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3 New Videos – King Luca smokes and verbally humiliates weak submissive faggots like you in his latest video. This verbally abusive dom will make you bow down and submit to him as he pushes his socked feet into your face. Follow all of this cash master’s commands as you lick and sniff his sweaty alpha feet. In the next video clip, King Luca doesn’t just tell you but he shows you how he publicly humiliates a slave. This slave comes over to worship King Luca’s boots and to get used. King Luca then takes the slave out in public at night to humiliate and degrade him. The pathetic faggot gets naked outside and lays on the pavement while this alpha pisses all over the slave. Then to amuse King Luca, the faggot slave runs across a bridge naked waving to passing cars. This needs to be seen by all slaves.

For slaves craving just solo action of King Luca, check out his video changing into leather gear. King Luca puts on his leather biker gear including leather pants and a helmet. If you’re lucky enough and drool enough over this alpha, King Luca will give a glimpse of his superior alpha cock during the clip. Watch and beg for more from this alpha.

 New Videos – Alpha dom Dennis goes up against another muscle stud in this submission battle. These two big muscle boys go at it in the gym with lots of tight crushing submission holds. Watch Dennis and the other muscle stud show off their biceps, legs, and quads while wrestling on the mat. In the next battle of strength, these two muscle studs battling it out in an arm wrestling match. Dennis uses his arm strength to try and overpower this other muscle dom. Who will dominate in this intense arm wrestling match and be declared the victor? After all of that competition, alpha dom Dennis feels like picking on a submissive and showing off his alpha power. In this 15 minute clip, Dennis verbally degrades and physically abuses this poor sub. Watch Dennis show off his huge muscles as he makes this sub boy know who the true Alpha is in this gym.

5 New Videos – Ikagura submits to alpha feet in his latest foot worship session. This obedient foot slave lays back on the mattress as a foot dom gags and chokes him with his huge feet. The foot dom traps Ikagura between his feet with one foot behind the slave’s head and the other jammed in his mouth to ensure he doesn’t resist. In another foot session with a dom, Ikagura gags on his master’s feet. Ikagura grabs onto his master’s huge alpha feet and does his best to deepthroat his master’s entire foot as best he can. This foot sub swallows and sucks on his alpha’s feet to show his devotion. With another new foot dom, Ikagura plays a familiar game of gag the slave as he gags on his dom’s feet. This arrogant alpha locks a foot behind Ikagura’s head and forces every inch of his huge alpha foot further down Ikagura’s mouth to make him gag. The foot sub doesn’t care how much he gags as long as he can serve his master’s feet.

Ikagura then lays on his back on the floor for a foot trampling session under his master’s feet. The foot dom walks all over Ikagura like he’s a human doormat as he tramples the slave’s face and chest. Ikagura gladly accepts his rightful position under a master’s feet to get trampled. In another real time session, Ikagura gets a slave beatdown from a dom. Ikagura lays in bed and gets awoken by an alpha who simply wants to beat him up. Ikagura was dreaming peacefully about serving his master right before the reality comes of a master waking him up to beat him up and make him serve.

2 New Videos – AidenPrettii wants you to sit back and take all of his verbal abuse during this sock worship video. Become the little slut you know you are as you grovel at his perfect feet. As an obedient foot slave, you’ll submit to this alpha’s every word and service every inch of his feet on command. Afterward, prepare to get teased by AidenPrettii’s alpha bussy. This verbal dom teases and degrades you before making you feel tiny and tormented. Once shrunken down to the size of a tiny slave, Aiden shows off his round ass and tight hole right to you. Be prepared to be swallowed up at the end by his alpha ass, the best ending for a slave.

2 New Audio Clips – Sit back and relax with this erotic stroke-along audio clip for guys wanting to become a meathead in the gym. Listen as MasterJosh makes you think about becoming a bodybuilder and building muscle. At the end of the clip, instead of orgasming, take your energy and put it into your next workout at the command of your new hypno coach. However, your hypno coach has more commands for you to follow. When in the gym, you’ll need to work your ass for your coach and other alphas. There is some workout motivation in this audio clip but it focusing on increasing the lust for having a good bubble butt on yourself. Do whatever it takes to please your coach and obey his orders by transforming yourself into the idea himbo slave with a perfect ass.

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2 New Videos – A masked faggot visits Alpha Derek for an intense popper real time session. The masked slave gets choked by AlphaDerek and stomped on. To fry the cash fag’s brain, AlphaDerek gets him on his knees and forces him to inhale a bottle of poppers. The real time session continues as AlphaDerek gives the fag a wedgie. The weak fag slave gets choked, verbally abused, and completely used by this superior stud. For Alpha Derek’s amusement, he gives the slave a massive atomic wedgie. Download both parts to see how the slave endures his abuse from his master.

5 New Videos – Fag butler lives to worship his master’s sweaty, straight, alpha feet. This time the slave worships his master’s shoes and sweaty socks right after a workout. Watch as MasterUltimateGod humiliates the faggot making him lick his shoes and receive rough verbal abuse. MasterUltimateGod then makes the fag take his shoelaces off so he can whip him with those. The weak fag then gets to worship his master’s socks in part 2. This is the ultimate reward for sock queers. The foot worship continues when MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler lick his alpha shoes clean. This fag is forced to stare at his alpha’s godly feet as he’s despereate to smell and lick them. Finally the faggot is allowed to smell his alpha’s scent and massage his master’s feet.

For any faggots out there who love to get your balls crushed, this next set of videos is for you. Fag butler hates to have his balls crushed. Watch as this alpha dom makes his slave lie with his legs spread wide open as he crushes the slave’s balls under his alpha feet and throw shoes at his unprotected ball. When the slave gets too loud, MasterUltimateGod tapes his mouth shut so he can’t say stop anymore. The ball busting continues in part 2 as MasterUltimateGod violently throws a shoe at the fag’s balls for the fag to scream out and whimper in pain. MasterUltimateGod finds whatever he can to paddle and beat this faggot’s balls.

2 New Videos – Time to bow down to your god and worship his German feet. This muscled German dom takes off his socks and makes you worship his barefeet. Wearing tight jeans to show off his muscular legs, FlexGod also lets you worship his ass in these tight jeans. Later you’ll get the chance to worship FlexGod’s sneakers while sniffing poppers. Get out that fresh bottle of poppers and bow before FlexGod’s dirty Nike shox. This alpha cash dom will train you to sniff poppers to get dumber and dumber.

1 New Video – If you’ve ever wanted a big collection of YoungNCharge’s fetish videos now is your chance. For one flat price, you can get 15 of YoungNCharge’s videos in one zip file. The collection of degrading, spitting, jerking off, farting, and being the perfect alpha imaginable is all included.

2 New Audio Clips – Inside of you is a beast, longing to get out. In this stroke along audio recording for men, you will first visualize your body changing into a more ripped version of yourself. You will then imagine actually changing into a primal creature, a muscled beast that remains inside of you even when you return to normal at the end. Whether you want to lead a pack or be tamed, those instincts help you let go of what others think as you unleash the beast in the gym, and in the bedroom. While this is about tapping into that primal side that exists in all men, this mp3 still encourages respecting limits (gym or otherwise).

In another gym fantasy audio clip, you stroke your cock along to a fantasy of working out in a gym next to a Dominant muscle man. You find yourself feeling weak, and he tells you how you need to work out more to be with a God like him. You visualize yourself changing, growing bigger but also more submissive until he places a ballring on you to “collar” you. You are left knowing that the man in your fantasy is just that, for consent is always needed, and yet you also find yourself more willing to submit to Dominant men in general – and more willing to work out so that you look good for those Men.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

It’s time to lick daddy’s sneakers and feet. YoungNCharge orders you to worship his superior alpha sneakers, socks, and barefeet. Get your tongue ready, foot fag, because you have a lot of worship to do. YoungNCharge sits back and relaxes while he makes you devote yourself completely to just his feet.

Also, YoungNCharge is offering 15 of his best and latest In-Charge videos all for the price of one. Check out his fetish compilation on his portfolio for a chance to download a bundle of his videos in a zip file for one bundled price.

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3 New Video – Master Gary gets his real time fag slave to inhale the smell from his socks. Inhaling the scent of his master’s alpha feet through black Nike socks, this lucky cunt gets the reward of a lifetime. While wearing a diaper, the masked faggot continues to sniff and sniff his master’s alpha scent until it’s all over his face. Prior to the sock sniffing, Master Gary gives this fag some rough CBT. This slave never experienced CBT before, so MasterGary breaks him into it with some light ball crushing and torture. Being a total bully, MasterGary even gives the fag some harsh verbal abuse as well. Afterwards, MasterGary feels it is time to lock the fag in a cage. The masked diaper fag is prodded with a cane while trapped in this cage. He is forced to piss himself while MasterGary laughs at him even more.

1 New Video – Master Mark makes his pay piggy worship his armpits in this real time session. The pay pig starts by serving at Master Mark’s feet before being given the opportunity to serve and worship his pits. Master Mark even spits on and verbally abuses the pay piggy to degrade him further.

3 New Videos – Now you have the chance to see Master Flexgod in his fully glory as to serve his sneakers. Wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans, Flexgod will put you in your rightful place at his feet and order you to worship his sneakers. Afterward, he’ll allow you the chance to worship his socks, barefeet, and huge muscles. If you’re craving even more of this muscle dom’s muscles then check out the next video as he forces you to worship his sweaty armpits. Have you just ever wished to worship a muscle jock’s sweaty armpits after a hard gym session? This is your chance to fulfill that fantasy. Flexgod just got back from the gym and his pits are ripe and ready to be worshiped.

Don’t stop worshiping there as Flexgod has another muscle worship video for you. This superior boss is clad from head-to-toe in a tracksuit and flexes right in front of you throughout this video packed with flexing and verbal abuse.

1 New Video – In this short 5-star rated video clip, Master Damiel teaches you what faggot recycling is. This superior findom helps a faggot swallow his alpha pubes and washes it down with a warm stream of hot piss. This is ultimate servitude from a depraved faggot slave.

3 New Audio Clips – This trifecta of audio clips will have you heading to a new gym with a desire to unleash your inner beast. and only when you get there do you realize how literal that was meant as you then experience an incredible transformation. Once transformed, you’ll be instructed about how you can access the spirit of that inner beast even as a human, whenever you work out, and push towards that ideal physique. You’ll then enjoy some more erotic pleasure from those heightened instincts, which can be saved for the gym or lead to an amazing orgasm. This version is tailor made for those such as beta and omega pups that might enjoy being lower in the pack, or other submissive humanpups and humandogs. Be sure to check out the alpha version as well.

In this other audio training, Master Josh helps you let go of inhibitions and become more of that himbo you’ve always wanted to become. Includes some simplification, becoming a bit more shallow yet not judgmental – just vain in how one’s self looks in terms of hitting the gym, having the latest trends in fashion, etc. Makes one more willing to flirt and get out there for action, though suggestions it should be consensual and that if one has a partner, they just enjoy fun times with that partner. Yet, a lot more thinking with one’s dick regardless. Changes become permanent with repeated listens. Music background is the version with binaural theta waves.

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2 New Video – Master Mark has his real time slave over to worship his alpha feet. The weak foot fag worships, licks, and serves Master Mark’s barefeet and soles like an obedient foot fag should do. Master Mark just sits back, relaxes, and laughs at the foot fags obsession over his superior feet. Earlier, Master Mark puts the fag’s head in a foot hood so that he can better worship his feet. The hood covers the entire foot fag’s face and keeps it pressed up against his master’s feet so that the only thing in the hood is the fag’s face and Master Mark’s feet. This dominant alpha cracks up even more at how pathetic and entranced this slave is to his feet.

2 New Videos – YoungNCharge puts you in his briefs where you belong. As a tiny slave in this giant’s underwear, you’ll be right next to his hairy alpha ass. YoungNCharge doesn’t make it easy for you in there as he continues to fart all over you. Once he takes you out of his underwear, he throws you in the toilet and pisses all over you before flushing you away. For slaves that want even more, YoungNCharge has a video with all the fetishes in one video. This cash dom loves degrading pathetic sissies with as many fetishes as he can think of in one clip. All throughout this clip, YoungNCharge uses farting, muscles, feet, ass, verbal abuse and more to degrade you even further than he has before.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God trains a faggot on the proper usage of poppers in this latest video clip. This muscled alpha dominates and controls the fag, getting money sent directly to his Venmo account from the pathetic queer. The cash queer gets the opportunity to worship this jock god and all his muscular glory in return.

3 New Audio Clips – This erotic fantasy has you heading to a new gym with a special for joining that will let out your inner beast – and only when you get there do you realize how literal that was meant as you then experience an incredible transformation. Once transformed, you’ll be instructed about how you can access the spirit of that inner beast even as a human, whenever you work out, and push towards that ideal physique. You’ll then enjoy some more erotic pleasure from those heightened instincts, which can be saved for the gym or lead to an amazing orgasm. This version is tailor made for those such as beta and omega pups that might enjoy being lower in the pack, or other submissive humanpups and humandogs. Be sure to check out the sub version and the general version.
For slaves who want to worship giants, Master Ultimate God’s next 2 videos are for you. In this clip, Master Ultimate God invites over his alpha buddy to devour an entire pizza together, all while talking about how they’re going to eat you and your friends. As a mini slave, you have no escape. You’re stuck in the pizza box looking up at these giant, mammoth men. Watch as they swallow each of your friends in turn, before swallowing you whole. For the tiny worshipers who escaped, they can explore this giant’s alpha body as they look up at him. Go along for the ride as a tiny slave and experience this giant of a man, up close and personal.

3 New Videos – MasterD2228 meets up with this masked slave for a real time session. In the real time session, MasterD2228 jerks off his slave and then relocks the faggot in chastity so he can further control his erections and orgasms. To get even wilder with the slave, this alpha pisses in his slave using a catheter to fill the fag full of his alpha piss. In a separate real time session, MasterD2228 uses his fag’s mouth as a pussy. Putting a plastic mouth pussy attachment on the fag’s mouth, this cashdom fucks his faggot’s mouth like it were a pussy.

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2 New Videos – Grab that bottle of poppers and be ready to fry your brain on poppers. Dominant alpha Stefano is ready to make you go totally mindless for him. Starting off the video in a green tank top, this alpha dom flexes his muscles to get you weaker and to show you what the body of a God looks like. He then proceeds to count how long he wants you to inhale those poppers for. After that, he strips out of his tanktop to show his ripped abs and huge chest for even more popper counting instructions.After your mind is totally wasted from those poppers, you can then worship Stefano’s muscles. This jacked and ripped muscle master will have you drooling and begging to hand over your wallet and all of your credit cards. Flexing his perfect biceps and showing off his chiseled body, Stefano will make it very clear why you must worship him.


2 New Videos – Dominant alpha FlexGod is here to humiliate you like the sissy slut you are. As a little slut, you want to serve and be obedient for a true dom like FlexGod. Stare at this superior male like he’s a Greek statue as you beg for him to take control of you. FlexGod delivers full humiliation and stomping as he makes you think you’re a little bimbo Barbie doll ready to be crushed by his power.

After the stomping, it’s time to fully come to terms with the fact that you were born to serve. As an inferior cash fag, you were born to serve. FlexGod will show you how to serve properly and how to satisfy your master. Satisfying your master should be your main objective in live. You are here to serve without limits. Nothing should prevent you from serving your superior dom.


3 New Audio Clips – You’re a pathetic, worthless sissy. You know it’s true. No one care about you. Only by submitting to a powerful, dominant male can you hope to achieve anything. You again know it’s true. This 9-minute audio file will further reinforce your weakness. Make you realize just how big a loser you really are. Demand your servitude. Another thing you know is true is that losers suck. More importantly, losers want to suck and they want to suck Master Lucian. Will Master Lucian allow you to suck him? Find out when you download his Losers Suck audio clip.

After all of that repeated mind fuckery and admitting to the truth, it’s time that bad boys like you get punished. You’ve been naughty all this time and naughty boys get spanked, they get controlled, and they also get owned. Present yourself for ownership to Master Lucian Carter.


1 New Audio Clip – In this fantasy, you’ll first relax to an easier place of visualization and then imagine you are on safari when you start to explore the jungle on your own. You find yourself bound by vines and starting to transform – more muscled, more simple, more primal. A jungleman that has undergone this process before helps you along the way – and also helps you with your lust as the fantasy taxes a sexual turn, all leading to a nice big orgasm.

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1 New Video – Master Gary is back for an cash rape of a faggot. The masked fag slave sits back while a leather clad Master Gary does his magic. This is a longer, slower, harsher internet banking cash rape this time around. Master Gary get the slave fried as fuck by using poppers and a gas mask on him for an intense intox session. This superior dom continues to drain his slave’s online bank account all throughout as he gets what he deserves and the slave gasps for air.

1 New Video – Come join Henderdong in the hot tub and get at his wet feet. Relaxing in the hot tub outside in swim trunks, Henderdong places his superior wet alpha feet up to the camera as the sun reflects off of them. Henderdong then flips you off to remind you that your place in life is beneath him and that your sole purpose is to worship the soles of his feet.

1 New Audio Clip – This audio recording starts with some traditional training for fitness in the guise of wanting to please your coaches … but to aid in this, you will dumb down and be left feeling like a college jock joining a sports team. While that is temporary, the workout motivation will be permanent. The mp3 then shifts gears into an erotic locker room fantasy with the coaches involving flexing, and using their new prized jock. There are two different lengths included of this file: 45:15 for the full and 29:55 for the short

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3 New Videos – Taylor knows how pathetic you really are considering the fact that you’ll pay him to see his feet. Taylor likes money and like degrading you so it’s a win-win for him. In this 20 minute video, Taylor delivers lots of trash talk and teasing while he tries on 3 pairs of shoes for his fag slaves. Taylor has the attitude of a bully or that of a mean / abusive boss while he lets you know just how desperate you are when seeing his shoes and feet. You are his slave now though, and you can’t seem to look away as he forces your face and nose down a pair of his boots, dress shoes, and high-top basketball sneakers. Finally, he lets you see him sockless and makes you wonder what it would be like to feet his feet all over your pathetic body. In his next video, Taylor orders you to worship his feet. Taylor just got home from work and his feet are killing him. Luckily, his foot slave, Matt, is there to take care of his feet for him. Taylor insults his fag slave while he wiggles his toes and teases his slave with his sweaty feet. He calls his slave a faggot and tells fag slave Matt how he’ll shove his dirty socks in Matt’s mouth. Try not to become mesmerized by Taylor’s dominant ways when you download this video clip. Finally, in his third latest video upload, Master Taylor is feeling very comfortable today and he wants his slave to know it by rubbing it in their face. This alpha dom will degrade you, call you a faggot, and make you feel like dirty while reminding you that your life sucks. To add more insult, Taylor points out how small your dick is compared to his massive cock. He thinks you “stub” of a dick is hilarious. At the end, he strips down and shows you what a real man’s cock looks like.

unnamed (1)

2 New Audio Clips – Do you have an Alpha jock persona inside of you, ready to take over? Whether that is a muscle jock, a country jock, a dumb jock, or any other kind of jock, you want to feel that power taking over you, making you more confident. In this stroke training session, you will want to feel that jock taking over more with every stroke until you are that jock, ready to dominate in the gym, with sex, and in all other areas of life. This audio clip features workout motivation and suggestions to not care so much what others think about your transformation because it is what you have wanted deep down and what makes you happy. Jack off along to the file, then feel yourself transform as you cum at the end to this 23 minute clip. Don’t stop with just that transformation, you will also need muscle transformation. Are you the type of guy that loves the idea of muscle growth and bodybuilding to the point of getting huge? This stroke training file helps you let go of what anyone else might think about your size, because for you, there is no such thing as “too big”. Imagine your biceps, pecs, quads, and the rest of your physique getting bigger as your body releases more testosterone and muscle growth hormones. This file will make you feel pumped up for the gym and your next workout, but be warned it may also contribute to being even more obsessed with muscle.

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1 New Video – Sniff your poppers and get intoxicated as you worship Master Gary’s biceps. In his newest video clip, MasterGary gives you several countdowns as you inhale your poppers and fry your fag brain for him. Inhale every time you see his jock arms and worship them with a perfect view of his pits. MasterGary also shows off his socked feet when he puts his sweaty, dirty socks in front of the camera. Submit to this alpha male as he screws up your mind with poppers.

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4 New Videos – The following videos are the first tests which masters must take to join the group of Straight Crush Feet school of masters. The first test consisted of Master D-Hunter using a faggot. Master D-Hunter was recruited by Straight Crush Feet for his huge ego which he showed along with cockiness and verbal abuse while using this foot fag. This particular foot fag was bullied in his teens and Master D-Hunter helps this slave relive those fantasies. The next master to go through initiations is Master Red. This alpha dom degrades 2 foot fags at the same time. Master Red was chosen by Straight Crush Feet because of his massive size 10 feet. One year ago, MasterDnero’s step brother helped Master Red with a college final and now he’s worshipping Master Red’s feet. Although, MasterRed doesn’t just have one slave at his feet, he invited along the slave’s ex-boyfriend to serve and worship him as well. The third master to go through his initiation is Master Danthe who was enlisted by another slave who got the chance to lick his feet once. Master Danthe has smelly feet which smell so bad that Master Dnero had to wear a gas mask while filming this video clip. As this alpha male sits back and relaxes, his disgusting foot fag worships his foul smelling feet to please his master.

In the final newest video from MasterDnero, he introduces soccer player Master Jako. MasterDnero’s step-brother, Lucky, found a complete stranger in the street and offered him money to lick his feet. This alpha male Master Jako took him up on the offer because he has such a big ego and enjoys to humiliate foot faggots to impose his alpha abilities further. Master Jako forces this foot fag to sniff, lick and worship at his feet all throughout this 17 minute video. He makes the foot slave suck on his toes while he establishes his dominance.

Newest Downloads-Sumbit to these Alpha Makes

1 New Video – Worship Master Brad’s alpha feet in his newest video clip. Throughout the video, Master Brad calls on his foot slaves and verbally degrades them more, reminding these gay slaves that their place is at his superior jock feet. It won’t take long until a gay foot slave like yourself submits to Master Brad. The video splices in visual word graphics to make the worship session even more intense.

New Audio Clip – This is Master Josh‘s mega-set audio findom training series – consisting of over 10 versions total of two different audio files for loser faggots to pay their fagtaxes. Cashfags, cash slaves, money slaves, paypigs, anyone needing to be put in their place and pay a Superior taxes – this is for you. In this erotic audio file, you’ll stroke your inferior dicks to the idea of paying a loser fag tax at the end. This chastity-friendly file gives an option for denial at the end, while others can enjoy an intense orgasm after paying taxes to Master Josh. Enjoy this financial domination series from the Mesmerizer and FinDomStud.
1 New Video – Dillon Anderson had this hung Puerto Rican guy come over to his place for a quick hookup. In this nearly 8 minute video, Dillon Anderson gives his hung Puerto Rican friend a blowjob, struggling as he tries to suck his massive cock. In the end, the hung stud blows a load all over Dillon Anderson’s face and in his mouth. The scene is so hot that Dillon Anderson cums all over himself after taking this massive load from thus hung hunk.

1 New Video – Laurent Crawford and a friend cover a faggot’s face with their big jock feet. In this video clip, both cashmasters cover this slave’s entire face with their feet as they laugh at him struggling to worship feet and stay obedient to his masters. The foot fag enjoys every second of the foot domination from both alpha males.

1 New Video – Mr.MasterH has a new real time verbal abuse video with one of his loyal cash faggots. Making the weak cash fag stand in front of a mirror while Mr.MasterH verbally abuses him, Mr. Master H notices something on this fag’s forehead. He has a MASSIVE fat deposit – almost similar to famed actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme. Mr.MasterH calls it the JCVD lump. Maybe this cash fag is the only one to have this on his head? Maybe he’s related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? Maybe he’s just a loser who needs to see a dermatologist? Download this video and judge for yourself.