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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod meets up with his submissive masked Asian slave for some intense grappling abuse. The masked slave is tossed around like a rag doll and beaten down. MasterUltimateGod can’t even believe that this slave agreed to all of the abuse he is about to be subjected to. This dominant cash master then tramples the slave like a human doormat for his amusement. The masked slave struggles from the pressure of all of MasterUltimateGod’s bodyweight standing on him. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod sits his full weight down on the slave’s face.

MasterUltimateGod then treats the slave like a spit pit by spitting all over the slave’s face. The pup slave is completely dehumanized, kicked, and spat on by his master. MasterUltimateGod simply laughs in the slave’s face and he gets degraded more. After the degradation, MasterUltimateGod uses the slave as a human foot rest. The fag slave fulfills his duties as a foot stool for his master. The slave cannot help himself but to worship his master’s boots, socks, and barefeet.

1 New Video – Master Alex is back to sit on your face. Look up at this leather clad alpha’s superior big ass as it eclipses your view. Push out your slave tongue and eat his superior hole while he verbally abuses you.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro is back and is here to get his feet worshipped. The obedient foot slave services Master Pedro’s feet by licking and sucking on his soles. Master Pedtro gags the slave with his feet while ignoring the slave and playing on his phone. Master Pedro then gets more active with the slave and locks it in various jiu jitsu holds. Getting the slave on the ground, Master Pedro locks this weak slave in tight headlocks and leglocks until it submits. Master Pedro doesn’t go easy on this slave and gives him full abuse. The choke domination continues when Master Pedro wraps his legs around this slave’s throat. Locking his legs tightly around the slave’s throat, Master Pedro chokes out the slave and asserts his dominance. The slave struggles for mercy but none is ever given to this weak slave.

Continuing from the last session, Master Pedro locks the slave in a triangular chokehold until the slave nearly goes out. The slave writhes around and struggles for air while Master Pedro just laughs. This superior dom makes sure he maximizes the abuse on his weak slave watching him gasp. For being such an obedient abuse pig for him, Master Pedro allows the slave to rub his feet. The obedient and loyal foot slave rubs his master’s feet and shows how devoted he is to him. Master Pedro smothers the slave’s face with the soles of his feet.

1 New Video – Become a human ashtray for MasterSixNine as he smokes a cigar. This cash master puffs his cigar and blows his smoke right in your face while he verbally abuses you. Submit to this dom as he explains where your place is in society and turns you into his personal ash tray for his cigar ashes.

3 New Audio Clips – Through these mesmo clips, Master Josh will turn you into a horny fratboy jock. Listen to this dom as he encourages you to get a jock body with workouts and nutrition. Once you achieve that body, you can live up the jock lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Unless you want to take the path of a dumb jock then choose this next clip. Both clips will encourage you to become a jock and live up the jock lifestyle but this one entices you to dumb yourself down and to wear a jockstrap like a himbo jock. If you’re heading down that path, you may as well dumb yourself down some more. MasterJosh will set out some triggers for you which will inspire your dumbing down such as when you wear your hat backwards. Binaural theta waves play in the background to add to your indoctrination.

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