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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod smokes a cigar while he uses his cashfag in public. Out in a public ball park with another dom, MasterUltimateGod uses his slave as a foot stool and a human ashtray. The two doms laugh at this slave as they dominate and degrade him in this public space. The humiliation continues indoors when MasterUltimateGod dunks the slave’s head in a toilet. This straight alpha is the ultimate jock bully for this slave. The slave is subjected to noogies, swirlies, donkey riding, belt whipping, kicking, and more.

After the humiliation comes the physical abuse. MasterUltimateGod chokes his slave and locks in a variety of submissions. This slave had no idea what to expect until he was trapped in a submission hold being choked out by MasterUltimateGod. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod uses the slave as a human chair. Sitting on the slave’s face, MasterUltimateGod totally disrespects the slave and uses his full body weight on this pathetic sub. The slave is put in his proper place beneath his master.

5 New Videos – 7 Straight alpha masters cover this slave’s face in spit as they relentlessly degarde him. The group of jock bullies order the slave to get down in a dirt pit so he’s beneath them. They then all begin spitting all over and down onto the slave totally humiliating him as they order him to collect their saliva. The humiliation continues when the doms meet up with the slave again to burp in his face. Masters Ritchel, Basford, Stanley, Hunter and Liam mock the slave and take turns burping in his face. The slave must smell their foul smelling belches as he’s verbally abused and mocked. Days later, another group of 5 masters bully the slave and order him to serve their socked feet. The slave first licks their sneakers, then sniffs the sweaty socks of his masters. The doms slap this slave around as he worships their superior barefeet.

In another real time meetup, Master Basford leads the slave into a room of doms ready to degrade the slave. The doms order the slave to take care of their feet by sniffing their socks and tonguing their feet. The doms constantly laugh at this slave and mock him while getting their feet tongue bathed. Going back outside, the doms blow smoke in the slave’s face. The slave then holds a container to collect everyone’s ashes and spit. The doms laugh at this pathetic slave as they assault all of his senses.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTOp meets up with a slave for a weekend realtime session. This masked slave worships his master and submits at his master’s feet. AdonisDomTop makes sure to put the slave in it’s place so the slave knows the natural hierarchy of man.

5 New Videos – Master J totally uses Slave Matt as he makes him gag on his feet. Slave Matt lays back as Master J rams his foot deeper and deeper into Slave Matt’s mouth. The slave gladly gags on his master’s foot trying to take as much as he can into his mouth. The alpha foot service continues in another meetup these two have where Master J smothers the slave with his feet. Slave Matt licks, worships, and serves at his dom’s powerful feet. Slave Matt feels in his natural element laying on the ground under a dom’s feet.

Master J then comes over to play some video games as he sits on his slave. Slave Matt acts as a piece of furniture as Master J sits down on him and totally ignores him. Whenever Master J does give his slave attention, he spits on the slave then goes back to playing video games. In another real time session, Master J goes back to playing video games but this time he chokes out his slave. Wrapping his leg around Slave Matt’s neck, Master J ignores this slave’s cries and whimpers and he clamps down on the slave. Totally fixated on his game, Master J has no concern for Slave Matt. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets a small break as Master J relaxes on his slave. Using Slave Matt as a piece of furniture again, Master J relaxes while continuing his gaming.

1 New Video – LordeJ has total control over his slave as he makes this slave worship his feet. The masked slave gladly licks and kisses his dom’s feet showing his total obedience. This slave then gets some light CBT from his dom as LordeJ kicks the slave in the balls a few times during the foot worship.

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