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5 New Videos – Big Alpha shows the power of his quads as he locks Gio’s head between his thick muscular legs. Big Alpha squeezes Gio’s head with absolute power. Gio has no where to go as his face is pressed against Big Alpha’s ass and crotch. Later, Big Alpha gets on top of Gio and smothers him with his ass. Wearing a black thong, Big Alpha gets his muscle ass and puts it right on Gio’s face. This dom then wraps a belt around the back of Gio’s head to pull him further into his ass. In another session with Gio, Big Alpha wears a pair of black latex pants and orders Gio to worship his muscles. Big Alpha squeezes Gio between his legs as he flexes and shows off. Gio takes a lot of punishment and feels the raw strength of this dom.

Switch gears, Chokemaster Andrew and his buddy test out some tight chokeholds on each other. Andre demonstrates his experience in martial arts as he gets behind his buddy and locks him in a tight submission. His friend tries his best to break free but with no such luck. Andre continues to show his skills with more headlocks and headscissors on his friend. With his thick, muscled, hairy legs, Andre wraps them tightly around his bro’s neck and begins to squeeze. His strong bro resists for as long as he can until he submits.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod takes his pig fag outside for a hardcore outdoor workout. Getting his pig fag into shape isn’t as important as making him suffer physically. MasterUltimateGod puts this slave through an intense workout leaving him exhausted. Once indoors, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples on this slave. The pig fag lays on his back as MasterUltimateGod stands on top of him with all of his weight. The pig fag is stomped and walked all over like carpet. Things get more degrading for the slave as MasterUltimateGod makes the fag drink some sock tea. The fag begins to worship his dom’s feet until MasterUltimateGod warms up some tea using his socks. The fag drinks his master’s rank and nasty sock tea water to show his devotion.

5 New Videos – Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out. Earlier in the day, Jim had some more practice enduring submissions when he met up with Elliot, Damir, and Hunter. These 4 jocks battle it out on the wrestling mat to practice their wrestling skills. Watch as all four intertwine their bodies in powerful submission holds. All of that wrestling practice helps when they want to choke out a slave. Jim and Dustin use their wrestling skills in a red room on this weak slave of theirs. The guys squeeze his head with their legs while laughing at him as he struggles to escape.

Continuing with their wrestling practice, Elliot and Jim battle it out in the fight gym. These two jocks have a friendly battle as they lock a variety of submissions on each other. Jim is a strong guy and asks Elliot to give him all he got. After that battle finishes, Demir and Jack have a sweaty fight as they practice their wrestling and martial arts skills. This intense fight shows off their muscular bodies and intense leg strength. See which of the two jocks can endure the most.

5 New Videos – Master Ch pays Slave Matt a visit to spit on him. This arrogant alpha spits in his slave’s face then orders the slave to worship his feet. Master Ch smothers Slave Matt with his big alpha male feet as he chokes him. Master Ch then chokes his slave some more and sits on him. Pinning Slave Matt down on the bed, Master Ch wraps his leg around the back of the slave’s head to choke him out. Slave Matt begs for mercy but Master Ch has none to give. Days later, Master Ch returns to put Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. Slave Matt’s face is pinned against Master Ch’s crotch as he’s choked out. Slave Matt only gets to breathe through his master’s big bulge while getting his head squeezed harder and harder.

Local doms love abusing Slave Matt as Master J pays him a visit also to choke him out. Master J starts playing some video games as he wraps his leg around Slave Matt’s neck to brutally choke him. The slave whinces and cries but Master J is to fixated on playing his game to worry about Slave Matt’s problems. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets trampled and stepped on by Master J. This dom treats the slave like a doormat as he walks all over his face and body. Slave Matt endures maximum punishment from all of the doms he serves.

1 New Video – BillyMaster strokes his huge cock and makes you enjoy the biggest load you’ve ever seen. Working his fat cock vigorously, BillyMaster edges himself closer to climax until he finally busts. He shoots a massive load for the camera that would make any slave wish they could lick it up.

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