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2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod meets up with his slave for an intense real time beat down as he humiliates the slave in the bathroom. This depraved slave is subjected to noogies, swirlies in the toilet, donkey riding, wedgies and more. The fag slave gets the standard MasterUltimateGod treatment. Later, MasterUltimateGod put the faggot in his place with some grappling abuse. The slave is tossed around like a rag doll and ordered to worship MasterUltimateGod’s pits and biceps. The slave has no choice but to submit as he’s being choked out and beaten.

3 New Videos – These 4 masters completely cover their slave’s face in spit. The doms don’t hold back as they spit thick, nasty loogies all over this slave’s pathetic face. Later then begin smoking and flicking ashes on the slave’s spit covered head and face. After the humiliation, the slave is bullied into alpha male foot worship. The 4 young doms relax back with their feet up as their slave obediently worships and serves at their feet. Licking, sniffing, and serving at their feet, the slave is slapped around and mocked until he gets locked in a headscissors as the other doms make him smell their feet. In another real time meet, Master Ritchel, Hunter, Liam, and Deyang teach the slave a lesson he won’t forget. They throw the slave in the bathroom and take turns pissing on their slave. After all of that beer drinking, the doms have a full stream of piss to unleash on this pathetic slave as it quivers in the shower.

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker went to Italy to meet up with his sub that he’s owned for 7 years. Being together, allowed for this slave to worship SlavesSeeker properly. The sub had the pleasure of enjoying his master’s piss, worshipping his big barefeet, getting beaten with a belt, and experiencing a kicking / slapping therapy session.

5 New Videos – Master P is an experience martial artist and loves showing his slave who’s in charge. Getting his slave down on the ground, Master P locks his slave in a triangle choke until the slave submits. Immediately after, Master P orders the slave to service his sweaty feet. The abuse continues for the slave as he’s subjected to intense kick domination. Master Pedro kicks the slave like he’s a punching bag. The weak slave just cowers in the corner doing his best to block the abuse. Following the kicking, Master P tests out his martial arts skills as he chokes his slave. Slave Matt is no match against the skilled fighter, Master P. Slave Matt immediately submits and struggles to break free from the submissions locks onto him.

Slave Matt serves many masters and Master J is one of them. Visiting his slave, Master J sits on his slave while playing some video games. Treating the slave like a piece of furniture, Master J shows no respect for this slave. In between his gaming, Master J even spits on his slave a few times to derade it more. After that abuse session, Slave Matt gets a visit from Master Pedro for some choke domination. Master Pedro uses his legs to choke out this weak slave. Slave Matt has no where to run to when Master Pedro locks his legs completely around this slave’s throat.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel dominates his slave with some rough facesitting. Pushing his crotch into the slave’s face, Master Daniel sits all of his weight down on the slave’s face and chest. The slave has no where to go and gets slapped around by Master Daniel in the process. In another real time with this slave, Master Daniel gives the slave some more facesitting abuse. Relaxing while playing video games, Master Daniel treats the slave like a human chair. Totally ignoring this slave, Master Daniel is fixated on winning his video games. There isn’t a break for this slave when he meets up with Master Daniel again for some abusive trampling. Master Daniel stands on top of the slave and walks all over him. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master Daniel stomps, kicks, and tramples him with all of his weight.

Continuing with the abuse, Master Daniel slaps around his slave. Slave Matt gets numerous face slaps as he’s pinned down by his master. Slave Matt has no where to go once Master Daniel is on top of him. Shifting gears, Master Daniel shows how strong his abs are as he subjects himself to some gut punches. Without his shirt on, Master Daniel flexes his abs as the punches come his way right into his abs.

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