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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod delivers another atomic wedgie to this pathetic slave. However, this dom invites over all of his dom bros to have a go at giving this slave a wedgie too. The slave’s underwear get shredded from all the doms ripping at them which concludes with everyone spitting on the slave. After the humiliation, MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy wrestle the slave to the ground. This fag slave is put through a gauntlet of submission holds as he’s repeatedly choked and tossed around. The slave writhes and gasps as the doms overpower him with ease. Following the beat down, the two doms take turns trampling and sitting on the slave. The weak faggot feels the full weight of these doms right on top of him as they take turn stomping on his balls, chest, and face. MasterUltimateGod reminds the slave that this is the fate all slaves deserve.

3 New Video – Master Nello has fun taking this slave outside for some outdoors abuse. Master Nello slaps around the slave and orders it to clean his dirty boots. The slave then gets on his knees as Master Nello repeatedly kicks him in the balls. In another real time session, Master Nello uses two slaves at one time. The two slaves worship their superior king by giving him their cash and worshipping his sneakers. Master Nello sits back and flips off the camera to show the power he has over weak slaves. Continuing on with the abuse, Master Nello sits on the slave’s faces. Each slave lays on it’s back on the bed as Master Nello sits his ass down on each of their faces. Master Nello then blows smoke in their faces and totally dehumanizes each slave.

3 New Videos – Brandon and Jack fight it out to see who is the better grappler. Both of these jock studs show off their wrestling abilities against the other as they fight for dominance. With both of their egos on the line, neither one is willing to tap out. After that match up, Jack then takes on Demir in another headscissors match. These jocks get down on the mat and put each other through a series of headscissors and bodyscissors submissions. The muscular bodies of these two studs show off as they flex and struggle to break free from each other’s submission holds. Not to be left out, Elliot Scissors has his go in a match up against Brandon in this long awaited jock battle. The two studs square off as Elliot gets locked in a tight bodyscissors from Brandon. Brandon locks it on tight and really makes Elliot struggle to break free.

4 New Video – Master Daniel loves sitting on his slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on the bed as Master Daniel sits his jock ass right on top of him. With no where to go, Slave Matt enjoys being pinned and crushed under such a superior ass. THe jock facesitting continues as Master Daniel makes sure to firmly press the slave’s face deep in his ass. Slave Matt has his nose pressed tight up against Master Daniel’s ass as he smothers him with no way to escape.

Slave Matt quickly realizes that his rightful place is under his master’s ass. Master Daniel continues the facesitting in their following real time meet up. Slave Matt struggles for air as he’s pinned under his master’s superior jock ass. Master Daniel nearly suffocates this weak slave with his huge jock ass. After all of that ass worship, Master Daniel and Slave Matt put on jiu jitsu fighting robes as they battle each other. Each battle for supremacy in this wrestling match but Matt cannot overpower a strong dom like Master Daniel.

2 New Videos – XianQuatro has been sweating all day and it’s time he showered up his muscles. Stripping down in the shower, XianQuatro washes his muscles for the camera and puts on a show. See how this stud cools down after a hot day. Following getting clean, Xian gets dirty again when he oils up and jerks off. Oiling up his muscles and flexing, Xian starts to oil up his cock too and begins stroking it. This hunk strokes his big cock until he blasts a huge load of cum.

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4 New Videos – It’s hilarious how subhuman jerk off thinking about Massi the Prince taking all of their money. Every single cent in your wallet will go to this dom once you fully submit. That’s no different in this real time as Massi the Prince drains this slave’s wallet while using him as a footstool. In the next video upload, Massi the Prince will further turn you into an obedient human ATM. Get eager to spit out cash for your master and serve at his feet. You aren’t human anymore, you are merely an object that spits out cash on demand.

In exchange for good service, Massi the Prince will let you eat his toenails. This masked slave lays down on his back with his mouth open as Massi the Prince clips his toenails into its mouth. The slave is treated like a human dustbin by his master and gladly swallows his dom’s toenails. Accept your place in life like Massi the Prince’s real time slave as he is gagged by his master’s feet. The masked slave licks clean the soles of this powerful dom’s sneakers. Afterwards, he is slapped around and mocked by Massi the Prince. Once the slave is fully obedient and accepts his place, then he can worship this master’s barefeet.

5 New Videos – Elliot, Demir, Mark, and Jack have a team squeezing competition between each other. Jim agrees to test the leg strength of these jocks as he’s locked in a tight bodyscissors. The studs take turns testing out their strength by squeezing Jim nonstop for 30 seconds each to see how much Jim can withstand. In a one-on-one competition, Elliot and Jim battle it out as Elliot locks Jim in a super tight headscissors. Elliot is unstoppable once he gets the hold fully locked on around Jim’s head. Jim wants Elliot to show off his full strength to again see how much he can endure. Elliot tests his strength out on another buddy as he takes him for a ride. Elliot and his buddy are outside on the hood of a car while Elliot locks his legs around his friend’s neck. Elliot squeezes with his full might to see how much his bro can withstand.

All of that wrestling prepares guys like Timur to choke out a slave. Timur pins this pathetic slave under his muscular body right before jumping and pouncing on this slave’s chest with all of his weight. The victim has no where to go once Timur locks him in a headscissors and squeezes the life out of him. The same slave then gets humiliated and choked by Elliot’s friend, Neville. Neville is like a python gradually squeezing his prey. When this slave is exhausted, Neville begins to use humiliation techniques by pressing the slave’s face into his sweaty crotch.

2 New Videos – Master Matt loves whipping his slaves. In a live session, Master Matt gets his slave in a bound, defenseless position as he proceeds to whip the slave’s back. This slave gets a brutal beating from his dom as Master Matt just laughs at the slave’s suffering. That was just a warm, it is now time for Master Matt to abuse this slave’s nuts. The slave is shackled with no escape as Master Matt kicks the slave repeatedly in his nuts. The slave grimaces in pain and begs for mercy but Master Matt is not a merciful dom.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt submit between his strong legs. Locking the slave between his legs, Master G squeezes Slave Matt’s head until he’s begging for escape. Master G just continues to play on his phone ignoring this slave’s cries. Later, Master G shows off his jiu jitsu skills when dominating his slave. Slave Matt is beaten and abused by Master G as he locks on a variety of jiu jitsu holds on his slave. By the end, Slave Matt is pinned underneath Master G as he’s mocked and laughed at. The choke abuse continues as Master G locks Slave Matt in a series of chokeholds that will have him gasping for air. Master G loves abusing and choking this slave to exert his dominance and power over such a weak creature.

Master G meets up with his slave for another real time for even more jiu jitsu abuse. Master G locks the slave in a variety of submission holds and makes him quickly tap. Once the slave does, Master G covers the slave’s face with his sweaty, alpha male feet. In another real time encounter between the two, Master G sits on his slave’s face. The slave is totally ignored as Master G plays some video games while using the slave as a human chair. The slave is shown no attention and no respect as it’s being used.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop is ready to show that hierarchy works. Standing over his slave while wearing cleats, AdonisDomTop tramples this slave like a human doormat. The slave is stomped on and abused under his master’s soccer cleats.

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5 New Videos – Big Alpha shows the power of his quads as he locks Gio’s head between his thick muscular legs. Big Alpha squeezes Gio’s head with absolute power. Gio has no where to go as his face is pressed against Big Alpha’s ass and crotch. Later, Big Alpha gets on top of Gio and smothers him with his ass. Wearing a black thong, Big Alpha gets his muscle ass and puts it right on Gio’s face. This dom then wraps a belt around the back of Gio’s head to pull him further into his ass. In another session with Gio, Big Alpha wears a pair of black latex pants and orders Gio to worship his muscles. Big Alpha squeezes Gio between his legs as he flexes and shows off. Gio takes a lot of punishment and feels the raw strength of this dom.

Switch gears, Chokemaster Andrew and his buddy test out some tight chokeholds on each other. Andre demonstrates his experience in martial arts as he gets behind his buddy and locks him in a tight submission. His friend tries his best to break free but with no such luck. Andre continues to show his skills with more headlocks and headscissors on his friend. With his thick, muscled, hairy legs, Andre wraps them tightly around his bro’s neck and begins to squeeze. His strong bro resists for as long as he can until he submits.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod takes his pig fag outside for a hardcore outdoor workout. Getting his pig fag into shape isn’t as important as making him suffer physically. MasterUltimateGod puts this slave through an intense workout leaving him exhausted. Once indoors, MasterUltimateGod facesits and tramples on this slave. The pig fag lays on his back as MasterUltimateGod stands on top of him with all of his weight. The pig fag is stomped and walked all over like carpet. Things get more degrading for the slave as MasterUltimateGod makes the fag drink some sock tea. The fag begins to worship his dom’s feet until MasterUltimateGod warms up some tea using his socks. The fag drinks his master’s rank and nasty sock tea water to show his devotion.

5 New Videos – Timur shows his full strength by locking his buddy, Jim, in a tight headscissors. Timur is the biggest guy in his friend group and has the most muscle. Jim can’t bear the weight of Timur sitting on his chest and squeezing his head so he had to quickly tap out. Earlier in the day, Jim had some more practice enduring submissions when he met up with Elliot, Damir, and Hunter. These 4 jocks battle it out on the wrestling mat to practice their wrestling skills. Watch as all four intertwine their bodies in powerful submission holds. All of that wrestling practice helps when they want to choke out a slave. Jim and Dustin use their wrestling skills in a red room on this weak slave of theirs. The guys squeeze his head with their legs while laughing at him as he struggles to escape.

Continuing with their wrestling practice, Elliot and Jim battle it out in the fight gym. These two jocks have a friendly battle as they lock a variety of submissions on each other. Jim is a strong guy and asks Elliot to give him all he got. After that battle finishes, Demir and Jack have a sweaty fight as they practice their wrestling and martial arts skills. This intense fight shows off their muscular bodies and intense leg strength. See which of the two jocks can endure the most.

5 New Videos – Master Ch pays Slave Matt a visit to spit on him. This arrogant alpha spits in his slave’s face then orders the slave to worship his feet. Master Ch smothers Slave Matt with his big alpha male feet as he chokes him. Master Ch then chokes his slave some more and sits on him. Pinning Slave Matt down on the bed, Master Ch wraps his leg around the back of the slave’s head to choke him out. Slave Matt begs for mercy but Master Ch has none to give. Days later, Master Ch returns to put Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. Slave Matt’s face is pinned against Master Ch’s crotch as he’s choked out. Slave Matt only gets to breathe through his master’s big bulge while getting his head squeezed harder and harder.

Local doms love abusing Slave Matt as Master J pays him a visit also to choke him out. Master J starts playing some video games as he wraps his leg around Slave Matt’s neck to brutally choke him. The slave whinces and cries but Master J is to fixated on playing his game to worry about Slave Matt’s problems. Afterwards, Slave Matt gets trampled and stepped on by Master J. This dom treats the slave like a doormat as he walks all over his face and body. Slave Matt endures maximum punishment from all of the doms he serves.

1 New Video – BillyMaster strokes his huge cock and makes you enjoy the biggest load you’ve ever seen. Working his fat cock vigorously, BillyMaster edges himself closer to climax until he finally busts. He shoots a massive load for the camera that would make any slave wish they could lick it up.

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3 New Videos – Muscle God Stefano has an obedient foot fag to worship his leather boots. This loyal puppy is on a leash while Stefano is clad in leather pants, boots, and gloves. Stefano’s slave licks and worships his master’s boots while getting spit on. In another clip, Stefano shows off his oiled muscles while he flexes outside. Rubbing his ripped physique with oil, Stefano flexes and makes you wish you could worship his perfect body. Showing off his pecs, biceps, and abs, Stefano will give you something to drool over. If you want to get kinkier then you can serve his oiled feet. After rubbing his muscles, Stefano oils up his big alpha male feet while flexing. Getting the camera close up, this dom shows off his huge superior feet making y ou crave them even more.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God gets another foot faggot to serve him. This obedient fag lays on the ground as he sniffs and worships Master Ultimate God’s socked feet for the first time. Master Ultimate God makes sure the foot slave knows his role and purpose is to serve superior straight alpha feet. Later, Master Ultimate God tramples his slave during their real time session. After he treats the slave like a doormat, Master Ultimate God sits on the slave’s face. This jock dom wastes no time putting this slave in his place beneath him.

If after watching that real time session, you crave more of Master Ultimate God’s ass, then check out this ass worship clip. Master Ultimate God orders you to worship and serve his superior ass like an obedient slave. Prepare to endure intense degrading verbal as you stare at his muscled ass. The verbal abuse continues in the next clip as Master Ultimate God has a message for you for Pride. To this alpha, you are just a pathetic, inferior queer and need to be put in your place. Endure some hateful verbal as you wank your tiny dick.

3 New Video – Elliot Scissors, his friends, and newbie Jack decide to have a headscissors session in the sauna. In the steamy room, covered in sweat, these jock bullies waste no time practicing their headscissors skills on each other. With their legs tightly wrapped around the other jock’s head, they all begin to sweat and feel the intensity. Back at home, Elliot, Hunter, Jim, and Nevil decide to battle it out in a wrestling match. These jock alphas have a fun time playing around as they fight for superiority with one another. Each guy applies a different fighting technique and different head and body scissors to assert his dominance. Elliot’s friends, Jim and Ethan, have their own separate chokehold competition on a wrestling mat. Jim and Ethan squeeze each other with all their might to test out a variety of chokeholds they plan on using on slaves. Ethan demonstrates a bear grip with his legs and Jim shows off the strength of his legs during chokeouts.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt invites over a new master for a rough real time session involving lots of chokeholds and dominataion. This arrogant dom wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s neck and locks in dozens of different chokeholds of varying pressure. Slave Matt struggles and easily taps out each time. This dom then gets behind Slave Matt for more intense chokeholds. Slave Matt is choked, bullied, and beaten up by this new dom. This alpha laughs at Slave Matt’s pain and struggle showing no sympathy. Slave Matt can’t resist getting used by more dominant fighters. Not long after his session with this new dom, he invites over Master Daniel to choke him out. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a figure 4 choke and sits dom on him showing total dominance.

It’s then Master F’s turn to choke out the slave. Master F makes Slave Matt worship his feet first before choking him with his strong legs. Slave Matt gets locked between Master F’s powerful legs with no way out. Following the choke outs, Master F tramples the slave while standing over him. Master F uses the slave as a door mat and walks all over his body and face. Slave Matt is trampled, stomped on, and kicked by this alpha dom.

3 New Videos – Master Daniel tests the strength of his abs with some gut punch abuse. With his arms behind his back and up against the wall, Master Daniel get gut punches and pokes to the stomach showing off how much his core can handle. This dom endures a lot of punishment showing off his strength. In another clip, Master Daniel get more gut punches as well as belly button abuse. It seems like the tables have turned on this dom as he experiences the same punishment he’d give to slaves. Nevertheless, Master Daniel endures everything thrown at him and never begs for mercy. After getting tired out from the gut punching session, Master Daniel then gets ambushed and dominated by his slave. While relaxing, Master Daniel gets jumped by Slave Matt who tries to lock him in a variety of chokeholds. Slave Matt better be careful because soon it’ll be Master Daniel’s turn to get payback for this.

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1 New Video – This pathetic masked slave worship and eats King Luca’s ass in their real time meet up. Worshipping every part of King Luca’s ass, this slave is totally obsessed with his master. Later the slave gets the chance to worship his masters feet and drinks his dom’s piss.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha grabs this boy’s balls during a domination session. Wrestling the boy, Big Alpha reaches down and begins to squeeze and twist the sub’s balls for maximum punishment. The boy is dominated immensely and begs for mercy. Big Alpha then does another beat down session with a sub where he shows off his huge muscle ass. Big Alpha strips down and shows off that huge muscle ass to everyone in a silver thong. Then he lifts up a beta boy to show off his strength. However, the time for goofing around is over as Big Alpha then fights another muscle dom. The Punisher and Big Alpha square off against each other for over 20 minutes in an old-school wrestling match. Both wearing jockstraps, these two behemoth muscle studs show off their strength and submission hold skills.

4 New Videos – Elliot Scissors, Hunter, Jim, Nevil and their buddy Ricardo beat up and bully their slave. These 5 dominant alphas lock the slave in a variety of chokeholds between there legs and laugh as he struggles to escape. At the end, all 5 men lock the slave in a huge submission hold applying maximum abuse. When the slave leaves, some of the doms have their own fun in a friendly wrestling match. Elliot Scissors, Jim, Hunter and Dustin battle it out on the sofa with each other. Locking in a variety of wrestling holds, the dom buddies have a good time and get in some practice for their next slave abuse session.

Dustin and Jim have a dom fight between each other. These two dominant men wrestle it out on the mat showing off their leg strength and submission hold expertise. Locking in a variety of submission holds, these two alphas see who is the stronger alpha on this day. In a similar wrestling session, Elliot Scissors and Hunter wrestle each each other for superiority. In a fun battle betwen the two, Hunter attempts to get out of a variety of submission holds administered by Elliot Scissors. See which of these two doms is the more skilled fighter.

you’ve been craving with his big ripped muscles and huge feet. This verbal alpha will order you around as to how he wants his feet sniffed and serviced. See how it is done with this foot worship real time session. Ripped Riki has a masked foot fag come over and serve his alpha male feet. This loser slave gets everything he deserves as Ripped Riki plants his foot all over the slave’s face. The next masked foot fag gets to clean his master’s feet. Laying down on the ground and looking up at his master, the masked foot fag takes all of Ripped Riki’s foot in his mouth and cleans it. The slave licks and sucks his alpha dom’s toes and feet.

1 New Video – Master Towser calls over a slave to clean his shoes. The slave enters and immediately is degraded and used. Master Towser turns this slave into a human ashtray as he blows smoke and flicks ashes on the slave. After he’s done with that, he is then ordered to worship and serve his master’s feet.