefeet throughout the video. Later MasterUltimateGod sits on the slave’s face to degrade the slave further. This tiny fag slave gets smothered by this alpha’s ass over and over again. Total facesitting with full body weight is all this slave gets. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod tosses this slave around effortlessly. This fag slave is one of MasterUltimateGod’s smallest faggots yet weighing in at about 100lbs while MasterUltimateGod is 230lbs. This dom laughs as he literally picks up the slave and chucks him around the room.

5 New Videos – Master CH gets his slave in a tight leg choke. Squeezed between this dom’s legs, Slave Matt struggles and writhes around. The slave is totally trapped in this strong and tight chokehold. Following the choking, Master CH proceeds to deliver some facesitting for his slave. Pinning the slave down on the bed, Master CH sits his bodyweight on the slave and ignores it while playing some video games. The slave is disregarded like a piece of property throughout this clip. Once Master CH gets bored with his slave, he begins to beat up on his slave. Slave Matt gets choked, kicked, and dominated some more by his master. There is no where for Slave Matt to run to as he must accept the beatings given to him.

In their next real time meet up, Slave Matt worships Master CH’s feet so more. While playing video games again, Master CH chokes Slave Matt with his feet. Like an obedient foot fag, Slave Matt licks and worships this alpha’s perfect feet. If you crave even more feet but want something solo, then check out another dom who dominates Slave Matt. Master J shows off his feet for the camera while laying a bed. This dom has very huge feet that would make any foot slave drool.

3 New Videos – Master Basford is in an angry mood and takes his anger out on his slave. This slave must massage his master’s feet while Master Basford drinks a beer and has a smoke. The slave then gets psychologically and physically dominated until he feels like a worthless miserable worm at his master’s feet. There are plenty of slaps and kicks, as well as spit for this slave. In another session, Master Basford is joined by Masters Hunter and Ritchel for some spit and smoke humiliation for this slave. The slave gets ashes thrown in his face and has his face covered in thick gobs of spit. The poor slave can’t see from all the mess on his face and can only hear the sound of these bullies laughing at him. Days later, Master Hunter trains the slave some more. After a hard workout, Master Hunter uses the house slave as a punching bag. Afterwards, the slave sniffs Master Hunter’s socks and feet before Master Hunter uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray.

2 New Videos – Master G chokes out his slave in this real time abuse session. Practicing some jiu jitsu moves on the submissive, Slave Matt is beaten down and choked out. Master G loves inflicting abuse on this slave every time he comes to visit. As a reward for being a human punching bag, Master G lets the slave serve at his feet. This slave sucks on and gags on his master’s big alpha feet. Master G sits back and watches TV while listening to this obedient foot fag gag on his toes.

3 New Videos – AidenPretti has a custom video for his foot fags to drool over. Throwing his feet up to the camera, AidenPrettii shows off his socked feet while verbally abusing anyone who watches this clip. Serveat this dom’s feet like an obedient foot slave. If you’re craving even more of AidenPrettii then check out his poppers and JOI video. AidenPrettii gives you instructions on how to sniff your poppers and stroke like a mindless gooner. Open his orders and follow his jack off instructions when given. If you need more verbal abuse, then AidenPretti can verbally degrade you for having a microsized dick. This dom shows that his fake fingernails are longer than your tiny dick. Prepare to be ridiculed and laughed at over the size of your tiny penis.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – Get on your hands and knees and look up at King Luca’s massive cock as he strokes it for the camera. Using spit for lube, this dom keeps jacking it until he bursts a massive load of cum. Slaves like you probably wish you could have the chance to worship this alpha cock.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro visits his slave for a facesitting session. Slave Matt lays down on his back while Master Pedro sits on his face to play some video games. This dom completely ignores his slave and just smothers the slave’s face with his ass. Afterwards, Master Pedro feels like choking out his slave. The slave gets locked between his master’s legs in a tight headlock where he cannot escape. The slave begs for mercy from Master Pedro but there is none to give. The wrestling domination continues as this dom traps his slave in another series of submission holds. The slave quickly submits and cannot do anything but tap out from the excruciating pain.

In another real time session, Master Ch chokes out his slave. Slave Matt gets locked in a side headlock choke from Master Ch. This alpha just laughs as Slave Matt begs for air. Once he’s done choking the slave, Master Ch makes his slave worship his feet. Pinned down on the ground, looking up at Master Ch, Slave Matt has his dom’s feet rubbed all over his face for him to lick and sniff. The slave knows this is his rightful place under Master Ch’s foot.

2 New Videos – Returning home, Master Ritchel wasn’t greeted by his slave and what results is the ultimate slave punishment. Master Ritchell slaps and spits on his slave, commands the slave to worship his sneakers and socks, then ridicules and bullies this slave. Next time the slave will know better and follow the rules of his master. In another session with Master Ritchell along with Masters Hunter and Basford, the slave is mummified and degraded. Wrapping the slave with cling wrap and adhesive tape, these doms do everything to this slave that comes to their minds to humiliate him. The slave gets socks in his mouth, sniffs sneakers, slapped, and feet rubbed all over his face. Totally immobilized, the slave is at the whim of his masters.

4 New Videos – Master Bryce gives his fag a lesson. Putting the slave in a collar, Master Bryce paddles his slave and gets him poppered up. The slave endures all of the paddling abuse his master dishes out to him obediently. Still in his collar, Master Bryce chokes out his slave. The obedient weak slave is choked and put in his place by his master. Master Bryce is totally amused by this slave’s absolute submission to his power.

Things take a degrading turn when Master Bryce orders his slave to eat out of a dog bowl. This slave realizes he is less than human and gets on all fours like an animal to eat food from his dog bowl. Totally dehumanized the slave understands that he is the property of Master Bryce. Afterwards, Master Bryce orders the slave into the shower for some piss drinking. The slave sits down in the shower with his mouth open for Master Bryce to piss in his opened mouth. Guzzling down his master’s warm stream of piss, this slave shows his complete devotion to his dom.

1 New Video – In another gross out video, Master Berlin gives his slave a fag breakfast. In a dog bowl, Master Berlin mashes together some food with his feet, adds in some toenails and spit then commands this fag slave to eat it. The mindless and twisted fag slave obeys every order he is given by Master Berlin.