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3 New Videos – This masked fag slave gets down on the ground to worship MasterUltimateGod’s feet. Rubbing and serving at this dom’s feet, the masked slave shows what an obedient foot fag he truly is for MasterUltimateGod. The slave worships this alpha stud’s shoes, socks, and barefeet throughout the video. Later MasterUltimateGod sits on the slave’s face to degrade the slave further. This tiny fag slave gets smothered by this alpha’s ass over and over again. Total facesitting with full body weight is all this slave gets. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod tosses this slave around effortlessly. This fag slave is one of MasterUltimateGod’s smallest faggots yet weighing in at about 100lbs while MasterUltimateGod is 230lbs. This dom laughs as he literally picks up the slave and chucks him around the room.

5 New Videos – Master CH gets his slave in a tight leg choke. Squeezed between this dom’s legs, Slave Matt struggles and writhes around. The slave is totally trapped in this strong and tight chokehold. Following the choking, Master CH proceeds to deliver some facesitting for his slave. Pinning the slave down on the bed, Master CH sits his bodyweight on the slave and ignores it while playing some video games. The slave is disregarded like a piece of property throughout this clip. Once Master CH gets bored with his slave, he begins to beat up on his slave. Slave Matt gets choked, kicked, and dominated some more by his master. There is no where for Slave Matt to run to as he must accept the beatings given to him.

In their next real time meet up, Slave Matt worships Master CH’s feet so more. While playing video games again, Master CH chokes Slave Matt with his feet. Like an obedient foot fag, Slave Matt licks and worships this alpha’s perfect feet. If you crave even more feet but want something solo, then check out another dom who dominates Slave Matt. Master J shows off his feet for the camera while laying a bed. This dom has very huge feet that would make any foot slave drool.

3 New Videos – Master Basford is in an angry mood and takes his anger out on his slave. This slave must massage his master’s feet while Master Basford drinks a beer and has a smoke. The slave then gets psychologically and physically dominated until he feels like a worthless miserable worm at his master’s feet. There are plenty of slaps and kicks, as well as spit for this slave. In another session, Master Basford is joined by Masters Hunter and Ritchel for some spit and smoke humiliation for this slave. The slave gets ashes thrown in his face and has his face covered in thick gobs of spit. The poor slave can’t see from all the mess on his face and can only hear the sound of these bullies laughing at him. Days later, Master Hunter trains the slave some more. After a hard workout, Master Hunter uses the house slave as a punching bag. Afterwards, the slave sniffs Master Hunter’s socks and feet before Master Hunter uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray.

2 New Videos – Master G chokes out his slave in this real time abuse session. Practicing some jiu jitsu moves on the submissive, Slave Matt is beaten down and choked out. Master G loves inflicting abuse on this slave every time he comes to visit. As a reward for being a human punching bag, Master G lets the slave serve at his feet. This slave sucks on and gags on his master’s big alpha feet. Master G sits back and watches TV while listening to this obedient foot fag gag on his toes.

3 New Videos – AidenPretti has a custom video for his foot fags to drool over. Throwing his feet up to the camera, AidenPrettii shows off his socked feet while verbally abusing anyone who watches this clip. Serveat this dom’s feet like an obedient foot slave. If you’re craving even more of AidenPrettii then check out his poppers and JOI video. AidenPrettii gives you instructions on how to sniff your poppers and stroke like a mindless gooner. Open his orders and follow his jack off instructions when given. If you need more verbal abuse, then AidenPretti can verbally degrade you for having a microsized dick. This dom shows that his fake fingernails are longer than your tiny dick. Prepare to be ridiculed and laughed at over the size of your tiny penis.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod continues his abuse of his masked Asian sub with some wedgie domination and swirlies in the toilet. This fag slave quickly is reminded of the bullies who used to pick on him in highschool when MasterUltimateGod pulls the slave’s underwear up over his head giving him a wedgie. This findom then takes the slave to the bathroom and dunks his head in the toilet for more humiliation. Things get more intense when MasterUltimateGod delivers some painful abuse to this masked sub. The slave get on his knees as MasterUltimateGod beats him up and smacks him around. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod writes all over the slave’s pathetic body to humiliate him further. After the slave endures all of that humiliation, MasterUltimateGod chokes the slave out. This weak slave is no match for the power of MasterUltimateGod when he is trapped in these chokeholds. The slave begs for mercy and air as he’s choked the fuck out by his master.

3 New Videos – Alpha Dennis is a 230lb bodybuilder who loves dominating subs with his muscles. This muscular alpha locks his slave in various submission chokeholds until the slave taps out. Watch how massive and powerful this dom’s treetunk legs are when wrapped around his victim’s neck. Continuing on with the abuse in another session, Alpha Dennis locks another slave in between his muscular legs. This inferior sub is punished by his muscle master and has no where to run. Pinned on the ground, this sub is locked tightly between Alpha Dennis’ huge muscular thighs. If after those 2 clips, you’re now hooked on headscissors domination then check out the last video update from Alpha Dennis. This sub is squeezed and dominated between his master’s muscular legs. Alpha Dennis is in another wrestling singlet and totally abuses his submissive in various chokeholds that the slave cannot escape from.

1 New Video – Submit to CashMasterTrey by getting on your knees and receiving his spit on your face. CashMasterTrey talks down to you throughout this video for being a weird perv and spits loogies right in your face for being so pathetic. Stick your tongue out and show this dom how disgusting you truly are to him.

5 New Videos – Ikagura shows what an obedient foot slave he is to Master J. Laying down on the ground, Ikagura licks and sucks his master’s feet to show how devoted he is to him. The slave sucks on the toes, soles, and every inch of Master J’s feet. Afterwards, Master J treats Ikagura like a human walking mat by standing on top of him. Ikagura is trampled and kicked by Master J throughout this nearly 9 minute clip. Master J steps on Ikagura’s head and face to show him that he is ultimately beneath his master. Later, Master J completely ignores his slave while playing video games. The slave lays at his master’s feet as he sucks and licks on them to show his obedience. Master J just completely ignores the slave as he gets his feet worshiped.

For some physical abuse, Master J puts on some boxing gloves to beat down his slave. The slave is quickly pummeled by his master and cannot fight back. Once down on the ground, Master J makes the slave worship his sneakers. Continuing to worship his master’s sneakers in part 2, Ikagura licks the bottoms of his master’s shoes. The slave is completley humiliated and degraded as he’s stomped on and beaten up some more. The bullied slave has no choice but to submit to his master’s sneakers.

2 New Videos – MasterDaniel meets up with his slave to lock him in some tight headlocks. The slave is quickly pinned to the ground as Master Daniel wraps his bicep around the slave’s neck. This slave begs for mercy but Master Daniel just laughs in his face and treats him like an inferior should be treated. In anoher clip, Master Daniel shows off his muscles and shows how hard his body is compared to an inferiors. Master Daniel takes a series of gut punches with ease to show his dominance. Nothing can phase this alpha.

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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod meets up with his submissive masked Asian slave for some intense grappling abuse. The masked slave is tossed around like a rag doll and beaten down. MasterUltimateGod can’t even believe that this slave agreed to all of the abuse he is about to be subjected to. This dominant cash master then tramples the slave like a human doormat for his amusement. The masked slave struggles from the pressure of all of MasterUltimateGod’s bodyweight standing on him. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod sits his full weight down on the slave’s face.

MasterUltimateGod then treats the slave like a spit pit by spitting all over the slave’s face. The pup slave is completely dehumanized, kicked, and spat on by his master. MasterUltimateGod simply laughs in the slave’s face and he gets degraded more. After the degradation, MasterUltimateGod uses the slave as a human foot rest. The fag slave fulfills his duties as a foot stool for his master. The slave cannot help himself but to worship his master’s boots, socks, and barefeet.

1 New Video – Master Alex is back to sit on your face. Look up at this leather clad alpha’s superior big ass as it eclipses your view. Push out your slave tongue and eat his superior hole while he verbally abuses you.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro is back and is here to get his feet worshipped. The obedient foot slave services Master Pedro’s feet by licking and sucking on his soles. Master Pedtro gags the slave with his feet while ignoring the slave and playing on his phone. Master Pedro then gets more active with the slave and locks it in various jiu jitsu holds. Getting the slave on the ground, Master Pedro locks this weak slave in tight headlocks and leglocks until it submits. Master Pedro doesn’t go easy on this slave and gives him full abuse. The choke domination continues when Master Pedro wraps his legs around this slave’s throat. Locking his legs tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Pedro chokes out the slave and asserts his dominance. The slave struggles for mercy but none is ever given to this weak slave.

Continuing from the last session, Master Pedro locks the slave in a triangular chokehold until the slave nearly goes out. The slave writhes around and struggles for air while Master Pedro just laughs. This superior dom makes sure he maximizes the abuse on his weak slave watching him gasp. For being such an obedient abuse pig for him, Master Pedro allows the slave to rub his feet. The obedient and loyal foot slave rubs his master’s feet and shows how devoted he is to him. Master Pedro smothers the slave’s face with the soles of his feet.

1 New Video – Become a human ashtray for MasterSixNine as he smokes a cigar. This cash master puffs his cigar and blows his smoke right in your face while he verbally abuses you. Submit to this dom as he explains where your place is in society and turns you into his personal ash tray for his cigar ashes.

3 New Audio Clips – Through these mesmo clips, Master Josh will turn you into a horny fratboy jock. Listen to this dom as he encourages you to get a jock body with workouts and nutrition. Once you achieve that body, you can live up the jock lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Unless you want to take the path of a dumb jock then choose this next clip. Both clips will encourage you to become a jock and live up the jock lifestyle but this one entices you to dumb yourself down and to wear a jockstrap like a himbo jock. If you’re heading down that path, you may as well dumb yourself down some more. MasterJosh will set out some triggers for you which will inspire your dumbing down such as when you wear your hat backwards. Binaural theta waves play in the background to add to your indoctrination.

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1 New Video – A horny slave is an obedient slave, Master Alex always says. While chastity is important, it’s also good to let the slave out and let him edge until he is so horny he can barely talk. Master Alex instructs his edge toy to only stroke when he decides which will leave the slave edged into submission. Then its hands off as Master kicks the slaves cock with his leather boots. If he desires to experience pleasure, the slave must also take the pain. And Master Alex wants to continue playing his sadistic game until the slave loses his mind in total arousal and submission.

3 New Videos – Master gets his pathetic slavic queer out on the wresting mats in order to teach him a lesson with some intense chokeholds. The bitch slave has to endure humiliation and abuse as this alpha God shows him who is in charge. Watch the masked slavic queer struggle while Master Ultimate God wraps his muscular legs around its neck until the slave can’t take anymore. The abuse continues as Master Ultimate God crushes this slavic queer under his alpha feet, body, and muscles. It’s almost like the slave is a piece of human furniture. Feel the pain as he destroys this faggot with his straight dominance and treats it like an object.

Using a different slave, Master Ultimate God turns his fag butler into the ultimate foot fag. This obedient fag slave is forced to sniff his alpha’s sneakers and lick the bottoms of his shoes. Imagine if you were as lucky as this foot slave and had this chance.

1 New Video – Time for you to get on all fours and pray to your God, Henderdong. This alpha takes you down to the river’s edge to pray to and worship his feet. Walking barefoot along the wet rocks and in the flowing stream, Henderdong will make you worship his wet and damp feet. Get down and lick this superior cash dom’s feet.

1 New Video – Get ready to worship Satan and AlfaPrimal in this satanic worshipping and control video. AlfaPrimal hypnotizes you with his eyes and makes you give your soul to him. Bow down, hell spawn faggot, and sniff your poppers to fry your brain.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen brings you along to watch some of a real time session as he gets his muscles worshipped. This is part of a session with one of his loyal faggots who gets the honor of massaging his master’s entire muscled body with oil. Later the slave gets to lick the bulge of his master along with some foot domination as well.

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1 New Video – Master Flexgod presents his feet for you to lick, sniff, and kiss. Devote yourself to this muscular alpha’s barefeet and cherish the opportunity to serve at his feet. It is your job as a foot fag to serve and worship every inch of your alpha’s feet. That means licking and sniffing the heel, sole, and toes.

4 New Videos – Master Ultimate God crushes you like his human pillow. This alpha sits on you, crushes you between his dominant hands, and destroys a loaf of bread, all to make you feet like the pathetic sub you are under this superior alpha male. The crushing continues then as you get crushed under Master Ultimate God’s alpha muscles. Watch this superior findom destroy the pillow as you feel his raw power.

Later, Master Ultimate God takes on the role of a supreme giant to crush you even further. Giant Master Ultimate God crushes you like the human pillow you are. Feel inferior and dominated by this alpha god. For slaves seeking more degradation, then listen to Master Ultimate God talk about the findom scene with one of his faggots as he takes a dump, completely ignoring your pathetic ass.

1 New Video – Master Bigg is here to turn you into an even more pathetic sissy. Bow down and serve this superior straight alpha male as he flips you off, verbally abuses you, and shoves his socked feet right in your face. This type of sissy humiliation is what a weak faggot like you deserves and is how you should be treated. Worship Master Bigg’s socks and thank him for giving you this much attention.

2 New Videos – Enjoy DavidWar’s plump and round muscular ass as he twerks it right in your face. Throughout this 20 minute video clip, DavidWar will tease you with his ass right in your face to worship. Take in all of this amazing view of his hypnotically moving ass. Afterward, you can worship stare at DavidWar’s big cock as he gets a blowjob from a feisty Latina. This girl shows off her skills on DavidWar’s big cock as she sucks every inch. Your job is to just perv around in the background and watch as DavidWar moans in pleasure from getting his dick sucked.

3 New Audio Clips -There is no simpler way to say it other than to relax and give in. You’re going to relax for Master Lucian Carter. It’s so hard not to relax. You’ve had a long, hard day. So just relax and let it happen. Give in to Master Lucian Carter’s words and you’ll be rewarded. Once you do then it is time to fully accept that you are a popperbator. You can fight sniffing, fight jerking, fight cumming but the reality is, is that you can’t. Master Lucian will own you forever and make you realize that you must sniff poppers, must jerk off, and you must cum for him. Finally, Master Lucian gives you another irresistible reminder: sucking cock is wonderful. After hearing this audio clip, you’ll realize that sucking cock is your passion, your joy, and your life.

Featured Model- Master Ultimate God

Master Ultimate God humiliates and drains dumb faggot in this intense nearly 14 minute real time video. WIth no limits, this arrogant alpha humiliates dumb faggot and abuses him with ductape by wrapping up this hands, legs, and placing a green ductaped dollar sign on the faggot. Master Ultimate God stops at nothing to take what is rightfully his. Of course he makes sure to get the dumb faggot poppered up to make him even weaker than he already is for his master. Lots of verbal abuse, humiliation, degradation, live cash rape, and popper abuse.

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1 New Video – MasterBigg is ready to put you through some intense popper training as you worship his white socks. Placing the camera on the floor to give you the perspective of being beneath him, MasterBigg makes you look up at his alpha muscles as he flexes and plants his huge white socks in your face. Worship this superior alpha and listen to his commands as he makes you intoxicate your faggot brain.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God’s dumb faggot is back with some Max Impact poppers. This weak faggot fries his brain as Master Ultimate God drains him for all he is worth throughout this 15 minute video clip of their real time meet. See Master Ultimate God choke out and dominate this weak faggot as the fag continues to sniff his poppers harder. This is slave training at its best.

Now it’s time for you to get crushed by Master Ultimate God. Watch as Master Ultimate God destroys a loaf of bread between his dominant hands, and under his alpha feet. Feel the power of his pure perfection as you are crushed under his superiority. Master Ultimate God has even more to crush because he desires to crush you like the pathetic bug you are. In this clip, Master Ultimate God crushes cans under his dominant shoes, then destroys some more bread. The video ends with him sitting on a pillow, so you can imagine what it would be like to be crushed under his pure alpha perfection.

1 New Video – Master Axl’s regular slave has come to lick his master’s soles clean. This masked foot faggot can’t get enough of his alpha master. He devotes himself completely to cleaning Master Axl’s shoes and to sucking on his dirty, sweaty socks. At the end of the clip, the masked foot faggot is lucky to smell and kiss his master’s barefeet as a reward.

1 New Video – Dominant alpha YoungNCharge is ready to verbally abuse you as you worship his perfection. Throughout this nearly 12 minute video clip, YoungNCharge works out, verbally attacks you, and shows off his straight alpha body to the camera. Drool over his ripped abs and bulging biceps as you beg him to drain you of everything.

1 New Video – Give in to Master Carlos as he makes you worship his size 12 feet. This alpha boss watches an NFL football game as he ignores you. Your job is to drool over his big sweaty golden feet that are planted right in your face. 7 minutes of alpha foot perfection. Master Carlos takes his socks off and smothers your face with these big size 12s all throughout the video clip.

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3 New Videos – Today you get to meet MilesStriker’s old college roommate. It’s been forever since he’s met his buddy so mind your manners like an obedient faggot and do what you’re told. MilesStriker’s buddy has no idea that he has a faggot slave locked up in his house. Once he arrives, MilesStriker explains to him what a house faggot is and what all of your duties are. You’re going to get down and worship their alpha feet like a good faggot to show respect to your superiors. Nothing but a faggot thing to be used and abused for the rest of your life by alphas.

Learn even more about what MilesStriker thinks about faggots like you. There’s a HUGE difference between a gay person and a faggot. Listen as this alpha male explains the uses and purposes of a faggot like you. Understand what faggots need to feed and live off of. Exactly understand your value in this world as a faggot. By the end of the video, you’ll see where MilesStriker knows you will end up in life. After you’ve come to accept all of that, take on some little brother roleplay with MilesStriker. In this roleplay vid, your wife left you because you’re gay and you’re living in MilesStriker’s house moping around because you’re lonely. This has to change and there are going to be some new rules around here. You’re going to contribute to living here by being your older brother’s amusement. No more ashtrays or toilet paper is going to be needed anymore. No more whining which just proves that all those bullies MilesStriker had to defend you from in High School were right. You either take it or leave it but if you don’t respect your new place, then you’re back on the streets.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God chills on the couch, ignoring your faggot ass as you sit at his feet. No verbal but lots of shoes, socks, and feet in this one. Feel what it is like to worship this alpha as he completely ignores you. Then watch as Master Ultimate God flexes his powerful dominant muscles as he pushes his alpha, size 12 feet in your face. This video will make all of the foot faggots and muscle worshipers watching it weak. But that’s enough foot worship for now. It’s time for some intense popper training. Master Ultimate God is in his most alpha attitude in this popper training video. Watch him abuse you and teach you how to properly inhale your poppers. Master abuses his fags as he commands perfect obedience from you.

1 New Video – Master Michael has a short slave beatdown video for you to enjoy. Imagine being this lucky, leather clad slave being shackled up in Master Michael’s domination shed. The slave endures intense beatings and abuse all throughout this video clip.

1 New Video – Become YoungNCharge’s bitch boy as he verbally degrades you all while busting a load of cum right in your eye. Prepare to take this alpha’s superior massive load of cum right in your faggot face while being told how pathetic you are. You’ll always be a bitch to this alpha.

1 New Audio Clip – You want to be a sexy stripper. You want to strip for men. You want to arouse men, tease men, please men. Let this audio file make it completely clear to you. Your destiny is to be a stripper.

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1 New Videos – Your burping God has awakened. In this fetish focused video, Stefano flexes his ripped muscles and burps at the camera. Starting off in a basketball jersey and flexing his biceps, Stefano soon gets shirtless to show off his abs, thick chest, and wide back to get you weaker. Then he leans right into the camera and lets out some intense burps.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God degrades, humiliates, and demeans his faggot in this custom video clip. Putting his boots on his desk by the webcam, you’ll quickly learn obedience for this superior alpha. Let his boots, socks, and barefeet take over your mind as you fall deeper and deeper under his control. Then once you crave some more you can download another Master Ultimate God video and watch him flex his biceps right in your face. This cash dom abuses your faggot ass and shows off his pure muscle and attitude throughout this video clip. Master Ultimate God will spit on you, degrade you, and make you feel like the pathetic beta boy you are compared to him. He ends the video shirtless, ready for you fags to worship his perfection.

Just where the last video left off, Master Ultimate God is shirtless but this time, it’s time to ignore you. Master goes about living his life as he ignores faggot worshipers like you. Watch then as he burps and lets loose living his best alpha life in this nearly 13 minute video clip.

1 New Video – King Luca brings you along for an intense real time session. In this video King Luca dominates a fag cash faggot by making him worship and sniff his feet, receive hard abuse, and even acts a a camel for King Luca to ride. All throughout this long 22 minute video, King Luca shows this masked, weak faggot who is the boss. Just imagine if this was you doing a brutal real time session with King Luca.

1 New Video – In this video clip, TheGodofMen makes you worship his superior alpha feet. Put your head on the table in front of this findom to lick and worship his alpha feet. TheGodofMen doesn’t hold back and quickly puts you in your place like an obedient cash faggot. Sneakers, socks, and his perfect feet and shown all throughout.

3 New Videos – Sit down with your poppers in hand because it’s popper time. Wearing just a green Diesel jock, YoungNCharge quickly makes you follow his instructions as he makes you popper up and get fully intoxicated. Listen deeply to his instructions as you melt away brain cells at his command. If you need more of his verbal abuse, then check out another video from YoungNCharge where he is clad in a leather jacket and verbally unleashes on you. Submit to his cocky arrogance and fully realize that you’re a pussy bitch cash fag. The verbal abuse continues as YoungNCharge makes you his sissy faggot. This findom flexes his alpha muscles and continues on with the no limits verbal abuse.

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3 New Videos – Follow Master Ultimate God outside as he relaxes in sandals. Lots of time is spent throughout this over 10 minute video with Master Ultimate God ignoring his worshipers. Sit by his feet like a tiny bug as he enjoys some time outside in his sandals and barefoot. Later, Master Ultimate God goes inside to take off his old, beat up sneakers. No verbal domination this time around. Just pure, casual alpha power being exemplified throughout. Stare mindlessly at an Alpha Go’d shoes, socks, and barefeet as you await for him to acknowledge you, once he feels you earned it.

Now comes the time for the verbal abuse and intense popper training. Master Ultimate God sits shirtless as he orders you, his faggot, to popper yourself up more and more. Watch as he flexes and dominates you with his pure, masculine alpha power. You will quickly succumb to your primal queer urges and fry your faggot brain on poppers until your brain is soup. Get flipped off, verbally abused, and mentally wiped out by Master Ultimate God.

2 New Videos – Stefano and his brother team up to laugh at a small dicked faggot like you. Stefano and his brother can’t believe what an ugly, pathetic little dicked faggot you are. They sit back and humiliate you like you deserve while sticking their feet right up to the camera. Stefano then goes solo for this cocky flexing video. Shirtless and extremely ripped, Stefano shows off his mean and lean muscle. You’ll be in awe and want to become his top muscle worshiper as he flexes his huge biceps and shows off his chiseled abs. Open your wallet and serve.

2 New Videos – Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man. If you cannot get enough of FlexGod, then it’s time you worship his feet. Right after an intense gym session, FlexGod comes home and puts his sneakers up to your face for you to lick the bottoms of them clean. Afterward, he removes his sneakers and presents you with his extra sweaty gym socks. Inhale his alpha aroma from his gym socks and worship them before ultimately he lets you worship his barefeet as he flexes.

1 New Video – ChokeMasters has another new couple engaging in some intense wrestling / choking. This time, ChokeMasters has a hung Latino guy facefucking his girlfriend while while placing her in a leglock. His Latina girlfriend struggles, chokes, and gags on his big dick as he doesn’t let up no matter how much she struggles. He is relentless throughout this nearly 10 minute video. His main goal is to get extreme pleasure for his cock no matter what he has to do.

1 New Video – New to is DavidWar. In his first video upload, DavidWar and his straight buddy take on a weak beta male in a naked fight. These two straight guys assert their dominance in this real time meet over this weak beta male. In this 20 minute clip, they don’t give up at showing him who is the boss as they pin him down and make him submit over and over.