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4 New Videos – Jordan Fox trains a boy to be an obedient faggot. The weak boy looks so scared and afraid which just turns Jordan Fox on even more. Jordan chokes out the boy with a submission hold and then by gagging him with dick. In another real time encounter, Jordan Fox uses an anon slut. The masked fag hides his identity as he worships his master’s feet. Jordan Fox makes sure to gag the fag with his foot and smack him around.

This next slave endures some hard beatings from Jordan Fox. To show his superiority, Jordan Fox beats the hell out of this fag’s balls and cock. The slave will be in pain for weeks from this. Another brutal beatdown is in store for the next slave. While straddling the slave, Jordan Fox pummels and beats on him to show his dominance. The pathetic slave endures the beating and cowers like a subserviant fag should in this situation.

2 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take their fag slave out in the woods for a public beatdown. With their boxing gloves on, the doms pummel and punch this fag slave repeatedly. The little bitch boy was extremely terrified. Later that day, MasterUltimateGod and his buddies grapple with the slave until he submits. The doms throw this slave in armbars, headlocks, and various submissions. Being an inexperienced fag when it comes to fighting, he doesn’t stand a chance against these skilled doms.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha and King Romeo have the ultimate muscle worship session. Big Alpha is as pumped as ever as he catches King Romeo peeking in at him while he admires himself. Big Alpha then makes King Romeo worship his huge muscles and more. After that encounter, Big Alpha interacts with another muscle God, The Punisher, as they engage in a sweaty grappling session. The muscle jocks wrestle each other in jockstraps all over the room to see who is the stronger of the two. Which one of these muscle kings will prevail as the superior Alpha? Big Alpha then gets worshipped by a weaker boy as Gio worships his bare muscle ass. Showing off his perfect, rounded muscle ass, Big Alpha orders Gio to serve him and show how obsessed he is over his superior body. Gio worships without hestitation rubbing this muscle God’s ass.

3 New Videos – Jack and Hunter take turns beating up Elliot Scissors with some gut punches and ballbusting for losing to them while gaming. So that Elliot doesn’t know what to expect, he’s blindfolded at points as he’s hit in the gut and balls. His groin hurt for days after. In another confrontation, Jack and Jim wrestle it out on the mat. Jim’s powerful legs squeeze Jack’s head and ribs. But Jack’s slender and strong legs soon come into play as they grapple. Newcomer Brandon then joins their team to show off his wrestling skills. His God-like body seems as if it was chiseled from strong while he puts his opponent in various submission holds. Hunter has to do his best to fight back against this skilled fighter.

5 New Videos – Master J completely dominates and degrades Slave Matt. Making his slave serve at his feet, Master J gags Slave Matt with his big feet. When he’s not doing a good enough job, Master J spits all over his slave to degrade him further. This foot dom then chokes his slave with some headlocks. Slave Matt still must worship this dom’s feet throughout their session. However, this time he gets beaten down and choked throughout the process.

The choking abuse continues when Master J uses his slave for an hour. In this hour long clip, Master J squeezes his slave’s head between his legs to assert his dominance and make the slave suffer. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out and beg for mercy. In another meet up, there is more headscissors abuse for Slave Matt. While locking his slave in a tight headscissors, Slave Matt puts on headphones and begins playing a game on his phone. He is totally oblivious the slave’s whimpers and cries as he has better things to do while choking his sub. For being so obedient, Master J then gags his slave with his dirty foot. While laying on his back, Slave Matt gags and chokes on Master J’s barefoot. Master J ensures to stick it as far down his slave’s throat as possible.

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5 New Videos – Big Alpha shows the power of his quads as he locks Gio’s head between his thick muscular legs. Big Alpha squeezes Gio’s head with absolute power. Gio has no where to go as his face is pressed against Big Alpha’s ass and crotch. Later, Big Alpha gets on top of Gio and smothers him with his ass. Wearing a black thong, Big Alpha gets his muscle ass and puts it right on Gio’s face. This dom then wraps a belt around the back of Gio’s head to pull him further into his ass. In another session with Gio, Big Alpha wears a pair of black latex pants and orders Gio to worship his muscles. Big Alpha squeezes Gio between his legs as he flexes and shows off. Gio takes a lot of punishment and feels the raw strength of this dom.

Switch gears, Chokemaster Andrew and his buddy test out some tight chokeholds on each other. Andre demonstrates his experience in martial arts as he gets behind his buddy and locks him in a tight submission. His friend tries his best to break free but with no such luck. Andre continues to show his skills with more headlocks and headscissors on his friend. With his thick, muscled, hairy legs, Andre wraps them tightly around his bro’s neck and begins to squeeze. His strong bro resists for as long as he can until he submits.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod takes his pig fag outside for a hardcore outdoor workout. Getting his pig fag into shape isn’t as important as making him suffer physically. MasterUltimateGod puts this slave through an intense workout leaving him exhausted. Once indoors, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples on this slave. The pig fag lays on his back as MasterUltimateGod stands on top of him with all of his weight. The pig fag is stomped and walked all over like carpet. Things get more degrading for the slave as MasterUltimateGod makes the fag drink some sock tea. The fag begins to worship his dom’s feet until MasterUltimateGod warms up some tea using his socks. The fag drinks his master’s rank and nasty sock tea water to show his devotion.

5 New Videos – Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out. Earlier in the day, Jim had some more practice enduring submissions when he met up with Elliot, Damir, and Hunter. These 4 jocks battle it out on the wrestling mat to practice their wrestling skills. Watch as all four intertwine their bodies in powerful submission holds. All of that wrestling practice helps when they want to choke out a slave. Jim and Dustin use their wrestling skills in a red room on this weak slave of theirs. The guys squeeze his head with their legs while laughing at him as he struggles to escape.

Continuing with their wrestling practice, Elliot and Jim battle it out in the fight gym. These two jocks have a friendly battle as they lock a variety of submissions on each other. Jim is a strong guy and asks Elliot to give him all he got. After that battle finishes, Demir and Jack have a sweaty fight as they practice their wrestling and martial arts skills. This intense fight shows off their muscular bodies and intense leg strength. See which of the two jocks can endure the most.

5 New Videos – Master Ch pays Slave Matt a visit to spit on him. This arrogant alpha spits in his slave’s face then orders the slave to worship his feet. Master Ch smothers Slave Matt with his big alpha male feet as he chokes him. Master Ch then chokes his slave some more and sits on him. Pinning Slave Matt down on the bed, Master Ch wraps his leg around the back of the slave’s head to choke him out. Slave Matt begs for mercy but Master Ch has none to give. Days later, Master Ch returns to put Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. Slave Matt’s face is pinned against Master Ch’s crotch as he’s choked out. Slave Matt only gets to breathe through his master’s big bulge while getting his head squeezed harder and harder.

Local doms love abusing Slave Matt as Master J pays him a visit also to choke him out. Master J starts playing some video games as he wraps his leg around Slave Matt’s neck to brutally choke him. The slave whinces and cries but Master J is to fixated on playing his game to worry about Slave Matt’s problems. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets trampled and stepped on by Master J. This dom treats the slave like a doormat as he walks all over his face and body. Slave Matt endures maximum punishment from all of the doms he serves.

1 New Video – BillyMaster strokes his huge cock and makes you enjoy the biggest load you’ve ever seen. Working his fat cock vigorously, BillyMaster edges himself closer to climax until he finally busts. He shoots a massive load for the camera that would make any slave wish they could lick it up.

Featured Model- Choke Masters

Big Alpha shows off his muscular power when he traps this weakling between his powerfully strong legs. The smaller beta is locked in various headscissor holds while Big Alpha clenches on the chokehold tighter and tighter. The size difference speaks for itself as Big Alpha’s legs are bigger than this boy’s head.

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3 New Video – Master Nevile and Ritchell abuse their slave in this degrading real time session. In addition to making the slave lick their feet, the masters order the slave to dance for their own amusement. Afterwards, the two doms take turns spitting on the slave and slapping the fuck out of him before dumping a glass of their spit on the slave. In the next clip, Master Hunter and Ritchell make the slave clean their feet with a toothbrush. The doms instruct the slave to clean the bottoms of their feet and sneakers with this toothbrush. To further degrade the slave, he is then instructed to brush his teeth with the same toothbrush. The next day Master Hunter abuses the slave by turning him into a human doormat. The slave is trampled and kicked by this dom and even sat on. Master Hunter makes the slave sniff his smelly sneakers and sweaty socks throughout the abuse session.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his muscle ass down on slave boy Gio’s face. This huge muscle dom smothers Gio’s entire face and flexes his muscles. Gio has no where to go as he’s pinned under Big Alpha’s muscular ass. In another domination video, Chokemaster Andre chokes out his little bro between his muscular legs. Little bro Enrique struggles to pry Andre’s legs apart and ends up tapping. When he tries the last time, he is unsuccessful. Andre and Enrique practice some more chokehold submissions. Andre is much bigger and stronger than Enrique and locks in these holds super tight. Enrique can barely escape as he begs for mercy.

5 New Videos – Master H dominates his slave and gets the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt lays on his back and services this dom’s superior feet. Gagging and choking on Master H’s feet, Slave Matt shows what an obedient foot fag he is to his dom. Afterwards, Slave Matt meets up with Master J for a trample abuse session. Master J chokes his slave and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master J walks all over him. Master J then chokes out his slave in a triangle chokehold. Slave Matt taps out and then is ordered to service Master J’s feet. Master J sits back and texts on his phone as this slave sniffs and licks his feet.

The abuse from Master J continues as he abuses his slave by the pool. Slave Matt is in the pool and must service his dom’s feet. Licking his masters feet and getting kicked in the face, Slave Matt realizes this is his rightful place. The pool humiliation continues as Master J wrestles Slave Matt in the pool and chokes him. Master J even submerges Slave Matt in the water a few times for some intense water abuse.

3 New Videos – Leather dom Towser makes this slave kiss his shoes to show respect. The slave kisses his master’s boots and is turned into a human foot rest. Master Towser then degrades the slave some more and flicks cigarette ashes on him. In part 2, the slave worships his master’s boots like an obedient foot fag. The masked fag stays down at his master’s feet and follows every order he is given as Master Towser continues to degrade him. In the final part of their session, Master Towser sits on the slave’s face. The slave is pinned under Master Towser’s bodyweight as it is used as a piece of furniture. Master Towser sits on the slave’s face comfortably as he watches some TV.

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2 New Video – Masters Basford, Nevil, and Ritchell have an entertaining time mocking and laughing at their slave. This time they planned to tie the slave up to a chair with tape and tape sneakers to his face. This slave must now inhale the scent of their sneakers. In another real time session, the slave gets degraded by Masters Hunter, Neville, and Ritchell. These 3 doms lock the slave in a headscissors and make him sniff their feet. The slave gets laughed at and mocked the whole time. These doms cover the slave’s face in snot and spit as they degrade him further.

2 New Videos – This Italian fag slave serves at King Luca’s feet while King Luca strokes his massive cock. After the slave licks his master’s feet, it is ordered to get on his knees to be spit on. Then the slave is instructed to get back to licking King Luca’s feet. Another lucky slave gets to service King Luca’s feet by cleaning his sneakers. This masked pathetic fag lays on the ground and licks the dirt off of King Luca’s sneakers. After the slave licked them to his master’s satisfaction, King Luca spit in the slave’s face and gets him to lick and sniff his socked feet like a devoted foot fag.

3 New Videos – Mister X challenges Big Alpha to a jockstrap wrestling match. These two jocks battle it out in their jockstraps to see who is the more skilled wrestler. See if this smaller jock can actually defeat Big Alpha. In another video, Big Alpha gets annoyed when his warm up for his workout is interrupted and takes his frustration out by dominating a scrawny boy. The scrawny sub gets choked and beaten up by this more muscular alpha. There is a total display of cockiness and muscle domination during this beat down session. Changing gears, another Chokemaster, Andre, demonstrates how to do a chokehold by using a girl as his victim. This alpha jock describes step-by-step as he uses his strength to make this girl submit.

2 New Videos – Master Alex gives some hardcore CBT and nipple abuse to his slave, Gus, on the floor as he towers over him. Ready to punish this slave’s useless clit dick every time it whimpers, Master Alex puts clothespins on the slave’s small dick to torment him. No pleasure, no orgasms, just a tiny dicked slave experiencing pain. If you want some solo worship of Master Alex then yo ucan worship his ass. Wearing some tight leather gear, Master Alex shows off his smooth alpha for you to drool over. Your next meal will be to eat this alpha’s superior ass and drink his piss.

5 New Videos – Master H owns his sub by choking him out as he fights him on the bed. This sub slave is thrown down while Master H gets on top of him and asserts his dominance by choking this slave in a variety of submissions. The slave accepts all of the abuse his master gives him because he knows not to resist. In another real time meet, Slave Matt lays on the ground while Master J stomps his face. Master J repeatedly smacks the slave’s face with his foot and shows no respect for this slave as he delivers foot smacks to it’s face. The slave loves being in a position underneath superior men. Similarly when Slave Matt meets up with Master E and gags on his feet. Master E kicks and steps on this slave treating him like a human doormat. Slave Matt then opens his mouth to gag on Master E’s big alpha male feet. Master E rams his feet in the slave’s mouth making him gag.

Slave Matt gets abused even more when he meets up with Master Daniel for some choke abuse. Mater Daniel locks Slave Matt in a tight, brutal chokehold making him gasp for air. Slave Matt struggles to breathe and ultimately taps out. When he taps out, he is given the opportunity to worship Master Daniel’s feet. The next day, Slave Matt still craves the need to serve men and serves Master Ch’s feet. Slave Matt lays down on his back as Master Ch gets the slave to lick and clean the heels of his feet. Master Ch then locks one foot on the back of Slave Matt’s head forcing him to service the other foot with no escape.

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1 New Video – CashMasterTrey wants you to become a zombie for his feet. Go totally mindless and completely obey every word this dominant alpha tells you. When you zone out to CashMasterTrey’s feet, all you’ll hear are his words describing the pyramid that is the male hierarchy.

3 New Videos – This huge muscle monster goes by the name The Punisher because of how he punishes inferior men. Wearing a white wrestling singlet, The Punisher wraps his muscular legs around this boy’s head and totally torments him. Watch the punishment and abuse this weak boy suffers from this muscle beast. Later he uses his big biceps to choke out his victim. The Punisher’s biceps are as big as this weak boy’s head. Once he locks in the headlock, the victim’s head practically disappears from the sheer size of this muscle monster. The punishment doesn’t stop there as this muscle dom dishes out some wrestling domination. The monster bodybuilder abuses this weak boy with his muscles and strength. Locking his huge treetrunk legs around the boy’s head, The Punisher squeezes the sub’s head as it’s pressed against his massive bulge.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt services Master J’s feet in this latest real time video. Laying on the ground and looking up at his master, the slave gets his face smothered in alpha male feet. Slave Matt services and licks his master’s soles to show his devotion. Afterwards, Master J controls the slave with his superior alpha male feet. Master J treats this slave like a human doormat by walking all over him. The slave is shown no respect and completely trampled. Later, Master J pins the slave’s head against a wall and kicks the slave’s head to assert dominance. Slave Matt enjoys every second of the abuse because it means he gets closer to his master’s feet. The foot slave inhales the scent of his master’s barefoot throughout.

After the nonstop foot worship, Master J moves onto physical abuse of his slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master J chokes out his slave with his legs and feet. The slave struggles for air and begs for mercy from his master while getting choked out. Master J then moves onto some MMA moves on the slave to further dominate his foot slave. The slave gets the full treatment from Master J from abuse and trampling to kicking and foot gagging. Master J makes the slave quickly realize his place is beneath superior men.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel dominates his foot slave and gets his feet worshiped. The obedient foot slave takes his place under master’s feet and gets his face covered by this dom’s sweaty jock feet. Master Daniel totally dominates the foot slave and orders the slave to lick and serve at his jock feet. Things get more physical when Master Daniel gags the slave with his hand. Slave Matt endures all of Master Daniel’s physical abuse while this jock dom covers the slave’s mouth and nose as he chokes him out. Slave Matt panics but endures everything his master gives him as abuse.

If you crave more of Master Daniel then you can worship his body as he flexes and shows off. Drool over this alpha and fully submit to his sheer presence as you accept your own inferiority. Master Daniel flexes his entire body for slave’s like you to lust over. Afterwards, Master Daniel gets back to dominating his slave. Starting off by squeezing a basketball with his legs and putting his feet on it, Master Daniel shows what he would do to an actual slave. Then Slave Matt walks in for Master Daniel to actually demonstrate what he just did on that basketball to an actual slave.

1 New Video – Master Berlin orders his slave to lick his sweaty armpits and service his body. This slave gets so nasty that his takes his master’s snot and piss from the tap. There is no limit to this slave’s devotion to his master. It even gets more depraved when Master Berlin uses the slave’s facemask as his tissue.

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2 New Videos – Master Alex laughs at what a tiny little cock you have. It’s so pathetic to him that he doesn’t even know if you can get hard. Your tiny cock will never do anything of use. Little dicked losers like you need to be humiliated by big dicked real alpha men. After you’ve endured all of the verbal abuse, it is time to worship Master Alex’s feet. This foot dom knows how to make foot slaves drool in anticipation. He will tease you with his big alpha feet and make you into an obedient foot licking slut. Start edging and prepare to take his big feet inside of you.

3 New Videos – This weakling gets squeezed by a muscle man. Muscle dom Dennis tightly grips this beta boy’s head between his muscular tree trunk legs and begins squeezing. The muscle God simply flexes while the scrawny boy begs for mercy. Later Big alpha Dennis verbally dominates you for being a weak little faggot. This muscular alpha flexes and shows why he is truly superior. All of his hard work in the gym shows you why he should dominate someone as weak as you. Worship his huge bulge and muscles as you obey. Afterwards in another real time session, Big Alpha locks another inferior in a tight headlock. Wearing a tight black workout shirt and green compression pants, Big Alpha wraps his massive biceps around this inferior’s neck and begins squeezing. Once this powerful alpha locks you in a submission, there is no escape.

2 New Videos – Ever since TripleXTransman met Prince Dommy and Joshie, they’ve been making plans to tag team Joshie. Joshie (JJ) has never bottomed on film for anyone other than his partner, Prince Dommy, until now. Plus, he’s never taken a strapon dick before. TripleXTransman pounds JJ’s pretty pink hole with Dom and even fucks Dom’s cum into JJ. For even more kinks, TripleXTransman has a daddy / step-son roleplay video for you. You’ve been curious about a grown man’s body and a grown man’s cock for a long time now. It’s time to have that chat with your daddy and learn how to please men. Once you take daddy’s seed then you can become a real man.

5 New Videos – Master K is ready to trample his slave. This foot slave lays on his back like a human doormat as his foot dom walks all over him. The slave is stomped on and trampled by his master. The trampling domination continues in part 2. Master K kicks and tramples this slave without showing him any humanity or respect. The slave is then commanded to lick and worship his master’s feet at the end. This slave just can’t get enough of his master’s feet. Licking and sucking on his master’s toes, this foot slave shows total obedience. This foot slave licks every inch of Master K’s feet to show his devotion.

In another real time with Master K, the foot slave gets choked out. Laying on the ground, the slave finds his head trapped between Master Ks legs. Master K chokes out and squeezes this slave’s head until he taps out. Days later, slave Matt gets a visit from another one of his doms, Master CH, for a beatdown session. Master CH beats up and bullies his slave to take out his frustrations. This slave serves as a human punching bag for any and all dominant men who visit him.

3 New Videos – One of Davidwar’s biggest turn ons is his leather fetish. Wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, Davidwar gets extremely turned on and rock hard. He is left with no other choice than to start jerking his cock until he cums from the feel and scent of his leather gear. If you need more of Davidwar then you can worship his muscles in this next video. Davidwar flexes for the camera and shows off his jock ass. Worship every inch of his body as he flexes and oils up his physique. In his 3rd video update this week, Davidwar has a fight with another alpha. The fight gets crazy in their apartment as they all fight over a girl. Things go awry when the girl then ends up fighting one of the alpha boys turning everything into a massive brawl.

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2 New Videos – SlavesSeeker sits back and smokes a cigar in leather gear in his latest video. This alpha cash master shows off his leather jacket, gloves, and leather t-shirt for all the leather crazed cash fags to drool over. After taking off his leather jacket, SlavesSeeker shows off his tight leather shirt and bulging muscles. In his next upload, SlavesSeeker counts his cash given to him through various tributes. Showing his dominance, SlavesSeeker sits back with his feet up to the camera as he counts all the bills given up to him from various subs. Contribute to his stacks of money and download all of his newest videos.

1 New Video – Go inside Master Alex’s sex dungeon and become his piss slave. Master Alex has a special place for urinals like you. Some slaves are good for a beating, others for fucking, but your assigned to a sentence of drinking his alpha piss. You will be here every day when Master Alex decides he needs to relieve himself. Open up and be ready to quench that thirst.

2 New Videos – Big alpha Master Dennis is looking his best as he delivers punishment to a submissive. A superior muscle dom like Dennis easily overpowers anyone who comes in his way and this time is no different as he punishes this sub boy. Crushing bearhugs and headscissors and on the menu for this boy’s punishment. In another punishment session, Master Dennis overpowers a sub in the gym. Big Alpha Master Dennis practices some punishing holds on a weaker boy to show his unmatched strength. Crushing bearhugs and headlocks so tight this sub can barely escape when Big Alpha dominates him. See how much punishment this poor guy can withstand.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets foot gagged by a dom in his newest video. Laying on his side, Ikagura takes all of his dom’s foot deep in this mouth until the point that he’s gagging on it. This submissive foot slave worships every inch of his masters foot no matter how much he gags. The foot gagging continues as Ikagura is gagged even more by an alpha. The foot dom locks one foot behind Ikagura’s head as he jams the other foot in the foot slave’s mouth. Ikagura happily gags for his master’s amusement during the foot worship. The second part of this extreme foot gagging session has Ikagura gagging to the point that he spits up. This time the foot dom is relentless and makes sure Ikagura suffers from the brutal foot gagging. Ikagura takes this dom’s foot all the way to the back of his throat until this alpha’s foot is covered all over with spit.

After all of that gagging, it is time for Ikagura to get trampled by his master. Laying flat on his back, Ikagura gets his entire face stomped on by his master’s feet. The foot master walks all over Ikagura like he’s a human doormat. Afterwards it is time for Ikagura to get punishment from his master with some headscissors domination. Ikagura is choked out and humiliated by his master. The superior alpha locks his legs around Ikagura’s head to choke him out and make him truly accept his inferiority.

1 New Video & 1 New Audio Clip – Ignorance is bliss. Feet are bliss. Being ignored by Master Lucian which gazing at his powerful alpha feet? Indescribable bliss. For the first time ever, see Master Lucian’s feet on video. In this 13+ minute video, Master Lucian ignores you totally. Not a word, not a syllable as Master Lucian silently works away on his computer and all you can do is stare hypnotically at his feet. Afterwards, relax with some hypnotic audio as MasterLucian turns you into a cock sucking faggot. It’s time to admit and accept what you are for Master Lucian. You are nothing more than a cock sucking faggot and Mater Lucian is here to remind you of that. Listen and accept your true identity.

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2 New Videos – Sniff your poppers as MasterUltimateGod counts and gives you intense popper training. Get lost to the sound of this alpha’s voice and his middle finger in your face. This dominant alpha orders you to sniff and smack yourself throughout this abuse session. When he isn’t flipping you off, you can drool over his powerful biceps being flexed. Later, MasterUltimateGod lets you watch as he opens Amazon gifts from his wishlist. Some lucky fag slave had the opportunity to shower his master with these gifts. Get a glimpse into what it’s like for this dominant alpha as he opens various Amazon packages and even tries on some of the tribute items he received.

2 New Videos – Worship your leather God, MasterGary. MasterGary is dressed in leather and is ready to be worshiped by an inferior like you. This alpha master talks about tying you up and using you as his personal ashtray throughout this verbal abuse clip. After you’ve served as MasterGary’s ashtray, it is not time to be collared and fuck yourself with a dildo. MasterGary flexes and gets you highed up on poppers before ordering you to get out your dildo. Show MasterGary what a little faggot bitch you are and fuck your faggot holes with a dildo as he verbally attacks you.

4 New Videos – Ikagura dominates and uses the fag slave in his latest spit and gag domination video. This alpha shows his strength as he chokes out the weak fag slave until he nearly passes out. The slave begins turning blue and begins tapping out from the intense chokehold his master puts on him. The slave later gags on his master’s huge feet as a reward for enduring this abuse. The choke domination goes even further this time. This powerful alpha chokes the faggot until total KO. Using a headscissors and various chokes, the weak fag slave can’t get enough oxygen to his brain and passes completely out. His master revives him with some hard face slaps before more domination ensues.

The fag slave now needs to worship his master’s feet. In the next series of clips, the foot faggot gets stomped on and forced to sniff and suck his master’s feet. Throughout this 12 minute clip, Ikagura’s slave experiences very hard face stomps and cries out in pain from how hardcore it gets. However, the foot faggot enjoys every second of serving his master’s feet. In the next clip, there is even more foot stomping. This time, the foot chomp steps on the fag’s throat, covers his face with his foot, and even makes the foot fag inhale all of his alpha male foot odor. The foot fag struggles to breathe but enjoys being under his master’s foot and control so much that he doesn’t want it to stop.

2 New Videos – Andre and Lucy are hanging out on a Saturday night. She asks Andre to practice some of his chokemaster holds on her. He was hesitant at first. After some persuasion, he complies with her request. He demonstrates 3 different methods on her. At the end, he leaves Lucy on the ground, she is laughing at the end and enjoyed being manhandled by her man. In part 2 of the date, Andre cannot resist and keeps going with choking his girl further. He traps Lucy in his muscular legs, headscissoring her and leaves her drooling and out of it. Lucy agreed to all of this and loves every second of it. It won’t be long until she’s back and begging to be choked out even further.

2 New Videos – Master Michael is straight up ordering you to worship his alpha feet. This alpha cash dom is clad in a mask and leather gloves throughout the clip. He places his big, powerful alpha feet right up to the camera and makes you sniff and clean them. As you serve as his doormat, Master Michael flips you off and makes you understand that you are beneath him. After you’ve served his feet, get that fresh bottle of poppers and inhale your poppers deep. Sniff those poppers like the faggot you are. Fry up that faggot brain and stare at what a real man is while you gaze at Master Michael. Stare and worship his perfection. Throughout this clip, you’ll see nothing but pure fucking alpha perfection.

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1 New Video – Master Alex is wearing his hot black catsuit and leather boots as he prepares to inflict an insane amount of spanking punishment. Master Alex tied his slave’s hands with heavy metal chains to some weights, spreader bar on his legs, and put sharp spiked plates under his feet. Movement to escape the spanking blows will only make slave suffer even more. First, Master Alex starts off with his unique hard and long punishment implement that he brings down on the slave’s ass and balls. Once those cheeks are nice and tender, Master moves on to the long fiber cane. He unleashes a never-ending volley of merciless strokes until the slave is left screaming in agony. And of course, he must thank Master Alex for the punishment with a sore, bruised ass that will stay with him for weeks.

1 New Video – One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters brings another clip of a couple going through some chokeholds. This time an MMA dude shows off while putting his girlfriend in a chokehold. This tatted hunk unleashes his male superiority on this girl and wraps his muscled arms around her neck making her submit. Would you be able to withstand these intense MMA chokeholds if this was you?

2 New Audio Clips -For all of Master Lucian’s leather lovers out there, this audio clip is for you. Feel Master Lucian’s power, and the power of leather. Transform yourself completely for Master Lucian. Soon you will be completely in Master Lucian’s control and will be begging for more as he turns you into a leather bound doll for his amusement. Then, Master Lucian wants to test your will power to see if you are not an addict. Are you really addicted to poppers? Test it for yourself when you download this audio clip from Master Lucian. You are the one in control, right??